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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 6, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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am i right? [ cheers and applause ] where are you going to be next? >> albany tonight. doing a couple shows. next week with rascal flats and all over the place. >> brian: i'm coming too. you coming? [ cheers and applause ] >> gretchen: have a fantastic weekend. see you monday. we start with this fox news alert this morning because there is now further proof that the economy continues to struggle as we get another disappointing jobs report that has just come across the wires this morning and here are the numbers, folks. employers added only 80,000 jobs in this country over the course of the month of june. that is the third straight month that we've seen a very weak hiring numbers. that is not a good trend. good morning on that note, everybody. good to see you this morning in "america's newsroom." welcome. rick: i'm rick folbaum in for bill. this troubling report not only affecting the confidence of americans all
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over the country but you bet you will get a strong reaction from the white house and presumptive presidential candidate mitt romney. martha: you can bet it will. these weak numbers as we look at them, there is no budging in that big number you see on your screen. that is the unemployment rate in the united states of america right now, stalled at 8.2%. charles payne is with the fox business network. good morning, charles. >> good morning. martha: good to see you this morning. your take on these numbers? >> you really set it all. we came into the week anticipating a number around 90,000. yesterday there was some extra enthusiasm it could be a little better because of the report adp put out but this goes again top just sort of underscore a nation that is not living up to its potential. you know it is interesting because when a economy stalls for this long, it starts to deteriorate a little bit. now you remember the last two summers, there was talk of double-dip recession. certainly everyone was afraid. feels like a serious repeat of that.
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then you layer on the recent supreme court decision with obamacare, and because a lot of people thought maybe, if that was thrown out or the individual mandate was thrown out there would be pent up hiring that would go on and maybe that could spur some sort of summer revival. that hope is out the window. it feels really, i hate to say it right now, it feels like a hopeless situation right at this very moment. martha: when you look at these numbers, and for a while it sometimes feels like everyone is sort of getting used to them. getting used to these really high levels of unemployment in this country. the message that the president is sending out is that we're on the road to recovery. it is not as quick as he wants it to be. here is a look what the unemployment rate looks like. we've kind of leveled off and started to dip again. it is a tough sell. >> it's a real tough sell. we are drifting. here's the thing. you talk about participation rates, particularly amongst young people being a devastatingly low levels, a lot of people maybe to your
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point, they're sitting this thing out. they're sitting out the american dream. it is not just the jobs numbers, look at mortgage rates. you would think housing through the roof. rents are through the roof. why not go out buy a house? why not get married. why not have kids. in all facets of our economy people have simply dropped out. maybe the president gets, maybe there is certain indifference that he can take advantage of but certainly it is not hopeful. it is not the potential of america. this is not a typical post-recession recovery by any means. in fact you could easily argue this is the worst post-recession recovery we ever had. martha: we'll talk about comparisons, back to 1981-82 period in a little while. you spoke, charles, about the fact that businesses perhaps had been waiting for that supreme court decision on health care. so now that's behind us, are we in a situation where the market is kind of just waiting for the election? is there an inflection
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point? or do we wait to november until we get a real sense where things are going? >> the only way i would say we can really get some traction before november if polls start to suggest that mitt rom at this will win this. if you think to 2010 when it was pretty clear republicans would take a big chunk out of congress the stock market enjoyed a real nice summer rally. if we don't get something like that, i think we'll be drifting here in a very narrow range and hopefully, hopefully we don't fall off the edge. martha: that fiscal cliff we've heard so much about. >> this would be the cliff before the cliff, yeah. martha: charles, thanks so much. charles payne. we'll watch you this morning, filling in for stuart varney this week. good to see you, charles. >> thanks a lot. martha: let's give a little context where the job market has been over the past year so we talk about getting used to these really terrible numbers actually. it has been a real roller coaster ride. back in april of 2011 the economy added over 250,000 jobs at the very beginning of this chart. then you see that sharp
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drop. these are all numbers of jobs added. by the end of last year things started to improve again. you got up to 275,000 in the peak recent job-adding period. that was in january. that's about the same time, when you look at this, okay? you've got very weak job growth over the last three months here. these numbers all under 100,000. this is the zone, that people are very concerned about right now as we head into what was supposed to be another summer of recovery and it doesn't appear to be. when you look at yellow line. let's pull that on, that's where you need to be. yellow line is the healthy line recovery. that is where we like to be. nowhere near there right now at 80 thousand jobs added this month. that is a pretty decisive gap and one that has a lot of economists very concerned this morning. we'll keep close eye on the markets as it opens up this morning. rick? rick: martha, the combined number of unemployed and
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underemployed americans stands at just under 23 million people. the real jobless rate at 15% when you factor all that in. people out of work for at least six months, topping five million. that is 42% of all unemployed people in the united states. martha: protesters trying to shout down former minnesota governor tim pawlenty on the campaign trail for mitt romney. pa lepty and louisiana governor bobby jindal both making the rounds in the battleground state of ohio on thursday. take a listen to pawlenty's response. >> that's all right. they can't defend their record, so they have to shout everybody else down. i want to talk to you quickly about couple other things. when barack obama came through ohio and campaigned across america in 2008, he made this promise. he said you know what? if i'm elected president we're not going to raise taxes on anybody above a middle income rate or raise taxes on anybody that makes
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$200,000 or below. he passed obamacare and the u.s. supreme court just did the individual mandate is a tax. he broke his promise, didn't he. [cheers and applause] martha: boy, nobody said it would be easy out there every day on the campaign trail. tim pawlenty trying to power through some protesters in the crowd out there. we'll have more on this. we'll speak to the governors, pawlenty and jindal who you see there. they will join us for a live interview from the campaign trail. we'll see how things are going out there today with them. rick: maybe a little quieter. maybe not. some good economic news we want to share. pace of bankruptcy filings for businesses and individuals slowing to prerecession levels. the american bankruptcy institute saying filings overall falling 14% to just over 630,000 from january to december compared to the same period last year. filings are on pace to about
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2007, much of that thanks to historically low interest rates. a fox news alert now. overseas police arresting seven new terror suspects. investigators unravel the plot after traffic police impounded the car over the weekend. they discovered a stockpile of weapons on the car and moved in on suspects earlier this week. investigators say this is not in any way connected to another plot involving a early morning raid yesterday near london's olympic park. greg palkot following the story from london. what is the latest, greg. >> reporter: rick, another announcement of terror arrests. three weeks from now, from today the start of the olympics. let's talk about those arrests. they happened in the west midland's area of england. that is north of london. police saying the arrests were made tuesday, wednesday, thursday following seizure of that car and discovery what is being called a big cache of weapons including guns, other items including
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knives. sources telling our sister network sky news here, it was a major terror plot against the u.k. which appears to have been broken up and investigation of that plot still is ongoing. police again do stress however this exact plot has nothing to do with an attack against those olympics games. rick? rick: speaking of the olympics they're weeks away. what are police saying about all this in the lead-up to the summer games? >> reporter: analysts, rick, say we'll see a lot more police activity in the coming weeks to clean up various investigations into various plots. even if they don't have anything to do with the games like those arrests for example, yesterday. authorities tell me right now they have no knowledge of a specific plot against any aspect of the olympics but they're taking no chance. the figures are kind of mind-boggling. $875 million being spent on security for these two weeks of games. 12,500 soldiers and 13,000 police.
