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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 1, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> judge jeanine: he was a police sergeant from illinois. tonight, drew petersen is nothing more than a murder suspect. eight years after her death, petersen is set to stand trial next month in the murder of thinks -- murder of his third wife. his fourth wife stacey peterson disappeared in october of 2007. hello, welcome to this special edition of justice. tonight we the case against due peterson, the murder of kathleen and the mystery of stacey's disappearance.
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>> did you kill your wife? >> no, i did not. neither of 'em. i'm showing what it is like to be drew peterson. >> judge jeanine: it began october 28th, 2007. when a 23-year-old mother of two from bolling brook illinois vanishes. stacey peterson, young, energy woman partied for four years to police sergeant drew peterson. she is his fourth wife. by many accounts their marriage has been on the rocks. her family says he was controlling and abusive. stacey wanted out and she tells multiple people, if she ends up dead, drew is the killer. an investigation and search is launched. quickly, attention turns to drew's third wife kathleen savio, who only three years before, died under mysterious
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circumstances. kathleen married drew in 1992. they have two children. her brother nick says the family didn't like drew from the start. but his sister was seduced by the life he offered. >> he gave her everything she never had. money, security. the whole family thing she had what she always wanted. >> judge jeanine: eventually, their relationship soured. >> he became manipulative in their relationship. wanted to know everything she was doing, following her. just trying to control every move. >> judge jeanine: they decide to divorce. savio tells family she fear force her life. >> she told me she would never live to see the end of a divorce. jessica starr she sends letters, one to a state's attorney begging for help. she writes, he knows how to
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manipulate the system and his next step is take the children away or kill me she is weeks away from finalizing the financial terms of her divorce. when she is found dead in her bathtub. the coroner rules kathleen fell and accidentally drowned. and the case is closed. her family doesn't buy it. >> nobody wanted to listen to her when she was writing the letters to the state's attorneys office they brushed it off. >> him being an officer they took his word for it. >> unfortunately, it had to take stacey peterson to disappear to get my sister's case brought back up. >> judge jeanine: when stacey disappears the state's attorney reopens the investigation into savio's death. her body is exhumed an autopsy you is done by the state and dr. michael bad they both find the same man -- dad hrepb.
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they both find the same manner of death, whom >> homicide is what i would have put on the death certificate. >> judge jeanine: drew never shies from the cameras. he remains free for over a year until may 7th, 2009. >> today drew peterson is addressed. >> judge jeanine: he's indicted on two counts of murder in the slaying of kathleen savio. the fate of stacey peterson is still unknown. fox news contributor mark fuhrman, criminal defense attorney, arthur idol la, joey jackson and forensic thatgist. gentlemen thanks for being with us. doctor, i'm going to start with you. you believe this is a homicide. why is kathleen savio's death a homicide and not an accident? >> first of all judge this is a young, healthy person who
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dies in a bathtub, rare. the mechanisms to hit her head, become unconscious and drowned, not there. there's not enough room to fall, hit the back of her head and die by drowning. >> judge jeanine: what do you mean the mechanism? >> enough force applied to the head or brain and make her slip a die. there's not enough space for a 5'5 person to fall she is going to hit the wall and slide down absorbing some of that force. >> judge jeanine: mark what doo you think? >> i believed it was a homicide from the onset, first time i read the autopsy. it is pretty clear. everything what the doctor said then reinforce it, no towels by the tub. bottles of shampoo weren't disturbed, no clothes in the room. >> judge jeanine: the defense is gonna say that the fact that there were no bottles disturbed around the tub suggests there was no fight, no homicide.
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you are spinning it the other way saying the fact they are not disturbed, tells you what? >> it doesn't mean whatever occurred this occurred in the tub. the tub was the last place kathleen was left. probably where her clothes were taken off. so, that is the location that the homicide was staged. doesn't necessarily mean that's where she was killed. >> judge jeanine: you say staged. joey? >> first regarding the doctor's point, yes how do we know what her physical state was? did she have a headache? >> doctor, any indication she had a heart problem, heart disease, injuries other than the traumatic injury to the head? >> no other explainable cause of death found at the autopsy. >> judge jeanine: no history of any disease? >> not that i'm aware of. >> sometimes you can be a relatively healthy person not feeling well -- >> you need the space to fall.
