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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 8, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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repeat story now. the time has come for it to end. >> andrea: that is the best thing you said all week. let's end on that note. that's it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld, or as i am known in the men's olympic locker room, ben gay. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, it was an obvious joke, but so what? what is coming up on tonight's show? >> why does president obama want you to pay more for your pizza? we report and you decide between sausage and pepperoni. and is mitt romney a straight up murderer? a fair and balanced debate. and finally does not being on facebook mean you are a psycho path? why don't we go down to my basement and talk about it? >> thanks, andy. >> all right then. >> go away.
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>> no you go away. >> you go away. >> somebody has to get rid of him. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that hot chocolate drinks her on cold nights. columnist and author ann coulter. it is the untold story and it is available in paperback starting this week. and if caw meed duck genius -- if comedic genius was a vuvuzela. >> he is the co author of america you sexy [bleep] and in florida a fair ride. and if brains were almonds i would eat his nuts at a bar. next to me, john gibson, the host of "the john gibson show" and he is running out of luck because his stories all suck. it is our new york times correspondent. hi, pinch. >> writer maria newman looks
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at the latest show in rock rockefeller center. it is made from nothing but twigs. i continue to be made from all of the news that's fit to print. what do you think you are made of, intern porch? >> i think i am made from bubble gum and niceness. >> are you made from gump and you like it. hello, anne. this is always uncomfortable. >> hi, anne. >> don't talk to her. we lose our viewers like dandruff off my head. is obama care costs driving up costs ? and will pizza rise? they say obama's health care will result in higher costs for the p c. and estimated 11 cents to 14 cents to their customers. said the ceo john schnater
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said, quote, if obama care is not repealed will we find tactics to shallow out obama care costs and force it on to consumers to protect our shareholders' best interest. that's what i would do, shallow out core strategies. anyway, besides pizza you know else -- what else is great out of a box? >> that's what we did for andy levy's 21st birthday. we had a cat jump out of a box. it was so exciting for him. he expected nothing better. as a supporter of obama care will the rising cost of pizza make you change your tune? >> yes. it is the rising cost of everything, not just pizza. anything anybody sells in the store will go up because every
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merchant will have to pay more for health care. >> how much are things going to go up? i am nervous about this. >> could this be good, mib? if pizza increases the price, less people will eat pizza reducing the cost for obesity. >> it will devastate. the pigs will go extinct because of this. it is a tragedy. >> i like that. anne do you eat pizza? >> yes, i do. >> really? i find that hard to believe. how do you live with yourself? >> that sounded like a comment. i don't know. >> how do you feel about this story? >> i feel about -- i mean we can't talk about the economy and how obama has wrecked it because we are busy talking about tax records from 1990 on
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mitt romney, but -- -- >> and college transcript from 1990. >> among the many, many, many ways obama is killing the economy is something that can be fixed like this. it is not only prices are going up on everything, but there was a poll that may have been by dick morris, and you people can google it. you people are drunk so you can google it. they checked with the employers. the big thing he said was no one will lose health insurance. they checked and they said, no, we will keep our health insurance. then they asked if they understood obama care. of the employers who understood obama care, 90% said no we can't cover our employers. so a lot of jobs will be lost and a lot of health insurance lost. your insurance prices are going up along with your pizza and your doctor is going to be the people running food
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service on anthrax. >> everything is going up. >> you know who will be hurt is bill because you eat the uneaten crusts of pizzas you find in the garbage. you are the real loser of this story. >> you are the loser in every story. >> i get the crust because it is terrible. he said obama care not once, but six times. he had a romney fundraiser in april and made a lot of money for the man. and he is from kentucky, and he drives a camero. i am not drawing all of these things together, but he could be in the tank for romney. stuff he said in the report are all estimates and impossible to verify. and furthermore it is creepy to refer to yourself as papa john. if i say papa bill, that's creepy. >> if i say daddy bill is that okay? >> daddy bill is great, and
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call me maybe. jay i don't understand the slur against cameros? >> there is no slur. >> republicans are more likely to live in kentucky. >> excuse me. >> it is a team manager for mitt romney. prices are going up. insurance costs are going up. your health care is going to suck. >> he gave specific prices like 50% for pepperoni. >> and true or isn't it? >> we don't know. >> it's true! >> i said is it possible to verify -- >> my ferret is smarter than you times 10 ferrets. >> that doesn't say much. >> and five inches taller. >> i get enough ofha t at 5:00. >> it is a different
