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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 8, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: mitt romney closes the gap and latest poll numbers fell. dick morris, ann coulter, the latest on romney's debate battle. >> just so everybody understands l critics slammed his performance. >> it's okay. >> no problem. >> tonight, setting the record straight. and an explosive details emerging about a campaign donor scandal that could and former un ambassador john bolton breaks down.
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>> the hope is not a strategy. we're 29 days from the election, hannity starts right here, right now. governor mitt romney's impressive performance at the presidential debate will go down in history as most decisive victory in history. and and there is a record-breaking 52 point margin, 72% think romney did a better job than president barack obama. and there is cause for polls as well, nationally and in battle ground states. begin with the latest survey. the governor now tied among registered voters and and three more days after the debate has to be counted. according to the pew research center poll, romney leads 49% to 45%. according to the brand new
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george washington university poll, voter enthusiasm shifted in romney's favor. on top of that, poll shows romney is leading among independent voters by a staggering 60%. now, remember, according to fox news polls exit polls in 2008, obama won the independent vote by%. that means it's a 24-point shift. and only 29 days before the election, all of that sent the campaign into panic mode. the president and sur gats sinking than ever before. their just desperate this, is very clear that to try to taint governor romney someone american people should fear and there is chick style politics being played out because that is the only option. this is what happens when you're a desperate candidate, you're forced to call your opponent a liar.
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and pants on fire. >> plenty of people pointed out what a liar mitt romney is. if he was speaking last night he was lying and are you saying governor romney is a liar? >> yes. absolutely. >> what they saw was that they'd known all along, problem is that they haven't seen that person. he emerged during the debate. >> so you mean he lied through his teeth when he said he's going to cut taxes for wealthy people? >> we recall he's an etch a sketch guy that trance formed himselfs. and we have to wond yir which mitt is going show up f you layout what the president has been talking about of course, you can look good we've expected an aggressive debateor, we didn't expect a
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dishonest debateor to show up perfect strategy. liar, liar, pants on fire, fire. and 46 million americans on food stamps, 17 million more than when you took office. and there is $6 trillion in new obama debt. and this is no longer george w. bush's fault. here with reaction is paul mugg bestseller, pat gadel. do you know who just lied? author of the study at princeton. >> right. >> and there is -- points out obama took his interpretation
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of the plan out of context which is -- . >> he lied about what the conclusion was. >> there is i think americans understand telling the truth cut rates across the board by 20% and eliminate deductions and exemptions. and that is where he can keep the rates the same. and i mean, i think the business is how the west reacted to the one issue that is the single most important issue. and there is then tried racism. you're getting the same thing with this. lie, lie, lie. and there is suddenly romney
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calling obama void. >> let me put it this way. >> they've seemed like they're freaking out. and... desperate. >> they are. let's understand something. there is every day there is unthuj yafl now, lying but you know the point is that let me just say this. this is the biggest debate victory probably since 1980. there is importantly, what it is for romney is that number of people gave them a chance to see the problem with the liar strategy is that 70 million people watched 90 minutes if the romney campaign weren't so pathetic they would have put up ads and the fact
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is that -- let's understand one thing. it helped romney a lot. there is almost 30% and he compared -- cared about people. there is a lot of polls and that is romney, a week two, weeks ago and there is a thing i find is th obama has been defeat there'd is an approval rating over 60% there is still near 50%. and there is the light of those suspect job numbers which is showing unemployment going down? this is by no means over. >> i think it is over. the reason is i thought it was
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over last week, the week before and before romney going to win. the reason is that this was the most-watched debate since 1980. and there is -- what happened that year that was the first time republicans took out an incumbent. in terms of viewership tied with was in 1992 when clinton ran against bush. the so many people tuned in is that they know they're unemployed. and there is -- just wanting to see if they're comfortable with the challenger and there is a reason he's going to keep doing well is because you never get to see him. the media tells us that there are snippets and in other
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words they're trying to say let's see what he says. >> there is four weeks of the campaign we agree but pew battle ground and rasmussen. this is ohio and there is a two-point race in pennsylvania. and there is a one-point race in wisconsin this is putting obama in a position to defend, defend. and there is i'm telling you they're way behind the curve. but those polls, battle ground polls most of us conducted before the debate. and i thought numbers were screwy before.
