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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 18, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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by the way, what is a big booty sell? dabs i had it in my shopping cart. >> dana: that's it for "the five." thank you for watching. have a great weekend. see you monday. welcome to "red eye." greg will be back on monday, haters. remi, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> the united states has a new weapon to add to its arsonal in the fight against terrorism. step aside home land security. there is exciting news for cat lovers like you, andy. plus, should mommy dearest have to prove she is fit to parent her five-year-old after dressing her up like dolly parton fake tatas and all?
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who should we be more concerned about, the crazy mommies or the pageant tree? and is the race officially over? we have the topless paul ryan shot that will sway any right minded woman including bill schulz. the most powerful political story of the year don't you think? >> i would say this or any year, remi. let's welcome our guests. i am here with meet the boss reporter anna gilligan. and it is actor and singer who is in "geek kill and hyde." -- "jekyl and hyde" and next to me is a first time guest. welcome pat healy. it opens in selected theaters this weekend. we will talk about that later. gitmo is more like kitmo. thank you, thank you very much. guantanamo bay says one detainee was reportedly rewarded with a cat. a bin laden translator sent a
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letter to his defense attorney saying, quote, dear mr. warner, he has a cat. he is a high value eddie tan knee who -- valued detainee who agreed to testify. so pre i'm blee the pet was a perk. in a separate letter, he wrote to his attorney who is from ohio, quote, dear mr. warner, lebron james is very bad man. he should apologize to the city of cleavland. "red eye" obtained stap from the chattiest detainee. >> it looks like a fun cell. what is wrong with that? let's get to the important question first. what do you think this cat did to get sent to gitmo? >> i am so allergic to cats. it would be like torture.
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i am not a cat man. they are cute from very far away. i like that it says "i can't confirm nor deny he wants an adorable kitten. it is -- kitten." it is so adorable. >> they all are. >> even more adorable. >> i don't think that's true. he was the first high value gitmo detainee to reach a plea bargain. doesn't he deserve a pet? >> i think some of our an teargas techniques are questionable. if we can just reward someone with a cat instead of doing harsher things. that's a good tactic. we should do it more often if we can jiecht replace water boarding with kitties ? >> if it works, why do the water boarding? >> can't argue with that. >> no one expected this to come from you. >> water boarding, water boarding. >> you know me.
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>> pat, it is bad though this guy was apparently a translator for bin laden. but even worse, he is a mark. what a whiney little baby. >> this is possibly a story that the u.s. is putting out to make him look bad and to show al-qaeda that he is cooperating with us. when this ago few wall tee he may have found a -- when in actuality he may have found a stray. he may have picked it up like that old man that escaped from alcatraz. i think we should just releasing things about him like he wears a dress. he only answers to the name honey boo-boo. i think it is making him look bad to al-qaeda. >> and is it possible this is a misunderstanding based on a language problem? maybe what he meant to say is he is a cat, but he was using what he thought what should have been a synonym for cat? >>
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>> there is hankie -- are you saying there is hankie pang egoing on at get -- hankie panky going on at gitmo? he is a cool cat. >> i really hope it is not like the bird man from alcatraz. he will put little messages in and released them to his window and then right into the ocean. >> i never even thought of that. >> that's awful. >> bill, bin laden's translator says lebron james is a very bad man. you can't really argue with that, can you? just because somebody is a terrorist doesn't mean he is always wrong. >> give him a cat for that. he has been repeating what i was saying even before he left for cleavland, and especially after. i believe it was the art of war that said kill them with kittens. this is in line with that, and that's very old. and i have known you for six years now, and i know the only reason we are doing this story, period, is so you can say kitmo. that's a fact. >> i can't argue with that.