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>> if you look at it, why is it that initially you have the illinois state police they conduct an investigation that investigation establishes nothing untoward or inappropriate happened >> judge jeanine: we already know that they said it was an accident. four years later they dig her up and say now a whom arthur? >> you said four years late hear did they do? >> they exhumed her body. >> correct and peterson is probably a homicidal nut why wouldn't he have cremated her gotten rid of the best evidence that co5 is a homicide. >> judge jeanine: he thought he got away with it. died march of four, exhumed 2007. what impact does that period of time have on the second autopsy? >> it could have a great deal. a lot of missing soft tissue changes some interpretation. you have the first autopsy everything can be correlated
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back. >> judge jeanine: evidence from that, quickly mark, why a coroner's jury to answer arthur and joey eastern concern as opposed to a medical examiner in illinois? >> they had a medical examiner. they had an autopsy. the detective didn't need to go to a coroner he could have determined it was homicide. >> judge jeanine: why didn't he if it is so obvious? >> from everything as i learned it was drew peterson, one of the boys on the police department. [ talking over each other ] >> a gist draws that conclusion of an accident is going to get you through a coroner's jury? >> the pathologist never went to the scene. he's relying on the detective that -- that is at the autopsy to describe his suspicions, pursuant with his questions. then they can draw the conclusion. >> judge jeanine: guys i'm of lay peoplethis unup.
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deciding it versus a medical examiner. coming up, i gobjá? one-on-one withdrew peterson's attorney.
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>> judge jeanine: before her death, kathleen savio warns if she turns up dead, drew peterson is the killer. for years there's been a battle in the courts over whether those statements should be allowed into evidence. ultimately, courts decide they're admissible. when i sat down with joel brodsky, drew's attorney, i asked how he thought her statements would affect his case? >> hearsay is powerful evidence. it can be challenged. it is problematic. >> judge jeanine: you are not in a good seat, the courts have said we are going to let
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this in. this is not good for drew. >> certainly we much rather not have this i don't want to call it evidence, statements in. the statements and i've seen them and obviously they've been under seal nobody not connected with the case has seen it. they are not as devastating as people are lead to believe they are. they are -- there's no real out and out he did it in those statements. >> judge jeanine: why was kathleen afraid of him? >> i don't know if she was legally afraid of him. >> judge jeanine: did she make up those letters and the statements she made? >> kathy was a letter-writer and complainer. she got a bad meal in the restaurant she would write a letter to the head of the chain. if she felt she had been wrongfully denied an insurance claim she would write a letter to the head of insurance company. >> judge jeanine: did chef healthish use? >> her doctors testified -- and she was on name of medications, including
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anti-depressants. i think her neurologist testified that she had -- he had treated her for dizziness, i think he called it vertigo. >> judge jeanine: how do you explain the fact that your client called the mother of his children kathleen savio a bitch and he should have had her cremated? >> first they have to believe it. if he's the murderer he's going to know instead of paying to have the body buried he would have paid to have the body cremated it was his choice. >> judge jeanine: maybe he didn't think he to based on the facts at the time. >> then you have to go the criminal mastermind theory has to go out the window. he was able to enter a house without leaving a trace. able to commit a murder without leaving any evidence of doing it and fooling pathologists and investigators and he was able to get away
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with it for so many years. then he did everything he could to cover his tracks. all of a sudden he for to conceal the most important thing, the body? >> judge jeanine: was drew peterson ever charged with assaulting kathleen savio? >> never. >> judge jeanine: the police were called to that residence many times? >> i think there were 18 calls, if i remember correctly. most of those calls are he's bringing the kid late back from visitation. he's 20 minutes late. very minor stuff. only a couple of those calls had to do with anything that was serious. >> judge jeanine: was drew a jealous person? >> certainly one ex-wife did testify and other witnesses that knew kathy and stacey also testified that the behavior one could classify as having a jealous streak, yes. >> judge jeanine: was drew interested in divorcing stacey? >> there was no divorce pending. i know that they had sought marriage counseling with a
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pastor. if he is thinking counseling, obviously there were issues if you want a divorce you don't seek marriage counseling. >> judge jeanine: does drew think stacey is dead or alive? >> he believe she is still alive, made a new life for herself. she knows if she reappeared, that life would be over, because not only a, because of media publicity tt would track her and she doesn't want that new life that she has made for chef to be upset. >> judge jeanine: you moved to have this case tried somewhere else, you didn't get it. >> i don't know we might need a chang of venue. >> judge jeanine: why? >> it depends on the jurors. >> judge jeanine: you believe you can get a fair trial? >> there's a possibility. >> judge jeanine: even in this area? >> i'm hopeful we'll be able to find 12 jurors who will be able to decide the case on the evidence not on what they've heard in the media
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>> judge jeanine: do you think he will testify? >> an option, something that you never really know until the state rests its case. and you have to make that decision at that time. >> judge jeanine: you have this 50-year-old married four times, one wife is dead. the other is missing and hasn't showed up in years. do you really think all this is a coincidence? >> coincidence -- coincidence the issue, the question is, is there any evidence that he ever did anything wrong? that he had any involvement with either kathy's death or stacey's disappearance. >> judge jeanine: why would kathy have predicted her death? why would she had reached out to law enforcement if she didn't believe he were going to kill her? >> that's speculation. she not a fortuneteller. kathy obviously believed it would be of her benefit in the property distribution to paint drew as bad as possible. to make him seem like a horrible person threatening
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person, that would gain her more sympathy, more favor and benefit her in the property distribution that was going to happen. obviously, she was mad at drew who had in her mind left her for a younger woman. >> judge jeanine: he's just an unlucky guy drew? >> i don't know if you would call it unlucky. it doesn't mean that he did anything wrong. >> judge jeanine: later, stacey's sister on why she knows drew is a murderer.
