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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 19, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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invidious when writing to "the factor." again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'll bill o'reilly. and please always remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: and tonight the attorney for the family of trayvon martin responds to my exclusive interview with george zimmerman. first, although the white house was celebrating last week's job numbers there is a deafening silence coming from the obama cheer leading squad today because today's report from the labor department is nothing short of disasterrous. in a serious blow to the president's claim that the private sector is doing fine, last week, first time, unemployment claims surged by 34,000 to a seasonally adjusted
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386,000. but again the private sector is doing just fine. here with analysis nationally syndicated radio and television talk show our good friend bill cunningham is back and fox news contributor also radio, tv, talk show host leslie marshall. welcome to both of you. thanks for being here. let me just start with this. i got a tape and we know that the president has held over 100 fundraisers in the last six months. played golf at least ten times. are he has a good time. you play golf, mr. cunningham. but he didn't have his jobs council meet once and we have fewer americans working than when barack obama became president. watch this and watch mitt romney's response. >> there is no specific reason except the president has a lot on his plate but he tens to solicit and receive advice from numerous folks outside the administration about the
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economy and about ideas that he can act on with congress or he economy grow and help to create jobs. >> this is a day where we received some news which is not encouraging. jobless claims are up in this country again. and consumer confidence has now shown the third straight month of decline. that is a record which has not been matched since 2008. and in the face of that, we are surprised that the president has not met with his jobs council. in the last six months. >> sean: has a lot on his plate. time for 106 fundraisers. zero meetings with the jobs council. how do you explain that to the 47 million americans in poverty, leslie marshall and to the 26 million americans unand under employed. >> if it were four years from now and you got your way and mitt romney were president he would be out doing something called campaigning for his reelection bid and you know it.
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>> sean: 106 fundraisers. zero meetings with the jobs council. >> how come i'm not seeing huge percentage points and leaps for mitt romney. i'm seeing 44-44. 46-47. >> sean: i see the same polls and they outnumber democrats by nine extra points so i'm not surprised. >> can you imagine if john mccain won the presidency. what would be happening this labor day. sciu, leslie marshall all over washington with signs about joblessness. where are the jobs. you would be going nuts about john mccain but because it is your guy you roll over and play dead because you realize this is the worst presidential job performance since 1949 and you sit there like a stooge for the left pretending as if this guy is doing a good job when you know behind the cute eye balls of yours this job is not getting the job done. >> let me tell you, sweet heart, flattery ain't going to get you anywhere tonight.
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it is not the president's job to create jobs. >> it was george w. bush's job wasn't it? >> why doesn't mitt romney and all you rich guys sitting around me ask your rich friends to create some jobs? >> sean: the president said he would do that. >> remember the president of the jobs council is shipping outsourcing jobs all over the place. i think offensive depot is a lot better than solyndra. i think the private sector is a lot better than the public sector losing jobs. every week or two fox news reports on more solar energy companies going out of business in harry reid's state of nevada because you are are trying to do it from the top down, not the bottom up. let's face it our friend and yours mets has had about a 75 -- mitt romney has had a 75% success rate in creating private sector jobs. >> overseas. >> talk to jeffrey immel about overseas jobs. your guy outsources jobs and is the one presiding over the
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worst economic performance in 60 years. take responsibility and quit blaming somebody else. >> i'm not blaming somebody else and it is not my responsibility. if we had a chick in the white house we would have more jobs. >> a chick. you are talking about hillary. that is a sexist comment about hillary clinton right there. >> wait a minute. sexist comment. >> sean: we have a chick and blue eyes. >> they are green. he is pointing his finger and i haven't bitten it off yet it. we have a congress that doesn't work together, sean. >> sean: he had the house and senate for two years. his agenda adopted and stimulus and budgets and healthcare plan and everything he wanted and he said he predicted we would be at 5.6% unemployment. here is the point when does he get responsibility for his plan that he implemented with his democratic allies in the house and senate for those people suffering in the country today? >> i'm not saying that the president doesn't have and bear