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audience. they don't know you are standing and we are all sitting. >> i'm tired of this. anybody watch the olympics ? >> yes. >> anything excite you? >> team pursuit bicycle racing. >> it remindy me when you were chasing kids around. >> no, they go around in circles and they go around and i don't understand how the team -- >> your description makes it sound like the presidential campaign. people go around and around and circles and in the end nobody knows why. >> anne, anything upset you? >> yes, the tattoo. it hospital be allowed. it is encouraging something bad. it is like being stuck with bell bought m toes for the rest of your life. they go in style and out of style. >> it is true. even the worst tatoo looks great, but you are never --
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look at bruce jenner now. there is something wrong. >> whoa. whoa. he is an example of what? >> what you shouldn't look like when you age. >> he got a tatoo of a bad nose job. >> >> he got a tatoo of another woman over his body. i think that's what happened. i think it can be done, right? >> if only you can get the kardashians to be removed. >> that was our olympic moment. from assigning blame to praising his name, so at monday night's $10 million per ticket fundraiser, i think that is correct. the president did more than thank the cree it aer of the hbo show, the newsroom. he crawled up his butt letting sorkin writes every way they wish they spoke.
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and how do critics describe the show? the newsroom chokes on its own sank tau money. the new yorker says it treats the audience as though woo were extremely stupid. when the newsroom isn't office it is manipulative. they call it worse than hobos. >> i was disgusted by that. we will read it in the doctor's office. >> let's look at a puppy.
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>> that is such a metaphor for a dog trying to get into a doorway, don't you think? michael, you probably write better fake newsroom dialogue than real newsroom dialogue. if you are on twitter you should follow him on sundays. it is like you are there in the newsroom. what is it by the dialogue that is mesmerizing and idiotic? >> one of the great joyce in. life is writing possible newsroom dialogues. it is the most sank sanctimonious show on the planet, and i can't stopwatching it. i love it so very, very much. he is a brilliant writer. he is so close to saying something profound every moment, and then constantly falls short it is regretful that the president said -- he
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says every democrat wishes they spoke. unfortunately some do speak that way. it is incredibly annoying. >> it is like you are looking for the mirror image of a conservative. it would be like somebody saying to charles bronson, you know what would submit my vision is death wish. it is the same thing. >> and president obama liked "entourage." "entourage." >> i love the president that at this point he is trying to lock up the hollywood vote. and i haven't seen newsroom based on your description. i have seen "west wing" and i think it is not so much democrats want to find the way sorkin writes them. they want -- and to perhaps look the way erin sorikn cast them. you can tell who it was by the
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pasty white guy. i don't think i would want to get into a looks competition if i was the democrats. >> the republicans have a strange new respect trans -- what do you wall it transformation. >> john, you claim to be a newsman, but i have not seen evidence of there. do you think this is an accurate portrayal? >> i have an an occupant and resident of newsrooms from 1973 to 2008 when you eventually took over my 5:00 show. and i have never, ever heard anybody speak like that, and even if they had they would be laughed out of the newsroom. >> mitt is the republican candidate on "the west wing." >> when you say jimmy smith you have to fref physician of the hiring of -- the firing of
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jimmy smith. >> we know america is not rooting for that. >> by the way, i didn't replace you. >> there was an interim. there was that guy in between. he is off doing something. the fact remains. you are the heir. >> i have to practice saying, follow me, america. follow me, america. that's what the other guy said. >> you write the way every four-year-old does so i guess you are erin's side. >> i am a fan of newsroom men's rooms, and the one thing i noticed what -- was, no one talks like the sorkin show. it is the stuff that was going in the movies in the 20 had. -- in the 20s. everybody they said was perfect. the only thing that was the difference between his girl friday dispt newsroom is they don't have the weird accent
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any smore. ?i more. we had access and nobody had access to you. sorkin has made it real. it is the way we talk, but better. they are making out in the newsroom. nobody would do that. >> well, there is actually a little going on. >> that was a longtime ago. >> they called them news boys. >> do i have time for this story? from sorkin to borkin, is myth a murderer? that is not not. it is a super pack called usa priority the web video show he is responsible for the death a steelworker's wife. watch. >> when mitt romney lost my plant i lost my health care and my family lost their health care.