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soy just write them off as screwy. debates not about numbers this move is many numbers as anything i've seen there is internal structure of the race that made it accessible. >> independents there is an eight point advantage for obama in 2008. >> right. >> and there is a 60-point advantage. >> there is, you say you don't trust pew. they have... >> i just think they're skewed. >> i just want to say note they're never skewed to benefit republicans this is what they're a saying. >> we've got to tick a break. joe biden, sequestered today. and later on tonight we'll be
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checking in. the celebrity president gets a huge endorsement. we're going to run through reasons he doesn't like romney. and there is most disgusting language ever injected into this race. and they're going to respond straight ahead. >> the role of government and governing we've lost a pawn in this race. there are only three minutes left in this debate before going to closing statements. [ male announcer ] in a world where breakfast
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>> sean: welcome back to hannity. let's start off here, rapper snoop dogg posts reasons do not vote for romney and he posted it on instagram. it was originally posted by another user but look what he's pointing he made such a big deal, rush limbaugh says... wait a minute. takes a million dollars from mill mar.
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is the president ever going to talk about the civility of his supporters? is he taking money from the likes? you're going on that idiot's show. >> please come if you live in l.a. and why? and. >> because very to fly in l.a. to get a liberal to argue with me about my book. that is why. >> by the end of the show you'll be a racist and. >> yes, you will be. >> and what about -- . >> there is -- where is the president's civility? >> this is worse than that, he's got a campaign out there accusing romney of being a murderer and felon, whatever. he never had to bling bring up a charge in front of an audience and there is he r.a
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question going to come. is he taking responsibility are by the way there is a new campaign ad fighting back. >> and they're whining like every other -- president is a whiner so there is romney fighting back. >> latest? not telling the truth about the tax plan. ap says doesn't add up. abc news, mostly fiction, even the obama campaign admitted it wasn't true. >> and there won't be near $5 trillion. >> and he says he wants a
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trillion new taxes. >> right. right. and idea is that it's a lie and in the debate, when he said he's been running on the tax plan. okay. show me where romney says i'm going to cut taxes on the rich. >> this is a mistake. and he answered this and needs to get on the offensive. >> and six days -- six, so they can prepare for ryan. >> and there is what ryan can do is not worry about a debate. go after foreign policy in libya. and all of this stuff, this is about to blow up on obama. libyan thing is something going to be quote expert on foreign policy. biden on the defensive. they will be ready for that. that is how you -- . >> until now, you had it on
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"hannity". >> they know someone listened to me. >> two years ago. >> i think biden. >> famous blow. >> they do what i said. >> and my money is on ryan, big time. >> oh, yes. >> coming up, the left pointed a finger on jim lehrer. he is here to respond to critics next and they whine, they tried -- skprid called mitt romney a liar, not sure they'll be able to do the same, use the same bag of tricks thursday wh. biden doesn't deliver in his debate. we'll check in with dick morris and an investigation, "hannity" special investigation into where does on yom -- obama's money come from? maybe other countries? is that illegal? ices, the guests lovet!
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>> in order to reduce the deficit, there has to be revenue in addition to cuts. there has to be revenue addition to cuts. >> and this is ruled out. >> absolutely. >> there is revenue i get is by more people working and
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paying higher taxes. idea of taxing people more, putting more people out of work, you'll never get there or balance the budget. and that is my next guest and the left tried hard to make him the scapegoat for 67 million americans it was well, obvious to blame lays with the president himself. here to respond is the author of "pension city". good to see you again. >> good to see you, sean. >> you say good evening this, is the news hour. >> and that is i'm going to leave your name at the door. >> the news is doing great. it's a time took time to get it into place. i transitioned out and i'm very happy about this. >> and i felt that for you... after the debate z a lot of
9:25 pm
criticism he does. >> and how did you feel about that? >> i'm not keen on criticism. and you know, but... that was at the beginning. the criticism is pretty much gone away. people realize that spin didn't work if you see everybody has seen the event. there is 67 million people watched it. so they know what they saw. and there is to -- everybody is well chilled out on this. nobody blaming me for anything. and... the format is what makes -- made possible whatever happened people think this is a is a positive way. however, it was the format, a wide open for candidates to directly address each other. >> sean: it was agreed to ahead of time.
9:26 pm
>> absolutely. you made a comment you think this will forever change presidential debates. >> i do. >> sean: explain. >> there is a pro gregs. i moderated a lot of them. they used to be controlled and there would with a moderator and three journalist panelists asking questions and answered then next journalist would ask a different question, no follow up, nothing. over a period it worked steadily there is a old politician type that's worked hard they moved and i helped implement it. we kind of moved into a system. and opened it up a little bit. 2008 there is a rule, why do
9:27 pm
candidates that didn't work as well. i thought i made a fool of myself. and there is obama playing fine. it's establishing the idea that commission came up with 15 minute segments and have it wide open. >> that is -- i like -- let them debate each other. there is a debate. >> trying to redefine what moderator is. >> there is people nonpartisan. and he didn't follow up. i didn't challenge people. and i was implementing what they wanted to deny is that it's going to be challenging. >> yes.
