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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 9, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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effect. it's happening behind the scenes. i want to take a gauge of these guys in their nest to see what they're doing. what they're doing no, offense, is for the birds. all the analogies. see you tonight. >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ laura logan is highly respected journalist who risked her life reporting on terrorism, recalls a days ago we showed you this gutsy interview with taliban commander in afghanistan. >> these are taliban attacks. this is part of our new military strategy. we have our people in afghan police and the army. >> what skills do the al-qaeda fighters bring?
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>> they are masters at everything. for example, making i.e.d.s. something we don't know how to do. but they are teaching us. they're master engineers and good with all weapons. >> news that the cbs news chief correspondent is calling out the obama administration for lying to american people. it's big and important. laura logan in her own words. "i can't stand that there is a major lie propagated. there is a narrative coming out of washington for the last two years. poor, moderate, gentleer, kinder taliban. it's just nonsense. president obama turns blind eye to reality that the bad guys that want to kill our children are out there lur lurking. while obama takes another victory lap last night. >> today, al-qaeda is on appeal and bin laden is no more. >> eric: let's start with laura logan. big news. big journalist. if anyone should know where al-qaeda is, and in the sate
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of al-qaeda would be her. >> andrea: laura logan was assaulted in egypt. amazing she has the courage to go back and report. if anyone knows her stuff about the region, she does. for her to call out the president on not just -- she is not just saying he is taking a victory lap. she is accusing the administration of lying. we have seen them not just publicly announce withdrawal from iraq as naive, but he is spiking the football. we find out today in a report by the "associated press" that's not true. they are growing. jump in attacks is up in ten weeks. al-qaeda is carrying out 140 attack each week. why is the president ambivalent about terror? does he not want to look sneak not want to acknowledge the threat? too naive or thinks that the country has work? either way, he is looking very weak. he is misguiding again the american people. >> eric: stay on laura logan. "60 minutes" has interviewed
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president obama, president or candidate, senator obama ten times. cbs, some 34 times, i believe, if i'm not mistaken. do they risk -- this is big for her to step out like this. >> dana: i don't think so. i know that the cbs executives in particular, in the newsroom and "60 minutes" are very supportive of her. not only what happened to her after she was doing the coverage in tahrir square and came home, hospitalized for a while. even afterwards. they give her big assignments, but she takes the assignments on. she not afraid. in reading the article this morning, the thing that jumped out at me, if she had espoused another view, more a view about how america it's really your fault, along those lines this wouldn't be a story. that would have been expected. because she took a tougher, harder long, she has been there. she is our eyes and ears. she is telling us, through the
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media, telling washington, this is not good enough to say that al-qaeda is on its heels. it's changed. we have faced real threats. not just in afghanistan, but certainly in northern africa. >> eric: is it dangerous for president obama to say al-qaeda is on appeal, like you said. bin laden is dead or saying it a different way. isn't it dangerous for people around the world risking their lives? you know, business end of a gun to hear that? >> bob: as i tried to explain yesterday, al-qaeda is the original al-qaeda is pretty much on its heels. they are adapting the name. leaving that aside, she says about the narrative of a kindler, gentleer taliban. it never heard that. what is she talking about? >> brian: they say they are a -- >> bob: kind her, gentleer -- gentleer -->> brian: those are the ones we're talking with, who want guys released from gitmo. they say they are the reasonable taliban who karzai is reaching out to. >> bob: karzai, right. >> brian: who by the way killed his dad to reach out and heal afghanistan once we leave. >> bob: first, i can only say this about it.
