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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 20, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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jon: bomb experts in colorado trying to figure out how to get into the suspect's home. according to police, a very sophisticated bomb device. jenna: we will keep you updated on this throughout the day. tran-sixes going to start right now with jon scott and jenna generally. have a great and safe day jon: right now investigators are working to clear the shooters booby-trapped apartment. several victims are still fighting for their lives. i am rick folbaum in per jon scott. jenna: i am generally. here is what we know at this moment. twelve people are dead, 60 others injured. some critically at this time. the youngest victim only a few months old. a baby that was in the theater. the suspect in custody identified as 24-year-old james holmes who lived in aurora. as we just told us, his home is
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booby-trapped at this time. they are right now trying to work to disarm some flammable or explosive material that is inside that apartment. there is a live look for you right now as they continue to work to do this. police say the gunman wore a bulletproof vest. also a gas mask as he detonated gas canisters and opened fire on a crowded theater early this morning in colorado. cell phone video shows the chaos is terrified moviegoers come out of the movie plots. here now, are the sites and sounds of this nightmare. >> there are explosions behind me and i thought it was just a normal practical joke. >> there are people shot right now. there are people running out of fear that her shot. >> guys come running in, running through the theaters and the exit and he is like, don't go
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out in the lobby. someone is shooting people out there. >> one of my friends got scammed by a bullet on the neck. he is okay. he was at the hospital. another one of my friends just got a bullet slammed him in him on the leg. he was okay also. >> [inaudible] [inaudible] >> they were just leaving people around, trying to get them through the lobby. we ran down the stairs, we went out, and soccer -- >> one girl said i got shot and i don't know what to do. my best friend got shot. you can see that she once held. i want to help her. and i look over and there is a group of about 300 people. we need to get out of there at that time.
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the map we have rifles, gas masks, we have an open door going into the movie theater. jenna: through all of that chaos and confusion, police apprehended james holmes in the parking lot and later searched his apartment that we just told you about. we have reaction pouring in from around the country right now. we just heard from the president. the president says the tragedy reminds us how we are united as an american family. the next hour we expect to hear from governor mitt romney in new hampshire. he is quick to speak on this. just a few moments from now, we are going to speak to an eyewitness. that is coming out. first, trace gallagher has breaking details for us. reporter: when 24-year-old james holmes was arrested, he told authorities there were explosives inside his apartment. at first they thought they were not. i want to go back to the first shot. that is a brewing situation, because the authorities are telling us that it is, in fact,
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booby-trapped. they are just not sure how. they don't know if it's gas bombs or wired. you can see the fire department right now. they have evacuated the rest of the building and the police just told us a short time ago that this could be going on for days. people may be out of their apartment today and several days. also some nearby homes that have been evacuated inside that apartment -- you can see the broken windows. they found buckets and buckets of ammunition. listen to the police explaining the situation moments ago. >> right behind us, the building with a sign there that says the apartment complex. the subject lives on the third floor of the apartment complex in the back. his apartment is apparently booby-trapped. what we have is a whole bunch of bomb squads from different agencies. we have pictures about the location and we are trying to determine how to disarm the
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flammable and explosive material that is an effort that is why we are here. we could be here for hours or days. >> trying to figure out how to get here. the pictures are pretty disturbing and it looks pretty sophisticated in terms of how it is booby-trapped. >> have you evacuated? >> we have evacuated and consulted the experts. we believe that that is a sufficient evacuation for what we see inside. beyond that this could be a very long way. that is really all i have to say and i don't believe there's anything else to say. rick: we don't know how long it will be, a very long way. we also have learned a lot about james holmes, the suspected shooter. we know that he lived and worked in aurora, colorado. he was armed with a semiautomatic rifle, a shotgun and two handguns.
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as we had sent him he had loads of ammunition back at his apartment. now, we also have learned that he did not have a concealed weapons permit. he had no hunting or fishing licenses. he had no connection to the military and is not on any of the terror watch lists. his parents live in san diego. light cameras were on his parents house all morning long. his father walked out, his mother walked out and confirmed that that was her son saying yes, you have the right person. i need to call police, the need to fly out to colorado. as we learn more about the suspect, we will bring it to you. the victims -- we have now learned that the six-year-old girl who was shot and wounded, her father has confirmed to a fox affiliate that she passed away. we believe that she is still among the 12 who were shot and killed. therefore, it does not raise the death toll. another victim has also been identified as jessica.
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she is known as jessica redfield. she's a sports in for in turn. she wanted to see the movie. her boyfriend did not want to see the movie. their argument played out on twitter last night. she was also apparently in a mall in toronto last month. she missed that shooting by seconds. we have heard from a lot of victims inside, listen now to a 911 call as this thing was unfolding. >> [inaudible] rick: that was a chaotic scene. we also will play you some radio transmissions between police. i want to get to this finally. this is a statement from the
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governor john hickenlooper. he released this instead, this is not only an act of extreme violence, it is also an act of the community. it is beyond the power of words to fully express our sorrow this morning. our condolences go to the families and we share the grief of everyone affected by this senseless event. we have producers on the scene, correspondents on the way. as soon as we get more information on the suspected shooter, 24-year-old james holmes, we will bring it to you. jenna: i have to say that our hearts are breaking for the victims and family. the governor certainly summed it up appropriately. back to trace gallagher with the breaking news. there will certainly be much more breaking news to report throughout the next several hours. one of the ironies of this massacre as many moviegoers did not realize that the attacks were not part of the movie. the dark knight rises -- it features all of the action
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packed scenes. the explosions, gunfire, and some witnesses say that the attack came right after a violent scene. i thought maybe this is part of the soundtrack and we are not really seeing or hearing what we think we are. then they realized that real bullets were flying. selena jordan was in the theater next door when a bullet came through and hit someone just a few feet away from her. she joins us now on the phone. salina, tell us a little bit about who you were with in the theater last night? >> excuse me, i was with one of my friends. jenna: you are 19 years old, you decide to go to this movie. you are a few minutes into the movie and what happens? >> there was a gunshot. started sounding realistic. nobody really noticed it because they were still rather faint. jenna: when did you realize that
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something was really going on? >> the bullets started coming through my wall, like the wall of the theater that i'm in. a girl just a few feet ahead of me ran downstairs holding her job. this guy, he ran and he came back and he is like, they are shooting out there. they are shooting for me out there. how many people are in the theater with your? >> the theater was packed. every seat in the place, it seemed like it was taken. jenna: when did you decide that he needed to get out of their? >> i didn't make that decision. my friend was pushing me along because i was in shock and i didn't know what to do. my mind and my body were not connected. my friend was literally pushing
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me and telling me we have to go. come on, let's go. i did not start moving until i saw this. when we left the theater, we looked over the balcony. there were four people inside the building. rick: you saw law-enforcement on her way out -- what else did you see is if you were running from the movie theater? >> a lot of people. i saw people with bloody shirts and with people with holes in their body. i thought it was crazy. rick: i cannot imagine what it must've been like. how are you holding up? >> literally my body is shaking. i have not stopped shaking since last night.
