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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 20, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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i would like to live in a place where this is a problem. >> thanks, andy. >> thanks for letting me borrow your bus last night. >> did you do anything fun? >> it was nice to get away. i hung out by myself. >> chilled some. >> yes. >> i guess i forgot to turn off the cameras before i lent it to you. >> really? >> yes, michael can we roll that tape? andy, i told you only 14 cats. >> like i said, chose chillin. -- just chillin. you can get personalized copies of the book. i will sign it or draw something of the probably not draw something because i am lying. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so sweet that four out
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of five den fists don't recommend her. i am here with the former white house press secretary and one of my co-hosts for "the five" one of many. and if fierce commentary was an attic i would leave my junk in him for years. it is the imus in the morning executive producer. it is language, peel. and in finland he is considered a fan knee pack. and she is so sharp she sneezes throwing stars. ann coulter, political commentator. her latest book is called mug, the true story of how swiss miss was america's favorite hot chocolate. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. >> so should eva be forced to leava? team obama can't be happy with eva longoria's f-up. the poor man susan lucci retweeted a crude comment which read. >> i have no idea why any woman, slash minority would
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vote for romney. you have to be stupid to vote for any tw asterisk. >> any i what, after that went out to her four million followers, the actress lame low attempted to quel the outrage by saying, is anyone else's twitter bugging out? there are things in my time line i didn't retweet today. stand by. trying to fix. the luscious liar came clean saying, i use twitter as a lat form for all-americans all-americans and their opinions. sorry if people were uh -- were offended by the retweet. i respect all americans hash tag freedom of speech. it is more like hash tag liar. allen combs has called for eva's resignation, and it carries some weight, from obama's re-election committee. and even the composer of the tweet has called the star out calling her shady for not owning up to it. it seems the only person still on team eva isn't a person at
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all. >> how i got into that tiny costumes, i will they ever know, anne. anne, you never apologize for anything, including when you strangled that hobo. should eva have apologized for this or said screw you, that's how i feel? >> i recommend in a situation like this have hillary clinton take credit for it. >> you know she would. >> and someone in eva's position, having been a big star of ""desperate housewives"" she is concerned about the status of women. >> that's so true. she is a model. dana, your tweets are short on spell check and long on obscenities. should you beheld accountable? >> i think we should hold accountable a guy who made an obscure message. the thing that is a problem for her is if you go to a transcript in colorado she did
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a rally for obama where she said everything except the twt asterisk part. i thought she is just saying what she said before. we have already seen this. and then it is pathetic. >> a retweet is a let's face it, people. bernie, could this scandal be as big or perhaps bigger than watergate? >> speaking of watergate, that's the scandal. the tws, the t is so 1970, up your nose with a rubber hose, eva. they are in panic mode and to portray rom know as massage nighs. they have bill clinton on the trail and jay-z cutting obama campaign. speak of massage nighs, the lyrics. i hope they dump her for stacy dash. >> she is a lovely, lovely young woman. i don't know who she is. no, just kidding. she was in "clueless" an under rated film. a couple of casualties in that
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film, but that is depressing. are we being hard on a b-lister. >> obama has bigger fish to fry. and he called for my resignation the moment i hit fox news. nothing has happened about it. don't let it worry you, eva. call me. i can throw better than mark. >> the original tweeter who tweeted this thing, a russian tweeter, i believe, said that -- what did she say? she said she was turning for not backing up the original tweet. even her side thinks she is a liar making her a perfect obama supporter. she said something and then backs off. and then she says "are you all beautiful." that's what all liberals do. they say, you are all beautiful. that's a lie. we know we are not all beautiful. >> you ever seen people on twitter and they say a retweet does not mean an endorsement of that tweet?
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that's tweetish. >> i don't like to give credit to the retweets. they are mine. >> you are funny on twitter. from slips to quips, and president obama and mitt romney per script tiff jokes. and the al smith dinner. here is some of my favorites. >> your evidence, cardinal dolan, mr. president, mayor bloomburg, senator schumer, al and anne smith, thank you for your invitation, thank you for your extraordinarily warm welcome. >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you. thank you. everyone please take your seat. >> who wrote that stuff? that was amazing!
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on monday it was back to sniping. the candidates will meet on foreign policy and libya might come up. the latest ripping leader -- ringleader is doing fine. he spent two leisurely hours on thursday evening at a crowded hotel siping mango juice on a patio and scoffing at the threats from the american and libyan governments. the paper later issued a correction, and this is real saying, quote, it was a strawberry frap and not mango juice. you know who else likes fraps? >> ed asner never gets old. bernie, let's start with the dinner. who had the better joke writers ? >> clearly president obama can siping al green, but that was a masterful performance.
