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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  August 11, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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unpatriotic and added five trillion it is time for us to replace him and who better than mitt romney and paul ryan they are a come back team and they will raise the standards to make it happen. >> thank you for being with us. it is a choice election. greta is next. >> tonight, the tickets are complete. governor romney, an an, thank you. [applause] i am dopely honored and excited to join you as your running mate. [cheers and applause] i want to tell you about mitt romney. mitt romney is a leader with the skills, the background and
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the character that our country needs in this crucial time in its history. following four years of failed leadership, the hopes of our country which inspired the world are growing dim. they need someone to revive them. governor romney is the man for this moment. [applause] and he and i share one commitment. we will restore the greatness of this country. we can turn this thing around. we can. we can turn this thing around and real solutions can be delivered but it will take leadersh and the courage to tell you the truth.
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[cheers and applause] mitt romney is that kind of leader. and i am excited for what is lying ahead and thrilled to be part of america's come back team and together we will unite america and get this done. >> rnc chair ryan sees us. >> it has been a great day, long day but great day. >> you worked with all republicans and you come up to the republican family in wisconsin, and we saw governor scott walker and now the state has a congressman on the ticket. >> it is like a cheesehead revolution and it just continues. to me, this is a great statement for the country, because why are choose
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selecting a person who has decided to live the mission every day and talk about the important issues that are facing this country and you know what, i think when you are real and you are authentic and when you work hard and you play by the rules, you can be rewarded and this is going to be great for shaping the debate down the road. and the american people are going to have a crystal clearr choice in the election. mitt romney/paul ryan, solution's based campaign or a campaign of hype, blame and empty promiseless of barack obama . this is what we want and this is what america is starving for and we'll deliver it. >> the democrats are coming out hard against the republican ticket, mainly in the which congressman ryan is the architect of the house budget and governor romney applauded the congressman's
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efforts. he didn't fully embrace it. it seemed like it was a little daily for the democrats to zero in there. >> first of all, he did embrace what the ryan budget. he embraced it. >> early on, he would sign it if it came to him. >> but mitt romney and paul ryan rhine is quep developing their own plann . mitt romney has a plan and ryan has a plan. isn't this what america is looking for? be honest of the fiscal. mitt romney and paul ryan offering solution and on the other hand you have bark obama plame blaming everybody person and except for the man in the mirror that he sees. to me this is a contrast and choice of two futures that we are presenting to the american people. i think when you look at a guy like mitt romney who made a
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life of making promise keeping promises and along with paul ryan and this president who hasn't kept a promise on a thing. we are in miserable shape in this country . on the republican side of the aisle we are doing the responsible thing present the american people a intelligent set of solutions for this country. >> i asked on twitter, brian, 75, is how he recoveries to himself. your florida and ohio strategy with paul ryan rhine. will he scare off the undecided there. i suspect talk about this medicare issue? >> when seniors look at paul ryan rhine's plan. if you are 55 or over, you don't have to listen anymore. it is not about people at retirement or near retirement. the plan is whether or not in the long term, we are going to be able to fund medicare or
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social security and finding a new way or better way to fund these programs and so that we preserve social security and medicare for future generations. it comes on the character, greta. are we going to barack obama route of the slashing medicare. remember barack obama in this whole debate comes down to the facts and the facts are that barack obama slashed medicare 700 billion to deliver a european health care. what mitt romney and paul ryan talked about. how do we save social security and medicare. barack obama slashed it. and so if the facts come out which is what our responsibility is, people in florida and ohio will realize which many already do, that this president is saying one thing and doing another. >> part of the message on the republican ticket is that people are going to have to make sacrifices. and that's like everyone is
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heach for the other guy to make a sacrifice and not you. how do you sell to the american people future generations makes a difference. and so this generation is going to have to meet the problems now? >> for one thing you have to have people clear with the american people to what we do. >> the president promised to cut the debt and deficit and he promised to lower unemployment and what's happened? we have the most miserable record under the president as many other presidents before him. he would rather demagogue and tear down and offer no solutions of his own. the american people will see the realty of what is happening here and they will go to the future of the success. >> what do you know about paul ryan rhine? what doesn't he want you to tell them tonight.
