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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 20, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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[ inaudible ] it's time for this dude to go. >> andrea: well put. thank you. that is it for us on "the five." thank you for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. or otherwise known as red fox ninja go. >> what is coming up tonight? >> fred willard is arrested for lewd conduct in an adult movie theater. insert "dark knight rises" joke here. and the romney campaign ad hammers president obama for his you didn't build this remark. some say yes -- wait, that doesn't work herl. and finally, are short people awful? short answer, yes. greg? >> who pitched that article in
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the meeting today? >> it is funny. i think everybody person on the staff had it. >> i don't believe it was a study. it was an opinion piece. >> short people are horrible. >> if that makes you feel better, andy. >> i feel great. >> all right then. i guess we are settled. >> go away. >> tall people are miserable. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that bunson burners use her for a science experiment. well, he is so sharp that when light bull bulbs get an idea they 1r* pictures of him over their heads. it is chris baron, go proud co-founder. and in croatia he is considered a slim jim, bill schulz. and if hilarity was a shark attack i would beat him off underwater. sherrod small, pretending to be on the phone. nobody has done that before on "red eye." how innovative. and he is a pile of trash
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worse than a rash. good to see you, pinch. >> times movie critic, i was named after shoe dargus says "the dark knight rises" has references to terrorism. you know, intern porch, i would like to think of myself as batman and you my faithful sidekick robin the boy wonder. >> up, up and away. >> no, chum, that's the superman line. >> i'll be back. >> okay that is not even a super here roar. hero. >> hulk smash! >> get him out of here. there is a big yellow p behind me. >> what does it stand for? >> who knows? >> will fred willard do time for not going on-line? will the 17-year-old comedic genius who has appeared in "best in show,"" anchorman" and there he is, was arrested at an adult movie house.
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is that what they are called? it was wednesday night for engaging in lewd conduct. willard was apprehended at 8:50 p.m., early for this, and someplace in the tiki theater. i have never heard of. he was taken to an lapd station where he was booked and released. the theater will not released security tape of the incident, but here is an artist rendering of the action as it unfolded. it really is like you are there. we must pay that artist -- nothing. willard's attorney has released the following statement,
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>> let's look at a specific clip that made fred unzip. >> i know ssments i know. sherrod, this is such a -- this is like an old fashioned -- what is the word? it doesn't happen anymore. >> you have iphone or any kind of phone and you can pull it up and do it in the privacy of your own home. it wasn't about him being in a private place. he wanted the group environment. >> really? >> some people are into that. here is my big concern. he is on a new show on abc that premiered last week. he is the host with wayne brady and all of those other dudes who jump around and do sketches. >> really? the guys who jump around. >> one episode aired. will abc pull this show off the air with like eight more
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episodes left? >> he got pbs -- >> pbs fired him. >> i thought that was rather rash. chris, are you looking perplexed. is this something you normally do? >> i was so glad you didn't go to me first. this is a complete and total waste of resources. how many people do you think were killed or raped in l.a.? how many homes were broken into or cars stolen? >> are they famous? >> what do people -- what do the police think is going on in the triple-a booty theater? are they there for the popcorn? come on. >> that is a good point. the story shocked me on three levels, diane. one, that it was fred willard. when these crimes up it is always somebody surprising. it is never who you think. fred willard! and then number two these theaters still exist. and number three it was tiki. i associated tiki with these adorable hawaii an-type bars with the floury drinks. >> with little torches. >> exactly. >> i love they said this was
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part of a routine inspection. who do you have to piss off to get that assignment? you are thinking you are going to fight the crime on the hard streets of l.a., and instead you are looking into the tiki. >> bill, we were wondering when this happened. why wasn't it paul mccurio? >> i think paul mccurio is thanking his lucky stars they went to the third row first instead of front where where everyone could view. the poor guy. i mean, as morally bankrupt as the media and the area is, and yes i said the hollywood area, this is small potatoes. pbs fires him? are you kidding? give him a warning. give him a slap on the wrist. as much as a devoted sesame fan i am, " f" pbs. this is terrible. it is a domain name waiting to happen. show me big bird porn.
