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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 3, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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website or facebook. don't make it me, because i'm a liberal, okay? give me a break. i can't take it. >> dana: weigh in and let us know who you think it can be done. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to redeye. i'm filling in for greg gutfeld. let's go for a pre-game report. >> thanks, andy. >> top story, "new york post" reports that katie holmes fears she can't step outside without a scientology goon. and we have invited charles payne to weigh in because he has very heavy hands. according to a new york times article, polls show that americans under the age of 30 are inclined to support president obama but he may face
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challenges from 18-24, so it proves that "new york times" is not aware that 18-24 cop before 30. >> this is great for sitting outdoors and better news for greg gutfeld. >> a kind of a cheap shot jesse but i admire you and respect you for doing it. >> welcome our guests. >> kaly. >> and scary exceedian, tom and bill schultz and charles payne, wall street strategy ceo. he is as his readers and nice run. >> and ann myer asks is this
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overweighed. i will continue my nightly breaking with the bread. no matter what they said. no i ask you would you ask like what you eat for dinner. are they gong-ho. "new york times" reports that president obama can't count on you. especially first timers in the booth and new generation become of voting age. and according to interviews. they are less excited about the president and more likely to identify a conservative which
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feels just like four years ago. polls show voters under 03 tend to support the president but among the ages over 34 his lead over romney. one 19-year-old says, i lean a little toward obama, i guess. >> we asked another college student what really matters to her this election year. ♪ ♪ i think that is covered under zbleoshg is it strictly about the economy. is that it? >> and the president worked real hard during the last four years. and it looks enticing you saw
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the occupy movement and i like to have a car, i like to go out to the movies. but i want money. so i think money is winning out. >> recession usually hurt young people the most? >> i think so. absolutely. older people tend to have something in the bank to weather the storm. you were saying you haven't lost your enthusiasm for obama. explain why your peers think differently? >> i said exactly that. it's so true and it's about the economy and it does hurt understanding young people more. there is a double-digit unemployment for years. as long as this president has been in office. i want to find out what it means for obama. 537 votes is what it came down to. this time around, 537 college students stayed home. that is close than it was 2000. >> my understanding in 2000 it
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came down to five votes. >> i knew you were going to play that card andy. >> young people whom the times talked to they seem to be dissolutionwood government. is that a bad thing? >> isn't the young people whom the times talk. >> i was trying to be more conversational. >> i was going to skill up. >> listen, i disagree with our other guests i don't believe it has to do with the economy. young people don't know what the economy. is they are all in college and borrowing money to get where they are. i didn't notice the economy, i was in the school in the 80s in the decade of greed when everybody was making money but i wasn't making money. >> you were doing cocaine like everybody else? >> i did not do nose candy. didn't do anything like that, in my college they used to snort
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nodoz. >> i don't think it was just your college. >> look, it's the high expectation, even if the economy was good, obama would pale in comparison. now, they are not excited. that is good thing for us because the expectations were ridiculous to begin with. >> i think you hit the nail on the head, my young friend. >> the romney campaign says they are going after young people dorm room after dorm room. if we did that we get thrown in jail. >> anybody in the romney campaign is going to be misrecognized. this is what they will think of them. the problem here is not young people voting for romney. it's not going to happen. yes, there is are less people that are in obama in 2008 but still 12 points. that is a lot of points. the problem is will they vote, period. you in may be right on that but
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for them to say, obama is not solving all of our problems but khaki knows where we are coming from. that ain't going to happen. >> if they don't vote that is still a win for romney? >> hundred percent. it's interesting among republicans, the ron paul vote. the ron paul voters were very young. they were libertarians and i heard i i'll i am not going to vote republican. and right now, that is the big fear for romney. >> ten years from now there is going to be two different parties. everybody under the age of 30 is so socially liberal. >> but it's the pocketbook, when the you don't have a job and the government is confiscating 40% of your income. >> it was a party that is socially conservative and
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fiscally conservative. >> charles, doesn't this sound like it good be a big sign for libertarians to make an impact on young people if they weren't so crazy. >> the one thing, i think ron paul would have made a gigantic difference. >> i think it was more than that with ron paul. >> and what about the fed and hoarding the gold. >> i don't think they care one way or the other. >> libertarian party is going to change, it's going mainstream, like i said you have to have the crazy guy out. the young ones are just fine. i agree most of what they said. it's known to liquor tearians. you spell the word jew, those are crazy and most of the other political parties. i tend to notice libertarians
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spoke a lot. >> ian rand was huge proponent >> it's a little dollar sign. [ laughter ] >> tom, young people apparently think it's important to tackle things like climate change, healthcare, why? >> i don't know why. >> just these types of questions. >> the change, they care so much about, my children are being brainwashed from cliy change. we have to save mother earth. you have a real mother. >> what voice was that? >> it's like blue man.
