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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 15, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> sean: when barack obama 50 ran for the white house, he pledged to change the culture of washington and promised unity over conflict and discord. the same man who preached hope and change is running one of the sleazest campaigns in history. the president and his friends -- well, that's the campaign they have decided to run. they have called mitt romney and now paul ryan about every single name in the book. let's take a look at a small sampling of the vile things being spewed by the obama campaign. >> i dont think that mitt romney knows what he has done to anyone. furthermore, i do not think that
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mitt romney is concerned. >> i dont know the facts of when joe soptic's wife got sick or died. but i do know what mitt romney did with g.s. steel. >> he going to put you back in chains. >> this is a guy who straps the family dog to the roof of his car. >> this is the e. coli man. >> i think the agenda of the republican party and of mitt romney has clearly been and if can be interpreted as an attack on the issues that matter to women. >> their plan, which is, let's have dirtier air, dirtier water. >> he is speaking to their friends, out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position. >> it is thinly veiled social darwinism, some of our middle-class families with children with autism or down's syndrome -- these are the people
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who count on medicaid. >> sean: joining me are juan williams and romney adviser, a one-man romney-supporting wrecking crew, john sununu. you know, juan? i remember election night -- hope and change. there is no red america, blue america, the united states of america... you were on this network. you were emotional that night in the election of barack obama. this hope and change has become smear. it has become slander. it has become character assassination. it has become one of the dirtiest campaign in history. and liberals like yourself that supported hope and change, that bought into hope and change -- you are utterly silent at how this campaign is being run, the things the surrogates are saying. why? why are you so silent? where's president obama? where's hope and change? >> i think that have you amnesia tonight because i mean, the fact is the smear has been against president obam astarting the
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moment that he got into office when people said, you know what? our number-1 job is to make sure he doesn't have a second term-- that's not accusing -- [overlapping dialogue] >> how about questioning-- dirty air and water, juan. >> let me say, questioning is patriotism-- who?! who questioned his patriotism. >> even john sununu on the show, he has to learn how to be an american. people question his values whether or not he's a socialist-- that's not accusing someone of murder and wanting dirty air and water, and being a felon, juan! let me turn it to john sununu before i never shutup. >> juan, kiget you a pass to our side, if you want it. >> thank you, john. >> you may not want to be associated with those guys anymore. look, it is getting tough. it is getting dirty. ats an act of desperation. i will throw an epithet into the
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game because these guys are losers. they are losers. they have run this country into the ground. they are desperate. they know they can't win on the economy. they are not going to be able to win because they robbed medicare of $716 billion. they are out there doing everything. it doesn't matter. they can be as dishonest as they want, they can be as nasty as they want, they can move into class warfare as much as they want. they can move to racial unrest if they want, but the american public is seeing through these phonies and it's going to be a big election in november for mitt romney. >> it sure hasn't showed up in the numbers quite yet -- >> it did today, juan -- >> john, please! the numbers are so clear. let me say, there has been no downs bounce whatever from paul ryan. i think a lot of these charges of slandert and like, a lot of that is intended to distract people from paul ryan's and what
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he threaten toss do to-- stop a second. juan i. the only person -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: this president. by the way, you can't say it's savings swlu $741 billion from it -- >> paul ryan was doing the same thing! the same thing-- [overlapping dialogue] >> he was taking away the guarantee of seniors in this country have in medicare-- i have a larger point. >> obama kept the guarantee and was making the system more efficient. never putting pressure on the seniors. that's the total of the story. >> sean: it is beneath the dignity of the office of the presidency to allow him and his surrogates to be out there, lying about their opponents. >> you know -- >> juan, let me ask you a question, it's a sort of lighter question. every time this president goes into class warfare mode to attack success or attack those who have done anything, he moves into this drawl. now, tell me, where did he pick up the drawl?