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we ought to leigh now. >> brian: why? >> bob: why should we stay there? why should we risk any more american lives in a country like that? what difference does it make? go along the border and protect the border. let them go to taliban. who cares. >> eric: because they'll end up in pakistan. >> bob: they are not. >> eric: full up the full screen on what laura logan said. she said exact revenge and let the world know that the united states will not be attacked on her own soil, that its ambassadors, chrissteins, will not be murdered and the united states will not stand by and do nothing about it. she is not mincing words. >> andrea: the dilly-dallying. even bob makes a good point there. if the president is going to get out, then get out. why is he dragging this on and
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on? why is he so public about it? we can't get an answer on who or what caused the attack in libya. let alone get an answer from the administration on the policy of radical islam. i think there are different names for the groups, whether it's al-qaeda, islamic magrab, the goal is the same. remember, the goal is the same. launch jihad until we're allgoneed by muslims or we all become a muslim. they will not stop no matter what we blame it on, cartoon or video. >> brian: he is a mentor to petraeus. he said this morning to me or this afternoon to me, that i think she is wrong, because the taliban has not got one ounce of ground they gained. number two, he believes if he spawn 350-man afghan force, gradually moving out of there, all the work and evident and all the lives lost and those who were wounded will not be awaste. number two, he said if we want
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to end with a success story, go in sanction wares of pakistan. there is a sense that the administration does not have the tenacity to do so. >> andrea: does it say anything about rules of engagement, so soldiers can fight back in a real way leveling the playing field? >> bob: you can't innovate sovereign country like that. two questions. what does she mean by exact revenge? >> dana: maybe suggesting a drone attack, not accessible now. >> eric: we can't speculate on what laura logan means but exact revenge probably doesn't mean apologize and blame movie video. >> dana: last friday in the times" front page was a story leaked by the administration or someone in the administration saying that
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they are actually planning to do just that in libya. >> bob: i'm sure -- >> brian: i'm sure there will be a seal team in there. i'm not sure if they stop. the premise of this whole thing. where is al-qaeda? how busy are they? how potent are they? role throughout north africa, dangerous for the president to say that. it's schooled to understand this is a generationm threat. why do we think it ended because there was a new president? this guy to attack in yemen on the embassy on 9/11. he has seen the attacks in tunisia on our embassy there. >> eric: are you suggesting that we go -- >> bob: are you suggesting we go to war for 100 years? >> brian: protect ourselves. >> bob: what does it mean? >> eric: finish the job. go there and listen to generals on the ground. the job of putting al-qaeda to rest fully, not partially, fully. finish it. >> bob: how is that possible? >> dana: but it required
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helping the afghans who wanted peace. maybe you can find a few of them in taliban. who want that. then advancing the cause of freedom. create place where human rights are affected. protecting it and keeping it from becoming a safe habe for terrorists to plot attacks like the one on 9/11. >> bob: the chance of us doing that -- >> dana: if obama doesn't believe it now why did he run on the good war in 2008? >> bob: i have no idea. i know this, if british leshed this and russia learned this, we should learn it. >> bob: we're not looking to occupy their mound. we're taking on the terrorists that we ignored after the cole and embassy bomb. >> andrea: whether you agree with you or bob, bob is say nothing democracy building, which is something that obama came out in arab spring, democracy build. you are saying we have to stay and fight terrorists.
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miff point of view is i agree with both of you. i don't want one man of woman to die ever again for place like afghanistan. if you tell the head of afghanistan we'll turn you in a parking lot, and we mean this, that is tough talk. get out. no democracy building. >> eric: the commander what he said in the backseat, right now, they are working for detail that the u.s. is training. it's not over. they haven't won anything. >> bob: if that is correct and i assume it's correct, why would we stay there and do this? >> eric: for what? >> bob: who cares about afghanistan >> eric: a lot of people care about it. >> bob: do you care about it? >> eric: i care about freedom and democracy and people not being murdered. >> bob: they had a free election. you have didn't like that. >> andrea: they didn't want
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democracy. the thing they want what we have. >> brian: it's simple in afghanistan. allow us to finish the job, not build democracy but keep it terror free. if we could do that on a way where we master over the last ten years we should do that. not to dominate. never say 2014 we're out of here. but they know the deadline. >> bob: if we didn't say it was a deadline what do you suggest? >> brian: according to condition on the ground. >> bob: what if they don't change? >> dana: then you adjust. >> bob: it's time to come home, america. take attacks that are brutal and horrible. the idea that we'll waste money and men and women on this stuff with a bunch of people who don't know much about what they're talking about is ridiculous. >> eric: leigh it there. coming up, remember when president obama said this in 2008? >> if you don't a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people
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should run from. you make a big election about small things. >> eric: if you don't have a record to run on -- check -- you make a big election about small things. >> big, yellow, a menace to our economy. mitt romney knows it's not wall street you have to worry about. it's "ceas levick "sesame stree" dana has that next in "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." grand new gallup poll out this afternoon shows governor romney with the two-point essential over president obama. 49-47. after yesterday's new poll showing romney up by four, 49-45. so where does the race stand in charles krauthammer. >> romney got nothing out of tampa. obama got bumped maybe three
