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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 9, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> greg: about the ad. 50% off on bottles. >> did you hear about the business that is going on with the "50 shades of gray"? >> bob: we have to do a topic on that. >> dana: i'm we are doing a show. welcome to "red eye". i'm greg gutfeld. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. hi, andy. what's coming up on tonight's show some. >> curious about what is going on there. coming up on the big show, the war on women makes a triumphant return. and an inhumane creature is greeting people at the airport and it is not snooki. and what is the latest from london? we will go to our live correspondent to find out.
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>> thanks, andy jie. do you want to tell everyone what was going? >> a lot of people forget this is an actual show. >> you know what, they they haven't been on tv before. so they just don't get it. >> judging by your response, both of us are -- >> 25 years now. old chum. >> go away, not friend of mine. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot she is often mistaken for the olympic torch. i am here with fox business network anchor lori rothman. and he is so fierce he has been spotted offshore biting sharks. he is up very early, 4:30 i hear. in spain he is considered a lazy doesen, bill schulz. and if insightful commentary was a big gulp he would be between every trucker's knees. he said for in chief of the wound -- wonderful daily
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caller. and our new york times correspondent, see you pinch. >> they are rejecting corrective therapy when it comes to gender fluent children saying what is so bad about a boy in a dress? j edgar hoover asked me the same thing in 1932. i thought it was the beginning of a parlor game, but now it is not so sure. confirmed bachelor. >> i was going ask you where the intern was, but i think i will just leave it. >> no, leave it at that. >> she brought politics to the pom medical horse -- pomel horse. after winning gold on the floor exercise, my favorite exercise, aly-reisman talked about the palestinian radicals killed in munich. the jewish-american gymnast
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was going to do a routine to the jewish folk song. it wasn't intentional, but she said memorializing them was, and if there was a moment of silence i would have respected it. olympic organizers have chosen not to honor the dead saying the opening ceremonies were not an appropriate form for a moment of silence. wooses. and seven athletes from cameroon are missing and they may be seeking new homes outside wherever cameroon is. it happened in the past games before. most of the time none of these people come back. for more let's go to our olympics correspondent, mike michael ton in london. bear with us if there is a satellite delay. mike, are you there? >> hey, greg, i am here at the london olympics.
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>> yes, mike, any word on where the seven cameroon athletes are? >> hey, greg, have i have been looking all over london for them. can't seem to find them. it is a big mystery. >> cameroon officials say most of the time they never come back. what do you know? >> hey, greg, that's right, they never came back, just like my dad. >> where might these athletes go next? >> hey, greg, maroon 5 can go anywhere. hard to say. >> did you just call them the pho roone 5 -- the maroon 5, mike? >> that's it from london, back to you, greg. >> a big waste of time. did he have a picture of the leaning tower of pizza. >> yes, outside of london. >> in his -- he is not fooling me at all. that's down the hall.
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it is in our office. >> how would you explain the leaning tower of pizza in our hallway? >> i think this girl did a great thing, the moment of silence. didn't she show up those jerk offs? >> of course she did. the position of the rest of the world are their countries are depressing nonproductive, physically dirty because israel exists. it is nice to have someone give them the spiritual middle finger by winning the gold. >> she is agents -- she is a little hero. are they bigots who traffic in bigoty bigotry, or are they just scared for their lives? >> there is the global anti-seem terrorism for sure. she should have channeled sinead o'connor and ripped the picture. to say this israel exists
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globally and bring it to politics, i know andy will love this, but it may be our international president harbors a little of that which is why -- give him four more years and as he said vladimir after the election he could be a little more flexible. >> good point. you publicly of on erred to put the athletes up in your house. will you have enough room? >> i have plenty of room. unfortunately you have seen this before. the athletes and people in general who are having a tough time taking asylum in different countries. a lot of people going to england and france because of the whole global slow down. >> and when you are trying to defect to france, you know you are in trouble because it is france. i don't know where france s. bill, with you it is reverse. our country wants you out. >> not going to happen. >> you can stay at my house.