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southern hawaii? southern chicago? southern bronx or southern indonesia? or it just as phony as his jaunt when he runs up and down marine one. >> let me get this straight, juan john, where does mitt romney get off running an ad suggesting that president obama wants to loosen the regulations so more people can get on welfare -- >> he does. let me explain it to you. >> -- that's terrible. that is dirty politic it's. >> let me explain it to you. let me explain it to you. when that bill came to bill clinton, he vetoed it twice. he wanted that section pulled out. newt gingrich wouldn't pull it out. they sent it it a third time, he signed it -- >> let me explain to you, john -- republican governors around the country have said, we want more flexibility -- >> yes, but not on the work rule. >> we would like -- >> no --
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>> the ability to do this. and the president, dealing with republicans, gave it. now the republicans come back and beat him up for it -- >> i let you finish. now let me finish. >> sure. >> that provision of work was removed from the waiver section so that you cannot give a waiver to the work requirement. president obama decides he's better than anything and he tells his hhs to accepted this out saying that they will accept waivers on work. the republican governors that have asked for waivers have asked for waivers on provisions other than work. what has been done is not only the waive -- allow for the waiving of the work requirement, but it has been done against the law. it is in fact illegal. >> john, you know, you are stretching so -- >> i am not stretching. >> you are going to be a superior hero. i like that you are a true surrogate for mitt romney. but the facts just don't support
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you -- >> go read the law -- go read the memo. >> you said you wanted me to give you a chance. give me a chance. president clinton has said very clearly what mitt romney alleges is just not true and what president obama has done is in keeping with his intent, in terms-- juan -- we have to run. when the vice-president talks about they are going to put nuchains again, when you have a truth team surrogate suggest romney's a racist and accuse him of murder. the only reason this is happening, juan williams is because this president cannot run on his record. i think that john sununu summed it up. >> i like that. but let me just say that i think mitt romney is trying to put this, along with hant hant on president obama because the american people like president obama and he is just defending himself. >> sean: we don't care about
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kids with autism and down's syndrome -- >> oh, come on. >> it's my turn with the strong partisans and you are smart. you know, i appreciate that. >> >> sean: we have to run. >> the guy's reacting because he's losing. >> sean: that's right. we have to run. >> check the polls, gentlemen. >> sean: we see nu83 days. a growing controversy, joe biden responds to his racially charged remarks. and new black panther party threatens violence at rnc. we have that audio. >> we are under siege. there is a city of tampa, all because of this republican national convention has everyone on edge. ♪
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> romney said he's going to let the big banks write their rules. unchain wall street. they're going to put you back in chapes! >> sean: now, that was vice-president joe biden at a campaign event in virginia yesterday. he has yet tow apologize for making that racially insensitive comment and claims that he misspoke. this couldn't come as a surprise, president obama standing by and stephanie cutter. and president obama says the remark needs to be taken in
6:14 pm
context and said that biden was referencing wall street. what about the groups like the naacp? are they comfortable with the language? would they be so silent if it had been paul ryan mind the podium? we here on the "hannity" program have reached out to 7 naacp chapters in the commonwealth of virginia where the speech was held, what they have said, nothing, like the president and his campaign and stephanie cutter, stang by it. it seems nobody's willing to say, once and for all that this type of rhetoric has no place in american politics, with the growing reaction to the firestorm and analysis from the shocking audio from the new black panther party, -- i don't buy the president's excuse. they are standing behind t. we know what he meant. >> exactly. >> sean: this is the same guy that said, in delaware, you know, you can't get into a 7-eleven without an indian
6:15 pm