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i got maybe an hour on and off of sleep. i can hear the gunshots. it is crazy. jenna: have you talked to any law enforcement? did they told you what that next couple of days will look like? talking to you more about what you saw and provide you with some help as well for what you did witness? >> well, the cops decided they needed any more information, everybody that was in theater nine, is that everybody's name and phone number, they have all the information. they say if they needed anything else, they are going to call. jenna: we thank you for your time today. we are sorry that you had to witness this and go through this event. we are thinking of you and your friends and all those affected by this shooting. thank you very much, we will be thinking about you.
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rick: as you said earlier, there will be a lot of breaking developments. the most recent breaking development is the suspect's apartment is in fact booby-trapped. according to police on the ground in aurora, colorado, they say will take a while. it could take hours or days for them to clear the materials from that apartment. they are working on that right now. when we come back, we will talk with a reporter on the ground at the apartment complex. he joins us live with the very latest. john bowman from denver. don't go away. ♪ don't our dogs deserve to eat fresher less processed foods introducing freshpet healthy recipes of fresh meat and fresh veggies so fresh the only preservative we use is the fridge
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and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ jenna: in "happening now", we take you to san diego, california. we are looking at the home of the shooters parents. the shooter that has been named in the massacre in colorado. we are hearing that we will hear from the parents.
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the suspected shooter is a 24-year-old, james holmes, living in colorado. we don't know if we are going hear from the parents directly or maybe a representative from the family. while we are waiting, i want to share information we are getting. according to the associated press, university of colorado medical school says that the shooting suspect was a student there. but he withdrew last month. that is only one line we are getting at this time. we will look for more information to bring you. we are awaiting what we could call a press conference, a statement from the family in san diego. where, again, the parents of james holmes led to. rick: holmes recently spent some time in san diego where he is originally from. he moved out to aurora, colorado, and he got himself an apartment there. he lived on the third floor in this apartment complex. after he was apprehended in the parking lot back behind the movie theater after the shootings took place. he evidently told law
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enforcement that he had explosive devices in his apartment. beginning early this morning, right after they learned this information, police showed up at the scene of that apartment. they begin to check it out. we now hear, in fact, that yes, the apartment was booby-trapped. john bowman of fox affiliate in denver is outside the apartment and he joins us now live. we heard from law enforcement just a little while ago the words that struck me were sophisticated. they said this is a sophisticated setup that he had at this apartment. what have you learned? >> that is entirely correct. we talked with dan coats of aurora and the fbi agent. they have indicated that yes, in fact, as soon as the worst for apartment came to light, -- 6:00 o'clock my time, we can see the atf and the fbi agents
8:19 am
appearing inside, breaking up the windows to the apartment. using the bucket truck of a fire truck to actually gain access and entry to those windows. they look like they were using a camera. rick: standby, if you want. we want to get this information in a moment. first we want to go back to the san diego home of the parents of the suspect. san diego, california. this is apparently the family of james holmes. a spokeswoman is about to read a statement. >> the family is asking for respect for the privacy, as well as the rest of the neighborhood at this point. there is quite a crowd out here and quite a bit of activity and disturbance that could be caused in the neighborhood. we are asking that all of the members of the media is that the privacy, not only of the family but of the entire neighborhood. the family does not wish to be disturbed at this time. this tragic event. they are asking for privacy at this time.
8:20 am
>> who was the gentleman escorted from home this morning? >> that was mr. holmes. >> is he the biological father of james holmes? >> i do not have that information. it is my understanding that that is the shooting suspect's father. >> after he left -- [inaudible] >> there have been family friends that have come by to offer support at this time. the people that you have seen coming in have been friends of the family. mrs. holmes, she told the network that she's on her way to colorado? >> the holmes family is still in the house and they're asking again that their privacy be respected. they are not accepting visitors at the door. they are not accepting phone calls and they are not accepting any sort of contact at this time. they are fully cooperating with law enforcement officials.
8:21 am
here in san diego and in colorado. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> for the family, are they on their way to colorado? >> i do not know that. >> mrs. holmes is in her home? >> she is in the home. i don't know what her plans are at this time to how is she doing in holding up? >> as you can understand, the family is very upset about all of this. it is a tragic event and it is taking everyone by surprise. they are definitely trying to work through this come as you can see from their statements. their hearts go out with friends to the friends and family of those that were involved. they are cooperating with law enforcement and they just asked for patience and diligence and respect at this time. >> [inaudible question] >> i don't have any information
8:22 am
about that, i am sorry. >> the family would like to be sent information on a later date, perhaps we will have a more thorough statement later. at this time, i don't have any information whatsoever. rick: the defendant of the family. family asking for privacy, we will be right back eddar bay bis then choose one of 7 entrees plus dessert! four perfect courses, just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. four perfect courses, just $14.99. last season was the gulf's best tourism season in years. in florida we had more suntans... in alabama we had more beautiful blooms... in mississippi we had more good times...
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rick: we are just getting its more information about those who were possibly killed or injured in the mass shooting in the early morning hours today in aurora, colorado. a buckley air force base is in aurora, colorado. a producer from the pentagon has this, george little, who says
8:26 am
some initial indications are that there were military casualties in the shooting in aurora, colorado. casualties does not necessarily mean that someone was killed. it could mean they were injured as well. but apparently, the spokesperson of the pentagon is using the term casualties, plural, meaning there could be more than one. service members are among the casualties according to our justice official at the pentagon. we will continue to keep an eye on that every more information as we get this. in the meantime, we were talking moment ago with john bowman who is with the fox affiliate in denver. he is outside the suspect's apartment building, which has been evacuated and we have learned that it is in fact booby-trapped. before we were interrupted to go out to san diego a moment ago, you were talking to us about evacuations and about what police believe will be inside that apartment. tell us more. >> the fbi and police chief indicated there was a
8:27 am
sophisticated device of some sort. a booby trap in the apartment. meaning that the door, it was opened from the outside, something would blow up inside of the apartment. we were told that there may be buckets of bullets inside of the apartment. james holmes, 24 years old, who may be as you indicated earlier, a medical student at one of the universities of colorado facilities. this is just literally across peoria boulevard from where the suspect's apartment is. it's a caucus morning the fire department came. they put a bucket up to the back windows and broke out the window. they used some sort of infrared or night vision devices to look inside the apartment. that is how they spotted the booby traps in the devices inside the explosive areas. within the last hour, fire trucks have shown up at the scene. they have evacuated five apartment buildings that are adjacent to the apartment of the
8:28 am
suspect. they have evacuated those buildings as well. what is so ironic is that many of the people, they are basically just sitting outside in lawn chairs, watching all of this take place. it is almost like another movie right here in broad daylight. it is just an incredible scene of what is going on. you have the bomb squads and the fbi and atf and you have denver, aurora, the sheriff's department from adams and jefferson counties. it is just an incredible scene here. now they have aerial hoses aimed at the apartment for when they detonate this device. they say that by evacuating the building, they did enough decoration to make sure that no citizens are injured when this device explodes. we are not sure how long before that comes. we will be here reporting from the scene of peoria boulevard and 17th street in aurora, colorado. rick: you mentioned a singular
8:29 am
device. are they worried they could have sprinkled -- you know, that he could have sprinkled several devices throughout the apartment >> police chief dan oates said they would not take questions. they will have a briefing sometime after 11:00 o'clock this morning. we are still waiting for that information. what they said was a sophisticated device. that could mean come as you indicated, it could be one or more devices that are set to blow up when the door is open. i think what they were lucky with his vet when they built -- blew out windows, those devices are not tied to the windows. that would've been devastating for those fbi agents and atf agents outside the letter of the window. rick: that is a very good point that we think of and are grateful for up to the first responders at the movie theater in aurora and those who are tending to this apartment not far away.