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. >> it is al green. >> he was funny, confident, handsome, urbane, you are talking about getting women. he will get binders full of women. he looks presidential. i was attracted to him. i thought it was a fantastic performance. >> he had a nice regan esque delivery. i know you hate mitt romney with a passion. >> no, he totally killed. he was fantastic. and your little per tomorrow mans art thing there, and in the words of lawrence owe don't -- lawrence o'donnell, mitt romney committed murder. >> that's true. now he has a seven-point lead in a poll i can't remember. should romney lay down and play dead, or should he go for the kill? >> i will tell you what happens tomorrow. tomorrow is october 20th and you are 17 days out until the election.
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starting tomorrow we will see stories in the newspaper saying that poll isn't real. the lead isn't real. obama peaked too early and obama is coming back. they will point to any shred of evidence saying obama is winning. so i have never run a marathon, but i have been told the hardest part of the marathon is the last three miles. whatever effort you put into that first bit that's how much energy you had to spend in the next -- expenned in the next three miles. >> i followed it. some people would look at you and say that poll isn't real. i want to ask you about the strawberry frap. is that what men drink if they don't drink alcohol? >> i think so. it is caloric like alcohol. it makes you feel bad afterwards. it is basically the same thing. i have run a marathon in five different disney princess. the best line of the night
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came from obama where he said we have battleground states in ohio, pennsylvania and other states whose nails escape me. and we are here talking to you good people in white ties and having a lovely dinner. what in the hell are we doing here? and he is absolutely right. can we stop with these white house correspondent dippers and these al green dinners. >> oh you weren't invited. >> they are just sitting there dancing for the elite when they should be pounding the pavement. >> are you just mad because you got lousy tips parking the cars. >> i didn't get any tips parking the cars. i hate these foreigners! >> the amazing thing about that story is that the terrorist had a pr person who called the new york times and demand a correction, but it wasn't mango juice. it was a frap. that's a big you know what to america. >> i know. that drives me crazy of the -- crazy. when we are in countries like this we will be in the davis versus goliath their
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narrative. the media in america plays into it, and so does the world. the world likes it. this guy may be a nobody, a complete nobody. he may be exaggerating his role, but he will be a celeb. >> and we might have an october surprise. there may be a drone strike and this guy is killed and helps get obama back. ironically it may turn out to benefit the president. let's hope so. let's hope he does get droned and killed. the new york times can find him. how come we can't find him. how come our friendly government who we helped install, why aren't they sticking this dude in the cell. >> i know why. they are busy finding the guy who made that trailer. it was some hick american that is causing muslim violence. it is not muslims causing muslim violence. >> i agree with you though. this guy is sitting there drinking his parfait and give him a little bit. this guy is drinking a frap
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and eating crap. you can use that, obama. >> maybe he will become a frap. >> it would be nonalcoholic. >> from politics to par partisans. the skids about mitt is causing a fit. universal studios orlando which i believe is in nebraska is getting crap for a parity shown at their theme park. it features characters from "bill and ted's excellent adventures" poking fun at obama and romney. romney introduces himself by saying i would like to apologize to the ladies for my controversial views on contraception. i'm sorry. i didn't realize women could vote. during a rap battle obama brags about how tough he is and romney says things like, call me heart less and cold. i ain't got no remorse. i will fix the housing market by letting it run its course. ladies, i am not concerned with your health. my money is my time and my time is my wealth. the show is not meant to be
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partisan, they say. this is not a political stai. but as one witness told fox, it turned into a 40-minute campaign really for obama de -- defaming romney. you know what i would rather watch? this. >> it is amazing these high powered executives will do this all day at work instead of attending to their kitten executive duties. dana, were you a care bear at universal studios. >> i can't believe you found that. >> it is actually on your wikipedia page. there are pictures. should we be shocked by this anymore? >> i was asking better thee in the green room, is the media the whole kit and kaboodle? i don't have children, but friends who had more than one
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child, after they had the first one they say i will never do that again. it is so horrible. and then a couple years later, that wasn't so bad. that's how i was feeling. maybe the media wasn't as bad in 2004 and 2008. i think it is worse than ever. and it extends not just from news media burkts it is all across thd entertainment. they are trying to make a buck based on thinking they are so funny and making fun of mitt romney. >> here is the thing. the country is pretty evenly split. that's why countries never talk about politics. they didn't want to alienate half of their buck. they must have seen the rehearsal. >> it is nbc owned, right? >> yes. >> msnbc and "saturday night live" their satires are an oral of the obama -- are an arm of the obama campaign. i don't know if you have seen the satire. some of this stuff i read about was not even funny.