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>> if pbs fired him, what is walt disney channel going to do? it is abc. they have to let him go. somebody that is to fill that hour. >> here is the question and we know the answer. fred willard is this type of guy. what was the best thing anyone did after a scandal like this? it was when hugh grant went on "the tonight show" said i did it. i am guilty. fred willard will do that times 10. he will not only go on the talk show, but say i am a dirty old man. he will participate in a sketch and show clips on the movie. >> he should host "saturday night live." >> i agree. >> he should do it up. >> he has to embrace this. >> why is it bs? this is a little off putting, don't you agree? >> what do you think is happening in this triple-x peep show? >> it doesn't make it legal. it is still illegal. >> who cares? >> you can do it in the
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privacy of your own home. >> he is 72 years old. >> can i bring -- here is my, i don't know, understanding of this. he is 72. there could be an issue where he does president know how to get -- doesn't know how to get porn on a computer. it could be as simple as that. i don't know what to do. >> it is age discrimination. >> he probably drove to the theater with the laptop in his hand and he probably was like -- can you just put this on here? he probably got on google. he probably typed in alta vista or netscape and then he typed in porn and says where are the porn? >> are you not far off. witnesses said before the movie started he was seen trying to jam a video cassette into the wall. he didn't even know there were people there. he thought it was his personal studio. >> he is 72 years old. good for him forgetting it up. >> the other -- you know, he plays a dumb person in every
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single show he is in. he plays clueless. maybe he is not playing. >> maybe he really is. >> maybe he really is. >> maybe he is pulling a somebody. >> pee wee herman, most relieved guy, legally, in america because now this joke is about willard and not about pee wee. >> they are saying he pulled a pee wee herman. >> pee wee will always hold that crown. i don't think that -- >> with both hands. he will hold it with both hands. >> almost made it with a dumb, stupid pun from sherrod. to politics now. from willard to willard. willard mitt romney, that is. that's his name. >> no, it is not. >> yes, mitt is short for willard. i didn't come up with the rules. somebody else did. the romney campaign is continuing to hammer last friday's you didn't build that comment from president obama releasing a new web ad or wad on thursday featuring the business owner taking the whole thing pretty personally. take a glance, glance takers.
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>> did somebody else take out the loan on my father's house to finance the equipment? did somebody else make pay role every week and figure out where it is coming from? president obama is killing us out here. with hard work and a little luck we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it? we are the solution, not the problem. >> i am going to demonize that goatee. the obama campaign president coulds to argue his comments were taken out of context launching a web ad of their own that accuses romney of saying anything to get elected. >> president obama exposed what he really thinks about free people and the american vision. he said this, if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> all right, meanwhile the romney campaign is now selling shirts that say "i built my
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business, mr. president" and put out another video in response to the obama response video. >> i wonder did the government grow that apple? i am not so sure about that. diane, i have seen or heard -- i have seen this speech that obama made more times than the cliff of the ball going between bill buckner's legs. i have seen it 183 times and 184 times. it is not going to stop. has this been a god sent to the romney campaign who really -- they were rudderless, and now they have this hook. >> i think this jumped on what a lot of people view as an easy talking point to sum up what is wrong with the obama campaign. the scary part is it is a president who will turn around
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and basically demonize the american dream and say if you did manage to go from nothing to something it is not you that did that. it is the government that did that. that's the one part. the other thing is it is absurd. for the president to say he didn't say that, it is not true. you heard it a hundred and god knows how many times. it is not that it was taken out of context. if you listen to the speech, that's what he meant, and that's the kind of ideology he supported all along. he said they had public schools and public roads. everybody has access to public schools and public roads. not everybody goes on to build successful businesses. and to make it seem like government handouts is not true. those people paid. those business owners, those innovators and success stories, they are the people who for the most part not only paid for them to use the roads and schools, they paid for them too. i think it is scary that they have a president that demonizes people for being successful. >> amen, sister. >> i don't think i even have