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certain responsibility. >> some? >> i don't hear a plan or alternative that is better. >> you are are not paying attention. there is the ryan plan. maybe not acceptable but there is a plan. >> what jobs have republicans create tad they promised to create. isn't that what the tea party said vote our guys in and we will implement the jobs. >> they can't implement because the senate is controlled by the democrats. at no point have we had control the republicans in the senate. harry reid blocks everything. there is a budget out of the house. >> you are giving senator reid more power than he actually has. if the bush tax credits for the rich do create jobs where are the jobs? where are the jobs? it's very simple. >> sean: he ran against the bush plan. he implemented another plan. we have fewer americans working. we have $5 trillion in debt. >> bill: cunningham i will ask you what i think should be the main question in the campaign
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is america better off than it was 4 years and $5 trillion ago? >> fox news did a poll i saw it today with bret baier. the range of 65% of the american people think we are on the right track. it is not even close. your guy said six months after he was elected this will be a one term. if i don't get it solved in one term. >> sean: a one term proposition. >> jimmy carter. >> i know you want him to be jimmy carter. >> it looks like this. carter is in the white house right now not from georgia. he is from ell but let's face it in is jimmy carter. >> i disagree. a different time. 65%, if it you are going to use again seeing't we geneseeing huge numbers in front of mitt romney? you don't have a strong candidate. >> sean: let's go to the 47-47 poll where they outpolled democrats by 9 percentage points. look at every major issue end cater in the poll you have the president down by almost double digits. >> jobs and the economy.
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>> sean: so how does -- how do you make the case that he deserves four more years if he is upside down and we are still losing 400,000 jobs a month and he promised he would cut the deficit in half? i'm asking the specific. how do you make the case? >> this is not about deserving. >> sean: it is not about his record. >> you agree he doesn't deserve a second term? >> i did not say that. don't put words in my mouth. >> what has he done to indicate he deserves a second term? >> sean: what has he done? show me where he can go to the american people. >> we have the passage of the affordable care act which i know neither of you will agree with me on. >> stunned american business. >> most of it hasn't even been implemented yet. >> the fear of hiring new employees based upon obama care is so strong. american business owners are stunned with what is coming their way. >> in november it will not be
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about that just democrats vote for obama and republicans for romney. 15% of the swing vote. >> sean: and every poll shows independents abandoned the president. >> we wouldn't have a race so close as this. >> sean: when a president's approval rating is so close to 40% he is in trouble. >> i'm hot saying i'm going to vegas on this one. i'm confident the president will win very, very close. >> i'm still waiting to hear the answer to that question. what has he done to deserve reelection? i'm waiting. >> i feel that he offers a better plan for the american people bus i don't. >> sean: what has he done? not what his plan is. >> it isn't going to take us four years to get out. >> sean: he said it was a one term proposition. we have a lot more ground to cover. stay right there. more with billy cunningham and leslie marshall. are the presidents attacks on governor romney costing him in the polls?
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a new survey delivers sobering news to the obama campaign. franklin is here to break down the numbers and then what did parents think ofspare rents the george zimmerman interview i did last night. we will have that and more right here on "hannity." where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's whye got a subaru. love wherer the road takes you. wow, there it is
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>> sean: and we continue with radio and television host bill
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cunningham, fox news contributor leslie marshall also on radio and tv. we have fox news .com story. and the usda is now encouraging food stamp programs to promote the elderly by using parties and games. here is what it is. a series of guides currently posted on their website that promotes food stamp programs. here is my question -- if we now in american history are are at the highest point of government assistance ever. the highest point ever. isn't the way back to a balanced budget and lower deficits by encouraging an economy where people work and not food stamp parties? >> so you want to send grandma to work? >> no, and i don't want to throw grandma over the cliff and i don't want dirty air and water and i care about kids with down's syndrome and autism to use every obama. don't you want to encourage
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jobs and free market and opportunity and investment and isn't this administration moving in the other direction? >> even though i'm a liberal don't faint i'm not a huge believer in the systemic problem that we do have of generational dependence on programs. years ago, former president bill clinton and former governor of wisconsin tommy thompson had a welfare to work program. >> obama gutted that, too. >> i don't agree with the president 100% and i'm sure you don't agree with mitt romney or george bush 100%. and the same for food stamps. i think it is abominable. >> 47% in america. >> we have almost 9 million americans on disability. 88,000 people got on disability last month. only 65,000 jobs created. we have a food stamp president. a disability president. an illegal migration president. a president with home ownership
6:16 pm