2:17 pm
to five out of charlotte. what happened when that debate is romney got it all back. in 90 minutes in one night. maybe even more. right now the race is tied with romney still, i think, having some of the momentum from the debate. i think the rest of this story will be determined by the remaining debates. >> dana: debate fall-out from last week taking place. i like the smile that you just had. because i've -- the trajectory and the headline have been weighing down the obama team. we're going to get to the small ball thing in a minute. that's the fun part of the segment. poll wise for you, what stood out for you of the ones that have come out in the last couple of days? >> andrea: women. pew research center has them dead even at vii-vii. this was a demographic we have been told month after month that obama has had assailing can't lead -- significant lead with, he spent a lot of time and energy, he and the
2:18 pm
surrogates trying to paint the war on women, republicans are spear heading. mitt romney came out and was legitimately who he is. he didn't talk about the draconian cut. he played his role as a good manager, fixer. i think he was very likable and very rel spentful to the -- respectful to the president. a lot of women said wait a minute, he's not the monster that they said he was. that number is big for the romney campaign. >> dana: brian, when you look at these, if you look at ohio this morning, the poll that came out showing that romney is in a slight lead, which he has not been in ohio. do you think it's real? buenos aires >> brian: amazing a week ago they said take resources out of ohio and find another path to 270, which was highly unlikely. do i think it's real? anyone who criticizes the polls a week ago cannot embrace them this week because they may be more favorable. i'd say think. thought they nailed it today when they said this will be the election where the polls
2:19 pm
are going to be sidelined, as importance. i will say this, they show a trend. on top of all of, this i think bob beckel is right. bob, you said, saying all along that people don't pay attention until after labor day. i think people got to meet mitt romney, as staggering as this sounds, for the first time at that debate. that is the only way to explain it. >> bob: true. if you look at my analysis of this race, romney has a two-point lead. 49-47%. in the swing states it eat about even. you got a 5-point boost off the debate. generally boosts coming off the convention or debate go away. they flatten out. by the way, i think obama with single women. but leaving that aside, romney did extremely well in getting himself positioned in the race. the question now, i don't agree. i'll say there is two more debates but he got himself back in the race.
2:20 pm
right now, if i had to bet, i would say it's literally a half a point. >> dana: thoughts on the poll? >> eric: if you throw the gallup poll up again. look at the date. that's in the debate. just after the debate. if you remember, the days after the debate, the swell, the ground swell of romney winning was bigger and bigger. that gap will widen. >> bob: gallup poll had obama up by six points. >> eric: it didn't have the post debate. >> bob: for one day. this is all post debate polling going forward. i think romney will open it up wider. >> dana: strategy wise, obama campaign made a big mistake, in just blowing off the debate and moving forward to create something else. instead, remember, romney brought up big bird at the debate? check this out. >> bernie madoff, ken lay,
2:21 pm
criminals, gluttons of greed and the evil genius who towered over him. one man has the guts to speak his name. >> big bird. >> big bird. >> big bird. >> big, yellow, menace to the economy. romney knows it's not wall street you have to worry about. it's sesame street. >> i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. romney taking on the enemies no matter where they nest. >> dana: this is my analysis. i think someone on the obama campaign in chicago came up with the wall street "sesame street" line they were so desperate to use it, they spent money to make the ad. they haven't bought time for this. this is a joke. it backfireed completely. >> brian: i thought it was fake. >> this is -- this is capitalism versus redistribution edition of what is actually going on here. big bird. taker.
2:22 pm
dorothy, maker. the big bird, the sesame street workshop takes in $6 million a year. dora the explorer. >> andrea: why doesn't big bird cut up the check? >> eric: why would you give a company, give them $6 million a year. >> dana: you want to see how much they make a year for big bird? $314 million. >> bob: if he says this, minuscule amount in the budget, it doesn't look good. can he please tell us where he is going to get his tax deduction? have no answer. >> andrea: romney is trying to make a serious point, and use humor. obama is acting like a fifth
2:23 pm
grader. first, he's a bully. meanie, now he doesn't like puppets. liar, liar, pants on fire, you don't like my puppet. you're not a serious president. he lacks maturity. >> brian: he is going to sit down with democrats about republicans and work it out. is that a conference call in the morning? i watched the debate. >> dana: we don't have a conference call. maybe we'd be more organized and have the same line. coming up, we have a preview of the v.p. showdown coming up thursday. later, stacy dash, the african-american actress in the movie "clueless" supports mitt romney. now she is a victim of racially charged attack. brian has that story when we come right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: well, in 48 hours, paul ryan and vice president joe biden will square off for the one and only vice presidential debate. at center college in danville, kentucky. democrats are hoping and praying that joe biden will help turn things around for the obama campaign. but can they count on joe's track record? >> stand up, chuck. let them see you. god love you. what am i talking about? i tell you what, you make everybody else stand up, pal. >> thank you direct examination pepper and thank you chancellor. dr. paper. >> unchain wall street. they are going to put you back in chains.