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one thing about paul ryan, the reason he is a big deal, he doesn't know he is a big deal. that's what american people are starving for . i think when people are normal, real and they study, they work hard and they play by the rules and they offer solutions to the big problems facing the country, they are the people that get rewarded. he is a man of character and a good father and loves going home as much as he can. >> and i know that the republicans are hearing this. but myy impression of paul ryan and vice-president biden they are too of the nicest guys in town. it is hard to think of them going at each other. >> some people are tired television. >> i don't think you see that in vice-president biden. both men are very nice with different ideas. >> look at this president.
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he came in 2008, what was the basis of the campaign was decency and bring people together and he's going to be a different politician and that's what he ran on. and he ran on being the decent president that was going to bringg everyone together and different . now look at the president. it is all hatred and division and rich versus poor. >> i don't like that the president or governor romney did it when they are supporting super pacings and they lie or say there is nothing we can do. which is correct. they can't. but a candidate can exercise his first amendment right and condemn something that is wrong. >> that may be true. but this president brought the levell of discourse to the low. >> last week was horrible. one accusing governor romney killing a woman was over the top.
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>> what is striking about this greta, is the magnitude of the difference between what president obama promise how he would be and people perceived his character to be in 2008 and how he's acting today. >> i challenge both of them from this day forward. if the super pac does anything outragous that i condemn. >> lusion and promises not kept. >> in wisconsin you will be there? >> it will be a great day. >> and up next representative bachmann calling the romney-ryan ticket a winning combination. that's next . a few thing that is might surprise you about congressman paul ryan. what did he do before politicings. start guessing, that is coming up. >> i have good news and i have
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got bad news. why don't we get rid of the bad news, first, okay. >> president obama is the president of the united states and the good news is on november 6th. he won't be any longer. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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>> republican nominee vice-president paul ryan is on the house nominee. it was a hot puton topic . bachmann joins us now. >> good to see you, gret a. >> you believe they will point to debate. >> no doubt about it but we are coming from a much better plan. we know without a doubt that medicare will be dead flat broke. paul ryan has a plan to save and same is true with social security. you can go tobama way and bankrupt for senior citizens
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and romney ryan plan will save that. >> and probably, i guess sort of the random and the reason we could never reconcile the president obama plan and congressman ryan senator harry reid never sent the senate plan and we never discussed it. >> it has been discussed in the media. i was in the east room of the white house with paul ryan and republican members of the house of representative and paul ryan rhine asked the president. mr. president, what is your plan for solving medicare because it will be broke and he asked him three times and the third times president said obama care . i would imagine most of your listeners don't know that president obama's plan to deal with medicare is obama care and if there is one thing i know. senior citizens don't want obama care they want medicare
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and paul ryan is the only one in the united states with a true plan to save medicare. >> and so many of the elderly don't like the plann that congressman ryaned because it is a voucher plan. >> that is because it is dema goge. this is ryan's chance to show a serious purpose . that's why paul ryan is well respect why you see people esstatic today. he's such a good choice. this shows we'll be concentrating on the issues and we have a positive solution. the watch word for president obama is forward. that's the word for his campaign. but romney and ryan campaign is forward ticket. >> forward happens to be the motto of the state of wisconsin. >> and that is perfect for the
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badger state. >> what about the women . president obama is crushing governor romney by the latestt polls with the women vote. for instance in the state of wisconsin. 59 percent president obama and 36 percent governor romney and going through all of the swing states. -40 and pennsylvania 59-35. why is governor romney struggling with the women vote? it is more than 50 percent of the vote. >> it is where paul ryan will play a strong voice. what he is talking about shoring up the economy and creating million was high paying jobs. two things that woman are concerned about now. high price of gasoline and high price of groceries. that's what moms deal with every day. groceris and gasoline. gasoline under barack obama from 1.81 a gallon to over 3.70 in a lat lot of the
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united states. groceries are sky rocketing. and i think women as paul ryan continues to make its case. they will see with paul ryan and governor romney we'll get back to 2 gallon gasoline and if obama his his way. they want to see $8 a gallon. what do you want two dollars a gallon for gas or 8 and women knet that quickly. and i think it will resonate now is the chance to make the case now that the ticket is complete. >> look being at the strategy of the president obama campaign, it is the war on women. he's -- >> it is i fake. there is no war on women. >> it is not a question if it is a fake or not. if you look at president obama's twitter account and he has 18 million plus on the
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twitter account. >> almost as many as you. >> right. it was a rapid succession of issues having to do with women. whether abortion or whatever. it is stunning that the campaign is about women. they have seen the polls and 50 percent of the population is women. and >> your point is well taken. weemweem are not checked out but they are checked n >> we have paul ryan on the ticket and he will have a lot to say together with mitt romney. their plan is going to create high paying jobs. that's what want. >> as a tax lawyer. governor romney refused and said he would only release two years of tax returns.