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we've seen everything from ships to jets to anti-aircraft batteries. more than 100 heads of state will be in attendance for these games, rick. authorities are trying to make sure no terrorists will be in attendance. back to you. rick: greg palkot live for us in london. aggression, thanks so much. martha: those are just a few of the stories we have cooking here in "america's newsroom." new details on a new report that is it stunning on the fort hood massacre. >> for that day, i mean that was basically the day that we were supposed to meet him and he was going to join our unit. >> that day? >> that day, yeah. >> so his introduction to you -- >> was shooting me. martha: boy. unbelievable. army psychiatrist accused of murdering his fellow soldiers in cold blood. what a former director of the fbi and cia says the
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feds need to do now so nothing like this ever happens again. rick: brand new charges, the white house policies are damaging the recovery effort. we'll talk about it with former presidential candidate and arkansas governor mike huckabee. that is coming up next. martha: a fireworks extravaganza that turned into a real dud when all the fireworks went off at the same time. now we may know what caused that to happen. wait until you hear. >> i'm sorry. i mean honestly, you know, i, i was up at 5:00 yesterday morning. i was ready to go. and i was pacing the roof 20 minutes before excited like a child. a party?
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rick: welcome back. a judge in italy lifting a house arrest order against the captain of the wrecked cruise shop costa concordia. 32 people died after the struck a reef off the tuscan coast. the captain is accused manslaughter and abandoning the ship while crewmembers and passengers were still own board. he remains confined to his hometown while the investigation continues on that accident. martha: we got a pretty dispointing jobs report that came out today. only 80,000 jobs were added in the month of june. it is something that could have an impact on the race to the white house with only four months to go. with four more reports make
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it look like we're heading in the right direction. a new op-ed from one. men who may be on the governor romney's short list for vp. ohio senator robb portman writes in this op-ed that he believes the obama administration's policies are strifling the recovery, listing the president's health care law among the things that added to that economic uncertainty in the country right now. let's talk this over a bit with mike huckabee, former arkansas governor and former republican presidential candidate as well. he is also the host of "huckabee" which can be found on the fox news channel. good morn, governor. >> mart, that great to see you. martha: what do you think of the jobs report first of all? >> it is dismal. 80,000 jobs at the time we're supposed to be in recovery. unemployment rate remains at 8.2. never was supposed so go above eight if we did the stimulus plan. that was a three years ago. it has just been a failure. martha: it was interesting in that piece that rob portman wrote he compares this recession to the
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1981-82 period. look the way we recovered in the early '80s when things were implemented to sort of help recover the economy. we had a growth rate of 7 to 9% growth that pulled us out of that recession. he said the deeper the recession, the stronger the recovery generally has been historically. and we're bumping along here at 2% growth rates. that is really a big part of this story. >> well the geniuses in obama's camp have decided they're going to replace adam smith's invisible hand with obama's iron fist. it is about the government trying to fix everything. the government usually can be an impediment to economic recovery, especially when they continually new taxes, new regulations, and when they spend money that we don't have, borrow money we can't afford to pay back and threaten employers with new costs. which means you just don't hire new people if you're not sure you can afford to keep them after three or four months. martha: a couple of things that i find, you obviously
6:17 am
have been through the presidential process in running for president. and you look at these numbers and you read this editorial by rob portman this morning. you listen to what the president is saying on the campaign trail. he has this message to folks of, you know, this is a america. we need to help each other out. we need to pull together. we're a great country. we'll be fine. and it's kind of, like, it's a government kind of message in terms of we're all going to pull together. i think he means, sort of we can help people from falling through the cracks during these tough times. how do you equate what is going on with the numbers with the sentiment and poll numbers which seem to be supportive of the president for the most part? >> i still think there are a lot of people who are very disappointed because what they voted for four years ago was hope and change. their hopes aren't that high right now. the president's in ohio talking about ohio doing better. i have a feeling that republican governor john kasich would probably have dispute with the president and would say to him, wasn't
6:18 am
so much of what washington was doing. what they were doing at the state level because most of the time mayors and governors will have a far greater impact on job creation than the federal government. what the federal government can do is keep you from moving ahead. it can't really help you move ahead so much. what they have to do is to lay off, back away, not create problems for the employers and the folks who are out there trying to find a way to expand. otherwise they will just move their jobs somewhere elsewhere not only labor is cheaper but more than that, the cost of doing business is cheaper. martha: yeah. we've definitely seen that happen. how do you think mitt romney is doing at articulating this message? we heard a lot about this week. do you see a change coming in sort of his boldness and his specificity? >> i think he has been a much better candidate than he was four years ago. we saw that during the primary. the one thing i hope mitt will do is remind people what he has done successfully. what americans want to know is, can you do this? if you tell me you can, how do i know it?
6:19 am
here's a person, whether you agree with what he did or not, he was successful in business. and that is nothing to be ashamed of. he should put that front and center challenge obama on the idea that he invested in companies that 80% of the time were in fact successful, made profits, created jobs. obama in his role as president, we've had solyndra. bailout auto companies that really probably was not the best way to handle some of those issues. i think mitt romney campaign has a great message. i would tell the olympic story and especially starting now with the london olympics coming up soon. martha: he will go there. >> he should. martha: we'll no doubt hear some of that. governor huckabee, good to see you. have a great show. >> thanks. martha: catch "huckabee", speaking of that, saturday and sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. eastern, fantastic show. you should be among millions that tune in this weekend here on fox news channel. rick: we'll be watching. new graphic smoking ads on
6:20 am
the air but do they work ? >> tough to watch. new study on the results of effectiveness of these ads. that is coming up, martha. >> new calls for details of the republican health care plan proposal. it is coming from within the party. a fair and balanced debate on health care and the republican plan. stick around for that. that is coming up next. >> the health care system, the status quo is unacceptable. as a physician i can tell you it doesn't work for patients. certainly doesn't work for doctors.
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martha: let's get you to look at some of the headlines in "america's newsroom" this morning. tens of thousands are still coping with record heat without any electricity. it has been a week since that storm hit the mid-atlantic. the heat is not expected to let up this weekend. we have a live report coming up on that. janice dean will be here with in the next hour with more. a florida judge granting one million dollars bail for george zimmerman, potentially freeing him from jail while he awaits his trial for second-degree murder in the shooting of trayvon martin. and in connecticut one family putting a piece of sports history on the auction block. new york yankees slugger lou gehrig home run baseball from the 1928 world series, possibly worth between 1 and $200,000 and very meaningful to many baseball fans, right? rick: lou gehrig, doesn't get much better than that. martha: special piece of
6:25 am
history. snap that up over the weekend, rick. rick: maybe i will. a national anti-smoking campaign apparently hitting home for a lot of smokers out there. the centers for disease control and prevention admits the latest approach may be graphic but they say it is working. john than serrie live in atlanta with more on this. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: hi, rick. the cdc reports overall call volume during the campaign to 1800-quit now actually doubled as a result of graphic ads such as this one was you're about to see. watch. >> reporter: after appearing in this anti-smoking ad, terry hall, a 51-year-old throat cancer survivor says she is often recognized by strangers includedding one former smoker in myrtle beach. >> she was starting to cry. she said i quit smoking because of you.
