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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 16, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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is a legitimate word. do not be murcid. again, thank you for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here, because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> sean: now, the white house is setting the sights on mitt romney ahead of the general election, president obama is attempting to make the case he deserves four more years in office. though he admitted in the past americans are not better off than they were when he took office, his treasury secretary, tax chief indicter seems to think that the last three years have been nothing short of a success story. believe me in take a look. >> you call it a success story? >> absolutely. the present policies are remarkably successful. if you measure what we did relative to the record of the united states in past crisis, and the record of other countries the history will judge what he did as
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remarkably effective crisis management at a deeply dark time for the world economy. >> it appears that tax cheat geithner had a bit of a memory lapse and forgot about the countless missteps that the president made since 2009. but luckily, the rnc are here to remind voters of some of these. take a look. >> yeah, i'm not going to make any excuses. i'm not going to make any excuses. >> i will be held accountable. >> i know how quickly -- >> that's exactly right. >> we're not there. >> we're not there because recession turned out to be deeper than any of us realized. >> i'm not going to make any excuses. >> i came in, in the midst of the worst recession since the great depression. >> i'm not going to make any excuses. >> the worst recession since the great depression. >> there have been some things that we could not control. we have had a string of bad luck. >> earthquake in japan. >> i'm not going to make any excuses. >> earthquake in the middle east. >> economic heavyweight coming from europe. >> the uncertainty surrounding
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the raising of the debt ceiling. >> because of automation. because of investigation. >> part of the reason that the manufacturing has declined is because of automation. understand this was not our program per se. >> used to go to the bank teller. now you go to an atm machine. >> i'm not going to make any excuses. >> we haven't recovered fully yet. >> the stuff hasn't worked and people don't feel like i led the country in right direction -- >> i don't think we're better off than we were four years ago -- >> then you'll have a new president. >> sean: wow! joining me with reaction, former clinton advisor dick morris. dick, i used the term it angers liberal president cry baby. only thing they forgot is attacks on fox news, talk radio and rove and gillispie and thety os the kiosks. c'mon. >> what obama is trying to do is merge the bank crisis that
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bush largely solve and the extent of the trust money that had been put out and the recession that he worsened rather than helped. weakened the borrowing debt that caused a global debt crisis, which is what we're facing now. i think republicans need to separate that. he is trying to pretend like he is fdr, took office with the banks were all closed and he turned it around and saved america. that all happened but it happened under bush. >> sean: well, yeah, the interesting thing to me, this is a case i have long been making is the president cannot take responsibility for anything that has gone wrong but yet, he was very successful getting his budget passed, his healthcare bill, his stimulus and everything else. all right. throw up poll numbers. this is where you do your best work. we have three polls out there. if you look for example first, we have got the, i'm not sure which is up first. i think that is the fox news poll. that is 46-44. then we got the gallup poll out today. 47-45. then we have the rasmussen
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poll. three-point lead. which is 47-44. last week it was four points. so you got three credible polls out there. also in the state thing and very early point in the race, that romney is winning. what does that mean? how do you interpret that? >> i have something important for your viewers. i just did the math a few hours ago. the good research people at fox news gave me the data. i compared the last gallup poll in every election since '64 where an incumbent was facing re-election with the actual results. and i found that 88% of the undecided vote or the switches moved against the incumbent. 88%. the only incumbent president to gain in the final result from the final poll was bush in 2004 where he finished two points stronger than the polls predicted. but other than that, johnson finished three points worse. nixon finished two points
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worse. carter finished five points worse. bush in '88 finished three points worse. and the exact stats will be in my column in wednesday's "hill" and on my site tomorrow. but it is incredible. so when you see a poll there, that says it's tied 45-45 or the rasmussen 47-44, that is not a three-point lead, guys. that is a 12-point lead. i wipe-out. >> sean: i thought the ad we just played was effective. you can add one more thing to it, which i'm sure, it's obvious they have done their research at the rnc. i want to play you another ad. one thing to they can also add to this is what obama promised. he promised to cut the deficit in half and he promised unemployment wouldn't go above 8%. they predicted it would be 6% by this point. so you add that and it's even a more powerful argument against what the president
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policies have done. >> sean: obama has two ads running now that i know of. one -- >> one touts the general motor stuff. but it doesn't tell you two simple facts. two-third of the general motor workforce works outside the united states. the government owns it but it's the biggest outsourceer of jobs in the world. on a $7 million profit they paid not a dime in taxes. then the other ad they have on is how the oil imports have gone down, but that is because of clinton and bush approving permits. offshore permits down by a third. to drill on federal land, down by over 50%. so it's despite obama's best efforts. what i'm doing on my website is every time he comes out with a new ad, i will do a fact check rebut to the ad. >> sean: you are going to give out your own pinocchios like the "washington post." let me play another ad by the rnc as they hammer back.