8:30 am
john bowman, are fox affiliate in denver. jenna: information coming with the story. we learned that the eyewitnesses of this event were taken to a local high school by police. they took these people from the movie theater to gateway high school or they could be talked to and properly treated if they needed that. that is where police were coming to meet with some of the victims, but also family was coming to meet with some of the eyewitnesses. we are getting some reports now from the high school. just a terrible scene. photos of their children and nephews -- i'm not going to share their names on camera because we don't know if these are victims -- if they were never in the movie theater to begin with. obviously, a lot of confusion among families in this area, wondering if my son hurt and was he caught in the crossfire? what about my nephew and my daughter. there's so many different questions from families working
8:31 am
hard to get information on that. in the meantime you've heard john bowman mention the fbi. coming up, we have a former fbi expert with us. we will talk a little bit more about the next stages in this case. more breaking news just ahead on fox news. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity... to experience the ultimate expression of power -- control. ♪ during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection. ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people. [ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security, you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your family?
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8:35 am
12:30 this morning. this is in aurora, colorado, which happens to also be the home of the buckley air force base, which is a big military base there and call a rino. it supports thousands, a large number of the reserve and national guard and civilians working for the u.s. military. for the air force. there were some military personnel at the time of the shooting. we have a guest from the buckley air force base. what can you tell us about military personnel inside a movie theater? >> at this point and we have confirmed that we have a few military folks that have been injured. at this point, we have no confirmation on casualties. but we do know that we had military members involved in the shooting. rick: where they family members of military? were they active duty?
8:36 am
>> a report shows that they are airmen, navy, air force and coast guard, some members were air force. we don't know if they are confirmed as active duty at this point. what we know of is injuries. however, we have not finished our count ability of everybody yet. rick: what about the extent of those injuries? do you know how severely injured they are? >> not completely, no, sir. we are trying to be responsible and let the response workers respond to the injured and not bother them with a lot of calls. rick: that is understood. just to reiterate, you are aware of at least three people from buckley air force base were inside that theater and >> yes, sir. our hearts go out to everyone on the base and everyone in aurora. they do so much for your time. jenna: we are still gathering information. how many are the numbers of those injured?
8:37 am
it stayed around that number for most of the morning, 12 people killed. we have some brand-new information on the suspect as well. just coming into the newsroom. trace gallagher has that. reporter: i am fascinated by the previous guest on the talking but the booby-trapped apartment of the suspect. 24-year-old james holmes. adding to that but it is a sophisticated device. we are getting word that james holmes was a medical student at the university of colorado. we also have information that he may have been a biology student at eight college in southern california. you don't know that not necessarily making ties here, but did he have any experience working with chemicals or explosives to make some kind of a sophisticated device of some sort. the apartment building has been
8:38 am
evacuated. police are now trying to figure out exactly how to detonate the device, which means that the complex could be evacuated for hours and days to come. we have breaking news? jenna: we are going to go straight to the aurora medical center. she said it went very smoothly. it was well organized and properly. >> [inaudible question] >> yes, we did. as soon as we heard, and don't quote me on this, but once we knew that there was going to be more than one victim coming, we just went ahead and called in surgeons and backup for anesthesia. neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons were here. everything was just up and running. >> [inaudible question] >> it is very hard to say. position wise, there were at
8:39 am
least five to six. the numbers are too huge. i'm sorry, our sister facility spent some personal to help out. that is all i can think of right now. >> [inaudible question] >> actually, once they realize we are getting more than one patient, they said everybody is here within 15 minutes. it was very quick response. >> [inaudible question] >> there were horrific injuries. you know, i don't know how else to explain it. it is terrific. >> [inaudible question] >> i, myself, no. i was not here. >> [inaudible question]
8:40 am
>> the majority were injured. >> [inaudible question] >> i am not sure. i'm not sure if it is from the gunshots. >> [inaudible question] >> yes, they are in there. we do not keep families from their patients. they are there with them now. yes. while they were in the er, we had personnel communicate with families to let them know what is going on. in the oh are as well, we have a waiting room they can go to in the physicians can update them as things are going on in the oh are. >> [inaudible question] >> yes, absolutely. we are starting to see some of it already right now. they will bring in we will
8:41 am
provide a port a physician, and also we will provide doctors to try to help and we are providing up to them as well. it will be devastating for everyone involved. >> [inaudible question] >> well, no, there is still one pending. >> [inaudible question] >> the number of patients in this group? >> i think someone else has misinformation. >> [inaudible question] >> i am not sure. it is jodie taylor with our trauma surgeon that responded. jodie taylor.
8:42 am
>> the doctor who is director of emergency services is going to talk to you as well. he can give you the status on the patients and the conditions that they are in. and then we can take some additional questions. rick: i want to give you an update of what i have at this point. of the 15 total patients we have seen, eight have been discharged. they were seen and treated and discharged in very good conditions. we have had seven omissions which i have referred to earlier. five which have gone through the surgical process. some are still in surgery and recovery and in the intensive care unit. one person is going to be in the process of getting surgery here very shortly. again, we have had ages of 16 years old to 31 years old and no fatalities. we give a great salute to our staff of the facility. i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. >> what are their conditions? >> i'm aware of five patients in critical condition at this point. >> [inaudible question] to five have gone through the surgical process and are in
8:43 am
surgery or recovery. one is scheduled for surgery very shortly. >> [inaudible question] >> obviously, they were stable enough to go home. all of them had their valuation by our great emergency staff and physicians here. those injuries and exposures were evaluated and treated and deemed appropriate for home care. >> [inaudible question] >> i think that is what she is referring to. i am not aware there was some sort of explosion there, but certainly of a high-caliber high caliber equipment that was used by this individual. certainly there was some exposure to shrapnel and things flying in the air. we did the patients with injuries such as that. >> [inaudible question] jenna: that is the overseer of the aurora south medical center. we heard from the director of tom, services, describing the
8:44 am
injuries that she saw from the 15 patients that were brought to the center, as horrific injuries. eight discharge at this time. seven admissions. seven going through surgery as we speak right now. more breaking news on the shooting in colorado when we ge, back. back. there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable.
