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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 14, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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fox news channel for complete coverage are the next presidential debate. and that's news night at 9 p.m. and that's it for today. have a great week, and we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> this is the fox report, and there they are, new video coming into our news room, on the left screen president obama in virginia on the right governor romney, and preparing for the next showdown less than 48 hours from now and we already have seen one debate significantly alter the race for the white house, putting governor romney either neck and neck or out in some polls and in minutes more could be at stake when they meet again. also tonight, new pressure on the white house to provide answers about the terror
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attack on our u.s. consulate in libya. >> either they're misleading american people or presently incompetent. >> i think it's turning into a-- we can do better, we can. >> harris: accusations piling on over what went wrong on the murder of americans in libya. the obama administration, after sending conflicting message and fox report, how the truth is leading now to more questions than answers. also, standing on the edge of space. before attempting a record breaking jump back to earth. there's so much that can go wrong. i'm harris falkner, we begin with the back and forth getting pretty heated on this sunday. about what the white house knew and when, after four americans were murdered last month at the u.s. consulate in libya. as you know, that's u.s. soil
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in that country and that terror attack took out our ambassador christopher stevens. there's still a push to learn about security concerns in the days and weeks that led up to the assault. but tonight, new questions emerging about the initial response from the white house. first, telling the american people the attack was a spontaneous reaction to a youtube video critical of islam and that of course turned out not to be true with the obama administration admitting days later it was in fact a pre-planned terrorist attack, and now growing allegations and the white house deliberate deceived the public. >> either they're misleading the american people or critically incompetent. there was no way with anybody looking at all, that an attack based on a riot that never occurred. there was no riot at all. to say that you're very incompetent or misleading. >> harris: the white house saying their response all along had been based on what they'd been told by the intelligence community.
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and senior advisor david axelrod says there's nobody more concerned about figuring out what happened than president obama. >> look, we want to get to the bottom of it. the first order of business to bring to justice those who committed this heinous act and secondly, find out what went wrong and what adjustments need to be made to further secure our diplomates around the world. >> steve centanni, steve? >> reporter: the administration continuing to take heat over the handling of that attack. as you mentioned, it was a spontaneous reaction to a protest. in benghazi. when vice-president biden said in the debate wednesday night that we weren't told that they wanted more security there in libya. he directly contradicted the sworn testimony of the regional security director for
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the state department. >> and today, obama campaign aide robert gibbs, whether the president is responsible for what is called a bungled response. the administration is responsible and countries that provide consulates and missions are responsible for keeping those safe and secure and what the president and secretary of state asked for so that we can understand directly all the things that happened and to take steps necessary to keep anybody that serves our country overseas safe from harm. >> and at the same time the mother of sean smith, the state department information officer killed in that benghazi attack tells fox news she got practically no information out of the obama administration how her son died until just a few days ago. >> leon panetta took his hands with my face and said, trust me, i will tell you the truth. i will get the right information to you, just trust me.
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and when i heard that, i knew i couldn't trust him and i don't trust any of them anymore. they lied. >> meantime, the u.s. senate has launched a bipartisan investigation of exactly what happened in benghazi, and we'll also examine the administration's response to it. harris. >> harris: steve centanni, thank you very much. >> reporter: you bet. >> harris: fox news is america's election headquarters. what will the next presidential debate bring? governor mitt romney and president barack obama said to be working out their strategies right now, out of-- how to outdebate the other. there's plenty riding on the outcome of tuesday's town hall style showdown, most importantly is perhaps momentum. governor romney's strong performance in the first debate with many polls. and gillespie acknowledging
