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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 10, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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sales. there's no tax payer dollars. these people care about animals and they figured out a way to market it. i appreciate them sending me the e-mail. >> see you tomorrow. adios. welcome to "red eye." let's go to andy levy for the pregame report. what's coming up? >> our top story, are the olympics destroying womanhood. most people say no but one columnist says yes. >> is the obama campaign lying? i'm going to say yes without knowing the details. >> we tell you t storor bhind rarayyrris' latestst hit, , lyin nakekeinin t road. >> thank you. >> cool. >> that's what you got, cool?
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>> let's welcome our guest, so hot she can brand cattle with her thoughts. weekdays on fox business network, imus in the morning, and she seems so smart. >> she is so smart she can ignore the goatee. >> he is so smart, that smartphone is asking for directions. doesn't work now. kevin williamson, author of the great book, the politically incorrect guide to socialm. and in hawaii, the poo-poo platter, bill schultz. and right next to me. comedian -- and our "new york times" correspondent. >> today am bud man address
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readers or concerns about the harsh tone about lolo jones, and andy levy raises a court part wherepon he stated, quote, a-a-a-a-a. point pinch, an dirks you out. >> running out of stuff. >> i think i wasted him. >> i think you're running out of stuff. >> all the news that fit to print. >> at it time for pinch to take a vacation. >> i could use one. it's been 155 years. >> okay. er is there braun -- brawn all wrong? one newspaper columnist has won gold in sexism saying the olympics is killing the female figure. he gripes about brawny body types and says extra points should be given to lady athletes based on how feminine they look
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and notes broad shoulder erred, fat chest women are totally indistinguishable from men. the bless breasted flattened into stub as they were seen at mere hinderance to speed. and a belgian track cyclist have has been booted after pictures appeared showing him passed out drunk. he finished 15th in race. he said, quote, made a big mistake, yeah, you did. let's good to mike mcmickalson live in london. a reminder to viewers that may be a small satellite delay. michael, are you there? [laughter] >> i hear london. >> what's the latest on this belgian athlete?
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[laughter] >> did you know that john claude van damn d is from belgium. >> what being the cyclist? have belgian officials commented at all? >> greg, some of you should know, -- >> mike, did you look up jean claude van damme. >> he played the role -- >> did you do any reporting on the olympics today? >> that's it from london. back to you guys. >> i'm sorry.
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[laughter] >> you really did take niagra falls out here. it's amazing. >> she's crying. >> oh, my god. that face. >> you are weeping. >> ruining the makeup. >> you look fine. >> adorable. >> i don't know where to go. it's talk about the article in the green room you told now you agreed completely with this circus man. >> what's his name again? awful name. listen, only girls change -- i'm going to be honest with you. for years olympics have been known for the strongest looking chicks in the world. we make fun of the germ indians but now our girls are getting entering stronger and boobless. but you got lolo jones, i think
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the hotter you look as a woman in olympics, the chance of you winning a gold is slim. >> interesting theory. >> dianne, you claim to be a woman. do the olympics change women? >> it's the olympic games, not a victoria secret fashion show, and there is something called the sports practice unless you have some serious knockers, as soon as you put one on, they disappear. boobs get in a way, it's a hinderance. if you're running a race that's correct get in the way, gymnastics. the point of a sports bra is to secure them and basically make them go away. >> that's why i had reduction. it kept me out of the 1992 olympics. >> had bab problems. >> and the men.