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jenna: a 24-year-old gunman opened fire in aurora, colorado. you are seeing a live shot of what we believe to be the apartment of the shooter there. live in aurora, colorado. bill daley is a former investigator for the fbi. as we continue to piece together what happened, there are still so many questions. what would the world be of the fbi at this point? >> i think the fbi is providing some of the technical support to the aurora please. this is a very sophisticated police department by itself. honestly, this is an extraordinary circumstance where they may require certain equipment to be able to look into the apartment and diffuse
8:48 am
what might be there. i am sure at this point they are trying to screen all the resources appropriate to make sure that they preserve life and safety. also, this apartment could be a treasure trove of other evidence that may help them further the investigation. jenna: it is even more important to make sure that you are able to disable the device or devices, if that is the case. again, going back to the language, rick pointed it out. it is a sophisticated device. that is what the law enforcement described it as. in front of the department. what is the process now? >> the process is for them to probably, i think we have probably seen this, more of it will be using cameras to look inside. we saw some hearing in the windows. we need to make sure that they search every aspect of the apartment so that they can make entry and slowly go from the entry and diffuse whatever might be there.
8:49 am
this is going to be a very long task. this whole situation is evolving. we have the crime scene back at the movie theater, which itself will hold evidence that will also give investigators an idea of what weapons involved, what is this gas container that was originally mentioned by some of the victims. and it will lead into how the suspect at this time got into the situation. jenna: bill, how is the suspect being handled at this time and who is speaking with him? >> right now, it appears that it is the state or local issue. the local police department would have the primary jurisdiction to interview him. obviously, if they are asking for support of other agencies, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms were the fbi, others to be included in this, they might be able to interrogate him about what he actually has to do in this department appeased being truthful. i think it could be a cooperative effort of law enforcement agencies.
8:50 am
jenna: standby if you will. we will have much more on what is happening out there. just how dangerous the job is for law enforcement right now. bill daley, thank you so much for that. rick: we just heard from officials were one of the hospitals that took the injured in the shooting, we heard about the horrific wounds. blast injuries is what we have heard from one hospital official. how do you treat people like that who come into your emergency rooms? have you save their lives? we will talk about that with the doctor when we come right back. ♪ a familiar face and a name you know ♪ ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fueling the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there
8:51 am
♪ fueling the american spirit
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8:53 am
rick: a fox news alert. a witness describing the carnage
8:54 am
as moviegoers ducking for cover as they are gunned down in aurora. many sent to the local hospitals and in around aurora. abb released, she is okay, a six-year-old among the injured as well. a doctor at aurora south medical center and the three were treated from chemical exposure that the gunmen threw something that caused this in the theater. if i'm not mistaken, you are part of the team that was preparing for what you were expecting, people you are expecting to treat after 9/11 after the old st. vincent's hospital. what would it have been like at the local hospitals and war as they geared up to receive the victims of this terrible tragedy? >> hospitals pr disaster
8:55 am
drills for disasters such as this. assuming that they have their drills, the personal line of each person of a separate area to cover. some people are helping our community and for the families, surgeons appeared and they are going to operate. abdominal surgery, head and neck surgery, it is a well systematic ordered approach and not a lot of anxiety or chaos. people have a role, and they have to follow that rule red. rick: by all accounts, things went pretty smoothly, which we heard from one administrator of the hospital official. what are blast injuries? >> it is one eardrums get blown out, other organs may perforate from the shooting. it is a very scary and painful experience. it can be unnerving for the rest of a person's life. rick: we heard of some being shot at point blank range. have you treat something like
8:56 am
that? >> i built a model to show you what that might look like. as all the organs are close together, the kidney, liver, spleen -- the bullet goes in and punctures the artery or heart. that person is not would have a good chance. if somebody gets for liberation from a gunshot, not to the arteries or the heart -- there is a good chance of survival if we do the right thing. that would look like a burnt over the skin and a big gaping wound, and it would come back in the back. it appears that it would go through the spleen. these become life threatening events. there are test we can do. a simple test as we press on the patient, and the skin will turn white. it takes more than 1.5 seconds to come back to the pink color, the patient is already leading in at stained blood loss that we have to replace. we want to know how the patient is responding. if they are alert. there are certain things that
8:57 am
you want to do. if the patient moving their extremities? we have a system in place where we put in the patient, we allow them to be seen. we follow the triage and we understand that the most severely patients are the ones who are seen first. rick: we understand what must've been like for those people in the hospitals. we will have a picture of the suspect next. we know a place where tossing and turning
8:58 am
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jenna: we have this fox news alert. new details on the horrific shooting at a movie theater in colorado that has truly sent this nation on the edge this friday and has become the worst shooting massacre at virginia tech. lots of news to get to. rick: i am rick folbaum in for jon scott. we are getting brand-new information on the suspect and victims who were shot in cold blood. and also on the investigation, which we are told the suspect's apartment is booby-trapped. this unfolding during the brand-new batman movie and
9:01 am
aurora colorado. a man dressed in black. wearing a gas mask and a bulletproof vest. armed, entering the theater about 20 minutes into the film. witnesses say through come kind -- that is when the mayhem are out up to. people diving for cover. the gunmen targeting anybody who ran to the door to get away. bullets tearing through the wall, into the theater which was also packed with other theaters. also showing the batman movie. dozens of frantic 911 calls flooding into police. take a look at some of them. >> they say someone is shooting in the auditorium. they are saying there are hundreds of people running around. somebody is still shooting inside the inner number nine.