at its historical lows. a president under a black african american president and i'm proud to have someone of color in the white house. the average net worth of the average adult african american is $6,000. we have 40% of black kids unemployed. if there was a white president with that record al sharpton, jesse jackson would be marching. >> i'm not going there with color. this is not an issue of color. when it comes to immigration it is not quite frankly any president's fault. it is the business owner's hiring them and that is who we need to go after first and foremost. he is second of all, this president gets in trouble from the hispanic population and other democrats and liberals because he has deported more illegal immigrants. >> he is nodding. right now, obama can nod about what is going to happen. >> more people from disability. >> they go from unemployment to disability. >> a number of veterans that have come home from iraq and
6:17 pm
afghanistan. >> not all on disability. >> sean: a last question for bill cunningham. if the unemployment rate in the african american youth community is 40%. 11% in the hispanic community. in the african american community at a 27 year high. why when you look at demographics do you think that mitt romney can get some of this vote that is traditionally been a part of the democrats. >> george bush lost 89% of the black vote and did pretty good. it is 95% because we are irish catholic. if an irish catholic was in the white house we would vote for that guy. i get he will get 95% but not going to have the turnout of 13.5 or 14%. more like 11 or 12 because of gay marriage. there is thousands of black ministers that don't like the gay marriage thing. >> sean: have to leave it here. good to see you both. thank you. >> we are going to work with her. needs to go for a little rehab. >> on the government's dime?
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>> of course. you are a liberal, you want it for free. >> sean: my interview with george zimmerman caught everyone's attention. a whole new installment of media mash immediating media bias. and then frank luntz cuts through the poll numbers and mitt romney seems to be edging outside the president in terms of recent polls. frank will tell us why mitt is doing better, straight ahead. wouldn't it be cool if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... ...advanced headlights... ...and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. ♪ introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima. it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪
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>> sean: and last night on this very pro-am the country heard for the first time george zimmerman the man that is charged with second-degree murder for the shooting death of trayvon martin. there are few parts from the sit down interview with zimmerman causing quite a stir. especially one clip in particular. watch this. >> is there anything you regret? did you regret getting out of the car to follow trayvon that night? >> no, sir. >> do you regret that you had a gun that night? >> no, sir. >> do you feel you wouldn't be here for this interview if you didn't have that gun? >> no, sir. >> sean: you feel you would not be here? >> i feel that it was all god's plan and for me to second guess it or judge it. >> sean: is there anything you
6:23 pm
might do differently in retrospect now that the time has passed a little bit? >> no, is, sir. >> sean: trayvon martin's parents responded to what george zimmerman's parents told me. >> i don't understand what he was thinking by saying it was gods it plan that he murdered our child and i don't understand what god he worships because it is not the seam god that i worship. >> sabrina. >> and why would god have him to kill an unarmed teenager? just makes no sense. >> what plan is it by -- i mean that is just -- that is a heartless to say that was god's plan that he took our child's life. >> sean: and joining me with reaction is one of the martin family attorneys daryl parks. welcome back to the program. thank you for being with us. >> good afternoon. >> sean: and i notice that the media did run with that particular phrase god's plan. if you listen to the entire quote what he said before that
6:24 pm
i was asking him if he thought he would be here meaning on earth and he said no, sir. he said he didn't think he would be here and gives an explanation. in context, does it sound different to you? he also talked about praying for the martin family every day. >> you can't take the two statements together. i think for him to inject god's plan into the situation certainly was not in god's plan for an unarmed teenager to be killed in this situation. that is what made it so difficult for them that he kind of tries to downplay it as being god's plan when it was is his action that took trayvon's life. >> sean: before he said god's plan i i asked him do you think he would be here. no, sir,, what he is saying is he thought he would be dead. >> anyway, regardless of that it goes back to the fact that had he stayed in the car none of this ever happens. he takes it upon himself. one of the problems that
6:25 pm
trayvon's parents had about this situation george never takes responsibility for his action. when you ask him about does he regret having a gun, getting out of the car. he doesn't regret any of that. those are things that he did. so those are the things that brought about what happened later that night. >> sean: let me go back and george zimmerman giving his version last night in this interview with a lot of detail of what he says happened and how trayvon confronted him and struck him and immediately broke his nose. i want you to -- let me remind you about this part of the interview you from last night. >> and you said to him i don't have a problem. >> yes, sir. >> sean: you reach for your phone. >> i reached for it assaying no, i don't have a problem. >> sean: and at that point you just got hit. >> he was ready with an arm's length from me. >> sean: and was that the punch in the nose that broke your nose? >> yes, sir.