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democts are pounding him on it whether it is fair or not. should he release more tax returns. >> number one it is irrelevant and what people say back home in minnesota. why doesn't bark obama release the transscripts from college. and the reason why. why wouldn't he? if you are accepted in harvard, you must have had good grades at columbia. it is about trance parency. >> how he got businesses . >> the message is how he's been smart in business . we want someone who is successful. paul ryan is a successful individual. he has a plan to push forward. his demonstrative results are back.
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we'll hear how people's lives are impact how seniors are better off. they are not today under bark obama issues issues issues, that's good. >> always nice to see you especially on a saturday night. coming up. this will not be the first time congressman ryan takog president obama before. they have had heated changes . a look ahead on what we will see on the campaign traill. long journey from jamesville, wisconsin to washington d.c. and take an indepth look at how congressman paul ryan made it to the number two spot on the ticket. >> this president, he's added as much debt as prior presidents combined. over a trillion a year. you know something is seriously wrong and we step forward not out of partisan
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>> this campaign will not be the first time congressman ryan took on president obama and vice-president biden. congressman ryan sliced apart obama care. >> we agree that status quo is unsustainable and got to get fix bankrupting familis and our government and hurting family with preexisting conditions. we want to fix this but this is not the answer to the solution and all analysis we get proves that point. i respectively disagree with the vice-president about what the american people are or not saying. or able or qualified to speak on their behalf. we do town hall meetings and i have to tell you, american people are engage if you think they want a government take over of health care you are not listening to them. we want to start over and work
7:25 pm
on a clean sheet of paper and move through and fix them and bring down health care costs and not raise them. that's the basic point. >> washington examiner byron was in the rally in virginia. >> before we get to the extent of body language or anything. it didn't look like president obama or biden were particularly interested in what the representative said. he said obama was full of gimmicks and smoke and mirrors and the look on president obama's face. you saw how it was registering with him. they have been sniping back and forth for a while. that was one of the early examples and then we had the president give a speech about the ryan budget invited paul ryan in the audience and >> why did he d that. if it is one thing to not like
7:26 pm
it but he was a special guest of the president and then the president viserated him. and it was insultings. disagree with him that's fine but it was something more than that. >> we have had blad blood from the gimmicks and smoke and mirrors of obama car and certainly the president is free to say whatever he want to say. it was personally inviting paul ryan to sit in the audience while he did it. >> i couldn't figure that one out. it stuck with me because it was so rude to the congressman. do you think it was a staff error or deliberate by the president? >> i tend to think that the president knows what he's doing. he clearly intended to do that. and since then, the president has been talking a lot about the any knowledge. and he said many times similar versions. there is nothing serious about a budget that you know, takes
7:27 pm
money from medicare to give it to the very rich in the form of big tax cuts. he's said that over and over . you will hear it forever until november. >> and talking about today. up recovered this race. was there any appreciatable difference. i assume it is exciting when someone gets new in the race. >> it was a last of three rallis and there was a energy boost. outside of washington and big energy boost and romney seemed to be loose and ryan was loose and their message seemed to go together. and romney actually did well. he's trying to boil down his message and he got a lot of criticism in recent weeks that he was good at criticizing president obama but not explaining what he would do. he boiled his economic plan down to five and hitting those points hard. >> the women's vote.
