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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 13, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that is all the time we have left. the news continues now. greta is next. we'eell s you tomorrow night. >> greta: live from janesville, wisconsin, a city many say has been transformed to ryansville. they are very proud to have him on the ticket. we're inside the gym at joseph a.craig handguns. you will meet his brother and one of his teachers. also wisconsin's scott walk ear and john boehner are both here. he tells something about congressman ryan we bet you didn't know. rush limbaugh he is jazzed. why is so jazzed. rush will tell you himself. first, he may know paul ryan. he is his brother.
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nice to see you kevin. >> it's pretty crazy. >> greta: how did you find out? >> maybe a few hours before everybody else. friday night late we got the call. just gotten off the phone speaking with my mother. told me the news. i didn't know what to tell him. i didn't sleep that night. >> greta: how many years? >> five years. >> we have a picture when you were young. i take it you are close? >> he is very close. there is four of us. ten-year span. he and i are number three and number four. we shared a bedroom growing up. so we certainly been through a lot totaling. we are raising our family together in janesville we're about very close. >> i met your wife but she is from out of state.
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you have accepted her into the family? >> we 6. >> and his wife is not but from oklahoma? >> we have two southern gals. >> we have a picture of you of a wedding. you were in your brother's wedding? >> yes. down in oklahoma city. the wonderful event. my brother and i stood up as best men. it was wonderful meeting the entire clan. >> greta: how is the dance can, a little problem? >> to say it lightly. absolutely. that did not fall upon my brother. >> greta: he can't dance? >> i don't think so. my dad could, my mom would raise her hand and say she can't either. >> greta: he is very studious, he been always like that?
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>> he can be a very serious guy but the paul i know is a goof ball. playing with his kids, practical jokes, pranks on me. he knows when to be light-hearted. >> greta: when we came to washington, number of things in washington, he worked with jack kemp? >> yes. jack kemp was an enormous influence on him. i recognize that in our first campaign where jack had come in to janesville and help stump for paul. he pulled me aside and said, look your brother is going to make a difference in this world. he was so sincere. i could tell there unique bond of mentorship. it's been warm seeing some of the kemp 7 children and making comments, did kemp children and
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making comments. >> greta: do you think your brother will get some democrats and independents in 2008, took this state ichbh have no doubt about it. we're sort of a microcosm of wisconsin in this district. obama won here, gore won here in this district. both of those times paul also won over 60%. he certainly type of individual that is very appealing i think to the swing voter. that independent who wants a reformer to make up their own mind. >> you can say whether you are for him politically or not. here at the high school gym. he played soccer and track and field? >> he did. >> greta: he was prom king is that it? >> prom king, he is not really
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voted like that. >> greta: how? >> if you are class president you are prom king. >> greta: so that is the reason. and he gets back every weekend with his family? >> absolutely. i spend the least amount of time in washington of any congressman. she he sleeps on the couch and first flight back to see his kids and adorable wife. >> greta: would you guess as a child this is how paul ryan would end up? >> of course not. never would have guessed, but he grew up fast. he matured quicker than most i think teenagers. you can see it as he developed and embraced college differently than normal kids did. you saw him accelerate in his development in many ways. >> greta: father died when you
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were in high school? >> there is no doubt it was very important for all of us. he was living at home. that was the only child. i was off at college. our 80-year-old grandmother who had alzheimer's had moved in and my father passed away. paul grew up very quickly. he got a job. my mother started a new career and went up to uw to get a new skill so she could start her own business. paul goes to work at mcdonald's. he also becomes class president this year. he got focused very quickly. >> now he is off in iowavery buf months. nice to see you. >> john boehner, they go way
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back. he talks about first time he crossed paths. we caught up with speaker boehner here in wisconsin. >> mr. speaker nice to see you. >> good to be with you. >> greta: i have you in my territory? >> it's so nice to be outside of washington. >> greta: and you have done some wisconsin fishing? >> i did. >> greta: big news, paul ryan from the state of wisconsin, one of your colleagues in the house, what is your thought on this pick? >> i couldn't be happier for paul. i think mitt romney made a brave choice and a wise choice. paul ryan understands the central issue that we have to deal with is the economy. there is nobody knows more about that when it comes to paul ryan. when it comes to the debt crisis nobody worked harder to deal with policies to deal with it than paul ryan. he brings the kind of experience
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and background and leadership to this race that mitt romney will find very helpful. there were safer choices. you read all the noise over the last couple of weeks. because paul ryan has carried the house republican budget over the last couple of years, we have taken some brave positions. it would have been easy for governor romney to go somewhere else and not have to deal with it. he didn't do that. that is because the issues that paul ryan has carried on behalf of our team are issues that are important to this election and important to the future of our economy. >> greta: as you might imagine, statements from the other side of the aisle, harry reid said this. >> this ought to be interesting. >> greta: ready? by picking representative paul ryan, governor romney has doubled down on his commitment to gut social security and medicare as we know it.