6:26 am
and of course i started crying too. it was very powerful. >> my fingers started to go piece by piece. >> reporter: calls to a national quit line doubled and visits to the website, smoke tripled during the centers for disease control admittedly graphic ad campaign. the director says the cdc conducted extensive research to the most effective ways to make smokers quick. >> finding out you're going to die doesn't really help people. people don't empathize with their lungs. showing a picture of a lung as showing a real person and what happens to that individual. >> not everybody walks around with a hole in their neck. not everybody gets cancer. but some forms, some way, somehow >> reporter: all though smoking rates decreased considerably over the
6:27 am
reyears, they say tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable illness and death in the united states. rick, back to you. rick: jonathan serrie live in atlanta. jonathan, thanks. martha: very powerful. there are some new developments in the wake of the fort hood shooting massacre. why a former director of the fbi and cia is saying some major changes are needed to make sure a tragedy like this never happens again. plus -- [shouting] and a massive fireworks failure that caused this city's entire fireworks arsenal to go boom all at the same time. we're going to find out why. we'll be right back. >> we promised you a show. we'll deliver that show. i can't do more than perform my job, you know. and unfortunately it didn't work out the way we intended. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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martha: we have a look at some brand new numbers that are just out on how much money the romney campaign has raked in over the past couple of months and it's a huge number, folks. romney's campaign reportedly raised a whopping $100 million in june. a lot of money came in after the health care decision as we saw. june is now the best month so far for the romney campaign. still awaiting the june total from the obama camp. back in may romney's campaign brought in more than $76 million. while the obama campaign raised $60 million. that is the first time the governor's team outraised the president's team. the president expressed some big concerns about that. >> after it went into my abdomen and saw, tried to play dead for a while because there was no way to get out of the way. i mean i'm also a medic.
6:32 am
i knew that, you know, my lungs it was getting harder and harder to breathe. and i knew if i didn't get out of the building pretty soon i was probably going to drown. rick: that was sergeant sean manning a survivor of the 2009 fort hood shooting massacre. army major nidal hasan allegedly wounding 30 people and. a report set to call for major changes at the fbi. for more, let's take to charles simpson, former assistant secretary of defense for detainees. senior legal fellow at the heritage foundation. thanks so much for joining us today. this was a report prepared by judge william webster who used to head up the fbi and the cia. what are you hoping he says in this report? >> good morning, rick. i hope that he really forthrightly, honestly and directly confronts the problems here, the red lights that were flashing all over the place prior to
6:33 am
this shooting. that investigators ignored for a variety of reasons. i also hope that they don't whitewash this with political correctness like the department of defense investigation did. and so, you know, we don't know what these 18 recommendations are yet but top line is, they need to be honest about the problems. rick: these apparently, according to my colleague, catherine herridge who has done great reporting on this, the 18 recommendations are going to range from fb i-poll sis and information, systems infrastructure operations, also review protocols and training. when something like this is issued, a report like this, i think most people want to know, are these recommendations going to be followed through on? are these going to be implemented? >> director mueller, the current fbi director, is apolitical. he has served both a republican and a democrat now. he is a former prosecutor like me. he is a top-notch guy. so he will give these recommendations serious
6:34 am
consideration but the fbi is a big ship and it is hard to move that ship left or right. and so his tenure runs out within a year or two. and so we'll see whether they take lock, stock and barrel, all 18 recommendations or some, and then how long it takes to implement them. rick: a couple of points that catherine and her team uncovered in her five-year long investigation, five-month long investigation, hasan was in contact with a known terrorist, via e-mail, al-awlaki and that was never reported to hasan's superiors. >> right. rick: how does something like that happen? >> it is inexcusable. you often hear about the wall between the intelligence community and law enforcement community before 9/11. the wall you see here is a political correctness wall, where information that should have flowne investigative agency to the relevant agency here, dod, should have easily been
6:35 am
shared. there were red lights at the schools where he attended. people literally walked out of classes because of his radical statements about radical islam. and this was a train wreck that was avoidable but they didn't avoid it for a variety of reasons. that's why director webster at, you know, a senior citizen here, 88 years old, has the opportunity to be frank and just lay it on the line and say this can't happen again. rick: political correctness evidently playing a role here but also a problem that we've seen time and time again now since 9/11 which is, a breakdown in communication between different agencies. different intelligence agencies. why does that keep happening? >> well, look we're all humans. i'm sure what your producer tees up for you to talk about in one segment may not be teed up exactly way it happens. it happens across humanity. we're not perfect as human beings and institutions by
6:36 am
definition aren't perfect but we've learned a lot. a lot what we learned since 9/11 and key players in key institutions that need to be the belly button for information, so information is shared quickly, in timely manner and honestly. i hope these recommendations are really straightforward, honest and direct. that they push the institution of the fbi, dod, intelligence agencies, to be, accountable, timely, so that we can avoid tragedies. tragedies will happen but we don't want tragedies to happen when it could have been prevented because of the lack of free flow of sensitive information. rick: have we learned enough from past mistakes to keep something like this from happening again? >> i doubt it. you know, i mean, the hasans of the world, the bombers of the world, are going to do what they're going to do and we've done an amazing job. heritage, the heritage foundation where i have the privilege to work has highlighted 51 known
6:37 am
terrorist attacks that have been thwarted since 9/11 here in the united states. there are others that are not known to the public. these things will happen but what we need to do our best at, as policymakers, and in positions of authority when we're in them, is to work to break down these walls, these institutional walls, so that, you know, it is not the system's fault for not stopping it when they can. rick: thanks so much. we appreciate your time today. >> sure thing, rick. martha: want to tell you about this as well. there are new details in the widening sex scandal at one of the nation's busiest military training centers. texas senator kay bailey hutchison says that she does support congressional hearings to investigate these allegations at san antonio's lackland air force base. the air force base says 31 female recruits were
6:38 am
sexually assaulted by a dozen male drill instructors since 2009. casey stiegel is looking into this for us in dallas. casey, this scandal really started to explode, hasn't it? >> reporter: yeah, martha, it really has. it was first made public a year ago when a female airman down there accused of one of her spears yors of rape. that is really when this started to unravel. once the u.s. military began looking into the matter they discovered it actually had been going on for about three years since 2009, and now a total of 12 training instructors at lackland air force base are being investigated for sexual misconduct and 31 female trainees have been identified as victims. we understand the misconduct ranging from rape to sexual inappropriateness through social media and even text-messaging. we should tell you that all us air force recruits attend basic training at lack land that is roughly 35 thousand
6:39 am
people that go through that program every single year, martha. martha: so, small portion of them obviously but a serious situation that does need investigating and what has been the fallout from all of this, casey? >> reporter: nine of the 12 accused instructors were all part of the same training squadron. and the commander of the 331st has been relieved from his post, a two-star general has already been tapped to lead the air, education and training command investigation which would look at changing policies and procedures to make sure that it does not happen again. and of course, some lawmakers in washington are now chiming in. >> well, of course it is very troubling what has been uncovered at lack land and when someone, that is training another person takes advantage of that person it's unacceptable and it's certainly against all the military codes of conduct. >> reporter: democratic congresswoman jackie spear
6:40 am
of california has already sent a letter to the house armed services committee requesting a hearing. her office telling fox news that the congresswoman has not yet received a response to her request. we're going to state on top of it because the numbers we understand could even go up from here, martha. martha: something to keep an eye on. casey, thank you. >> reporter: yeah. rick: some beefing up of the communications team for the romney campaign. when we come right back we'll talk with two prominent romney supporters what this means. we'll ask them about the disappointing jobs numbers just out this morning. don't go away. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. @ juicy brats grilled up on a thursday.
