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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 13, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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next year's olympics. >> quickly. >> i have to move on. adam, quickly. how many before the show? >> two, actually. it is enough to get me drunk. >> explains a lot. on. tonight. >> well, it was a calculated move on his part to get booed at the naacp convention. >> bill: nancy pelosi accusing mitt romney of wanting to be scorned by an african-american audience. [boos] >> bill: why would the governor want that? we will tell you what the nasty innuendo is. >> the most powerful leader of the penn state university repeatedly concealed facts relating to sandusky's child abuse from the authorities. >> bill: a shocking report accuses the brass at penn state, including the late coach joe paterno of allowing the child molester sandusky to run wild. megyn kelly with details.
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>> two 43-year-old yo-yos skipping around the house. grow up. you are a man already. how long you can stand in front of the bathroom mirror? >> stop it. >> bill: great american news quiz the funniest people in america edition. we think you will like this one. >> love me? hello? [ laughter ] caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. race and mitt romney that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we reported last night mitt romney was kind of brave to go down to the naacp convention in houston. he knew he would be speaking to folks who very much liked president obama. the analysis of mr. romney's speech is fascinating and says unflattering things about america. here is the backup.
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nbc news owns a web site directed mostly at african-americans. one of the employees on that web site went on tv yesterday and said this: >> i truly believe that mitt romney went into that room not to speak to the naacp but to speak to his base. if he really intended to speak to this civil rights organization, the oldest in our country, then he might have walked into the room and talked about how we fix basic public education because we know education disrupts poverty. >> bill: we'll get to the speaking to his base remark in a moment. now, either ms. taylor missed it or she is not being honest because during his speech the governor spoke to the education issue. >> i will give the parents of every low income and special needs student the chance to choose where their child goes to school. for the first time in history, if i'm president, federal education funds will be linked to a student so that parents can send their child to any
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public or charter school they choose. >> bill: don't get more specific than that. so obviously governor romney did address education and, again, ms. taylor mislead the folks who heard her. but why? it's a very interesting question. part of the answer is provided by our pal nancy pelosi. >> well, i think it was a calculated move on his part to get booed at the naacp convention. >> bill: but ms. pelosi did not explain that and the reporter didn't ask her to. on the surface it doesn't seem to make much sense, does it? why would any politician want to get booed? talking points believes nancy pelosi is saying something very provocative. the former speaker of the house seems to believe that governor romney wanted to get scorned so people who don't like blacks would rally to his cause. that was what the base remark was by ms. taylor. that's an underlying theme being put out by the far left that romney wanted to be received poorly in houston so that antiblack people would vote for him.
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i want to make it very clear that no one in the obama campaign is saying that. but clearly ms. pelosi and ms. taylor are implying it was racial component to the governor's appearance in houston. and a fair country, that innuendo absolutely unacceptable. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from houston hillary shell ton washington bureau director for the naacp. so, mr. shelton, what say you? >> well, you can't dismiss what either of these women said. i mean, quite frankly, the way that mitt romney came to the naacp was clearly not to garner support. if you have a better idea and quite frankly keep in mind the naacp is is nonpartisan and he e always invite candidates from at least both parties. sometimes the green party and other parties as well. if you want to garner support you at least meet people where they are at. we know that the biggest issue that got the strongest rebuke from our audience was the issue of healthcare.