2:29 pm
>> how they justify the middle class that has been buried for the past four years. how in the lord's name can they justify? >> andrea: whose campaign is he working for there? if i had a keg party, eric, joe biden is the one person i'd look to, to help me save it if it was going down and no one would attend. i don't know about rescuing the democratic party with a debate. >> eric: i don't know if it will change things a lot. give biden credit. he has been studying. he's been holed up in undisclosed bunker. he will be prepared. he will know the numbers. paul ryan understands numbers. biden will know the numbers. paul ryan understands them. no comparison when you put people together that know a topic. one knows it and one understands it. ryan will teach him about the budget and the economy come thursday night. >> andrea: he should know the numbers. he has been in office longer than we have been alive. he has an advantage, because
2:30 pm
he knows the numbers and forced to defend the plan to his party. like romney he gets out there without the filter of the media and he can explain them to seniors. >> dana: he did well in debate in the democratic primary in 2008. skilled politician. rarely held accountable for anything he says, which i can't explain. but think about ryan for a second. this guy won re-election seven times in ra moderate district in wisconsin. a good retail politician. he has be very good on the stump. doesn't get a lot of coverage. but thursday night when i get my milk duds and popcorn ready, a great night. fun no matter what. >> andrea: do you think the bar is higher or lower? people go crazy uncle joe. but the pressure is on because obama failed the other night so they are looking to joe. high bar or low bar? >> brian: really high. up to joe biden to stop the bleeding. there is tremendous bleeding. after the jobs number that
2:31 pm
were positive for president, they are counting on joe biden to answer paul ryan's questions and the ones that president obama did not answer last week. that is the preparation taking six days i'm not sure he is up to it. foreign policy, he has experience. to show he is competent for joe biden to get inside the numbers, paul ryan has been living with for 12, 15 years, chairman as young guy jumping over the republicans. that is too much to get by studying. >> andrea: you're alive. i was going to call em s unit for your vital signs. >> bob: yeah, ryan delivered numbers on the wrong side. he is still a right winger. joe biden has been in politics for 35 years. you take one minute of the goof here and make it funny. he is one of the skilled politicians in america. he will take him to the woodshed and expose the guys for what they are, which is a
2:32 pm
bunch of shams. >> eric: the obama campaign now is in desperation mode. panic mode. they saw a five-point lead turn in to three or four point deficit. they need him to step up and do something. >> andrea: they also -- >> eric: stop the slide. >> andrea: they might rely on immediate you to do the dirty work. hostile in an interview that paul ryan had with a reporter. shows the media fury. >> this country has a crime problem. not a gun problem. >> no, if you look at the gun laws we have. i don't think president obama proposed gun laws. we have good strong gun laws. two have to enforce the laws. we have a lot of laws that aren't properly enforced. we need to enforce the law. best thing to prevent the violent crime in inner cities is bring opportunity in the inner city. >> andrea: we cut that. but it goes on where the
2:33 pm
reporter gets more and more hostile. eventually the press secretary pulls it. are we going to see the media step few the obama campaign is flailing more? >> dana: often the initials you get good interview from local media. if they think they will win a pulitzer prize from that, they're in trouble. paul ryan is smarter than everybody nellis the room. if it comes across that he knows he's smarter than everybody else, it looks smug or arrogant. there is somebody else in politics with that problem. >> andrea: does his rhyme with morack morama? >> dana: he will be differential to biden and kim him on substance. >> bob: i can't let you get away with saying this in panic mode. the bleeding is over. settled down now. >> eric: really? >> bob: yeah. you think it will continue on and people make up their mind.
2:34 pm
>> eric: every day when you look at the poll. >> dana: they did the big bird ad. >> brian: seth meyers said is there anything more up to biden thinking he has to get the lead back? tebow time. >> bob: it won't matter one bit. >> andrea: roll the tape from last week, bob beckel said last week's debate wouldn't matter. take it with triple helping of salt. thursday, kimberly will cover the v.p. debate live from kentucky. now coming up, remember stacy dash from the iconic movie "clueless"? she is supporting mitt romney for president and you won't believe the backlash she is getting op twitter. we tell you about it next. as if! ♪ ♪ 0t[h7 [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance?