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>> thank you, finally. >> i would that like three years ago. >> his lawyer says his client's feelings about lebron james reflect his tribal values, loyalty and not tolerating betrayal. lebron went to miami and won a championship. isn't that america's values? >> clearly. i am a new york yankee fan. we collect the best players out there. >> boo. >> i know. >> aren't you from brooklyn? >> there is no brooklyn team. >> i don't know how that happened. >> the dodgers left, and he had to go to the mets. >> that didn't happen though. >> my mother was a dodger fan growing up, and they always loved the yankees. look, i can't fault lebron. the way that all went down, it was creepy and weird, the decision and all of that, but i'm actually happy for him. i feel like he was humbled by the whole thing. i am looking forward to next
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season. >> knicks look good. i totally didn't answer your question. >> do you think the guy who calls himself king james has been humbled? >> i heard he got a cat. >> did he really? given to him by the government? miami gave him a cat? >> yes. >> i thought the king james thing was because he was a big game of thrones guy. i had no idea it had anything to do with ego. >> did you not -- did you get that? >> i poo-poo religion. >> and religion poo-poo's you. do pageants make you a bad parent? >> yes jie. she lost custody on of -- of her daughter dressed as dolly parton dressed with padded breasts. she even made the cover of "people." she says her ex-husband is using the pageant participation for a reason for the court to grant him full custody, but she says the
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beauty contests are not illegal nor a reason to take her child. a court-appointed psychologist doesn't agree, and saying -- blames pageants contribute together sexualization of her daughter. the family's pets unfortunately were left to their own devices. >> nobody wins there. >> he now has a bird too. this is mott cool. this is not cool. >> so, pat, the mother compared beauty pageants to gymnastics, and she was doing that to defend what she is
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doing. i happen to think as i have said on the show, so it doesn't make me want to take her side, but does she have a point? >> i don't feel the way you do about gymnastics. that's athletic prowess and a skill you can use later in life. >> how? >> you know, putting as a cat burglar. >> it is safe to climb through vents and movies. >> you know, dressing your daughter as dolly parton with a padded bra and giving a five-year-old mammoth jugs or whatever you want to call them , but it is disgusting. one of the other costumes was a sexy policewoman costumes. but i heard some of the other things that the father is maybe connected with the legal system down there in the small town where they are in in tennessee or kentucky. maybe he has got some political sway. so if he is using the kid as a weapon, i am not for that. >> it sounds overall like the
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kid has a great life ahead. definitely no issues down the road. anna you have 11 children by 10 different men. would you let any of them compete in pageants? >> i am not a mother, so i can't say exactly what would happen. >> you just said you were. are you calling me a liar? >> first of all, i am interested about the gymnastics thing. i always wanted to do it, and my mom said no. i recented it, but she was probably right. the thing with paneling -- pageants, i said this before and this is a frequent topic. i don't think it is good for kids. it is like sending the wrong message that your worth is wrapped up in your beauty and you shouldn't sexualize your small child. but i don't think this child should be taken away from her. a million people participate in these things. if this is grounds to take a child away, you are opening up a whole problem for a lot of people. i don't think -- i don't think just participating in a pageant is grounds for -- i
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mean, poor judgment? perhaps. bad mothering? you can't really say that. >> the dad allegedly has a history of drug and alcohol arrests. if that is true, how is he more fit than mom? >> and has the political sway as well? it is a great town to grow up in. i have a nearly 20-month-old daughter. the whole idea of these contests or pageants or whatever they call them is just kind of disgusting to me really. i wonder if we need to blame maybe -- and i love my reality television and docu series who have come up with that word to make it sound a little better, but maybe the producers of the tv show are a little to blame with the whole thing as well. i do believe in organized sports like developing -- definitely developing comrade reand developing a great team and whatnot. too young for that, and these contests are just creepy. >> i agree.