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and it very well we knew that at the time that what mitt romney referred to as obama care which many found to be quite offensive in the manner in which he presented it was the affordable care act. at the time that bill was passed 47 million americans had no healthcare insurance. 47% of those were african-american. mr. romney came in and said he will repeal that to save money. but he didn't talk about what he would replace it with to save lives. so very well, you have to beg the question why is it that he would come as he did. >> bill: i don't think anyone would object to anyone disagreeing with the governor about the repealing of obama care. you are either for him on that or you are against him. but that's not what pelosi and taylor were saying and you know it, mr. shelton. they were implying. >> i know what they were saying. >> bill: romney went in there to antagonize, antagonize the audience. >> absolutely. quite frankly that's exactly what he did. >> bill: now, come on. >> i believe he did come in
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there -- we have had republic candidates for president at the naacp before. as you know four years ago john mccain. as you know, when george bush ran for president. >> bill: mccain got jazzed too by your. >> that's not true. neither one of them. that he was absolutely not true. >> bill: they got jazzed by your crew. >> i hope you will go back. >> bill: i covered it. i remember covering it. wait a minute, hillary. >> viewers see exactly what happens. >> bill: quite frankly what you are saying is untrue. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. mr. shell ton, hold it? >> from houston came last time we were here. >> mr. shell ton you are filibustering now. >> sure, go ahead, please. >> bill: bill thank you. >> no, please, your turn. >> bill: mitt romney gave the same speech he gives everywhere, repealing obama care, getting costs under control. he is the guy that turned the economy around. are you going to sit there and tell me that he should have pandered to your audience and
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not given -- >> -- pandering is not the word. you speak to the audience that's in front of you. >> bill: he spoke to them the way he speaks to everybody else. >> in order to teach somebody he has got to reach them. hes not interested in reaching our audience. >> bill: he was telling them what he will do. >> but he did not say what he he would replace it with. he didn't recognize. >> bill: what about the education situation? >> black americans have no healthcare insurance. he did not talk about he what is going to do to talk about public education. >> bill: yes he did, he absolutely did, mr. shelton. he absolutely talked about what he would do. >> bailing out of the education system. >> bill: competition. >> voucher system. >> bill: it's absolutely competition and that's his program. >> no, he said that all the money was going to go into this new program he was going to bail out of the public education system. >> bill: no he didn't. he said i would give the opposition. >> that's substitution. >> bill: you are miscategorizing him. >> one program for the other. same position.
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on the healthcare issue. i hope you will go back and watch that video again. it's of the naacp web site. >> bill: i'm going to go back in 30 seconds and tell the audience that you basically did not tell the truth on this broadcast. romney. >> it's not my job. >> bill: anybody watching this. >> truth squad on me. you play their piece and you play my comments and you will see what happens. >> bill: all the money out of public education flat out false. what he would do is give the option to the parent. the option to the parent. >> play it again. what he said is the money would follow the child. >> bill: that's right. >> the money will follow the child. >> bill: option. >> undercuts the existing program. he didn't say he was going to allow more than one option. he said the money would follow the child. >> bill: this is unbelievable. >> we know what that means, that's code for school voucher. >> bill: just like code for going in and getting the racist vote. i'm going to ask you flat out. do you think romney went -- >> -- i didn't say those
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terms. >> bill: do you think romney went down to thiewfn gin up a racist vote, yes or no? >> i can't say yes but i can't dismiss it. i cannot dismiss it. >> bill: unbelievable. >> whenever you come to somebody and you provide the kind of information he did, when you speak to us that way in the way that you know people are going to be effected by it, you know people are going to find to be outrageous, then you have to wonder why begs the question. >> bill: it's a matter of opinion. >> well,. >> bill: more americans don't support it than do. >> healthcare insurance. >> bill: i'm surprised. >> we're going to cut this program on your back and we're not going to provide any kind of support. >> bill: what you want is you want a different presentation. >> health insurance. >> bill: you want' a politician to pander to your crew. that's what you want. you don't want him to tell the truth you want him to pander. >> speak to people where they're at. >> bill: you want him to pander. you want him to kiss their butt. >> do you want my vote? if you want my vote you are going to tell me what t is to
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address my problem. buy healthcare insurance doesn't solve my problem. >> bill: all right, mr. shelton: penn state big trouble. leadership including former coach joe paterno allowed sandusky to run awild. more details in a few moments. with the capital one cash rewards card you get a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. no! but, i'm about to change that. ♪ every little baby wants 50% more cash... ♪ phhht! fine, you try. [ strings breaking, wood splintering ] ha ha. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. ♪ what's in your wallet? ♪ what's in your...your...