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do you know hard to come to work when everybody is looking at you. >> we started taking you seriously as a journalist. >> yeah itch got a job promotion out of it. >> you went from serious knockers to serious journalist. >> it was fantastic. >> your last column? come on. >> kevin, you were nodding your head in agreement. >> no, i wasn't actually. i hate to be the western cultural imperialist here but maybe the middle of the islamist world isn't where you look for attitudes for women. turkey, it's neighbors are iraq and hell. you want them them veils? >> aren't re bombarded -- disis the wrong crowd to ask. >> i'm disgusted by our sex
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laden society -- >> nothing wrong with putting a picture of a woman with big breasts and curves but it's a good thing to have a reminder that women come particularly for guys like this, that women come in all shapes and sizes and some of them can kick your ass. >> good point. i want to talk about this bill belgian guy. any advice for this young lad? >> you know what? he has to pretend like it never happened because in his minded did not. the quote was very succinct. meaning what's still drunk. >> he came in 15th. wouldn't you get waist if you worked all those years and came in 15? >> coming in 15th was
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excellent for him. compared to that he peeed himself. i was all over the front of hi jeans. >> could have been so -- >> abc news should say the agony of defeat and show him with the pee on himself. and that's urine. >> thank you for acting that out. >> i like -- >> i want to get kevin in here, take a breather. athletes are very lean and when they -- they can't drink. it would be like one of us going out on a friday night and participate in 100-meter dash. we die. it's not his fault. he doesn't know how to drink. >> power lifters can tuck it away. i think the belgians are big alcoholics but they're not. they have a fairly low per capita beer consumption.
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czech republic, twice the race as bell -- belgians. >> they eat manas with fries. not a lot of beer you canned ado that and if you consume a meal like that and drink, that's coming out of you again. >> he looked like a young nerdy dude. was he 19? >> he was a young kid. he'll learn how to dripping. >> is getting falling down drunk on the streets of london remarkable? the city has to have the highest rate of public alcoholism. >> that is so true. i lived there i would get up in the morning and play hopscotch stepping over the body. >> i'm a mess today. >> what have you not produced yet? >> glass table. looks like an aquarium. >> makes no sense. >> from track star to cracking
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crime. have we opened the door to 1984? is michael policemanberg new york's nanny? they unveiled a 30-foot wall of video monitors known as the domain awareness system. the microsoft made machine has thousands of surveillance cameras collecting and analyzing information. with the collect of one button every lens can focus on the suspicious sack lunch your left on the bench. it's been in use for the last six months, which makes me wonder, are we not your mom and pop's police tent anymore? >> we're not your mom and pop's police deposit anymore. >> but are we still leading the pack and die have the mayor's commitment we will down to do so? >> we're leading the pack. that's what you expect us to do, and you have our commitment we'll continue to do that.
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>> doesn't seem like even doesn't have any privacy anymore? >> you can actually see that on the corgi water web site. comes out of germany. >> 18 and over. 18 and over. >> i lost five minutes there and i don't remember what i was doing but i had to close out 30 windows. do you feel safer or more vie letted or both after bloomberg's conference? >> doesn't london have the same system in on the subways or tubes or whatever they do? >> i hope not. >> i want save this for your performance later at the club.
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>> if i could hit you. if you wasn't the money man here at fox -- >> where you get the idea that i'm the money man? >> you're the new oreilly. everybody knows that. making big bucks around here. i can't hit you. >> not that the old o'reilly isn't great. >> going to be profiling from the comfort of your own home. >> probably right. >> all those muslims walking around, zoom, zoom. going to be breaking people's -- >> turn into a video game. zoom, zoom. >> were you a little or were you a lot. >> i don't understand the privacy argument when the cameras aren't in the comfort of your home. they're on public streets. if you're in the street, what kind of expectation of privacy do you have? >> going to be watching, profiling -- >> they're watching people walking around in the middle of the street. they're not watching you in under living room. >> zooming in on girl's butts.
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that's that ware going to. dudes, that's what we do. >> that is disgusting. i would zoom in on the boobs. >> so my butt is on display in a street. how much privacy can i expect in. >> kevin? >> do -- the new york civil liberty union -- i'm trying to ask a serious question. why bother -- claims the system has no oversight do you agree. >> the oversight comes from a guy named mike bloomberg. wasn't that's a plot in batman? do you want to give it to a guy who cares about how big your slurpee is? >> showed where people were inside of a building. >> i realize you don't have any talking points. >> you really can read my mind.