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to say anything. let's take a break. >> that was mar lar key. >> you can't even respond to that. >> i can, malarkey. well choreographed nonsense. first, i agree with a lot of what you are saying. but it was blown out of proportion. >> that's politics. >> that's exactly what they plan. they are trying to say he is coming down on the working person. and no he didn't say that. >> that's what he said. >> that's what he meant. >> by the way, what is bull is the obama campaign has been out there blowing up stupid stuff. they are blowing up offshore accounts. >> that's exactly my point. they have been out there saying romney may be a felon. and they are actually mad that romney is showing a speech
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that the president gave. >> are you trying to tell us what obama intended on saying. >> i thought it was obvious. >> i have to say she did say the words may until he releases his tax returns, how do we know? >> as far as i'm concerned he has never been audited. >> even a dude in the commercial trying to attack obama saying was my father not the one who got the loan from the bank? people have to regulate these things and that's the government, stupid. >> see that's fundamentally the difference between democrats and republicans. it is an idea that republicans republicans -- limited government people believe in the individual. people believe that you get where you are going because of your own will, your own work, your own desire. you fail because of the same reasons. the democrats and the big government people believe that everybody wins or loses because of what the government does or doesn't do. it is a cycle. it is a culture of victimization.
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it is a plantation mentality. >> i don't think either of these candidates can say one thing and then do another. >> finally you did it. >> this is a message that the president is conveying the whole time. this is nothing different from what he normally says. he put it in an easy to play talking point. >> and what his policies have shown the entire time. >> that's what he believes. i. >> and the people who support him say that's what they should believe. >> what has obama done to the business so far? >> screwed him. >> how? >> 3% would be taxed. >> oh my god! >> small businesses by definition 3% will get taxed. >> it is easy. >> no, a huge number of small business owners including myself file as individuals. so when president obama talks about we are only raising taxes on the ultra rich, the paris hiltons, that's a complete and total lie.
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there are a lot of small business owners that will be hit by the tax on the rich. >> how much is this individual small business making? >> it is nothing for a small business. >> i agree with that. >> the liberals on the coast are actually saying, could you put it up to a million? >> maybe it should be a million. 250 seems low. >> the president goes out there and when he gives these speeches he talks about private jets and millionaires and billionaires. that's not who they apply to. they apply to those people, but they apply to the small business owner who files their taxes as an individual because their business makes $250,000 a year. that's not a lot of money, and these people are being taxed to the hit. and on top of it they are being told, you are not paying your fair share. >> fair share. we already pay our taxes. we already give back. >> what is the solution?
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we are all adults. let's come up with a solution. >> nobody wants a solution. >> that is what is great about this. we are having finally a conversation and debate about two competing ideologies. one that favors limited government, and one that believes government can do more for you than yourself. this is a beautiful time. >> you are absolutely right. >> it is limited government. >> all for that. >> obama came out with a speech and made it seem he is campaigning against anarchists. nobody is saying to do away with the military, the police, the firefighters, the schools. >> i heard a lot of republicans say get rid of the schools. >> that was just me. >> well, you are a lot of republicans. >> is romney saying that? >> willard romney? >> i was talking about comedy traffic schools. >> you said they were a temptation, and it is better to get them out of your neighborhood, period, so you can go about your business. >> if he believes in the
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policies, defend the ones they are coming out against and have a real conversation about this. instead of telling people, you don't pay your fair share, come out and say, i know you pay a lot in taxes, we would like you to pay more. the country is in a tough spot, and we would like you to do that. that would be a better way. >> i agree. >> and come out and say guess what. not only should you pay more, we think the government should spend more. we think the government is doing a good job of spending your money. we want more of your money so we can spend it. >> can we disagree that this is all campaign nonsense? >> i will say that all poll -- look, this is an argument among a fraction of the country who are paying attention right now to politics. in one sense it is tit for tat. it is part of a philosophical argument that is legitimate. >> find a solution. >> find out what the solution is libertarian. >> and hanging out with me.
