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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  August 19, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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thank you for joining us. >> tonight on huckabee. >> this is a debate we want to well. paul ryan's ban for medicare. separating the fact fiction . >> and a gunman attacked a group and 15 chick-fil-a counsel. >> i believe it thisshould be held accountable for the reckless use of terminology. tony americanans speaks out.
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the author on what may have happen on the second turn. ladies and gentlemen. governor mike huckabee. [applause] >> thank you very much and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. what you thote that the campaign couldn't slide much deeper in the sewer along comes joe biden with the race-based comment virginia. >> ther going to put yautopsy all back in chains that. after the adof mitt romney responsible for a cancer death harry reid couldn't stretch that far poor old joe biden forgot what state he was in in virginia. >> we can win north charl
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charl again. >>ip am sure he could. >> and then joe had a misfire of the mind as to what century we are in. we shouldn't lead in making automobiles. i have not seen it written anywhere. >> i haven't seen it written anywhere before joe either. no where. >> hine had a problem remembering what public office paul rhine holds whampt governor ryan is. >> i am sure paul ryan wishes he were a governor. it is a great job. the vice president was sent home without supper. he seemed to have been place time out chair by president obama and exiled to delaware. this is just august. now by october, we are all going to have to wear has mat
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suits to survive. >> my own 20 years arena. politics is rough . but there should be sphortsmanship and regard to're for the human dignity. ine in south where football is not a sport but a religious experience a injury to a player brought a hush. and when he was helped or off. the crowd clapped i pay respect to congressman jesse jackson junior this week it was revealed that the unfounded speculations were ron. he was treated for bi-polar .
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we pause to extend our best wishs and prayers and support and respectful applause who for one helped off of the year of play. hopefully it reminds us that depression or bipolar disorder is it a roll condition as a broken leg s. we would never tell them to go yup walk it off. we don't tell people suffering from a broken spirit to shake it off with and be happy. there is no shame to get help. congressman jesse jackson and i probably don't agree with anything on politics. but today he is a worthy competitor who left with an injury. i hope you join me ginning him a speedy recovery for him and
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his family. [applause] there has been a lot of miss information about paul ryan's path to pro perit yewhat that plan means means to medicare. vice president candidate paul ryan laid it out saturday in the villages in florida. >> here is what mitt romney and i will do. we will end the raid of medicare. we will restore the promise of the program and we will make sure that this board of burrcrats will not mess with my mom's health care or your mom's health care. >> joining us now is congressman from texas. he worked closely with paul ryan on budget and deficit plans. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to talk about the criticism from the democrats
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and it has been harsh. they stay that it will end ped care as we know it. even though objective organizations said it was the biggest lie of 2011. >> how do you confront that. it is so easy to say it will end medicare and how do you combat that effectively. >> bankruptcy is ending medicare as we know it. and no one who looked at the facts that doesn't concede that medicare is going bankrupt. we have to do something about it what does the president do? >> he hastens the bankruptcy by taking 700 billion out of medicare and putting it into obama care. something that house republicans have repeatedly voted to repeal. the second thing that the president does he institutes i believe 159 new board
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commissions and programs in obama care and one is known as independent payment advisory board it is a 15 member panel of people and none of them have to be doctors that are there to actually ration the cault to your seniors. that impacts them there and now ther there to force the price controls. that is the truth. now what is the romney ryan plan do? >> number one it doesn't impact anybody over the age of 55. and so people who are above 55, if they don't want to participate in the national discussion they don't have to. but it is an important issue. it is important to my 84 year old dad and my mom who is about to be 80 and important to my 8 year old son and 10 year old daughter who happens
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to be in the studio. i want the program to be around for them. the romney/ryan plan doesn't impact anybody over the age of 55 and if you are younger that. you can stay on traditional medicare if you want or you can go in a plan of guaranteed coverage options and you choose what is best for you and your family. it is risk adjusted and those who have greater needs will get a greater subsidies and those with lower incomes will get a greateridy. it catches the ben 50 medicare and uses the competition and 40 million seniors holding comps actable. and it would take the congress to over turp.