7:28 pm
i am look being at polls. president obama has campaigned try to get the women vote. huge margin with president obama over governor romney. is that a serious issue or am i overlooking the numbers and does congressman ryan hymn him. >> that's what is making the difference is that difference. >> and they are big. >> and if mitt romney does not win florida or ohio he will not win the presidency. >> and why are the women not wild about him and they are wild about president obama in the large margins. >> the white house is directing the war on women stuff and contraception stuff. and the obama campaign is running a lot of ads on the contraception issue as a matter of fact. this is what they are pushing hard. it is something that is always going on. >> and huge differences and in
7:29 pm
wisconsin, 23 point difference between the two candidates. ohio is 58-37 percent . all . states. pennsylvania-35. they are giant margins. and these are -- the place for ryan help would be wisconsin and more more women in wisconsin know paul ryan and his reputation and he could do better with them there? who solves that problem in ohio and florida, don't know. and everyone is very interested in today's newest vice-president candidate and karl rove tells me vice-president is irrelevant come collection day. >> it is funny. i thought back to the first rally that jaunce mccain and sarah palin gave in virginia. >> he bumped him 6 poigns and the excitement was so big that
7:30 pm
the crowd cheered when she was speak when she stopped speaking, a lot of them began to leave. there was a huge gap in there . this case is bringing new popularity to mitt romney. >> coming up. house budget chairman and what did paul mitt romney do up the washington ladder and we found out a few things you probably didn't know and republicans are fired up. what did they think of the choice. you will hear from the tea party leader coming up.
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first we'll go to what craig is saying about the headlines. >> federal investigators want to know what sparked a fire in richmond, california california in one of the largest oil refineries, there
7:33 pm
was clouds of black smoke in san francisco on monday. they believe that corrosion on a decade's oil pipe is to blame. why didn't chevron replace the pipe. u.s. and turkish governments are preparing for a worst case scenario in syria. secretary of state hillary clinton said defenses against the chemical weapons attack. a syrian official threatened to go to chemical ware fare. i am craig boswell and now back to on the record. >> this the is the worst economy recovery in 70 years. unemployment over8 percent in three years . longgest run since the great depression . higher un.
7:34 pm
declining incomes and crushing debt is not the new normal. >> by now you probably heard vice-president candidate paul ryan is serving a seventh term in congress. during his early year in washington he was a waiter and fitness trainer and in college, he worked for oscar mayentious r and drove the famous weiner mobile. but back to his political career. 1990s he was legislative director for senator brownbag who is now governor of kansas and joining us now. nice to see you. >> boy, it must seem peculliar that 25 or so kid on your staff you may have to some day call mr. vice-president; is that odd for you? >> there is a little bit of oddness to you he was 24 when
7:35 pm
i hired him and we tried to get it for $35,000. he would not go for that today . he wanted a position of legislative director and how about senior analyst. no he was the youngest one on capitol hill. and he did a fabulous job. he was commit principle easy to work with young man who would do great things for the country. >> he's crunching numbers and he lifes in the week when he is not at home. he lives in his office. and he sits around and crunching 99s all night long on the budget. was he that sort of the walkish? >> absolutely. he is a picy wonk with a maybe i should say with a deer hunter menitality . he loves hunting as well he is
7:36 pm
unusual person and how much he's passionate about policy issues and he sees the impact on people's daily lives and the other thing i like about paul and his policy wonkishness. he focus on the big thengs and the majors . he has the only plan out there for how we as a country get through the fiscal crisis we are in and get to the other side and produce a country that gives an opportunity for a young children that we have had for our generation. >> and we wrote speeches for jack kemp. and jack kemp had sort of the a unique approach and we talk about enterprise zones. i am curious to what he called it. he wanted to go in the communities that had no hope and do lening and partnership with him .
7:37 pm
he had innovative ideas. if we see ideas like that come out of congressman ryan? >> i think you will. you will see pro growth ideas and one of the key things we have to do in the nation is get the economy going again. if we get it going on a normal basis and three percent growtherate and we can do and sustain without inflation. your budget problems diminish 60 or 75 percent. the key piece of this is getting the economy really growing and that was when paul was working for me optional flat tax that is a pro growth strategy for us to have to make it through the fiscal problem. we'll control our spending and get them under control. and we'll have to get the economy growing and you will see the policies coming for in the forefront of the campaign. >> we'll focus on the economy
7:38 pm
because we are struggling so much in the country. i am curious. he has very little foreign policy experience and we are part of a big world that has big problems. your thoughtthat. governor romney has not got great depth in foreign policy either. what are your thoughts about that. that is an important part of the job? >> i think they are going to do wonderful in that category . upon i say that because these are two bright people who do have foreign policy experience . they have majored in the areas of where we have our biggest problems and they are domestic and growing the economy which mitt romney has an incredible expertis from his private side and public side . control and getting fiscal problems under control . paul ryan has the only legitimate plan out there. put that against what you see on the obama team.