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>> what would you expect? republicans on capitol hill have out outlined ways to save medicare, to save social security and save medicaid. where is the plan from the democrats? they have none. we know if we don't address these programs and address them soon, they are not sustainable in the current form. what are we going to do? do nothing? let them go bankrupt. that is the democratic plan. i think outlining howl hou we would fix those problems is an important dialogue to have, it's an honest dialogue to have and it's about time the democrats come to the table with their ideas. >> greta: and political mass destruction. they think republicans are coming in and may not be true but you have to deal with in the political arena?
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>> being honest with the american people, being forthright with them is the best way to earn their support and to earn their vote. >> greta: why do you think the statement by senate jovt leader harry reid, why is he so aggressive? he's been painfully aggressive to the republican party? >> i don't know. you'll have to ask him. i have to work with him every day. i get along with harry. we have different views. you'll have to ask harry why he makes those statements. >> greta: don't you say to him. you never say anything to him? >> i never say anything. ted kennedy used to be friends, close friends, but i never asked about why he said some of the things he said. he said some pretty interesting things. >> greta: do politicians remember these statements that are said about each other? whether it's someone pushing
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someone off a cliff in the ad? >> i certainly don't i ever remember the states. people in this business from time to time are going to say things that are bit over the top. i try to avoid it. >> greta: here is what president obama says about the choice. he says he a decent man, but an ideological leader of republicans in congress. spokesman for governor romney's vision but it's a vision that i disagree with. he is staying out of the mud wrestling? >> what is it that he disagrees with when it comes to economic policies? the president, he doesn't want to talk about his record because his economic policies have famed and made things worse. as a result turns to politics of envy trying divide americans. the american people want to know how we are going to fix the
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economy and how we are going to put the american people back to work. mitt romney is proven job creator. he understands the private sector. heavyweight of government that gets in the way of private sector job creation. so does paul ryan. this election is going to be about economics. our economy because the american people are still asking the question, where are the jobs. >> greta: it's about economy but foreign policy is moving out there and it's an important element of the job. congressman ryan and governor governor romney has no foreign policy experience? >> president obama had absolutely no foreign policy experience. while joe biden used to be chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. all his prescriptions i've listened to were all wrong. so i do believe that the
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governor romney and mr. ryan can handle the foreign policy issues. that is not going to decide this election. it's going to be our economy and putting the american people back to work and saving the future for our kids and grandkids. paul ryan and mitt romney can deliver the message better than any republicans i know. >> greta: what is the relationship between paul ryan and the president. is there a testy exchange. we know he was invited and placed in the front row and his budget was eviscerated. >> i think president obama respects paul ryan. i assume that he likes paul ryan. while there may be back and forth, i think you have two people that have a lot of respect for each other. >> greta: how did you find out he was chosen? >> listening to the news. >> greta: you didn't get the inside?