9:28 pm
and i wasn't going to do it my seefl how many debates have you done? >> 12. >> and there is -- are you nervous about the debates? you seem nervous knowing that the magnitude of the moment. and there is nervousness everywhere. i think everybody is nervous and either full or a liar. how can you -- and there is one false move is and can affect the presidency of the united states. i'm aware that how can was thinking this. you get a sense while it's going on that one is winning
9:29 pm
the debate? i mean... there is. >> i turn off judgment and function in my brain. and there is, remember, i'm sitting from here to there. 67 million people are watching on television. that is the perspective that matters in this and i'm trying to make the trains run on time. the last thing when the debate is over and someone says to me, oh, well. you're not hearing it i'm not hearing it. it's not my function. as a moderator. >> and there is committed to being fair which i give you credit for. i couldn't do it. who was the most nervous? of all of the candidates you
9:30 pm
moderating most visibly uncomfortable to you. >> all of them. they're all human beings, too. no matter how much and how many times they've been in front of millions of people and done all kinds of things there is a sign that they're nervous, you can smell it. i have critics and i believe they did a brait job and always committed to being fair. it's a pleasure to see you again. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. good luck with the book and thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> coming up, the vps taking a six-day hiatus to prep. december separation so bad at the obama campaign they're counting on joe biden to stop this downward spiral. and potentially sneaky activity on the obama campaign web site pointing to a possible donor scandal.
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tonight the evidence that could impact the november election, that and more as "hannity" continues. welcome aboard! [ chuckles ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you'll know when to stop. honk! ] the all-new nissan altima with easy fill tire alert. [ honk! ] it's our most innovative altima ever.
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>> sean: with just 29 days to go, all eyes are on the vice presidential debate this thursday. i'm sure that everyone's hoping for a gaffe-free performance by joe biden. now i'm going to say that's unlikely judging by his latest slip when he emphatically declared that the middle class has been, quote, buried for the last four years. yes, you're right, mr. vice president. it's all thanks to you guys. here's robert gibbs in his attempt to defend what is the latest biden gaffe. >> two questions. is there more pressure on the vice president now to be aggressive coming off the president's debate? are you worried about gaffes like that? >> well, look, i don't think that was a gaffe, george, because i think what the vice president was talking about is what he's talked about every day, which is a series of eight years of very bad economic decisions. we've been digging out from what was an avalanche of bad economic
9:36 pm
decisions over the past eight years during the bush administration. >> sean: now according to "the new york times," the obama campaign actually thinks that biden will give them the comeback they valle desperately. if they're counting on joe biden to save the day, maybe they're counting on the wrong guy. the author of the new book "here come the black helicopters: u.n. goble governance and loss of freedom," former clinton advisor dick morris. same biden who said he was going to raise taxes by a trillion dollars, 500,000 jobs a month are coming, and 2012 fewer jobs than 2011 fewer than 2010. is that the guy that's going to save the day? >> well, i think they should change the format, sean. instead of biden against ryan, it should be biden against biden.
9:37 pm
that way i think we'll get a fair exposition. this isn't two men auditioning for the job, even somebody judging as to whether biden deserves re-election. in this case, it's kind of like the spokesman for romney against the spokesman for obama. paul ryan is a uniquely articulate person with a uniquely profound understanding of what's going on in this country. i believe he's going to run rings around biden. i think that he will effectively close the case for romney. everybody's talking about how badly obama did in the debate. i'm talking about how great romney did. i think he explained his positions. he explained why taxing the rich won't work, because it's taxing the small businesses that create jobs. he's talked about the medicare
9:38 pm
issue. i think that this was a big win for romney. i think ryan will hammer it home. >> sean: they're going to sequester for six days biden? he can't come out in public? they're going to try to force his brain full of information? i just don't see that working. >> well, sean, maybe they take him off the trail for six days so he doesn't mess it up. >> sean: well, maybe mess it up -- >> there was no debate, they should still sequester him for six days. >> sean: probably for the rest of the campaign. you know, i want to go to your book for one second, because we don't have a lot of time tonight, but it's out in bookstores now. this has been something that a lot of conservatives have been concerned about. that is the growing influence and reliance on the united nations, worldwide taxes, which hillary mentioned just, what, two weeks ago, and that the very
9:39 pm
arguments for redistribution that we have in this country are going to be used to tax americans for the united nations or some global governance body. you say this is not a black helicopter theory. >> well, i believe that metaphorically the black helicopters are coming, but i think that the point is that if you're looking at obama's second term agenda, and what he'll do during the lame duck session, it's wrong just to think in terms of what he's going to do to this country. his plan, i believe, is for global governance. right now there are five taxes that they're about to impose on the american people. the u.n. will impose. one through the law of the sea treaty, a tax on our offshore royalties. the world health organization wants a worldwide tax on cigarettes. the u.n. wants an income tax that now will get billionaires. they want a robin hood tax on every time you sell a stock or
