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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 11, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>megyn: now, a happy ending to a sad story. look would showed up in dan danville? nellie, to danville via detroit, but not by 1:00 o'clock but she is going to help me out on prime time. guess who else lost his luggage? >>shepard: they lost it. not "who." >>megyn: look who has bigger pull with the airline than i do. >>shepard: look who drove the hour to the airport to get luggage when it came in from a nice trip to detroit where they not real happy. baseball is more importantly and thankfully detroit lost, the yankees won, and oakland what a finish. you missed it while you worried about luggage.
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>>megyn: you do look dapper but you should see the beautiful $12 shirt i got you from walmart only to arrive at the hotel and ask if you were staying there and she said no, and i think she thought i was a stalker looking for you. >>shepard: i i am told that some of your stuff came on hannity's jet; that true? >>megyn: a backup was provided by team hannity. but the channel is forgiving for casual thursday but not for tens of millions watching in prime time. different standard. >>shepard: have a great time. good to see you. the news begins anew on "studio b." like, today, from a chamber of commerce day in kentucky, good grief, come visit. do it today. the vice presidential candidates have less than six hours, six hours to cram for the one and only debate between them. joe biden landed at the airport
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the same time megyn and my luggage got there. they almost held it. big momentum on governor romney's side. the shifting performance, the terrific performance in the first presidential debate. we have the details ahead. the polls show that the race if the white house is getting a little tighter in several swing states. one swing state is of great importance and it has not changed. we will break down the new numbers. a month after the attack in libya that killed four americans, including our u.s. ambassador, a masked gunman was murdered, has murdered a security official who worked for the u.s. embassy in yemen. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> first from fox at 3:00 in kentucky, we are live waiting for the debate. it and high 60's, the fall leaves are out and the drive from here to lexington, it is
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the "thrill in the villa," they made that up. our slogan people are better, a showdown between the current v.p. and the man would would like to take his job, congressman paul ryan. the stakes are higher than usual coming after the poll that show an increasingly close race much vice president biden is clearly a seasoned debater, doing it since he was a kid. tonight, under pressure to turn things around after president obama's first debate performance or lack thereof. congressman ryan looking to boost the romney campaign's recent rise in the polls tonight. the debates are not usually game changers but analysts say this year could be an exception. carl cameron is fouling the presidential candidate. but, first, to ed henry on road with us here in danville. high stakes for the vice president after the president's performance, in doubt, right? >>reporter: that is right. because of the president's flop this puts more pressure tonight on vice president wide biden.
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the president, who is campaigning in miami, telephoned the vice president to wish him good luck. democrats are counting on him to shake up the momentum. that is going to an tough task tonight when you talk to political analysts. >> the vice president is going to come out and try to be defensive. the vice president, a strength of his, is his emotion and passion. that is both a positive and sometimes a weakness. you will see him come out and defend the president, not necessarily the debate performance from the other night but he will defend what the president has done. >>reporter: and defend what the president did not defend in the first presidential debate in denver. when you talk to senior obama officials that is what they are counting on, vice president biden not taking on paul ryan but looking past him and going after mitt romney, something the president didn't do very well the first time. >>shepard: and everyone knows where the excitement is.
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i was talking to a couple of democrats, movers and shakers off the plane last night who said, biden will be great, as long as he did not take foot and insert in mouth which i guess he does. >>reporter: he does that from time to time. you remember a big one a few months ago when he changed the president's policy or got ahead of the president's changing of the policy on same-sex marriage. since that interview, by the way, the vice president has not done a national interview raising questions whether he is going to be in fighting shape tonight. remember, there were questions whether the president had phased enough questions, tough questions from the media, and whether that hurt him. we spoke to a conservative political analysts who said he is not expecting a biden gaffe. >> the problem for joe biden is how to repair obama's image from the debate last week. in the convention speech joe biden portrayed a president who was engaged, up-to-the-minute event seeker, he knows the
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policy issues. we saw a president unable to come forward with the detailed defenses of his positions on public policy. we saw a challenger would has never held federal office. >> he went on to say that vice president biden usually gets in trouble when he is in an interview or speech where this is not a time limit and he wonders on and on. tonight he will have that time limit so even the more conservatives folks are not expecting a biden gaffe tonight. >>shepard: we will see. that is what everyone waits for. you wait for something to go wrong when you watch anything. there are new polls showing the president and governor romney remain really close, a very tight battle in a couple of swing states and not so tight in another. according to the "wall street journal" governor romney is ahead by one point in virginia. still in the margin of error.