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look at him. >> well, i think lucas fox, if he were here today, would say this is probably too much power for one man to have. furthermore, it's also like london and second of all, it only happens if you're in the middle of the street. >> i'm going to make two points. scrutinized society is a safer one. and we don't have to worry about people violating our rights. the other thing we call this 1984 but who is giving out more information than anybody? we do. facebook, twitter. we want people to know every one of our authorities and now we're worried about people looking at us? i'm sorry, we love people knowing what we'ring too and where we are. >> four. >> i'm at a restaurant. >> shutup. >> you're talking about how to tee employ scarce resources and things would make new york city safer, maybe the cameras are not it. i lived in bronx, where half of
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the homicide -- >> why were you living there. >> a long story. so cameras are watch you get murdered or janitorialized -- is that a word. >> it is now. >> be better off putting cops on foot walking around and preventing crime rather than sitting in the station watching you commit a crime. >> but -- >> maybe give these people in opportunity. everybody hold hands and sing. >> beautiful. >> the point isn't necessarily to prevent crime. even though it would do that. but if they get a call for example that there's a suspicious truck in times square, they can pull in on the camera. >> and watch it explode. >> no. they watch it before it happened. but they could see exactly who got in the truck.
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>> george orwellian ourselves. >> tracking devices on our vehicles. you only drive them on public streets. why not put a tracking device on everyone's car. >> you drove is home. >> bill, you told me that a tracking device inside you. turned out it looked like a g.i. joe. >> i was worried about somebody waited for me to process that. you would not let me leave that office. we should put 1984 to bed. that was 30 years ago. in 1984 people weren't looking at cameras like, reminds me of 195 2. if george orwell was such a genius, never mentioned cell phones and stuff. >> oh, i will animal farm you. >> i don't know what it means. i don't know what that means and i don't know where i am. >> i don't know, but -- >> come here! >> should only aattractive people get to vote?
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>> it's one plot they're allowed to follow. detainees of guantanamo bay are big fans of the fresh prince. it's the most requested item, replacing harry potter, and cooperative captains can watch the shows in their lockups. tv and books and outdoor soccer are necessary to keep inmates calm. they want to know if they can be
12:22 am
distracted and calm? >> tag, you're it. tag. >> you know, i said this before, bill, and i'll say it again. every since obama came out in favor of gay major, this stuff is happening. >> you're antiand i am pro. >> i am pro but antithat. this is what happens after gay marriage. >> i enjoyed the muttering under his breath, something is wrong. >> it's ridiculous. >> it's a smart animal. >> it proves what i already knew.
12:23 am
you can really hate america and still love will smith. it's true. you can bomb this place. but if will smith is there do it next week. >> kevin, can the fresh prince make them love us? >> actually i think as more american popular culture gets there -- how good does life look compared to kandahar. they used to joke it was dallas that was responsible for ending the cold war because people were like, damn, i americans live well. >> but probably watched, american? this is a fantasy, watching fresh prince. >> he tells the whole store. he tells the transition from being broke to rich. and everybody want a rich uncle phil to get them out the ghetto. >> do you want to finish up the
12:24 am
verse? >> born to -- ♪ ♪ making trouble in the neighborhood,. ♪ >> showing her singing. >> if anything ♪ >> i am so sorry i asked that question. >> now muslims love the show. >> yes. >> doesn't everybody know all the words to that? >> that was impressive.
12:25 am
>> i don't understand why our cameraman was only showing you and not you. >> it was duet. >> i would blacken it up. >> i threw some of these out there. >> is that the new move? >> that's old. >> i'm not sure if there's any point to asking any questions for this segment. >> yes. >> what happened to deejay jazzy. >> he is in gizmo. >> i don't get this. i thought gizmo was a really scare where place where the u.s. goes jack battle on you, and they're reading harry potter books and watching fresh prince of belair. >> we taught them to torture themselves. >> they're handing out capris. >> i wanderer what the taliban shows their prisoners. >> and i wonder if their prisoners enjoy it. not the way they do. turned gtmo into a resort.
12:26 am
>> it should be. >> i don't know. >> well, that's filtered out. >> and test pattern. >> going to take a break now. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. and voice money the direct line. still to come, tv's an delevy. tire of him.
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it was the biggest race of the year, and no matteoqat, i was gonna win.