9:02 am
>> we need gas masks for theater number nine. >> are suspect is in a gas mask. >> it is hard to believe. >> okay, we have a suspect in a gas mask. rick: it is hard to believe the shooting went on for 15 minutes. it must've felt like an eternity. fifteen minutes of terror until the gunmen run ran out into the parking lot. that is where the police found him. thirty people have been hurt. the youngest victim is just four months old. members of our military are among the victims injured and wounded in that shooting. let's get more now from trace gallagher. reporter: what we are now waiting for is a picture of the suspect. we hope to get that any moment now. nobody has seen what this guy
9:03 am
looks like. 24-year-old james holmes. we have learned that he recently moved into that apartment the link which is now booby-trapped. we have a look at the apartment but the cops and firefighters and bomb squad are trying to figure out what this sophisticated device actually is. is a flammable? is an explosive? they don't know. in the meantime, they have the entire willing evacuated and it could be evacuated for hours, even days, police say. we have also learned that james holmes recently moved to colorado to attend the university of colorado medical school where he is studying to get his phd in no science. we believe he is also a biology student at a university in southern california, which makes one wonder if there is any kind of experience you might have with chemicals or explosives maybe there is a tie in there. we have also learned does not have a hunting license or concealed weapons permit, yet police found him in the parking lot with four weapons. a semi automatic rifle, a
9:04 am
shotgun, two handguns, and inside his apartment, they found buckets and buckets of any nation. he is not on any terror watch lists. his parents live in san diego. his mother is inside a home in san diego and the family has not issued a statement. i want to read that according to this statement from our hearts go out to those involved into the situation. we asked that the media respect our privacy during this time. our family is cooperating with authorities in both san diego, california, and aurora, colorado. we are still trying to process this information, and we appreciate that people will respect her privacy. now, we are told that the parents may be cooperating, but the suspect is no longer cooperating. that is what we say. though the suspect until police that there were bombs.
9:05 am
explosives. that turned out to be the case because it is booby-trapped. i want you to listen to some radio this past moment when things went down. here is the radio dispatch. >> there is a marked car, a suspect in a gas mask. >> we need to take care of the suspect in a gas mask. reporter: the suspect in a gas mask, he was also in a bullet proof vest, heavily armed. sitting in his car with the doors open. he lived in aurora, colorado, but he was from southern california. we will get more on that in the victims as it starts to come in. rick: trace gallagher on the west coast. thank you. jenna: joining me now is a gentleman whose son was injured in the shooting just a few hours
9:06 am
ago. how is your son doing? >> he is doing fine. he came out of surgery and he still has some bullets -- particles and fractions in his shoulder and stomach. but he is a little bit of pain, and i think he is still safe. he is in a state of shock. jenna: i am sure. your son was visiting colorado. why is that? >> he was out there with his friend, well, a young lady who is no longer with us. he was out there with her. they were going to the movie and this is what is happening as a result. people being where they shouldn't have been, i guess. jenna: have you been able to talk to your son on the phone? >> not yet. as a matter of fact, i am flying out of here this afternoon. i will be in colorado this
9:07 am
evening. jenna: i'm sure there is a relief to see him face-to-face after such an event. tell us a little bit about what your family has heard and what has been told to authorities about what he witnessed? >> i can tell you what he has told some of the family members. some of it is pretty graphic. when this thing started, well, how can i say this? when it started they went to the ground. okay? they hit the floor. he went in one direction, she went in the other. then he heard her shouting out i have had been hit, i have been hit. and he called back over toward her and he looked at her and he saw at that point that she had been shot in the head and part of her face was missing.
9:08 am
he thought at that point, there is nothing i can do right here. he was all about is trying to take care of himself. he was in shock, no doubt. he called us this morning. in the wee hours of the morning. and it is likea dream or nightmare. and you could not tell anything was wrong. i don't know if he thought he was shot or not -- if he knew he was shot yet. he called us, i'm pretty sure he did,. jenna: i can't imagine what it's like to get that call as a parent macko, yes. jenna: you mentioned his friend. that did not make it. do you know that for sure? we are all working off of reports right now. >> she did not make it all and he is aware of the fact that she
9:09 am
has passed on. jenna: is that a friend from the hometown area? >> on this area. from the san antonio area. jenna: how did your son get out of there, larry? >> it is still rather sketchy to me. i'm not sure of all the details. i have to assume, i don't know -- i don't know. i think he probably crawl to safety, maybe. it seemed seems like i heard him say or somebody said that he told a family member that he realized he was hurt, and that is probably when he, you know, started really feeling the pain. as he was trying to get away. jenna: where was he shot? >> he was shot in the backside in the buttocks area. the bullet fragmented, and some of it went to his abdominal area and the other part actually went
9:10 am
into the top of his shoulder. fortunately, a guardian angel was with him and none of it had any vitals. so he was, you know, able to get through this area you know, get care. daycare as quick as possible. jenna: did you have to go through any surgeries? >> oh, yes, as a matter of fact he was still bleeding. he has been through surgery. they were concerned about stopping the bleeding. they have him on his side right now. they are going to put him over. they make it sound casual, but they will turn him over to see if the bleeding starts again or what ever. they will take the necessary action to get it to stop. jenna: i know that we are all processing this right now and it is great people to speak with you. how do you make sense of it? what is even going through your mind right now enact.
9:11 am
>> i really don't make sense of it. it is kind of a blur. i am happy is a lie. i wish jesse was alive. but she is not, unfortunately. it has not sunk in all the way. i am sure, right now, total disbelief. i'm sure it will transition into anger. eventually. i don't know how he will feel about all of this. i am sure he will start having some definite feelings about it. jenna: larry, we thank you for the time today. we know you're heading out to colorado. your wife is ari out there or on her way? >> his mother is out there and i am leaving this afternoon to be there. jenna: we will be thinking of you. you are not alone at a time like this. so many fox viewers are sending their thoughts and prayers with you.
9:12 am
we are as well. larry, thank you for the time and we will check and see in and see how things are going a couple hours from now. >> thank you so much. rick: i think this is a day for prayers and reflection as we learn more about those who were injured and those who were killed. and the person responsible for this. twelve people dead, 30 people wounded. we will have more breaking news from colorado after this. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer.
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9:15 am
>> we have gas masks available. >> the shooting was reported at a movie theater.
9:16 am
[inaudible conversations] rick: terrifying moments in the early hours as one of the worst mass shootings unfolded inside a movie theater in aurora, colorado. right now, bomb squads and the fbi and the atf, all on the scene, trying to disarm a booby-trapped apartment. the suspect's apartment in aurora, colorado, here is a live picture of the scene just miles away from the movie theater. we have some video from the aurora movie theater just after midnight as well, where eyewitnesses say a gunman burst in less than 30 minutes into the brand-new batman movie. he was wearing a gas mask, as you heard on those police calls. he was also armed with a bulletproof vest. he threw some type of gas canister into the crowd, and then began opening fire. a lot of people want to know how he could get his hands on these kinds of weapons. this kind of equipment. what is going on with the investigation at that booby trap apartment.