accent. this is the same joe biden that you have a mainstream african-american articulate, bright, clean, nice looking -- >> uh-huh. >> this man stereotypes. the democratic party liberals say the party is about protecting classes and race -- basically, sean, they're doing race-baiting. for biden to go to a predominantly african-american audience, change his cadence and say, we are going to put you all back in chains. he's saying, look, the government took you back from the southern plantation to the federal plantation, if you don't vote for barack obama, you won't get your government check. >> sean: we have shown this -- al gore, hillary clinton, he goes into a preacher mode. are you going to give him a pass here? >> absolutely not. i found these remarks to be
6:16 pm
profoundly insulting. you know, it's one thing to be famimmial. familiarity breeds contempt. this is very, very close to being contemptuous. these marks -- these remarks are are -- he needs to apologize i. thank you -- >> don't be shocked-- why can't the campaign i. i have no idea. i can't speak for the campaign. i am not part of the campaign. i am supportive of it -- >> how can you be supportive -- >> i understand. >> let me say this. i am going to say this. i think that all people, all people, including you as a republican, need the space to be critical of those whom we support. and while i support them, i do not like this. -- >> but here -- >> because -- let me tell you this, i am against race-baiting -- >> hear biden talking about what he was trying to say is unshackle the economy. that's what the republicans have said -- >> he said unshackle wall
6:17 pm
street. >> now he's talking about chains. it's barack obama and his socialist policies that have keptinous financial bondage. we are not talking about the issues. we are talking about race-- i have to get this in. there is a threat of violence at the rnc convention. remember, the new black panther party, they put a bounto george zimmerman's head -- no arrest. listen to this threat by the new black panther party. let's roll the tape. >> we are under siege. there is a city of tampa, all because of this republican national convention has everyone on edge, where black people have to stay in our homes if they don't want any presence of anybody that looks like me, walks like me or talks like me to be anywhere near the vicinity of this republican national convention. the republicans hate black people. and for all the black people that are republicans, i ask you on this day, this 12th day
6:18 pm
of august, 2012, i ask you this day -- when did you lose your dignity and lay down for these damn crackers who mean this black community no good? they have shown this -- history has shown this. white people -- i call them crackers, the day you refer to me as a [bleep] and black people as [bleep] and treat my black community out of [bleep], i was able to -- [inaudible] you better believe my foot on your [bleep] >> sean: now, i am going on make an argument here. i believe that the new black panthers have been emboldened by eric holder because they got away with a bounty on somebody's head. they got away with intimidating. no repercussions. zero. they probably they can make threats like this with impunt. >> sean, this is not about black power-- no. why were they not arrested in
6:19 pm
the past? >> this is about politics. they don't want -- you ask why isn't the naacp outramminged? where is al sharpton -- no justice, no peace? they don't want to take on this administration. this black president is for black people. >> sean: i think they are emboldened. they feel like, we got away with banging on clubs and putting a bounto somebody's head. why not ratchet up the rhetoric. nobody's going to do anything. >> traditional black leadership, the black people in the civil rights move. have not espoused violence-- where's attorney general holder? >> you know what? let me tell you, in this environment today, you don't have the space to critique in a loving way, the people you support, or people with whom you might be -- >> two wrongs don't make a right -- two wrongs don't make a right -- >> but he said -- >> he's the attorney general of america. >> angel ai did not say that. i am simply saying that
6:20 pm
traditional black leadership has never supported violence. >> sean: we have to go -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: everybody breathe. in through the nose... hang on. >> you cut welfare. >> sean: we are out of time -- >> there is voter suppression-- we have to go. all right. >> sean: thank you both. i'm going into my meditation room right now, thank you both for being with us. coming up, team obama's working overtime to try to discredit the romney/ryan ticket as radical. we are going to vet the president, when the mainstream media won't do and expose who is the real radical as "hannity" continues, straight ahead. look at those toys. insurance must be expensive. nah. [ dennis' voice ] i bet he's got an allstate agent. they can save you up to 30% more by bundling your policies.