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welcome back, let's find out if we have anything wrong so far. hi, andy. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> thanks a lot. >> that was something. >> yes, it was. >> i hate to bring it down, but that's what i do. >> that is what you do. >> i know. >> but, you are number one in bringing things down. >> thank you, thank you. >> olympics, sherrod, you said we don't want a boobless saw society which was a joke. >> yes, a joke. >> if i may be serious for a
12:31 am
second, most women don't look like olympic athletes the same way most men don't look like olympic athletes. i don't know what his problem is here. they are not supposed to look like the rest of us. >> this dude is somewhere in turkey with tight jeans and a shirt and belt and god awful. he is a hater, and he wants to see women the way he wants to. women can make their own choices. if they want to do push ups and not have boobs, let them do it. you can find the ones you like somewhere else. >> exactly. someone for everyone. >> it takes a village. >> except me. kevin, you said maybe we shouldn't look to the islamic world to our views on womanhood which is a good point. the turkish journalist says his column is being, quote, taken in the exact opposite of what he meant. >> i don't see how that is possible, but people say that. >> here is what he says. he says, quote, my intention is not to watch beautiful female bodies at the olympic games which is what he was
12:32 am
being accused of. he said, "i wrote that piece thinking it would be women who criticized the female body being forced to look like a man's body. i think this is a new method of insulting and putting pressure on women." >> what he is saying is he shouldn't be criticized for his views on women. >> yes. >> that makes no sense. >> kevin, what if i said that he said, quote, i tried to defend the female spirit, the female grace and motherhood. >> i think if the female spirit will be defended by anyone, maybe the women in the olympics are good candidates for that. >> my guess is he wrote this whole thing clarifying what he said because his wife was not too happy with him. >> i was reading some of the responses in some of the rest of the turkish press and some was pretty heated. he got the riot act. >> you don't want to piss off the turkish press. >> no, of any press to piss off. >> that's also the name of a thing i do in my basement. >> yes, it is.
12:33 am
it makes coffee, right? >> it makes a lot of thing. coffee is usually a by product. >> sherrod, you said there was pee all over the front of the guy's jeans which may be true, but may not. his shirt is dark too. >> like he threw up on himself? >> or just spilled beer all over him. >> if he is that drunk, we are all assuming it is urine or vomit. even if it is not, guess what, it is. >> what i learned with the occasional night out with bill is it is hard to tell sometimes. >> bill usually has blood and drugs on him. >> nobody normally asks so you don't need to tell. >> it is always a good night. >> fair enough. >> diane, you said when you go out and get drunk which is a good point, getting drunk wasn't the problem. it was getting too drunk. >> well, the guy has been
12:34 am
doing nothing but cycling for the past two years. the last time he had a shot was god knows when. he probably over did it a little. we have all done that, except for me. >> of course not. new nypd surveillance system. dye app, you never -- diane, you never understood the privacy systemyou have no expecf privacy. do you think the state has a right to track your movements? >> i just think if they are monitoring what is going on on the streets, that should be fine. >> even if they put it in a database and hold it for 30 days they can then go back and see what exactly you were doing? >> they have i was on the corner at x time of whatever day. then they saw me on camera at this cornerment what do i care? i am not committing any crimes. >> and at barnes and nobel buying a specific book. see what you are buying and make sure it is not sub merse sigh. >> who goes to the barnes and nobel?
12:35 am
>> sherrod goes to use the bathroom. >> they have nice facilities there. >> if they were taking all of this information and putting it out on facebook where everybody in the general public knew where i was going i would have a problem with that. >> that's not the point. the government shouldn't have -- they shouldn't be tracking citizen movements. i don't know how you can think that's okay. >> i don't have a problem with it. it makes me feel safer to know the cops are watching what is going on on the streets. >> where do you draw the line? >> they don't have a gps on my shoulder. >> can i just say i am tired of where do they draw the line? where do you draw the line? >> i draw the line where i feel like drawing the line. >> see, that's my point. >> where do you draw the line when you are drawing the line on drawing the line. >> at the line. >> if he is drawing lines police should not be watching him do it. >> i want to make sure i got
12:36 am
this right. a scrutinized society is a safer society? >> yes. >> in the name of all that is holy, stop calling yourself a libertarian. >> the government recently announced they had the ability to assassinate its citizens. >> are you being to sound like info wars. >> you sound like sheep. oh the government can watch me. if you are not doing anything wrong, who cares? >> that is unbelievable. >> this is absolutely amazing. >> i don't want the government watching me. i do a lot of dark, devious things. >> that is the most honest thing. >> i don't want everybody seeing it. >> and sherrod, that is an excellent poimt. this has nothing to do with if you are doing something illegal. you could do something people consider unethical, but you don't, but they are not illegal, but the government is
12:37 am
watching you do this and storing it in a database because god knows the government would never use that information in ways it wasn't intended to. the government never does things like that. >> dirty business. >> he was being sarcastic. >> though i did get that. >> the nypd is a pretty good police department. >> how many scandals have they had in their history? >> with organized crime they have people doing mob assasinations. you don't want to trust them with their power. >> to see people walking down a public street, i don't understand how this is an abuse of power. >> they already have that power. >> that's what we are talking about. that's what i am talking about. looking at a camera and look at what somebody is doing. >> let me know what we are talking about. >> what we are talking about is they have the cameras. what this system does is allows them to store it for 30 days. >> it is on a public street. >> go live in a place where everyone thinks like you.