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this is interesting because obama has been immune of the republican primary is going on. now there is focus on him. so the process has been done in terms of the media and the republican party now beginning to do what we have been doing. that is about the president. i thought this is clever. cloud of scandal hovering over the administration. solyndra, fast and furious. a lot of these things now beginning to resonate with people. they made an ad about it. watch this. >> on the advice of my council, i invoke privilege afforded to me by the fifth amendment of the constitution of the united states. i respectfully decline to answer any questions. >> i respectfully decline to answer any questions. >> i respectfully decline to answer these for my constitutional rights. >> patrick cunningham is going to need the fifth. >> what is your title at gsa? >> mr. chairman on advice of
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counsel i decline to answer based on my fifth amendment constitutional privilege. >> sean: pretty powerful. >> that is. one of the points of the earlier rnc ad about obama i'm not going to make excuses, they are taking his voice away from him. his big message is speech making, phraseology, his delivery. they are taking it away from him by showing it as giving promises he can't keep. that is a fascinating tactic, one that will be effective. after all, we say if obama doesn't is have his teleprompter he is lost. he is truly lost if he can't make a point from the podium. that's what the rnc ad does. effective ad. >> sean: dick morris, good to see you. appreciate it. coming up, bill maher does it again. this time he attacks ann romney. we have the clip. we'll play it for you. we raise the question should the president's pac return bill maher's $1 million and
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nothing short of national embarrassment, the secret service embroiled in a prostitution scandal in the trip to colombia? we get in the details. plus the controversy is not holding the secretary of state back. she lets loose like a college kid in the south american country. we have photos of her night of revelry straight ahead. [ fabric flapping in wind ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at nissan, our ideal is innovation. 5 all-new models over the next 15 months, including a completely reimagined altima. welcome to our most innovative year ever. nissan. innovation for all. ♪
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>> sean: well, just can't help themselves when given the opportunity to trash a conservative woman. bill maher jumps at the chance. obama's million-dollar man moved to his latest target; that being, ann romney. here is him clarifying what hillary rosen meant when she said that ann romney never worked a day in her life. >> the language here was perhaps inartful, or perhaps america is a society that lives to find stupid non-consequencial meaningless controversies and that is the new one. but what she meant to say i think is that ann romney never got her fat [bleep [bleep] out of the house to work. no one is denying being a mother is a tough job. i remember, i was a handful. okay. but there is a big difference between being a mother and that tough job and getting your [bleep] out the door at 7:00 a.m. when it's cold, having to deal with the boss. being in a workplace. or even if you are unhappy you can't show it for eight hours.