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>> sean: it's time for our next installment of the real obottom a. the president and all of his liberal frens have been trying to paint mitt romney and paul ryan as radicals. here's a few examples to prove my point. >> as a member of the budget committee myself, hia front-row
6:25 pm
seat to witness the architect of the romney/ryan budget, paul ryan embraces extremism. paul ryan has embraced an extremist proposal. >> i really didn't think that governor romney would go so far to satisfy the most strident voices in his party and pick someone so demonstrably a right-wing idiolog. >> sean: who are the real caderals in this race isn't ticket with the courage to propose bold ideas to get us back on track? that's radical? what is radical is a president who blames all of his problems on somebody or something else and makes promises he cannot deliver or keep. the numbers don't lie,p mr. president. the unemployment rate is 8.3% and president obama called president bush irresponsible and unpay the rale rateic fur increasing our national debt.
6:26 pm
but his administration added almost $6 trillion to the deficit. this president has no plan or vision, just empty promises that the american people are not buying, hence the campaign we have, dirty tactics. joining me is leslie marshall. and kimberly guilfoyle. all of this dirt, all of this slime from the white house is for one reason. we have fewer americans working and we have a president who gaveis $5 trillion in new debt to get here. that's what this is about. very few on your side have the moral courage to condemn it. why? >> i don't think that you need moral courage and i don't think this is condemnation. if you are going to talk about radical and say there are noney new ideas, i have haven't heard fresh ideas from mitt romney-- wait a minute. repeal obamacare -- lower taxes. >> pro-life. >> sean: you are not listening.
6:27 pm
energy production in the country. eliminate health care. rein in -- >> not eliminate, replace it. with what? >> sean: repeal obamacare, let's not split hairs here. he has 7 points he's repeated over and over again. you don't want to hear them. but very different from the debt and the deficit this pcreating d bush unpatriotic for. >> look at his record. whether you look at his ideology or record, both are abysmal, fail him out and step him out of the white house. there is a real choice to be made. his policies are anti-business, non-pro-growth. the most in modern times. >> look at the record here. it is absolutely a complete failure. look at the long-term unemployment. 8.3%. how is that winning? he said if he doesn't fix the numbers, put him out of office. take him at hotdogs word. >> sean: here's what's bothering me.
6:28 pm
these are not just numbers. nearly $6 trillion in new obama debt, take a sledgehammer and steal every penny our kids have. 49 million americans in poverty. one in six americans, 25 un-and under-employed. he wants to talk about romney the murderer, romney the felon, romney this, ryan, the radical. who is radical here? the guy who hung out with ayers and wright? >> i don't think the president called, if my recollection, it was a super pac, not the president that called romney a murderer, which and i many-- he called george bush unpatriot. >> that's his opinion-- if i called obama unpatriotic -- you and every liberal in the country would condemn me. >> no, i wouldn't. >> sean: all your liberal friends would. >> some of my liberal friends would -- [overlapping dialogue] >> yes, visaid, i don't like
6:29 pm
when people blame somebody else. >> sean: the kiosks, tsunami i. that was just having fun. >> mitt romney blames obama. you are blaming the president. >> sean: who do we blame?! he's been there four years. he said he would cut the deficit -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: two years! twoi. years, he controlled the front and the back side. what happened? nothing! who will he blame? every time, will he resurrect bush to blame him? it's an immature, irresponsible attitude. he's reckless with the american people's money. he has no regard for the taxpayers. he will just add more debt because he has no solution whatsoever to get us out. >> you have more jobs created than we have lost and 6,000-- more jobs created than lost. do we have fewer americans working than when he took office? hundreds of thousands fewer americans working. he predicted the unemployment
6:30 pm
rate would be in the 5% range at this time in his presidency or it's a one-term proposition -- i mean, at some point, where is the intellectual honesty on the left -- he's failed. >> this isn't just -- if we are going to be intellectually honest across the board. economists have said, on both sides, 5% ain't going to happen for over two decades-- that doesn't take away from his promise. >> no, it doesn't. that's the thing. he doesn't want to be responsible. how are we supposed to teach the youth of tomorrow to be accountable for their words and actions when we have a president who has a complete abdication of responsibility -- i am asking you! >> sean: can i say something! >> yes! [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: where is the respect for the office of the presidency when you call your opponent a murderer -- >> he didn't do that, sean. >> sean: wait a minute. this super pac, stef new cut -- stephanie curter, obama ran a