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[ laughter ] >> all right. moving on. from kids to cult. was he is not on board? katie holmes decided to ditch tom cruise over concern that he would get 8:00-year-old would be sent to a scientology school. meaning she would not be done until she is a billion and six years old. multiple reports that katy fears that scientology is following her every move and try to kidnap her girl. sadly unlike katie this chick will never get away.
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>> bill, scientology attorney says there is no truth to the story that the church is following or is your veiling katie holmes. she is overreacting, right? >> absolutely. scientology said they are not outside her home, case closed. look, they don't lie. they didn't lie about the galactic ruler that 1700 years ago that brought all the non-existent yons where the volcanoes erupted and eventually came out where we need to be cleansed according to scientology. they didn't lie about that. they won't lie about katy holmes >> you look like a cult member or cult leader. i sometimes have trouble telling
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the difference. did katie just now realize that maybe there is something a little something about scientology? >> you are on to something. i don't believe holmes. she says she is getting divorced because of her child. she is concerned about the child because he is going to put her into in organization. how about for herself. if her husband is such a lunatic she would want to divorce for her own purposes. she is using it as an excuse. tom cruise is an eccentric guy, i've seen him but i don't think he is as weird as everyone says he is. >> i think katie holmes is making this up. she wants out and that is her excuse, because i'm doing it for my child. or a third option she likes money because apparently, allegedly according to the contradict, every year she
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married to him she gets a little more. so she waited as long as she could. >> if she is married to a guy that shipping a kid off to some weird organization, she would want to divorce him for practical purposes, not to protect the child. >> i don't buy. >> a you ship your kid off that wei organization -- anybody been to a summer camp? it's the same thing. >> imagine summer camp for a billion years. >> nightmare. >> hey, there has been tension between tom and katie. he didn't like lipstick and nail poll ib. you have to think, katie to let siri do things like this? >> i don't even know what to say about her. she knew what she got in to from
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the beginning. scientology is a cult and money and greed. we all know that. and has to do a google search, get as far as away as possible. i blame katie hundred percent. tom is weird to begin with. tom is weird, weird, weird. >> i never see him being a movie star? >> that is all he is. >> cruise pretty much despite whatever jumping on couches, he pretty much been bulletproof at the box office. what he is the star. none of this is going to change. he is bulletproof. >> me is kind of bulletproof. i have to be ons with you, every time you said tom is kind of cult like and i don't feel too well but having said that, tom cruise he has been up and down. this is katie.
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she wants to get out of marriage fine, the whole cult. she knew the whole thing. she voluntarily entered the relationship. it's a relationship -- >> other than the scientology angle, this is kind of a typical hollywood marriage. >> we don't like to spread rumors. >> there is a significant age difference. he just turned 50. she is what 32. >> he a young 50 and she is like an older 32. >> she is so sad about that and with anot. [ laughter ] >> i do want to point out. i have the copy of the sea
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organization religious commitment form it does say i commit myself to the sea organization for the next billion years, but it says, it's flag order 232. this is what i'm saying. shame on the media for not reporting the full story. >> coming up, what happens when you steal someone's food from your employer's refrigerator? you better run fool. >> and did they get the punishment they deserve on the bus bullies. i don't want to hear about it. you are watching redeye. stick around. n the winds, i have to know the weather patterns. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. so i can get three times the coverage. [ chirp ] [ manager 2 ] it's like working in a giant sandbox with all these huge toys. and with the fastest push-to-talk... i can keep track of them all. [ chirp ]
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♪ note photo.