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that is kind of a different kind of tough thing. >> well, the thing is -- >> sean: considering president obama famously proclaimed in 2008 the media should lay off his wife. i'm sure this is the catalyst to return bill maher's million dollar donation. don't hold your breath. with reaction, kirsten powers and sandy riosa. we have gone through this and this keeps coming back as the democrats, they want to play this game. an they want to energize this pace. sandra fluke, but you don't call sarah palin. then you take bill maher's money who has been rude, crude, malicious and vicious. they have a political problem here. your thoughts? >> okay, well the president did come out and condemn what hillary rosen said as did mrs. obama. so i think he has been clear that ann romney should be off limits. however, there is nothing that is going to stop bill maher. bill maher is without a doubt the most misogynist person in
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the media. yet, he has a constant, constant stream of high profile liberals coming to kiss his ring while he continues to make disgusting and despicable statements about women. is obama going to give the money back? well, i don't know. he wouldn't give the money back for other things that are far worse than this, so i don't know why anyone would expect him to give the money back for this. >> sean: it's interesting. we have been on the issue it's selective moral outrage by liberals. you point this out in a series of columns you put out there. to your credit you did this. what i'm looking at, sandy, they have themselves a pretty big problem here. because they can't make the case about a war on women and we'll take a look again, if you take money from this bill maher. >> we assume that they don't agree because of the quick apology. at first i thought this was a political stunt. it was unserious but it's actually quite serious. because what we now understand and what women of america need
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to understand is the left is not friendly to families. not to traditional family. bill maher is just expressing what the left believes. so was hillary rosen. hillary is part of the human rights campaign and they are not in favor of the traditional family. i think the left policies have been hurting women for so many years whether it's the welfare policy, abortion rights which hurts women. women have to go to the prospect. and women are rendered sometimes infertile. it helps men, not women. >> sean: before we get to the bill maher montage, you are exactly right. we have figures here. mitt romney brought this up. 92.3% of jobs lost since 2008 were held by women. actually it's through january 2009 when the president got in office. number of women in poverty went up under obama.
6:17 pm
17.63% now. unemployment rate for women gone from 7 to 8.1%. number of unemployed women went from 5 to 5.5 million. numbers go on. i go back to the basics here. how does the president lecture the country on tone, civility, public discourse when he is taking money from bill maher who says this -- >> what i was hearing about the congresswoman in minnesota she is the only person in public office these days who is dumber than palin. but i don't know. after i heard that clip that you just showed me, it's a tossup. that is a beavis and butthead we have there. >> if you watch the whole night, it was evolution if reverse. you have obama. paul ryan. then michele bachmann. then animal planet had a squirrel monkey do his thing. >> i hope sarah palin gets in so they split the milf vote.
6:18 pm
speaking of dumb [bleep], would you -- >> sean: and there are worse things we can't play. "c" word among them. this is meant to be condescending. meant to be patronizing. it played in the warfare. this is what the president won't take on. he doesn't have the moral courage to take it on. >> i want to address the fact that human rosen the head of the human rights campaign, that is not -- hillary rosen head of the human rights campaign. that's in favor of rights for gay people. those are not the same thing contrary to what conservatives say. >> sean: comments were meant to be patronizing and condescending and play up class warfare. >> that is different. i don't think it's meant to play up class warfare. >> sure it was. >> this is an issue that exists in our society. called the mommy wars. you have women on each -- >> sean: it's meant to be o, that rich family is out of touch with the rest of, the
6:19 pm
99%/1%. that's what it was meant to be. >> it was indigenous as -- >> sean -- >> at one point -- >> [over talk ] >> stay-at-home moms and larger narrative of people in this note. >> sean: let's go to the second. >> i can't finish the sentence, though. >> i have to say, president obama, we assume he disagrees. i don't think he does. his father was a marxist. his mentor was a marxist. the marxist theory on women is they should work just like men. there was a total dripping disdain for women who stay at home and take care of their children. women of america who are friendly to the left's policies need to understand this. this is not an accident. this is what they believe. they hold people like ann romney and others of us that have stayed home with our children in complete disregard and disdain. they want to rewrite and remap the natural family. >> sean: let me go back to kirsten. last point. if somebody were to say, conservative that, you know, that since she has been first lady, michelle obama has not
6:20 pm
worked a day in her life. she is the first lady. ann romney was the first lady in massachusetts. and raising five kids. battling cancer. and also battling m.s. and also helped her husband as it relates to the olympics in a lot of other ways. if somebody said that, why do i think we'd have a different reaction from the left? >> i think the left reacted to hillary rosen's comments. i think there was there was a lot of condemnation. >> sean: so just bill maher they put up with. >> the answer now we hear that the left wing women are all marxists. >> i didn't say that. >> and that, you know, they don't believe women should be -- we have distain for women -- >> that is what marxists teach. >> that is not what barack obama believes. he >> oh, really? >> there is no reason to -- >> you prove he does believe it, actually. he immediately came out and condemned what hillary rosen said. >> sean: we can tell you this about barack obama.