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>> judge jeanine: we're back with mark, arthur, joey and forensic psychologist
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dr. brian russell. doctor thanks for being with us. we've all watched drew peterson during the unfolding of these cases. there is this arrogance, you know what do you -- how do you analyze this guy? >> i would label a person who had done the things that peterson is accused of having done a sociopath. narcissists who lack empathy for others the rest of the world are extras in their movie. others are pawns to be played and used until they are no longer useful then wiped off the board so the player can keep playing. >> judge jeanine: doctor, have you ever seen a defendant with a video camera, videotaping the media? have you ever seen a defendant so confident, the guy is a cop, four wives, one dead, one missing. he has the umph to get up every morning and say come on let's get to it. >> what you are saying is the narcissism percolating out
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almost an repress able enjoyment of being the center of attention even though it is negative. >> judge jeanine: he just likes the attention? >> absolutely. look at i was there almost two months. you look at the way he orchestrates it, that's his game. that's how he kept everybody off balance, just like in the kathleen savio investigation. he kept everybody off balance by his act. he was the victim. i'm one of the guys. i want you to do this. why would she fall in the bathtub? who would do this or how? >> judge jeanine: attorneys, you both have represented defendants charged with mur. ever see any chutzpah like this? >> everybody is different. >> we all know that your client walk in front of the media -- >> point is from a layperson's perspective everyone hands stress differently because he has arrogance we can't
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classify that as guilt. maybe he's somewhat confident. [ talking over each other ] >> i would -- i put some blame on the defense attorney. when you are a criminal defense attorney your client is in the most vulnerable position they've ever been in their life. [ talking over each other ] calm down your act, just shut up. >> let me tell you. i was in the hotel lobby, who walks in? drew peterson. he is with his attorney. he told his attorney, i'm gonna talk to furman. i take him to a little room and talk to him for 40 minutes, without his lawyer there [ talking over each other ] >> listen guys, what you've
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got is an example of arrogance, no fear of law enforcement. doctor, back to you. you say that he's like a sociopath we all know there is something off here. how does a guy like this get on a police force? don't they have evaluations for this stuff? >> great question. most people who go into law enforcement do it for the right reasons. there's a relatively small subset thank goodness who go into it to exert power over others. >> judge jeanine: why did an evaluation? >> they do try to catch it. different departments have different -- [ talking over each other ] >> he may have been good at concealing that. >> we have to analyze how he was as a police officer. beside the hiccup in his younger career when he was fired and reinstated what has been the abuse, the problem that made him such a bad police officer? nothing. how can we cast stick gate the
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process that led him -- castigate the process that
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stay tuned. >> judge jeanine: in a few weeks drew peterson will go on trial for the murder of kathleen savio. it was the disappearance of his fourth wife stacey that caused law enforcement to take a closer look into savio's death. a look now at stacey's story. >> she invited know a tub wear party in her home. the tub per wear lady asked what happened to the television set? there was a big dent in the tv. she said drew had thrown her into the tv. >> judge jeanine: from the moment she moved in next door she sharon knew there was trouble between stacey and her husband drew. >> she was very vocal in how he would follow her around and call her constantly and want to know where she was all the time. >> judge jeanine: drew was controlling and manipulative.