6:26 pm
>> sean: and you went immediately to the ground. >> i don't remember if i went immediately to the ground or he pushed me on the ground but i ended up on the ground. >> sean: you said you wanted to stop him from hitting your head on the cement. is that what you told police? >> yes, sir. >> sean: after that next hit what happened next? >> he started bashing my head into the concrete sidewalk. i was -- as soon as he broke my nose i started yelling for help. i was disoriented and he started slamming my head into the concrete. >> sean: which is where the lassations came from? >> yes, serrations you said it was like your head was about to explode. >> yes, sir. he continued to punch me in the head. >> sean: how many times would you estimate that he punched you? >> several. more than a dozen. >> sean: i wasn't there. you weren't there.
6:27 pm
what do you make of his version of the events that night? >> well, i understand his explanation but i think that we have to always go back to the fact that had he stayed in the car. and we have to also remember that mr. zimmerman is in a vehicle and he is traveling. trayvon is a pedestrian and he is walking, right. they are two different speeds going on here. and so if he never gets out of the vehicle they never have this encounter so for him to make trayvon out to be the perpetrator, i don't buy it. >> sean: let me ask you this in terms of getting a guilty verdict in this case, and that listening to his version, looking at the injuries he incurred, he did have a broken nose. he did have lacerations in the back of his head. just evidence that we know. there might be other evidence that many coulds up that has not been made public at this point. there was the one eyewitness from the night that saided that he did see trayvon on top of
6:28 pm
mr. zimmerman. and that he was punching him. how do you -- with all that we do know up to this point, there may be more evidence and more information coming out but with all of that put together how do you get a second-degree murder conviction? bring me to how you get there? tell me what you would argue? >> first of all, you you have to ar argue when saw trayvon he called him a punk for whatever reason and that is without knowing anything about him and without him seeing him doing anything wrong. all those things play a part of him profiling him. and so he follows trayvon. >> sean: he said he was talking to the dispatcher. >> he was talking to the dispatcher but it all goes to his mindset. the one thing about george zimmerman he never likes to talk about all of the events that happened prior to the alter kateion. those things are important because it goes to his intent and mindset and most importantly, though, it is basic evidence that george zimmerman is now allowed to
6:29 pm
frame himself recorded real time. >> sean: it is not illegal to get out of the car or if you think somebody is suspicious. whether he was right or wrong in the case. i go back to the one eyewitness that said he saw trayvon on top of mr. zimmerman. the injuries that we know that took place including the broken nose. he is now consistently to the police and others give than same story about what happened that night and the next day where he reenacted it. bring me from that point evidence before a jury and then he tells the story about the gun. how do you get a guilty verdict if in fact he is claiming that trayvon attacked him, confronted him and struck him first? how do you get there? >> i think most reasonable people would see when they hear this case is that trayvon was doing nothing wrong. and he was confronted by george zimmerman. he got out of his truck and confronted him. trayvon, one, did nothing whatsoever. he was provoked. and so when trayvon is followed
6:30 pm
he doesn't know this guy at all. and this guy is looking at him and in a suspicious way. so any one especially once he realizes is this guy is armed for him to fight for his life. you you hear him talking about his nose was broken. he is fighting a man with a 9-millimeter. >> sean: but the eyewitness said that trayvon was on top of him. >> he should have been on top of him. if this guy was stalking him and this guy is armed he should have been beating him. >> sean: even if he was walking -- even if he he was walking back to his car and if it is -- i don't know what happened. i wasn't there. but the eyewitness said if in fact george zimmerman what he is saying is true and trayvon confronted him and came up to him you don't think that is problematic in terms of getting a conviction? >> i don't think that is problematic for this reason. and we can sit here and try to listen to george zimmerman's
6:31 pm