6:21 pm
barack obama says one thing. and does another. feigns outrage and morally selective outrage. and double standard. but barack obama takes million dollars from the guy you describe as the biggest many sajnist in the country -- biggest misogynist in the country. >> we don't disagree with that. >> sean: so it's hypocritical. >> of course it is. but hateful stuff like his dad was a marxist -- >> it's the truth. >> you don't know what you're talking about. you are making up stuff. >> i'm from chicago -- >> really? you were there? you were there -- >> hank on. >> frank marshall davis was a communist. that was his mentor. his father was a marxist. >> glad you were there when he was growing up and you knew everything that was going on. >> sean: we have to end it there. thank you, both. coming up, new develop in the the secret service prostitution scandal as there is word that some of the girls
6:22 pm
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>> sean: a prostitution scandal rocked the united
6:26 pm
states secret service and has the obama administration scrambling to contain the national embarrassment. now 11 agents assigned to protect the life of the president during the summit of the americas in colombia have been suspended amid allegations they hired prostitutes, some of whom may have been under age. many of the accused agents are married. two of them are supervisors and all hadson-secret clearances raising concerns if their action compromised president obama security. the president said publicly he would be angry if the reports are true. he and other top administration officials don't seem to understand the gravity of the incident on saturday night. just hours after this bombshell story broke, secretary of state hillary clinton was seen partying at a colombian nightclub, drinking beer, dancing with friends. apparently she is not the only one impressed with, well, colombia night life. take a look at this. >> i want to thank president santos and the people of
6:27 pm
colombia for the hospitality and the beautiful city of cartagena. we are having a wonderful time. usually when i take the summit trips part of my job is to scout out where i may want to bring michelle back later for vacations. so, we'll make sure to come back some time in the near future. >> sean: here now with reaction to the administration bizarre response to this developing scand are the author of "in the president's secret service" ron kessler who actually broke the story. and united states senate candidate dan bongino, a former u.s. secret service agent himself. guys, welcome to the program. good to see you again. first, congratulations. you won the primary and on your way to the general. how many years were you in the secret service? >> 12 years. >> sean: you made a tough family decision. you got out of the service. look, i have a secret service flag pin on. i have met many of the guys. know them. you worked with them. when i heard this, i was pretty shocked. but then i thought all right,
6:28 pm
probably within any organization you have a few bad apples. with the secret service it's different. >> yeah. the penalty is that much greater. human agency full of human beings that made a human mistake and grave mistake. a tremendous, tremendous lapse in judgment. no question about that. this is de stating to me professionally and personally. you don't want to talk about this. >> sean: you know who they are? >> personal relationships, with a number of them. it impacted me. emotional story. not one i enjoy coming here to talk about. >> sean: you found out immediately after you made the decision because you served under two .s at the white house. >> right. >> sean: you were close to president obama. you did a lot of detail work for him. but you decided to run a campaign against president obama. >> right. >> sean: against his policies. >> right. that's right. i say all the time i have no personal gripe with president obama at all. this is strictly a political
6:29 pm
difference, serious one. i disagree with all of his policies. this is an issue we agree on. this is a national embarrassment, above the partisan politics. there is no republican smiling about this. this embarrassed our country. when the president is overseas he is our president. that's the way it always was. >> sean: their job is to keep him safe. that is for all of our elected officials that he represents, the president of the united states. ron, you reported on news max today there is a possibility the girls might beunder age. tell us how you might know that? >> that is the question, but it's common for girls to get into trafficking, underage, it's just an issue to be explored. but you mention to the administration is taking it lightly. i think you saw that when president obama was asked about this on sunday. he said well, if the allegations in the press turn out to be true, i'll be very angry. first of all, as we know, it's
6:30 pm
not about the allegation in the press. it's the secret service itself that said in a statement issued after i broke the story that this conduct occurred. that is why the agents were sent back. second, being angry is not the way to reform the agency. the way to reform is it replace the director mark sullivan who presided over all the fiascos. this one, the intrusion at the state dinner. dozen examples in my book that are more serious than some of these examples. such as letting people in events without magnometers. not insisting on physical fire arms requalification testing. instead, they will sometimes
6:31 pm
ask agents to fill out their own test scores which is dishonest. on and on. this leads to the kind of thing we saw in colombia. >> sean: all right. you served there. you hear what mr. kessler is saying. i know one of the things they are likely to do is go back and look and see whether or not this is a lone incident. i have to believe that there is a possibility if agents would act this way one day, that it probably happened in the past. is that a jump for me? >> having done leaves overseas, foreign leaves where i was in charge. it all ended with me. decision-making. i can tell you when we had incidents, not like this, but even minor incidents where someone was drinking off duty and it didn't look right, it was dealt with harshly. i remember being in hotel rooms, supervisor on a trip and me and addressing a guy that was intoxicated. it did not end well for him. he was immediately sent home. the secret service reputation is paramount.