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>> i think that is always a solution. >> all right, lausch and laum makes a good solution. >> oh. >> they can't all be winners. are aliens from another planet bent on invading the earth? that's in his later book, white people are aliens from another planet. >> i love sci-fi. >> tom cruise loves men -- toring young people. but does it help? we discuss.
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are the very small the worst of us all, or does america put the big in bigot? they say in the wake of the tom-kat split, the media and
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twitter sphere immediately began blaming the whole thing on cruise's lack of height. i missed these stories. the 5 foot 4 inch dunin says he is sick of everyone assuming short people are bossy jerks like napoleon and mu celine knee and gutfeld. i have to start reading these stories ahead of time. but he said we folk run the spectrum of the rainbow and say delightful scam pes like dudley more, danny devito and gandhi are as vertically challenged as the evil doers. they work netted rainbow thing as a jab. and as more proof that the tiny be terrific? i think i have made my point. sherrod, why can't hacks focus less on tom's size and more on his gorgeousness. >> you know when i heard about tom cruise and katie holmes split i was sad. >> you were? >> yes. i am a big supporter of gay
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marriage. >> you know you are getting feed now. >> food for what? >> they were very 19th century. >> that's exactly. >> i found the whole relationship quite year. >> i missed the gay 90s -- 1890s. >> do you have a size limit when it comes to guys you date? and i mean height? >> my mother is watching this. joy i thought you were going to take it the wrong way. >> you do? >> i don't have a size limit. i am short myself. i don't have a size limit in terms of dating guys. but i think a lot of short guys it doesn't come to their height. short guys are bitter because ts around their height. they can't get a date because they are short. they can't get a date because they won't stop wining about their height. >> god she has been good. >> you are about what? >> 6 feet tall. >> so where do you draw your
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lines? >> jealous much? >> i'm married. >> i am not a height fashist. but if he has really little hands, that would scare me. little hands freak me out. >> i shook the hand of a tiny actor, and it freaked me out. it was unusual. granted he was six years old. does cruise behave the way he does because he is small or in spite of it? >> they ter national question. they ter national question. not good with the words. never have been. there was a study done in the last two years that said that anyone under 5 foot 4 for males -- fight foof 10 for -- 5 foot 10 or males males and 5 foot 4 for females had a lower level of happiness than their
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counter part. smaller people are by definition miserable. luckily they are stoic and keep it to themselves. i assume because i never listen to them no matter what he say. >> would i have been a different person if i had been not 5 foot 10? >> isles, what? i'm sorry, what? >> i didn't even know i was short until i left my village. >> you were looking for that ring. >> you don't live in mushrooms? wow! >> mind if my park micah knew in the -- my canoe in a pea pod some. >> when a hobbit compares himself to an elf -- >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox my direct line 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by tricycle.
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the vehicles used for recreation especially by young children. thanks, tricycle.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far? let's go to andy levy. how are you doing? >> good. >> fantastic. before we get started, about tonight, housekeeping pr last night? >> yes.
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>> we were talking about the 7 million dollar man episode of the 6 million dollar man, the tv series? >> yes. >> the character's name was barney hiller and not barney miller. makes sense. monty markum is very much alive, and not as you said, dead. >> do you think he will come on and do "red eye." >> he was on a couple episodes of "fringe" which is a show i enjoy. maybe he will. >> maybe if he is watching now. monty, we would love to have you on. >> of course he is watching. >> of course, a big fan of the show. >> thanks to twitter at mesch radke for sending the correction to me. >> i know who she is. >> who cares? >> did you just name drop a random twitterer? that's a new one. >> fred willard arrested for lewd conduct and fired by pbs, an ago raw niche was -- >> you saw that, didn't you? i couldn't do it.