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eventually, stacey tells friends and family, she wants out of the marriage. financially, reliant on drew, and afraid of losing her kids, she stays. the situation grows more and more tense until one week before stacey vanishes. >> she was out in the parkway crying she asked drew to leave and that he wouldn't go. >> judge jeanine: a few days later, the friends speak again. >> i suggested she start to do some kind of a journal or book so she could protect herself. she told me it was too late he was already going to kill her. she was resigned to the fact she was going to die. >> judge jeanine: five days after that conversation on a sunday morning, october 27th, stacey's sister's boyfriend calls stacey to plan a project for that day. >> we talked briefly about her coming out to help me paint. she things to take care of that morning then she would
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call me later. >> judge jeanine: brews is the last person to speak to her. -- bruce is the last person to speak to her. after that conversation something happens to stacey. >> i texted her later in the day, no response. >> judge jeanine: sharon calls late that morning. drew tells her stacey has gone to visit grandpa. sharon tries her cell, gets no answer that day, tom drew's stepbrother reportedly helps drew move a large container from the peterson bedroom to an suv. it weighs around 120 pounds. and it is warm. the next morning, drew bangs on sharon's door. >> said just come with me right now. i said is stacey sick, something wrong? >> he said just come i can't talk to you outside. he brought me into the house and it was very different in that house. no sippy cups out, just seemed like a different environment.
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>> judge jeanine: drew tells her stacey left him and gives sharon a play-by-play of his alleged interactions with stacey is >> the whole conversation lasted less than 15 minutes. just the conversation was so rehearsed on his end. >> judge jeanine: he says stacey left her car at the local airport and he had gone to pick it up. >> whole thing was odd. >> judge jeanine: when she gets home sharon talks to her husband. >> i said she would never leave those kids, i think he killed her. >> judge jeanine: within hours police are at her door. to this day, this -- despite exhaustive searches, stacey's remains have not been found and no arrests in her case. >> i think stacey deserves to have justice for her. she really deserves to be treated with respect. and she definitely deserves the dignity of to be found and laid to rest. >> judge jeanine: former
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homicide detective mark fuhrman has been investigating the drew peterson case for years. mark, you were out in chicago shortly after stacey disappeared. what did you an find out that is not in the public domain now? >> the public doesn't really understand when stacey went missing that's when the focus really started being you know on the savio case. people were looking at drew peterson and the savio autopsy was read, dr. baden on -- and myself initially thought homicide in the stacey peterson disappearance the one thing that stands out clearly, the most important thing is her confidential communication with her minister. >> judge jeanine: you are the one who found that guy? didn't you locate him and take him to the d.a.'s office? >> it wasn't so quick. yes i located him and established a rapport.
1:35 am
he was conflicted whether he should -- really he a confidentiality, even in death with his -- relationship priest relationship, the way i described as she told you for a reason. she told you because she thought something might happen to her and if it did she wanted somebody to represent her. >> judge jeanine: what did she tell him? >> night kathleen savio died or was killed, however you want to view this. that night she woke up in that -- in her bedroom andrew peterson was not there. she looked for him, called on his cell phone several times, he did not answer. finally, she went downstairs and saw drew peterson in the laundry room, dressed in black putting women's clothing in the washing machine there. was a conversation, what are you doing? he said i'm taking care of the
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problem, you know the problem, it will be the perfect crime. >> judge jeanine: this is what staceys the minister -- what stacey tells the minister? >> absolutely. >> judge jeanine: the night kathleen savio dies, drew peterson now living with stacey washing women's clothes and saying it say perfect crime? >> kathleen savio is found nude in a bathtub no clothes in the tub, no clothes in the bedroom on the floor. you can conclude she was actually wearing clothes when she bled from her head wound that being said she was disrobed staged in a bathtub. >> judge jeanine: what i think is interesting is that drew peterson went to the trouble of getting a neighbor to accompany him when he went to the house and kathleen savio didn't answer the door. almost like he wanted the
1:37 am
alibi to say, we went in together. >> absolutely. if you are the murderer, you don't discover the body. you don't discover it alone. and they got a locksmith. once you use a locksmith to open a door you destroy the evidence that somebody using lock picks could have created before. >> judge jeanine: up next stacey's sister tells me what stacey's sister tells me what she [ male announcer ] if a phone rings at your car insurance company
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>> judge jeanine: i sat down with stacey peterson's sister who gave me new never before leased information about her sister's relationship withdrew. tell me about your sister, what was she like? >> she was amazing. she was a good sister, friend, mom, wife, everything. >> judge jeanine: when she first met drew, how did that happen? >> she was working at the spring hill suites in bollingbrook i guess he was on the night crew and she worked overnights. he stopped in to make sure there was nothing going on and they started chatting and he started pursuing her. first time i met her it was after her 17th, birthday she came out and said she was dating drew and he bought her an apartment, she a care.