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one sustains it and the another one hastens the bankruptcy and for current seniors. >> democrats are saying the romney-ryan plan or however you want to label it if it is enacted it will cost the senior 5900 a year more. where do they get the figure and is there any truth at all. >> we'll sustain medicare and a program right now is going bankrupt. the demcrates are trying to compare the romney ryan plan to something that didn't exist. the congressional budget office said that medicare is going broke and they are acting like it doesn't need
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cash infusion. those who are more well off. some seniors will pay more and some less than under current med wear and if they are lower income and have greater needs . the democrats continue to delay that medicare is going broke. they are putting their head in the sand. >> it is it a billiant strategy move to dress the issue from the moment that pull ryan was brought on and he does a masterul job to the voters that are talking about it. i hope you take the 10 year old out for something fun since you had to bring them to the studio today. >> [applause] >> and this week, family research channel was targeted
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for religious beliefs when a gunman opened fire. the building manager who stopped the gunman is rightly held as a hero. up next tone perkins has new details on what really went down in the lobby, that's next. >> i would love to hear from you. go to, and sign up for my facebook page and follow me on i've worked hard to build my family. and also to build my career.
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[applause] ther both conservative and gay right's group acted quickly. ine statements from both the white house and governor romney say there is no place for violence in our society. on wednesday morning an armed entered the research counselbuilding. he encountered leo johnson.
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the gunman said i don't like oliticings reached in the back pack and shot johnson in the arm. johnson was wounded but manage tod wrestle the shooter to the ground where he held him until the police arrived. >> in this case, the security officer is a hero as far as i am concerned. he did his job. the person never made it past the front door. >> the gunman was identified as 28 year old corkin. he was volunteer for a ltg-community. he has strong opinions with those who don't treat homosexuals in a fair matter. he had 50 rounds of ammunition and 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches. corbins is charged with assault with intent to kill while.
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further charges related to domestic terrorism could beed haded. jowning me is is tony perkins. it is a tough week for you and all of your staff. >> it has been a challenging week for the team. they are praying for yus le. we are grateful for that. >> it is it a moving story. when leo was shot he was able to miraclously and there is no other word. despite his severe injury take the gun from the gunman and it saved many lives . leo could have taken that gun and rightfully turned it on the gunman right then. why didn't he? >> you are right and i
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appreciate you for giving a description of leo . he is a building operations manager . he is not a security officer and not armed. he has a secondary duty of sit negligent front desk greeting people. and he was sitting on the desk and a guy identified himself as aplayinga applying for a internship leo acted like a security official. he put distance between he and himself the guy pulled a gun and he went to disarm him. it was remarkable he could take him down with one arm and take the gun from him and he had the gun on the man. i talked to leo again this morning. he's doing fine and recovering
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well and he could have and justified in shooting the man. he had no idea if he had a woman. leo told me this. in that moment the lord spoke to me and said don't shoot him. he called for hip and others members of the team came and held him. >> when i hear that and your group is call would a hate group and yet the man had the opportunity and fully justified by every police officer who saw it and said he could have shot the intrudy are and he didn't. he chose and made the decision not to kill the man. he didn't kill and you are the group? if that is hate, we need more of it, tony. [applause] >> i told leo. and i mike, as you know. i spent 10 years as a police officer.
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i said leo. you made the right decision. you listened to the voice of the holy spirit and i am glad you made the dition. there is no hate in our organization . in fact after that i assembled my team of 80 people and prayed for leo and one another. as you can imagine our team was shook by one of our team members said let's be sure to pray for the shooter and we continue to pay for them. that is it a different picture than you have been painted. i want to get allegations that fostered the allegations of you being a hate group and how the media ignored the story when we return with [ female announcer ] foamtastic news! nice'n easy colorblend foam is winning top beauty awards hands down!
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[applause] >> we are back with tony perkins, president of the family research counsel. there is over 200 million in endowments and get about 30 million a year and they spend time to call you all hate groups acting like you are skin head nazi groups. you are bold in speaking out ow feel the atmosphere contribute to what happens. where do they get the idea that you are a hate group what is that based on? >> the only thing impovered of the group is it their integrity. they are making oney off of
8:24 pm
spreading hosstillity. they identify that because of our policy on homosexuality and gay marriage. he had 15 chick-fil-a sandwichs and 50 rounds of imnition and two weeks ago, the whole situation was untolding. and chick-fil-a appreciation day,s thousands and millions of americans stood for the traditional values. they were identified as a supporter of the family research counsel. and that is repeated over and over again.
