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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 27, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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storm is about a lot of water and storm surge. they expect a lot of rain the next 48 hours with it going tonight and lasting for a couple of days. all along the gulf south, be prepared and get out if you are low lying. now over to "your world." >>neil: tampa delayed. if you ask donald trump or jeb bush it is just getting started. both are here. welcome, everyone, a cast of characters and a parade unlike any you have seen, now, live from the republican national convention in tampa, florida, where they are not letting isaac stand in the way. things are just starting to heat up as the focus shifts to the financial storm that is brew as the debt clock raises toward $16 trillion. you will see at the love the debt clock. it is here in this arena and it is a constant reminder to all those here what the galvanizing
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issue is, all the spending. we will get into more detail with former florida governor jeb bush with a message to the president, one that is simple. lay off my brother. he is not alone. we are back to isaac, a big storm, for longer a direct threat to tampa but a monster storm. not officially a hurricane yet but now it is packing hurricane forts winds and stretching across 300 miles. the state of emergency now declared in at least four states including this one, florida's governor joins us on the phone. he was to speak here but he has decided to focus on the storm and keeping residents safe. governor, for do have you. how does it look now? >> the biggest concern right now is the florida panhandle, how much wind and rain we get. there is a lot of rain bands across the state, so, we have a lot of rain in palm beach area.
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our state, especially the northern part, is saturated from tropical storm debby. right now, depending how the storm goes north, the florida panhandle will get a last wind and a lot of rain, it will slow down when it gets to the coast. we have the risk of surge, tornadoes, that is the biggest concern right now. we are monitoring it, we are very fortunate the keys did not is a lot of damage. we are monitoring it and it looks like it will continue further west. i talked to the governors of louisiana and alabama and mississippi and offered assistance. we still monitoring here for our florida panhandle. >>shepard: we hope everyone is safe and you and your colleagues in the path of the storm have decided not to come to the wedge, do you think, then, this rains on mitt romney's parade? >>guest: i think they will have a great convention.
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they will find out florida knows how to deal with hurricanes and we know how to do hospitality. we have 87 million tourists coming each year. they will have a great convention. we will be the sunshine state, again, on wednesday and they will have a great convention. >>neil: thank you, governor, we know you are busy. >> three days is this guy's big date, governor mitt romney accepts the nomination and speaks to the nation as to the goals to become the next president of the united states. interesting case to lay out, and the debt clock 100' from where he will lay it out. there are signs thinking are moving in his direction in crucial states including in florida and in michigan, a state with 16 electoral votes and it could be a toss up. the president and mitt romney are tied in michigan.
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governor, good do have you. tell me, governor snyder, this was the ticket that was against the auto bailout and it was thought to be just a write off for republicans. what happened? >>guest: well, i never believed that. you look at people in michigan, we swept state-wide offices across michigan and we have delivered on the results, doing the things that washington needs to do. so michigan appreciates that. we had to balance the budget. we did that. we paid down long term debt. we are being responsible about these things. we did tax return. so if many ways michigan is a role model for what washington needs to do and to have romney and ryan there, that is exciting. it is a great time. the auto bailout issue, it is overblown in my view. it was very important and it got down. it could have been done otherwise. the main point is, it was continue, it is history. the question --. >>neil: mitt romney was against its maybe for the right
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reasons but in a state like yours did it and could it hurt him? >>guest: he talked about different ways do do it and the point, it could have been done differently. it is behind us. >>neil: do they hold him account am? >>guest: i gorge governor romney and i have said this directly, michigan wants do hear about more and better jobs today and tomorrow, those are still the key issues in the election. the need for more and better jobs and a fight for our kids. that is what worked in 2010 and that swept us in to office and that is what michigan people care about. governor romney has a plan to do and it i hope he continues to pound that message, it is work ing. >>neil: it is working for you. you have had a lost tough medicine and been concerned about the health care law, and you have to take it to the next step, i guess, and you will do that. many say you should wait this