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rick: here's a question for you. what would you do if you got at $7,000 energy bill? that's what one north carolina family is to figure out right now. the woman first noticed something was wrong when the bill started dropping from the usual $120 per month. she called the energy to report the change they said they thought it was right. suddenly she got a massive bill dropped on her. listen. >> i recall it around 60 is what i called and i said i know we've been conserving electricity but it was lower. they said no, it is correct. we started asking around to our friends if who was paying our bill because it got so low. then they said we did something legally wrong. this could cripple a family. rick: the energy company
6:44 am
said the woman let them know she wasn't paying less but she said she didn't have to pay for their mistake. martha: back to the campaign trail now, presidential candidate governor mitt romney making some changes and additions to his campaign staff. that word came out late yesterday. the republican hopeful adding to his communications team, growing the staff to be quote, more effective in defeating president barack obama as part of their mission. so joining me now, two people out on the campaign trail doing a lot of communications for governor romney. they are in the key battleground state of pennsylvania. governor tim pawlenty, former governor of minnesota and former presidential candidate as well. bobby jindal is of course the governor of louisiana. gentlemen, good morning, so good to have you both with us today. thanks for being here. >> good morning, martha. >> good morning. martha: governor pawlenty, let me start with you. word came out yesterday they were adding to the communication staff. there has been a lot of discussion and very high level conservatives have
6:45 am
been very outspoken what they want to see in the romney campaign. they wanted to see it beefed up and wanted to bring in some seasoned professionals according to them. what do you think about that? >> well the campaign announced yesterday it is going to be scaling up its communications operations but that is really reflection of the pace and scope of the campaign accelerating as the campaign gets closer to the fall and final stages. plus they will be adding ultimately a vp candidate. there will be a need to staff him or her. the campaign in general will try to bring more reverses to bear on the cause of defeating barack obama. and we should. his slogan of hope and change has turned into bait and switch. we saw what the job numbers this morning, all of his promises turning around the economy and all good things he was going to do with the economy have been mostly unfulfilled or broken. he doesn't deserve re-election. we have to communicate that effectively. martha: governor jindal what do you think about the job communicating a message? what i hear from a lot of
6:46 am
folks i talk to, former republican campaign people, they say they think the message mitt romney gives needs to be more specific. he needs to be bolder in the way he is talking about exactly what kind of president he would be. and what he would do with regard to health care, with regard to immigration, with regard to tax reform. what do you think about that? >> well, a couple things. i think certainly you will see the governor roll out additional details as the weeks come in the next few weeks. but i think voters, we've been in ohio together, we're in pennsylvania and pittsburgh today. i think voters understand this is the most important election of our lifetime. these two different candidates offer two very different visions of america. under president obama he grown federal government to 24% of the gdp. 23 million unemployed under employed americans. he has grown spending. obamacare creating a new entitlement program. governor romney offers different vision for our government and company. he wants to grow the private sector, not the public sector. wants to shrink government spending. shrink taxes. you have two of most
6:47 am
different views of roll of government, future of country in presidential contest in probably a generation. this president is the most liberal incompetent president going since back to jimmy carter. and so there will be a lot of dust-ups and a lot of distraction from the presidential camp. president can't run on his record and broken promises. this is about two very different visions for america. martha: one of the big questions is vice-presidential pick, governor pawlenty. when you and governor jindal are out there are you arguing which one will be get the job? >> we've been leg wrestling over it. martha: a wrestling competition? >> bobby's thin but he is scrappy. about tied at moment. we're kidding of course. the vp process is something we don't talk about in the campaign. governor romney will have a tremendous bench of talent to pick from the business sector, political sector, military, other back grounds, who knows. obviously he will have a wonderful field to pick from and he will make a great
6:48 am
pick. martha: we'll see who it will be. governor jindal, they talked about a foreign trip, overseas trip, maybe five countries including israel, possibly poland is on the list, going to london for the olympics. why do you think that kind of trip is important for the governor to do? >> well, look, certainly very good for him to reaffirm our commitment to our ally in the middle east, israel. one of our most important allies in the entire world. i think also a very good opportunity for the governor to contrast his foreign policy vision for the president. make it clear that the world is safer when america is strongest. we'll stand up for our interest. make sure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon. we'll stand up for our allies and be a reliable ally and make no apologies for america's exceptionalism and military might. this election will be decided on economic issues close to home. president said give him four years and if he couldn't get it done he would be a one-term president. two years ago, former
6:49 am
president clinton said give him two years. vote him out of offers. they know the country is not headed in the right direction. we can do better than unemployment above 8% over 40 months. we can do better than more government spending and gore borrowing from the chinese. martha: the governor pawlenty, not very good on the jobs front. what do you want to hear from governor romney how he would turn this situation around specifically? >> governor romney has put on the table some of the more specific proposals than any candidate in the country. it companies from not washington, d.c. or political perspective like president obama's, but comes from on on the perspective. he knows how to get businesses growing and starting jobs. reducing the corporate tax rate across the board. income tax cuts for individuals and small businesses. getting regulations more modern and lighter to encourage investment in job growth. getting a health care system
6:50 am
focused on consumers and markets rather than having the government take over. getting american energy through shale gas and shale oil rather than trying to stifle american energy like president obama and more. so for those who say governor romney hasn't been specific enough or bold enough, i just don't think that is fair. he has the most detailed specific and bold proposals any benchmark. he is out there every day communicating it. by the way, at worst tied in the polls. by some polls he is even a little ahead. martha: that shot we were just showing is where governor romney will come out and give his response to the jobs numbers this morning. they're getting that shot set up for us in boston. thanks very much to governors jindal and governor pawlenty. i think wrestling idea to pick a vice-presidential candidate is not a bad idea. i think you guys should put that into the mix. see if we get everybody involved in a big wrestling match. thanks so much, gentlemen. have a great time on the campaign trail. we'll see you soon. >> okay, martha. see you. rick: i'm not sure i needed mental image. martha: all the
6:51 am
vice-presidential candidates have wrestling match. would be good tv. rick: would be good tv when we come back we'll talk about the heat not letting up. triple-digit temperatures gripping the midwest, now moving east. any relief in sight? ♪
6:52 am
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martha: we're trying to solve a little mystery here. it appears a computer glitch could be to blame for a 4th of july fireworks show that went bust in a big way in san diego. the entire arsenal exploded in just 15 seconds. watch this. martha: that's what i call a fireworks show. boom, boom. all at once.