8:25 pm
i can't go into all of the facts of the investigation but other groups targeted that appear to be labeled as hate groups. this gave a license to corbins to come in and take innocent lives. this type of red rick is dangerous and has to stop. >> one thing that was interesting some of the major net works cbsand nbc never brought up the affiliation with the gay right's group and treated it indifferently. i was truck by the fact that that is different than had a person identified pro life and/or family activity gone into a planned parent hood office. we would have condemned that as unacceptable. talk about the media coverage
8:26 pm
and the lack thereof. >> i haven't tracked the media a lot. my first focus is on my team and making sure they are well. i have seen some of the media coverage. i know we are on fox. fox is good about the coverage, others i think have not. either they have not conch covered as i am told or slanted way. and stow. you know, i will leave that to the expertots media to decide. but i will say. i think we have come to a point in our society that this type of really authority that the law center has given with the department of justice and homeland security to create an environment of hostility must end. they were concerned about leo and we appreciate that. i would ask them to take the next step and call on the
8:27 pm
southern poverty law center to top the labeling and marginalization of individuals that stand for religious freedom and traditional moral values is no place for that in the constitutional republic. corner tone of our society mike, as you advocated are the first freedoms. freedom of religion and speech. if we lose those or self sensor ourselves and back up from the debates and issue accident. we'll lose the freedom of our country. >> thank you for being here it is it a long week and tough week for you and your staff. thank you for adding real light to the story. great to see you. >> thank you, mike. >> i appreciate tony and i have known the frc organization and they don't instigate or advocate violence or in any way that someone get
8:28 pm
hurt. hate group ought to mean manage bigger than disagrees. i think the south other than law center ought to be honest about what hate is. and the greatest example of true love was shown by the employee of the frc in the lobby that day. all of us would have said high would have been justified in taking a life of one who tried to take his own life. that is not the picture of hate. >> four little words said by president obama earlier this summer. you know what, they are not going away that couldurt had him. small business owners are fighting back against the comment you didn't build that. i will talk about that and ♪ [music plays] ♪ [muc plays]
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arrested. the price of gas is climbing after staying below last year' prices for more than 3 months. last year's price was 3 -- average price is 3.72. highest average price this year has been $3.94 that was back in april. i am craig boswell. now back to "huckabee" for all of your news headlines log on to huckabee . emaim at . >> the election season is heating yup that means the rerick and heating up as well i will talk to you about the things you heard. small business owners are starting to let president obama know howutch set they are over the comment you didn't build that. an iowa cater served obama a
8:33 pm
campaign event but wore the t-shirt. government didn't build my business. i . a bakery owner was asked why he would not let vice president biden. he cited you didn't build that line as well. >> react. i have been around america this week every place i have been in fact like georgia and iowa one of the things they hear from small business owners, is how utterly incensed they were by the comments. these are small business owners who started in their own kitchens and working really, really hard after their regular jobs and trying to build a business. and they don't remember government coming around at midnight or 2:00 in the morning to get the books done. a lot of work they did was because the government force today on them. entrepreneurs have been upset because they feel like, they
8:34 pm
last thing they needed was a punch in the gut by their own government when the government is making it difficult with a regulatory environment that sometimes makes succeeding in business incredibly difficult. i was in savannahia. you may have seen the bim board that a lumber company had. you didn't build my business and mr. president you can kiss. well, you can go from there. and his name is ray. and this is a guy who like so many americans resent the notion that he hasn't worked hard n. case of food service people. if you know anybody in the food service and restaurant business. there are very few jobs harder. it is it early to morn late night and you better be right there personally to take care of it these are the folks their feet and working under tough conditions and sometimes the margins are just tiny and
8:35 pm
if they don't have people come to the door, they don't keep the doors open. it is time we recognize that yes, you did build it if you center a small business. >> well, governor romney. he had strong words for president obama in a speech that he gave in ohio. >> mr. president, take your campaign and division and anger and hate back to chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting america. [applause] >> i thought it was mitt romney's strongest speech to date. some people try tod characterize the fact that the president could take his campaign much hate back to chicago and somehow tried to make that about race. look everything is not about race. that was not about race. that was about divisiveness. and trying to demonize mitt romney on a personal level from everything from his taxes to the way he ran bain capital