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out. what is the rush? what do you say? >>guest: i say, let's step back, on the affordable health care act discussion it is a big misfire. it did not aim that fundamentally resolve are our health care issues in the united states, or in michigan. there are more important issues that should be on the table that are not getting the dialogue and discussion they deserve. number one is wellness. if you want and number two is parent center health care. >>neil: but chris christie in new jersey, it is not that you are rushing ben you are saying let's move on, what? >>guest: i like options. we should have choices for our citizens and my default choice, if i have a close between the federal government doing something and our state, and state government doing that, my preference is to have state government doing it given the dysfunctional state of
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washington, dc. again, we believe we are dealing good public service. government does not exist to give and spend money. that is the concept we see in washington. our philosophy is we are customer service, our citizens are the customer. i am trying to make sure they believe they purchased the right amount of government and they got something worthwhile compared to what else you buy. >>neil: if you are right with the polls that are even in your fine state, your improving numbers in your state, iowa looks even, and wisconsin has a slight edge, who would think, for romney and ryan. >>guest: we are showing results. a last us came in the same era, 2010. i appreciate the citizens for having the confidence based on what we said we would do. in michigan we said we would do something. we doing it. thousand we see the benefit of the outcomes were the work is
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not done by any means. unemployment is still too high. the direction we have come, we had 14 percent unemployment in michigan in 2009. we are the come back state in the country. we down to 9 percent but that is not good enough. we have 80,000 open jobs in michigan, we created a portal website to prove that point and if we fill the 80,000 jobs it brings the good jobs here, by 2 percentage points. we need to create an environment where the private second door and economic freedom can work and we create opportunities for our citizens. >>neil: you said you are not antirescue but for the right rescue. when it came to some of these other things, do not throw good money after bad. that is the explanation that mitt romney or paul ryan would have to give in a debate as to how they characterize what, you
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only have to talk about them not wanting to bail out the auto company. >>guest: it was not one company or two but a supply chain. the entire supply chain would have clapped. that is why i am very much private sector perspective that is my career. but this was a race where we needed to do something for the supply chain. something got done and other things could have gotten done. many thing could have worked but my point is it worked now give credit to the auto companies for building good businesses back and that is where the credit should lie. they responded well in terms of the people working, with tremendous credit, and now our role in government is not, again, to create jobs but how to create the environment of success. that is what we did in michigan. we had the dumbest tax in the united states and we got rid of it. now we are creating jobs. that was crazy.
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>>neil: thank you very much. you are starting to become a rockstar. you come with people and your people have people. that is pretty powerful. thank you, governor. when isaac moved in, it forced the donald out. he was supposed to be here in tampa, today, but the storm changing his plans. what were the plans? donald trump still has a big surprise planned for the republican national convention. he jointed me on the phone now. donald, what was the surprise? is it still on tap? >>guest: we had a great surprise and they want me to get there if i can but as you know i was supposed to be there on monday and a little thing called the hurricane changed my plans and a last other people's plans. so, i was in sarasota last night, we had a great evening in sarasota and i left for new york. so i'm in new york, now, i was going to do your show with you for a change, and i looked forward to that but you are had and i am in new york. >>neil: are you still on for this surprise? what was it? >>guest: they want to but we have to work it out scheduling wise and we will know over the
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next 44 hours. >>neil: it will kickoff, it was supposed to be the kickoff. now tomorrow is the kickoff, if you are not kicking off tomorrow, you lose the opportunity. >>guest: getting there is not as easy for me as it is for other people something we are trying to work on. >>neil: what do you mean, you have a swat team of private jets at your proposal? >>guest: i have a swat team of meet evening and deals. so, i do have other things. >>neil: i will eliminate some things. are you going to do one of these things where you go on camera and say president obama you are fired. >>guest: it is something really exciting and people are excited about it and i know as you know as they announce they want to do it we are seeing if we can. >>neil: it wasn't to promote the "apprentice." >>guest: nothing to do with that. no. >>neil: some folks are concerned is trump going to try to upstage mitt romney, embarrass mitt romney?