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my jaw is a gape about some of the stuff i read about. >> they did it in front of kids. kids are america's future. you can't use words like -- this front of them. >> greg, your daughter is right behind the -- >> jeez, i told her to sit out sight when i did this show. she will get a spanking. what is more offensive, my glasses or this skit or the fact that universal thinks it is nonpartisan? the spokesperson said it is nonpartisan. that is a bald faced lie. >> it sounds very nonpartisan, and no i don't think we should be shocked, but dana is right. i have never seen a war mode like this. every time they strike at romney though it smacks them in the face so much harder including the binders of women and we spent the week finding out how good at romney is at hiring qualified women. we finally mentioned libya. i think that was a trick by
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romney jie. they thought libya was a woman in the bibbedder. this is something that you and your left wing friend would have a good chuckle about eating bree in your homeless shelter. >> you know, i guess it was partisan and badly produced from what i am told. i am concerned about the content. as a parent of severely i will legitimate daughters i try to monitor everything they watch. sometimes i am not real clear. i thought the spice channel was a cooking channel. shaniqua will never be the same. >> she is working there now. terrible. what is the secret to youthful, usable skin? horrible, but can't argue with the results what is the most
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popular halloween costumes this year? and will dana dress up as me again?
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yellow beak. he is the most popular costumes and now sadly many stores are sold out. revenue from big bird eclipsed revenue from big oil. says one costumes maker, quote, it has been insanity. it is just crazy. no one asked you, but thanks. of course interest in the stupid bird spiked he said he strangled the creature until life left his body. and sexy versions of the big
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bird costumes are also flying off the shelves to the rage of sesame street workshop that has sent a cease and assist website. but thankfully not everyone is going as big bird this halloween. >> a happy ending. >> for some it is. for some perverts who like that sort of thing chght -- thing. you make me sick. consider yourself one of the lucky ones ? >> i love sesame street as a kid. what kills me about this is big bird -- they are making so much money, and the taxpayers still have to pay. you can't go into a store where you can't find something for big bird. the next thing big bird will do is he is coming out with a book called "50 shades of
12:22 am
yellow." >> the linen on his bed. >> i couldn't resist. anne, you like halloween because it allows you to wear a costumes. i went out with you last halloween and you can go in public without being noticed. >> walk freely. it is so much fun. we are going out again. >> people think she is dressed as ann coulter. >> i am not giving away my costumes, but they were big bir. i got the obama weasel. >> really? bernie, aren't top will cay costumes -- topical costumes boring because everybody does them joi. a sexy big -- >> a sexy big bird costumes seems like an oxymoron, but i will try anything. and the kids want to be scared. i will open the door with a great jerry sandusky mask and you will see some crying kids. i might save some candy too.
12:23 am
>> are you a terrible man. i don't condone that, by the way. i am not even sure what condone means. this happens when i don't read my bill a day calendar. sexy big bird, why or why not? >> there is nothing we can't make sexy. >> could you make bob beckle sexy? >> absolutely. >> someone of his girth, call me. >> you don't know what condone means and he does president know what sexy means. >> this is a state of mind, anne. >> this halloween i am going as dana's dog, jasper. i will get on all four's naked and break wind. >> wouldn't be the first time. >> i am going for the same thing, but newt gingrich. two for the place -- price of
12:24 am
one. >> adults dressing up? weird. >> i grew up in colorado and one year i went as big bird. but the problem is it is 25 degree there's and you had to wear your coat over your costumes and it ruined the whole affect. not sexy at all. >> i am generally against putting razor blades in apples, but if kids come to my door in a big bird costumes -- >> that's a great way to travel with razor blades. it protects the razor blades, and that's what i tell the authorities. no, i am taking them to a shaving marathon. do you think given the way "the five" works they will try to convince us to do a halloween show? >> last year they d remember they had the whole set. i have been trying to figure out a great website or company would be like if you went in and sent in a picture and i could get a mask of greg gutfeld. the only problem is i have to find a way to make myself shorter to make it more convincing. >> that's like seeing a frisbie in the desert come at you.