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last week the president had a two-point edge, in florida, kind of important, and the president hold as one-point advantage over governor romney there. that is a tie. then there is ohio and republicans don't win elections without first winning highway he, and he is not winning ohio, president obama is up by since points and they are working to change that. they have changed their zip code to something in the center of he. last week the president had an eight-point advantage. no republican has ever won the presidency without first winning the buckeye state. by the way, the "wall street journal" is owned by the parent company of this network. >> carl cameron is on the road covering the presidential campaign. both candidates in ohio yesterday off to another swing state today. >>carl: the president is going to florida and in miami for a rally starting in a few minutes and he will hold his last official big dollar fundraiser of the campaign, and deed has had over 200.
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back in 2004 when george w. bush ran, he had a total of 93 fundraisers so, president obama absolutely shattering records. governor romney is in asheville, north carolina, holding an event at 6:00. neither candidate too eager to upstage the proceedings on the the vice presidential campaign. both recognize that debate is a key part of this showing the ticket is complete if the second does not make the cut or they have to replace the president. historically, vice presidential debates have not made a difference. the polls suggest the vase very close in all the battleground states and it has been, really, like this for the better part of a year. you look at the gallup national poll, rarely in the battle ground states or nationally has either had more than a four or five point lead. that is where it is now. romney got a surge. if there is no big winner tonight, it is expected that the
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stakes will only rise on the next debate. both governor romney and president obama are doing a lot of preparation for the face off next week. >>shepard: any concern they will take off the spot line in danville? >>reporter: for all the attention that joe biden will come out swinging and paul ryan, the intellectual voice of the republican party and the face of the g.o.p. for the last couple of years, it is difficult in the format to do that. they could be, the candidates will not upstage the vice presidential candidates and they will be seated together at a table. you look at history of debates with the candidate seated next to one another, it is never as feisty. that works for paul ryan who is a real poll work and it works for joe biden because he has much more seniority and experience in the senate as the chairman of the foreign affairs committee and the vice president, who has been dealing with all kinds of major issues the last 3 1/2 years.
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>>shepard: thank you, carl cameron. the republican congressman is with us from illinois and the democratic congressman from california is with us, as well. gentleman, nice to see you. you are here to speak on behalf of your candidate? are you worried about the gaffe? everyone thinks he can hit hard. but if he says something weird that wouldn't help help. >>guest: i'm more concerned about the vice president having a chance to talk about what they will do. the vice president always speaks from the heart. that is great. sometimes he has things he has to explain later on but the great thing about the vice president, he speaks from the heart. i wish mitt romney would speak more from the heart rather than left field or, maybe, right field and maybe we would view a better idea who mitt romney is. he will talk how we are going do get out of the black hole, what we will do the next four years and keep paul ryan to task and
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not talk about the grand ideas but, actually, telling us exactly what is going on. >> we thought we would get a lot of that, we get the specifics from congressman ryan, with his budget plan laid out but it doesn't seem like the republicans want him to talk about it. why? >> what you saw in the last debate, mitt romney had a chance to speak for 90 minutes about his policies and plans. the problem with the rallies when you cover them people are looking for the 30-second sound bite, not for a long, detailed expose. >>shepard: but bill clinton gave us specifics. >> no one has been more specific on budgets and entitlement reform than paul ryan. with regard to -- look, we are not going to negotiate with ourselves. the only people with the budget are the republicans with plans to save social security and
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medicare. >> that doesn't get us anyone. if paul ryan knows his numbers he is thought allowed to speak about the numbers by the romney campaign. romney campaign distanced themselves from paul ryan and the republican budget. >>shepard: is that true? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. he said we will not be ideologue. the first year paul ryan introduced the budget it was a proposal to save medicare and to fix entitlements and ron wyden, a liberal democrat from oregon, said he wanted to work with us because he wanted to solve the problems. so the second year --. >>shepard: medicare is a guaranteed benefit who earned it and paid into it. the ryan plan removes the guarantee saying you will get a voucher. >>shepard: if you want to make the option --. >> you have to have a map from the private sector insurance
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companies. if there is no option, you are stuck, and you are out of luck and have to pay out of pocket. >> what is your plan? i hope that joe biden has an opportunity to talk about his ideas. >>guest: the land is we extended the life of medicare and cut $700 billion out of the waste and fraud from medicare and increase the number of services and benefits that seniors were getting. we are closing the prescription drug doughnut hole and making it more affordable for seniors stay on medicare. we will not privatize it. >> so you think medicare is in better shape than it was four years ago? >> the congressional budget office, the nonpartisan fiscal referee for these things say it is better off because we extended the life of medicare. >> i hope we have a vellet has
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debate between vice president biden and paul ryan. >>shepard: i hope it is good, because i am missing the yankees. congressman, nice to see you. when we got married.