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a short time after that my wife became ill. i don't know how long she was sick. maybe she didn't say anything because she knew we couldn't afford the insurance. then one day she became ill. i took her to the jackson county hospital, and admitted her pneumonia and they found the cancer. by then it was stage four. there was nothing they could do for her. she passed away in 22 days. i do not think mitt romney realizes what he has done to anyone. i furthermore do not think mitt romney is concerned. >> i'll take your word for that. according to priorities, the ad is a fifth in an an on-line project to educate voters about mitt romney's business record and their impact on the middle class family. it is a project.
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>> just to let you know, michael just said that he fast-forwards through everything to get to the animal. >> my favorite part of the show. it is the only part of the show i like, greg. >> romney may not be a murderer, but he is also not not a murderer. >> they accused him of being a felon. he was a criminal tax evader and now a murderer. there is mass murderer left. we can expect that before november. i don't know if they can go much farther. a cannibal maybe? >> cannibal. there is nothing wrong with that. >> you killed a family of four. >> it is one spheam of four.
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family of four. is it a new low? i don't know. do i think we should be equating romney equals cancer? it is unfortunate that is out there. i hate when people think romney they think cancer. he says he doesn't call it cancer. i take him at his word. although it would be nice if he denied it. >> because he says he doesn't cause cancer and people will look for proof. if he does president cause cancer. >> there is two years of proof he causes cancer. i realize there is eight years of proof he didn't -- >> should people just lighten up here? this is expected this kind of stuff or are we going too far? >> this is campaigning, and good luck with bitter and
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nasty. again obama can't talk about his record. so it will be one thing after another. >> this had nothing to do with obama. >> unlike most politicians he has been in private practice, so the politician doesn't create jobs or fire anyone. they kept the company going for another four years. it was about to be bankrupt. what happened to cobra? it was the most direct between saving a company and it going under. >> i have to cut you off because i will be cutoff by these people. coming up,. >> what is new in the upcoming role in jersey shore? he discusses his night as a aniest house made. >> if something wrong with you if you are not on facebook? our panel will discuss.
