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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 5, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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[ applause ] >> john: definitely the song of the inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." good night from washington. >> harris: we are live as fox reports tonight. new information coming out on that ocean liner that crashed into some rocks off the coast of italy the costa concordia captain back in the headlines. some members of congress on a very specialist. did they actually get a break on home loans when millions of americans were about to lose their homes? >> they were trying to peddle influence and they were using a product that members of congress and the congressional staff wanted and needed. >> harris: one-time mortgage giant country wide financial accused of giving discounted home loans to lawmakers and staffers in order to secure favorable deals on capitol
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hill. and a global online computer threat. malicious software threatening to kick hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting people off the internet within days. tonight, what you need to know to protect yourself. also, a city's entire fireworks display goes off in just 15 seconds. tonight, the fourth of july fiasco. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. we begin this thursday with a silver lining. in an otherwise stormy day for our economy, americans are getting back to work at a pace that analysts say could eventually lower the unemployment rate if it keeps up. those job figures coming from payroll provider adp it reports businesses added some 176,000 jobs in june. that's up 40,000 from the month before. this coming as the labor department reports fewer
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people are applying for unemployment. for the first time. dropping 14,000 last week to the fewest we have seen since the middle of may. but that's where the good news ends. analysts caution our economy is still far from healthy. retail stores saying sales are slowing down. big names like target, cosco, macy's and kohl's all selling much less than what wall street had predicted. and central banks in europe and china today each slashed interest rates all within the span of an hour. another sign much of the world is worried about more trouble ahead. fox business network's robert gray with the fox top story in our new york city newsroom tonight. robert, what was wall street's reaction to this? >> well, harris, good evening. first of all, of course, we just saw the retail numbers and the jobs numbers much better earlier in the spring, late winter, february/march time frame. some economists say the milder winter had us borrowing spending and more hiring. think of construction jobs
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from the later spring early summertime. we will will have to wait to see if we are on better footing. expectations for 90,000 jobs added the month of june. those numbers out 8:30 a.m. eastern time. it is a step in the right direction. we were closer to 350,000 jobless claims back in the february/march time frame. still trying to work our way back down that way. >> harris: looking ahead to what's coming down the pike, you say actually may be bad news on jobs could be good news for some traders in our 401(k)'s. why? >> that's right. one reason you saw stocks mixed today and so. weakness in the stock market is that better economic data means that the federal reserve may stay on the sidelines and not come through with more stimulus later on this summer as some are betting will happen. so a bad number tomorrow in that jobs report may mean the fed is more likely to step in and take more measures to try and stimulate the economy and push investors into riskier assets like stocks. >> >> harris: robert, i know that
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central banks from china to england also took some drastic action today as we look at those numbers. what does it all mean? >> within 45 minutes you had the bank of england. you had the chinese central bank and of course the european central bank all taking moves to try to stimulate their economies. the u.k., of course, is already in a recession. you have got a slowdown in china. the european central bank battling both an economic slowdown there globally plus they are on the debt crisis we talk about daily. so they're all trying to juice those economies. and, again, force investors to invest more to the banks to lend more and to take on riskier assets, including stocks as well, you know, companies getting those off those record mounds of cash. we have seen t here in the states. they are sitting on a lot of cash in the states as well. not inclined to spend. trying to keep them from going deep in the recession in the u.k. and trying to avoid one elsewhere. >> harris: robert gray from the fox business network if you don't have it, demand it. thanks very much. >> you're welcome. >> harris: the civil war in
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syria. solid information that al qaeda firefighters are now streaming into syria from iraq. the two nations share a 375-mile long border which is largely desert. and if that report is true, those terrorists would add another deadly ingredient into an already dangerous mix. activists and observers saying more than 15,000 people have died in the year and a half long uprising. this is now amateur video said to show the aftermath of a government artillery attack in the rebel strong hold of homs. we have no way to verify its authenticity. the syrian regime itself took a major blow today. a member of bashar assad's general circle top general defecting to turkey. meanwhile the online whistle blowing web site wikileaks claims it is publishing more than 2 million emails linked to syria's government and some of it it could be pretty revealing. our jennifer griffin live with the news at the pentagon with more on this, jennifer? >> good evening, harris. wikileaks founder julian assange said he decided to