6:31 pm
similar ad in may. she heard the information and lied about it. >> they are all tied in -- come on! >> sean: bill maher i. you had a supreme court justice call the president of the united states in the chamber while he was standing -- speaking to the american people a liar! you have-- listen, i will tell that you president obama's campaign is full of lies. they lied about romney being a tax cheat. he never said a word. they took money from bill maher. they lied about mitt romney and bain and the woman who died from health care -- >> and john boehner-- you call a.c.o.r.n. working? [overlapping dialogue] -- >> i call being the president of the united states, i call being an attorney, working. >> sean: working for a.c.o.r.n. >> it hardly qualifies, so you
6:32 pm
know what? we got what we put in, so to speak. >> sean: you know what? i am fed up, the american people who are unemployed, in poverty, out of work, they deserve better than that. >> if america is so fed up, let's be honest, why doesn't romney have a 12-point lead over president obama. >> sean: we will see what happens. we have 83 days to go. >> you got monoit. >> sean: to fight with and you beckel. >> sean: crisis mode after a top official is accused of lewd conduct some have compared to a frat house and what about protecting the country from terrorists? michelle malkin is here, as "hannity" continues. glad you are with us. ♪
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6:37 pm
american people are being protected from another terror attack. a top official has placed herself on leave, following allegations of lewd conduct employees. suzannebar, chief of staff is being accused of everything from making sexually-charged comments to members of her staff, to binge drinking on taxpayer-funned trips. and the allegations date back to 2009. clearly, the obama administration has some explaining to do, seeing as protecting our country doesn't seem to be too high on their priorities list. joining me with more is the auhorr of the number-1 best seller, culture of corruption, michelle malkin am a lot of problems at their their agency? itch this is the tip of the iceberg t. looks less like a frat house than a sorority run amok, sean. this is an old girls club and a culture that has been encouraged by jan janet napolitano, or her
6:38 pm
gal pal who is were put in positions of great responsibility with little to no law enforcement experience. i think that that is what the point of the lawsuit that has been filed by a forler dhs official, and affidavits that are coming out, new ones, filed in conjunction with this lawsuit that really tell. that's the story that we have been hearing a lots november many parts of this administration. but particularly, dhs, that people with no equipment or interest in enforcing the law has been busying themselves on junkets like the one in columbia in 2009, where apparently, the i.c.e. chief of staff was involved in a lot of boozing and lewd conduct. >> sean: let me see if i understand this correctly. people are ill equipped, not prepared, lacking in experience,
6:39 pm
get the jobs, why? because they are frens with janet napolitano? that's the only reason? >> classic, crony government. she worked for napolitano in arizona. a political appointee who, knew zero about homeland security. obviously, if the alleges are true and this lawsuit hno interest in enforcing them, which would comport with the attitude of the guy in the white house! who has signaled many times over that he doesn't want the department of homeland security enforcing basic immigration law. and then we had another person, closely linked to janet napolitano with no federal law enforcement experience, in fact, zero, and was a special adviser to janet napolitano before she was appointed, five months after
6:40 pm
suzanne barr arrived at dhs in 2009. >> sean: what do you make of biden? you have written about him. it's pretty outrageous, the long litany of attacks now that team obama has made i like that romney and ryan are fighting back. but there is a history of joe biden, from people with indian accents, working at 7-eleven and dunkin donuts. they want to put you back in chains. my state is a slave state. barack obama first mainstream african-american -- he's articulate, he's bright, he's clean, a nice-looking guy. >> yeah. >> sean: what have i said -- what if a conservative politician said that? >> you know what? he has this amazing immunity from his own tongue. i have long diagnosed what i called biden-rhhea of the mouth. he has it for a long, long time. now bozo, the v.p., is out
6:41 pm