7:39 pm
been in office four years and spent a mountain of mon yemore than any president in the history of market. and lethargic economy. and no fiscal plan. none from the obama administration . i hope paul will get a start to focus and how to solve the big fiscal crisis that we are in . legitimate plans from the obama team that matches those coming from the romney team. >> we'll report in the past. paul ryan said passion from jack kemp and jourge from bill bennett and compassion and understanding from sam brownbag. he is obviously a big fan of yourings. >> i am a fan of his and he's a great man. he is as advertised. good family man and like to go out and hunt and passionate
7:40 pm
with his country. >> what will the debate with vice-president biden be. >> i think it would be one worth selling pop corn for. paul is a good thinker and he presents it very well. and joe talks pretty well. but when you clash the two ideas, there is no substance on the side of the obama team when you get to the real issues. how are you going to dole with medicare and social security . get the economy going. what is the plan? and then you put out the ryan plan. they will attack it. i see your attack. what is your plan in and i hope the american public will see that there is not one . we can't go another four yearrs without dealing with this or we'll number the same position that europe is in right now. we'll be there if we don't deal with the problems. >> governor, thank you.
7:41 pm
>> good to you. all the best. >> road from wisconsin to washington. how did paul ryan go. we'll take you to his home state, next. most efficient line of luxury hybrids on the road, including the all-new esh. ♪ while many automakers are just beginning to dabble with the idea of hybrid technology... ♪'s already ingrained in our dna. during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. all because of the card. okay, what's the plan?
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♪ where is the love - ma'am. - [gasps] - you forgot your purse. - oh. thank you. thank you very much. one disputes president obama inherited a difficult situation and with the first two years with his party in control he passed everything on his agenda. that didn't make it better. in fact we are a nation facing debt, doubt and dispare. >> who is paul ryan? he is the republican go to guy for the budget and served wisconsin congress for 14 years. how did he get from jamesville, wisconsin to the number two spot on the ticket. craig, before i ask you about that. i am curious, i know the republicans in wisconsin, i am
7:44 pm
curious of how he's perceived by the democrats. is he a villion or someone they like. >> on a personal level. democrats in the political community like him. they get along with him. he is afaable and not a bomb thrower and on a political level he is a lightning rod and a polarized figure because of the ryan budget and people get along with him. and there is some personal good will there. but politically there is a pretty big gamech >> what about his brothers and sisters. >> big irish catholic depam fam in jamesville and goes back generation and his father was a lawyer . he grew up not in a real political family.
7:45 pm
but something clicked in him he got bug when it came to economics and the quazy libitarian individualistic pro market philosophy . falling in love with the austrian school of economics at an early age and going off to college and connecting with the people you have talked about. jack kemp and bill bennetts and bob casten senator from wisconsin . a supply siders with washington d.c.. >> i thought what was so interesting in his background, his father shared an office with senator feindepold's father and the two of them senator feendepold and congressman ryan are good friend and different mechanicly. >> and their fathers were
7:46 pm
lawyers together in jamesville. there were a couple occasion when paul ryan roin had an opportunity to run against russ feingold and he didn't want to do it because there was a relationship there. and it is interesting. that is an example of what we are talking about. you know, we talked about his policy and what a policy wonk he is. but there is a couple of things we shouldn't over look about him. he's not just a dry, you know, guy doing the math. he is pretty idealogical. and pronounce well defined conservative world view and a good politician. to get from you talk about the conjectory of his career and to become house budget chair at urine and turn that job in a position of such power and influ yence then land on the national ticket as a individual member of the house
7:47 pm
of representative is remarkable. >> and what about carrying wisconsin? president obama won it by 14 point in 08 and then republican governor and recalled also won. is that -- what sort of conventional thinking is on the vote there? >> one thing it does it gives the republicans a big incentive to play in wisconsin the way they haven't yet. they haven't put the money in terps of wisconsin. they have been behind in the polls and not as engaged coming off of the big republican victory and the recall. and so right now, president obama is a little bit in the driver's seat but with ryan on the ticket republicans are incentive and coming here tomorrow and you will see the money spent. it is a tough lift for them but ryan giving them a bump and more reason to really engage in wisconsin the way
7:48 pm
they haven't. >> craig, thank you. wisconsin will be exciting in the race. thank you, craig. >> any dime. >> coming up. tea party leader said ryan is risky, but that is a good thing. amy crammer is here to explain next. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you.