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i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy. so, as we go into this next phase, you know, a big part of it for us is that there isn't anything on the schedule.
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>>shepard: in "studio b" we are learning of another killing with direct ties to diplomacy abroad. this time it happened in a country where the united states is engaged right now in one of their biggest drone campaigns. authorities are now saying in yemen a gunman assassinate add security official who worked for the u.s. embassy in yemen's capital city. place during a motorcycle drive by. the pentagon confirmed that they sent in a team of 50 marines to bolster security in the middle east amid the protests against the film. a yemen officials tells fox that
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the killing today was likely a targeted hit from al qaeda and the arabian peninsula. but it is too early to confirm a direct link. the pentagon called the al qaeda branch there "the most dangerous offshoot of the terror group anywhere." so far this year, the united states has conducted more than 30 separate drone strikes inside the borders of yemen, a jump if ten last year. jonathan hunt is live in new york studios. what is the united states saying? >>jonathan: officials are deeply saddened by the murder of the man what worked for the embassy in yemen for something like 11 years. they also say that they condemn what they call this "vicious" murder in the strongest terms and extend their condolences to the family. yemen officials are saying they believe this was an al qaeda
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assassination, u.s. officials are saying they are not ready to draw that conclusion quite yet. listen. >> the yemens are investigating and we are supporting their investigation. it is premature, as it happened today, for us to draw conclusions about who did it or why it happened. obviously, this is a great concern given the larger issues in the region. >>jonathan: one of the largest issues in the region is what appears to be a resurgence of al qaeda attacks in that country and others in the middle east and of course north africa. >>shepard: i guess a concern that a pattern could be developing here. this could be coordinated. >>jonathan: certainly that is something that officials will want to look into. there is certainly an emergeing pattern of attacks in yemen against officials including the attack on the u.s. embassy. it is worth noting this is the
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one month mark since the attack on u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. that may or may not be significant. the state department spokeswoman said she could not say whether there is any significance. after the attack on the consulate in libya, there was an attack on the u.s. embassy in yemen. that is when the u.s. as you mentioned sent in that contingent of 50 marines to increase the security. those marines coincidentally, were due to be pulled out of yemen today. we have asked the pentagon and the state department if that has actually happened or is going to happen or whether in the light of today's attack those marines may now be left there to a good bit longer. we will health you know when we get an answer.
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>>shepard: two years after the massive oil spill in the government on back of b.p. there is an oil sheen. they say it is cleaned up, it is over, but there is an oil sheen out there coming with a new report they are close to a multibillion dollar settlement to pay from the damages that happened in the year of 2010. that coming up as our coverage continues from danville, kentucky, this afternoon. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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>>shepard: the devastating and historic oil spill in the gulf of mexico is today causing new problems along the gulf more than two years after the disaster. according to the coast guard there is an oil sheen that turned up near the rig of deep
12:25 pm
water last month matching the oil from the 2010 disaster. they tested it. it does not pose a risk to the gulf shoreline. the coast guard reports that b.p. and trans ocean that own the rig could be liable for the new oil. b.p. is close to a multibillion dollar settlement in the justice department's federal lawsuit according to the reporting of the the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. remember the explosion killed 11 people, injured a dozen others and unleashed 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. now to the judge, senior judicial analyst, judge napolitano. >>judge napolitano: there are two cases of the federal government against b.p. what is a threatened civil case. they have not indicted the corporation but holding an indictment in hand to file tomorrow. the other is a lawsuit that the
12:26 pm
feds have filed under several federal statutes which lets the federal government sue on behalf of property owners whose property has been damaged by the oil spill. the "wall street journal" reports this morning that both cases will be settled, that b.p. will cough up billions in control fines as well as billions in compensation. the numbers sound ridiculous because "wall street journal" like anyone else does not know what the numbers are. they are somewhere between $6 billion and $21 billion but the "wall street journal" sources which are reliable, have indicated that they are very close to some number between six and 21. whatever it is, b.p. will pay it. they will not have to pay it because you may remember they coughed up $20 billion a month after the spill because the vice president literally put his arm on the then c.e.o. of b.p. saying how about $20 billion now so the feds will take this money and disperse it.
