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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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talk my wife had been shot in the chest and my daughter had been shot. i lost the rest of my family. >> people were screaming and running out. everybody is like trying to find some where to hide. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight a ticking time bomb. at the accused movie shooter's booby trapped apartment. plus, the suspect's motive. what set this guy off? the honor stew you den studente say called himself the joker. >> we heard a loud explosion and shortly after that we heard gunshots open up. >> somebody is shooting in the auditorium. >> i got shot. >> it was chaos.
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you saw injured people. there was this one guy on all fours crawling. >> there is people just running around. somebody is still shooting inside theater number nine. >> i heard the sound of metal cansters clinking around and then saw plumes of smoke. >> we can't get in it. >> suspect in a gas mask. >> shepard: tonight, what we are learning about the suspect. >> this is the act apparently of a very deranged mind. >> his apartment is apparently booby trapped. >> the holmes family is is very upset about all of this. it is a tragic event. >> shepard: the survivors. >> horrific injury. i mean i don't know how else to explain it. it is horrific. >> shepard: and the victims including a young woman who cheated death just a few weeks ago. first from fox this third friday night, the suspect bought a movie ticket.
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he dressed in a gas mask goggles, body armor, technical gloves and covers for his neck and groin. ready for not a film but a war. survivors say they thought it was all part of the big show. a little extra pizzaz as one woman put it for batman's opening night. tear gas began to fill the theater and then gun fire, rapid fire and they realized this horror show was very real. tonight, police say 12 people dead including a 6-year-old girl. 59 others hurt including a tiny baby. today on studio b a witness said she wished she had died instead of those children and she almost did. when the gunman fired a warning shot at the ceiling and pointed the weapon directly in her face. she and her friend were in the second row when they realized the guy with the s.w.a.t. team getup was not kidding at all. >> he threw the gas and threw
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the top off of it and it went off. and everybody thought it was part of a special effect. the second that he shot the ceiling the first time it was real. at that point everybody was in a panic and you know started running around there is a gun and there is screaming and women and children around and literally he went from this to this to my face with the gun with the rifle and i at that part of my life i just didn't honestly know what to do but if i didn't do something in the next five seconds i was going to be dead. i jumped and dove as far as i could into the aisle and literally landed on this guy and crawled underneath the chair as far as i could and dug myself into there and told everybody to stay still and don't move until he goes up the stairs and then just crawl as fast as you possibly can. and when we did that there was just tons of gun shots. he was relentless shooting anybody that he possibly could. it didn't matter who you were, guy, woman, child. if you were trying to escape he was going to shoot you and all
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you hear is screams and at one point a silence because he was reloading on his end but there was screaming and crying and it was mass chaos and the tier gas was excruciating. my eyes were watering so bad it was hard to see and betting hard for me to breathe a i was on the verge of having a panic attack and i said i have to get out of here imapril going to suffocate in a second. >> while the crowd was trying to get out emergency crews were trying to get into theater nine to stop the bloodshed. the drama played out live on the police scanners as the calls for help came in more desperate. >> we have another person shot in the leg. a female. i have people running out of the theater shot in room nine. >> do we have gas masks available? >> any units that can bring gas
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masks to theater nine. we need gas masks. >> get us some damn gas masks for theater nine. we can't get in it. >> 7 down this theater nine. seven down. >> i have a child victim. backdoorscue at the book door of theater nine now. >> shepard: midnight at movies. and cops say this is the man who caused all those mass casualties and he is now in custody. but they say it may be days before they can get into his booby trapped apartment as they
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put it. details on the suspect ahead. first to our jon scott live at the theater in the denver suburb of aurora this afternoon. jon, to you. >> reporter: we will get to some details on the booby trapped apartment in just a moment. right now in the theater auditorium behind me the coroner's team has begun the grim and unpleasant job of removing the ten bodies of those who died there inside the theater. two others as you know died in area hospitals. they have started to remove the bodies. we understood -- we heard an ambulance come here about 20 to 25 minutes ago. lights and sirens blaring. whether they were part of the coroner's team we do not know. it was just after midnight when the mayhem started. take a listen to one who
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survived the carnage. >> i seen people frantically running out and scene people shot and they were bleeding all over and i seen other people helping others and seen them bring out a couple little kids and stuff like that. >> reporter: i spoke to a long time friend of mine a member of the aurora police force, a member of the s.w.a.t. team in past years who said that he has talked to other s.w.a.t. team members who were here last night. they are numbstruck by what happened here. one spent 18 months in afghanistan and said this is as bad a scene as he has ever seen. the authorities have not yet been able to notify all of the next of kin we understand. they are doing that as the bodies come out and as the victims are identified. now, to the other crime scene four miles away. the apartment where the shooting suspect lived. he left loud music playing repeatedly techno muse eck.