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>>guest: that ridiculous. that is not a fair question. i have been a big supporter of mitt romney for a long-term and a question like that, really, isn't it -- is that coming from you? i am very surprised would you ask. >>neil: i am raising what is out there. >>guest: let the enemies say that. look, i have been a big fan of hit and i have helped mitt a lot and i think he is a great guy and he will run a fantastic campaign and i think heel be a great president. >>neil: you are someone who is pretty accomplished, you look at markets and we are told democrats next week will be pounding that, say way will about how we are antifat cat, look at the dow, it has doubled, and things are coming back, and apple is soaring account trend is their financial friend. what donald trump thing of that? >>guest: look at appear people. -- apple make their
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product? in china. they make their product in big fact tries all over china. you temperature me about that. is that great for us? i'm not so sure. the stock market is up and nobody knows why. no one has any idea and that is usually a very dangerous scenario when the stock market goes up and people do not know why. there really is no reason. you have unemployment that probably is not 8.3 percent but, probably, anywhere from 16 percent to 21 percent, the real number. so --. >>neil: but the former chairman of the stock market thinks it is anticipation of a romney victory? >>guest: that could be possibility. it is a good point. if you have that victory a lot of good things will happen with the economy. >>neil: thank you, donald trump. always a pleasure. i look forward to the announcement. whatever it is. we told you about isaac, and now
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big oil workers are already sending gas prices through the roof because they are a. >> -- abandoning the facilities. already. stay tuned for much more ahead. ♪ ♪ i cano anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la lla la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything solutionism. the new optimis
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>>neil: if this ticket was like a share of apple stock, the tock is up another dozen points doubling over the last year, and more than six-fold since the last time republicans convened four years ago. the latest shot in the arm for apple, the billion dollar jury judgment won against samsung for copying the look and feel of apple products like the iphone and ipad and their devices. samsung is fighting this. but today, apple investers are high on this and some republicans are hoping lightning can strike twice for them.
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>> but now, isaac is causing everyone to worry, causing a mess of trouble not that far from here. oil companies are rushing to get the workers out. half of the rigs in the gulf of mexico have been evacuated and production is cut by 80 percent so gas price could go up. maybe way up. and my guest reminded me during the break, the situation is how long they will not function. >>guest: it takes a while. the priority is to protect the people and get them out in a timely fashion. protect the assets, they are secondary. but for the refineries that are onshore it can take five to eight days to bring them up when we shut them down and halt production. >>neil: no matter how long they are shut down. so the argument is the longer you have the supply disrupts the worse it is price wise. do you buy that?
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>>guest: well, the marketplace will move on expectations. when you look at the activists around the world today, the demand continues to grow on a global basis. demand has been suppressed but it increases in china and elsewhere. you look at the pieces of production, and the gulf of mexico, the gulf coast for us, that is a big player and the outer continental production and refining. it is a big deal. >>neil: gas prices have been a big deal with the run up. i thought the economy stunk and we were going nowhere, fast. but the prices have been rocketing. what is happening? >>guest: a combination of factors. not the least of which isaac will be further to officer the production of my coming off line. there are other variables around the world today we should not forget. there is unrest in the middle east. still concern about our ability to meet the demand that is
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taking place son a global basis and why we are down at the republican convention to push energy as a solution to some our economic concerns. we have created a lot more jobs and put a lot more supply in the marketplace, the one advisoriable we have control over, unlike unrest in the middle east. >> you are considered one of the friends of mitt. and you might even be a chief of staff in a romney administration if that came to pass. do you want to comment open any of the above? >>guest: from my standpoint i have worked in washington if a while and there is what we call washington silly talk our focus is on energy, energy production, doing the right thing. >>neil: normally the people they look for, for he of staff are reasoned, not flashy, but very methodical business types,
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usually. your name comes up. >>guest: i am not flashy, i am method call. i am a little slow. unlike you, neil, i would not do well. >>neil: i don't know about that but it is very good do have you and competing with you, good do have you, jack, you are getting a lost attention in the fine city in what you have been doing in the energy sector. the president ordering flags flown at half staff to honor neil armstrong. we remember the american hero. we have big dreams. one is for a clean, domestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money,
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producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now.