12:27 pm
>>shepard: that goes to the states? alabama, mississippi, louisiana, florida? >>judge napolitano: there are two federal statutes one lets the federal government give it to the states for all their damages, damages to state property and reduction in taxes paid by people who lost income so they did not pay taxes to the state. the other statute only lets the federal government reimburse the states that have spent money to clean up the environment. only one state in the gulf coast has spent enough money to demand reimbursement from cleaning up the environment, which is louisiana. the other states, texas, alabama, mississippi, they also want money from the feds. my guess is that the feds will distribute that money to the states and will collect a lot of money from b.p., somewhere closer to the $20 billion and this case will be over. >>shepard: over and done with, that is it and b.p. can go on and make more billions. >>judge napolitano: what you
12:28 pm
said at the outset is significant because the people who received money from b.p. agreed never to sue it again for anything having to do with this. they didn't know that there might be another spill or another sheen coming from the original spill. they will not be able to sue for damages from that. >>shepard: stand by for news. judge napolitano, thank you. >> we are in politics land in kentucky and we will show you the latest polls on the race for the president mechanic -- neck and neck across the nation. and erin will join us here to breakdown the numbers and not one but two signs that the economy is on the rebound. foreclosures have plummeted to the lowest level in several years.
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>>shepard: president obama is in floridaed if talking about taxes and talking about "don't ask, don't tell" and now talking about governor romney. >> it is not just the communities in the midwest but vital for our entire economy, something that every american can be proud of. today, four years after the worst economic crisis of our lifetime we are moving forward.
12:33 pm
after losing 800,000 jobs the month i was sworn to our businesses have now added five million new jobs over the past 2 1/2 yours. the unemployment rate has fallen from a height of 8 percent to 7.8 percent. more americans are getting jobs and manufacturing is coming back. home values are on the rise. we know we're not where we need to be. not yet. that is especially true in places like florida that were so hard hit. we still have too many friends and neighbors who are looking for work. we have too man family whose can't pay the bills too many homes that are still underwater, too many young people still
12:34 pm
burdened with debt when they graduate from college. if there is one thing i know, florida, it is this, we have couple too far to turn back now. the american people have worked too hard to get to this point after all that we have been through together. and for all we have fought, why go back? the last thing we can afford, florida, is four years of the very same policies that got us into this mess in the first place. i won't let that happen. we can't let that happen. that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states of america. >>shepard: a familiar stump
12:35 pm
speech at the university of miami in florida where the president is rallying the troops approaching election day in a crucial swing state. they are screaming "four more years." a pot for president is tightening in many states including florida. national numbers show a similar trend. they have a daily tracking poll from rasmussen and it gives the president a one-point advantage among likely voters and gallup finds governor romney ahead by a point but president obama maintains now an edge in the electoral maps. now to the national political report for live with us from capitol hill. the national numbers have tightened but what matters is the swing state states, in a number of them, florida and up the east coast, it is close. >>guest: it is really close. in florida where president obama just was, it tied 47 percent
12:36 pm
both for mitt romney and for president obama in the real clear politics average which is very key because florida is an important state with 29 electoral states in a state mit pit has to win. he has been pulling ahead in florida. some polls show him leading president obama there. >>shepard: a natural tightening, a result of the debate performance, a combination or what? >>guest: in question. the other thing is in the national average right now in the real clear politics polling average, mitt romney pulled ahead of president obama this week for the first time in over a year. what that does is help the romney campaign with a lost momentum. they are pushing that this week that romney has momentum. that is a psychological boost that will help the campaign in other swing states where the campaign is focused. >>shepard: so often it is feeling and momentum and the state of ohio we have said so many times i get tired of saying
12:37 pm
it, no republican has won the presidential election without winning ohio but governor romney is down for this time of year, significantly, so they are spending lots of time and money there. >>guest: they are. he will be there all week. he is there until saturday. he is going in and out. on saturday he is retreating to boston to do some debate prep before the next debate on tuesday in new york because the debates will help him chip away at president obama's lead. now, president obama is still at 50 percent or 51 percent in ohio but after the debate romney's numbers started creeping up. he helps his own case there. >>shepard: historically speaking the last minute swings more often than not go to the challenger. >>guest: mostly, yes. there have been studies this year that show that may not always be the case. one thing we are not talking
12:38 pm
about that president obama was talking about on the stump, last week, the jobs report was actually a fairly good one for the administration, the unemployment rate going to 7.8 percent which is not something that the obama campaign has pushed. president obama said it on the stump but what they are doing is attacking mitt romney rather than putting forward a positive vision. some of the good results they have had recently which shows they are on defense and not doing a great job pushing forward. they are on their heels after the last debate. >>shepard: that is how it appears. the polls from every where, all over the nation, and put together a rolling average. >> lay of 50s are easing as foreclosures hit a five-year low. that is according to new numbers that have come out today. we will start with housing. the industry firm that tracks