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those, there's clearly momentum, you can see it on the trail, you can see it in the data, but the country is pretty evenly divided. >> the president meanwhile, hoping to build momentum and making changes to the debate strategy promising aggressive approach, and david axelrod earlier in fox news sunday. >> i think he's going to be aggressive in making the case for his-- where we should go as a country and a country that's built around a growing thriving middle class, not this top down theory that governor romney has. >> harris: chief white house correspondent ed henry is live for us in williamsburg, virginia, and we know the president haz been focused on debate prep the last couple of days, but you have new details how things are going. >> yeah, he tried to get out a little bitty guess, maybe cooped up at the resort in williamsburg and delivered pizza to the campaign office here, in virginia, can't forget it's a battle ground state. trying to sort of fire up the
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volunteers and get the base going, yes. he focused much more on what's going on behind closed doors and he's doing a lot of reading and looking at videotape, and of the first debate and also congressman paul ryan and mitt romney what they said on the stump and both debates and vice-presidential and presidential debate and what they're trying to get the president to be more like vice-president biden. if you listen to the advisors, they want to see more passion and step up in a way in which he did not in denver. take a listen. >> you'll see the president, as forceful, passionate, energetic, tone that demonstrates the choice that we have in front of us. obviously, the president is going to be respectful and the most important thing is to talk directly to the undecided voters asking these questions and give them the answer that they deserve on what's
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impacting most their lives. >> that last part critical because you read between the lines what robert gibbs is saying. a different format at hofstra university. it's a town hall and they'll be taking questions from actual voters, if you try to be too aggressive, but you know, perform like vice-president biden thursday, republicans thought he was interrupting and laughing at the wrong moments and that could back fire and look too negative when you've got real voters. and it's a balancing act. >> harris: not to put too fine a point on it, they are undecided voters admittedly. even though governor romney had a good first debate and he's getting ready for round two. >> not resting on that strong performance. the governor had two or three campaign rallies and running through the state with rob portman playing the president
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in the romney debate prep sessions and did one in ohio and another long one today. the bottom line, when you talk to his advisors, no matter what adjustments the president makes to get ready for the big secretary debate, they still think that romney has the edge. take a listen. >> the president can change his style, he can change his-- he can't change his record and he can't change his policies. that's what the record is about, the fact that $4,300 drop in income has occurred under his watch. >> now, after tuesday's debate, the third and final presidential face-off will be the following monday down in florida. and so, the clock is ticking here and that's why there's such intense pressure on both candidates, frankly. you've got essentially a 50-50 race and they're each running out of opportunities to shake this up and make the final pitch to voters, harris. >> harris: and our viewers can see the clock 20 days before the election, they can see it running. ed, henry, thank you very
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much. fox will bring you the presidential debate live, with bret baier and megyn kelly, don't miss a second of it. in a few minutes, bret baier will be here with a live debate preview coming up live. that's inside the fox report. condolences pouring in across the nation after the news of the death of arlen specter. the former u.s. senator being remembered tonight as an outspoken champion for the people of pennsylvania. his family announcing he died earlier today in his philadelphia home from complications of lymphoma. he was 82. peter doocy, live from washington, to look back at senator specter's career, peter? >> and harris, senator specter served for 30 years in the u.s. senate from 1980 until 2010. first as a democrat and then as a republican and then as a democrat again. right around the time that president obama needed the votes that he could get to pass his health care law and only one of three republicans in congress who voted for president obama's stimulus
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package and over the three decades in the u.s. senate was involved in 13 supreme court confirmation hearings. before coming to washington, the kansas native worked in philadelphia and part of the warren commission and investigation that a single shot passed through the president and governor conley, and purported the claims that lee harvey oswald acted alone. he was the longest serving senator, who said his former opponent helped save his daughter's life. >> my daughter had been struck with a brain cancer and-- a pretty tough one and children's hospital decided that she was to be placed on a study that was being done. hadn't been approved for common usage, it's chemotherapy using stem cells and she survived. she's 11 years old today, going on 22 and my family has
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arlen specter to thank for that as many families across america do. >> reporter: and harris, the specter family says the funeral will be held on tuesday. . >> harris: yeah, peter, a lot of prominent figures all over the nation expressing their memories as we saw mr. sustech doing that and president obama. >> today president obama said in a statement, arlen specter was always a fighter from his days stamping out corruption, as a prosecutor in philadelphia, to three decades of service in the senate. arlen was fiercely independent never putting party or ideology and we heard from former president george w. bush, released a statement, said arlen specter loved our country and served it with integrity three decades in the united states senate and laura and i appreciate his contributions to america and grateful for his many years of public service. again, harris, prominent