12:38 am
there are people like me who don't think it is fine. >> that's fine. we live in a free country and we candice agree. that's why we vote. >> here is the irony. >> you don't live in a free country when the government can track you. >> it is a free country. >> it would be more free if the government couldn't track my movement. >> andy, you never leave your apartment, that's why. >> i saw him go to a dr. who festival. >> she a hipocrite because he spends all of his days tracking his cat movements. >> they ask me to do that. >> holdup. is this camera tacking me right now? >> yes, it is. >> is this camera tracking me? get off me camera! are you following me camera! get the hell off me, camera! >> don't would are reabout the camera. worry about the nose of certain dogs.
12:39 am
>> lastly, sherrod, you said it proves that you can really hate america so love will smith. i don't think you are givingal phon knee ribero -- alfonso ribero enough credit. i think this is a carlton thing. >> carlton is strong, but now it is weak because nobody is checking for carlson anymore. >> they are checking out with carlton. >> didn't carlton reject us at the last minute? it was in the early days. he went out of the building. >> he was supposed to be on. nobody wanted to write the questions for the interview. he canceled and we were like, phew. >> and then we forgot about it until right now. >> i still like the dance though. >> that is the only question we got to. >> sherrod we were going to ask if he missed working with will smith. >> and ricky schroeder.
12:40 am
>> "silver spoons." >> and dancing with michael. >> i never heard about that. >> i am being told we have to go. >> well, that was fun. >> let me get a little dance in there. >> are you not even in the picture. he is not even on camera and he is dancing. coming up, should all white people be put on a space ship and sent to pluto? he discusses his book "all white people should be put on a space shift and sent to pluto." >> get your ass on a rover, whitey. >> it went to mars. first, what happened to randy travis? judging from this picture, something.
12:41 am
12:42 am
12:43 am
he was country star who we too far, and now he may be screwed for driving nude.
12:44 am
i speak of randy travis who was found completely naked in a texas road after crashing his car at a construction site. travis seen here standing in front of a giant ruler. where do they get those? he is charged with drunk driving and felony retaliation against police officers. same crimes that got me kicked out of money montessori. i had a troubled youth growing up. let's discuss this -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnnndddd. lightning round. >> well done. sherrod, why do so many people end up driving naked? is it global warm ?g. >> it could be a little of that. it may be el nino playing the part. jng when you get drunk -- i think when you get drunk you start taking things off. >> i put things on. >> when you are drunk? >> yes, i put layers of clothing on. >> he was so trashed last night he was wearing a
12:45 am
moo-moo. >> and that's what he calls is cow. >> he is gangster like that. he is a musician. you can't judge these guys by regular rules, right? >> i was going to say, drinking and driving and wrong. diane, he was recently involved in a messy divorce. he is living a country music song. >> i didn't hear about the one walking into the store naked to buy sig cets and then lay -- cigarettes and then laying in the street, but maybe that is his next hit. >> that will be my big hit. >> are they saying he might be -- >> gay? >> yes. >> that's the old story. >> what does that have to do. >> if are you butt naked in your car, what neighborhood are you driving through? >> straight guys get naked too. >> i don't think they have a gayborhood. >> speaking of driving he owned a 1998 trans am.