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>> you had it written down, but the way -- >> i was -- it was like i don't know what it was. i couldn't get the car started. >> sherrod, abc says it plans to broadcast "trust us with your life." they say they will air. >> of course. they are already out of the pocket for it. >> somebody is in tv land. >> i thought pbs was supposed to be the progressive ones. >> how ironic they yanked him. >> wait a second. what is pro tbres sigh about abusing yourself in -- progressing -- progressive about abusing yourself in an old time theater? i don't see what one has to do with the other. >> it is like live and let live. >> it is an old timey theater. >> i envision these giant moveable bears. >> have i some good -- according to cinema treasures .org, a great website, the tiki thigh ter is the only theater left that shows straight porn in the greater
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metropolitan-los angeles area. >> thank god for that. >> they say they screen videos and dvd's on a very small screen. it sounds lame. they used to have girls striping between the triple features, but not anymore. >> obama government. >> obama impeached. it sounds like an old school peep show from time square where the idea of it being a theater was the screen was the size of a flat screen and you put money in. you know what it was? it was a prostitution. >> why do you know so much? >> i will say though, greg, the theater in tiki theater is with an r-e at the end so it is class see. >> it attracts the old classic viewers. >> they say it was like a silent movie house or an old movie house that was urn ited into a porn theater. old timey indeed. >> do you in san mateo, california, if those people watching at home can remember the theater on third avenue and the name was the palm
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theater. nobody understand -- understood what that meant. anyway. >> great story. real sexy. >> unnecessary. >> bill, you said willard will go on a talk show and embrace all this. well, he spoke to tmz before we taped. he said the whole thing is, quote, a big misunderstanding. he says, quote, it did not happen that a, quote again, strange situation lead him to the theater. and then, quote, it is a difference of opinion. it is all being straightened out as we speak. straightened out is an unfortunate choice of words. that aside, i don't know, i think there is reasonable doubt here. >> they are giving him the shaft. >> i want to know what the strange series of events were. there was a scavenger hunt gone terribly wrong. >> i immediately thought of a scene in pulp fiction when bruce willis is running in the street and ends up in that
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bizarre pawnshop, and the next thing you know he is with a gimp. that's a bizarre circumstance. >> a million to one shot. you said whether or not anyone was harmed, it is still illegal which is true if he did what he is alleged to have done. the owner of the theater who i would assume is an incredibly rete piewtable fellow -- reputable fellow he did nothing wrong. he tells e entertainment news, quote, police officers arrested him suspiciously. i did not see anything which is a bad sign for willard or nothing happened. >> as the owner of the theater says, i'm sure it is true. >> also, i would assume, diane, the lapd's vice division patrols the theaters. >> you know going back to what gavin said a couple nights ago, this is like a snitch operation. everybody knows what a porn theater is used for. somebody called and complained. everybody knows what goes on there and somebody called and complained. >> apparent plea -- apparently
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there were four people in the theater that seats 50. >> you need the space though. >> you don't want somebody sitting right up on you. you need your space. >> speak for yourself, sir. romney hammers obama. well, stay at home at that point. come on, sherrod. >> i don't condone doing it in public. go in the privacy of your own home where you can have fun and make a cup of tea. >> my thought is perhaps he has family visiting. >> that's a good point. >> maybe a lot of grandkids are around and he wanted to get away. >> i thought you meant he brought them to the theater. >> were those the other three people? >> treasure of downtown l.a. >> they were taking him to the movies. >> he thought it was "ice age." >> romney hammers obama.