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music. his neighbors heard it, complained, banged on his door. when authorities got there after the shootings they found the place wired with what appear to be explosives. an atf source tells fox news they are going to take their time going this there. they want more daylight before they go back in. they are not in any rush. there has been talk of setting off some kind of a charge to blow up everything that is in there but they will take the time and review the video taken by robots before they go into the place and figure out exactly what they are dealing with. >> shepard: jon scott leading our coverage the theaterrer in aurora, colorado this afternoon. police said the suspect dyed his hair red and told them he was the joker a villain of the batman movies. they say james holmes carefully planned every detail of the massacre. picked a front row see the in the sold out theater and according to the police came fully equipped to kill. >> the suspect was dressed all in black. he was wearing a ba lace ticks
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helmet. a tactical ballistic vest. ba list take leggings, a throat protector and groin protector and gas mask and black tactical gloves. >> shepard: and this is the gas mask on the ground just outside the theater. police say the suspect threw it there. and look at the arsenal police say he used. three guns like these all purchased legally according to good sources. an assault rifle, a shotgun, a handgun and a magazine that can hold more than 100 rounds of ammo so powerful at one point it passed through the wall from one theater to the next. cops say they found another pistol in his car. it is a different picture from the way the suspect described himself. he reportedly said he was quiet and easy going on an apartment rental application and his neighbors say, indeed, he was. he graduated with honors from the university of colorado at riverside. the chancellor there says he was at the top of the top
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academically. a phd candidate in neuroscience at the university of colorado denver medical school. he dropped out in june they tell us. before that we are told he grew up in san diego where his parents live even now. cameras caught the suspect's father arriving in colorado this afternoon. he didn't respond to reporter's questions. his mother stayed at home. investigators sure to ask her about an fox news news report indicating she knew right away that her son could be involved. according to the reporting of abc she responded immediately you have the right person. trace gallagher continues our coverage. trace, left out of all of this so far seems to be why? what is the motive? do they have any idea? >> police don't have a motive yet but we are getting a lot more insight too what was going on in the life of james is holmes in recent years or recent months. you mentioned he was an honor student at uc riverside, the top of the top. now, there are reports that he
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was in serious academic trouble in grad school and that is the reason that he quit. police say this was a carefully planned massacre that likely began months ago when began buying guns at three different stores in denver and aurora. began stockpiling weapons, ammunition, buckets full of ammunition and began buying up protective gear. it took months to plan, minutes to pull off. listen. >> we know there are a lot of rounds fired rapidly. we know we were there within a minute and a half to two minutes from when we were called. in an event like that we can surmise how long it takes for someone to call 911 and dispatch and get to us. >> the shooter may have taken 100-milligrams of vicodin just two and a half hours prior to that shooting. >> shepard: so there was a lot of planning but the rampage
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itself started in a fully packed theater with the suspect right on the front low? row? >> he bought a ticket and sat in the front row and before the movie started he walked out the emergency exit and might have left it ajar because 30 minutes later he came back inside but he was fully dressed. as we know, he was fully armedr painted red like a batman villain but his goatee was also red. his outfit looked so much like a s.w.a.t. team member when police first showed up on scene they saw him walking out the door and they thought he was a fellow officer. they then learned that he was not and he was quickly then taken into custody. >> shepard: trace gallagher filling in the blanks for us. thanks. just a few weeks ago one of the victims of this massacre was telling friends a twist of fate saved her life when she came dangerously close to another deadly shooting. we will speak live with one of her friends and have continuing coverage of the tragedy in