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>>neil: the image popped up in the convention center on big screens behind me early yesterday. at first you think, is that what i think it is? it was. neil armstrong, the most apolitical astronaut who ever stepped out into space dominating the judgment bescreens in the most political of places. i am not sure how neil armstrong would feel but i sense that the intensely private man who passed away at the age of 88 would wince. do you not have to believe me, look at armstrong over the more than four decades science he first set foot on the moon and what he was not doing, not profiting off the mission, not trumpeting off the mission, not so much as talking about the mission. an occasional special moment when they all but twisted his arm to commemorate the mission, like back on the 23th anniversary when he joined the crew members, buzz aldrin and
1:25 pm
faced down the hero thing. >> are you annoyed, you are always crated with the hero label. >>guest: i guess we do not thing of it that way, we think of it as people that were given extraordinary opportunities and extraordinary times and we are very grateful for have had that. >>neil: armstrong avoided bashing washington's indifference to the program. the last man on the moon, gene cernan not so reticent. >> all i can do is pound away at what we believed. and why we believed. >>neil: is anyone listening in >> the american people. >>neil: president obama? >> no, i don't think he understands what america and what the traditions of it, and what being the leader of the
1:26 pm
free world has meant to the people of this country. >>neil: armstrong never said such thing you got a feeling maybe he thought such thinks and he shared the frustrations. neil armstrong, what john f. kennedy said more than four decades ago, he wanted to land a man on the moon before the decade was out, do we need something like that today to re-create the space program in is it necessary? what do you think in. >> it does take leadership. no doubt. things do not happen, big regulates in this world do not happen without leadership and the support of the public, in general. that's understandable anding probably, appropriate. >>neil: do you think that the problems we have hat with the space shuttle warrant replacing it? >>guest: i think it has been a remarkable piece of machinery. it has done yeoman's job over
1:27 pm
decades and, of course, it has had a couple of tragedies which we all remember forever. the people in the shuttle do a wonderful job. i give them enormous credit for all they have achieved. >>neil: there has been a lot of company talk taking over space shuttle by jet, to get to space and back down-to-earth and this could be the future of space travel. what now thing of that? >>guest: well, i hope that's true, but, there is a long way to go from where we are today to that scenario becoming a reality. >>neil: for months we have been preparing the big fox news special on the end of the apollo program, including talking about the heroes that got us there. i felt we got that close to neil to make sure i would get to him. he was sick.
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we waited. we waited. we hoped. now, this. the man would all these heros to a man was a special hero among heroes, now gone, unable to peek, the only impression, a footprint, the first of a human being on ard would, far, far from this one: a powerful footprint. no wonder politicians want do savor his memory. it is about savoring something more, our human souls. >> one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. [ male announcer ] while many automakers are just beginning
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>>neil: if you had doubts the economy was a question for republicans, they have a national debt clock that could cross the $16 trillion as they speak and a separate clock showing how much has been added to the debt as the convention began and well cover that from the floor each night every night, on fox business network giving you the business because we have an idea that the republicans want to do the exact same thing. we will focus on the debt clock and what is happening in the polls in swing states in ohio where the candidates are dead
1:32 pm
even, and the governor of that fine state will join us and pat caddell what he makes of this, and how republicans use the next abbreviated days of the convention to pound that message. what do you think? >>pat: it is their opportunity. this is, if the ohio poll is right we taed about this last week, this is the state that romney had the heartest problem in the midwest if he can crack ohio and get voters who worry he is only for the rich and does not care about them, he can crack the entire midwest. >>neil: how does it change the electoral math when things like michigan could be in play? wisconsin could be in play? that is unthinkable. to your point about the midwest, suddenly, i am not saying it deemphasizes florida but you could risk loading florida? >>pat: it is hard to romney to get to 270 without florida.