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>> she is probably better off with the mom. is this the one they collect the road kill and they go -- i saw this on -- >> i'm sure they have. >> there is like road kill and she is like, you can go down -- they find fresh kills on the road jie. -- >> my dad used to collect vowed kill. he would give us biology less sons. >> look at this, girls. one time he got a skunk and he was in the backyard and he wanted to see if he coos trigger the released -- if he could trigger the release. >> are you talking about smell, right? >> yes. he wanted the by yule gee lesson. if you pull this trigger it releases. >> what kind of road kill do you get in brooklyn? >> on the way home from we used to go to pennsylvania. anytime there was road kill he would go, wait. we are pulling over, girls. one time my mom flipped out
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because you can get rabies. >> it is fascinating about your family. >> my dad is very interested in nature and animals. >> he is also interested in botulism. >> and rabies. >> all of a sudden pageant moms ain't looking so bad, good lord. >> i have never seen that show, but i saw it on the super something -- >> are you sure you just weren't walking by the house? >> they had a screen shot of the mom, and she was the -- >> i hope she wasn't the mom who did the road kill thing because this whole discussion was not relevant at all. >> it doesn't matter. look what we found out. >> bill, as a sequential hemaphrodite are you eligible? >> i am not. don't do this when greg is not here. it onl encourages the audience further. this is a war between a woman
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who puts fake jugs on her daughter and a guy who she alleges is drunk. his name is big. his name is bill. guess which side i am on. i have three -- i have three i i will legitimate daughters lo quashia, laquifa and darth mall. they are doing great, so i will go with the drunken bill dad. >> what happened to david? >> david changed his name -- or her name to darth mall because she made fun of the name david. i said you can pick whatever name you want. and she picked darth mall. i said go back to mommy because daddy has to party. >> the important point -- it is important that girls are not taught that being pretty is the most important thing. >> yes. >> it is important they think that. >> wrong moral of the story. >> i just heard she found a
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dead skunk. >> i heard he entered the cat into a pageant. from protecting minors to protecting minors. should they pass judgment on male passengers? they have a seating policy prohibiting men from unuh p cking minors as a way of protecting them from predators. and shockingly, not everyone is cool with being presumed a monster. one of the firemen -- god i wish we had a picture. he said he was humiliated when a flight attendant made him switch seats. he was writing in a blog post, quote, i feel like i was being judged and found guilty of a crime i haven't committed. virgin australia says they are viewing the policy in light of recent feedback. you know who never has to take an airplane? owls.
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>> it looks a little bumpy. >> and child molesters are more likely to be men, but does that make this policy okay? >> i don't really have a problem with the airline's policy. i have a problem with if that's your policy that you humiliate a man by seating him next to a child and then moving him and telling him that's the reason why. but i think -- i have flown enough to know i wouldn't trust an airline on stick to their policy. i think if you are concerned about -- as any parent is, they are concerned about their child's safety if they have to fly alone. your best bet is talking to your kids and making sure you feel confident your kid can handle an adult who might act strangely to them. and that's your best bet. i don't think you can ever rely on the stewardess to watch your kid. >> do you feel this policy is aimed directly at you with your long hair and open shirt and scruffy beard? >> i am trying to grow these
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chops in. >> that what is going there? >> you can kind of see them. >> don't avoid the question. tont avoid the question. >> -- don't avoid the question. >> hair only grows on certain parts of my body. >> did not need to know that. >> let's explore this. >> how hard is it -- you know these two minors are going to be on the plane. how do you not know who is sitting next to him? it is crazy. >> it makes sense. >> there has to be a better system. >> as you said, the chances of a sexual predator being male is brrrrer than being female, but it doesn't mean -- >> it is still pretty slim. >> it is still pretty slim and you still don't really know who it could be. so i just think that the responsibility lies mostly with the pairnl and -- with the parent and making sure they can handle themselves.
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>> we know there are not muslim terrorists. >> when there is profiling of the male race. >> i have experience -- this is a complete over reaction, but i had a friend who was in a film called "diary of a whimpy kid." she had a premiere and bought tickets to a mat may showing and -- matinee showing. myself and two men -- >> it is a kids' movie. >> yes. we went to see the movie with an audience, and we got yelled at by like three different parents, mothers, who came up to us like, what are you doing here? >> my dad, he wanted to -- he had three daughters, but he wanted to volunteer for the boy scouts because he wanted to do some guy things. they wouldn't let him. they are lirks you don't have a son. -- they are like, you don't have a son. that's creepy. he would have been the coolest guy in the boy scouts. watch this, kids. >> what did you -- how did you react? >> we just said -- we are here with our friend and she is in
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the film and she bought tickets for us. and she was like, sure, you are. >> i feel bad for guys. >> i will i -- you told me your friends came up and were like, i have never seen that man before in my life. >> he has his shirt off and you are like -- oh it is a weird context now. >> coming up, should unattractive people be forced to live out of sight from everyone else? we have the new book, how to make america great again. and what does paul ryan look like without a shirt? exactly like he did in my dream. you are watching "red eye" on fnc.