12:39 pm
this, reports foreclosure filing dropped in the month of september to the lowest total since july of 2007, the second straight month of decline nationally. some individual states saw a rise in foreclosures, realty's v.p. says the anything suggests the country has pulled through the worst. at the same time, the labor department reports the number of people seeking new jobless claims plunged 30,000 last week, dropping to the lowest level since 2008, a year before the president took office. there is a catch. isn't there always? the labor department official says that a large state may have accounted for the dramatic decline. analysts are saying the drop was likely more moderate nation-wide. now, context and perspective from gerri willis from the fox business network, anchor of the willis report. why is it they are saying this may not be as dramatic as it seems? >>gerri: this is unbelievable. the labor department official
12:40 pm
you mentioned is saying that there is one large state that left out a bunch of clients and not completely reported so that drove down the number. they will not say which state but there is conjecture that it is california. that can make a very big difference in the numbers. this is so important that some wall street analysts are saying they are not paying attention to the number because it just don't make any sense to them so they are waiting to see what data points after this have. they are not believing this. >>neil: -- >>shepard: the overall trends are good. >>gerri: new jersey is showing foreclosures rising 130 percent, and washington is up 70 percent, and new york up, as well, and indiana, and pennsylvania, and florida continue to be on the watch list. these are states by the way, where the foreclosures are handled in the court system so this takes longer. if you remember there was a big
12:41 pm
delay in a last foreclosures when the settlement was being negotiated with the banks. you are seeing the result in the numbers. >>shepard: thank you, gerri willis, from the fox business network. thank you. world leader accused syria of -- rather, russia, of supplying syria with weapons it is using to kill their own people. now, turkey reports that they intercept add syrian passenger plane that took off from moscow. guess what the turkish officials found inside? the details on that are ahead.
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wi liberty mutual. security, coverage, and savings. all the things humans need to make our beautifully imperfect world a little lesimperfect. call... and lock in your rate for 12 months. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>shepard: trouble continues in the middle east and north africa. turkey has intercepted a passenger plane from syria
12:45 pm
packed with military equipment and ammunition that came from your friends in russia. according to the turkish prime minister the turkish fighter jet intercepted to passenger plane traveling from now to damascus. turkish newspaper reports the plane was holding ten containers filled with radio receivers, antennas and equipment thought to be missile parts. syria called the interception of plane "piracy." russia is one of syria's only remaining allies and the turkish and syrian military have been exchanging problems across the border and it could turn into something bigger. we have associate editor of the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. what do you make of this? >> well, turkey is doing pretty much what the u.s. would help. they are keeping arms from
12:46 pm
getting into syria. these were military parts that we are not sure what they were. turkey has been explicit saying, look, if this happens again, we will bring the flight down again and we will contain it. it has a 516-mile border with syria and boosted their troops. it has changed fire with the syrians at one point. so this is a pretty intense situation and something that in a way the turks are on the front lines of the international concern over syria. >> especially given that they have taken all the strikes, a mortar hit a house and killed a little boy and the tucks fired back-and-forth volleying and this could turn into a regional conflict. that is always a concern. >>guest: that is correct and then you would have a flood refugees coming into turkey. think of the tensions in the
12:47 pm
other direction which is with russia. turkey is a huge gas importer from russia they do not want to alienate the source of their energy. putin says he is going to delay a trip he landed to turkey next week but interestingly the kremlin said they will reschedule that for december. it seems that has taken the heat out of russian anger with turkey. >>shepard: taken some of the heat out of it but this group of people who come together to make money and change things has not changed. it is not like the votes from russia are changing the united nations. >> that is correct, and syria's need for weaponry is intense right new. you have to get it from someplace and iran has been shipping military hardware into syria and everflying irremark airspace to the concern of the americans so this step by the turks has signaled to syria if
12:48 pm
he hoped to get it in by air using our airspace, turkish airspace, forget it. >>shepard: thank you, from the "wall street journal" appreciate it. >> the beard of the accused ft. hood has been all the news front and center. his beer. the suspect is army psychiatrist , and look at his picture. the facial hair violates army regulations and last month the judge ordered him to shake off the beard or we will shake it for you. he appealed the ruling saying he should be allowed to have a beard to express his faith. the investigator say he kill 13 people and wounded dozens more when he opened fire at the texas army post in 2009. if the court convicts him he could face the death penalty or the possibility of life in prison.