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release these emails now to show the hypocrisy of certain european companies that he says the emails show were still doing business with the assad regime as recently as this year. quote: the materialism embarrassing to syria but also embarrassing to syria's external opponents. wikileaks released 25 of the 2.4 million emails today focusing on an italian defense technology group and a greek company that the emails show sold sophisticated radios and equipment to the syrian police. the same police who are killing and torturing civilians. assange is still hiding out at an embassy in london. is he facing extradition charges for rape and other sexual molestation charges to sweden. harris? >> harris: well, are we expecting any smoking guns to come out in these emails? >> well, in fact, the emails show the back and forth about a 2008 will deal cut before the violence began. it's a 50-million-dollar deal. it was signed by italy's
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fimmeccanica. intracome telecom to provide at the time tetra secure radios from the government. training syrians to use these radios. a charge fimmeccanica denies. quote this executed being a poor choice of words. now we understand from weeks over the next days and months they will release the rest of these 2.4 million emails between the syrian government and these other european companies, harris? >> harris: that is ground-shaking. if that's true february was certainly after all of what they described international reaction to the blood shed in syria. jennifer griffin, thank you very much. bail for a second time for george zimmerman, the
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neighborhood watchman who admitted killing an unarmed teenager. a judge today setting the bail amount at $1 million. adding some tough words to his ruling. the judge accusing zimmerman of trying to manipulate the system. you may recall the original bail in this case was $150,000. but the judge revoked it last month when prosecutors said zimmerman and his wife had mislead the court about their finances. bank records showed zimmerman was raising donations online at the rate of $1,000 a day. prosecutors also saying zimmerman had a second passport secretly which he never turned over to the court. the judge writing this in his order, quote: this court finds that circumstances indicate the defendant was preparing to flee to avoid prosecution. but such plans were thwarted, end quote. zimmerman facing second-degree murder charges in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin back in february. he maintains it was self-defense. phil keating is live in our south florida newsroom with more on this. phil, could zimmerman actually make bail?
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does he have that kind of money at this point? >> well, harris, zimmerman nor his family has anything close to a million dollars. so, it's he very possible that zimmerman could remain locked up in jail for up to a year awaiting trial, unless a bail bondsman comes to his rescue, works out a deal to have an arrangement to wave that collateral for a million dollars. now, in a statement now in the zimmerman legal defense web site, zimmerman's attorney gets aggressive, appealing for donations. for those who have given in the past, for those who have thought about giving, for those who feel mr. zimmerman was justified in his actions, for those who feel they would do the same, if they were in mr. zimmerman's shoes, now is the time to show your support. travon martin's parents had hoped for no bond at all. but they do respect the judge's decision. >> the most important decision is going to be the outcome of the trial. but even that won't bring travon back. he is never coming back.
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>> at last count, the zimmerman defense fund, thanks to americans all across the land, had taken in about $200,000, but his attorney says if they use the remainder of what's left to make bond, the defense fund will essentially be broke, harris. >> harris: you know, the other interesting point in all of this is what the judge imposed. some pretty serious conditions if zimmerman does bond out. >> yeah. the judge's order really indicating his displeasure with zimmerman's financial dishonesty last time. this time around, if, in fact, zimmerman does make bond, he shall not leave seminole county. he shall not enter the orlando or sanford airport properties. he shall have no bank account. nor shall he apply for a passport. as for his wife shelly charged with perjury for allegedly lying about what money they did have, she is out on bond and her arraignment is set later this month and we did just check, zimmerman has not posted bond. he remains locked up right now. >> harris: phil keating on the story for us in florida.
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thanks very much. new accusations coming out against some washington heavy hitters. the question: did they get sweetheart deals? loan from a lender that was looking for some help from washington. no facebook, no google, no internet at all. the system knocked out completely for a whole lot of people in minutes the information to make sure it does not happen to you. that is coming up inside "the fox report."