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want to go on? >> no. >> they wouldn't rest until they saw his chest. tmz has tracked down the first show of paul ryan. feast your eyes on the pic and while the running mate was out back then, the delicious dairy was even more ripped now and has a, quote, killer 6 pack. in less sexy news, the rage against the machine pinned an op-ad saying he is a fan. he compares his love of the band to the crush on bruce springsteen and charles mann son's obsession with the beatles saying, quote, he likes the sound, but not the leer ricks. ly ri cs. he can like wafer band he wants, but -- he can like whatever band he wants, but it is the message of rage. you know what else is the message of rage?
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this. >> i can never get cuter than that. no point in trying. >> anna, let's start with the picture. you are totally voting for romney-ryan now, right? >> no. i have the problem like -- ever since he named him vp, all of my liberal girlfriends are like, "my head is going to explode because i find his politics so unattractive", but he is kind of hot. i am still voting for obama. you can't sway me with one shirtless picture. >> how many will it take? same question. >> should bring back that
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obama shirt. >> i was reading where they were trying to defend the pic like he is much more ripped right now. it looks good to me, but as a heterosexual male that looked all right. >> i guess this was before he was using the p90x. >> now he is like magic mike. >> it is creepy thinking of him doing that workout and listening to rage and getting all pumped up about the economy. >> isn't that what you want in a vice president? >> sure. he is a handsome dude, but tom morelo, a great guy. big fan of "rock of ages" and got to meet him a few times. i was at a bruce show that he per 4thof julyed at at -- performed at that governor chris stey fell uh -- christie fell asleep at. >> here is my take. i am a huge rage against the machine fan.
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i think the lyrics are good, but the politics are like the sonic equivalent of wearing a shirt. they are childish. does this mean i shouldn't listen to them? >> of course you should listen to them. when he got into them, he was probably about 22. that's roughly the age he would have been when their first album dropped. >> he probably wasn't much into the politics at the time or whatever snide remark i didn't hear it. he kept liking rage, but i want to go back to something you just said. >> quickly. >> you said him getting pumped up in a gym. isn't that when you won your president? i have gone to gyms in wall street, and i have seen guys think about the economy while getting pulped up. you -- getting pumped up. they flex in front of the mirror and they blow dry their crotch. >> and they get all of the chicks. >> i have seen them do it in
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the locker room. i don't want them in my oval office. >> i don't want them near ovals of the. >> got a comment on the show? e-mail us on fox and do you have a video of your pet doing something cute? if so, send it to us. go to fox eye and look for the tab on the right side of the screen and click on submit a video. your video could be feature owed "red eye." though i have nothing to back that up. hold your cell phone sideways. you get a much better picture. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by bike polo. they use mallets to vik a small -- to strike a small ball into a pole. thanks, bike polo.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong. for that we go to the delightful remi spencer. >> thanks, andy. great first half of the show so far. >> thanks. >> i will only point out a couple of mistakes. number one to you, andy. you showed an adorable clip of a pool full of puppies. this was with the gitmo story and you introduced it as the chattiest prison sell in guantanamo. don't you think there would be more outrage to the story if it was in fact the dog the inmate had as opposed to a cat? >> well, i guess -- are you saying muslims can't have dogs ?