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, the kelly file, a new report on penn state and the child molester jerry sandusky puts that university and the people of pennsylvania in a very bad place. former fbi director louie freeh. headed up the investigation. >> the most powerful leader of penn state university, mr. spaniar, shoults, paterno
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and curly. kept facts from the board of trustees, the penn state community and the public at large. >> bill: that of course, opens up the potential for massive lawsuits against penn state. here now and fox news anchor megyn kelly. how did freeh arrive at that conclusion. >> they interviewed several witnesses all but joe paterno who died after these allegations first surfaced last year. it's very clear. they produced the emails in this report that show these four men knew or had reason to know exactly what was going on with this is an dusky and did nothing because of two things, number one, they wanted to be humane to jerry sandusky, the molester, and number two, they were worried about the bad publicity for penn state. that is the conclusion of louie freeh. that these guys, when confronted with an allegation that this guy, sandusky was raping a child in 1993,
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decided not to do anything about it, not to report it to the board of trustee he is and to move on and, in 2001, did the same thing when same allegations surfaced. and during that time and thereafter they allowed that man, who now they had two allegations of sexual abuse against all access pass bringing with him young boys in the showers. >> bill: obviously paterno is deceased, can the others with charged with a crime? >> yes, they can. >> bill: they probably will be. >> purportedly they are looking this. graham spaniard, shoults and kurly are facing charges for perjuring themselves in front of the grand jury. >> bill: felonies. >> failure to report and so on. it's clear now from this documentation and from the
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free report that there was a consciousness of wrongdoing on their part when it came to sandusky and a motivation to cover it up for the good of the football program and the university. and not only that they now talk about there is antidotal evidence about two janitors who allegedly witnessed it and didn't want to come forward because they said if you went in to paterno to talk about sandusky is t. was like talking to the president of the united states. >> bill: here is how bad it is if they wanted to protect the program and the university they could have quietly fired sandusky. they should have, of course, reported him to the authorities when the first allegation came up. that's what any decent person would do. they didn't do that as you pointed out. they enabled him to do more of it? >> more rapes happened. it wasn't theoretical more rapes did happen. maybe as many as 20. >> on his conscious and if there is an after life joe paterno is going to have to explain that because is he dead and his reputation is shot and he was once one of the most respected athletic
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people in the country. is he done. the other three may go to prison and they should go to prison. all three of them. this is almost exactly like the catholic church scandal almost exactly. the same mode dison her ran i do mind set is. in we're not going to embarrass the church. going to move these guys around, predatory priests and hope we can get away with it. >> same thing as the all access pass that sandusky was given. >> bill: exactly the same thing. here's the difference. whereas the catholic church paid tens of millions, probably hundreds of millions of dollars, the people of pennsylvania are going to have to pay this bill because penn state is a public college. it's gonna get into the hundreds of millions of dollars because anybody now can say i was molested and the university better settle with he me. >> that is why that is why the people at penn state and in the community need to be even more angry with these officials. >> bill: i think they are. >> it is mostly and first and
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foremost about these little boys whose lives have been ruined. obligations on. this federal obligations. not just a moral thing for reporting duties. and it's to stop and protect a university like this and those who are part of it from having to make these huge payouts. >> bill: commonwealth of pennsylvania now. i mean their tax money is going to go to these boys and they are men now who were molested. okay? that university is shot penn state is not coming back not athletically or in the court of public opinion, all right? they are done. it's such a disaster it is almost beyond comprehension, last word? >> i think the report put it best when it said that these guys were concerned about the university and about the molester but never demonstrated any concern for the child victim. until an arrest was made. >> bill: i will go a step further they were concerned about themselves. they knew that -- paterno knew he hired sandusky and the
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others knew this was it and they didn't want the scrutiny on themselves. we are going it hold ms. megyn over bring her back in a little while to talk about the stop police and frisk program. racial overtones. later, lou dobbs on a florida police officer arrested three times but the city he worked for can't fire the guy. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: 48-year-old sergeant in the florida police department has been arrested and jailed three times but still remains on the force. city of opa-locka has tried to fire him five times but they can't. here now tore explain why fox news business anchor lou
1:23 am
dobbs. i wanted to say how bad this is because have you been investigating all day. bosque was kicked out of the police academy because while he was in the police academy he was arrested for driving a stolen truck, possession of a firearm and elm personating a police officer carrying a fake badge. so the florida police academy kicked him out and he never graduated but he got hired by two cities florida city and opa-lock and now they want to get rid of him but they can't why? >> it's complicated. i have got piles of paper and calls out to half the state of florida trying to figure out why sergeant her man bosque is still on the force. his, if you would call it this rap sheet is year by year. one of my favorites four people killed just south of opalocka pursuing car driven by bosque.