1:33 pm
it forces obama and the democrats to defend territory that three months ago noun believes they had to defend. the democrats are vanished because they do not have to campaign in california and knock, two of the most expensive and largest states, the money. if you put states they thought they were say, that stretches it and it changes the dennor of the debate. the entire rationale for romney was a non-southern republican who was running in the north and not viewed as extremist conservative would have a shot. a lot depends. he has to come out of here the man, and he has to come out of here with proving to the people that he can speak to urge answer. that the country is is in trouble. and that he is dedicating to fixing the country and has the
1:34 pm
ideas it do it. you look at polls and they tell you one major cleavage in this race: people do not believe that president obama really in a second term has learned that much will be any different. they think the country is not working. they ned a connection with him to the middle class because people think he doesn't care about them. these numbers in the midwest are the most encouraging thing he has going. >>neil: if you just add up the states that governor romney has now put in play or stands to put in place where he is even, you could argue they go from 58 to 82 additional electoral votes that could be leaning toward them and you remind me not to get ahead of myself but that makes it a dead even race vote-wise and could provide a distinct edge. >>pat: remember what i have said all along: the electoral states will move with the country. this is not from the bottom up.
1:35 pm
presidential campaigns are from the top down. you start moving the state, and, remember, the other states in this mix is pennsylvania. >>neil: i want to bring a fellow into the mix who you know and he could play a crucial role in the romney situation, and he is from the fast food world, so the only problem is he is a very thin food executive. nevertheless, nevertheless, it would be a first if someone of his greatness in the food world had a cabinet position. great to have you. >>pat: lives in a great place by the way one of high favorite places. >>neil: to pat's point about this message resonating, and, obviously, that is what team romney wants to do, getting a realistic view about the entitlements and about spending, and even in michigan, a beneficiary of the auto bailout, and romney is a critic of that bailout, he is even, home of the
1:36 pm
bailout. what is going on here? what do you think you have to capitalize on when he speaks. >>guest: a couple of things. the country is very concerned about the debt. the debt is a huge issue in every state. and you have a president who has had four years of trillion dollar-plus deficits. we are now in an incredible $16 trillion almost, in debt. >>neil: you think that is resonating, the debt clock showing how much debt is add since the convention started will resonate back home? >>guest: it will, and it will be the fact that we have had a credit downgrade and governor romney in massachusetts solved $3 billion deficit and left a $2 billion rainy day fund and got a credit upgrade so we have someone who can fix the debt problem, they need to get the message out there and they need to push it, they need to push what is down in the economy. job creation is down. you get manufacturing that is down. and consumer confidence is down. the creation of jobs is down. what is up in unemployment is
1:37 pm
up. the regulation burden is up. the debt and the deficit are way up. and the number of people oned for stamps is up. (inaudible) everything that sudden be down is up, and everything that is up is down, if that is message we can get out the governor will do very well. >>pat: the urgency, i will say, which you spoke about, most voters believe that the deficit country cannot sustain it and that is part of the job issue. what i think the governor has to do, is get to that on the issues. >>neil: the governor is very eloquent on the issues, maybe he has -- the devil is in the polls whether you grow with this or not, the likability through is important. when you hire workers, andy, and those who work with you, you are not looking if them to win a popularity contest, but on this
1:38 pm
area, the president has a 2-1 advantage over mitt romney. should he worry about it? >> he should be. it is something we can fix. chris wallace did a wonderful interview with romneys on sunday and you saw him playing with the grandchildren, the things he likes to do but i don't think people are in touch with that. it is very important for the americans to see that and the people need to get do know him and the way they will know him is the speech at convention. that is how mitt romney can go out there and say to the peoples much as reagan did in 1988 and you have the debate which is another opportunity for learn who he is. we absolutely need more of that. we need to emphasize what happened at the olympics and bain capital. >>neil: it is not likability, pat, what do you say?