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>> shepard: we are getting reaction from friends and relatives of the shooting victims in aurora. among the dead, a former intern at two of our fox stations kabb in san antonio and kdvr in denver. jessica graduated from the university of texas and left for colorado to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. just a few weeks ago she backlogged about narrowly escaping a deadly shooting at a mall in toronto writing and i "i was reminded that we don't know when or where our time on earth will end. when or where we will breathe our last breath ." jessica's friend and former colleague said she planned to start a charity collecting sports equipment for the victims of colorado's fires. mike lavender joins us live
4:17 pm
tonight. mike, thank you. condolences from all of us here. i know that you have spoken with her mother this morning, right? >> yes. i got a facebook message. actually, i woke up early, which is rare for me to be up at 5:00 a.m. but i turned on the tv and saw the coverage and opened my laptop and checked facebook. i went to facebook and there was a message from her mom on my wall saying jessica has been killed, call me. when i looked at the tv and i looked back at the computer and looked back at the tv i said colorado, wait a second. it was early in the morning and so i immediately was scrambling for the phone and it was -- i was in panic. i didn't -- i thought maybe i was still asleep. i don't know really how i dialed the number but when i spoke to her mom we had spoken last week about her mom's new business that she is starting and we play words with friends practicalally every day.
4:18 pm
we have a game going all the time. to hear her voice and to listen to her talk i mean she said repeatedly, you know, no parent should have to bury their child and she told me the story about she was is -- had been talking to jessica right before the movie started and that she got a phone call later from her friend -- jessica's friend that was with her and said there has been a shooting and her mother immediately asked where is jessica is she okay and the last thing she remembered hearing was just him saying i'm so sorry. and she, you know, just devastated. i mean i -- i just can't imagine. i mean talking to her, i have children, young children. and i have had an emotional day because, you know, i loved jessica and i love her mom and i look at my daughters and i just can't imagine what she could be feeling. >> shepard: none of us can.
4:19 pm
mike lavender live with us tonight. best to you and your friends and all of those there. thank you. well, the father of a 6-year-old girl says the shooter kelly wrighte -- shoots daughter and wounded his eck ex-wife. plus, police departments across the country new beefing up kurt at theaters in response to the shootings. how far do we go now? what should the conversation be now? and what can we do now as a society? that is coming up. is here. and so too is the summer event. now get an incredible offer on the powerful, efficient c250 sport sedan with an agility control sport-tuned suspension. but hurry before this opportunity...disappears. ♪ the mercedes-benz summer event ends july 31st. ♪
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>> shepard: the pentagon reports the shooting in colorado wounded at least three members of the united states military and that one other is at this hour unaccounted for. exact numbers are still unclear. meantime, the father of a six-year-old girl who was at that midnight theater killed in
4:23 pm
the attack says his ex-wife is critical tonight. the father says he sat at a children's hospital for three hours before the doctors told him that his daughter was dead. >> i heard that my wife had been shot in the chest and my he daughter had been shot and they didn't know what was going on with me daughter. >> reporter: and is your daughter dead? >> yes, she is. i lost the rest of my family. >> shepard: hospital officials say they are treating dozens of patients for gun shot wounds, shrapnel injuries or burns from tear gas. local hospitals working overtime this evening, adam? >> yeah, some 17 hours after the shooting they are still working overtime. one operation that just ended, bonnie cain. we talked to her friend earlier. they both were in the theater. donnie got shot in the knee and she lost so much blood that they thought she was going to
4:24 pm
lose her leg below the knee. at this hour, doctors believe they saved the rest of her right leg and she has just come out of the operating room in the last 30 minutes or so. 17 hours later still significant injuries in the hospital. we h a chance to hear from doctors earlier today from age groups that go as young as three months old. take a listen. >> nine of the patients are critically ill either in the intensive care unit or in the operating room. patients three months up to 45 years of age. the three month old has been discharged in the care of their parents back home and is doing well. >> and any good news, of course, is something that helps people in this community. they are asking for blood donations at several local hospitals as you might imagine they need all the blood they might get. >> shepard: we mentioned the member of the military unaccounted for. is everyone else accounted for are? >> we are getting conflicting