9:40 pm
bond, any financial transaction there will be a tax attached to it. they want a carbon tax that will tax american airplanes landing in europe based on their carbon emissions. what we're looking at here is a global system of taxation. will obama raise taxes? yeah, but not just through congress. it will be done by treaties in the u.n. that can be ratified by the senate and the house of representatives has nothing to do with it. that's one of the major things we warn about in this book heree come the black helicopters." >> sean: that's pretty frightening. it's in bookstores as of tomorrow morning,, called "black helicopters." dick, thank you. >> thank you. >> sean: when we come back, is there a major donor scandal about to blow up in the president's face? our guests say they have things
9:41 pm
that could derail the president before election day. and in the middle east, this time the israelis take out a drone. the middle east burning. this all happens as mitt romney goes out with a major foreign policy speech telling voters that the president has failed when it comes to the middle east. ♪ ♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [ male announcer ] why not talk to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. goes up.
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>> sean: my next guests say they have a new bombshell report showing how the obama campaign website makes it possible to receive contributions from foreign nationals in countries all around the world, and as of now there's no confirmation that they may be doing this knowingly, but the website does allow for a foreigner to make a contribution without proper disclosure. even "newsweek" has posted a story about the findings calling it "the illegal donor loophole." according to the report not only is it illegal for the campaign to accept such donations from foreign nationals, it's also illegal for them to solicit these types of contributions.
9:46 pm
as expected, the obama campaign official tells fox news the allegations are, quote, baseless, and they still stand by the story that banghazi was spontaneous, they just happened to have rocket-propelled grenades in their back pocket. joining me to explain how they uncovered this information, steve bannon and peter switzer. explain this. >> we dissected the online fundraising apparatus of major presidential campaigns and congressional campaigns. we did this because this is the year of the internet -- era internet, changed commerce, entertainment, and politics. literally now you have a global environment where people have access to campaign websites and an environment where campaigns are literally spitting out email solicitations and using social media to solicit campaign donations from people around the world. the question becomes in that kind of environment, do these campaigns actually have security on the back end to make sure
9:47 pm
that these donations are not taken -- >> sean: the obama campaign has a campaign store. on the campaign store they use a standard security tool, but on the obama campaign donation website they do not have the standard security code. explain that. >> you've heard of voter fraud? this is donor fraud. they have a massive apparatus that goes from social media to digit mining to fundraising. what they've done, they've got every tool available, standard tools they could use to check if you want to buy a mug, but what they do is drive you right to their website, everybody to their donate page, and they have no security at all. they use security in such a limited with a that -- >> sean: what do we know about the money, where it may be coming from? >> $500 million in donations in
9:48 pm
2008, and probably $500 million 2012. that's a billion dollars. they don't have to report it to the fcc, under $50 they don't have to keep the records. >> sean: go over what you brought here. >> you go to, you go anywhere online to buy something, you want to go the obama store and want to buy a dog sweater for $35, you need to put this security code in. >> sean: okay. so if you go to the campaign store, you have to put that security in there. >> yes. trillions of dollars of transactions every year on and everywhere. >> sean: they want that security code when it comes to buying their junk. >> exactly right. want to make sure they're not being defrauded. every one of their tech guys who has another company, another nonprofit, they all have the same security, it's the same security that apple has and amazon. >> sean: but don't use it when it comes to donations.
9:49 pm
you expect this money is coming from, where, china? >> there are solicitations going around the world to china and -- >> sean: wait a minute. the solicitation? >> yes. >> sean: you mean they are requesting money to stay below the limit? >> yes. these requests are $190. so they're below the $200 limit. we found cases in vietnam, where they're being told, support the obama campaign in donations. >> sean: they're asking for $190? >> yes, $190. >> sean: not $210? >> that's right. that falls under the $200 threshold. here's the problem, we don't know because of the disclosure requirements how much money is getting through. they tell us they have this sort of backhand procedure at the end to make sure this is not happening, but we have to take their word for it. >> every liberal, huffington post, "new york times," has gotten the solicitation. they know what we're talking about. the under $2000 and --
9:50 pm
>> sean: we're going to follow the story. you both think they are purposely soliciting money under the limit from foreign countries and donors? >> absolutely. >> sean: you believe that? >> by the way, we're going to go to the bitter end to find this information out. the president, by the way, with one click, david axelrod, they could say put security on, and another click they could put up every transaction. >> sean: thanks, guys. we'll follow this story. coming up, mitt romney says the world is a more dangerous place since the president took office. i couldn't agree more. now this as more evidence mounts the administration did not do all it could do to protect ambassador stevens and three ambassador stevens and three other americans in libya. [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. [ male announcer ] finally, mom's oven-baked tastes straight from the microwave.