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i have worked closely with republicans and democrats to advance growth and fiscal growth and job creation. i am proud to stand with a man who understands what it takes to foster job creation and someone who knows from experience if you have a small business, you did build that. >> it is an hour since governor mitt romney and republicans are rallying around paul ryan. he reenforces the campaign message that big government is ruining america. amy crammer joins us from the great decate of wisconsin. you like the cice or not. >> i do like tgreta. it is a great choice and a risky choice. but to gain anything in life you have to risk something and with a big risk comes the
7:52 pm
gain. america is ready for it. we need the build hard decision that need to be made and paul ryan is willing to do that and what this shows, it is going to give the grass roots more in the mitt romney campaign that he is serious about buckling down and getting back to business. >> amy, i am curious what you think. i know what his budget is. but congressman mitt romney voted yes for the autobailout and tarp and yes for the prescription drug bill for bush 43. and voted yes to stimulus in 08 and voted to obama stim tim in 09. and all of those other i think things he voted . that is a typical tea party set of the votes? >> right. greta, we are in a different
7:53 pm
climate now and many votes that have been cast in congress that people wish they could take back. the whole movement is here because of the votes that were cast. he's shown he is ready to get down to business and take on the entitlements and we all know that our budget cannot balanced. and no one is willing to step up to the plate and do that because they are afraid of losing reelection. paul ryan understands that we need to deal with them and medicare released the vote. and if medicare was not reformed by 2024 it would be bkrupt. we are kicking the can down the road and you have the obama campaign and administration saying that medicare as we continue will end under paul ryan. medicare ended with the passang of obama care special they reallocated to cover medicaid .
7:54 pm
medicare as we know it is ended. and the thing about paul ryan. numbers don't lie. you can't spin or politicalize the numbers. i think americans want to know the truth. they know things are not better than they were four years ago and we have to make serious changes. >> would you like to see governor sarah palin speak in the convention or is that not a issue. >> i absolutely would. there is no one that excites the base and energizes the base. she has a lot of supporters in the counselry and i think that the party and the romney campaign need the grass roots movement more than we need them. it will take all of us. >> amy, thank you. up next. you will hear from congressman paul ryan. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches.
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stage in the campaign. republicans and democrats are lockking horns and back in june congressman paul ryan went on the record. >> republicans and democrats and a fiscal cliff that we are about to go over and republicans say solving it to cut taxes and democrats say increase taxes. you have solutions but we are really heading in the wrong direction. >> we are we want economic growth. big tax rate increases and taxing the maul businesses will hurt the economy and loses jobs and loses revenue. we want economic growth and job creation and spending cuts and enment reform. >> whether the democrats or republicans are right. we are in deep trouble. what can the american people do? i know you will say vote november in particular. but it is different. animosity between the two sides is difficult and so now
7:58 pm
what? >> we can control our own actions in the house we passed two budgets that shows significantly how to get this debt under control and grow this economy and prevent a debt crisis from hitting america. we have to get the problems under control or they will tackle us. the problem is, the senate chose not to -- the president and senate gave us four budgets with no solution. higher taxs and no attempt to fix the fiscal cliff. we need new partners to fix the mess. the president is not likely to change his tune and the senate not trying to fix it we are in an impasse. >> let's assume that the republicans don't have the house and senate . democrats don't have the white house and senate. that means a divided
7:59 pm
government . we are back to like in beginning in january or november . back to divided government and republicans saying, we have to laze tax . you guys say cut spending. >> we are -- >> what are we doing now. >> we need leaders who are willing to put up ideas. we passed the plan and budget and show the senate here's how we want to fix the problem. let's see yourr idea and start compromises. we have yet to see that. they have decided not to put the ideas on the table. you can't get to the table. >> that is going to have to happen . if we keep the same leader in the white house and senate, how would i know we will see anything different from them? we need to go to the country with the revverundum and tell people in washington to fix the mess before it gets out of control. we are


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