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food fuel and other things to our u.s. troops on the front lines. the closure head military to spend hundreds of millions of extra dollars getting supplies in through other more complicated routes. in fact, the price of gasoline reportedly skyrocketed to $400 a gallon at some remote u.s. outposts. earlier this week secretary of state hillary clinton saying the white house was sorry for the losses suffered by the pakistani military. today, the pentagon echoed her regrets. remember country wide the now defunct mortgage lender? we are now learning it possibly gave discounted loans to u.s. lawmakers and their staff members, the allegation tonight those loans were an intent to stop correct me if i am wrong from increasing
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regulation on the lending industry. all of this according to a house committee report. that report showing six current and former lawmakers each accepted preferential loans which were not available to the public. country wide, of course, was a major lender servicing some 9 million u.s. mortgages including many risky loans to unqualified buyers. the type of loans that led to the housing crisis four years ago. our mike emanuel live with the news in our d.c. newsroom. mike, this was a three year long probe. >> well, that's right, harris. country wide apparently had a special v.i.p. unit with 13 full-time staffers dedicated providing enhanced customer service. they offered some lawmakers key staffers, and other officials better loan rates or cut fees. a key congressman on the house oversight committee says it was all done with a purpose. >> well, there was a reason that they were doing. this they weren't just trying to be nice guys. they didn't offer this to the public. they went after celebrities. they went after people at fannie mae and they went at
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people that were in congress. and it was a concerted effort to influence a process, a process by which they would personally profit. >> the report says country wide's effort to build goodwill on capitol hill worked until the housing market was full of foreclosures. harris? >> harris: yeah, that's a problem. so what are these people saying? >> the committee says there were 29 loans to 12 different members of congress and key staffers. so folks suggested they were not aware they were being given special treatment although investigators say country wide paperwork shows they were being handled by the v.i.p. unit. one congressman in the report, texas republic pete sessions told country wide he did not want special treatment and investigators say the company honored his request. as for country wide, it was bought by bank of america and spokesman rick simon tells fox, quote: everything in this report applies to remerger activities at country wide so the bank is not in an appropriate position to comment on the findings. though i'm told bank of america did not have a program of this kind, and immediately
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discontinued the country wide v.i.p. program upon taking control. harris? >> harris: mike emanuel, thank you very much. a warning now from technology experts. more than a quarter million computers worldwide are infected with malicious software and it will prevent them from accessing the internet beginning monday. the fbi reports the attack, which began more than a year ago, still infecting more than 64,000 computers right here in the united states. most victims don't even know their computers have it. to check whether your computer is involved, you can go directly to their web site, >> the world washed as the wreckage was pulled to the surface after the flag ship carrier of france plunged into the atlantic. now the final report on air france flight 447 is out. loaded with details on what caused disaster on that awful day in june of 2009. and july 4th taking in the nighttime fireworks on a yacht
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when suddenly two people go into the water. dozens, rather, two dozen people and it was deadly. now police trying to figure out why the boat tipped over. stay close. p7
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>> harris: the pilots of a doomed air france flight did not know what to do as their plane fell for three and a half minutes, terrifying minutes. hitting the atlantic ocean. the final report today revealing pilot error in the june 2009 crash. it happened as the jumbo jet was enroute from brazil to paris. the trouble began when a plane hit a violent storm over the atlantic. the report concludes between mechanical glitches, inadequate training and pilot mistakes, the 228 people on board never had a chance.
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all of them died. trace gallagher is live with the the news tonight. trace, usually in this type of thing they say that a series of events lead up to a crash. >> and this was no different, harris. it began with the airspeed sensors getting clogged with ice. the plane lost speed and went into a stall and stopped flying. every pilot is taught when you go into a stall put the nose down and regain. this pilot ignored the stall warnings and kept pulling the nose up and the plane kept falling and falling. the authorities say the pilots were so conditioned to rely on the automated controls that they couldn't forget the computers and figure out what the real problem was. today i spoke on "studio b" with the former member of the f.a.a. listen. >> these planes are really marvels of technology. but at the end of the day. it's still the pilot in charge who has to be able to fly that aircraft without having all
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those inputs. and we need to improve that training and we have got to move a little bit away from pilots becoming so reliant on that technology to fly these aircrafts. >> by the time the pilots realized they needed to pull the nose of the plane up, harris, it was way too late. >> harris: you know, i imagine that there were a lot of lessons that they're learning from. this would any of it maybe lead to changes for the airline industry? >> well, it already is. airbus issued a statement saying they are trying to improve those tubes. the airspeed censors as well as every pilot who is in europe now has to use the sensors turn off all the automated equipment and they do it the old fashioned way. they fly the planes manually and reports no doubt say new training for air bus training for pilots. some families of the victims believe the investigators did a great job. listen. >> i'm satisfied. i think they did a very good