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>> because people love dogs more than cats. >> i think muslims can't have dogs, i believe. do you consider dogs unclean? >> i was not aware of that, but thanks for ambudsing me tonight. let's go to anna next. hi, anna. >> hi. >> you look beautiful tonight. >> and you. >> thank you very much. you always look beautiful. you said all kittens are adorable. i am going to have to disagree with you. not all of them, just like babies, are adorable. >> really? hairless ones maybe not so cute. >> i am guessing a stray kitten in a guantanamo prison cell is problem whree -- is probably inteched it with some terrible diseases and thought very clean. >> you can't -- >> i have a softness in my heart for cats even though i too am allergic. i put my face in my dad's cat and i get allergic. >> you probably should not do that. >> and bill, by the way, i
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should correct you. in cuba, cats do not have beards. >> no, i was talking about closetly gay cats and their significant others they hang out with. the gay cat community is small. they are homophobic. >> i am sure they like to help each other out, but they do not have beards. >> you meant cuba gooding, junior? >> i don't think so. i am going to move on with this cats with beards. constantine, now you were talking about law drone james -- you were talking about lebron james. i have to admit. i am not a big football tan. i am not sure how you can describe a man who calls himself a king as somebody who is humble. >> well, that's true. i think that winning the championship -- let's hope the guy is maturing. obviously he is at a crazy sort of eight years. he came moot league -- he came into the league wearing number 23.
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i think he changed a bit. i would like to think so. i hope he only wins one championship. i am glad he won, but i don't want him to win anymore. >> constantine, what do you think about the fact that apparently he has been playing football all this time? >> i love when lebron plays football. he is so good at it. no, he was a great player in high school. >> is that right? >> he was a great tightened. he would be awesome in the nfl. he has the size. good for you, remi. >> i don't think he is humble. >> nor am i. >> i think you, constantine, are talented and humble, but not lebron. to "toddlers and tierras" let's talk about this. number one, constantine, you were talking about the road kill story. that's honey boo-boo and she has her own show now don't you know? >> i saw it on television somewhere and i was repulsed by it. but i couldn't take my eyes off it, so thank you.
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>> i saw it for the first time the other day. >> her mom has a good look. she is in a good place. i am happy for that baby. no, that's horrible. >> we all think it is horrible. >> pat, do you think this is horrible? you say using kids as a weapon in a child support hearing is never a good thing. and of course i agree with you, but dressing this child up like dolly parton at five years old, do you have an issue with that? >> have i an issue with it -- i have an issue, but she said they are from tennessee and that's where dolly is from and it was a tribute to her. but the cantaloupes and the five-year-old bra -- >> remi, didn't they have -- wasn't it like butt implants? >> thank you for pointing that out, andy. i didn't have to. this child was padded up to look like a grown up in a very sexual way. i think it is appropriate for a court to step in and just make sure this child is okay. it is an indicator of problems. >> you think the court should take the child away or just say to the mom knock it off?
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>> not necessarily. i think it requires an inquiry into how this mother is parenting the child. i think that is going too far in the paneling -- the pageant tree world. >> if what she is doing is wrong and she should lose her child, shouldn't they be illegal? right now she is putting them in pageants that are perfectly legal. >> i don't think she will have her child taken away from her because of a pageant. but if i were to rule the world, and when i do one day, i am going to do away with all of these pageants. i think it is terrible for a girl's psyche and self-esteem trying to dress up as an adult at five years old. >> you just lost a lot of votes. >> if i had my way i would have wanted to have been in pageants and my mother banned me from wearing make up. >> you wanted to do nothing but gymnastics and pageants. >> i was a girly girl. my family was like, where did you come from? >> i wasn't into the road kill. i just wanted to play with my make up and my barbies.