4:25 pm
reports on that one, too. there is a member of the military that we were told was accounted for but someone with the authorities said everyone was accounted for are. in these situations there is so much going on sometimes they let a couple of things slip through the crack. there is still notifications going on. a lot of families haven't been officially told. now, the coroner is is bringing the bodies out and that process will begin to finalize as well. conflicting reports there may be one person unaccounted for. everyone else in the theater as well as the surrounding theaters have been accounted for. the notification process of those who lost loved ones. >> the suspect's booby trapped apartment. investigators are still trying to get inside the place. we will take you there live. today's bloodshed puts the presidential campaign on pause. >> this i think is a day for prayer and reflection.
4:26 pm
>> ann and i join the president and first lady in all americans in offering our deepest condolences. >> shepard: we are live at the who us with reaction coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as flags are at half staff at government offices across our nation. [ alarm buzzes ] [ female announcer ] wake up time, but not for your eyes. they're still so tired looking. with olay challenge that, with regenerist anti-aging eye roller. its hydrating formula with caffeine conditioning complex, perks up the look of eyes. it works in the blink of an eye. gives you a 50% annual bonus. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!"
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i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. police say they are now removing the bodies from the
4:30 pm
movie theaterrer in aurora where a gunman in a gas mask went on a rampage, killed a dozen and wounded almost 60. tonight police tell us they cannot go into the accused killer's apartment because it is filled with extensive and explosive booby traps as they put it. mike tobin is at the suspect's home in the denver suburb of aurora. what are authorities doing to try to clear that apartment. in. >> it does not seem like they are in a hurry at the scene at all. every indication is that they have booked off from the scene. you saw them earlier putting cameras inside the window. at least one live person stepped in through the window and got a look around. it appears they have backed off and they are trying to analyze the photographs and determine exactly how extensive the booby traps are inside of that apartment, what the booby traps are and coming up with a strategy to deal with them. one of the strategies may be to use controlled explosives inside of that apartment.
4:31 pm
they have the luxury of time right now. what the authorities really don't want to have happen is have some more detractio destrf the property and have the police get injured and they don't want to destroy what could be ground zero in terms of evidence. >> shepard: are they giving you an idea of what is in there? >> the police chief says he has never seen anything like that. the whole apartment appears to be one giant booby trap. >> our investigation determined that his apartment is booby trapped with various incendiary and chemical devices and apparent trip wires. so we he have an active and difficult scene there. >> and what i'm seeing looking around here, shepard is five blocks that have been evacuated. the tape is up. the people except for the emergency responders have all been taken out of that scene. there is every indication that
4:32 pm
holmes wanted this apartment to be a second scene of carnage and chaos. >> shepard: the president was in fort myers, florida, as the news came out. at a campaign stop there he said there are going to be other days for politics. instead he brought the news of what happened in aurora. both the president and his republican rival the former governor of massachusetts mitt romney canceled planned rallies and spoke briefly on the massacre. the president cut short the campaign swing through the sunshine state and returned to the white house. we are told this coming picture shows the president on the phone with the mayor of aurora as he made his way to the airport. back in d.c. the white house reports he discussed the massacre with top cabinet members, a meeting that included the vice president and the fbi director and the homeland security advisor. the president ordered flags at public buildings to be flown at half staff until sunset next wednesday.