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>> no. 23 years i was running for congress first time in 1990 i was looked locked in a difficult primary. i had a young student putting yard signs up for me, paul ryan. >> greta: so you remember him? >> long time. >> greta: he sleeps in his office at night? >> more members than you probably realize. it's expensive having your family at home and trying to raise your family and then be able to have to rent an apartment in washington. to do that is probably another $20,000 a year after taxes. more members than you realize camp out. >> greta: people think hawkish on the budget but he voted for the tarp and voted for the auto bailout. voted for the stimulus and voted against the stimulus.
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how does he explain those and how does dou you see it? >> i think he is a practical conservative. he as very conservative voting record but not a knuckle drager. he understood that tarp while none of us wanted to do it if we were going to save, save our economy, save the world economy, it had to happen. i wish we didn't have to do it either but he understood that. >> greta: give me outlook on the economy? >> it's not going well. u.s. economy pretty much flat. european economy is worse. it's going to effect our growth. the president's policies have not made things better. they have made things worse. between not dealing with our debt, a tax system where nobody knows what the tax is going to be in january. then a regulatory environment that is scaring every employer to death, its wonder that
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anybody is hiring. it's time to get all of these under control. those are the three big points in our package, if you will, to get the economy going and to save the future for our kids and grandkids. >> greta: take the tax issue, we know they are going to expire by the end of the year. a lot of people are sitting by the sidelines, whatever happens they can deal with, they don't know if they are going up or staying the same. they are on hold. so the economy is on hold until we have a decision. it would speed up the economy, think, a little bit if the tax decision were made now? >> if people knew what the tax rates were going to be, they could plan. that is why the house moved to extend the tax rates for one year. to give us time to reform tax code from top to bottom, personal tax code and corporate
10:17 pm
tax code. but we'll see what the senate does. there is no indication that the senate will act before the election. >> greta: you get a call from the president, let's get this done? >> no. >> greta: no? >> no. >> greta: because. >> he has been out campaigning since last labor day. 49 weeks. that is all he has done. campaign none nonstop. he is not leading. he is trying to save his own rear end. >> greta: any way to put fire under this tax thing? >> voters. >> greta: but that is not until november? >> let me tell you what. politicians read polls. if the voters want the taxes dealt with now, they can put fire under politicians. i know how this works. >> greta: up next, wisconsin governor scott walker. g.o.p. ending a 24 losing
10:18 pm
streak. scott walker goes on the record as our live coverage from wisconsin continues. plus, what did rush limbaugh think of romney's pick. you have to hear what he has to say about vice presidential candidate paul ryan. fast and furious fight, attorney general eric holder has been held in contempt. what are they doing. darrell issa is here to tell darrell issa is here to tell you. down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. darrell issa is here to tell you.