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members of both parties mourning this evening. >> harris: peter doocy, thank you very much. right now the number of ka ises from the deadly meningitis outbreak passed a deadly milestone and there are growing concerns the number could keep rising, more on the scare of tainted medicine for back pain. the view above the guy jumped and it's hard to watch it. the daredevil hoping to close the gap of 24 miles faster than the speed of sound without riding in anything, just the gear. if he did it, he's the fastest man in the world. we'll check it. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay
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>> more information now on the deadly meningitis outbreak. the report from disease
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control report the number of confirmed cases topping 200. 15 people died after receiving tainted steroid injections mainly for back pain and the outbreak affecting clinics in more than a dozen states where packages of the contaminated drug were shipped. the c.d.c. linking this to the new england compounding center in massachusetts, that pharmaceutical company has now recalled all of its products. well, talk about a leap of faith. australia extreme athlete, and he is extreme, felix baumgartner statered several rounds and the sound barrier, too, in a record freefall attempt jumping from 24 miles above the earth and plunging back at supersonic speed. fast on the story is anna koiiman watching history unfold. some worried moments. >> and beforehand, people wondering if we'd be watching it, but more than 47 million watched as fearless felix
4:18 pm
baumgartner, pushed back seven national league football games. and three times the jetliners cruise, the trip back lasted just over nine minutes. before jumping wearing a pressureized suit. he was concerned that the astronaut-like helmet was fogging up and not heating properly. and best known for jumping off skyscrapers, and he promised the final jump about 2:00 eastern time. >> all right, stand up on the exterior step, keep your head down, release the helmet tie down strap. start the cameras. and our guardian angel will take care of you. >> baumgartner over and out. >> there he goes, the extreme athlete broke several records,
4:19 pm
highest free fall, fastest free fall and highest manned balloon flight and hit his goal of breaking the speed of sound and the international federation for aviation confirming he reached 834 miles per hour. crowds watched below on monitors and cheered, and balm gardner landed in the eastern new mexico desert and his mother, father and girlfriend also size of relief as well. >> you know, i said before we went to the commercial break he was the fastest man on earth. no, he's not the fastest man in space, he hadn't gotten to earth yet, but this is another key day for other people trying to do something similar. >> ironic twists and smashed the parachute jump record with someone helping with the feat. his project advisor, also coincidentally today marks the 65th anniversary of u.s. test pilot chuck yager becoming the first man to break the sound barrier, but that was aboard an airplane. >> harris: i know, when you see him jump and he's not in
4:20 pm
anything for the first couple of seconds, i couldn't breathe. >> he made it. >> harris: thanks, anna. the weather cooperated with the historic jump, but in other parts of our nation so potential potentially severe weather is on the move. and in one state, it's required for registration, and critical swing state. how is that playing out 20 days before the election. stay close. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool
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>> fox weather alert now. the potential for severe
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storms bringing damaging winds and isolated twisters for a second night. meteorologist maria molina is here from the fox extreme weather center. what else is out there. >> good to see you. talking another system or the same system that produced over six reports of severe weather and tornados that touched down in portions of the plains and today fortunately not bringing as much threat, but we're seeing strong storms following through portions of the great lakes and in the airport and over an hour at chicago's o'hare airport and heavy storms and we chenl have one across monroe county of the southeastern parts of the state of michigan and wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour and another thing to know. and with the system, as we head into the next couple of hours we'll continue to track the threat for severe weather across indiana and person portions of ohio and strong winds with gusts up to 50 miles per hour across parts of the mid south. harris. >> harris: maria, thank you
4:25 pm
very much. north carolina blazing trail in making sure young americans register to vote. it's the only state in the nation that requires each and every high school to host a registration drive. it's working, north carolina signed up 100,000 new voters in less than three years, elizabeth prann live from our bureau. >> hi, harris, five states allow teenagers to pre-register to vote and north carolina is the only state by law high schools have to hold voter registration drives. in three weeks, 18-year-old rebecca mill sap will be voting for the first time. >> and everybody talks about politics and that could get to be heard. >> and thanks to a very motivated civics teacher, millsap registered between classes. >> it doesn't matter, republican, democrat, whatever, i just want them to participate.