12:25 am
i saw that from like 60 miles. >> by the way, if "the view" can convince o'reilly to come out in that dracula thing, you all will be having to wear a costumes. joy i forgot about that. >> and he could not have been more pleased. >> that was amazing. >> are you all going to have to do it. >> i will call in sick. do you have a comment? e-mail us at red eye at fox do you have a video of your animal doing something not boring, i hate that sentence, go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use. it still to come, the report 23r* andy levy. he is going as misery on halloween. >> to night's half time report is sponsored by bells, the hollow metal instruments that produces a ringing sound when struck. thanks, bell.
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we are back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far of the for that we go to andy levy. hi, andy. >> hi, greg, how are you some. >> shut up. >> eva longoria apologized for retweet. you said she should have had hillary clinton take the credit for the tweet. you mean ? >> i don't know what word i used. but i think the impact is the same. weird boy. >> like that is the first time i have been called that.
12:30 am
you said a retweet is a tweet, but as dana eluded to, many make it clear that retweets don't equal endorsement. the feeling here is was clear it wasn't an endorsement. you have to put that in your -- what is your area below your avatar. it says a retweet is not a tweet. >> it is an mp. mt. >> an mt is the same thing. >> no, it is modified. >> but sometimes you do retweet people who tweet something stupid to show they tweeted something stupid so you are not endorsing what they tweet. in her case that's not why she was retweeting. >> i quote my debt threats. my death threats. >> bernie, you said the use of the -- we will call it the t-word was outdated. this for me is now the best part of the story. shortly before we started taping, the girl who longoria retweeted who called romney a
12:31 am
racist massage nighst-word, she said the t-word has different meanings. just because you want to see it as a de roughing tore -- derogatory word doesn't mean i do. >> perfectly acceptable. he could use that for the c-word when he calls sarah palin. >> the original tweeter though she uses it in her bio and the twitter name she is not russian. >> she had the russian language there. >> that's what i said. that's what i meant. i like being stupid. stupid is fun. it is a lot easier than the other thing. >> and regarding allen combs calling for her to step down he tweeted on thursday, quote, the right wing should stop using me to beat up on eva longoria. she uh poll -- she apologized
12:32 am
and let's move on. >> i refuse to. >> let's move ogreg. >> nobody even knew. honestly i didn't know about this story until tonight. and i did a lot of research. you would think because it is eva longoria it has been buried until you fine gentlemen brought it out. but otherwise it has been on the dl. >> i think twitchy hit it big on-line. >> allen combs opened up a can of worms, and now he wants to get the werms back in the can, well good luck because those worms are squirming all over the place. the worms are out of the can. they are on the floor. >> have you ever tried to put worms back in the can? >> i have, my friend. for three years i worked in a factory where my whole job was putting worms back in cans. it was the warm caning industry in america. >> even allen's worms want me to resign. they can't talk, but you can tell by the way they wiggle. i a
12:33 am
chance to tell anyone how obama did. >> obama, he was -- he didn't come off very well. he was self-depricating. mitt romney was mr. cool, confident, handsome. this is what we used to think of president obama of the step aside. there is a new guy in town. he will take your job in about 19 days? >> i thought both candidates told good jokes and did a good job. this is pr a guy who didn't watch it. >> that's true. >> what do you think of the debate on monday? how did that go? >> i think romney was a little better. obama is still hiding behind the libya lies. presentation wise i thought they were equal. i like that there was less interruptiing than there has been. >> on tuesday i am playing this back to see how close we are. >> okay. cool.
12:34 am
>> jerk. >> dana, you said starting tomorrow we will see stories that has the gallup poll up is not real. >> yes. >> the minute the poll came out. >> all of a sudden you had republicans who are defending and rejoisting and liberals saying rase mu son was more accurate. pen due will you please. pen due will you please. bill, you said you didn't get any tips and then you said you hate foreigners. catholics are not foreigners, bill. >> it is the waldorf. do you know how dirty that place is? >> it is lousy with foreigners? >> lousy. what is it with you? you really hate foreigners? >> i hate diplomatses. i know this stuff. >> that's fair. the people who do like them are the prostitutes. >> the whole area where i live is dirty with prostitutes. >> they are silly with them. >> and they are, let's say
12:35 am
they have fun badges. >> and they don't pay parking tickets. >> and they don't pay who ever they are with that day. running out on them too. >> universal orlando skit. you couldn't believe you were a care bear universal. i believe we have tape. can you roll that? i guess we don't. >> i love that. >> i was in the panda costumes earlier. >> is that right? >> yes. >> i missed that. >> broke every bone in her body. >> really? sore subject. every time they strike at romney it smacks back at them. are you saying he is like ob-wan canobie? >> what? >> i wanted to do a star wars reference. i was reting books on date -- i was reading books on dating boys. >> so was andy. >> yes, so was i.