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we're counting on wisconsin, let's get it done, thank you guys. >> greta: we are live in wisconsin, a battleground state. it's also the home state of vice presidential state of paul ryan. how will mitt romney's running mate influence wisconsin voters. scott walker joins us. good evening. >> good to have a one on the ticket. >> greta: i can tell you that much. it's interesting. so tell me... what input is it going to have on the battleground state come
10:23 pm
november. >> i think it had will have a big impact. after my election back in june i thought mitt romney could win wisconsin because i felt that voters in our state would win by a bigger margin two years ago. we're looking beyond republican voters, independents and democrats voted for us because they wanted leaders to make tough decisions. i feel that more strongly since mitt romney's courageous and announcement of paul ryan. it's very specific. right here in wisconsin. paul comes from one of the most competitive politically congressional districts in the country. it is almost evenly split between republican and democrat. is suburban and rural. pauline though for years, not just lately running on his plan to turn the budget around, he has consistently won with more than 60% of the vote. if he takes a fraction what
10:24 pm
barack obama did four years ago, he will carry wisconsin and that will help us carry america back to economic sanity. >> greta: do you see your campaigning for him to help or not. the state is very polarized. we saw the storming of the capital and this was the hotly contested recall. do you see him -- are you able to help him or would that poison the chances of getting democrats independents and undecideds? >> again i look at our vote total for all the nay say radiation that have been -- naysayers. we scored better 2 months ago than we did two years ago. we carried a higher percentage of the votes. it wasn't just conservatives. there were lot of democrats who said we want leaders to take
10:25 pm
risks. paul ryan has done that. romneyn do that. mitt romney because it boils down to not just paul but ultimately at the top of the ticket, it reaffirms the fact this guy experience in the private sector and olympics and as a governor he has showed us yet again he has the capacity to make tough decisions. it will be a sharp contrast to this president who keeps wanting to run away from a record, 42 consecutive months at or above 8%. it's a bad across america. >> greta: i know you and congressman ryan have known each other a long time. how did you meet? >> we grew up 15 miles from each other. i grew up close to janesville but we didn't meet until our 20s. both of us were drawn into public service by president reagan, particularly not just as
10:26 pm
conservatives but belief in american people. that shines in both of our approaches. he ran for congress at 27. i was elected at 25. he has a great family. jana is tremendous. they are great people. his mother is wonderful. its traditional american kind of family. great thing i love about him, smartest person i know in politics but yet humble and decent people i know in or out of politics. >> greta: governor, nice to see you. thank you, governor. coming up from homecoming king to hometown hero, how did paul ryan get to the number two spot on the republican ticket. we talk to the man who saw ryan. meet ryans high school teacher. republicans are hoping the vice president candidate will fire up the party. no one is more fired up than rush limbaugh.
10:27 pm
will you hear from rush in janesville wisconsin. tonight the inside story on congressman paul ryan. congressman paul ryan. you won't want to miss a second.
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>>. >> greta: that was paul ryan back in 1995. fresh out of he started as a congressional staffer but before he went to washington he went to joseph a.craig high school. what did his teachers think of him? we caught up with his government teacher. >> was he a good student? >> great student. >> greta: ever in any trouble? >> no. i never had to send any of them. >> greta: anything stand out about him? >> you could tell paul is a motivated individual back then. he had ambitious. he knew he was going to get involved in some type of service from freshman year on. student council, commitment and clubs and activities. it was a long list from latin club, history club, be on that committee.
10:32 pm
homecoming king. >> greta: one referenced he was last president one year he was also voted as something? >> he is nice kid. i don't want to say he is smoothing me. i took him as sincere. >> greta: did you stay in touch with him? >> yeah. >> greta: i know you have something he read on put on the congressional record? >> when congressman ryan ran in 1998 he got to speak on the house floor during a national education week. he was nice enough to single me out on the house floor as being someone that influenced him. not on his economics or how he votes but we had a great time in our government class back in the '80s and through my retirement in 2009. it was one of the things, kids
10:33 pm
appreciated listening to other kids that had different opinions. everyone had a chance to voice their opinion. that is one of nicest things going with congressman ryan, we don't see the same way politics, but yet we're good friends. we can agree to disagree. unfortunately has been lost in the last few years in our government. >> did you vote for him? >> no, i have not voted for him in the house elections. to be honest, i voted for a few independents because at the time i didn't think the democratic candidate was a better choice than congressman ryan. >> greta: did he know you didn't vote for him? >> i think he did. he does right now. he knows my politics. he would come back and meet with my kids in class. how much more can you ask as a government teacher to have your congressman come to your class and talk to 30 kids at a time and do it four or five times a day. same thing with russ fine gold
10:34 pm
and he would come back. what a great time to be a government teacher in janesville to have two elected officials talk to kids. you can do it too. >> greta: are you considering to vote for him or voting for the romney-ryan ticket? >> i won't be voting for him. i'll be voting for president obama and joe biden again. >> greta: why? >> i think the biggest thing is education for me. when representative ryan would come and talk about issues in class, i would bring up something about education. of course, his response and logical one, would be that that is a local matter. i would come back with, it's a local matter but when you say you are going to pay for the special education mandates at 60% and you only give 15, it puts a cripple open local
10:35 pm
people. >> do you think he will have an influence on the wisconsin vote? >> i would think so. i look at how polarized state is i don't know if they will jump over. he has been fantastic. he has been fantastic to family and students out to d.c. for trips over the years. >> greta: coming up, house republicans are not giving up their fight. they made their move against eric holder. darrell issa is here. rush limbaugh is jazzed. what or who has him fired up. ♪
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why not take a day to explore your own backyard? with two times the points on travel, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy. >>. >> greta: rush limbaugh is jazzed. he is thrilled for romney's pick for vice president.