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job. they have gone into great detail. they have made a very good analysis and made a number of recommendations for security. >> we should also point out that a legal investigation is still underway. air france and air bus are still both facing manslaughter charges. harris? >> harris: trace, thank you. the captain of the cruise ship that ran aground off the coast of italy is now free to leave his house. authorities ruling he no longer has to remain under house arrest as long as he stays in his town. several reporters gathered outside his home today but no one ever reported seeing him come out. he faces charges of multiple manslaughter and abandoning ship for the january wreck that killed at least 30 people. the captain at the time claimed he appan donned the ship accidently -- abandoned ship accidently after tripping and falling into a life boat. a vacation ending in terror and tragedy. a yacht filled with people capsized off long island, new york last night. investigators confirming three people died, all of them
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children. they included 12-year-old nephew of a man who said he was at the controls. today that man says a rogue wave slammed the yacht and it started to tilt over. he described the scene as chaos. a police spokesperson saying several agencies responded to an emergency call as the yacht was returning from a fireworks display. >> three of those 27 people, the children are deceased. they are 12, 11, and 8 years old. one of their scuba divers recovered one of the victims from the cabin of the boat. the two other victims were recovered by nassau county police scuba divers. >> police say they will not know why that yacht sank until they can get it from the bottom of the bay. but the 34-foot boat may have been overcrowded with about 27 people on board. it is official. campaign season now in high gear. we swing states seen the ad
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you know that already. president kicking off a bus tour in a key swing state and republic rival campaigning staying hot on his trail. plus, 20 minutes worth of fireworks is what they were supposed to get it was over in a few short seconds. it was expensive, too. see what happens when an entire city's show goes up in smoke. yes it's true. how is this possible? proper tire inflation, by using proper grades of oil, your car runs more efficiently, saves gas. you could be doing this right now? yes i could, mike. i'm slowing you down? yes you are. my bad. the works fuel saver package. just $29.95 or less after rebate. only at your ford dealer. so, to sum up, you take care of that, you take care of these, you save a bunch of this. that works.
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>> harris: a fireworks spectacular over in a flash. the july 4th display in san diego niewrpd turned into a bust when $125,000 worth of fireworks went off at the same time. >> harris: we actually didn't have to edit this to fit it into the newscast because it's only 15 seconds long a show
4:30 pm
that should have taken at least 20 minutes. the company that produced is glamming a computer glitch or virus for pulling the trigger too soon. estimated 500,000 people had waited for hours to see the so he. some said the spectacular display wowed them until they realized the first blast was the last. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. and you know campaign season is in full swing when the leader of the free world boards the bus in short sleeves. president obama starting a two day bus tour through the battleground states of ohio and pennsylvania. chief white house correspondent ed henry is following him live tonight from parma, ohio. ed, bus tours may be a good way to reach out to the voters. big picture, tomorrow's jobs report may have a bigger impact. >> that's right. because the may jobs report was pretty bleak. and that set this month off on the wrong foot for the president. now, what is he trying to do out here as he braces for that new report tomorrow will tell us about the june job situation is he is trying to
4:31 pm
defend his record pointing out that the auto bailout saved a lot of jobs. not just in michigan but here in northern ohio where they make chrysler's, general motors cars as well. is he also really firing away at republic presumptive nominee mitt romney. take a listen. >> governor romney's experience has been in owning companies that were called pioneers of outsourcing. that's not my phrase. pioneers of outsourcing. my experience has been in saving the american auto industry. >> now the news on othe economy has been very mixed. heading into this jobs report, there have been some study and surveys suggesting that factory output is down big time right now. there is another survey out today from the payroll processing company suggesting that maybe over 170,000 jobs were created in the month of june. we're all waiting for that government report though because there is a lot of mixed signs out there. a lot of people wondering what it will say, harris. >> harris: ed, the president
4:32 pm
may find the road through the swing states a bit crowded for his liking. i understand the romney campaign was rolling in ohio as well. >> that's right. mitt romney as you know has been on vacation this week with his family in new hampshire. but he is not creeing these battle ground states here in ohio and pennsylvania tomorrow where the president will be going. bottom line is that the romney camp sent out their own campaign bus here today. and they had a couple of progressive vice presidential picks in bobby jindal, the governor down in louisiana as well as tim pawlentyy, the former minnesota governor. they were here firing away at the president. take a listen. >> his presidency has been a losing hand for ohio and for america. and when he stands before the people of this country, in this election, we should all recall the promises he made last time and the promises that are left unfulfilled and broken. >> now the romney camp also saying today that contrary to the president's charge earlier, he was never involved in outsourcing at bain