6:55 am
rick: and that's it. martha: the company behind the display says a computer bug was the problem. here is the owner's explanation. listen. >> the systems worked perfectly. all the modules worked perfectly. the instruction set up in the software that happened from the download in between had a corrupted file. i have no idea, it could have been from a simple virus in the computer. i don't know yet. we have to take the computer. bring it back, send to the manufacturer, have them do analysis. martha: would today, shoulda sure. they will make it up to the folks in san diego. no word how they plan to do that. perhaps they have, i don't know, christmas fireworks or something like that, right, rick? rick: moving overseas, a top general in the regime of syria's president has defected from syria just as secretary of state hillary clinton meeting with the french president there in paris today, alongwith other
6:56 am
world diplomats, issuing their strongest threats yet against the assad regime. leland vittert is live in jerusalem. leland, how is this friends of syria meeting different from other meetings that have taken place? >> reporter: what is most significant here is that not only is secretary of state hillary clinton attacking president assad in syria but she is starting to go directly after assad's allies, that being china, russia and iran and that is pretty unusual in diplomatic circles especially the secretary's very harsh language. china and russia have been protecting syria at the united nations. something the united states and allies wants to end as they put forth a u.n. resolution offering even more sanctions against syria for what is going on there. we also got word that the general of the republican guard in syria defected which is very significant because he comes from a family so close to the assad regime which enjoyed such loyalty over the past 18 months of this uprising. we're learning a little bit more about the opposition
6:57 am
and how fragmented they are. the problem, rick, you have people who are defecting but nobody for them to lead and there is no effective organization for them to go to. makes it difficult out of the meeting who to give aid these allies want to give to give it to. back to you. rick: we'll watch those developments. leland vittert in jerusalem, thanks. martha: and a terror scare in the u.k. just weeks before the olympics get underway. what police found hidden in a car. rick: and a follow-up to the story we told you about yesterday. the lifeguard being fired after he saved someone's life. >> none of us want a job back at this company. we're hoping the city takes over the beach and maybe to start work for the city different lifeguard company, red cross maybe. >> but you wouldn't work for them? >> no, absolutely not.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: very disappointing jobs numbers came out. president obama will speak about these numbers. that is going to happen moments away and we will bring you this in a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." we are very glad to have you on this friday morning. i am martha maccallum. bill: and i am bill hemmer. just 23,000 jobs added in the month of june. 10,000 up and turn less than what we thought would be added.
7:01 am
martha: at henry is traveling with the president and he is alive in ohio this morning. at henry will be responding to this report this morning. >> he will. he had not spoken yet. what is devastating for the president this morning is that he was out in this battleground state yesterday and today, it will continue for the second day. another important territory that he wants to make sure that he keeps in the democratic category. the auto bailout, which has been helpful to all auto jobs in ohio. if he makes that case to have this third straight month of very weak job growth is devastating to him. just a few moments ago, one of his chief economist, alan krueger, put out a written statement. it is critical that we continue the policies of building the economy to work the middle class and makes us stronger and more secure as we dig our way out of the people that was caused by
7:02 am
mr. ritter recession. there are no quick fixes as you can see come they are trying to add that concept of more than a decade in the making to say that the president inherited a lot of disparate as you can imagine, a few moments from now when we hear from the republican nominee mitt romney, he will make the case that the president has had 3.5 years of his policy reform. martha: no doubt the reelection campaign for the president, in a way, they have to expect these numbers to be in a similar range of the next four months. the likelihood that what we are seeing, those numbers will change dramatically in their favor, it does not look good. that has to be part of a presentation or way of selling it. >> no doubt about it. when you talk to wall street analysts, they say you need 350 jobs created just to get back to where we were before the great recession when you are growing this you number of jobs, that is a big hole to climb out of. martha: thank you so much.
7:03 am
bill: fox news alert. we are live in new hampshire were governor romney is speaking. >> is the 8.2% number unacceptably high and one that has been in place for over 41 months. if you look at the broader analysis of people who are out of work, drop out of the workforce where they are underemployed and part-time, needing full-time work, it is almost 15% of the american public. then there are those that are working but are working in jobs well below their skill level and working in multiple part-time jobs. consider coming out of college and not being able to find work. veterans coming home, not being able to do anything but stand and an unemployment line. these are very difficult times for the american people. there are other numbers that are troubling. the manufacturing reports of the last several weeks indicate that
7:04 am
manufacturing is not going to do domestically or in our exports as we would have expected in this stage. that is a long-term trend that is very disturbing and troubling. the presidents policies have clearly not been successful. in reigniting this economy and putting people back to work and opening up manufacturing plants across the country. the heartland industries where manufacturing occurs are struggling i virtue of policies and the part part of the presidency that had not worked. the highest corporate tax rates in the world do not create jobs. the highest regulatory burdens in our nations history, those do not create jobs. trade policies that are not open to new markets, particularly in latin america, those do not create new jobs. failing to effectively crack down on china for cheating and stealing american jobs, that has not helped. the president's policies have not gotten america working again. the president will have to stand
7:05 am
up and take responsibility for it. i know he has been planning on going across the country and celebrating what he calls forward. forward doesn't look like forward to the millions of families are struggling today in this great country. it doesn't have to be this way. the president doesn't have a plan, he hasn't proposed any new ideas to get the economy going. just the same ideas of the past have failed. i have a plan. my plan calls for action and get america working again and create good jobs, near-term and long-term. it includes finally taking advantage of our energy resources, building the keystone pipeline, making sure that we create energy jobs and we convince manufacturers that energy will be available. it means opening up new markets for american trade, particularly in latin america where the opportunities are extraordinary. it means cracking down on china when they cheat and making sure they don't steal our jobs
7:06 am
unfairly. it means bringing our tax rates down, or marginal tax rates down, and cutting of the exemptions and deductions and loopholes that are on underground. so that we maintain our revenue through growth and limiting of these national deals, but we bring our tax rates down so they are competitive and attractive for jobs come back to america. it means having a government that sees its role as encouraging enterprise, rather than crushing it with the burden of new and unnecessary regulation, and without regulations that have not been cleaned up and years and years. finally, it means having a health care plan that focuses on bringing down the cost of health care for american families. not just that a new edition of expenses for new taxes. martha: mitt romney speaking in new hampshire, talking about his
7:07 am
view on the jobs report. talking about relationships with china and energy. also, to eliminate tax loopholes and i kind of thing to do the economy going. that's his idea. the president will be stepping forward and a little while to get his reaction to the jobs numbers this morning. they came in very disappointing, and we will will give you that as well when that comes in from president obama. bill: to the weather now, a fox news extreme weather alert as america this is another weekend of dangerously hot pictures. searing heat stretching across the country from 90 degrees in new york, it is 110 degrees in louisville. while relief might be here soon, chicago is being warned about the potential deadly rest of the weekend's weather. >> during these extreme heat temperatures, everyone must take precautions. we need to protect ourselves and those who are at greatest risk from heat related illness the summer season.
7:08 am
i would like to stay in the clearest terms possible that extreme heat and humidity are more than just an inconvenience. they are dangerous and can also be deadly. bill: we are talking about the elderly, the young, these are folks that really need to be careful in these kinds of temperatures? >> absolutely. this has been based upon weeks of the heat wave that we have been talking about. it has been across the nation. look at some of these statistics. 3000 temperatures alone this week, not just this month, we set 3000 high temperatures. the eighth day of 100-degree heat in st. louis. a record high for third in chicago and 150 million people are affected. they are going to be affected by heat advisories this weekend. much the same entrancing story we've been telling you for days. heartland, ohio river valley, mid-atlantic region. half a million people are still without power there.