9:17 am
we have a retired nypd captain. he joins us now. captain, great to talk to you. talk to us about the gas canister and the bulletproof vest and the weapons that this man had on him. are they all easy to obtain? >> it is not impossible to get these things. there are resources available for people to get them. it is not entirely common, but it can be done. rick: talk to us about the gas canister. currently that is what he used to disorient the crowd inside the theater. i have heard reports that it was some kind of tear gas. how would a sibling get his hands on that? >> perhaps through the internet, weapons are available, all kinds of weapons are available. it is an issue in many urban cities. new york city particularly, we have had problems with these with shootings. evidence of the fact that people can get access to all types of weapons. rick: on the left-hand side of the screen, this is the live
9:18 am
shot from the suspect's apartment. this is transport apartment. the 24-year-old having been responsible for this shooting. he had told police that his apartment was booby-trapped. they found that to be the case. now they are trying to figure out how to disarm whatever it is that they have in there. have you ever had to respond to a scene like that? >> we have. the key is to secure and make sure the public is safe. once you have done that and moved people to an area that they are safe, time is on her side your side and you should take all the time possible. i'm sure they're doing that. they are incorporating the fire department and other resources, i am sure, to secure the scene. it takes all night -- if it takes all night that's okay. rick: police on the grounds it could take days. they have evacuated not only building where the suspect lived, and apparently had just moved into. the five total buildings have been evacuated on and around the
9:19 am
perimeter of the scene. talk to us about what the investigators are using. texaco quit the types of appointment that they have to find out exactly what it is they are dealing with there as far as this device. we are told this device is sophisticated in nature. >> if you call earlier in the morning, we saw shots of the vehicle which appeared to have a camera on it. that was the initial assessment of the scene through the window. i'm sure that they have listening devices as well, perhaps drilled holes in the walls and ceilings to insert cameras, and even threw in a ball that is a rolling camera that they can see and move it around remotely. take their time to gingerly go through every inch of the apartment in order to ensure that they don't trigger any device that may be there. rick: we have seen it before where robots have been used to detonate an explosive device. what is the key here, try to disarm it or try to blow it up?
9:20 am
>> i would say that detonating a device like that would be a last resort. particularly in a building like that. when i have been on the scene to detonate things, it is always a last resort. i think they would try to put it into a secured armored vehicle and tried to detonate it there if there is in fact a device. rick: what have you learned so far about this young man, james holmes, 24 years old. i don't know how much profiling experience you had. but what strikes you as we learn more about this person? >> well, i understand that he is an intelligent person who unfortunately just either dropped out or was asked to leave medical school. when a person devotes so much of themselves to one thing and then it is taken away from them -- and often triggers a stress
9:21 am
reaction. there seems to be an extreme example of this. rick: talk to me about the conversations that law enforcement is having with him. he is in custody. at various times we have been told that he is cooperating with the police. there are reports that he is the one who said the apartment is booby-trapped. talk to us about the q&a going back and forth. >> i imagine they will try to appeal to his sense of decency, what remains of it. and they will try to get him to, perhaps, imagine his medical training and how he would not want to see others hurt. obviously he had, at some point, some intention of doing good. we want to tap into that and try to elicit as much information about his apartment or any location where he may have had explosives. rick: it is amazing to think that this person would have any sense of decency at all. given what he is accused of having done. captain peter randall, i apologize we are out of time. i appreciate you coming on
9:22 am
today. jenna: here is a look at the man that james holmes suspected of doing this shooting. 24-year-old, one-time apparently a medical student. a medical student no more. more breaking news out of colorado. in just a moment. ♪
9:23 am
[ male announcer ] we believe small things can make a big difference. like how a little oil from here can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. purina one discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. with this kind of thinking going into our food, imagine all the goodness that can come out of it. just one way we're making the world a better place... one pet at a time. vibrant maturity. from purina one smartblend.
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9:25 am
jenna: fox news alert. we have a face to go with the name. we've been telling you over the last several hours. this is a photo of 2 24-year-old james holmes. the suspect in the shooting that has left at least 12 people dead, 38 others hurt. we understand from trauma centers in the area that many are undergoing surgery at this time. we've heard reports that he was a medical student in the area. we've heard reports that maybe he was going for his phd in neuroscience. we are working to confirm this. to learn a little bit more about
9:26 am
the man that just after midnight burst into a theatre, a packed movie theater in colorado and started to open fire on the folks inside that theater. one thing we have learned is that his parents live in san diego, and heather forward with kswb is live in front of their home now with more for us. heather. >> good morning. this area is a nice area in san diego. what we know right now is his mother of james holmes is still inside that house. san diego police officers have been in and outside of the house this morning. they have issued a statement from the family. what we've learned this morning is the father who was also escorted out by police this morning was taken to the airport and is boarding a plane as we speak. if you take a look around you can tell that san diego police officers are still outside at the scene here, and they will be, and as the media stands by and waits for anything else from the media, and from the family.
9:27 am
what i'd like to share with you guys this morning is a statement from the family. they said our hearts go out to those involved in this tragedy and to the family and friends of those involved, they've asked for their privacy and respect. we've been out here this morning speaking to the neighbors who live next door, live down the street who shared information with us who say he hasn't been here for about a year. they haven't seen him in the area. he did go to high school in the area. they were able to bring out the yearbook photo that i believe you've all seen. he graduated from 2006 from west view high school and lived in the area. they saw him around. they said he was a sweet child, and many neighbors out here this morning are shocked to hear the news of what has happened. the next door neighbor who we just spoke to said they've had christmas parties in this home and it's very hard to believe the news this morning. that is the latest. for now i'm going to send it back to you in the studio. jenna: so many families affected thank you heather ford with kswb. rick: who is james holmes? everyone is so surprised.