12:46 am
that's not pertinent. >> kind of a great car. you see stories like this and mel gibson gets in trouble once a year for this sorts of thing, drunk and angry. it is tempting to jump on these people. but i dislike the tendency to be cruel to people who have bad addiction and mental health problems because they are rich and famous. >> that's a good point. being rich and famous it harder because they suffer before all of us. >> but it is awesome, drunk and trans am and rich. it is like an episode of "vegas." >> as the expert in all of this, is this a drug thing or booze thing? >> i am not going to crap on this guy, you are right. i will keep it on the positive. can we look at that picture one more time. something i noticed very interesting, the mug shot. look at this. his face is hamburger meat. he was previously naked. he is wearing prison clothing. what is wrong with this picture? his hair is still perfect of the -- perfect. he even as the superman curl.
12:47 am
the same one he had at the concert. only randy travis can do that. he is a professional and he might be gay. we don't know. >> can i make a point before we move to the next story? let's be honest walking in nude to a convenience store has to be invigorating. have you ever wondered if you were walking in a 7-eleven if you were nude. >> that's why animals do it. when was the last time you have seen a bear wearing clothes? >> it is like when you pee outside, it feels better to pee outside. >> i disagree. >> oh, that's a challenge. >> we don't need to get into that. this is a children's show. time for a break. but don't leave. there is more to talk about here.
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12:51 am
next topic, why are we doing this story? according to a new german study even robots suffer from sexism. subjects were asked to look at two humanoid robots, one with short hair and another with longer hair and consider their
12:52 am
potential uses. the more feminine robot was thought to be pro interpret for house care and child care. and the shorter haired robot for fixing things. the female whoa bought said it was her time of the month. said by a sexest male robot. i hate that. i condemn them beyond condemnation. are these assumptions wrong or by logically who we are. >> i don't know about biological, but cultural.m curiy gave a robot long hair. >> bill when he is lonely he takes a wig and puts it on his microwave. >> why not give them long hair? >> it is not revolutionary. the short hair and they thought it was a male and i don't think they would associate the jobs with the sexes. >> bill put one of the wigs on
12:53 am
the containers. >> you can have zeks with either one -- sex with either one, right? >> how do you go to having sex? >> what is the point in making them? >> sherrod, does it matter if we are sexist toward the robot? >> no, it doesn't matter. we can punch a robot, even if it is a female or male. beat the hell out of it. ain't no law that will stop you. >> they will play this clip 40 years from now and you will be seen as -- >> i am the first to condone beating up on the robot. >> there will be robot activists that will be calling you. it will be the sherrod small moment in 2012 this is what we were fighting against. beat up female robots! jay he will be in the darkest robot jail. >> should we design them without gender characteristics? >> that's a problem too.
12:54 am
the ability to recognize sex is something that was deeply i'm fronted. if they show them abstract sex people see it. they show photos of people -- it is hard to tell what sex they are. they get anxious when they put up with someone whose sex can be determined. >> they are going to have sex with them. >> we get it, sherrod. >> you are right, it underlines the basic responses. is this an urban legend where in the old days they used to make shammies for curby cables? >> that is an urban legend. >> i thought it was a select group of people turned on by piano legs. >> you know what, the last time i get my information from a bazooka joe wrapper.
12:55 am
>> that grand piano has a phac ass. a fat ass. there is a fat ass on that grand piano, man. >> we learned something again. >> i thought you were a harpsicord. ?ai we will close things out with a post game wrap up. to see recent clips of shows go to fox eye.
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12:58 am
see you back here on "the five." oh deer god, we have gavin mcguinness. gavin has a new character he is going to unveil tomorrow and i am frightened. andy levy, post game wrap up. >> diane, and another thing i
12:59 am
here you are on cobert last night? >> they made fun of a story i did yesterday. >> cool. what was the story? >> it was about papa john's ceo saying he would have to raise pizza prices. >> what? >> he would have to raise pizza prices because of obama care. >> title for the new book? >> "end is near" and it will be awesome. >> short-term pessimism and long-term optimism. >> sherrod, what is the latest? >> good afternoon america. it is on abc. i will be back next friday 2:00 p.m., abc, with laura spencer and josh elliott. i was on yesterday. it was great. >> cool. >> i will be at the celler all weekend so come and check me out in new york city. >> i might do that. >> he is a friend and a


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