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story is brand new polling information showing more post-debate gapes for romney. tonight on "special report" we go inside the numbers. gallup has romney up two on president obama among likely voters. real clear politics average has the republican ahead of the president for the first time in a year. the president told supporters governor romney's debate performance showed salesmanship, not leadership. house oversight committee obtained documents showing 1200 security related incident at the diplomatic facility in libya before last month deadly attack in benghazi. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five."
2:40 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: all right. i'm brian kilmeade in for the great greg gutfeld. he will back soon. actress stacy dash is slammed on social media after tweeting support for mitt romney the other day, calling him the only choice for your future. you have might remember her from the hit movie and series "clue lest." she was on the "cosby show." there were several racially charged tweets to dash since then and it's way out of bounds. some suggested that her account has been hacked. sadly, it wasn't. bob, this got -- even though you want her theoretically to support barack obama, this has to bother you. >> anytime you bring race to this. this is what worries me about my side to the end. i think that, you know, i'm
2:41 pm
very sensitive about the race issue for a lot of reasons. but it has no place in politics. regrettably, sunday before election day, i have seen it too many times, it will play a role. much bigger than this. do i care one way or another if she supports romney or not? no. but the bigger picture of african-american turn-out is where you keep your eye. >> brian: they say she is white with a dark tan. they come up with a racial ting. >> bob: don't say that to eric. you make him feel bad. >> eric: you know what is crazy? i'm white with a dark tan. >> brian: sorry about that. >> eric: twitter and facebook have become the political forums now. it's terrible. cowardess. they hide behind fake twitter names and whatnot. evil stuff going on. my response, it's perfect. in the humble opinion, everyone is entitled to one. that is her response.
2:42 pm
if you want to say it, stop being evil. >> it's not just one side or another. you should see mine. my gosh. >> dana: she is -- cowardedd on twitter but also courage. a lot of people in hollywood are not brave enough to do what she did. she must feel strong. >> brian: voting for a white devil #sick. this is one actress who decides that mitt romney is her guy. >> andrea: they called her indoor slave. the names are really terrible. take race out of it. free speech. where is, forget race. where is the left? where are some actresses on the left coming out of this? you know what is it? it's tolerance. tolerance of the intolerance.
2:43 pm
they sit silence and let it happen. all it does on the left is it exposes hypocrisy. >> bob: why don't people on the right defend me? >> andrea: i defend you. all the time. >> brian: go to stacy dash if you support her,@realstacydash. or #isupportstacydash. >> eric: or@ericbolling and i'll forward it to her. >> dana: print them all and hand deliver them to her. >> brian: kid rock introducing paul ryan. didn't just say here is paul ryan. made it clear who he is supporting and took a musical risk doing so. listen. >> i also want to be real clear, that i'm proud to say we have elected our first black president. all right. i'm sorry. i'm sorry he didn't do a
2:44 pm
better job. i really wish that he would have. i do. but the facts are the facts. we saw them come to light in the last debate. >> brian: just tweeted he just -- i should say he also went on to say we'll have . >> dana: if you seen kid rock play with the zack brown band? amazing. >> bob: who is kid rock? >> brian: he is a musician from the detroit area. who has taken this country by storm. some day will be more famous -- >> eric: outspoken conservative as well. he played, remember the republican national convention. >> andrea: we were at the concert. >> dana: you would like some of his music. get it on the itunes and put it on there. >> brian: kid rock, i know you're watching. you'll be in beckel's office and playing a song.