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>> what if they shoved a dead badger in your face? >> you have an interesting childhood, anna, that one day i would love to hear more about. just tell me one thing, please tell me your dad was a doctor of some sort before he started opening up these animals for you guys ? >> no, he went to like a tracker school. he would go to these retreats and he would just do these nature things that he loved. it was his hobby. i used to call him nature man on wall street. >> you don't need to be a doctor to learn how to open up -- i mean, hunters and trappers open them up all the time. >> i am a doctor's daughter expirks grew up with my father -- and i grew up with my father. he would gross me out. but he would be explaining something to us. he had that education. she was pulling over on the side of the road to see a possibly rap bid -- rabid animal. >> in his defense animals were
12:38 am
dead. >> it sounds like you were in an elitist city girl to me. that's what it sounds like. >> not an elitist. you don't know what you are talking about, andy. >> while are you talking, let me ask you this. since we were talking about attraction, do you think the fact that the potential next vp of this country is a handsome man and should weigh in any fashion in a voter's mind? >> no. >> then why do you think it is so interesting to viewers about whether this vp is a good looking man or not? >> i don't know. all i know is we had a shirtless picture and we used it. >> that's one good looking man, right? >> he is not bad looking. >> i am done here, andy. thanks so much. back to you. >> see you at the end. >> thanks. coming up, where can you get a but load of methlamine. i guess he is having a good vacation. what is different about this
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barbie? are you ever going to learn?
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i bet you are wondering, where in the world is jesse eisenberg and who is he voting for. it is "90 days in which -- 90 days and why 90 are voting for obama. president obama understands the world at large. eisenberg writes, quote, i am traveling through mongol yaw and currently staying in a yert. i think traveling and seeing how people live assuages some of my unease because it desensitizes me to the inconveniences that other people face. in this way barack obama is a leader for our diverse country because he sees how the world lives. that's definitely something not to think about. anyway, let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> constantine, you said in
12:43 am
the green room, this surprised me a little bit, you said it is so powerful it makes you rethink your very public romney endorsement. >> that's true, that's true. look, was that a run on sentence the first sentence? i am pretty sure it was. >> it was a crappy one. >> she is a huge movie star with just massive commercial appeal. so his opinion is going to have a huge influence. >> at large. >> but, pat, here is the thing. this post has been mocked by the right and the left. he said, quote -- this is is a great quote, it couldn't have made it look more like the clueless stereo type than if it was produced by somebody who disliked him and wanted to cause him harm. >> how did he not recognize the unintentional hilarity in this? >> i don't know. as a clueless actor myself, i would say that, you know, it should have included something light like he also endorses
12:44 am
hoodies, staring at his shoes when you talk to him, being in the band way before anyone else was, something like that. keeping it light. >> his whole argument basically is, he is in a yert in mongolia with wi-fi, and therefore president obama should be re-elected. >> maybe not the most eloquent of the essays, but i read some of the other ones. i think it is a great project. he does a lot of great work. he has the 8 would 6 national program that people should get involved in. i am getting involved. i think the idea is he wants to get the grassroots excitement for obama going again that got him elected four years ago. i think there is some really good pieces on there, and people should check it out. >> bill, go ahead and join her. defend your icon, jesse eisenberg. >> first of all, romney was a missionary. the whole argument is to use the word for two nights in a row, moot. the guy needs to travel, and
12:45 am
he will understand everything. and second of all a yert is a couple of sticks and an animal skin. stop bragging. i wish i had that. did you think you are looking like some sort of person who is there with the people. i don't have a roof over my head. i need to be as advantaged as eisenberg. >> next topic. my letter writing finally paid off as they just unveiled their newest creation, drag queen barbie. >> the doll doesn't have man parts as i requested, but it comes with clothing including a corset, dress and fur coat and glittery pumps. it is part of a collector's edition and hillary tale for $ $1 -- will retail for $125. >> at least america has spoken. >> the barbie aesthetic has been the man's idea of what a
12:46 am
woman should look like which is what drag queens look like. if you have ever seen a guy down at hamburger mary's lip-syncing to "life on mars" by david bowie you have seen this barbie before. i don't think it is anything new. they are all drag queens. >> awesome or really awesome some. >> really awesome. i agree with pat. it looks like regular barbie. and i collected barbie. that's what i spent my allowance on. mission accomplished. >> you are not doing it well. >> if they are going to make drag queen barbie, where are the man parts? >> he has no man parts. we can do without the man parts. it is definitely cool. it is definitely cooler than having your kids in weird pageants and stuff. shout out on broadway and the first teenage transgender character in that show "bring
12:47 am
it on" your favorite show. >> oh, i just saw that. bill, as somebody who owns every barbie ever made, are you happy mattel made one you can identify with? >> it is not realistic. show what they look like in the morning with their make up smeared and they are going through the refrigerator and looking for food i don't have and taking all of my prescription drugs. >> have i to go. i have to go. when we return, a musical performance from the musical guest, looking glass. and his new movie in the -- and his role in the new movie compliance.