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>> thank you. so much my offer for the cameroons. i don't know if any of you know this, but i am a quarter cameroony. i offered them my studio apartment. they can sleep on the floor and do chores until they can pay rent, and i will tell no one. call me. >> here is what i think, if we have the olympics year-round which i have been campaigning for, wouldn't everybody defect and it would be an olympic sport. it would combine the amazing rase with the olympics. why not make defecting an olympic sport? >> they do. it is called illegal immigration. how do you defect to a country that is too disorganized to keep you there. it is not like cameroon is north korea. it is just not as appealing as france. >> they are leaving cameroon because it was a dull party? >> they are not political prisoners being held against their will in tam roone. >> they just got a free ride out otherwise they would have never gotten out.
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i would rather be a homeless guy bathing in the tames. >> i honestly don't know much. >> they make macaroons. >> can we explore athletes that are getting ignoring? that michael phelps guy. too much of him these days. >> exactly. from medals to meddling. can we put a hex on the fairer sex? do the words soothe voters who are dudes? president obama is making a big push for women in colorado, my favorite, colorado. he is highlighting parts of the health care law and call mitt romney a horrible montana sister. monsterment they even did a duet of "i'm every woman." no, she just said this junk. >> mr. romney is offering us only dangerous promises to take us backwards. and i have to take him at his word because he says on day
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one he is going to kill obama care dead. >> could i bathe in that voice for hours. >> she has a future in radio. >> to attack romney over his opposition over planned parenthood. >> planned planned parenthood is something i care deeply about. planned parenthood was my health care provider outside of college. yes, i got birth control, but it was for my massive migraine headaches and heavy flow. i am on record saying i have a heavy flow. and these are the types of things i don't want to discuss with employers. i don't want to talk about that with my employer. that's between me and my doctor. at the time my doctor planned to be at planned parenthood. >> talk about getting personal. that's the most personal attack ad ever. >> i was embarrassed for her. too much information. >> for more of obama's colorado swing let's go live to our denver bureau.
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>> sorry, guys. didn't mean to wake you. >> saw that one coming. the thing is they haven't filed the story in months. but they are so darn adorable you can't fire them. you try to get them to hr and the hr person is playing with them. it drives me crazy. lori, are you a woman. of course i will go to you first. why does mitt romney hate your gender? >> it is manufactured. i am tired of the war on women. they are all women's issues, taxes and not this controlled stuff. obama care is so bad. higher taxes and the economy will go over this cliff. so planned planned parent wood wood -- planned parenthood won't even exist. >> good answer. bernie, doesn't it make sense for president obama to have a stria dent life long activist? theythey are all the same
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people. it is always about activism. >> and getting free stuff. there is no war on women. that guy prince or whatever the hell his name is, wright, the war on women -- >> i'm thinking, i have not heard anything from prince in years. >> dirty liar. you want to know how the democrats treat women? look at john kerry marries them for their money. john edwards -- well we know what he did. bill clinton -- had an inappropriate relationship with an intern in the white house -- anthony wiener, president obama. remember when he did to hilary rosen when she did his bidding? he didn't want to know her afterwards. he left her on the battlefield to die. that's how they treat their women. mitt romney has a wife with multiple sclerosis and gave her a great life. he will do for us what he did
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for her and her granddaughters. >> i might have to edit that thing about clinton. a lot of examples, but we will figure out how to take that part and go like this. >> you forgot elliott spitzer. >> well he paid for it. >> the capitalist part. obama is up eight points among women. how much should mitt be concerned, and does this election hinge on women's health issues or the economy? >> this election is about birth control obviously. and mitt romney's attempts to ban it. the real issue here is the demographic one. yes the obama campaign is winning amoung hispanics and they are winning the election depending on how big the elections are. but it is about the country. there are more married adult women in this country than married. that's the first time in history that has ever happened. unmarried adult women vote democrat and married women
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with children vote republican. they just happen to benefit obama, and it is a big advantage. >> if only the single women talked to the married women because they will become the married women, and the married women would say don't do it. >> they report, actually. the trend in america is not to get married. the majority are out of wedlock and that's our future. >> interesting. which candidate has your interest in mind as a hemaphrodite. >> neither. everyone is talking about a war on women, and while it exists no one is aware of the war on bill. i have been going through this since puberty. until either candidate focus owed my needs, i will not focus on either of them. furthermore i thought heavy flow is what flo rider called himself when he cheated on his diet. i don't see anything anyone should cringe about.