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diane, you said the president is wasn't taken out of context, and what he was saying was the small business owners succeed because of handouts? is that what he said? jay it seems like he is -- >> it seems like he is trying to imply that the government gave him the tools to make their business, and that's not true. not only did a lot of it revolve around their own actions, ideas, risks and so on, but they also gave money for all of those government things they used. >> i completely agree. i used to think he wasn't taken out of context when i first heard the story. i don't think that anymore. i don't think he was saying about handouts. i think it was somewhere in the middle. what he was saying was people succeeded with the help of other people and the government. >> everybody needs somebody. >> in the beginning of the speech he said you succeed with the help of other people. what he was really getting at was not other people. you succeed with the help of the government, so you should give back to the government. that's his point, not to the
12:38 am
other people. >> but you are paying for the government. >> the government are the people, and the people are the government. >> no, it is not. they take your money. >> would we rather they take it and not do anything with it? >> i also don't need -- i don't feel compelled to say thanks for the highway since i paid for it. >> you thanked the military. >> that's right. they are the only thing that works. >> first of all, our grand parents paid for that highway and not us. stop claiming it. we pay for repairs. >> they are my grand parents. >> my biggest problem with what the president said was he doesn't give credit for the risk taking that is involved in starting a small business. people take enormous risks to do this with the hopes they will get a large reward for it. he doesn't seem to want to recognize that. >> it is their own time and own effort. it is the money of other people around them. they are investors. the investors make money off of the risk of the investment, and people dam them for it. >> he doesn't know how the free market economy works. >> but the problem is neither do the people in the free
12:39 am
market. they take too many loans. they buy businesses in areas where they shouldn't be housing. don't take so many risks. >> and the government is great with their money. >> i am not going to pay much attention for people taking things out of context after romney says he enjoys firing people. >> i would like to make a grammar note. the president said when he said you didn't build that he was talking about roads and bridges. if that was the case he wouldn't say you didn't build those. >> he can't do no right on this panel. obama can't do no right. >> last story and i have to -- guys, i have to move on. are short people awful? bill you pointed out a study saying short people are happier than tall people? >> no, tall people are happier. >> oh, i thought you said short people are happier why. >> anyone under 5 foot 10 or 5 foot 4 for women. >> never mind then.
12:40 am
>> i got face time. i am happy. >> why don't you assume he said it wrong and blake a joke. >> i was going to say that's because they are making tall people miserable. joy that's a fact. we -- >> that's a fact. we needed to hear that. >> i just wanted to poimt this ow. the author of the -- article, he lists short people and says not these bad, evil people we keep reading about. one he puts on the list is roman poe plan -- polanski. he was a great defender. >> in europe he has done nothing wrong, roman, right? >> he is french: >> he described he says short people always have chicks chasing after them and roman polanski is on that list. >> he is doing the chasing. >> and easier to of cay. >> and shorter because they are 12.
12:41 am
>> that is still taller. >> i am done. >> that you r. move on sad, strange man. coming up, stories so glorious that if they were a sunset you would say that's a glorious sunset and then shoot yourself in the face because you hate glorious sunsets. what are these celebrities having in common besides sleeping with bill? we discuss all of this next.
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so, why does twitter make for so many quiters? what is going on with my mouth? i saw the departure of several celebrities including alec baldwin, charlie sheen and lily allen, who ever that is. but many find after they quit they can't stay away. i'm like that with scented candles. i love them. anyway, according to one psychologist, the vicious cycle may be because, quote,
12:45 am
sharing so much often backfires. it is difficult for most to take in. this they go back to stwitter because they need -- they go back to twitter because they need the attention and the audience. anyway. let's discuss this in sherrod's favorite segment. it is called lightning -- >> rooooooooouuuuuuuunnnd. lightning round. >> it brings me joy. >> i never see you happier why. and when you are happy, i am happy. it is a happy table. i must wash my hands now. will twitter be less exciting and interesting for us because we love to make fun of them. if we leave, what do we do? >> they give us material to work with. it will make our jobs as journalists more difficult. the world will get smarter without these celebrities without working so much knowledge on us. pros and cons, pros and cons.