4:26 pm
>> are you guys registered to vote? >> students all over north carolina are planning to vote in large numbers because of the unique law that requires voter registration drives on high school campuses. >> and i just turned 17 in august, and i actually registered to vote last weekend. >> state representative trisha kaufman response soared the law. >> we all know the national trend to voter participating with youth is pretty low. it's pretty pathetic to be honest so i hope that this is a tool to say, you know, participate in your government, participate in democracy. >> since the law took effect in 2010, more than 100,000 teachers have registered, an election reform advocacy group says no party has benefitted from the voters, north carolina teens are evenly split among democrats and republicans and many registering as independents. now, harris, about 40,000 of those 100,000 student won't be 18 by november 6th, but those students tell us as soon as
4:27 pm
they turn 18, no election will be too small for them to vote in. harris. >> harris: that was such an interesting percentage. almost 39% of the students registering as independents. very interesting. >> yep. >> harris: elizabeth, thank you. well, we're learning new information how the participants in the next presidential debate are selected. just who are these americans who will be attending the town hall style meeting on tuesday night and what criteria was in place for choosing them? bet bare will be here in just a moment. and seeking justice for the thousands killed on 9/11. on the eve of the terror suspect and the victim's families. fox reports live from guantanamo bay in cuba. why let constipation slow you down?
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>> i'm harris falkner, we're live as fox reports tonight. it's the bottom of the hour, time now for the top of the news. governor romney and obama preparing to face-off for the second time. the president promising more aggressive stance, and the romney camp look to build on the moment tum. and bret baier will be
4:32 pm
anchoring with megyn kelly and right now is live from the battle ground state of new hampshire, bret, first of all, let's set the stage for the next debate. this room, you might call it a tough room like some comedians like to say, it will be filled with undecided voters? >> that's right, harris, it's a different format. this is the town hall format hosted by andy crowley from cnn. questions from uncommitted voters, selected through a process through the gallup organization. the bottom line, it's a different environment for these two candidates, the president and governor romney. obviously, president obama is looking to bounce back from what both sides of the aisle were saying was a lackluster performance in the first debate. governor romney is trying to build on, well, pretty much every poll has shown has been a significant jump from his first debate. and has -- and he's trying to capitalize on that to try to
4:33 pm
move additionally some battle ground states like here in new hampshire. so, this is a big moment. these debates have been big moments in this election and this one will be another big moment. >> harris: you know, let's talk about the big moments for the people in the audience. i've been reading up on the selection process, how do they choose these people. >> reporter: it's run by the gallup organization, as it has been since the town haul format has been moved forward by the debate commission. uncommitted vote, they put out a release today. uncommitted voters either no preference for a presidential candidate at this point or who have a preference, but not committed to a candidate and say there's a chance they could vote for the other candidate. all of the participants, gallup says, are registered voters planning to vote on the november 6th election and is true in all gallup poll, the
4:34 pm
nassau county new york, from cell phones and how they screened for the voters in the hall. could somebody answer all of these questions and say, yeah i'm uncommitted and have an agenda to try to get into that hall? of course, but gallup is saying they did their best to screen for uncommitted voters. >> interesting, a venue, of course for showers, in 23 days, the swing states to learn something about them. you're in one tonight. tell us about it. >> yeah, we're continuing with the swing counties around the country and we have been to a number of them taking the show on the road. we're in rockingham county, in downtown portsmouth, a beautiful place. this county is a swing county. the state of new hampshire went by president obama by about 10 points, but rocking ham was one of the counties that was very slim, it went to
4:35 pm
president obama, but only about 1500 votes. this is a, in portsmouth, a democratic area, but rockingham is kind of a republican leaning county. this state went to president bush in 2004. the latest poll, the real politics average has the state at about 1 point. some polls have it, 1, 2, maybe 3 points towards president obama, but it seems to be shifting after that first debate. so rockingham county, one of the swing counties and that's why we're here and we'll have a special report tonight with a local panel and talk to a bunch of folks about the issues and what's really on their mind. >> 1500 votes, and the people waiting for president in that county and that's truly some swing, bret. one last question. >> yeah, that's right. >> harris: one last question for you, it's one of the stories breaking late today here on fox news channel, the passing of the former senator arlen specter and your thoughts on that. >> you know, he's such an interesting political figure
4:36 pm
with his long life in politics. and what a character in politics, starting as a democrat, becoming a moderate republican, chairing the senate judiciary committee and sitting over all of those judicial nominations, including supreme court nominations. i interviewed them many, many times and following the campaign when he eventually lost as a democrat. becoming a democrat, yeah. today i talked to the former new hampshire governor john sununu and he reflected back on his experiences with senator specter. >> i got to know arlen reasonably well, pretty well, actually during the hearings and he turned out to be quite helpful. i thought a lot of liberals got angry for him, but he had made a commitment and he deserves credit and he stuck to it. one small family anecdote about it.