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hi. is there something wrong if you are not among the throng 1234*z nearly every man, woman and cat are on facebook. some think those shunning it on suspicious. says the hr department looks at those not on facebook and for safety reasons young people shouldn't date anyone who is not on it, noting, quote, you may be getting a false name. it could be some kind of red flag. a german magazine, i love those. cash dash i love those, have taken it further saying mass murderers rarely have facebook profiles. some say take social network vai vai -- vacations, ie, unplugging for awhile. you know what we hear are a healthier addiction? trains. >> all right, look at that, a 1953e8! oh ya, listen to that
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bell. yes, listen to that bell. >> my god! listen to that horn! oh my god she is beautiful! she is beautiful! >> it ran him over an hour later. thank god for that. >> bill, you never had a facebook page. should everybody #*e be afraid of you, yes, but that's not the reason. >> never had anything to publicize. >>- q. i they think the one in wisconsin didn't have a facebook page. he might have had one, and he named his i'm that pseudo anymore. and that would be a red light. i have never seen facebook and don't know what it offers and want to avoid it at all
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costs. that's pretty much as my parents feel about me. >> i don't think i see you on facebook. i tried to friend you. >> i don't spend a lot of time on facebook. i don't like the idea that people say there is something wrong with you if you are on face bike, if it was something you ate and you are still in touch with high school friends or people that you avoided 234* high school 20 years ago, then i would say there is something wrong with you. that's what facebook of oners. that and virtual farming. >> i love that. app, would you date a guy not on facebook? >> not on facebook 1234* the question is he is on facebook. >> i'm sure you do a thorough search of anybody you might date, right? >> technically the article said don't sleep with anyone without reading his book. >> i always think they are funny that those are
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discovering that through the internet people may not be what they said they were. i was meeting people in bars when i was 14. i know people were not the way they seemed they were. >> it was a year ago. >> n yo, do you care one way or another? >> i am not a part of facebook. i think it is evil. i want nothing to do with it whatsoever. hand over personal information for the use of a billionaire? no thanks. >> i have an idea where it is called facebook and it is a book of fuel faces. remember life savers and they were in the front of wall grins? wallgreens? >> later on the show, voicemail, 212-462-5050.
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still to come, the half time report. >> today is sponsored by base jumping such as cliffs, towers or buildings. thanks, cliff jumping.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy.
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hi, andy. >> hi, greg. >> probably could have done that before we started. >> could have. papa john. i will do it again. papa john says obama care will make therapy swraw more expensive. -- expensive. the price of every thing will 2 up. you cannot prove that, sir. >> it will happen and you will take that back. >> michael, how much did big pepperoni pay you to be on the show some. >> my relationship with big pepperoni is a barter system. when i get home from this show tonight, i will find a case of pepperoni, a ballot of -- a pallet of pepperoni waiting on my doorstep. i believed in pepperoni before. >> did you really? they knew you liked it so much. >> i feel like i used to be a so you sedge guy. >> my love from pepperoni does
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not detract from my love from sausage. >> you are angling for pallets. >> anne, you tacked about a poll that a lot of businesses don't understand the new health care. >> the point was, of the ones that did. >> i get that. but i don't know you should understand it. it is not like the people passively read it. >> good point. >> it is an honest point. i don't know what the problem to refer together health carrie form act -- care reform act. >> you people love them. >> obama use itself on -- use itself on its website. >> they have taken it back like you have taken back the word year. >> it is called the bili for the straight by guys.
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>> it started with reagan-omics. >> star wars. star wars was an insult and regan took it. >> i hated that movie. i don't understand what you said about team pursuit. >> i don't understand ig about it. the objective is to win in place. it is much in the same way you see pack racing. >> why stop on opposite sides of the track? >> to avoid injury. >> i am in the making it upstage now. >> is there any other race that works like that? >> a lot of races work like that. >> tell me one. >> no. >> i have seen them. >> sure you have. >> have you heard tom shalou
12:34 am
has a new idea of an olympic sport. two guys have to go to the same speed so they resemble a bicycle. >> it is like synchronized uni cycle. >> i hope he wasn't trying to keep that. >> send letters to shilou. >> obama says sorkin rights we should pay and you said that is accurate. you think wrong. it is very affordable. >> i was off. 9.9. >> you were off by a lot. >> you said sorkin is so close to writing things that are profound. we can safely assume they were talking about "west room" ira
12:35 am
ira-sorkin. >> here is why i think this is true. "west wing" in the last few weeks made it to kenya. "newsroo it and i don't think he will see it." >> you are right about that. boy i got in a lot of trouble when you mentioned that. >> get the irs on him, baby. welcome to the club. >> the beauty of 3:00 a.m. >> smokin. >> and there was the occasional good looking republican on west wing. matthew perry, but the one who would appear in hearings, you can tell who the republican was? >> they looked like snakes. >> only more republicans had looked like mitch
12:36 am
mcconnell. >> how about darrell eye saw? darrell issa? >> we have fun. we have fun. john, you pointed out that the newsroom bears no resemblance to an actual newsroom. >> it is so inaccurate that i am starting to think that the oval office is not in the west wing. >> are you sitting in the newsroom so you would know. >> not really. >> well, sequestered. there is a bit of going in the newsroom. >> care to elaborate? >> i have heard and seen on the few occasions of that stuff going on.