10:38 pm
>> we now have somebody on ticket who is nice, somebody on the ticket who can explain all of this, believes all of this in his heart and in his soul. his name is paul ryan. he can do it with optimism and a smile on his face and no bitterness. we have somebody that can articulate what we believe. it is in his heart. he doesn't need crib notes. he doesn't need briefings. he doesn't need a consultant to tell him what to think or how to answer a question. he has lived it. that is why i'm jazzed. >> greta: so what do you think of governor romney's choice? of governor romney's choice? go to greta [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time.
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10:41 pm
kick in. it's called sequestration and it means $110 billion in cuts will take effect january 2 if congress doesn't reach a budget solution in the next few months. half the cuts will be in the defense department, causing john mccain to warn, there won't be social security without national security. the a-okay to a new flu vaccine, to protect you against the three viral strains most likely to cause influenza. between 5 to 20% of americans get the flu every year. the cdc recommends everyone older than six months receive an annual flu vaccine. i'm ainsley earhardt, now back to "on the record" with greta. :s got more furious. the house held attorney general eric holder today it got revved
10:42 pm
up more. filing a civil suit. lawmakers are asking a federal court to step in and force the justice department to turn over documents in the botched gun running operation. darrell issa joins us? >> good evening. how are things this in washington. >> well i don't know. i'm in wisconsin. i can only report how they are here in wisconsin, beautiful weather here. >> what would take you to wisconsin this time of year. was there some great event that we're all happy about? >> greta: i don't know. you have to watch the show. it's not my high school reunion. i had that one six weeks ago. >> just kidding. >> greta: what is this? you have filed but still haven't gotten the documents. is there any discussion in the house contempt or the filings done, you haven't had anything from the government?
10:43 pm
>> not at all. attorney general is good as his word he was going to give us a couple hundred more documents if we agreed to close the indication. he wouldn't let us see them before we agreed to take them. if we didn't take it there would be nothing. there has been nothing. we, of course, waited to see if the u.s. atis job. he didn't. regrettably we had to follow the alternate course and we have filed. >> greta: now i've done the math matted nicks my head of filing deadlines. knowing a little a bit about dockets. it looks like this won't be resolved before election day. is that is what your lawyers have indicated to you? >> that is correct. this has not been about an election year. this started within days of being my being sworn in in 2010. it started in 2010 and all through 2011 and now through
10:44 pm
2012 we have pursued this from the time i became chairman on behalf of senator grassley. it happens there is an election coming up. but an investigation in which you are stonewalled for nearly two years is inevitablely going to have an intervening period. >> free legal advice, it does have political ramifications. some would say obama administration, it's good to keep them hung out to dry before the election. they have to deal with it politically. in light of that, in light of brian terry family should get answers, why don't you request expedited kgs by the judge and justice department can join in and get a filing from the justice department answering yours and judge has to decide this case. there is no reason to take more than a month. that way it won't be involved in a political aspect and terry
10:45 pm
family gets an answer? >> we have been assigned a judge. we believe she is fair. she is an obama appointee. our home is we will get expedited consideration because the terry family has waited through this investigation for over 18 months. >> greta: i can tell you they are no hurry unless you ask for it. >> we will be using every attempt to get discovery. i will take your free legal advice. >> greta: you don't need discovery. >> you don't need discovery. the government, eric holder has not turned over because he is protected by the executive privilege. either it protects it or not. you don't need discovery. you just need a judge to make a decision. the government agree agrees and it gets decided quickly?