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>> so looked like there were more cheers after their jeers but perhaps it's the bullies. the boys you talked about in greece, new york a country in a state, were suspended for school for one year and will have to complete 50 hours of service with the elderly. by law they have to educate but they will spend the year? is the reengagement center. she says she is fine with the punishment. she met with a canadian man for her vacation fund and thanked him. speaking of bullies.... >> unbelievable. >> hey, charles is this
12:21 am
punishment too much? i think it's too much. >> i agree with that. >> you know, i don't think it's too much. i don't know if they are going to learn anything. that reengagement thing sounds like a lot of fun. >> i guess you bet this punishment is just fine and i read your talking points. [ laughter ] >> actually, i said my talking points, death penalty is with what i'm going for. i'm a hard-core republican. this a good sign. the real people need too be punished is the payments here. it's just despicable. >> a whole year suspension? >> they are going to reengagement. quite excited. [ laughter ] >> it sound like a reeducation camp. >> hey, tom, shifting gears.
12:22 am
video went viral. she gets $600,000. i think there is something whole thing with a setup. this is a giant conspiracy? >> it turned out just fine for this woman. listen, am i the only one to defend these boys outright. this is what happened. this is perfect for today's world. this woman was placed on bus. this is what happens in the schools. she was not allowed to discipline. she had to take it. that is her job. she has no hotter. when you have no short they -- authority, that is what kids do. when i was kid we used to write things on the notes when we would take money out of bank, get our five dollars, and weirder and weirder things on the slip and they would still give us our five dollars. at one point we brought in
12:23 am
withdrawal slips that a drawing of a man with a gun on it and put it on five dollars on the counter and they rang the bell and we robbed the bank. [ laughter ] >> we kept pushing and did weirder and weirder things until we broke the law. >> what kind of trouble did you get in? >> police came. we go to the staying. we learned that you weren't supposed to do that. it's going to ruin their life. they were just horsing around. obviously the woman is not to blame. but these school officials add like claude rains in the casino. they know that you don't have any authority. kids learn that can keeping pushing. if you do something wrong, don't be videotaped. >> you have to learn it's not all right to draw a gun.
12:24 am
>> we kept going. >> and he was a bully that is all i got from that. >> don't i look like one? >> and kids do profane things and they get rewarded in real life. how do you feel for them by punished? >> you have the same toys as they do. >> i know what they liked. >> it's weird. >> and this woman, this bus monitor, best thing that ever happened to her? and when she gets her picture taken, i want you to smile. i wish i had that vacation money. second of all, when i was a kid, people would be beaten to a bloody pulp. these kids got a suspension for an entire year. these kids are horrible.
12:25 am
you look at that, you don't want to have something like that. not even close to that. but imagine a year, community service, are you kidding me? they said foul language to a poor old woman. this country is insane. i'm moving to canada. [ laughter ] >> i'm still maintaining this is whole thing is conspiracy she is going to split the money with the kids and everybody wins. >> if that is the case, please write a script because that a million dollar idea. >> if you have a comment for the show, e-mail us and leave a voicemail on greg's direct line. still to come the halftime report. >> it's sponsored by bottle, those containers for holding liquids with a narrow neck and no handle. thanks bottle.
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i'm aware i'm dressed like the 1996 chairman of the tampa bay packers parade. >> you are the coach's intern on cheers. [ laughter ] >> right. >> charles and andy. >> according to the consumerist, generation x has been affected most by the recession. that is because babyboomers will not die. [ laughter ] >> we stand second. >> he stands corrected. [ laughter ] >> it's been, tom, wasn't telling the truth. tom did not do any cocaine in college. bill did all his cocaine if college. bill, misrecognize is not a word. it's to to miss take the identity of.
12:31 am
>> i owe a couple athletes an apology. >> sometimes i misrecognize it and have clorox. >> you stated that old libertarians commonly misspelled jews. commonly misspelling of jews is jood. >> no, i looked it up. >> i don't know. >> tom, being concerned about his kids being upset with global warming. in fairness, tom's kids were the bad guys from die-hard." that explains it. >> andy mentioned when the video with the dog and the chick and you said sort of what is wrong with this country? the chihuahua was the baby
12:32 am
chicken video is from mexico. for 50 pesos you can get your picture taken chicken and for 50 dollars you can eat either the chicken or.... [ laughter ] >> you said siri would have to sign the billion dollar contracted. that is the employees that have. children themselves do not have to spend a billion years there. they just go for a certain amount of time. according to the website, the children don't stay there billion years. they return to their parents as soon as they are good and [ bleep ] up. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry we had to bleep that. >> kali you were talking about the election.