1:24 am
[ laughter ] i'm not laughing at this but. >> they are dead. >> right. he replies after the investigation that he followed the stolen car for 20 minutes, witnessed the crash he watched in horror. that's a quote as the driver of the stolen car burned to death. the list goes on. he is is acquitted. >> bill: except one driving beef. there is a pattern of behavior here that you can't ignore. but, our investigation in conjunction with yours show there are powerful police unions and organizations in florida that are protecting him. >> they are protecting him. i talked with the leader of the most powerful union in florida, john rivera. he is also a sergeant in the dade county police department. he is the president of the dade county police benevolent association. i always like the way they put benevolent in there. he says this is an activist cop. >> bill: activist? >> proactive. i said how you can support this guy? he says because when garbage,
1:25 am
referring to opa-locka this community of 15,000 is as corrupt, as crime-ridden as it is, they have had, i believe it is 16 mayor's over the course of the last 20 years, that's how tough it is. 16 police chiefs, they have more corruption. >> bill: why would you want another cop who is corrupt? or allegedly corrupt. >> to the point. sergeant rivera points out. this man on every major charge has been acquitted by hearing officer or a judge. >> bill: all right. so they are going to stick up for the guy even though the city wants to get rid of him. here is the kicker. i taught high school in op opa-locka it is the most corrupt city have you ever seen and i'm no surprised. >> no relationship between your experience there. >> bill: i didn't know bosque if i did i would probably have a bullet in the head. the city wants to get rid of this guy but powerful unions are protecting him. >> that's true.
1:26 am
after talking with sergeant rivera, i have got to be honest with you. i was prepared to say this is more public union nonsense and we have got -- we have got to deal with it and we do. nationwide on a different level. in the instance of bosque, rivera convinces me that there is so much corruption around him that. >> bill: bad behavior pointing to other bad behavior. >> this is what rivera says. he says you have got garbage in opa-lo croomplet -- locka. why isn't the florida attorney general, the local state attorneys are investigating. i talked with those folks as well. >> they have been investigating opa-locka since 1812. it's really bad there. >> it's a third of the community is under the national poverty line. >> bill: it's a drug addicted place and this and that. >> 40% of the population doesn't even have a high school degree. >> bill: this is awful story but i want to elevate it i live in nassau county in long
1:27 am
island. it is the most taxed county in the country. $200 million in the red. the county of nassau owes 200 million. they can't possibly pay it back. it's like the united states. we can't pay $16 trillion back. the reason is all of the union benefits. 50% much the budget of nassau county goes to union benefits. >> that's exactly right. >> bill: unions are very powerful. free healthcare for every union member in the county. >> which is -- not only on the job but when they retire. >> typical public employee unions across the country. had 0,000 municipalities. >> bill: what happens now when stockton, california, scranton, pennsylvania. san bernardino, nassau county all going bankrupt, what happens? >> what happens is precisely what we are seeing happen. this is the only way in many instances for these municipalities that have been hammered by public employee unions for them to recover. they have got to go bankrupt.