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>> it is a natural part of anyone's life. >> yes. >> but i watched lori rothman shrink into herself. >> a very talented rapper. >> that's true. i have had enough of this story. it is interesting we have a living embodiment of theen entitlement who is the spokesperson for obama. obama is saying, you are going places -- >> anyone that would vote for obama based on sandra fluk -- >> she is not going to win over any new voters for her cause or obama. >> no part was moved by her? >> no. >> not even how much she uses the birth control? >> from chicks to chick-fil-a. should she meet the self-righteous crap? the drive through lady was be rated on the video and and the perfectly pleasant rachel, she will only give her first name.
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quote, i appreciate he came forward, but interested in speaking with him. i want to see if he was sincere and let him know why i handled it the way i did and i did not take legal action. she also discussed the incident on your world with neil cavudo. >> i don't know if i am a hero. why i am a service worker doing my job. >> you are to a lot of us and i want to close with this. would you tell us what you would like to say to adam smith now. look in the camera and say it. >> i forgive you. i really hope america will forgive you and treat you with the respect that i chose to treat you with that day. >> when did he start with the fake british accent? i will need a neck scratching deer video stat. i'm ready to keep talking about this story. tucker, should this meeting
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happen or enough already? time to move on? >> i am just glad she decided not to take legal action. >> the thing is, that is kind of refreshing because people do sue over -- you know what she did? >> the country has gone crazy, you are right. >> you know what he did? he filmed her without her agreement and made her famous, and she didn't want to be famous. >> he revealed himself as a pig and destroyed his own life. she shouldn't meet with him. too much forgiveness. >> bernie, she won't sue, by gones be by gones and this is the epitomy of a very good person. >> i saw what you did on "the five." you jukes tau posed her and sandra. she may have hucked a logi nee one of his chicken -- >> she what? >> hucked a logie. >> spit in his food? ji he is they pit -- he is the
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epitomy of the most intolerant people. he is only angry because of the backlash. >> he was never ashamed of what he did. >> we are so -- we are just giving this woman so many kudos. don't you think she is enjoying the media attention? >> no. she handled herself well, but then she -- >> who is -- who -- who is going to see her? it is just -- she is ignored by everybody. the people who love sandra fluk she was asked to come on the show. she doesn't use her own last name. >> she says i president do want to have a face-to-face. >> i am having my own. >> i can't believe this. how can you be angry at this poor girl?
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>> bill, has rachel's kindness healed your broken soul? >> there is no soul to break. i imagine meeting face to days and rachel and adam realize they were actually meant for each other and fall in love and have a honeymoon and when things don't work properly, she realizes she is a lesbian. then she tries to destroy the very thing she once defended. >> that says more about your head than anything. it could be called you've got chicken. >> call me, hollywood. >> the only media that cares about her is fox news, talk radio and blogs. she does her job. fox found her. you can't blame her for being honest and talking about it. i found her interesting. that's what i was going say. i have to move on. >> okay. i digress. >> what is a frity frat and why is one currently mowning
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in our marine room. he discuss his new book. disgusting. >> who is libby and why is she lipe? we will discuss in a jiffy.
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i speak of libby an attractive customer care representative at newark airport. they have an airport in newark. she is not real, however. she is an avatar. don't know what that is? it has three vowels, and it is good for "wheel of fortune." libby was created by a company that uses technology to project her image on a sheet of plexiglass. she is sweet.
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she is stirring things in me i didn't know she had. here she is in action. >> if you need to go to terminal a and b please follow the signs. for connecting flights on united airlines, please visit the recheck area on the left. if you need to connect to an airline other than united, please see the monitors located in the terminal for additional information. >> the port authority says the avatars are not taking any jobs. even as they unveiled libby's sister and another one planned for jfk, the airport. oddly her first day on-the-job she broke a nail and cried. that joked a sexist male avatar. here is a greeter who didn't make the cut.
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>> why? >> bernie, this is awesome, but at the same time scary. what are you talking over there? >> i guess we can work on the outfit and blowout the hair a bit. >> you are just not happy. you want her to be a stripper. >> i do, i do. i am not going to pull a fred willard in newark airport, but a little something. >> i am glad he is now a noun. >> he has been reduced to this. he has so much -- >> fred willard was a great comedian and now they are pulling a fred willard. isn't this the legacy of the obama presidency? human beings replaced by avatars. jay she seems -- >> she seals a little one dimensional to me. she is a huge improvement over the people i normally deal with. and i fly a lot. i think she is cute.