4:33 pm
wen dalwendel goler at the white house. >> at determining there was no nexus to organized terrorism it was the president's job to provide a shoulder for a those grieving to cry on. mr. obama said the tragedy reminds us we are united as an american family. >> i would like us to pause in a moment of silence for the victims of this terrible tragedy. for the people who knew them and loved them. for those who are still struggling to recover and for all of the victims of less publicized acts of violence that plague our communities every single day. >> the president said one of his first thoughts was that his daughters mallia and sasha go to the movies as well.
4:34 pm
vice president biden said geting that phone call is every parent's worse nightmare. >> shepard: and governor romney decided to stand down as well. >> his campaign temporarily taking down tv ads in colorado. romney was in new hampshire today and delivered a brief but equally somber address. >> i stand before you today not as a man running for office but as a father, and grandfather, a husband and american. this is a time for each of us to look into our hearts and remember how much we love be one another. >> reporter: the new york mayor michael bloomberg wants each candidate to say where he stands on gun control now. mr. obama called for gun show sales without a background step but hasn't pushed it. >> shepard: law enforcement teams across the country are stepping up security after the massacre. here in new york city the police commissioner ray kelly
4:35 pm
told fox news officers are stationed at all 40 theaters showing "the dark knight rises" to prevent any copy cat incidents and make people more comfortable. amc indicated they will take extra precautions at all locations and i quote we will not allow any guests into theaters in costumes that make other guests feel uncomfortable. and amc went on to say we will not permit face covering masks or fake weapons inside the buildings. jonathan shunt liv hunt live w. how obvious is the beefed up security tonight? >> it is visible from far from overwhelming. as you take a look outside of the theater there is one police officer stationed at the entrance. another in a squad car just in front of me. and that is about it. which is pretty much exactly as the nypd would like it.
4:36 pm
but you are seeing scenes like this in cities right across the country right now. here in new york the police commissioner ray kelly told us today that it is not just about preventing copy cat attacks but it is also about simply making movie patrons feel better. listen. >> we want to sort of raise the comfort level of people going to the movies, particularly parents who know it is going to be frequented by a lot of young people. we just thought it was prudent at this point in time. >> and the bottom line, shep, is that this kind of police presence at movie theaters may for the foreseeable future at least become part of the new normal. shep? >> shepard: you wonder how many places they can do this, though. and really what more can movie theaters do? >> the president of the cmp group here in new york told me today that one of the large theater chains which i have been asked not to mention has
4:37 pm
already approached them about beefing up private security in the movie theaters on an open-ended contract. particularly in the theaters that are showing "the dark knight rises." the security consultants also tell me that the theaters could make much more of the surveillance cameras and question whether anybody could have been watching a live surveillance feed outside of the theater in aurora. the police commissioner here in new york says in the end it is absolutely impossible to stop every single crazed individual. list. >> obviously this is a deranged individual. based on his academic credentials he is intelligent. it seems to be well planned. he had body armor protecting virtually every part of his body. this was something that he didn't decide to do overnight.
4:38 pm
>> security experts also tell me, shep, this is the time for the public to take some responsibility for their own security. as sad as it may be the experts tell me every single person going to a theater or a restaurant simply has to look around them, be aware of their surroundings and go in thinking how do i make an exit in the case of this sort of awful emergency. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt on the upper west side of manhattan at the theaters tonight. executives at warner bros. s canceled the paris premier. it was to include stars. warner bros. issued a statement saying it has canceled all paris media interviews and that it is deeply saddened by the shooting. survivors of today's shooting have given harrowing accounts of the attack. more from one of the witnesses we spoke with earlier on studio b. >> he was going up to the exit
4:39 pm
door and shooting people trying to escape. at that point i told everybody to lay down and get in an aisle and lay down and pretend you are dead. we did that and he continued to keep shooting up and down the aisles. i tried to get out and we were bear crawling our way out. there was this girl on the stairs lifeless, like 12-14 years old dead just in cold blood and there was other bodies and there was a has kerr. >> shepard: we will speak live with another witness who says he and his friends got out on their hands and knees and crawled out of the theater to p escape that killer.ex that is next on "the fox report" tonight. survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer.