1:28 am
>> bill: i don't think nassau is ever going to recover. >> folks in stockton says they are not going to negotiate because they are afraid much the awful cost of negotiating it with the unions. >> bill: i don't know where the money is going to come from down the road. >> we are going to see some vanish. >> bill: stayen on the case. great american news quiz, the funniest people in america edition on the horizon. we think you are going to like it. megyn kelly returns. new york city in the middle of a racial controversy over the stocks stopping and frisking suspected criminals in the suspected criminals in the minority communi
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5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. >> bill: culture war kerr segment tonight, cheating and american students. here in new york new york city h school kids caught cheating on regents exam a decide test that can determine a children's future. what happened though those 71 kids? well, they have to re-take the test. the leader of in cheating deal was expelled. 6 others facing expulsions everyone else got a pass. jeanine pirro author of the book sly fox a novel. if your kids were caught cheating on a regents and so you are in new york city so i'm sure they took them. you would do, what? >> once it's proven that one of my kids had done something that involved cheating, i mean, i would take away and i thought about this, absolutely everything that they are familiar with, everything that
1:33 am
makes their life comfortable. and more than that, i would really punish them. >> bill: that's a punishment if if you are talking away all of their comforts. >> all of their comforts and friends everything that makes their. >> bill: how long would it last. >> it wouldn't be a week or a month. i'm talking steerous time. once you cheat in high school you cheat in high school and wall street. >> bill: scorched earth on this one. >> i agree. ground entire summer. take away the car and technology which is taking away their life in this day and age. >> bill: technology deprivation. you both agree. >> let's look at the facts. six out of every ten kids cheat. >> bill: that's right. >> almost every study. >> bill: according to the institute out in california, l.a. six out of ten. >> you need to find out why. >> we know why. >> there are deeper means, i think. i don't think it's a break down of values in culture which would be the first reason i would point to. interesting editorial by the
1:34 am
high school cheating occurred today. he blames it first on the fact that students need to feel more invested in their schools. needs to be more of a tight knit community. >> bill: that's b.s. but go. >> kids are involved with too many activities in this day and age. >> bill: stressed out so they feel they have to cheat. >> let me tell you what one of the problems are schools. schools are complicit in the conspiracy to cover this up. why? because the smarter their kids are the more money they get, the better reputation they have and so it is incumbent. >> bill: schools don't come down on the kids. >> incentivize to not release it, not punish them, not identify them. and at the end of the day what you have got is a system. >> bill: it's a phenomenon. >> no. >> bill: in catholic school they have a zero tolerance program. >> i also hold the school responsible in this situation because the kids were cheating on cell phones. cell phones are supposed not be allowed in the school. >> bill: don't you remember last year when the kids out on long island hired other kids to take the sates for them.
1:35 am
>> things changed. >> bill: about a grand. parents gave them money in some cases. >> to pay for the sat. that's an issue that's important. why is cheating not the same as stealing? why wouldn't we prosecute a 16-year-old for stealing a cd but when we find out they cheat in school we don't do anything. >> bill: you think they should be criminally prosecuted. >> we have truants who are going through the court system. kids who steal a $10 cd. it's time for us to look at whether or not cheating is something that needs to be a part of the system. >> bill: you guys are the culture warriors. there is no doubt that this culture that we are living in today, 2012, is far more permissive than it was even 20 years ago. >> um-huh. >> so now, you want to smoke some pot? what's the big deal? you want to get intoxicated? you want to steal some stuff? you want to sex text pictures of yourself? >> everything. >> bill: permissive society. so of course it's going to go into the cheating realm. if you can get away with it, you are cool, right?
1:36 am
>> they don't even think it's -- >> bill: i let me ask this and i want a quick answer. what do you think would happen to a kid in a public high school who saw other kids cheating and went to the teacher and told them? what do you think would happen. >> i'm not sure. >> bill: oh, come on. >> i would tell you what would happen. >> bill: the kid would be ostracized. >> no one would talk to him. suspended. >> bill: he is done. >> that's the problem. this kid has a moral core. most of these kids don't. >> bill: no emphasis on being honest. it's not rewarded. >> maybe so. the third point that this student who is on his way to harvard makes is that the cheating has to have more severe consequences. >> bill: of course. you both said that. >> he ends the editorial in the correct way. he also says that the schools need to have more responsibility. >> absolutely. >> bill: just think about that, ladies and gentlemen, if a student in high school saw massive cheating and informed the authorities that student would have to leave that school? >> that's sad. >> what does that say?