1:39 pm
>>pat: that he needs to do. (inaudible) >>neil: hope you enjoyed the music, as well. pat pat next time we will sing. >>neil: all right, guys we have a lot more coming up, including the former governor of florida telling us about the storm, not isaac, the one he says is about the president repeatedly saying this. >> concerned about hurricane, governor? >> everyone is fine. concerned about the people. >> are you concerned about your convention? >> it will be a great convention. >>neil: president obama's take on mitt romney's track record. >> this administration has inherited this problem.
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>>neil: president obama's take on mitt romney track record. >> he signed up for positions, extreme positions, that are very consistent with the positions that a number of house of representatives republicans have taken. >>neil: will that resonate with voters? that is the big question. the former arkansas governor will be a speaker here on
1:43 pm
wednesday night. a lot people say that you speak for the conservative or the social conservative voice here and that whatever folks feel about mitt romney in that record, back-and-forth on the issue of the president lashing back at this ticket, they have a lot more concern about that. >>governor huckabee: they shouldn't. the fact is, mitt romney, i think, representing a very mainstream approach to politics in government. he is mainstream of the republican party but he is mainstream of america. i think that is the selling point mitt romney has coming into the convention. he has run very american companies and helped to make the companies successful including the company that would not have existed if not for bain capital and given that back to future moment for the obamas do have their first kiss at baskin
1:44 pm
robbins ice cream. there are so many images he can claim not the least is the olympics, a great american image. >>neil: is everyone uniteed here? we hear the rumors in the missouri delegation they are upset set about how the senate candidate has been treated. not everyone is okay. >>governor huckabee: look, the party has a lot moving parts. on any given parts some parts may need oil. are we united and energizes? absolutely, as much as i have seen in the republican convention and i have been coming to them for 20 years, it is because people fad what is at stake. this is not about the little things that some of us would say, well, why not put more emphasis here in what we understand, this is about the big thing, the big thing of america's future and economy. on that there is enthusiasm and agreement. if you troll through the haul and ask a delegate about a particular point you will find
1:45 pm
someone thinking we ought to talk more this or less that, but it will not change, i promise, this event on thursday, when mitt romney accepts the nomination of this party, it will be, this place will be on fire for mitt romney. >>neil: you will be speaking that night. you are a speaker who survived the winnowing process. did they cut down your time? >>governor huckabee: i have not been told. i have spoken at several rnc's and never been asked to be part of one which the candidate has been -- has told me what to say. i have never been so grateful for this. that speaks volumes. they did not say look, here is what we want to you stay. (inaudible). (inaudible lyrics) >>neil: you speak for part of
1:46 pm
the party, fairly or not, the governor had trouble winning over, during the primaries. how much of your appearance will assuage those concerns? >>governor huckabee: well, the honest answer is i don't know. i think they feel that maybe i request communicate do some voters that are very important but those photos are important to me. i want the voters to vote for mitt romney, i want them to be enthusic about romney and ryan. this is not about the petty things in the political party. as humphrey bogart said, when this is all said and done, this is nothing but a hill of beans. america is onthe line. >>neil: and you think ronald reagan had that kind of call after a very tough convention four years earlier where moderates and conservatives were at each other's throats and jerry ford won the nomination and did not have conservatives behind him. four years later ronald reagan
1:47 pm
had to get the moderates behind him. which is kind of in reverse what romney has to do. (inaudible). (inaudible lyrics) >>governor huckabee: there is nothing here -- this is not 1976. this is 1984, i would say, and people are saying is, we have a nominee, we will get behind him, we will get him elected president. >>neil: i didn't hear the last two minutes of what you said, governor, but you apparently said you are a complete... (inaudible) >>neil: we have a lot coming up including the latest on isaac and looking at the debt clock
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>>neil: we are focused on the convention here that has been put off until tomorrow although the band is practicing as bespeak. isaac is shutting off the oil. >>guest: 78 percent of oil in the gulf of mexico is shut down. the port of louisiana is totally shut down. if you look at the gasoline prices they are exploding especially along the gulf coast right now. we have seen some of the wholesale prices jump over 30 cents a gallon overnight.