there, engaging in the most shameless kind of race clownery. i know there are a lot of decent americans on both sides of the aisle who are sick of it. i am glad that romney and ryan are fighting back, just as you say but i think more people need to spell this out. this chains remark, in front of a black audience was a blatant, racist, racialist pander. there are people of color across this country who look at white democratic politicians who talk down to them and try to talk black and are not taking it anymore. because what it really is is a white-washing of just how miserable-- but michelle -- >> the economic record of this adminiration, not just for black people, but for all people! >> sean: you can take this to 1998, missouri, democratic party. have you al gore. he speaks before a predominantly
6:42 pm
african-american audience -- he goes into preacher mode. republicans don't want to count you in the census. hillary clinton does the same thing, changing her tone and her cadence. the james byrd ad in 20 00 of it's predictable from democrats. this is nothing new -- >> no, it's not. >> sean: obama has taken it to a lower level, when it's about killing people special felonies and tax cheating and dirty air and water. people haven't paid attention. i think it backfires. what do you think happens? >> i hope so. i call it seismically cringe worthy, when the politicians go into black churches and yeah -- hillary clinton was most notable because it was so comically bad. but with barack obama himself it's the worst because you think of the things he has done, it is not mimicking an accent. he makes things up. who can forget in 2007 in selma, when he made up part of his
6:43 pm
biography to endear himself to civil rights people. he said that the selma bloody march was responsible for him being born when he was born four years before the event?! the kind of fabu-list impulse. we have to appeal to decent people that the first reaction when paul ryan gets named as vice-presidential candidate on the ticket is to point out that he is a white guy. what does that have to do with anything? what happened to post racial america, barack obama? >> sean: if this works, this is all america's going to see and worse. if they are rewarded for this type of sleazy campaigning, we will never see an end to t. i have to run. good it see you. >> you bet, take care. >> sean: coming up, more examples of the sleaze we are talking about that that has come to define the campaign. an email from the president's campaign that targets paul ryan and g.o.p. donor sheldon
6:44 pm
adelson. and this friday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern, my exclusive interview with vice-president dick cheney. you don't want to miss this. and a special event that he and i participated in. ♪
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and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may ocr upon standing. ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. >> sean: welcome back. we have a democratic strategist here and the author of the next great bull market, a business expert, matt mccall. and author of what the bleep just happend? monica crowley is here. we were talking about biden's comments -- chains. let's take a trip down memory lane. a joe biden reminiscing here. >> you don't own my state. my state was a slave state. my state is a border state. my state is the eighth largest black population in the country. my state is anything but a northeast liberal state.
6:49 pm
>> you have the first, sort of mainstream african-american... who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. i mean, that's a story. >> in dole wear, the largest growth in population is indian americans, moving from india. you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. ip am not joking. >> sean: i don't know. i think the worst is, here's barack obama -- first mainstream african-american -- articulate, bright. he's clean. took a shower. i guess. nice-looking guy. what if any conservative said that? >> i mean, come on, he would be run out on a rail. this is one of the great ironies of joe biden. all of this conversation for paul ryan has been taped. the left in the media have made the conversation about whether
6:50 pm
or not paul ryan will be a liability for mitt romney. there is no greater liability as vice-president than the man you just showed, joe biden. >> sean: you're right. they hoped this week would be about smashing paul ryan and now, it's about smashing joe biden. he is saying, we live in the 20th century now, did you know that? >> their plan was to take the focus away from the economy, going in the oop sit direction and focus on ryan and his gaffes. and it just turned the opposite way. i think the romney campaign says, listen, the reason they turned it away is because the economy is so bad. they are going after the african-american vote because the unemployment rate is 14.4%, there are more african-americans out of work than there were 3 1/2 years ago. >> sean: you are a democratic strategist, honestly, if the republicans said ha how would the media react? >> well, are you calling joe biden who works for a black man,