1:37 am
>> bill: what does that say about america, that's right. when we come back, new york city in a big racial controversy over stop and frisk. get. this the mayor of san francisco wants to institute that policy in his very liberal town. megyn kelly is next. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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car insurance companies say they'll save yoby switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or, "no comment." then there's esurance. a lot born online, might answraised by technology,nt." and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing-out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. insurance for the modern world. click or call. >> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight, the second one, here
1:41 am
in new york city, the nypd has a very aggressive stop and frisk program designed to catch criminals carrying guns. i should say it had an aggressive stop and frisk program. charges of racism have cut the tactic back and here to tell us what's going on, meg glenn kelly. are we seeing crime going up here? the police commissioner kelly says, you know, violent crime going up because we're -- can't do what we usually do. >> well, they can do it but there is more and more limits being put on it. >> bill: it's constrained. if you ask the cops on the street they are not going to do it now unless they are ordered to do it? >> here is the thing. they put this in place to try to stop violent crime and it was working. crime went down 22% over the past 10 years in new york. same thing we saw in philadelphia. they put a similar process in place where they could stop and frisk people looking for guns crime went down 21%. they have to have some sort of suspicion. can't be just like you over there. >> bill: that's the rub. the suspicion is the guy wearing a hoody so they shake him down. >> that's what i'm getting at. cops like it because crime is
1:42 am
down and residents like it because crime is down. but, the civil liberties union doesn't like it because they think they are being racially profiled. >> bill: people who live in new york city should know this, 8,000 weapons were seized. 8,000 illegal weapons. only 365 days in the year. >> the flip side of that coin is of all of the people who are stopped and frisked, 88% were doing nothing wrong. >> bill: but that 12% is a big number. >> right. >> bill: it's a big number. >> depends on what group you fall into if you are 88% and the cops stop and frisk you and you don't have a gun you say whoa, what country am i living in? >> look at it this way, if they didn't have the program, 8263 weapons would be on the street. >> i get that. do the ends justify the means? >> bill: that's the question. and the civil liberty people say, and also the minority
1:43 am
community, some of them. say, look you are picking on us. >> and a judge. a judge here in new york found looking at these statistics that overwhelmingly you have minorities -- >> bill: no doubt about that where are most of the shootings and murders taking place in the minority neighborhoods. >> the cop here in new york city say overwhelmingly to people against whom the guns have been used are also minorities. >> kelly and i when we get finished with the factor we're going to walk out and go home. they are north going to stop and frisk me. they might you for bad reasons but it's not me. we look like we are law abiding but down in bad sty or very high crime neighborhoods the cops flood the zone. they see guys hanging around. >> that's the problem when you look like you are law abiding you wind up in situations like we saw down in florida where you have a kid wearing a hoody who winds up dead because somebody assumes is he a law breaker. >> the decision society has to make is do you intrude on poor people's rights. >> um-huh.
1:44 am
>> bill: for safety reasons. >> right. because t does tend to be poor people. >> bill: or do you allow what's happening in chicago where you have a free fire zone with children being gunned down in the streets. remember, chicago is the strongest handgun law in the country. the gangsters don't care about handgun laws. they are going to carry guns if they want to. the only way to stop them, before they shoot someone is this: there isn't any other way. >> well, philadelphia also has a similar program. now they have had to crack down on it a bit because of similar programs. they found this sort of i don't know i had brid program where they do what we do in new york. independent monitor oversee it. they think is helping. >> you strike the happy medium. >> bill: happy medium, okay. san francisco wants to start stop and frisk? >> yes. the mayor who said he was progressive before they were born. >> bill: banning gold fish there but they want to stop and frisk. >> the way he put it was i think we have to get the guns. we have to get the guns.