12:49 pm
>> the death 208 -- toll is up to 14 from the outbreak of the meningitis attached to steroid use, injections to relieve back pain. some fungus got in it and it is we killing people. more americans received exposure to the tainted medicine and now we hear of another case from another state. that is ahead.
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12:52 pm
>>shepard: just in, the centers for disease control and prevention announced as many as 14,000 people may have gotten exposed to the steroid treatment lined to the deadly outprotect of meningitis. the previous estimate was 13,000. we have also learned that the outbreak has spread to another
12:53 pm
state. this is the 11th state are they found cases and two more people have died. here are the 11 states, they have added michigan today. the list includes idaho, as well, and 170 total meningitis cases nationwide including 14 cases that have resulted in death. jonathan is live in atlanta, home to the centers for disease control and prevention. what are we learning in this keeps spreading it seems. >>jonathan: it does. idaho which is one of the 23 states that received the potentially tainted medication, it is to be expected we could see cases there. the latest case in idaho involves a man over the age of 60. he received a steroid injection to the lower back in september. he was treated at one of two clinics in that state that received the potentially contaminated pain medication some time after july 1. this patient who is undergoing
12:54 pm
treatment represents idaho's first case associated with the fungal meningitis outbreak. officials say a total of 39 people in that state received the potentially tainted injection but nationwider diseal estimates up to 14,000 people were potentially exposed to the tainted injection. the centers for disease control says roughly 90 percent of those at-risk patients have already been contacted. >>shepard: a lot people have never heard of the pharmacies that put medicines together. they avoid the larger medicine factories and cost less. what do we know of the pharmacy? >> these are pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, that take drugs that have been manufactured and convert them to a different state, solid to liquid, solid to a powder, or mix several medications and create a new medication. the governor of massachusetts says the leg negative
12:55 pm
compounding center may have violated their state license. >> they supposed to fill specific prescriptions for scientific patients as any of us would understand a pharmacy to do. what they were doing, instead, is making big batches and selling them out of state as a manufacturer would. that is outside of their scope. >>jonathan: scott brown will donate $10,000 in campaign contributions that he received from executives at that new england compounding center. structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. flavor, meet food. it's time for swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth in easy to use packets. mix it into skillet dishes, for an instant dose of...
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is december seventh. call now. >>shepard: tens of millions of americans will see the debate in kentucky and many may watch on two screens, the television and a computer. a survey from pew research found that 11 percent of last week's debate watchers used two screens. three watched online only and 50 percent watched the yankees, as
12:59 pm
well. that is me. 50 percent of us here also watch the yankees. but you can watch the debate on lots of channels tonight and a lot of them but own on the fox news channel. megyn and bret baier will host the coverage before 4:00 eastern and 8:00 oxford. neil cavuto will report from the fox business network. that is the promotion. and before we wrap up "studio b" the cancellation fees for cell phone contracts can be brutal. a woman in southwest france decided to close her cell phone account to cut back on expenses so the company sent her a bill for 200 times the g.d.p. of the entire planet. the woman complained. they would not change the bill but they d


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