8:36 pm
and accuses him of being responsible for a person's death 7 years after mitt romney left bain capital. that's what he was talking about. so let's be clear there may be hate going on. it was from mitt romney. >> and all right, let's take another quote that happened this week. president obama went on entertainment tonight, he said this about his leadership. >> i don't think you or anybody who's been watching the campaign would suggest in any way that we have you know, tried to divide the country. we have tried to bring the country together. >> woah. i had to listen to that to believe that high said that he was trying to bring the country together. i believe four years ago he said that and many of us believed he meant it i am a republican and i didn't vote for president obama, but i thought that maybe he was going to try to do what he
8:37 pm
said in the campaign four years ago. bring people together and i wanted to believe he would try to do that. now, i never seen a president who has been partisan and whether it is trying to deal with the health care issue and bringing republicans in a room and dressing them down with their idea telling them that look, i won the election . they all knew that. and to get up rally after rally and blame everything on the republicans. republicans are not perfect, but i think that they are willing to try and they have t to have help. when the house send itself over to the senate. harry the contrary reid sits on top of it like humpty dumpty sits on an egg. and nothing hatched yet. the idea of him taking it to be bipartisan, i ain't seeing temperature believe it or not,
8:38 pm
i agree with president obama every now and then. i really do. i am always looking for ways to find common he gave an interview to sports radio program and he made a good point. turrence out political reporters are a lot like sports reporter. they always have opinions even if they didn't play. i have to agree with you. that is a frustration that i had. both as someone who played the game and on this side of the camera and microphone. a lolt of people who watched it from the comfort of the sky boxs and quick to tell you and the other people in the arena how they should be doing it better. but many of them never had the courage to suit up and get out on the field. on that you and i really do agree. i do appreciate those who have got nept game. and i think sometimes we listen way too much to pundits
8:39 pm
and people who are consultants and not listen enough to how we are going to solve real problems and bring the people on the field together to get that done. that's what i hope we will do more of. >> coming up. what are president obama's plans for the country if he is elected to a second term? my next guest said we could look for amnesty for illegals and more jobs at your expense. author aaron
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>> this week, thousands of undocumented immigrants lined toup register for a new program to keep them from deported. these are the pictures from the regitration lines in chicago. all part of president obama's so-call would dream act. one million illegal immigrants could be eligible for the program. giving them the legal right to
8:43 pm
work in america for two years without deportation . you better be ready. he will grant amnesty to illegals. it is a book call would fool me twice. >> thank you for having me . >> talk about the remarkable process that obama put in place . you say in your book if president obama is relected . we better get ready for a wave of illegal people coming here . >> this is what he did with his first term, can you imagine his singled term . i have gone through thousands of documents and defined what will be president obama's plans and blue print. including on amnesty. we are talking about plans for executive order amnesty and
8:44 pm
interagency director that would grant millions more illegals defactor amnesty and that is defining a vulnerable population and that would be any illegal undocumented immigrant in the united states that has a salary and dependants and family members that. defines every illegal and that is just to start. there are executive orders to identify all sorts of what is known as community based oceans and faith-based organizations and that means anybody from a church or synagogue or visits a health care facility or run to a cemetery or university. >> people are trying to get in the sem. >> here they are going to stay in the u.s. if they get in a cemetery. and health care facility, they could not be deported from. and plans also to tie border
8:45 pm
agents. >> where does this come from? these are ideas that don't steam it make sense to most of us. i thought the purpose of the government and president was to -- where is this philosophical base coming from? >> this is from the progressive organization . the think tarchings that were behind much of president obama's first term. he promised hope and change and then of course, to transform the country. no one bothered to ask what do you mean by transformation. >> these for american progress and economic policy newt and institute for policy studies. a slew of these progressive think tanks that are tide to the white house.