12:37 am
>> really? >> you think woodward and bernstein were partners? >> grow up, people. >> i guess just the last wrerd on -- just the last word it is nothing democrats have not fought and said since west wing. i think the newsroom is on now and it sucks so badly that is teams word weird he said it. during the west wind era -- >> i feel the same way about girls. i'm like, they are so not capturing what it is like to be a young girl trying to make her way in brooklyn. the sex sens are so inaccurate. it is not as demeaning as she appears. why. >> why do you have to be a marnie. >> i like being a marnie. nu obama ad -- i reached out
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to mary joe and couldn't get uh hold of her. >> yawn, you don't think they could go further fush than that. i will bet you they will. >> i will lose the bet, can i avoid it. >> okay. you said it was a stretch blaming romney for this woman's death. here is why the ad is inaccurate. he said when mitt romney closed the plant i lost my health care. the plant was closed, but even if you don't buy that, and some don't, cmn reports when he lost his job in twun his wife had her own job and health insurance. >> i did not know that. i have not had employer provided health care since 1998. by the way, you will not 1r*
12:39 am
employer provided health care when obama comes in. and millions have lost their jobs and it is much more related. even to go down that rabbit hole makes your head explode. >> why do you have to bring rapids. >> she brought holes into it. >> rabbit holes no less. >> on the facebook thing, does not being on facebook make uh psycho path? >> i am like you. closed it two or three years ago, and missed it all. >> you are too busy with their horrible, horrible -- and i am on twitter. i don't do things. i had to lose one of them. part of this is pegged for the yes, german magazine. this apparently is what it
12:40 am
says, the psychologist found young people who hold back on-line activity very or in the ?et work does not like depression and like those who do not have a facebook account. i think it is kind of right. >> you know, andy. >> what is that? >> i would say zuckerburg himself wrote that article. but then i realize this is a german magazine and his name is zuckerburg. probably not him writing that. >> why? >> i don't think they like his kind. that was me. >> i can say that because i am a schulz. >> that's your excuse for everything. >> i'm done. >> that you are. >> could an exact replica be the picture -- be the pictures. that's amazing.
12:41 am
are cats the natural born killers of household pets 1234 yes, sure, why not?
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well, he took a walk on the wild side. another athlete has been booted from the london games for doping. this time the defending italian olympic race walk champion. could that name be anymore italian. he admitted to using the performance enhancing drug because he wanted to, quote, win the gold against -- at all costs. whatever. it was in italian. he was set to defend his title in a 50k walk. my mother can do that. for which he holds the record with the time of three hours 37 minutes the the same time it takes for me to take a shower. discuss. >> lightning roooouuunnnndd.
12:45 am
lightning round. >> is it safe to say if you are at the olympics as a race walker you are the one athlete not getting laid? >> no, not at all. these race walkers have endurance. they know how to walk. i don't have a third. they have endurance and they know how to walk. >> if you are an olympian you will get laid. if they are getting laid the race walkers are getting laid. you have a good ., you do the short line walkers so you have a lot of runners. you have a race walker because there are one or two in the city and you can beat them. >> it is like trampoline instead of high dive. >> i would like to see a diver bounce off the high dive and then into the water.