6:51 pm
racist? >> sean: i am saying -- let's say rush limbaugh goes on the air i. rush limbaugh goes on the air-- no -- >> you can disagree. >> sean: he says that obama's the first mainstream african-american wois articulate, bright and clean. >> not defending his comments. he's a gaffe machine. >> sean: but a conservative gaffe machine i. listen, joe biden is a gaffe machine. but look at what he stands for. he's not a racist -- [overlapping dialogue] >> he is playing the race card. >> give me a break. what race card-- put you back in chains? >> excuse me. the republicans are calling barack obama a foreigner and saying that barack obama -- they want to see his birth -- excuse me -- mitt romney himself, are you kidding me?! >> mitt romney said he's sorry. >> sean: no, he is not. >> give me a break-- i will give you -- i will bet you $10,000 he never said
6:52 pm
that. you taking the bet? >> i don't have $10,000. >> sean: how about $1,000 -- i will bet you $100 for charity. >> the bottom line is this, the republicans have been saying, people like donald trump and a mitt romney-- bet me $10! you are wrong! we have to take a break. >> they want to see barack obama's birth certificate. >> sean: romney never said it! we have joe biden. next, you will find out who thinks that he is responsible for getting osama bin laden. straight ahead. with the spark cash card from capital one, sven's home security gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! how does this thinwork? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% casback on every purche, every day! woo-hoo!!! so that ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great businesses deserve the most rewards!
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>> we also got bin laden. let me correct that -- the president of the united states and the special forces got bin laden. >> sean: a lot of vets are angry that biden and obama are taking credit, without the intelligence, rendition, black ops, gitmo and enhanced interrogation, wouldn't have happened, the things that o a opposed. but watch how vets have reacted. >> remember may 2, 2011. americans learned that bin laden had been eliminated.
6:57 pm
how did we learn about it? >> tonight, i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. i directed leon panetta, the director of the cia to make the killing our capture of bin laden the top priority of our war against al qaeda. i met repeatedly with our national security team. i determined that we had enough -- i directed -- i directed -- i directed -- i directed. >> it's infuriating to a lot of folk, especially those who had been in the fight. >> mr. president, you did not kill osama bin laden, america did. the work that the american military had done. >> for someone in a support position to say, we killed osama bin laden... no, you didn't. you had nothing to do with it. >> sean: i, i, i, i, i. he did not support the policies that gave us the intelligence.
6:58 pm
>> wait, we are supposed to believe that barack obama is a narcissist who makes it all about him? >> sean: it would have gone wrong twould have been george bush's fault. >> the storyline is that this was the jimmy carter analogy. in other words, he made this gutsy move and it could have gone down in the desert and been a huge liability for him if it crashed and burned. but i think the analogy is the bill clinton analogy, which is that enough people in the military community knew about the whereabouts of osama bin laden, that if barack obama didn't act twould have been a huge political liability for him. it's more of the bill clinton analogy than the jimmy cart ear. >> sean: what about the fact that the military's mad. what do you make of that? >> if anybody should be mad that we care about, it should be the military. if i am complaining, nobody cares. but the people who put their life on the line, searching for bin laden for years, they are upset. obama is more worried about
6:59 pm
hollywood. within a week, he had hollywood telling him what happened. >> sean: propping himself up. you know something? this is important, he never gave credit to president bush. we wouldn't have been able to locate bin laden without rendition, and he was wrong on the intelligence side of it. >> you are acting like he landed an aircraft carrier and said mission accomplished-- cute line. >> he was the commander in chief-- he made the right call. but he was wrong on the intelligence that led to it. no call without the intelligence. >> the intelligence continued from the bush administration -- but he opposed it -- >> obviously, they near his administration. >> sean: he opposed the i.i.t. i. let me ask you -- how can you -- how you can tell me he opposed something that led to his on his watch-- are you not hearing me -- it wouldn't have happened. >> it is not like we let him g


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