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i think she has a lot of good answers. that would brighten my day. >> eventually these things will take away your job. >> i know this job right here. you won't know -- you won't need to worry about booking this end seat. >> we never worry about it. >> i want to see dude avatars. talk about warm weather we have to look at these gorgeous women at airports. >> bill, you will not be replaced by an a avatar is they won't want your job. >> the difference is i have feelings. it seems to me that all this girl is is doing what the former audio recording did, but it is more expensive. i don't noah lot about air travel, but i can't think of another example where they can better spend that money. can't think of one. let's make avatars, meanwhile look at the tsa. >> they are employing people. this is taking jobs away like yours, mine.
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but all of the technology involved requires a lot morman power. a lot more man power. >> this is what i was waiting for as a kid watching sci-fi. you know there will be an avatar strip club. >> we will be dating. >> there will be a divorce and you will be cheating with an avatar. >> how can you cheat with an avatar? >> believe me i have tried. do you have a comment on the show? e ill mas. red eye at fox and to leave a voit mail 212- 212-562-5050. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by throat thingy. that musical form found off central asia in which there are two distinct pitches at the same time. thanks throat stinging.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. sorry to interrupt. somebody has been rag ged the last couple days. >> usually you ask me if i am ready before we start and they chose not to do that. >> so now you blame the production people? >> absolutely. >> good for you. >> and i fairly think it is because i am jewish. >> that's a twist.
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>> it is a worker's rebellion type of thing. >> i can say that because i am next to lori. >> and i am a jew too. >> we will talk about that too. >> i am catholic! >> lori, how do you not correct him on that? >> i am glad i did it at 3:00 a.m. >> you even heard him be rate me and punishment for not agreeing with his take on the chick-fil-a cashier. i am so intimidated by him. >> please. >> that came later. you can't use that as an excuse. >> i knew it was going to happen. i have the fore sight to know it. >> all right. >> i am so glad on "the five" i was going to bring up the song. i am glad i did it here. that would have been embarrassing. to my jewish fans. >> yes. i am getting the word out to my fellow media people. >> did it bring back memories of your bar mitzvah this. >> i did not watch -- i don't
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watch girls gymnastics. i call it girls gymnastics because it is little girls who were abused. >> i was so excited to have my daughters watch it. my five-year-old said to me they gave up summer camp for this? so i was secretly happy. >> i am glad andy takes strong stands about stuff like this. >> well, he did mention he makes me reenact everything in a leotard afterward. >> i would love to see that. >> i take strong [stances|instances] when i think kids are being abused. >> i like how you say that. that's better. >> it is just a thing i do. >> maybe it is me, but i don't like starvation. >> call me crazy. i know i will get letters, but -- >> abusing the elderly, not for me. you are okay. >> that's up to you. everyone has to make their own decision. tucker, you said a position of the rest of the world is they are poor and dirty because of the existence of israel.
12:33 am
>> yes. >> do you not agree with that? >> no, i don't agree with that. i think it is part of the problem. >> what are you a neocon? >> you mentioned the ioc chose not to have a moment of silence in munich. they put out a statement saying, quote, shame on aly-reisman for reminding everyone of that day when the jews rewinned the olympics for being masacred. >> i don't believe that. >> it is true. >> he's lying. >> i don't know. excellent job blaming this on obama. >> i knew you would like that. that was all for you. >> i sent 15 or 20 minutes and couldn't come up with a way to do it. in five seconds. >> four more years and beware. >> you should come out with one of those -- you know those little game magazines you use on trips and it is a maze and start -- >> oh a game. >> yes, a game and you move
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your way to obama with any issue. >> it all goes back to obama, of course. >> it is just a straight line. >> bill, it is not cameroony, it is cameroonian. >> well who would know? you or a cameroony. >> probably the same person who said flo rider. >> i didn't say rida? >> no. you said of the cameroonian athletes how can you defect from a team that is to hard to keep track of you. they said, about 33 athletes to the picks. to the olympics. i am i am not making this up. >> it is a happy country. >> i like that. >> hard to believe they never won a medal.