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we have been reporting that remains of ten people who died at the scene of the movie massacre in aurora were inside of the theater for most of the day. college freshman andrew bauers was is among those who made it out of the theater alive and is live with us outside the theater. looked like you banged you head
4:43 pm
up getting out of there? >> yeah. it sounds like it. i don't actually remember hitting it at all but when i got out to my car i saw i was bleeding and i don't actually know what happened. but i guess it happened during that scramble. >> shepard: some witnesses said they weren't sure at the beginning what was going on. when did you realize something was wrong? >> i saw him walk in throw the smoke grenade in the air and at first i thought it was just some teenager messing around throwing something and then i saw he lifted up the gun and the first explosion coming out of the gun and i just knew something was wrong and everyone jump muched on the floor and i tried to cover up my girl trend and from then on it seemed like chaos. continuous shots nonstop and it was a scary time. >> shepard: it is my understanding you were 2 20 fet
4:44 pm
away and mentioned you hit the ground. how did you get out of there from that position on the ground as he was firing up the place? >> i mean we were pretty close. it seemed to me like he was firing more into the upper section of the theater. so we just decided we had to get out of there. he was shooting up everything and so we decided to crawl towards the opposite side of the theater and just try to get away and try to get out to safety where he wasn't there shooting and so me and my buddies just turned around our whole row was empty by then and we just started crawling to the opposite exit and tried to wait for a break in the shots and then just took the time and got up and sprinted out and thankfully we made it out safely. just very blessed at that point. >> shepard: no doubt about that. down on the ground and hea heag
4:45 pm
the shots, i wonder if you had an idea for where he was in the theater so you would know where to go and get away from him and not go to him? >> when we saw him come in he was in the front right. we knew we had to get probably just to the opposite side of the theater just get' way from him where -- try to maybe get out without him seeing us at all. i mean from the gunshots we could definitely tell he was still at the front of the theater when we were crawling and we just tried to get out before he made his next move. >> shepard: was there a time during all of this as you trying to get out of there that the thought crosses your mind i may not get out of here? >> oh, yeah, definitely. i mean when the first shot goes off and you hit the ground you are are praying. a bunch of thoughts are going through your head and it was definitely a scary time. a lot of stuff traveling through your mind, yeah. >> shepard: great to hear you and your girlfriend got out
4:46 pm
fine along with the rest of your friends. best to you and everybody there at csu in aurora. thank you. >> shepard: andrew bauers on scene at the movie theater. continuing coverage of the tragedy in colorado ahead. plusser other stories making news tonight including a tough day on wall street. we'll tell you what happened to such a number on your stocks and 401 ks. a deadly bus bombing in europe. the pentagon weighs in on a very busy friday in the news. . nah. [ dennis' voice ] i bet he's got an allstate agent. they can save you up to 30% more by bdling your policies. well his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. are yoin good hands? please sir, i want some more. more? he has asked for... what?
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of the tragedy in colorado. first some of the days other important news and the pentagon is giving some backing to israel's claim that iran could be responsible for the bombing that killed five israeli
4:50 pm
tourists. and the house intelligence committee chairman telling fox news we should take the israelis' word that they will retaliate against iran and they say they will. on wednesday a man carrying a fake american i.d. blew up a bus in bulgaria. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu blamed iran and the militant group it supports hezbollah. investigators are still trying to determine the bomber's is identity to tell us. today the pentagon press secretary say the attacks bore hezbollah's hallmarks although offered no specifics. russia today rejected international criticism over its latest veto of the united nations security council resolution on syria. earlier this week and for the third time both russia and china vetoed a draft resolution that would have strengthened syrian authorities -- threatened syrian authorities with new economic punishments. leaders from western nations condemned the vetoes and the white house said russia and
4:51 pm
china are on the wrong side of history. they said the west is putting unrealistic demands on the syrian government while putting little pressure on the opposition. police arrest five suspects in the killing of a religious leader and wounding of another and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. russia. in the first of yesterday's attacks, asass sins shot to death a top muslim cleric. officials say both men criticized radical islamist groups. one suspect heads a religious institution in the area,. india. at least three people killed and dozens hurt when a train collided with another train in a western state. railway officials say an express train hit a local which a landslide had already derailed. heavy rain made rescue efforts difficult.