4:33 pm
capital. they note that various third party groups have looked at it and said it's a false charge. neferlsz the obama camp keeps firing away. they realize while the defense is on defense right now he has to go on offense against the presumptive nominee. harris. >> harris: as the buses crisscross the united states the campaign is going back and forth over last week's supreme court ruling on the health care law. justices upheld the requirement that americans purchase insurance or pay a price. the court ruled that payment is constitutional as a tax. campaign carl cammeron is covering this from our washington newsroom. carl, it's been a week since that decision. and now both campaigns still fighting over what it really means. >> and arguing and arguing over what the individual mandate really is the court says, as a penalty, it's unconstitutional. but the obama campaign's deputy campaign manager and press secretary insists it's a penalty. even though that would make it unconstitutional. here is a little sampling. >> it's a penalty. a penalty that is administered
4:34 pm
through the tax code. >> review the court transcripts, ryan, at no point did varilli or any of the government lawyers say it's a tax? >> well donald actually did call it a tax and even argued, quote: well, listen to this: >> not only is it fair to read this as an exercise of the tax power but this court has got an obligation to construe it as an exercise of the tax power if it can be upheld on that basis. >> romney from the outset sided with the minority dissent calling mandate unconstitutional penalty. when his aides reit's rated that earlier this week, romney's position to some republicans looked like he was going to publicity the tax cut hit on president obama. romney yesterday said the court has spoken and it's a tax regardless of what the law is called. the president today said it's here to stay, harris. >> harris: well, carl, there are reports tonight that governor romney may have raised $100 million last month that would be a big chunk of
4:35 pm
change if that's true. is it true? >> it would be record for a republic presidential candidate no doubt. although president obama raised more than 100 million in september of his 2008 presidential campaign against john mccain. it's not confirmed yesterday. romney campaign is not actually going to say that probably a combined amount of money with the romney campaign and what's called the romney victory fund which is co-chaired by the republic national committee. several top romney and rnc aides suggested that they might go over $100 million a couple weeks ago. the fec filing report isn't going to be made public by the government until the 15th of this month. won't know until next week. looks like they will break a record and probably outraised president obama. >> all right. carl cammeron on t for us tonight. thank you. wildfire alert now. and possible rainfall. oh, boy, that's a blessing. on the way, and it could give crews some desperately needed help in their battle with the devastating wildfires in the rocky mountain region. forecasters saying there is a chance for strong thunderstorms in colorado, wyoming, and montana in coming
4:36 pm
days. would he hope it's mostly rain for their sake and not a lot of lightning. here is a look at some of the biggest fires including one scorched 400 square miles of montana ranch land. that brutal heat wave baking much of the country continues. excessive heat warnings in effect today for more than a dozen states from the east up through midwest. and doctors warning people the hot weather could be a serious health hazard. >> people don't realize that they are getting dehydrated and particularly people that are elderly or children. people that don't have airconditioning. >> harris: officials say triple digit temperatures in chicago caused this road to buckle when the asphalt expanded. meanwhile in the mid-atlantic estimated half million people don't have electricity tonight. that's down though from 3 million. super storm that hit the area nearly a week ago. speaking of which, give you the idea of the power of that storm. it struck with little warning and a lot of force. video from a hotel security
4:37 pm
camera in northern virginia caught the storm in action as it blew through this outdoor birthday party. we're told nobody was hurt here but in all officials say more than two dozen people died in the storm system. meteorologists have been calling it a rare string of violent long lasting straight line storms with lightning, rain, and hurricane force winds. a house collapses with the construction worker underneath it. it is our top story as we go across america. north dakota. he was part of a crew repairing a flood damaged home north of bismarck when it construction vehicle clipped a corner and buckled a supreme court beam. >> i don't see how is he still alive. i started crying. i thought we were going to lose our gray at the site. >> harris: rescue crews rushed that guy to the hospital which released him hours later. oregon. [shouting] >> harris: firefighters pulled a horse to safety after it got trapped in a well outside eugene. we're told a vet was on hand
4:38 pm
to keep the 27-year-old maher medicated and calm. the horse has some scrapes but should make a full recovery. california, boy genius this 9-year-old spends his days in the classroom. a college classroom. he is the youngest student ever admitted to american river college in sacramento. >> i don't remember mind interacting with other college students. >> he made the genius society mensa at edge 4. -- age 4. the mayor outside of a town salt lake city city asking people to vote on his 18-inch handle bar mustache. >> 31 months ago absolutely perfect or zontle mustache. >> he recorded responded during the fourth of july parade. >> it was two thirds to one third in support of the stache. >> that's a fox watch across america.