9:28 am
isn't that all the case in situations like this. you hear about someone carrying out a horrific crime and people are shocked because so-and-so was just such a normal person. let's learn more about him, and we will learn more throughout the day. trace gallagher tracking down some details for us out in the west coast newsroom. what have you learned, trace? >> reporter: trying to fill in some of the blanks that heather was talking about. she said the neighbors noticed he hasn't been there for about a year. for the past year he has been in aurora, colorado. he is, or was a med student at the university of wolz studying tcolorado studying to get his phd in thaour owe science. he went through the fall of 2011 and dropped out in june, completed one year and made it known he was not planning to come back. prior to that we have also confirmed that he did get a neuroscience undergraduate degree from the university of california riverside about 70 miles from here, and our information leads us to believe that for a time he may have
9:29 am
lived on campus as well as being at his parents' house down in san diego, which is where you heard the earlier report. now we have -- you seat first picture of him there. we are getting more pictures of him in high school. and again we are also learning that this pwaob ow booby trapped apartment with some sophisticated device is being looked at and studied by firefighters who our sources on the scene tell us the fire department is pulling out the hoses and putting the hoses close to the scene there. rick, i have no idea what they exactly would use the hose for. they said earlier they will try and detonate this device. it's unclear whether that is a good or bad idea. at last check they had still yet to identify exactly what the device wasser as for james homes wwas. as for james holmes we do not know if he has any type of permit. he has no concealed weapons permit, hunting license or fishing license, and yet when
9:30 am
when they found him outside the theater he was carrying four weapons, a semi automatic rifle, a shotgun and two handguns. on top of that inside his apartment they found buckets and buckets of ammunition. he has no connection whatsoever to the military, an is not on any terror watch list. as you said his parents do live in san diego. we are gathering more information about the suspect and what led up to the shooting, any kind of problems, any kind of social, you know, social problems, girlfriends, or whatever, we have not found anything about that. when we pw do we'll break back in. rick: thanks very much. i think it's important to note as we take a look of that picture, apparently we are learning that is not a mugshot. for those who have seen the picture and have thought this is the official police photo of him eave was taken into custody with that grin on his nice which would just bface, which would
9:31 am
be more sickening and the situation already is. apparently that is a picture from when he was a student in colorado. >> reporter: the fire marshal says that they just have heard the apartment is booby trapped with trip wires and bottles that are filled with something unknown, rick, so the next step is, we mentioned they were pulling out the fire hoses. the next step they are saying is they are going to send in a robo figure out exactly what the bottles are filled w. we talked abouwith. we talked about the guy might have be been involved in biology and neuroscience. it's unknown whether he has experience using chemicals or explosives. these bottles are filled with something that is of very big concern to the bomb squad and fire authorities and their first line of action is to send in a robot to see if they can decipher exactly what the liquid is and how much danger it poses before they decide to detonate
9:32 am
it. rick: trace gallagher with late-breaking details from the west coast. thanks. we'll be right back. ng like a shadow of your former self? c'mon, michael! get in the game! [ male announcer ] don't have the hops for hoops with your buddies? lost your appetite for romance? and your mood is on its way down. you might not just be getting older. you might have a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. millions of men, forty-five or older, may have low t. so talk to your doctor about low t. hey, michael! [ male announcer ] and step out of the shadows. hi! how are you?
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9:34 am
9:35 am
jenna: back to colorado, again we show you the picture there of james holmes on the top of your screen. the 24-year-old that apparently burst into a movie theater overnight and opened fire on the crowd there. we are learning, according to some reports here from say the court officials, they say he will tentatively right now
9:36 am
appear in court on monday. certainly, a lot can happen between now and then, and certainly we'll learn a lot more about the situation. joining us now from the swedish medical center where four of the victims were hospitalized is nicole williams, the spokeswoman for that hospital that is about 20 minutes outside the area where the shooting took place. nicole, can you give us an update on the victims that you had taken to your center? >> sure. immediately following the shooting we received three victims that were all suffering from gunshot wounds. currently we still have all three of those patients. we have an 18-year-old male who is in fair condition. we have a 20-year-old male in critical condition. and a 29-year-old female in critical condition. a few hours after the initial incident we did have a 19-year-old female who got in her car and drove here to our emergency department. some of our workers noticed that she did have some shrapnel injuries and asked if she would please allow them to check her out.
9:37 am
she what's valuated by our emergency staff, treated and ultimately released. jenna: what can you tell us about the injuries, particularly the two men that you have in critical condition? >> we actually have a medical and female in critical condition at this time. both of them suffered gunshot wound. i'm not really sure the number of wounds or where they are at this time. we just know that they've gone through surgery and we're obviously hoping for the best for them. jenna: we first heard a little while ago from a representative from aurora south medical center, and they were describing the injuries that we were seeing as horrific. would you i have no, sir injuriedescribe those injuries in that way. >> absolutely. anyone who receives injuries from a masked gunman coming into a theatre i think the emotional injuries and the physical injuries are nothing short of horrific. jenna: do you have the identities of all of these folks that you have at your center,
9:38 am
and the reason why i ask is we're also getting reports of parents going to the local hospital where somebody was taken post the shooting and asking if anyone has seen their son or daughter. i'm just curious if you've been able to contact family members, if you know their identities. >> we do have identities of all of the patients here at swedish. many if not all of them do have family and friends that are here, that are with them, so no one should be looking for our patients at this time. i do believe all their loved ones are aware of where they are and their conditions. there are a couple of hotlines available for people that are trying to get their names on a roster to try to find their loved ones at that high school. if you'd like i can give you those numbers now. jenna: sure, we'll go ahead and take it. if you would like to give it one and we can give a few on the website as well. >> (303)739-1862 people can call that phone number and they've got staff standing by to try to take down names and contact
9:39 am
information so they can start the process of trying to locate people's loved ones and immediately get in touch with them when they are found. jenna: always good to have more information at a time like this. you're part of this community as well. how has the community of the hospital reacted. what have been your observations this morning. >> our hospital rallied and was ready to serve the community during this tragedy. we had several nursing staff that were not on shift today that reported and said, how can i help. we had a couple of nurses from our or as well as some nurses from our pacu that we immediately sent down to the medical center of aurora which is a sister facility of ours and they are down there assisting in anyway they can. jenna: is your hospital equipped to handle these types of traumatic injuries? >> we are a level one trauma unit. we are equipped to handle anything of this nature.
9:40 am
we are always on stand by as a level one trauma center. jenna: that is lucky for those injured by this incident. nicole, thank you so much for this time and for helping the victims as well. we appreciate it very much. >> absolutely, thank you. rick: local law enforcement on the ground in aurora doing a great job, the police department there, the first responders. the feds are involved as well. the f.b.i., the atf, there is an active scene outside of the apartment complex where the suspect lived as they try to disarm the booby traps that we are now learning are inside that third floor apartment building. the f.b.i. set to hold a news conference to give us new information about the investigation, what they've learned and what is ahead. that is coming up in a little under an hour. 1:30 eastern time. we'll have that for you live, the f.b.i. news conference. in the meantime of course this has become, these types of mass shootings all too familiar in this country and of course around the world as well.