12:46 am
>> no one follows this sport. but they call this a bitter day for italian sports. do you agree? >> i am a big race walk follow esh. we got suspicious at the 35-yard mark he went into a head on stroll. >> that was frowned upon. >> here is the thing -- >> incident tally race baiting has been exonerated. that's fine. >> there is the sport. that happens on the pitch in any british soccer game. it goes unnoticed and thank god for that. >> read it so i know nothing about racing. i don't even follow those anymore. race walking was in a
12:47 am
precarious situation. it was finally getting back into the public eye, and now it has been smeared. >> i am looking forward to lance armstrong joining the crew. >> he has an advantage because he is slightly lighter. he works out a lot. >> and he dated sheryl crowe. >> bill, you take performance enhancing drugs, but you don't participate in a sport. >> i would. if speed walking is a legitimate thing -- >> you mean walking over to buy speed. you never walk to -- >> you never walk to buy speed. >> if speed walking is her thing why not slow moke running. i have an amazing slow motion runner and then it would apply. >> how about gambling. >> or strutting. >> swimming. >> they have the triple jump. >> it is show off skipping.
12:48 am
>> what about double dodge. double dutch. >> you can really mock them. ha, ha, h sai dutch people and their doubling. where is the dutch from in go back there. >> time to take a break. don't think of leaving me now. we have more.
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>> according to a new study from the university of chicago, housecats kill more animals than previously thought. researcher usa tach tiny cameras cameras -- attach tiny cameras to a group of felines and then download the footage. i want to be on that website. they found a hidden world of carnage and more slaughter. turns out cats bring home a quarter of what they kill. essentially they are monsters. lizards and snakes and frogs, who will speak for them. >> i will. >> thank you. >> and behalf of them, please,
12:53 am
stop. for the love of all that is good, stop. >> you are such a liberal to think you can reason with cats. >> there is no apeasing cats. >> they only understand lethal force. >> it willling. could this be the theme of a new book called cat demons ? >> i used to think they were the spawn of say tan. they are killing everything i hate especially birds. >> you hate birds? >> not a big fan of frogs. they smell funny and if you play with them some things can happen that ends up happening in the hospital. three bird species are in decline. you have a cat. >> are you part of the problem. >> 50-pound cat that has never eaten anything but cans of cat food. i don't know where this
12:54 am
problem comes from exactly. >> from cats. >> he looks like a bowling ball and he just lays there. >> yes, but he probably doesn't have frogs or lizards or birds. >> that's because my wife will chase him out with a broom. >> i think it could be the cat. >> we could use all of mitt romney's cars and just start strapping them to the top, and then we will see how they do. >> i wanted to do the feeding to obama joke. you predicted this in 2003 after a cat tried to murder you. >> in fairness, it might have been a guy dressed as a cat. he ran away like a dude. >> it could have been cat stevens. >> let me make this clear to you guys. you are not seeing it. the cats sleep in the house. all of the carnage is happening there. they are not being caught.
12:55 am
the cats are ignoring the mice. they are out sourcing critter killing. they are all romneys. or they are like kitty hollywood and they have all of their movies made there. how about that, bill? they are killing the field mice in the business, but they are -- i don't think they are -- >> you injected that into the story and it just makes me love cats. >> they are ignoring -- the cats do not have unlimited appetites. >> you are just adding that to the story. >> they are not eating the mice in the house. the house fies are fine. said.. >> i don't like the field mice gns the house mice. we went through this before. it is not right. >> i am not saying they are a better class of mouse. >> they are a little too rural for me. i like my mice urban.
12:56 am
>> we should have lead with this story. >> we have to close out this show with a wrap up from our own mouse, tv's andy levy. go to fox eye.
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back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> michael, when are you doing something about the hair? >> what? >> when are you going to do something about that hair? >> i did. i cut it shorter bought it is blonder on top. i am dyeing it back. >> no, i like it. >> thanks. >> the hair discussion is really cutting into my book time. >> anne, big day today. >> yes. my book is out in paperback. so my opening show, i am here on the most important show on television. >> "red eye." >> just


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