statement but the great thing that we have in the case is the 911 audio where the tells the dispatcher he is following the person. that will be up to a tryer of fact to decide whether they believe that or not. >> sean: thanks for coming back on the program. we appreciate it. >> sean: still ahead, more on the zimmerman interview you with kimberly guilfoyle and peter johnson, jr. coming up next, media bias has never been worse. the most outrageous examples coming up. and frank luntz breaks down the latest poll numbers and campaign ads and there are somm hard hitting ones, tonight her on "hannity." this summer put your family in an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz now for an exceptional price during the summer event. but hurry, this offer ends july 31st. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life
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and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful c250 sport sedan. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. >> sean: and welcome back to "hannity." time for media mash the weekly roundup of all of the ways the mainstream media tries to put the liberal spin on the news that you get every day. back with us to go through all of the material this week the
6:36 pm
president of the media research center brent bozell. this week is great. mitt romney goes to speak to the naacp. and he gets booed and then gets a standing ovation. what is interesting is afterwards they -- liberals claim that he wanted to get booed. >> i don't make it up. >> he wanted the boos. he is taking those boos to his fundraiser with dick cheney in wyoming. he puts boos in the overhead bin carrying them out there and he is so proud of them. >> what he is saying to the base is that he was talking to a room full of willie hortons and that is what he was trying to do in the same way that this willie horton industry was used as you know earlier in the political history. our troubled political history as evidenced by the fact that his the immediate reaction from the grand dragon of radio by whom i mean rush limbaugh tracked that. >> wow. >> i have used this line before but he does speak for the
6:37 pm
people among the conservatives who wish for a return to the good 'ole days of jim crow. he was doing it in a very passive aggressive way. >> besides the typical nbc news gratuitous shot at any conservative, he wanted to get booed? >> sean hannity, this story is real life evidence that this goes beyond run of the mill cynical liberal journalism. there are journalists who really do eat wild mushrooms before they go on the air. how do we explain this one? this is out of control stuff. if mitt romney had not gone to this he would have been attacked by the very he same journalists as being a racist and that is why he didn't go. when goes, he is attacked as being somebody who is a racist who wants to use it against them. the guy can't win in this. this is the same media who say nothing that barack obama himself doesn't go to this thing. yes, he got a standing ovation.
6:38 pm
you want hear that in any report. >> sean: my all time favorite. of course, it comes from nbc news, once again. mr. thrill up the leg, spine, entire body chris matthews. i bet you didn't know this but there are perfect people and this is one perfect person walking this earth right now. guess who? >> he has raced his family right and fought to the harvard law review and becomes head of the harvard review. everything h has done is cheap as a whistle. never done anything wrong. the perfect father and perfect husband and perfect american and all they did was trash the guy. >> sean: you can't make this up. poor chris. i mean what -- where does this come from? >> chris matthews is right, barack obama is clean as a whistle if you listen to chris matthews because he and all of his buddies refuse to report anything negative about him. >> sean: nbc news.
6:39 pm
>> he makes the point that you and i have been making for months about the campaign. when it comes to tony resco or jeremiah wright they refuse to cover it and he is clean as a whistle. when it comes to the corruption going on in washington they refuse to cover it. therefore, he is as clean as a whistle. if you are not going to cover anything negative, of course, he is clean as a whistle. >> sean: when i call the president the anointed one that is what i mean. those that think not that big a deal. brent, good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, buddy. >> sean: coming up, mitt romney leads president obama in the polls despite attempts by democrats to distort his record. we will check in with pollster frank luntz and he tells us why frank luntz and he tells us why the attacks are not swaying voters. yes it's true. how is this possible? proper tire inflation, by using proper grades of oil, your car runs more efficiently, saves gas.