12:46 am
>> why is it so hard for celebrities not to say stupid things? is it because they are stupid, or this is an area where their publicist isn't with them? generally they are with them in interviews, but twitter you get to see the real person. >> there is no filter whatsoever. i'm sure all of us on twitter have made the mistake of saying something stupid. >> not me. never. >> really? i follow you and -- >> i want everyone to know the void left by these celebrities, i am going to fill. >> single handedly. >> fill the void. >> i thought he was saying he was phil void. >> that was another movie willard saw. you claim to be good friends with john mayer. he said he is coming back to twitter because of popular demand. >> stay off. if you have that much to risk -- stay off twitter. get some friends and talk to
12:47 am
them. >> i think you are right. the more you have to lose in life, the less time -- >> yes, i'm me. i'm on twitter all day and cursing people out. what do i care? nobody cares what i say. there is no major record label saying, what are you doing, sherrod? >> i can get away with saying crazy crap. >> you have to be so incredibly wealthy you don't care, or object expiewr and not care. bill, you are neither. i don't know what you are. you stunt tweet for a number of celebrities. >> that would be amazing. i don't care if they are on twitter. i don't care if they are not on twitter. it is all the same for me because i much like other law abiding citizens like fred willard, we don't have time for the internet. we can find stuff that is out in the general public. you can leave us alone, america. just let us do our thing. >> celebrities, became celebrities because they crave
12:48 am
attention. it is like a new attention. they actually need to hear -- one person could say you suck and it will drive you crazy. >> twitter is like uh 10 on a -- attention on a drip. >> you get the immediate response. that's why i like alec baldwin. >> you get an immediate response for the dumbest things. >> a terrible cup of coffee this, month. 30 responses. who cares about your cup of coffee? >> it is a good test to what bothers you. i get death threats daily. it is like a cup of coffee in the morning. >> they don't bother me. people do that, and that will happen. today i wanted to kill. someone sent me every plot point to dark knight and i will see that tonight. i want that person dead. what did i do to you? >> batman is dead in that, right? >> that guy i want dead. i will kill that person. >> he doesn't mean that. we will take a break. coming up next, another edition of mail time. that's right, three this
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week. i'm excited.
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it is mail time, and the address is red eye at fox send me something to read, and i don't know what the hell i will do with it. anyway, a music band leads things off responding to a five-story about a classic rivalry between the rolling stones and the beatles. he writes, "you cannot decide if you like the beatles or the rolling stones better, but you like pin ball wizzards? that was the who from tommy." i have heard this mistake before and there was no tommy in the who. thee couldn't have made the classic pin ball wizzard. fun fact, the stones front man jim morrison additionally wrote the wizzard about david duke love for the arcade game. you stupid jerk. we all love him. he says he tells his kids that the earth is not their mother, and that their mother is in
12:54 am
kitchen. does he add his wife's chain to the stove or something? you need to be specific when it comes to something. he does president have his wife's chain to anything. when your remains are scattered over six areas, it is hard to chain it to anything. we love our tom. although we are frightened by him. next letter is from a guy named will. great show last night. keep up the great work. thanks, will. i am surprised you feel that way. i felt off and not up to my game and a little sloppy and the mule seemed spooked by my erratic behavior. oh you mean "red eye"? gentlemen it was a good "red eye." john says stop with the snarky comments "the cycle," the new show. you are mad because they stole from your show. >> i am happy for the success. here is a letter from patrick dougie. why are you hating on the other cable show "the cycle." are you sad because they have
12:55 am
sc cup. dougi? is that are your nickname or are you a precocious child doctor who has grown into a gay host of the tonies. i believe you should make a kissy face with the raggedy anne doll. and andrea sent from her iphone. i notice you are so hyper this week, more than usual. happy face. well, i was hyper because i was told in advance that i was going to get a letter that ended with an emoticon and that's why i haven't slept. this could have been the 8 ball. that is the eight-member family named ball who live above me. they supply me with cocaine. and next we will wrap it up with andy levy. to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye.
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back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> andy. >> yes. >> before i forget, lavar burton is on tomorrow. >> good. >> and victor roberts. >> two fine actors. >> both british. >> what. >> no. >> chris, why are you wearing a san diego padres jersey tonight? >> i am not wearing a padres jersey. i am wearing a pittsburgh pirates jersey. and i am wearing it because my beloved pittsburgh pirates are 11 games over 500 for the first time in 20 years and started off today in first place, baby. the first place pie the rays. zoltan, baby. >> sherrod, quickly, what do you have? >> i will be on a new show called "the cycle." no. good afternoon, america, i will be on like next week. check for me.
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