12:33 am
>> you can fun. i was using that as a point to show that elections are close as this one will be. that came down to 500 votes. >> awfully sensitive making fun. i was making fun of bill and andy the entire time. incidentally, you said in the bus monitor story, there is a correction, you said that the parents got off scott free with this situation. they did not. the parents did not get off scott flee. they were condemned to spend the rest of their lives as alcoholics hay seeds. what else do we have. >> what tha was going to happen
12:34 am
anymore. >> i suspect you learned about scientology from south park ep said. >> everything i said was true. >> i hear what you are saying. truth is south park lampooned them. >> don't worry about tom hitting your drink, what he does is he dunks his barf in it. [ laughter ] >> i've done that on the surface. [ laughter ] >> andy, i'm sitting here taking notes. that is cool. does that get bleeped? my understanding your first time ever doing this show. wo why would you know that. it's 3:00 in the morning if i say [ bleep ]. >> attended, not only is greece
12:35 am
a country and city but its musical and a chicken ingredient >> i'm going to bleep that, too. >> just to punish you for showing you the whole world you are wearing an undershirt. if you are going to loosen your tie don't wear an undershirt. what are you 12? come on. >> come on. >> he doesn't want all the hair to show. >> there is a v-neck under your shirt like a grown man. [ laughter ] >> i've always suspected that tom was born in 1884 and he has a painting in his attic that ages and your quaint story about newspaper story and going to the bank was confirmation and more confirmation you made a
12:36 am
casablanca reference as though it happened yesterday. [ laughter ] >> everybody knows that picture. the lastly, canada does exist. where do you think the spirp and hockey and low self-esteem comes? >> mexico. >> that is where dogs and chicken you can eat for. that is all i got. [ laughter ] >> thanks, jesse. >> coming up. should cannibal lism be legalize. liberals tasted like chickens. and alec baldwin do twice in less than a year?
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♪ >> they putting the gym in jungle gym. new york city is introducing playgrounds for adults with the aim of getting people more active and healthy. first part part park is opened in the bronx and city plans to build more. equipment give hinlts of childhood play but it's all about working out. one doctor, let's face it most of us dread going to gym. it should be fun and easy and acceptable and normal thing to do. anyway let's discuss in the dreaded.... >> lightning round, lightning round. >> hey, charles, my theory, it's going to turn into a venice beach. it's going to be dudes that want
12:41 am
them to stare and their toned, sculpt -- anyway, you know what i mean? >> i agree with that. or it will be a dog park. you get these little places, good place too meet people. >> would you go to one of these things? >> monkey bars, hanging upside-down, that would be fun. but they don't have slides. i like slides, okay? i was 14 when i learned swing. it was me, it went over my head and i just now got it. i'm done, move it on to tom. >> tom, the whole point of a gym
12:42 am
is nobody sees you work out. it's the exact opposite of it. >> i like going outside but you don't need a gym for adults. they have -- you don't need a playground. you can go to the playground. i do it all the time. i take my kids to the playground and i exercise there. they have the swing set. my personal favorite, jumping double foot and jump up and down on the benches. it's very hard to do. >> every time you believe the park you have more kids than when you came in. >> all i'm saying you have to be more careful. >> you can get a workout at the playground, chasing after the kids. >> you are not going to get adults, you'll bet an amber alert. >> help kids and go to the playground. >> they don't use those. >> is there a problem with single people.
12:43 am
>> i guess. >> won't this end up, this is not going to be a cruising spot? >> you have a sad way of looking at it or a great way. there is a reason that playground are made for kids because adults don't like playgrounds. you talk about a cruising area for dudes, that is new york. you want to know playground for adults is, new york city. you know what it does for you, nothing healthy. i'm dying here for five years. new york is playground for adults but the only kind of playground. it won't work and kids going adult things are going to get injured. >> the first thing about being in the bronx, and run for a few blocks. you get your exercise.