1:45 am
he believes they have a gun problem and apparently a lot of the progressives out there the city council in san francisco are shocked that the mayor is even considering the program. >> bill: the problem with doing stop and frisk in san francisco nudity is legal. >> then you wouldn't have grounds. you have -- listen -- >> bill: you wouldn't have grounds? tell me. >> normally. >> bill: concealed weapon. >> the only way you can do the pat down search is if there is a suspicious budge, that's -- bulge. that's the legal standard. >> bill: we're laughing it's a serious issue. you have got to laugh about some of this stuff. great american news quiz. factor tip of the day. this evening, the tip may save your life. back in a moment.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz, the funniest people in america edition, quiz kids martha mac call bum playing for mark pfeiffer steve doocy playing for. maccallum went to me i don't even know what the topic is that's how seriously she takes. this i don't know what the topic is tonight. >> it's like you can study. it comes completely out of left field. >> turtles. >> we're going to do funny people. >> bill: question number one, carol burnett won the hearts of americans wild characters on the carol burnett show. during part of that program burnett said not a show went by when somebody didn't ask her to do what? >> bill: cards up, please. the answer is, roll the tape.
1:50 am
>> in 11 years of questions and answers, i don't think there has ever been a time when some member of our audience hasn't asked this probing and significant question: hey, do your tarzan yell. >> bill: they were right. that was easy. here is number two. comic don rickles has been entertaining audiences since the 1950s. no one is off topics. he once roasted a u.s. president at his own inaugural ball. which president was it? >> bill: cards up, please. the answer is, roll the tape. >> good evening, mr. president. nice to see you, sir. and your lovely wife nancy. it's a big treat for me to fly all the way from california to be here for this kind of
1:51 am
money. [ laughter ] >> bill: all right. you guys are right again. two for two. i don't know what to say, callum didn't know the topic and she has got the first two right. they might be too easy. here is a tough one. after all these years i love lucy story figure one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. [ laughter ] you are doing splendidly. speed it up. >> bill: i love lucy broke all sorts of barriers in tv. 1952 lucille ball butted heads with sensors who told her a specific word could not be used on her program. what word was that? what word offended the
1:52 am
sensors? and the answer is, pregnant. that is correct. pregnant with little ricky. little ricky was called. >> i don't know what the topic is more often. >> bill: you are doing pretty well. it's a tie. so it's a cliff hanger. all right? she does a news show so this is kind of news to her. >> bill: funniest people continues. >> doocy pretty much destroying the whole concept. w.c. fields, everyone. >> who is that? >> bill: using a hard drinking wise guy persona. >> i would like to take this -- i will key that up to you. >> all right. >> keep your eye on the ball. >> bill: now many don't know that w.c. fields was offered a role in a major hollywood blockbuster. he turned it down supposedly because the studio didn't offer him enough money. what movie was it?
1:53 am
what role did he turn down, everyone? and the answer is role the tape. >> oh the wizard of oz. the answer is d. we don't have tape on that. you are not in kansas anymore, bill. >> bill: what's the topic again, maccallum. >> i have no idea. >> bill: no one knows where we are here. this is the ether crew, everyone. all right, maccallum pulls ahead and is enjoying this immensely. you should have known that w.c. fields they wanted him to play the wizard. >> i got it wrong. >> i said citizen cain or rolling over in his grave. >> bill: jonathan winters, love him has had the country laughing since the 1950s, resonated with audiences everywhere. in the 1980s, winters' popularity surged when he took on the role in a popular sitcom. what show was that?
1:54 am
winters was in what sitcom? cards up, please. the answer is, roll the tape. >> what is green and red and goes 200 miles an hour. >> i don't know, what. a frog in a blender. [ laughter ] >> bill: doocy wins. lives in santa barbara right near miller and winters is the funniest guy ever. i think he is the funniest american. >> steve: absolutely. >> of all of them. maccallum you lost but you did all right for not know ig anything about anything. >> i come back next week? >> bill: we'll see. factor tip of the day in a moment. it could save your life the tip of the day. and it will taste good as well. right back.
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1:57 am
>> well, i don't want to sway anyone, jacqueline. the folks can decide for themselves who they want to vote for. but i don't -- and i don't, i should say, oppose paying more in income tax. i just want my money not to be wasted. if mr. obama would promise to pay down the national debt with the additional revenue, i would support that. fair? >>
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