2:45 pm
>> bob: i'd like to hear him. something else other than 1958. >> brian: 16 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, are americans losing faith in god? that is what a new study says. bob has details about god and etch's fascination with heaven, which we all hope to attend. ♪ ♪ [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: listen, this is really important. according to a recent study, religion is dying in america. number of americans who don't affiliate themselves with any religion is all-time high. one in five adults according to pew center on religion. there are, brian, one in five people say they don't affiliate at all with a religion, that is way up. among people under 30 it's higher than that. is that a trend you think will continue? >> brian: i am not smart enough to answer that. i am fascinated with the fact
2:50 pm
that people are fascinated with religion and god. i look at this, evidence for real is a book in the top ten best seller, top 13 now. two years. this kid who transformed -- >> bob: i read several times. >> brian: cover of "newsweek" "is especially real?" they do a study with neurologist that died and came back. >> andrea: i thought it was the left god, barack obama? >> brian: i don't think so. our god. >> bob: can we have one segment we don't do that? please. it's my segment. i want to talk about religion. >> brian: a lot of people, a lot of people question their religion. but the churchs by me are always packed. every single week. >> bob: you go to church every day, i think, right? >> eric: i have not missed lighting candles for "the five" and "the five" viewers one day for doing the show, year and three months. go to st. patrick. i did notice the research of the 45 million people who don't ascribe to any religion,
2:51 pm
58% of those people believe in god. which is good. there is hope. >> bob: the number of people over 60 who believe and have religious affiliation, only 7% don't. under 30 is 35% or 38%. how do you factor that in? >> dana: if you are interested in how to be successful in your life, one thing to look at is -- do you remember i talked about charles murray who wrote the book "coming apart." he looks at the successful factor of families in two towns. fish town and belmont. belmont where they are successful five factors, one is work, number of hours work. another one of the five was charm attendance. regular church attendance. it does give you a chance, if you can get -- sometimes you struggle with your faith always especially if you go to church every day. if you find a place where you can find structure and family outside of your own family, it can help you be more successful in life. >> bob: are you a regular
2:52 pm
attendee, church? >> andrea: probably not as much as i should. i'm a very religious person. i'm pretty devout christian. i'm not in church as much as i should. i agree with dana. the benefit of i think religious affiliation and the church community are very, very great. my mom talks about that, a lot about that. there is a reason for youth pulling away. because i do think the last accessible form of discrimination is against christianity. i think there is a push for secularism in the schools. i think the young kids today, force federal. don't say, "christmas." don't say "god." don't wear t-shirt with god on it. it's holiday season. they're almost embarrassed to speak out. that embarrassment wasn't there when i was younger. it had no problem talking about god. >> bob: i was a confirmed agnostic to say the least. then i got sober and i found faith. and i found a church that took care of me really. i can tell you from my own experience you can find faith. find the word later in your life. but it's a very difficult
2:53 pm
thing when you start out not believing or having people around you say over and over again. look, we got to do this. one more thing is up next. >> andrea: wow. nice. >> bob: thank you! ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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2:57 pm
go first. last night, i'm watching jon stewart and he apparently wants to take issue with me. give me grief about even questioning president obama's department of labor statisti statistics. so i went back and selectively edited a few things, take a look from the saturday night debate with bill o'reilly. look what i found. >> we had a surplus under clinton. surplus. >> surplus. >> surplus under clinton. >> no, no, no, no. >> the debt wasn't exiled. you're missing up the deficit with the debt. >> no, no, no. you are missing the deficit. the deficit is yearly spending. the debt is cumulative. the debt wasn't wiped out. >> eric: sorry, johnny. you were wrong. okay. brian, you're up. >> brian: here it is. as long as i've been at fox and reading the newspaper, two stories always happen. is pete rose going to get in the hall of fame and will jennifer aniston find true love? one has come to end. 12 years after breaking up
2:58 pm
brat pitt left her for a hotter woman she found true love with a guy that bob worships. justin thrashgh. they're engaged and put it to bed. guys can stop thinking to themselves i have a shot at her. it's over and done. >> dana: she has been engaged for a while. >> brian: this is just hitting me. she is single so we could relate to her. she is searching for love. now people rose is left with the only question left. >> andrea: left her for a hotter woman? most men in the country are split. >> dana: quickly, the cheerleader from texas, miranda ferguson, set a record. we have it here. she did 35 backflips. this is what the republicans were doing after the debate last week. >> eric: is that gutfeld? >> dana: no. bob, isn't that cool? >> bob: unbelievable. >> dana: all right. congrats to her. miranda ferguson. >> bob: second debate at hofstra university, people will be invited to participate
2:59 pm
and ask questions. pizza hut now said if you get to be chosen one of the people, if you stand up and ask the question, according to their ad campaign, do you like mr. romney or mr. president, do you like pepperoni or sausage? if you ask that question, and it gets through, you will get a free pizza every day for the rest of your life. >> eric: debate that president obama wants. >> dana: then they need a lap band but that's okay. get it under obama care. >> bob: lap dance? >> andrea: no. you cannot get a lap dance under obamacare. maybe you can. we don't know what is in the bill, remember? men everywhere, i know you have been waiting for it. but "esquire" magazine named the sexiest woman alive. it's ashton kutcher new girlfriend. mina. we had to put a red ribbon over brian. you like talking about beautiful women. she was from


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