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if you are just straight with me it will be worked out. >> i am being straight with you. >> okay, so what that tells me is you don't realize what kind of trouble you are in here. i am going to need you to address me as sir or officer. understand? >> yes, sir. >> that's a look at the movie "compliance" that premiered at the sundance film festival in january. it is about a prank caller who pretends to be a cop and convinces the manager of a fast-food manager that one of her employees committed a crime. it is being called one of the most disturbing movies of the year. let's send a few minutes talking about it. pat, based on true events? >> yes. there was someone or a person
12:52 am
or persons calling fast-food restaurants. this particular incident happened in 2004 that the movie is based mostly on. it is based on a bunch of events where a man called a fast-food restaurant and claimed to be a police officer. he asked the manager to do things to their employees. he says, you have a young girl working there, blonde, about 19? they would say, who? becky? >> yes, becky. and he would keep them on and he would have them do strip searches and have them humiliated and degraded and in this particular case sexual assault. >> every review i have read had the word disturbing. that's the first time i saw a movie like that without shila lebuff. >> the huffington post called
12:53 am
it the most disturbing film ever made. but it had a question mark. i don't think it is nearly as disturbing as "don't tell her it is me" with steve gutenburg. >> you play the police officer which is a delightful and airy -- >> it was great fun. it was horrible. i was in a cold basement in brooklyn filming for about three weeks. i was disect cked from everyone -- i was disconnected from everyone. >> you are on a separate set from everyone. >> they are upstairs and i am downstairs. we are talking to each other live all the time. i am saying these horrible things, and it gets much worse than that. and then on the first day of shooting the phone broke. i had to go to the office and say these things. i was ill. it informed a lot about the character. it told me this is a guy who could only do this from a
12:54 am
distance. that's where a lot of people are at in our culture. >> i want to ask you, what did you -- i hate to say this because it sounds like what is my motivation, but what did you view as the motivation for your character in the sense that what is this guy getting out of this? is he a control freak? >> yes. i mean, it is a control freak thing, but the director and i talk a lot about the fact that the stakes were very low for him. he was not a voyeur. he was not watching what was doing. he was several states away. so he is making a prank phone call. he is a jerky boy. if you saw just my side of it you might think it is funny, but he is completely disconnected from the circumstances of what is going on. >> the reaction a lot of people have when they hear this story seems to be well, i would never do those things because some voice on a phone claiming to be a cop told me i should. when you were playing the character, was that in your head? did you have to find a way to
12:55 am
make it realistic that the people would do this? >> we watched hours and hours of the show "cops" to see what a cop talked like. you start to take notes and you are saying, oh he is just saying that again. you know what that is. there were these psychological experiments that happened in the 60s. there was an spear meant where they have people give lethal doses of electrical shock. seemingly innocent, nice people, once they were told it was okay to do did it. 65 to 70% of all people i think something like that would comply . the movie asks that of the audience. what would you do? people either stand up and run out, and they say no way or they say through it and they think about that. >> wow, that's great. have to move on. "compliance" open in selected theaters. apparently very disturbing. we will close things out with a post game wrap up. to see clips of recent shows go to fox fox
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time to go back to remi spencer for the post game wrap up. >> great show, by the way. >> tell us about your two characters in one. >> i am planning for a new jekyl and hyde. it is sexy and dangerous and cool. we open on the road in september. check it out, jekyl and hyde and we will be back next april. >> best of luck to you with that. >> thank you. >> can't wait to see you. pat, is there anything else about your movie? >> i think it is a great movie. it is not an easy movie to see. but it certainly is worth while, and you can get a lot out of it. i know sounds like a vegetable movie, but i think it is exciting. >> i can't wait to see that too. and anna, where can people see you next week?


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