1:42 am
i was like who is this guy? i met him at her apartment. >> judge jeanine: he got her a car, apartment -- >> furniture, everything.a?ç >> judge jeanine: he was still married to kathleen savio at the time he was dating your sister and i am nated her did -- and impregnated her. did anyone have any problems with that? >> yeah, but she was happy, we just went with it. >> judge jeanine: what did you think of him the first time you met him? >> i never liked him. >> judge jeanine: why? >> i i had this eerie feeling. >> judge jeanine: how did he treat her? >> in the beginning good once they moved in together in the house that's when his controllingness kind of started to show. >> judge jeanine: did you ever see anything controlling or abusive in terms of drew and his behavior towards your sister? >> yeah if we were going to the store and get bread or anything, just to finish what
1:43 am
we were missing for dinner, she -- he would be angry and tell us that we would have to take one of the kids. like anthony. >> judge jeanine: why? >> because nobody is going to pick up a girl with a child hanging on their hip. >> judge jeanine: he was jealous? >> yeah >> judge jeanine: were you or your sister frightened when you heard that drew peterson's third wife died by falling in her bathtub? >> it was a little eerie i thought he had something to do with it. >> judge jeanine: were you ever worried about your sister? >> all the time. >> judge jeanine: how long before your sister disappear did she talk to you about divorce? >> about a year back and forth, she told me divorce you guys go to counseling. >> judge jeanine: did they go to counseling? >> they tried it drew wasn't going there to put on a show. >> judge jeanine: did she ever say he will never let me
1:44 am
leave? >> two nights before she disappeared that friday. she told me she was going through with the divorce. >> judge jeanine: she was definitive, two nights before she disappeared, that she was going to divorce drew peterson? >> yeah, she was seeing an attorney monday she seemed scared and asked how i felt about her getting divorced? i said, i was kind of scared because of what happened to kathleen. and she just looked up at me with this pale look on her face and said if anything is to happen to me, drew did something to me. i told her let's get out. she said she couldn't because of the kids. >> judge jeanine: when realize she was missing? >> sunday when she didn't call me, i gave her time i knew she was depressed and figured it took her a while to get to sleep. once i[úr figured the kids have to have woken her up, i kept calling, calling. >> judge jeanine: you just
1:45 am
figured what? >> something happened to her, that he killed her. >> judge jeanine: is stacey the kind of person that would leave her kids? >> no. >> judge jeanine: why? >> if she was going to runoff and leave her kids she would have do it before that. she stayed in the abuse to be with her kids and get her kids out of there >> judge jeanine: did you think your sister will ever be found? >> yeah >> judge jeanine: why? >> because i'm not gonna give up. and i will continue to search and continue to call the illinois state police and keep them on it as well. >> judge jeanine: what happens if drew peterson is not convicted of the murder of his third wife? >> he will be convicted that's the way i feel. >> judge jeanine: what happens if he isn't? >> then he will be realized for the murder of my sister. >> judge jeanine: they would have to find her body or get more evidence. >> they have enough evidence. >> judge jeanine: you believe they have enough evidence now to indict him for the murder
1:46 am
of your sister? >> yeah. >> judge jeanine: she is one strong witness. i see two nods, three, four way do you think mark? >> i talked to her in 2007. she was a tough cookie then, very straightforward very helpful but didn't mince words about drew peterson she didn't like him then and she absolutely said he did something with my sister, he killed my sister. >> judge jeanine: joey, after that interview she told me she often saw stacey with bruises on her body. she said stacey told her that drew had thrown her down the stairs. do you think this kind of evidence can come into the trial? >> judge, as you know, it depends upon the judge who presides. prior bad act evidence often times does come in to show motive, to show intent, opportunity, absence of mistake certainly possible. >> judge jeanine: doctor, what is with this 50-year-old guy constantly dating 20-year-olds or marrying them, 16,
1:47 am
17-year-olds. >> here's the dynamic. sociopathic people are great at identifying people who are going to be vulnerable to their control and susceptible to it. as long as that person plays the game and remains under the spell of the sociopath things can look fairly decent to an outside observer. when the person starts trying to assert independence, it can get very dangerous, very fast. because the sociopath will start escalatingly lethal means of trying to regain or reassert that control. >> judge jeanine: also, the fact that she wanted to divorce him at that point she knows he's already got something on -- she's got something on him as it relates to washing kathleen's clothes -- >> she a dagger, that was i can always go to the police and tell them what you told me not to tell them. he coached her that when the police talk to you, you tell 'em i was asleep with you.