9:41 am
bullets flying through walls, gunshots all over the place, that is exactly how some of the eyewitnesses have described the horror that took place in aurora. but unfortunately deadly shooting ram pages have happen rampages have happened before. jennifer griffin has a look at this and other mass shootings to rock the country. >> reporter: as police look at what they are describing as sophisticated explosives and weapons inside of the apartment of the suspect we can report that he was never in the military, he never served in any of the branches, but there were several military casualties inside the theater. in fact we can confirm there were three military members who were inside the theater who were injured from nearby buckley base. it's safe to say this is the largest mass casualty shooting in colorado since the columbine massacre in 1999 left 13 people dead, a domestic shooting involving automatic weapons that left the nation reeling. those mass shootings that have
9:42 am
taken place since columbine have been domestic gunman with no links to al-qaida or terror groups. they involved psychologically disturbed individuals like the two boys who killed nare columbine classmates 15 miles -- just 15 miles from the aurora movie theater. in washington d.c., d.c. was terrorized by two snipers. the two shooters had no broader affiliation. in 2007 at virginia tech a shooter went on a shooting rampage killing 32 students, most of them fellow students was a loan wolf who then killed himself. last year in tuscan, arizona gabrielle giffords was shot and six people killed by a loan gunman who was found to be schizophrenia. there have been more than 27 mass casualty shootings in the united states since columbine in 1999. in fact just this week in alabama there was a shooting at a bar. 17 people were shot. a federal assault rifle ban expired in 2004, it has not been
9:43 am
renewed. colorado has no assault rifle ban. denver does, however, aurora is nine miles outside denver and does not fall under that ban we're told. rick. rick: jennifer griffin joining us from the passenger. thank you so much. this is not just an american phenomena there have been mass shootings as recently as last summer at that summer camp in norway i believe where gnome young people were killed. this is the kind of thing that happens in the states but it happens unfortunately all around the world. jenna: to your point so many different option of that batman movie overnight. this was just one, in one area, in one city where we saw this shooting happened. we heard from the city just about two hours ago who spoke about the shooting. we also expect to hear from presidential candidate mitt romney. he's going to be speaking in new hampshire. as we get him live we will bring that to you. in the meantime we'll have continuing coverage of the movie massacre in colorado. we have a team of reporters arriving on the scene. jon scott is on his way to cover
9:44 am
this. we have brand-new witnesses, reaction and new details coming in on the gunman. we are continuing to keep you updated on this question. hopefully we can start answering why. why did he choose to do this? we have horrific moments before the suspect opened fire inside this crowded theater. >> when i was crawling out i was peeking my head out and i just saw him, it was just one guy, i saw this figure, shooting everyone. people trying to run, hopping over people, running on top of people. i was just standing there, just standing there and aiming at people.
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> this is a very sad day, and thank you to father christian for beginning this gathering with a word of prayer. our hearts break with the sadness of this unspeakable tragedy. ann and i join the president and first lady, and all americans in offering our deepest condolances for those whose lives were shattered in a few moments, a few moments of evil in colorado. i stand before you today not as a man running for office, but as a father and grandfather, a husband, and american. this is a time for each of us to look into our hearts and
9:47 am
remember how much we love one another, and how much we love, and how much we care for our great country. there is so much love and goodness in the heart of america. in the coming days we'll surely learn more about the lives that have been lost and the families that have been harmed by this hateful act. we'll come to know more about the talents, and the gifts that each victim po possessed, and will come to understand the hope and the opportunity that's been lost. our hearts break for the victims and their families. we pray that the wounded will recover, and that those who are grieving will know the nearness of god. today we feel not only a sense of grief, but perhaps also of helplessness. but there is something we can do. we can cover comfort to someone near us who is suffering or
9:48 am
heavy laden and we can mourn with those who mourn in colorado. this morning colorado lost youthful voices which would have bright end their homes, even enriched their schools and brought joys to their family. our prayer is that the comforter might bring peace to their souls that surpasses our understanding. the a possible i will paul explained, blessed be god who comforts us in all our tribulations that we may be able to comfort them in any trouble. what we do now is how evil is overcome, we are seeing that greater power today in the goodness and compassion of a wounded community. grieving and worried families in aurora are surrounded with love today, and not just by those who are with them and holding them in their arms, they can also know that they are being lifted up in prayer by people in every part of our great nation. now and in the hard days to come
9:49 am
may every one of them feel the sympathy of our whole nation and the comfort of a living god. there will be justice for those responsible, but that is another matter for another day. today is a moment to grieve and to remember, to reach out and to help, to appreciate our blessings in life. each one of us will hold our kids a little closer, linger a bit longer with a colleague or a neighbor, reach out to a family member or friend. we'll all spend a little less time thinking about the worries of our day and more time wondering about how to helpre if compassion most. the answer is that we can come together. we will show our fellow citizens the good heart of the america we know and love. god bless you for being here and sharing together this moment of sorrow, and god best the united states of america. thank you.
9:50 am
[applause] rick: that was to have been a campaign event for governor romney speaking to the crowd out in bowe, new hampshire about the unspeakable tragedy thaupb fold eld in aurora, colorado, about the hateful act that took place, he said we can offer comfort to the suffering and mourn with the loved ones who lost so much in that movie thaoet tpher colorado. we'll be right back. theater in colorado. we'll be right back, don't go away. download the ultimate in mobile investing apps, free, at e-trade. 8% every 10 years.age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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coverage of the shooting out of colorado we cannot forget at this moment, at this time right now we have people undergoing surgery because of their injuries overnight. when this shooter burst into this movie theater and opened fire. a physician is joining us who is
9:54 am
attending physician in the bronx, dr. patti. what is the process? >> it's a complicated one. for the people who respond at the scene, jenna, they need to first secure the area and make sure that it's contained prior to allowing the first responders to go in and administer first aid and get these injured ancic people out. then once they get them out, and they do a triage process where they decide who is serious, who needs to be transported immediately, and who could probably be treated as a safe tree age area that they set there up at the scene, removed from the danger zone, then they'll start that treatment process. and they'll bring the seriously injured ones to the hospital where we will then take over. jenna: we have to remember that you could have other people coming in from other incidents into that hospital at the very same time, dr. patti. we've been talking a lot about the shooting victims for obvious reasons, but we also are getting reports about people suffering from, you know, reaction to the chemical, whatever he threw into
9:55 am
that theater, according to reports, burning skin and eyes, and irritated noses and mouths. what do you do with something that is suffering from that when you don't even know what caused it? >> first thing you want to do is get them out of the area where the contaminant is. i know they set up a decontamination area where they irrigate the eyes and usually remove the clothing, and wash them, or at least irrigate them so that they get that offending substance off of their mucus membranes. if they decide they need further treatment they bring them to the hospital where we will take over. jenna: we are hearing that some are still in critical condition. can you remind us what that means? >> critical condition means that they probably have internal injuries, suffer probably from gunshots. they may be on life support. cardiopulmonary problems. remember at the scene when these people get injured it can also be from a stampede-like effect. when people realize what is going on sometimes common-sense doesn't dictate and people will, you know, rush the exit and tram
9:56 am
-bl people in th trample people in the process. jenna: a good reminder that the people in critical condition are not out of woods yet. >> yes. i brought with me a triage tag, how we triage at the scene. we use a a color coded system. we have green, red, yellow and black. the green and yellow people can be treated at the scene, unfortunately the black ones are not going to get any care. jenna: we know at this time 12 are diseased. thank you for your expertise. >> thank you for having me, i appreciate it. rick: we are minutes away from hearing from the f.b.i. and the aurora police department on the ground. they will be holding a news conference with the late owns their investigation anlatest on their investigation, we might learn more and we'll have more on the booby trapped apartment in about 30 minutes. don't go away. i've been coloring liz's hair for years.
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