6:32 pm
it's everything. >> sean: two supervisors in this case were pulled. >> that's particularly disturbing. no way to square the circle. >> sean: is there any way from your experience it would compromise the safety and security of the president? >> on this trip, fortunately, it doesn't appear to be the case. >> sean: could it have happened? >> of course. that's what bothers the service the most. i say that the reputation most. the reputation that is most because the security of the president matters most. securing a life with the executive office of the president of the united states. that is no small mission. they will do a severe review of the policies. you will see changes that matter. i can't imagine it wouldn't happen. >> sean: guys, thank you very much. good luck in your senate campaign. >> appreciate it. >> sean: coming up, we continue the process of vetting the president. things that the mainstream media will not do. we'll bring you the next installment of the real obama. tonight we pull back the curtain on one of the president's most radical associates that he appointed to serve at his administration
6:33 pm
fears. >> this president surrounds himself with the most radical people. controversial. kevin jennings. remember him? the most radical. kevin jennings and all the other radicals. >> i can't imagine how the president can do anything except for fire him. >> what if somebody came to the president this is not the right guy. kevin jennings. >> look at the people he surrounds himself with. >> they got the people they wanted. they got people with radical views.
6:34 pm
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♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram. >> sean: tonight, we have another of obama radical appointments. kevin jennings, office of safe and drug free schools. starting in 2009, right here
6:38 pm
on this program, we highlighted the reasons why he should be removed from the position. reporting what the mainstream media refused to tell the american people. jennings is a former teacher who advocates promoting homosexuality in schools and openly admitted to doing drugs in the past. he founded the gay, lesbian and straight met work and accused of an incident that student told him about having sex with an older adult. jenning res mained in the post until 2011 making you question not only the administration's judgment but just, well, what they were really looking at and whether they were looking after your kids. joining me now with reaction. iowa congressman steve king also a staunch opponent of the jennings appointment in 2009. congressman, we have holdreason and koh and jennings and eric holder and van jones. boom, boom, boom, boom. some of the most radical people. is this guy one of the more
6:39 pm
radical appointments of the president? >> between van jones and kevin jennings is a close call. there are a lot of radicals there, sean. no question about that. but this is a unique radical. a radical individual that has invests in much of his adult life in promoting the concept of homosexuality, especially focused on the school children. written six books and advocated this and he had written about his drug abuse. never apologized for that. so we have a man that has given the charge of safe and drug free schools. it looks to me you pick someone with a profile that would be anything but safe and drug-free schools. >> sean: he wrote the forward for book "querying of elementary education." state school czar. tell us about the incident that involved underage students and an older adult. he was informed about this. >> this came to light in a
6:40 pm
number of ways, but one way, a speech that kevin jennings gave in iowa in 1997 he told a story of brewster, a 15-year-old. who had a sexual relationship with a much older man, at a bus stop or bus station. some place in massachusetts. now he was, kevin jennings was a mandtory reporter as a teacher. it's the law in massachusetts. required to report that narrative. the only advice he gave was i hope you usedded a condom. >> you can't make this up. the state school czar. another example here. we continue to vet the president judgment in radical nature of the appointment he is has had. from the "washington times witness and said one person who inspired him, in the article the tale gets more troubling and says -- on october 25, 1997, there at
6:41 pm
a cob france of the gay, lesbian, straight, education network, jennings said one person that inspired him was harry hay. he was a gay rights activist notorious for supporting the north american man-boy love association. in 1983, speaking in support of nambla, claimed if parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays they would know from their gay kids the relationship with an older man is precisely what 13, 14, 15-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world. they don't need god, they don't need to learn about their country. get a good education. no. you wonder how did radicals get appointed? how did the 9/11 truther,
6:42 pm