12:44 am
>> next topic, a few days after getting married, alec baldwin has quit twitter. he sent out a fun before deleting his account. he quits a social networking site during a spatd with american airlines. do you think his new wife is the one that made him quit? >> yeah. i could see that happening. i said on the set he is hot old man, i think he is hot. so please come back. i want to see your face on my twitter feed. >> i think she is worried about the direct. >> he is going to be back on twitter. he needs the attention? >> he'll go for a year or two, learn to be polite. >> after he gets divorced. >> another five or six years
12:45 am
until his wife finds out he is a cult onto himself. >> and when you tweed tweet a lot, you were misusing. you pitching up hitchhikers and dismembering them, it gets out of control? >> i don't pick up hitchhikers. >> you notice you said, can't deny dismembering them. >> i think balanced win will be back. i have a question for you -- baldwin will be back. >> when you delete them you have to get all those followers back. he is going to coming back and watch how fast i can get my twitter following. i like him, but they do something like that and then apologize. when he yelled at his daughter
12:46 am
the first thing you are supposed to apologize. he didn't. anybody that is parent knows how angry you can get. he will rattlize his behavior. >> will you miss baldwin's tweets? >> you know about his wife a yoga instructor. that is stupid. the problem here, she has got him on a tight leash, two days from now, someone named baldwin will picture with one of his brothers will go on and do whatever else he wants to do. >> he may not have completely deleted his account he may have changed his user name. i don't know if it's true or not. >> he a good guy but has a big head. >> you insult yoga instructors
12:47 am
because we have very few yoga instructor redeye fans? >> that is why i would never make fun of meth heads, we love you meth heads, you keep doing that stuff in the bathtub. got no problem. >> i would like to apologize to yoga instructors -- call me. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save yoby switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or, "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing-out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. insurance for the modern world.
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♪ ♪ >> should capitalism remain true if the product is inside you. attorney general eric holder has decided not to ask the supreme court to review an a decision that allows people to send bone marrow tissue for $3,000. recent medical advances ever made it not difficult for giving blood but holder's decision -- should we allow people to buy and sell human body parts. by the way, ingredients, but this could start the debate over the commercialization over human tissues. some experts feel that poorer
12:52 am
folks could be targeted to give up their marrow but it could be groundbreaking as one john hopkins professor puts it. already in parts of the world the market for body parts is far more advanced. >> unbelievable. i think the marrow thing seems like a pretty easy to call. >> but body parts may be a tougher call? >> tougher call when you get into imagine your perspective changes if you have a daughter that needs a heart transplanted and something that seems very gad bad. >> or if you need vegas money? >> but it's already happening in the black market. one of the most valuable things in georgetown the list of going price for body parts, ten
12:53 am
dollars per square inch for skin. $607 for your scalp. $157,000 for a new liver. >> thank you. i already purchased it. >> i wanted to sell my body parts. all right. >> bill, i just asked you, i know you were unbelievably excited that you could donated for three thousand? >> so it can go to charity, education, and some other stupid thing, that doesn't involve me. i'm homeless so i am a charity, you can have all you want. suck me dry. you are donating the charity that is me. >> that seems fair to me. >> should this straight up
12:54 am
business decision. it's your body part and you have the right to do whatever you want to dorjts it's a slippery slope. but if that is their choice, it's your body and you should be able to sell it and money should go to. >> if you want to be a human whore that is up to you. >> tom, you have a foal full stock of human body parts, but i think it's fair to say that you didn't buy them. is this like an investment in the day when they start to become legal? >> i keep body parts, but if i did purchase them, if i did, listen i think people should be able to sell. they said the commercialization
12:55 am
of human tissue, we always commercialize human tissue, did you ever see a supermodel. a porn star. their body parts, they make money from their body parts. people should be able to do whatever they want. they said it's slavery. slavery is with one person sold another person. this is your on own choice. >> but the fear is obviously that someone who is very poor -- you know. >> the thing about being poor, poor people have a tough time wherever they go. they have a tough time budget a car. >> are the all right. we'll have a post game wrap-up and go to eye.
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♪ ♪
12:59 am
>> greg is back for the five tomorrow and brand-new redeye returns tomorrow. >> time, jesse, post game. >> kali, i here that new york magazine featured one of your tweets? >> ten conservative tweets. mine is one of them. and the picture of me is me eating a taco. it's about obamacare tweet but the picture is cool because it's sarah palin's book cover. >> the pop star or the food? >> the pop star. >> vulnerable hitchhikers would like to learn who is funny stories? >> it's from the daily show and post a new episode with dave koenig on radio. >> and i hear you are filling


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