4:37 pm
he had his cancer and going to chemo and lost all of his hair and in solidarity john shaved his head so arlen wouldn't be the bald head walking around and they got along quite well, even though they were quite different, but i think that arlen appreciated that. >> reporter: whatever you thought about arlen specter's politics or his back and forth, republican, democrat, he handled his battle with cancer, harris, with grace. >> harris: absolutely. 30 years on the senate. bret baier giving us not only his perspective on things, but a breaking news story today. thank you for joining us tonight. tune in for the fox news second presidential debate and the best political analysis, anchored by bret and megyn kelly. caught hitch weekdays, i
4:38 pm
always do, he'll be hosting from the swing state of new hampshire and if you want to catch more, tonight at 10 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. pret bret is a busy man. our top stories as we go around the world in 80 seconds. afghanistan, . [applause] >> police dousing those drugs with gasoline and setting them on fire in an open field. they say the heroin, opium were in the kabul area and arrested more than 900 suspects in connection with the contraband. bahrain, violence erupting as afghans continue protesting in the gulf. this despite the government
4:39 pm
with's claims that major reforms have been made. dozens of people killed since the uprising began more than a year ago. it's home to the u.s. navy's fifth fleet. chile, survivors of the 1972 plane crash that inspired the hollywood movie "alive", reuniting to mark the 40th anniversary for their rescue. the men from uruguay scheduled to play the same team before they crashed in the andes mountains. and germany, hundreds outside the cathedral, the iconic building is illuminating music themes. and donning head phones. that's a trip around the world in 80 seconds. the follow-up on the story we first brought you on fox report last night. pandemonium after a fireworks display in china went horribly wrong. amateur video, captures the
4:40 pm
terrified suspects and the fireworks trying to go right into the crowd. we had not seen that. we only know that this happened and it took place during the opening night of the expo, about 100 people were burned and scarred and now that we see the video we understand why, they couldn't get out of the way. police are now investigating what caused that. with the u.s. troop withdrawals nearing completion in afghanistan. n.a.t.o. troops are accepting up to make sure that afghan police are ready to protect themselves from the taliban. about you the truth we could be risk and the more with n.a.t.o. on the green on blue attacks. like oven-roasted chicken in a creamy alfredo sauce. marie callender's new comfort bakes. it's time to savor. we don't let frequent heartburn
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or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> it's been one of the most challenging aspects of the afghan war, training local police on how to guard their country against militant forces. mentoring has succeeded in
4:44 pm
securing many violent regions in afghanistan for n.a.t.o., but our deals dealing with the ambush green on blue attacks. and that's when they turn their guns on american and tato soldiers and advisors. lt. colonel oliver north has met some of the operation troops and he's streaming live from afghanistan. you've been there for three weeks and you've really gotten to see the situation, the status of things on the ground. tell me the latest about this green on ballet attack? >> there's, what's happened is that the talk in washington about pulling out our troops, a state certain or a so-called exit strategy has certainly made it more difficult for the troops that we have on the ground, and quite frankly, the afghans themselves, pushed up the time schedule for getting people adequately recruited and trained and fielded and encouraged with the enemy, they know they've only got a
4:45 pm
certain amount of time to attacks the americans and incurred trial orders to do so. frankly shall the i think anxiety among some of them and what they say. listen to this. >> when i was first here, this was gun fois and give me your description. >> this is what victory looks like, behind us right now. this is the normal for the district center and people are doing their normal lives, they've lived, bringing to the market and they sell their sheep they can do what they want to do and they're protected by their own people and that's the normal here. >> that's a great troop. all the others that helped to make this happen. and being out there like this, and this is the normal for the people of information, it may not look like victory to the people in los angeles, in new
4:46 pm
york. that's what they've done, in helmand province. >> reporter: harris, what is effort to me, this has been law, enthough i think that kohl tigses in dshth, in my opinion made it tougher and yet, they're dill getting it-- still getting it done and made this place better having served here. >> harris: it's moving to hear you say the word victory, journal north. good to see you tonight. well, we are less than a day away from pretrial earnings with five men from the sleven attacks. the prosecute cues plans to see whether the suspects. and khalid shaikh mohammed he's the self-proclaimed master mind. and katherine? >> harris, we just wrapped up
4:47 pm