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>> sean: in 110 days americans will vote for the man that they want to see as the next
6:44 pm
president for the next four years and if that election were in fact held today that man would be former massachusetts governor mitt romney. "new york times"cbs news poll shows that romney opened up a two-point lead over the president. this is the first time that he has been on top since early january. in other words, it appears the president's releaptless smear campaign against the governor is simply not working. in fact, it could in fact be backfiring. the survey also shows that obama's approval rating dropped four points to 44%. that is one of the lowest numbers on record. if you think all of this is good news for republicans, consider this. only 25% of those polled were republicans. 2 32% called themselves democrats. here to break down the numbers and much more the pollster and man himself fox news contributor frank luntz. all the polls are out sampling democrats by 7,, 9 points. does that make that even more traumatic. >> i'm not even looking at the national numbers sean. i'm looking at ohio, colorado,
6:45 pm
nevada. your viewers know not to look at the broad. doesn't matter what is going on in california and new york. >> sean: the approval rating matters. >> follow the state by states and what is going on in the states. ohio is a mess. voters don't want to watch. they are afraid to turn on the tv sets because they may see another political ad. >> sean: let's show you the busy president ad as they call this. watch this. >> is there any reason we haven't met publicly? >> the president has got a lot of his plate. ♪ >> so there is no reason they haven't met publicly? >> no, there is no specific reason except the president obviously has got a lot on his plate. >> sean: jobs council zero. the. >> the fact is important but here is the problem. the anxiety is so great and the anger is so deep and emotional
6:46 pm
nobody wants to laugh and that almost pokes fun at the president for not doing what he should have done. it would be far more effective if that was somber. >> sean: use it serious. >> and people are suffering. >> because they are and no jokes about the campaign because nobody finds it funny. >> sean: let me run this romney these hands ad as they call this. roll this. >> if you have been successful you didn't get there on your own. you didn't get there on your own. i'm always struck by people who think wow, it must be because i was just so smart. >> hard work and a little bit of luck we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it? >> we are the solution, not the problem. it is time we had somebody who believes in us. somebody who believes achievement should be rewarded and not punished. >> to say that steve jobs didn't build apple, that henry ford didn't build ford motors is insulting to every
6:47 pm
entrepreneur and builder in america. >> i have been critical of many of the ads and that is one of the best ads you have shown on the show since the beginning of the campaign. >> sean: why? >> the man who is working with his hands says to the president stop demonizing us. and the reason why it is so powerful that unites employer and employee. unites white collar and blue collar. middle class and working class. people in america i hope i can say this feel like they are busting their ass now and sending more money to washington that ends up getting sent to china and europe. the stimulus makes people angry. that is the first ad that a worker a hard working american says enough is enough. >> sean: that is what you said about bain and to go to people whose jobs were saved. one other thing on the outsourcing issue which fundamentally was the whole point of the bain attack and class warfare aspect of it was
6:48 pm
the issue of outsourcing. then we find out 29 billion stimulus dollars went to finland and denmark and canada and mexico. >> the obama administration is going to criticize romney because he he cost a few thousand jobs in certain area. romney is going to criticize obama for costing a few million jobs. >> sean: and do you think this has been a net positive for the president to go on the attack? caimans followed by bain. i think it will continue throughout the campaign because the president can't articulate a vision or talk about the past. >> until that ad, yes. with that ad in ohio it made a difference. >> sean: so frank luntz we have 110. don't want to make a prediction. >> go to luntz global .com. sign up. >> sean: and frank may yell he at you as he prepares you for the focus group. do you or do you not yell at
6:49 pm
the people in the focus group? >> don't you have a hard stop there, guys? isn't there? >> sean: coming up did george zimmerman compromise his case by sitting down with me. that is next tonight on "hannity." [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast, st $14.99. start with soup, salad ancheddar bay biscuits then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. ♪ home of the brave. ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪
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we have all this evidence. the state attorney is going to see this interview as a gift when they go to cross examine george zimmerman. >> sean: that was one of other attorneys for trayvon martin's parents this morning on fox and friends. fox news learnd that the florida state prosecutor entered my interview with george zimmerman into discovery. will his sitdown with me help or hurt his case? here to respond, fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. the cohost for the five, kimberly guilfoyle, former prosecutor yourself. i was watching that interview and you are cohosting on fox and friends this morning. >> absolutely. and the e-mail reaction that i got in response to what we were talking about is that it was an overwhelmingly positive interview and congratulations on the interview. it was a great get. in terms of helping the case of george zimmerman i think it is a net-net positive. depicted him as not a racist