4:52 pm
spain. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a massive protest in the capital city of madrid. demonstrators tried to reach the congress building to rally against new government tax hikes and spending cuts. there were similar riots in barcelona and 76 other cities across spain. china. crews saved tour workers stranded at a construction site after torrential rains battered a northern province. the men had moved to higher ground while working at a flood controlled dam but the fast rising water trapped them there. it took four hours to pull the men to safety. and that is a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: the markets took a dive amid growing fears that spain will need a full-blown financial bailout. after three straight days of
4:53 pm
gains. law enforcement officials in iowa say they are treating the disappearance of two young girls as an abduction. an fbi dive team searched the lake not far from where the missing cousins it bicycles turned up last friday. they are confident the girl's bodies are not in the lake and the investigators no longer believe the cousins got lost. the girls 8-year-old elizabeth collins and a 10-year-old. a judge asked iowa's department of corrections to supervise the 10-year-old's father. he faces trial this fall on drug charges. officials say he and his wife have stopped cooperating with the investigation. a deputy says the parents are not considered suspects but no one is and the relatives tell the associated press they feel they are being treated like suspects. for many americans the
4:54 pm
massacre in aurora colorado bring back painful memories of the tragedy at columbine high school and since then our nation hag endured more are than two dozen other mass shootings. a look back and a look ahead to a live edition of the o'reilly factor that's coming. the perfect use of the 7th inning stretch. get that great taste anytime with kingsford match light charcoal. an accident doesn't have to slow you down.
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and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> shepard: recapping today's top story the massacre at the movies in colorado. police say the gunman dressed head to tow in prodebtive gear, body armor shot a total of 71 people at a theaterrer in aurora. 12 dead tonight including a 6-year-old dwirl. -- girl. >> it happened in the denver suburb half past midnight at a screening of the batman movie. the shooter dyed his hair red and said he was the joker. the suspect is james holmes a one-time honor student who recently dropped out of medical
4:58 pm
school. cops still trying to get into his apartment. police say it is booby trapped, designed to explode if any one enters. no word at all on a possible motive. jennifer griffin in d.c. tonight. sadly, we have seen these types of tragedies before. >> since 1999 and the columbine shooting there have been more than 27 mass casualties shootings defined as more than four people killed at one time. this is the largest mass casualty shooting in colorado since that shooting left 12 people dead. most have been domestic gunmen with no links to international terror groups or al-qaeda. they usually involve psychologically disturbed straight aheads like the two teenage boys who killed classmates 15 miles from the aurora, colorado movie theater. in 2002, two snipers terrorized washington, d.c. the pair of shooters had no broader affiliation. at virginia tech in 2007 the student who went on a shooting rampage there killing 32
4:59 pm
people, most fellow students was a lone wolf who len killed himself. last year in arizona, congressman gabrielle giffords was shot and six people killed by a lone gunman. the fbi says of the mass shootings, there are only 1% that are more than five killed at a time. shepherd? >> shepard: jennifer griffin, thank you. on this day in 1969, hundreds of millions of people gathered around the t.v. to learn that the eagle had landed. 240,000 miles above earth a tiny lunar module touched down and for the first time two americans ventured out on to the surface of the moon. neil armstrong and buzz performed tests, took pictures and planted the united states flag and left a plaque reading in part we came in peace for all man kind. there would be five more successful manned lunar landing mixes bu


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