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>> harris: the olympic games are just weeks away. and we are learning police in london say they have now arrested a half dozen terror suspects. the early morning raids near the city's olympic park. with the capital one cash rewards card you get a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. no! but, i'm about to change that. ♪ every little baby wants 50% more cash... ♪ phhht! fine, you try. [ strings breaking, wood splintering ] ha ha. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? ♪ what's in your...your... ♪ what's in your wallet?
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>> harris: a location near the olympic stadium in london the scene of an anti-terror operation earlier as police raided a home using smoke grenades and stun guns rounding up suspected terrorists. and they made several other busts across england's capital. continuing searches addresses around the city. scotland yard saying the operation is not linked to the upcoming olympics and that there are no specific or credible threats targeting the games of the terror level remains at substantial indicating that an attack is a strong possibility. chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is here now with the news. no direct link to the olympics but it does show you they are on high alert.
4:43 pm
>> absolutely. that concern evidenced in how quickly they moved against these apparent plotters. they admit themselves that there was no attack that was in any way operable here. it was in the very early planning stages but they moved quickly because the olympics are so close. they moved in early this morning, in fact, those addresses across london, arresting five men, one woman, all british nationals. and a according to the reporting of at least two british newspapers, all muslims. and interesting to note, too. the three of the men all brothers, were arrested at a house just one mile from the olympic stadium in northeast london. so while in the words of the security services the attack itself or planned attack may have not been directly related to the olympics, harris, certainly the reaction to t was. >> harris: i would imagine that even though that there is no link, the security plan has to be monster. >> it's huge. it's the biggest the u.k. has
4:44 pm
ever seen. some 27 and a half thousand cops. military personnel. and security service agents will be on duty throughout the olympics. it's costing the u.k. something like $1 billion. but a lot of security experts say they can do everything they want to protect the venues, the, the athletes, but what they worry about are so-called soft targets. listen. >> all around london there are going to be watching parties and corporate events and other things that may not have the same level of protection in place that the stadiums do. these soft targets represent vulnerabilities that the terrorist groups would want to exploit. >> as the head of the british security service mi 5 said last just week in a rare public speech, harris, there is no such thing as guaranteed security. >> you know, it's so interesting. he was just mentioning those watch parties. i have been seeing ads online get particulars and package
4:45 pm
everything together. it's something a lot of people are considering. >> easiest thing in the world to walk into a pub or nightclub and carry out whatever kind of attack you want that's the concern. too many targets and not enough security agents. >> harris: jonathan, thank you. prosecutors in texas today have charged a father and son in the shooting of an immigration and customs enforcement agent. it happened on tuesday near the border with mexico. the agent reportedly was in a car secretly watching for an anticipated drug deal. the younger suspect claiming his father thought the vehicles, the agent's vehicle was suspicious. prosecutors say a third suspect, who was a minor, opened fire. there was a chase and that's when somebody shot the agent. he is recovering in the hospital, we're told. the suspects face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. at least one man is dead after a car plunges into a sink hole in the middle of a city street. our top story as we go around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds."
4:46 pm
china. you can see the car there at the bottom of the pit. nearly 20 feet wide, some 16 feet deep. state media reporting one man in that vehicle died at the scene from severe injuries. three other people in the car hurt. rescuers hauling them out with a rope. peru. police in full riot gear arresting a former priest whom the government blames for inciting violence in the streets. prime minister declaring a state of emergency. battling protesters. they have been rallying against a proposed gold mine there. pot land. officials at a northern city estimating a storm damaged more than 1,000 buildings. hail the size of golf balls fell from the sky. smashing cars. one woman saying she will have to replace the roof on every building on her farm. >> united kingdom. >> fair warning at
4:47 pm
20 million pounds. sold. >> that's more than $31 million for painter john constable the lock. we're told it's the most any of his work has brought at auction. >> this customer was one of the greatest master pieces been in private hands for over 200 years. >> the bare necessary who sold it says she needs the cash and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around 0 seconds." is the united nations breaking the rules when it comes to iran? easing up on sanctions against that country. we'll take a look. saving lives is sort of what a lifeguard does. but apparently the job does have its limits. next, new developments with that lifeguard who lost his job for saving the wrong life. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is our beach.