communist in the administration. how did it happen? >> it's anybody's guess unless you look in the background of president bam become and look at his associations. i don't know if you name a counterculturallist group that he doesn't have a champion on his side. from reverend wright down to kevin jennings. the list goes on. he built association with people like that, that are radicals and nambla and harry hay was admitted pedophile. they put him on the front magazine of the north american man-boy love association magazine. linked him on the website on the home page. he said he was inspired by harry hay. i would have scared george bush off and should have scared off obama. >> sean: unbelievable. thank you for being here. what a great american panel we have next. beckel, boortz and jennifer stefano.
6:43 pm
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go national. go like a pro. >> sean: tonight on the great american panel, bob beckel is in the house. she is the pennsylvania state director for americans for prosperity, tea party activist, jennifer stefano. he, nationally syndicated radio talk show host with cox media, the one and only neal boortz. people don't know we used to be competitors. >> i kicked your butt, too. >> sean: you did not. >> i did, too. >> sean: i'm the only person who beat you in 45 years on the radio. >> for six months. >> no, neal said he beat you all the time. >> he did not. he's lying through his teeth. i will bet any amount of money. >> you don't want to do that. you have any amount of money. >> are you calling me the baby jesus next? >> i did downstairs. >> i bet you did. i'm here to see the baby jesus. >> you could keep this going. >> while we have this panel,
6:48 pm
you are a tea party activist, you are a radio host. liberal that says outrageous things regularly, with regularity. we have to put a sign up on the screen that says don't say the b.s. word, bouz you can't help yourself. here is what i want to say. here is the environment. you were saying this. we live in an environment you used to say far more outrageous things than you do now. and now, now there is a cloud, groups of people paid to monitor you. to try and shut you down. >> i'm with t burr rabbit of talk show host. put me in the briar patch. that's where i want to be. i've been on the radio for 42 years since you were -- >> i'm barely 42. >> i know it. out of 42 years, these people, they all go back 42-year career. they will find eight seconds where you have a little indigence and said --
6:49 pm
indigence. you defend me, actually. >> i do. >> why do liberals have an infrastructure, well financed, well organized and they are trying to silence conservative voices. i don't want to shut you down or bill maher down. >> a great conspiracy and it's surrounding him everywhere he goes. at night, in the day. >> i'll throw the football at you. >> we don't have conspiracy to surround you. >> what did media matters and enemy list about bob. >> it happens on the right, too. >> sean: i don't support any boycott to shut down bill maher. i am not giving -- >> i support shutting him down. >> sean: you want to shut him down and silence him? >> i got to defend him all the time and i can't stand it anymore. >> sean: true. >> i'm upset that media matters doesn't pay enough attention to me. can you give me hints? >> sean: look, i don't -- >> they gave up on you a long time ago. >> i could answer the question
6:50 pm
that you ask, bob, why do liberals go after people? they don't have any good ideas. they don't have any ideas that work. look at president obama, look at every policy he put forth. abject failure for every demographic group across the country. what do they have to do? divert, deflect and defend. can you manual the campaign strategy -- can you imagine the campaign strategy? president obama, we got nothing. >> you are the tea people -- >> tea people? >> you have broad statements. every policy doesn't work. >> never worked a day in her life. >> let me show a video. >> when bill maher was thrown off, i didn't support the boycott against him. i don't like what he says about governor palin or michele bachmann. i don't like him attacking santorum and palin's kids. i never asked for him to be fired. nbc takes the talking points to the media matters writes
6:51 pm
the primetime line-up on the news channel. these are the people leading this. >> you are damn right dick cheney heart is a political football. we ought to rip it out and kick it around and stuff it back in him. he is the new poster child for healthcare in a stretcher. he is an enemy of the country in my opinion, dick cheney is. enemy of the country. lord, take him to the promised land, will you. see, i don't even wish he goes to hell. i just want to get him the hell out of here. you know what they are talking about, the right wing slut, what is her name? laura ingraham. she is a talk slut. >> sean: why are you laughing? >> i find that all of this outrageous -- look, i don't agree with that. i think dick cheney was probably historically the worst vice president in history. >> sean: rip his heart out and stomp on it? >> i wouldn't say that. but go back to no policies work. you are pretty well off. >> why do you assume that?