1:52 pm
and prices in other big cities are rising, as well. even before the storm hits, it is having a major impact open -- on oil prices and gasoline prices. oil prices came back down during the session on talk that this would be a release from the strategic petroleum reserve. when that came out, prices came down and the white house is ordering agencies to coordinate disaster relief. there is a lot of talk release from the we reserve. that slows prices. >>neil: when we have the storms it is the same where oil companies for the better part of safety, quite rightly, have workers leave the rigs and drilling areas and when things subside they go back to them. this could be a substantial delay getting back up to speed i am told by an old guy that was here a couple of segments ago,
1:53 pm
from five to eight days and in the interim the oil prices can act crazy. >>guest: they can. we saw extreme volatility today with market jumping around a dollar in a few minutes on different headlines. the one thing you have to remember, neil, if the storm doesn't do as much damage, usually the products like gasoline and heating oil will go down more than they who is gone up than before the storm. i am very concerned about this storm because of its track. a category two storm in alabama or into new orleans could create the type offed if waters that could shut the refineries down. you do not have to go too far around to see what impact refinery outages can have on communities whether you talk about the chevron fire, off the coast of california, or the problems in indiana, they could cause severe price hikes and we had a major refinery explosion
1:54 pm
in venezuela so more bad luck on ton of more bad luck. not good for gasoline prices. >>neil: thank you, phil, very were. and we now go to janice dean. >>guest: we got 70 miles per hour sustained wind, still tropical storm but 74 miles per hour makes it a hurricane. so we still anticipate this to become a hurricane and the new track from the national hurricane center has it as a category two before it makes landfall in and around new orleans. you can see this is very big storm. that's why we are concerned about storm surge, 6' to 12' above flood level across areas that are very vulnerable for storm surge and flooding. as you can see the radar, we are getting heavy, heavy rain on the east coast of florida and the threat for tornadoes. this storm, tropical storm force winds, 200 miles away from the center of the storm, the wind
1:55 pm
and the rain extending 500 miles from the center. this is a very large system. it will not be a katrina but we are going to see major impacts from the system. association as we go further out in time, brand new track just before 5:00, becoming a hurricane, we thing, in the next 24 hours and it could become a hurricane in the next advisory at 8:00 and as we get into tuesday and wednesday becoming very chess to the southeast louisiana coastline, jut west -- just west of new orleans. that is not good news because the right hand side of the storm brings the storm surge and all of the rain and, of course, the hurricane-force winds and it will be a prolonged event wednesday at 1:00 o'clock a.m., wednesday at 1:00 o'clock p.m., so, it will hours of hurricane-force winds and rain and surge is going to cause problems for this vulnerable area. not katrina but it is going to cause major problems. and we go further out in time
1:56 pm
and it will slow down but, hopefully, advance thursday through friday through areas that need the rain. that's the silver lining but of course the bad thursday is we will be dealing with a prolonged hurricane event as of the latest advisory. >>neil: thank you very much, janice dean, keeping track of the storm. it will be a big test not levees in new orleans. , the test is on and on now with more from tampa right after this. it doesn't get any better than endless shrimp at red lobster. with a wide variety, you can mix and match all day. scampi, grilled, the fried -- there's nothing better. [ male announcer ] at last, red lobster's endlesshrimp is back, but only for a limid time, for just $1. try as much as you like, any way you like, like new parmesan crusted srimp or new teriyaki grilled shrimp, all with salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits,
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>> neil: all right, that is the u.s. national debt clock that has come inside the convention hall. the first time we have seen anything like this in convention history of either party. that is going to be running throughout the remaining days of the convention through thursday night. separately, another clock shows how much debt has been added since this convention began. republicans seem to feel it will be a very, very big issue. and one that will galvanize not only the delegates here but folks watching at home. we'll see if that is the case. we'll go over this in more details tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time through 11:00 p.m. eastern time on fox business network when we hope to have former florida governor jeb bush. he was to have joined us but with practices and


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