10:46 pm
>> you are exactly right. but in our filing, we make it very clear there is no stated executive privileges. we have given you things. we'll give you more as long as you go away. candidly. executive privilege was a tactic in the final hours as we were voting contempt. there was never any question that they are trying to create this new deliberative privilege. let's understand something. this is the important thing. they lied to congress. they then covered it up for ten months and that is what they are claiming privilege. much of what we're asking for is who lied to us. who produced the documents behind the scenes and did they know or didn't they know they were providing it. that is simple standard. it's the nixon standard. are you entitled to cover up your own wrongdoing.
10:47 pm
>> greta: a judge gets to make that call whether you are right or the eric holder is and get it faster and get it behind us. >> we would, too. we would, too. fact is though that nixon decided this a generation ago. you can't commit crimes including lying to congress and then cover it up and expect it to be covered by executive privilege. thank you greta. >> greta: congressman, thank you sir. we have much more coming up from paul ryan's hometown of janesville wisconsin. what does the hometown think what does the hometown think about [ male announcer ] we imagined a vehicle that cod adapt to changing road conditions.
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>>. >> greta: we're back 'live in janesville hometown of paul ryan. reporters are standing by and covering ryan when they called him the real deal. what do you think now. you graduated from this high school? >> class of 65. back in the stone age there was one school. >> greta: tell me, tell me about this, real deal? >> in the spring of 1998,
10:52 pm
republican political strategists called me. i was working in the capital in the press room. he said i have a young guy i want you to meet. he might run for congress. that's all i need to do today as a courtesy to brian i interviewed him. i was going to ask him a couple questions about federal issues and move on. 45 minutes later i was still hanging on his every word. i decided then, he was the real deal. i remain convinced of that. >> greta: he is run in a democratic district? >> he has made this a safe district for paul ryan. it's still a very competitive district. obama did very well here in 2008. it remains probably a toss-up but with reapportionment paul ryan has made it better for republicans. >> greta: when is the last time you saw him?
10:53 pm
>> i saw him a couple weeks ago at a convenience store. i was going in. i heard somebody say, hey, uncle stan which he calls me because of an educational program i helped with. i turned around and it was congressman ryan. jana was with him and they were getting water bottles for a family picnic. i thought the other day, well i probably won't be running in to him at local convenience store for a while. >> greta: and huge race, primary for the united states senate including former governor tommy thompson, who is going to win, reduction? >> in 1986 i predicted there is no way tommy thompson could beat tony earl. marquette polls have thompson up and i think he is favorite.
10:54 pm
>> wisconsin politics? >> very much so. >> you are go too man because you have been covering ryan for a long time? >> i covered him very early before he announced for congress in 1998. >> greta: were you surprised he was chosen? >> i am not. real briefly there is an educational program called washington seminar, he has been very active in that. he leaves the political knives at the door. he works with tammy baldwin. just his help and work in that i think has convinced a lot of people that he is very sincere. >> greta: stan, thank you. coming up vice presidential candidate putting makes an candidate putting makes an emotional return to his home down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. candidate putting makes an emotional return to his home the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment.
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10:59 pm
>> hi, mom! everybody here for paul ryan? is he going to be a successful vice president? >> he's an exceptional young man. he's going to do a great thing. what i really love about the appointment not only is he good for wisconsin, himself, and his family, but what he's going to do for the country. >> could he step up to be president, there is no question in my mind, there is nobody better qualified to be vice president and then president, then paul ryan.


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