8:46 pm
john panesta directed obama's transition to the white house and helped to craft the stim tim bill and apolo alliance and what became a policy institute for obama's health care bill. they have been heavy at work. i revied thousands of documents what they are planning for obama's second term it is not just amnesty. once the undocumented and workers in the united states are newly legal, then the next plan to then use government funds to register them to vote. obviously we are nudging closer to's welfare system which they are they'll vote democrat. >> the book is slosive. and i will get in that pects and specific things in job creation according to your book are different than what
8:47 pm
most of us think job creation is all about. >> remember the president said the private sector was fine. he said >> the challenge in our economy state and local government hiring has been going in the wrong direction. >> so, are your tax dollars going to put more state and local jobs? >> we'll be right back. . ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together.
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>> we are back with aaron kline with a brand new book called fool me twice. in the book you predict that
8:51 pm
instead of focusing on private sector jobs. most of us think jobs, that's what we are thinking. you say that president obama is more likely to put a focus on federal jobs like the old fdr new deal prospects. >> it amazing it is going to come back. should obama get a second term. this is part of his plan and that is the tip of his iceberg. not only massive government spen including a green stimulus and a national infrastructure bank and a massive governor jobs work program but take a step back and look at all of the plains. it translates government centralization of our government and lives. and obama talks about economic fairness and like transforminglet country no reporter asked him what you
8:52 pm
mean? i found second tirm plans for something call would pay check fairness. where the federal government could determine what is the fair salary for individual jobs in the private sector. >> i wonder if that will go to hollywood pals and george cloony has to take a pay cut in order to equal out to the camera operators on the set? >> at the end of the day, i think the top one percent if that is what occupy wants to call them will not be affected as the middle class. obama talks about fighting for the middle class. but he is trying to create a welfare class and pay check fairness just to start talking about in the second term blue print if obama gepts his second turn. living wage fairness. the united states government would come in and raise the
8:53 pm
minimum wage and this is from the marxist ideology so the worker can pay for food and house health care. this sounds really good if i am a private worker wow. the government would raise my pay check. it was tried for in the 1990s and 200 pushed by acorn. voters fraud acorn with which obama had connections and it didn't work. it caused local economies in 80 in the country to crash and burn and created this anti-business climate and stome -- created -- what obama wants to do with our economy and that is massive, massive government centralization . >> aaron these are explosive charges. you talk about blue print that obama implemented and what is the source and what is it if i
8:54 pm
am a skeptic and saying you are making allegations and that is pretty big stuff where does it come from. >> the same progressive that are behind obama's first term agenda and he's been unclear to the american public of what he will do in a second term . people who crafted the stimulus and health care legislation and he did with amnesty. i am talking about crafting parts of what became the phraseology of the stim tim legalization . they have been hard at work for years really at trying to push a progressive agenda and here recommending specifically what obama should do in the second term. i am not saying obama will implement everything 100 percent in written and fool me twice. this is no question it is it the blue print and that is what obama doesn't want americans to know.
8:55 pm
he is running on general terps . i don't understand why he will not announce his peculiar plans. i now see why. no american democrat or republican. this is not about wop party. the american public will not support these specific plans if they know about them. >> you are talk being the herit agfound egg typically help republicans craft model legislation and the center for american progress and far to the left. not a little bit. but they are crafting the model legislation you have seen it with your own eyes and you know that this is the agenda. not that it will all get implemented is the goal? >> it is a blue print. irote a prevous book and i went through thousands of documents and traced who was behind the first term agenda of obama i was struck by how quickly they were involved.
8:56 pm
different obama officials resign. they go and pop up working for these progressive organizations. including van jones, communist net working for center of american progress and otherings. what is amazing, you look at stung corruption from obama's first term. the green stimulus and a second green stimulus and a second plan. that is the tip of the iceberg of plans on the military. slashes to the u.s. military and health care legislation. and including nudging closer to more central and a single payer system and this is the blue print. >> the book is explosive and i am sure it is controversial. you need to read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions. aaron kline thanks for being here . the book is called "fool me twice." were books are sold . i want to say thanks for
8:57 pm
watching. i hope you will be back next saturday and sunday we'll be there in tampa, florida the site of the republican national convention. until then i am mike huckabee from new york. good ♪ [music plays] ♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays] introducing share everything, only from verizon. a shareable pool of data to power up to 10 different devices. add multiple smartphones to your plan,
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