1:48 am
that is the trump card in this case. >> judge jeanine: you found this out from the reverend. >> yes. >> judge jeanine: what about the domestic violence piece to this? we do know that there was one point when drew peterson actually went into a restaurant and confronted a guy that stacey had just started e-mailing an old friend, brother of a boyfriend. >> that kind of possessiveness is a hallmark, a calling card of people who are socio-pathic control freaks it their control over the person. >> you are married, someone else is with her. >> judge jeanine: he wasn't with her. >> tell me about a perp he's going to have concern, will he not? >> i think it -- goes way beyond that. he would use his police car and subordinate police officers to track her, follow her, drive by, check out what
1:49 am
she is doing, check out to make sure she at the house. check out to where she said she was going that she went, checked the mileage on her car. car. he picked his victims.
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>> judge jeanine: we're back with our great panel. all right guys, this trial is coming up. do you think that peterson is going to take the stand mark? >> i think he wants to take the stand. i think his defense counsel will try to keep him off. >> he can't do it too many things he would have to overcome too many questions, prior hearsay, stay off the stand. >> i'll bet he would like to but i don't think he will.
1:53 am
>> doctor? >> seems to fit his personality, i don't think he will be allowed. >> it depends on his lawyer and what his lawyer can and can't stop him from doing. when case goes to trial there's going to be a lot of interest in stacey and what happened to stacey. irrespective of what happens during the trial do you think he will be convicted? >> i think he will be convicted if the minister's conversation with stacey comes in totality if they don't pick it apart on hearsay. if it comes in totality at the end of that, what do you have? when the police ask where i was, i was in bed with you. >> judge jeanine: drew isn't there photo give you the alibi. >> you two try to defend him tonight as best we can it is a tough road for the defense. i think people once they see all the evidence, particularly now the hearsay is admits able. i'm worried about him, he is going to kill me. all of this stuff.
1:54 am
the alibi. i think he could be convicted. >> judge jeanine: what is going to happen with stacey now? >> they will indict him without a body. if they can't find the body and they've been looking for a long time. you have to remember they have thomas morphy -- >> judge jeanine: the guy who helped him carry the heavy -- >> right. meet in a park, here's a phone don't answer the phone he looks at the phone, stacey's phone. what drew was trying to establish was he's trying to establish that he's trying to call stacey when she is already dead. >> that's a problem. you cannot base a prosecution on the stepbrother. he's suicidal. he takes pain medication he's a drunk. >> judge jeanine: he said he thought about the fact what he was moving was stacey's body 120 pounds and it was warm. doctor wouldn't that put a lot
1:55 am
of people over the edge? >> he has indicated that is the reason why he was suicidal, i agree it does cast problems on the credibility. >> we don't know what forensics they have. they are not going to talk about forensics. >> judge jeanine: back to the savio case doctor. this issue of her being determined to be the victim of an accidental drowning now the victim of a homicide. have you ever seen this play out in a courtroom? >> i have and it becomes people like me lined up to testify. >> judge jeanine: battle of experts. >> hopefully it comes down to common sense. you don't have to be an expert to look at that tub and say that can happen. you don't end up in a nice neat pack damage in the tub. >> judge jeanine: what position would you be in if you slipped and fell? >> most adults would fall backwards there's a wall the side of a tub. >> here's the issue even if
1:56 am
you establish that she was dead in the bathtub and perhaps someone as at fault and i was a homicide. the next inquiry becomes was it name did it? that's where physical evidence is important also. >> judge jeanine: motive, means and opportunity, mark? >> we do have the statement that he places himself not only in kathleen savio's house he says he committed the perfect crime. he's washing women's clothes and coaches his then wife stacey to lie to the police when they are talking specifically about kathleen savio. >> judge jeanine: then stacey disappears. i want to thank our great panel. mark, joey, dr. s, thank you for being with us. -- doctors, thank you for being . before we go, my new book, "sly fox" will be out soon. young assistant d.a. from westchester county, new york is asked to interview a battered female bartender for the boys at the bar and ends up fighting for crime victims
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and starting the first domestic violence unit in the nation. released july 17thth. check it out on and click on justice with judge jeanine. thanks for joining us, see you thanks for joining us, see you next week.
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