7:09 am
it means the temperature plus humidity is going to make you feel well over 100 degrees. there is relief. fargo, this is our friends in canada, we are getting cool air that local across much of the country and really knockback is temperatures. it will take a couple days. 100 degrees in all of these big cities. one of three in indianapolis and kansas city, 104 in louisville. relief is coming, we just have to get the next couple of days. to give you an indication, chicago today will set a record. look to sunday and monday. back into the 80s. that is the good news. bill: if you have a elderly neighbor, a great chance to check on him, make sure they are okay. martha: pets too, don't forget about them of course. keep everyone hydrated. the heat is so bad that it has shattered records and cities like washington dc, where they are expecting a ninth day of temperatures above 95 degrees. last week more than 1000 record highs have been sent across the
7:10 am
country in chicago, 103 was enough to do the trick to break the hundred year record. st. louis is at 105, well above their high in 1936 he nashville set its benchmark with a sweltering 104 degrees. we will put those in the record books and cool things off in the future. bill: absolutely. let's talk about a job affecting 66% of the united states, including a water shortage in missouri. the city of warrenton. no sprinklers for the kids to play in, no washing your car, the heat is nearing triple digits. >> we are hot and want to swim, but we can't. >> everything is so dry. the water is supplied in very
7:11 am
low amounts right now. >> the carwashes goes down. we are losing a lot of customers because of the carwash. we can even sell it as of right now. bill: the carwashes are being shut down for the city swimming pools are also closed. martha: that's awful and terrible. here's what you need to know about taking care of yourself in ormally cools itself by sweating, right? but under some conditions come even that is not enough to really take the body temperature down to where it needs to be. those who are at greatest risk are children and also people 65 years of age and over, and those who are overweight or on certain medications. the best way to keep cool is common sense. drink cold, non-alcoholic beverages, get plenty of rest come and take a cool shower or bath or cool down with a washcloth in her head. do everything you can. bill: stay safe, everybody.
7:12 am
when we come back, new pressure on republicans who promise to repeal the president's health care law and replace it with a log their own. >> we need to be able to talk about health care vision that is different from the obamacare vision and they need to be able to announce some principles that people can understand. and also agree with. bill: the voice of one prominent conservative than the details of the republicans plan. we will have a fair and balanced debate. martha: new terror arrests are alarming people in london. what is going on there? right before the olympics? what went down, who was arrested and why. bill: also a july 4 celebration ending in tragedy. new details on the investigation into that capsized yacht off of new york that left three young kids dead. >> it could be a mechanical malfunction, it could be a wake created by another vote. or it was a weather condition last evening that suddenly erupted. those are some of the things we are currently looking at.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
martha: incredible news surveillance video other than slamming into a car. look at this. just pushing into the cars and tossing them everywhere. it happened in a highway in dallas, texas. the van slammed into the cars, imagine those people sitting in traffic. cosmic change reaction, five cars come into the war injured.
7:16 am
the driver of the van said that he failed to slow down with the flow of traffic and you have to wonder what's he on the phone or was he distracted by text messaging. it appears like he had no idea that he was driving to a bunch of parked cars. we will find out the details. bill: the president on his first bus tour of the 2012 campaign, touting the supreme court's health care ruling last week. at a campaign rally yesterday in ohio. listen to this. >> i will work with anyone who wants to work with me that continues to improve our health care system in our health care laws. the law i passed is here to stay. bill: the president, making his remarks, says republicans are being pressed for details of their plan of replacing the health care law, we have a democratic pollster and editor of the democratic national
7:17 am
review. marjorie, you first heard the president when it is pretty confident and definitive. are you surprised in light of the fact that his health care law is so unpopular? >> first it was passed by congress and signed by the president and declared constitutional by the supreme court. it is no surprise that a majority of independents said that they want to see the country move on. not go back to the partisan bickering. i would beg to differ that it is unpopular. if you look at not just the pre-existing conditions peace, a host of different provisions that are incredibly popular. mandatory cancer screenings, keeping kids on the parents health care, 17 million children are able to get health insurance because they had a pre-existing condition before. these things are incredibly popular. bill: i will give you that there are particular aspects of the bill that are popular when asked about them individually, but when asked about the health care law as a whole, more than 52% say they don't like it. rich, we just heard from the president and he says he's
7:18 am
willing to work with republicans would like to sit down and improve upon the law. should republicans engage in a. >> that is not true. look, this is just part of the efforts in this law passed to declare it a feat accomplished. the law has lacked popular legitimacy all along. about 32% of approval. 34% approval in "the new york times" poll right before the obamacare decision. it has had a slight bump up, but only a slight one. this is up in the air. mitt romney is elected, with a republican senate, he and other republicans will manage to pull apart enough of it that it will basically be rendered a dead letter. and then they should come up with a better policy which should not be difficult we want what about talking to republicans. the president said he was willing to do it, but apparently he wasn't willing to do it during the writing of the law. now he says he will talk to them. do you see any kind of a deal being struck were some parts of the health care law to stay in
7:19 am
place, and some republicans i've used it to be put in there, too? >> well, i think that the polls show that people find obama is much more open to collaboration and republicans in congress. we have seen that time again. that is why congress has historic low approval ratings. some of these popular things that we have been talking about. republicans had said that they don't like them. you had senator jon kyl from arizona saying that i don't need maternity care coverage. under the bush administration, year after year, republicans in congress voting against mandatory care coverage. you had republican pundits saying that people who are under 26 are slackers if they need health insurance. republicans have expressed not just raw and vague disapproval of health care reform, the very popular things they also oppose. >> all this stuff, someone who is 25 years old who is not a kid -- they're not all, insurers have said they are going to do that voluntarily regardless of
7:20 am
whether the law exists or not. it does not cost much to cover young and healthy people or edit the fact is jon kyl, i have met him many times, he doesn't need maternity care or maternity coverage. if you want to cover more people, what you should be doing is make it possible for young and healthy people to buy low-cost catastrophic insurance that doesn't have these mandatory benefits layered on top of it. >> these things are also -- they're very small compared to $2 trillion of entitlement money that will never pay for itself. bill: we have to leave it there, but honestly not the last word on this. you have to wonder the role that health care will play. whether the economy will trump that is the topic that everyone is talking about. we will have you both back on. marjorie and rich, thank you so much. martha: breaking news coming out of syria. a top general in the president's regime is not affected. ambassador john bolton joins us
7:21 am
on the meaning of all that. bill: and a young man fired for saving someone's life. why the apology he got from his former employer may not be enough to get them back on the beach. >> i started running and kept running. a jump jumped in the water and doabbed him and i'm not going to date unturned to obeywn such a ridiculous rule ne. the twenty billion doars bp committed ne. has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
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7:24 am
bill: we want to wish a happy birthday to former first lady nancy reagan who turns 91 years young. the celebration kicked off yesterday when she was serenaded by a couple of great stars you
7:25 am
[music playing] bill: isn't that sweet? mickey and minnie making a rare appearance at the ronald reagan presidential library. and the grand opening of a new walt disney exhibit opens today. bill: martha: that is great way to celebrate your birthday. we have the new job numbers out. not as happy as mickey and minnie in the last video. 80,000 jobs added in june. that is well below the number that economists say we will need to show the economy is chugging along. here's what is going on in the stock exchange. down 135 points this morning. good news about one company that has cited to keep jobs in the united states instead of ship
7:26 am
them overseas and mike tobin joins us for that. we are talking about the job hunt in chicago. mike, why is this company not waiting for the government to create jobs? they seem to be doing it on their own. >> the jobs numbers show is that it leaves us with another quarter of slow growth and a struggling economy. one person who decided not to wait for the government anymore is the head of starbucks. he launched it under a program that creates jobs for the united states. it is started in a tiny town called east liverpool. that used to call itself porcelain capital of the world. they used to make things like china. this is a pottery company that was looking at the possibility of shutting down this order and the promise for continued orders, not only will they preserve jobs, they will add eight more.