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>> they are fantastic. >> so you are saying they may miscounted. jay there might not -- >> there might not be anyone missing. >> it is less organized than a grade school field trip. there is always somebody up there. >> one, two, three, four, five. >> like they don't have bus buddies or anything like that. just double checking and did you say colorado was your favorite colorado? >> yes. >> true it is my favorite colorado. >> i am not arguing, i just wanted to double check. >> you are going to get letters now. >> have you ever been to colorado, canada? >> no. >> check it out. it is amazing. >> tucker, you said the trend is there are more married women and less single men. i don't think you get it. by favoring gay mrie they have weakened the traditional
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marriage and leading to more single women so they can get more votes. >> i don't think it is favoring gay marriage. it is giving money to single mothers. the welfare state encouraged the -- and i think that is the driver. you couldn't be a single mother because you couldn't afford it, and now you can. >> tom made a look -- made a good point that the sexual revolution created more men that wouldn't want to marry. >> how did i not end up single? >> you got married. >> she already has the whole -- she is simultaneously shrill and boring. >> it is a great skill. i do have that skill. >> no, are you just boring. >> nobody would call me sh ri ll. >> tedious, often.
12:37 am
>> sleep enducing. >> painful sometimes. >> but never shrill. >> can kill a mood. mood killer. >> rush limbaugh says he deserves a finder's fee. i think there is a name for those who get prostitutes. >> elizabeth banks sits in a video and talks about needing birth control for headaches and her heavy flow. shy says i don't want to talk about these things with my employer. i just want to talk to my doctor. >> rachel from chick-fil-a speaks. you say she may have hawked a logie into adam smith's food. he only ordered a water. they were encouraging people to go through drive throughs and or ward. >> you can't spit a loogie in a glass of water?
12:38 am
>> i guess. i always take the cap off because i don't trust month one. >> you are not a jackass like the schmuck that bent through. that went through. >> greg, you could have said no, but lori, rachel, she has only done the one interview. she starts popping up everywhere i don't think she is pushing the story. >> i stand corrected and i backed off that statement. >> beat me up some more. >> i am done. i have had it with you guys. >> you love it. >> i thought that would never end. >> libby the avatar. lori, you said there better be hot avatars. there was one unveiled at laguardia and one at ken gnaw dye airport.
12:39 am
both seen at -- one is named marilyn. just kidding. >> how about diversity too? that will be the next thing. >> why does the avatar have to be white? >> why not swedish. >> if you have seen the movie, and by the way she can't do anything but talk. i feel like you want the opposite of that. >> you are starting to know me. >> why don't they do something fun like a talking dog? >> because no one would believe that was real. >> oh god can you imagine people coming for the first time. >> they have the best talking dogs here. >> i think we decided we don't want more people here right now. >> lastly libby is not doing anything more than a recording does.
12:40 am
future versions will be able to frequently ask questions. >> oh future versions. >> president bill gets through lines quickly. >> i said present as in not in the future. >> present bill has a lot more riding on this. >> that's a good point. >> are you a good point. >> i am done. i am past andy. >> but that will live on forever. coming up, what if the universe was nothing instead of something? it is not just a text i was sent last night. sean penn campaigning for hugo chavez. whatever. wow this outrage suppressant is working.
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as their economy reels they reach two wheels. it has forced the
12:44 am
cash-strapped commuters to switch from cars to bikes. more than 200,000 bikes were sold last year. up 25% from the year before. so let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning roooouuuunmnddd. lightning round. >> is this what happens to bad economies when it comes to transportation? >> they are going to bike and when times are bad you feel bad and drink more booze and smoke more sig cets and so those industries do well. >> wait, you do that when times are bad? >> to buffer the pain? >> i wasted away the dot-com90s. >> you don't know when it is bad or good. you are just comfortably numb. bernie, won't this slow down
12:45 am
the economy because it takes longer to get where they need to be? >> you just have to leave earlier. you can't retire at 45, and in the future you will do thicks differently. do things differently. on the up upside. they will have one awesome tour de france team. >> they will be tbr cyclists -- they will be great cyclists. will greece ever recover? is this a sign that they are doomed? >> no, this is what the economists call a readjustment. they never should have had cars in the first place. they were not ready for them. have you seen how they drive cars? >> it is unbelievable. i don't think it is for everyone. it is a statement of fact. >> have i been to an eye -- i have been to an island outside greece. >> they are all islands, actually. >> that could explain it.