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>> u.s. state disement investigating united nations agency equipment to a pair of nuclear nations. iran and north korea. problem? the u.n. has issued penalties against iran and north korea to block their governments developing weapons. penaltiespenalties which may ine shipping computers and other things. catherine herridge is live at the state department with the details on this. catherine, what else is the u.n. accused of sending. >> these documents first obtained by include emails which suggest secure u.n. body the world's intellectual property organization also known as wipo sent servers and north korea and iran and recent hearing on capitol hill lawmakers said the u.n.'s alleged behavior went beyond unacceptable.
4:52 pm
>> companies outrage they would be violating the saxzs we have to north korea and iran. this stuff is basically funded by u.s. inventors. >> hackers it also appears that in addition to violating its own sanctions the u.n. violated corporate technology that their technology not end up in the hands like north korea and iran. >> harris: how aggressively is the state department investigating. this we were at the briefing today and weed can whether these allegations undercut the u.n.'s credibility and also the effectiveness of sanctions and a state department spokesman agreed that the allegations are serious and that they are investigating. we also called the headquarters for wipo which is in geneva, switzerland but we had no immediate response to our reporting. one analyst told us today the u.n. is not very good at policing itself but is good at pointing the finger of blame at other nations, harris?
4:53 pm
>> harris: wow. catherine herridge, thanks very much. the lifeguard who says he got fired for helping save one someone's life has rejected an offer to return to work. here is the lifeguard. he said he helped rescue a drowning man this week while on the job. his supervisors fired him because the victim was outside othe section of beach he was supposed to patrol. earlier today, one boss said the firing was wrong because he learned the lifeguard never left his area completely unattended. happened not far from miami. earlier today the company offered him his job back but the lifeguard said he wants to take a break from the beach and focus on his studies. now to a very special golf course. not a par three but a par 3,000. a piewltser prize winning journalist at our fox affiliate in detroit used golf to learn more about people of the motor city. the reporter charlie deaf called it the i heart the d invitational by golfing 18 miles through the city. wow. 8-mile road to bell aisle park in detroit. near the river. along the way.
4:54 pm
he came across detroit residents and talked with them about the city. it's vacant buildings, struggles with unemployment. for the record, charlie duff shot 2225 in the first and probably last i heart the d invitational. very creative. florida's crocodile population is reportedly on the rise so officials say they are looking for a few good crock wranglers. think you have what it takes? on the job hunt, kind of. next. s fuel saver package could literally pay for itself. jim twitchel is this true? yes it's true. how is this possible? proper tire inflation, by using proper grades of oil, your car runs more efficiently, saves gas. you could be doing this right now? yes i could, mike. i'm slowing you down? yes you are. my bad. the works fuel saver package. just $29.95 or less after rebate. only at your ford dealer. so, to sum up, you take care of that, you take care of these, you save a bunch of this. that works.
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> harris: tired of your desk job. how about changing career to crocodile catcher. the florida issue in and wildlife looking for crock response agents to help with the croc related calls. duties include photographing and relocating the crocs. a local newspaper reports more than 150 people have already shown interest in the job a
4:58 pm
guy from australia said he is willing to move to florida to take the position. croc population five times larger than it was 30 years ago. how is your shot outside the paint? a basketball player set a world record for the most three point shots in one day and he has raised thousands of dollars for charity in the process. the man from portland, oregon hit the court on saturday afternoon and shot through the night. from nba three point range. he true -- through them up for 24 hours straight. you go. look at his jump. he shattered the old record in just 15 hours. then kept on going despite the pain he says he felt in his arm. >> i remember when we hit 7,000. it was about 6:00 a.m. and everybody else was celebrating a little bit and i was like we're not -- we're not even close. >> wow. he finished with a total of 10300 shots. average 435 per hour. >> updating some of our top
4:59 pm
stories tonight. the dow sliding 47 points today after a mixed bag of economic news. the government set to release monthly jobs report tomorrow morning. investigators releasing their findings final findings on the air france crash of brazil. that killed more than 200 people back in 2009. according to the report. a combination of technical problems and pilot error caused the wreck. a judge set bail at $1 million today for the neighborhood watchman who says he shot and killed unarmed teenager in central florida. the previous bail was $150,000. and on this day in 1946, a french designer unveiled a new way for women to get sun and show off skin with the introduction of the bikini. the designer named the beach wear after the u.s. test of an atomic bomb nearby kinney atol on the pacific ocean. the suit has become an explosive success as you know. fashion expert saying brigitte bargot helped the bikini become a hit in the u.s. gave birth to tan


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