7:27 am
>> it is not something in the short term it is going to turn the city around. we are not going to get tax dollars for another a job straight huge benefit right now is from the attention it is getting for the city. >> the effort is an intentional way to bring american manufacturing jobs back to american soil. handmade mugs are very labor intensive. understand that if you use cheap foreign labor to make these mugs, he would be about a dollar cheaper by the time they arrive in the store. if you go to starbucks and you buy one of these mugs with the word indivisible printed on the front, these are the ones from this particular program. you are investing an extra dollar in american jobs. martha: that is very neat and a good story. i will check those out for my copy. bill: several new terror arrests
7:28 am
in london. the world is coming down to the olympic games. we will talk to a former cia former covert operations officer coming up next. martha: and the third straight month of very weak jobs growth over the course of the last three months. it is not good news. folks are looking for work. we are going to take a close look at these numbers and whether or not we are headed to another recession. when we come back, stay with us. ♪
7:29 am
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7:31 am
bill: we are back with a developing story on seven terror arrests in london. this three weeks before the olympics began. british police thing that they found firearms and weapons hidden in a car during a routine search. this comes after 48 hours after a terror raid right near the olympic park.
7:32 am
>> it woke me up out of my sleep, then i heard the thing again and i knew it was not on there. it was a round of shots from a smaller gun. i knew there was some sort of activity going on. it was really loud. bill: mike baker is a former cia covert operations officer. president of a security firm. i guess the timing here is perfect for scotland yard and law enforcement in the uk, wanting to show that they are on top of it as we get closer to the olympics. >> yes, that is a bright side to the rest. besides the rest themselves. it shows capability for any hostile people that might be considering taking out an operation there. the problem is you have another site. it does show with strength and capability. sometimes you get these people that are testing for peripheral weaknesses and how they react. the latest arrests, you know, it
7:33 am
brings it to a total of 13 people arrested basically since tuesday. one was by nmi five, which is in internal security. the other arrest all around the car that was stopped on saturday, just by happenstance, according to the police. they searched the car and they found the weapons and some other assorted materials. that put into place an investigation and they started picking up the rest on tuesday. arrest on tuesday, wednesday, and then thursday. it is raising the concern, but the concern should have been way up here anyway. i don't hope you can heighten the concern that they have up there. bill: they have a terror threat level that is classified as substantial. it would be surprising if there were not people out there who are looking to cause problems during the olympic games. talk to us about the preparedness and what law enforcement and intelligence operations on the ground are doing three weeks out from these olympic games? >> is a great topic.
7:34 am
i'm not allowed to let people know -- i was born in london -- and maintain my citizenship. and i have a great deal of respect. i worked with the service is over there and i have seen what they can do. i have a tremendous amount of respect for their the capabilities and they have been handling domestic terrorism ever since the ira campaigns of the past decade. you know, in terms of their countersurveillance and surveillance capabilities on the street, there is no other city from a surveillance perspective than london. they have layered on to that, upwards of 10,000 police. they have military units that will be out as well. this has been an ongoing effort for the past couple of years to figure out how we do this without a complete invasion of privacy and civil liberties? they have to have someone of our free flow of movement, otherwise there is no point in having the
7:35 am
games. they are as capable, i would say, as we are in terms of mounting a counterterrorist program. i think people should understand that that brings some comfort. but you get to a certain point, the tipping point where you say this is all we can do. we can't do anymore. otherwise people start being unable to carry out daily functions. bill: i did not know about your dual citizenship, we will have to go out for a pint. good to see you as always. president of diligence the oc. martha: all right, we are waiting for the president to speak about the jobs report. that number came out a little while ago. u.s. employers added only 80,000 jobs last month. a very weak number. the unemployment rate remains unchanged. there it is. 8.2%. not a nice number for americans. yesterday the president spoke about the economy, and also about the meaning of the middle
7:36 am
class. >> the middle class is also an attitude. it is not just about income, it is about knowing what is important. not measuring your success just based on your bank account. but it is about your value is in being responsible. in looking after each other. martha: what did the president mean by that? joining me now is liz claman with the fox business network. kind of an odd statement, a lot of people are saying. >> i looked at this and i realized that at certain points you say i'm a good for the president. here is why. the middle class -- you're putting people into a box. i believe on characterizing this -- it is to say the middle class can be defined by everything from your occupation to your values come into your income, your demographic. you know, i looked on wikipedia
7:37 am
and middle-class makes 25 grand to a 100 grand. you don't really want to characterize people by their specific income for their mentality, their aspirations and their hopes and their dreams. i believe that is perhaps -- martha: doesn't suggest that people who are not in the middle class don't have the kind of values that people in the middle class have? that is another interpretation that i heard of this when we were all going over this morning. is it suggesting that people are above that, they don't have those kind of values? >> no, absolutely not, i would hope that that is not what the president means. in the end, we are all in this country not hemmed in. look at what happens in india. they are part of the caste system. that is not america. we can rise from the bottom to the top there. martha: it raises questions about how much he has helped the middle class. you look at the 8.2% number.
7:38 am
a lot of americans are going to be looking at the two candidates, the incumbent and that mitt romney saying, you know what, i have great values and am willing to work for a living but i'm not sure that this is getting me anywhere. bill: >> that is what americans will have to determine at the polls. which one will be the best for the middle class, or whatever class you see. you don't want to put yourself into a box. this job numbers is weak. it is not where people hoped we would be four years after the original bubble bursting. we have lost. we have lost more than 8 million jobs, 14 million people are still unemployed. this is something that people are asking when is it going to change? the good news is to say simply that we at least still see job creation, but again, you're really stretching for a silver lining. bill: martha: that has to be what
7:39 am
people are asking as they look at these numbers, so many have chosen to stop looking for work because it has gotten so tough out there. i guess, you know, how does the president articulate our vision for those people, and how does he sell them on the fact that you have to just let me keep going with this plan because you have to trust me. down the number -- someday it will go down. >> that is the push he is making. you have auto numbers, the other day, they were really quite strong. quite unbelievable. some double-digit percentage gains for u.s. automakers. we are making it in america. he goes ohio and says you are working, manufactures are okay, the auto industry, he will say i supported that. president bush started the bailout of the automakers. president obama will say that i picked up continue to run with it. then he will probably turn, he will point to mitt romney who
7:40 am
had said that he didn't think the automakers should have been bailed out. it is all politics and you'll start to see the big battles heat up. martha: yes, it certainly is. liz claman, so great to see you. watch liz claman on the business network -- fox business network. we will see where things close today after the bell at 4:00 p.m. liz claman and david asman knew all of th raking news of the day in the markets. good to see you. bill: a great team on fox business network. up next, secretary of state hillary clinton apologizing for an attack on nato lesser two there were mistakes made on both sides that led to the loss of life. we are both circuits. bill: the pentagon is apologizing as well. it does the u.s. really need to apologize to a country suspected of harboring terrorists reman is that necessary? the latest out of syria and what it means. ambassador john bolton weizen next
7:41 am
or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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martha: this is such a tragic story from the fourth of july. police are id in three children who lost their lives in that voting accident. they were out watching fireworks on the fourth of july. twenty-seven people were tossed into the water while this yacht capsized off of long island. these two little children, an 11-year-old, an 8-year-old, and they may have drowned after they
7:44 am
were trapped inside the vote. there was a frantic search by the parents and relatives to try to find them. a picture of the third child has not been released yet. a book that experts agree was dangerously overcrowded at the time. >> the middle of the day, you are sitting on a more common that is one thing. but that night, about 27 people is way too many people. martha: similar yachts have a maximum capacity of 15. while both have manufacturers list the requirements, there are no federal standards that require those plates to be on record ratio of votes that are over 20 feet. they are also saying that there could be extreme weather that may have impacted this accident as well. more to come on that. bill: that's terrible. martha: a sad situation for those families. bill: a fox news alert. a top general in the syrian army fleeing the regime of president
7:45 am
bashar al-assad. he is the son of the former defense minister. apparently he is on a plane headed to france. he is on the right-hand side of the screen. bashar al-assad is on the left. secretary of state hillary clinton is pushing for serious dictator to step down. >> today the international community sent a clear and unified message that the violence in syria, a democratic transition must begin and fishermen must go. bill: good to see you. when you make of this defection? >> i think that affection the defection is serious. it is the highest ranking military officer to defect so far. significantly, this general is a sunni. part of the majority population. if it looks like the top military structure comprised of both our whites, the asad
7:46 am
regime, it could be significant. i don't think it tells the tale, but it is certainly showing that the pressure is on a lot of others. bill: peace these talks going on in france, the secretary, hilary clinton, she's defending defending -- she also said that in her remarks russia should pay a price for its role in keeping the bashar al-assad regime in power. we are just being the reuters news agency quoting a russian official saying that is not correct. what do you think about the diplomatic back-and-forth between the u.s. and russia on all of this? >> i thought secretary clinton's remark was very important. she said both russia and china have paid no price for their support of bashar al-assad so far. for her to go on and say that they needed to pay a price, it could mark a real change in the obama administration's policy.