6:52 pm
>> you probably have three meals a day? do you have three meals a day? house over your head? >> first, why would you make that assumption. >> did i make an assumption? >> now you are going to -- >> if i'm wrong, tell me. you right wingers all think that everybody can take care of themselves. >> sean: hang on. let me just say this. at least conservatives are generous, unlike joe biden the cheapskate. 1.5% of the salary, that's all he gives to generous. he's generous with other people's money. >> obama gave a lot more than that. >> whoopdeedoo. >> poverty is a mental disease, bob.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
if you say that it's a failure, you don't know what you are talking about. >> whoa! what are you doing? >> failure. >> i can't stand right wingers. >> it comes up -- >> sean: all right, we apologize for any -- >> i don't apologize. >> sean: yes, you do. >> i don't. >> you cussed on the air. >> i'm not going to apologize. >> sean: all right. i apologize for you. >> we're not on the air. >> yeah, we were on the air. when you just cursed. >> we were not on the air. >> sean: yeah, we really were. >> why were you on the air? >> we're on the air and -- >> why are we not on the air now? >> sean: we are on the air
6:57 pm
right now. this is live television. >> okay, good. >> sean: good grief. i try to put signs up and hel help. >> why didn't i know we were on the air? >> sean: you weren't listening to me. you were fighting in the break. you want to say you're sorry? >> i'm sorry for using the foul word. yes. >> sean: it's okay off the air. but not on the air. >> the intent is there, but the use of the word. it didn't realize we were on the air. you should run your show better instead of letting me get caught like that. >> sean: now you blame me for this. >> typical liberal. no personal responsibility. typical liberal. >> guesting on "the five," maybe i better leave things -- >> sean: all right. you were saying something before the break about povert poverty. >> no, well -- poverty is a mental disease. it really is. with the opportunities that exist in this -- bob is going to pull up the baby of a crack mother. but with the opportunities that exist in this country,
6:58 pm
the education sorry as it is. >> you don't know what opportunities we have in this country? >> for crack baby, tell me what opportunities there is. >> altogether pitiful but available government education. >> controlled by the union and therefore they have no choice. >> all they have to do is apply themselves for -- >> all i have to do is get through another minute of the show and i'm fired. i'd assume not say anything else. >> sean: you won't be fired. you've apologized. >> we'll all stand up and te fend you. >> you don't have to defend me. it's okay. >> i'll defend you. >> sean: listen, what was happening in the break, sometimes it gets very heated. this is reality. jennifer and bob were having a huge fight. neal and i were throwing the
6:59 pm
football. >> you didn't say we are back on the air. >> i thought you saw he was going three, two, one. >> get the liberal once more. >> do you think i'd do that for you? >> no. i was on the set the night you said that word. this is history for you? >> by the way -- >> it's been quiet since -- >> didn't take a breath. when you were fighting. >> i never heard that word before. kidding. i hear it all the time. this is the truth, in the arena of ideas, things get heated. the thing i take exception to with liberals, it doesn't have to get personal. you can argue facts, you can argue policies. but don't make it personal. don't attack a woman with multiple sclerosis and cancer who raised six sons and don't personally attack other people. talk about the issues. talk about president obama. >> i'm going silent. >> i don't believe it. >> you will be back on "the five"


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