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>> i know the president hopes for a safer, freer, more prosperous middle east, allied with us. i share this hope, but hope is not a strategy. we can't support our friends and defeat our enemies in the middle east when our words are not backed up by deeds. >> sean: that was gop presidential candidate mitt romney earlier today at the virginia military institute in lexington, virginia, delivering a powerful address on foreign policy. here with us to help break down governor romney's speech is former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. ambassador, welcome back, sir. >> glad to be with you. >> sean: all right. so the white house pushed mubarak out, had no idea the
9:55 pm
muslim brotherhood would take over. they lied to us about libya. new evidence coming out today that ambassador stevens was begging for his security team to stay on. they didn't grant him that assistance, that help. the president spiking the football when it comes to bin laden, but didn't support the policies that led to the intelligence that allowed him to make that decision. where do you think things are going here? how bad is this obama doctrine, if you will? >> i think things are going in the wrong direction. i think they're directly attributable in the middle east to the decline of american influence, which is a policy that the obama administration has pursued quite consciously, and we're now seeing the effects of it. the examples you give, the determination to withdraw from afghanistan on a fixed timetable that's basically turning the country back over to the taliban. the inability to stop iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons or
9:56 pm
its continued financing and arming of terrorists in the region and around the world. all of these things put together give a picture of a weak and declining america. i think what governor romney was trying to say today is that we're best able to prevent conflict and protect american interests through a strong american presence, not a weak and declining american presence. >> sean: yeah, i thought that was interesting. if we don't lead, the wrong people will be leading in the world. i think one of the most disgraceful events that have happened, two of them back-to-back, when the president said he couldn't meet with president netanyahu when he was in new york to speak before the united nations. "well, if i speak to him, i have to speak to 10 people." my answering that's your job. meanwhile he found time for beyonce andey z and letterman and "the view." that was shocking to me. >> the israelis face an existential threat from a nuclear iran. israel a small company. half a dozen nuclear weapons,
9:57 pm
there is no more israel. presidents have this problem in new york at the opening assembly, all the time, everyone wants to meet with them. they always have a limited amount of time. you meet with half a dozen. he could have found time to meet with president netanyahu in new york or washington. he just didn't want to. that sends an incredible signal, especially to american adversaries that's how is we treat them. >> sean: i was equally embarrassed to watch an american president go out and spinning like a top, how what happened in banghazi was spontaneous, people just happened to have rocket-propelled grenades at a spontaneous uprising, mortars at a spontaneous uprising. this has gone on for days. and the president at the united nations continues to blame a youtube video that was released in july, having a very difficult time admitting that there's terrorism, radical islamists. when he apologized for that
9:58 pm
video, who was his audience? was it not radical islamists? >> it was a classic example of what gene kirkpatrick used to call the blame america first problem as if that video had anything to do with the terrorist attack on our ambassador that killed him and three of his colleagues in libya, the penetration of our embassy's security in egypt, tunisia, yemen and elsewhere around the region. i think it's indicative of the president's blinding ideology. he can't process facts that are inconsistent with it or inconsistent with his very incongrewous political narrative that al-qaeda has been defeated, the war on terrorism is over and everything is sweetness and light in the middle east. that's not reality. >> sean: seems by blaming the video, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, we condemn it, we had nothing to do with it, the only people this would impact are the radical
9:59 pm
islamists, and that seems it's based on a false notion, predicated on a false notion, that somehow if we're nicer to them, that if we say america is guilty of torture like he did in cairo in 2009, that somehow that will change their behavior, just like fort hood was a workplace incidence of violence, not a terrorist act. that seems the most troubling, a mind-set that doesn't recognize an enemy that wants to destroy, not only israel, but us. >> right. this is a president who thinks that america's strength is provocative, that somehow we're too much in the world, and that we set off these activities so that if we were more withdrawn, if we were less assertive, that the radicals, our adversaries could be nice to us. it's absolutely the opposite. american weakness is provocative. governor romney was trying to say the way you avoid


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