12:46 am
i don't remember much. i was drugged. >> this has to be great news for environmentalists. when you talk to an environmentalists they hope for crap economies like this. why does it have to be bikes? why don't you see roller bladers? >> roller blading was invented in greece in 650ad. and as usual with all greek things, heterosexuals find them and think it is cool and then they ruin it. >> you can't roller blade in a toe go. >> you can, but then you fall and who likes that? the greeks. >> i guess you are right. >> he is talking and i don't care. i am kidding. >> you are so short. >> what a come back. >> you -- stand up. stand up. >> i thought meaning being short with you.
12:47 am
>> oh i was giving credit -- >> oh i am shorter than you. >> take off your shoes. >> i feel huge. >> this is more special than that. i am getting back in my seat. >> you should. next time you call me short think twice. >> i didn't know you are so sensitive about it. >> i am not sensitive. >> that was the quickest thing i could come up with. >> i think you can take her. >> look at those arms. >> i am not looking at the arms. >> i got my spanx on today. >> are we still taping? is this it? >> we went to a break, bill, awhile ago. >> okay. i don't have to have the posture. >> so anyway what do you want
12:48 am
to do? we have to take a break. w45 is happening? what is happening? come right back.
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a fundraiser in chicago,
12:52 am
do they have them anywhere else? mitt romney says the founder ray croc once gave his dad a small card that entitled him to free hamburgers, shakes and fries. it was a gift to romney in exchange for a virgin. no kidding. it was a training exercise when mcdonalds was a handful of stores. god i wish i had one of these cards. why share this story? doesn't it make people jealous that romney has one of the best cards of all time? >> i bought it too. >> free mcdonalds is that a good thing? i don't believe this for a second. mitt romney looks like he has never had an unnutritious meal in his life. he is the most physically fit person i have seen. >> it is no smoking and no caffeine and no drinking. i think he can eat whatever he wants. >> did you used to work at
12:53 am
"men's health" or something? >> yes. i don't know where that willied. thanks for killing the mood. does mitt need to share more personal stories like this so we get to know him better? >> i guess so. that picture of him shopping the other day, it was so transparently -- it was weak. it didn't work. but going into your dad's drawer as a teenager, that is fought with peril. you couldn't find some pan tee hose or gag ball in there? if that's what kids do i am cleaning out my drawer. >> magic underwear? >> i opened my dad's drawers once and found a pinky. >> you went into your dad's drawers and found -- >> a pinky. >> his drawers or -- >> shut up! i had a follow-up joke and can't remember. it wasn't good anyway. romney -- lori? >> read the question off the prompter. >> romney needs to fundraise,
12:54 am
should he sell the card? it has to be worth a billion dollars. >> absolutely, totally rich. i was thinking the story -- the victoria secret models get cards for free lingerie for a lifetime. i think. this is not unprecedented. >> none of us can understand the word unprecedented. >> it is not new. >> lori, you always bring a little business angle to everything which is why we have you here. >> i will start that over because apparently she was talking about something. are you on the tape delay show? >> i think it is a percocet show. >> remember the show i was falling asleep on a couple months ago? >> you solved that problem. >> i thought they were caffeine pills. opposite. you should try a five-hour energy which was a great idea. there you go rchlts -- there
12:55 am
you go. >> i don't know if that's what she had. >> that's not a drug tip. >> if you ever end up on "red eye" and bill offers you something and tells you it is something, you don't take it. >> next time make sure it is not a little while pill like the one i gave you. >> i am on hour two right now. >> get ready, sister. >> that drink will hit you after the show. >> well, that fell apart. we will close things out with a boost game wrap up. go to fox eye.
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see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time.
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>> back to tv's andy levy with a post game wrap up. >> what do you have coming up? >> a 1:00 show. >> are you on stwitter now? on twitter now. >> you won't tell people your twitter address then. >> tucker what is the deal with the dc? >> they have a blockbuster series on the obama attempt to expand the welfare role. it is food stamps and dealing with mexico. >> wow. so we send them guns and we -- >> and then we promise food stamps to their immigrants. >> bernie, what have you been up to? >> i have a new tell all as my days as male prostitute. it is called "damn that hurt." go to and buy it.


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