7:47 am
they were stunned in disbelief a few months ago. when russia and china cast a shadow on proposed sanctions resolutions. the obama and administration should not have been surprised. but sometimes getting clubbed by reality is the beginning of the past for with wisdom. recently, they need to acknowledge the reset button with russia has not worked. that could mark something important. the fact is these horrible pictures that we see coming out of syria are not going to change until the fundamental strategic situation that syria faces changes. that means among other things, cutting ties to russia and china and iran, making it impossible tay in power. bill: we have seen over the last week or so a real dramatic shift. this all stems from an attack by nato forces last november where
7:48 am
24 pakistani troops were killed the pakistanis wanted an apology in the first inoculum, so they cut up those supply routes that cause major problems for the u.s. military planners and a lot of added expense. now, the polities have come, and not just one, but three apologies. first from secretary clinton, then from leon panetta, and now from a top official at the pentagon. there is nothing wrong with admitting you made a mistake. i do that all the time in my house and it works out pretty well, but do we want to be bullied around by a country that has not been her best friend when it comes to fighting the war on terror? >> nobody wants to make these kinds of statements. but i don't think they are so egregious that it really should deflect us from the principle objective. which is reopening the supply line. pakistan has enormous leverage over the united states. that is the most efficient way to supply our forces in
7:49 am
afghanistan. pakistan has a large supply of nuclear weapons. we don't want to fall into the wrong hands -- i'm not saying that we have to acknowledge their leverage publicly too often from the administration's perspective, but from a bargaining perspective, it is very hard simply to ignore that. i think it is a testament to getting the relation back on even keel temporarily. but it does not reflect the kind of progress that we need to get the pakistanis to shape up a lot more. more work remains to be done. bill: ambassador john bolton, thank you so much for your time today. martha: coming up, convicted killer scott peterson is making some headlines once again. he is accused of telling his wife and unborn son. guess who he is blaming for what happened? bill: an amazing story of survival. how this teenager here survived an unexpected plunge into the heart of the glacier in alaska.
7:50 am
>> he was very fragile and in very bad shape when they got him out there. five hours, he was on the ice. his clothing had been torn away as he slid down the ice. he was not in good shape [ male announcer ] fighting pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath? fight both fast with new tums freshers! concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. new tums freshers. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ [ male announcer ] fast relief, fresh breath, all in a pocket sized pack.
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bill: a lifeguard company apologizes for firing a man for saving a drowning man. lopez turned down the offer, saying thanks but no thank you. two after everything that has happened, everything that has been done, i would rather not work for the company in general. bill: he said that he will head back to college.
7:54 am
the man that was drowning out the hospital in good condition. we talked to a couple of his buddies who also quit their jobs, and we are trying to find out if they have been offered their jobs back as well. martha: is is a good thing that is heading back to college. just a great thing to write about. an incredible story of survival after teenager takes an unexpected plunge into the heart of the glacier. rescuers in alaska say that the 16-year-old daughter snow that was several hundred feet deep. after parts of his clothing were torn on the glacier. >> use about 55 feet down. >> someone said he was not supposed to live. it just amazed me.
7:55 am
martha: the teenager's mother says he suffered from hypothermia but he is already improving greatly. that is some adventure that is really scary. bill: we have a couple of young guys that have some great stories to tell. we will keep falling back as well. first, a new twist in the 2004 murder conviction of a man accused of killing his wife and their unborn child. scott peterson come you remember that name of course. appealing the guilty verdict and death sentence he received for his crimes, saying not only is he innocent, but the high-profile nature of the case deprived him of the justice he believes he deserves. claudia cowan is live in san francisco. what we know about this appeal? >> it is the next step in the legal process. every inmate is entitled to an automatic appeal. late yesterday, peterson's attorney filed a 129 page brief with the california supreme court. the move comes eight years after scott peterson was convicted of murdering his wife, laci, and
7:56 am
their unborn son, connor. his legal team claims that mistakes and publicity deprived him of a fair trial. it will take months or years to resolve the appeal. bill: thank you so much, claudia cowan. martha: let's go to president obama. he's about to make his remarks on the jobs report that came out this morning. let's listen in. >> your congressman is in the house. doing outstanding work. one of my favorite people, congressman john bertelli is here. give him a round of applause. [applause] [applause] and chuck cimarron is here as well. [applause] [applause] all of you are here.
7:57 am
i'm excited about that. [applause] [applause] i hope everybody had a good fourth of july. i have a great fourth of july. we had some folks over to the house. we had a little, you know, grilling going on in the backyard. we did some fireworks. they gave us a chance to say thank you to the incredible men and women in uniform. we invited a bunch of military families over. they did such a great job. [applause] [applause] it was my daughter's birthday on the fourth of july. she is now 14 years old.
7:58 am
you know, it used to be that i could get away with telling her that the fireworks roar are all for her. she's a little old for that now and she doesn't leave me. but she says hello, saw shutt says hello, michele says hello. i think that malia has some friends over, and michelle decided that unsupervised 14-year-olds was not a good idea. [laughter] as you may have heard, we are on the bus here in ohio. we have been traveling through. we went to parma and sandusky and now we are here. we went to oak harbor, akron, and i have been eating a lot.
7:59 am
[laughter] people have been commenting that i have gained some weight. [laughter] who said that? you'll be happy to know that i have been eating. in between eating, the eating, we have been talking a little bit about politics. now, you guys are getting bombarded with all kinds of nonsense on tv. so i know that sometimes politics can be discouraging and especially washington politics can be discouraging and it can seem small and petty, but the choice in this election could not be bigger. the stakes could not be higher. this year is going to be about more than just two candidates were even two political


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