6:54 pm
monster but as a person of introspection and maybe even a person of spirituality and a person who is standing by his actions but understands the need to apologize to the family. we also came to underand it as a result of this interview things we never heard in the mainstream media. he alleges that he was being suffocated and his head was being banged repeatedly and that the victim trayvon martin attempted after suffocating him to move his hand down his body to his wh holstered firearm in order to kill him. >> sean: the first eyewitness in the case the night of the shooting, kimberly said to police he witnessed it was trayvon on top of george zimmerman and described exactly what george said in terms of taking the head and beating and pounding. >> we are getting a real glimpse into what the trial will be and the witness testimony. you can have thousands of
6:55 pm
trials that go by where the defendant doesn't take the stand but you what you got there was george zimmerman on the stand with you asking the questions. you brought up everything about what happened that night and asked the questions about the precippent eyewitness to the crime and you confronted him on those details and he gave answers and that is why the prosecutor ran to the courtroom to enter this into discovery into evidence. >> sean: you had an interesting theory as we were talking earlier. you think this was done almost for p.r. purposes. >> sure, done to intimidate the defense in the case to say to the defense listen you think you had a good night in getting your story out to a jury pool and telling america that your client is a person of some introspection and not a maniacal killer, we think it is great for us. but i think kimberly will tell you and i heard her talking about it earlier on "the five." maybe it gets into evidence. maybe it doesn't. maybe he testifies.
6:56 pm
maybe he doesn't testify. who knows. >> sean: what fascinated me is what was picked up on by the media when used the term god's will and that seemed to be isolated. a little different coverage on fox and friends to your coverage this morning when also said i pray for his parents every night. i think peter is right in suggesting there is an element of spirituality here. >> absolutely. and i think he made it very clear that he felt that he had no other choice but to act in the way he did to save his own life which is classic self-defense which a jury can then find him not guilty of the crime but regrets the ultimate outcome of the loss of a life so tried to articulate that and showed a more human side tan we have already seen repeatedly in the press and mainstream that depicted him as a monster and child killer. >> use the one line isolated. >> and it is not what people are saying because i read the question and the answer that he gave and i'm not so sure he understood the question that was being asked when he gave
6:57 pm
the response that he gave. he is a not a spine meister or professional communicator. a person that has some values in terms of religion. when is talking about god's plan in an inarticulate way he is talking about a a complex theo logical theory that is in the islam and judaic and christian religions a notion of devine la law and divine providence. i don't think he is speaking of it as a just fection or he is a cold blooded -- >> god's will. that is how the media tried to portray the aspect of it but it is not compatible with i pray for them every day. >> that is the negative of giving an inkjet view but there are positives -- an interview. there are positives as well. i learned because i never focused on it he passed a lie detector test two or three
6:58 pm
times. a computerized voice analysis. we see a picture that we have never seen before and i think to his lawyer's credit he said listen hannity is going to give me a fair shot. he will have some tough questions and you did and you asked some tough questions that may not put him in a good light going forward but at the same time americans got to see unvarnished a story of one man thrust into a situation and how he responded and see how we respond. >> sean: let me ask you one last question as a former prosecutor. the eyewitness, nobody saw the actual moment of the shooting. >> right. >> sean: there were witnesses and we to have injuries compatible with the story that the eyewitness gave and what george zimmerman specifically said. how does a prosecution get to a guilty verdict, second-degree murder, when you have a story that is consistent, you have a witness that sees trayvon on top of him, injuries kistent with it. how do they get the conviction?
6:59 pm
>> the physical evidence and forensic evidence corresponds with the eyewitness testimony given after the incident and with the statements that george zimmerman has given and certainly the one he gave last night. they have to say to the jury this guy is not believable and lacks credibility. he was actually the agressor and point out any inconsistent statements to impeach him. >> sean: does that get them to a guilty verdict? >> i think it will be challenging based on what we learned and heard last night in the interview i think the case got a lot better for george zimmerman. >> more than reasonable doubt was created last night and i think the only thing that none of us doubt is that all of these folks need our prayers that trayvon martin family and george zimmerman because it is a terrible tragedy. >> that is what i believe. >> for both sides. >> sean: when i said that one time i was criticized it could have been a terrible misunderstanding. a mindseof


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