on a 90 minute briefing from the prosecution and the defense here at guantanamo bay, what they're going to hear next week, about two dozen negotiations for the 9/11 trial and it's clear from the brefg that we had, there's a conscientious issue, in the clays of khalid shaikh mohammed, the government wants to keep out the evidence related to his time in the cia secret prisons where they say he was water boarded 183 times and the prosecution does not want to compromise the method or national security in the case, by leaving the information. when look at the data, what you'll see is the last five years has been pretty static. under president bush there were 380 detainees. when president obama took office in 2009 there were 232 and right now 161 detainees
4:48 pm
and the vast majority come from yemen and can't be sent open because that country is so instable. when we were here in the hearings. postponed because of hurricane isaac. the chief prosecutor does not inspect the actual 9/11 trial for some months. they'll work on the volume because of the volume of material that's necessary for the defense to review, i've stated the and the prosecution is not going to object to reasonable requests for continui continuing. >> reporter: and really good focus this week is what they call recitivism, the rate of report for the battlefield. right now while the detainees are sent bag home, one in three or confirmed or suspected to return to the battle field and needs to come to the fore, and report on fox
4:49 pm
news, it's expected to play a key role in the attack in bengha benghazi. >> katherine, thank you very much. the end of a long and difficult mission, final mission we showed you last night. on the streets of l.a., friday at home took 12 to three days to make the 12 mile trip. what took so long? what was going on? ♪ leaving my homeland ♪ pling a lone hand ♪ my life begins today ♪ ♪ fly by night away from here ♪ ♪ change my life again ♪ ♪ fly by night, goodbye my dear ♪ ♪ my ship isn't coming ♪ and i just can't pretend oww! ♪ [ male announcer ] careful, you're no longer invisible the volkswagen passat. the 2012 motor trend car of the year.
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that's the power of german engineering.
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>> it wasn't easy about the space shuttle endeavour finished a journey home. across los angeles the retired orbitter is part of the california science center.
4:53 pm
it was supposed to be there late last night, but an unforeseen obstacle, i think this they call it traffic, people on the street. a man trapped on the second floor. our fox trip across america. missouri, there were actually two people in the home in springfield. the woman jumped from the second floor window. her roommate managed to call 911 and directed crews to the home, but he did not make it out alive. firefighters had to pull back because of the intense smoke and flames and one fireman was hospitalized with injuries. no word what caused the house to burn. florida, police on the lookout for a woman posing as a nurse. they say she's scamming the elderly and has hit several nursing homes across the state each time sneaking inside because she looks so real.
4:54 pm
>> she wears medical looking scrubs, the shirt and pants, nothing descript about them. she blends in and has on a light jacket, that looks medical related jacket. >> the suspect rips off a credit card and social security card from a 90-year-old man and she took on one from another woman and went on a shopping spree. colorado, apparently all you need for a good time is a pumpkin and an air cannon: it's the annual pungin' chuckin' contest and see who gets to move on to the world championships of punkin' chuckin'. you know how much i love the nfl and a wild sunday including an overtime thriller
4:55 pm
between detroit and philadelphia. peter schrader is will be joining us. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. >> the sports announcer dreaming about a game like this. late game heroics for the detroit lions and plenty of action on the gridiron. peter schrader is here. >> the lions 1-3 coming into the game with the eagles in philadelphia. and no one knows what's going on and they had a horrible first half and came in late in the fourth quarter, to beat michael vick and philadelphia. the huge win for the lions and a huge comeback and now they're back in the thick of things. season could have been over, but now a contender once again. >> a rematch of the nfc championship today, a big game today. >> this was on fox, san francisco 49ers having outscored the last two opponents, 79-3. they're homes against the giants and the rematch, with the giants won, across the country and beat them again,
4:59 pm
and handily. and the giants looking very good. >> harris: let's talk about dallas and my family is there and 11 cousins in dallas metro. >> i don't know, talk to jerry jones. the cowboys are not-- >> talk to jerry jones? he doesn't carry the ball. >> and they fell behind and last lost in the end. the cowboys lost and lost lewis, for the year. >> harris: i saw that on twitter, you tweeted it out. the detroit tigers, and go up two games and win both against the yankees in alcs. won today 3-0. derek jeter as you know, broke his ankle in game one and the yankees, kano, the bombers supposed to be hitting the ball, they do know the and tigers go up 2-0 and go back to detroit. >> that video was so hard to


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