12:36 am
>> see, we both knew. >> and ob-wan said if you strike me down i become more powerful than you can imagine. >> that sounds like an excellent movie reference if i had seen the movie. >> i said it to guys in clubs in chelsea. >> are you asking them to strike again. >> you have also seen the movie so it doesn't work. >> you made the movie. >> i made the movie -- movie. way before star wars. >> the stars were shaped -- well, i guess. big bird is this year's most popular halloween costumes. a couple things. you said the man is so great and revenue has eclipsed revenue from big oil. i do not have the exact figures, but i can say it is patently false. i have the statistics right here. let me read them. >> yes, that's what they said.
12:37 am
right here in my head. i wish i could tell you what they said. i read them. >> in 2011 the entire revenue for sesame workshop was $4 million. want to know revenue for big oil? $1.83 trillion. >> who pays more taxes? >> probably big oil. >> yes! i had to win somehow. >> big bird is greasier. it has been insanity and crazy, but no one asked you, and thanks. "usa today" asked her. >> i am not usa today. who is really? >> dana, a serious question here, how could you possibly dress up as big bird? >> you buy the costumes with the plastic mask with the two holes. >> it feels like part of that
12:38 am
would be missing. >> like what? >> the big pardon. the big parts. >> when you are 6. dye dh r this is when you were cash dash. >> this is when you were a kid? >> i am not a big dress you are -- dresser upper. >> all you have to do is cover yourself in lights and go as an electrical short. >> i saw that coming. >> no, you didn't. >> it is from mars. >> they call it the red planet. >> mars. >> somebody was talking in my ear. lastly, bernie, you said a sexy big bird costumes seems oxy moron nick. >> i will show up at your house on halloween and you will be wrong.
12:39 am
>> yep, absolutely. >> i am done. >> that you are, my friend. get your things and go. what are the strange raw meets. and is it okay to call it shashimi. she is a monster. >> could pajamas be banned in public? less we solve that.
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they can't bear the sight of sleep wear. they are closer to outlawing pajamas in public. the commissioners approved a resolution, approving businesses to adopt dress codes that would ban people from wearing pj's. says the author of the legislation it is not by force, but by choice. dressing can leave a negative image on children. next is victoria secret and the next generation we might as well be in our adam and eve uniform.
12:43 am
we can only hope, good sir. discuss in -- >> lightning roooouuuunnnnd. lightning round. >> dana, you wear strawberry short cake footsie pajamas. >> my first amendment right is completely in danger, yes. >> what is this? it is a war against laziness. there should be a war against laziness. >> it is not the government doing it. i thought it would be cool for somebody like beyonce or somebody or eva long longoria to come out and say wearing pajamas makes you look like an idiot. they need the peer pressure rather than the government telling them how to dress. >> bernie, like me you sleep in a tuxedo that constitutes a pajama. is that fair? >> it is not fair. it may disci's crime nate against -- it may discriminate against homeless people. but the real problem in san francisco, you can walk around
12:44 am
nude. and they just banned walked into a restaurant in the nude. in louisiana you don't have half of the problem they had. >> i see that as a blessing. >> should the government be involved in what you are wear ?g. >> i think you are being a little harsh. i walk around in pajamas all day, but no one knows because you wear a b burr caw on top. should we ban newspapers and is that a first amendment issue? >> is this the 19th century? i continue believe they are banning this. what two consulting people do at home -- oh wait, they are banning pj's. i got it now. completely didn't read the story. >> can we admit nobody wears pajamas anymore? men wear gym shirts and
12:45 am
sweatpants. and women wear the guy's gym shirt and sweatpants. >> that's not true. >> you still wear pajamas ? >> that's none of your business. >> turn off the camera. >> the pajama industry is a big industry. you are probably hurting american jobs by having this conversation. >> pajamas is an indian word, dana. >> men wear the bottoms and girls wear the tops. >> what about sequential hemaphrodites. >> there are whole sections of sleep wear. >> where some. >> at the mall. >> the women wear the top and the guys wear the bottom -- >> they lose money. they should well women's tops and men's bottoms. why are we talking about it? >> we have trying to run the clock out. we have a new study.
12:46 am
it says it would cost a mezely $80 million if we stop all extinctions. it is part of an effort to halt all of it by 2020 which is the year i turn 40. shouldn't we get this process going as soon as possible? >> yes, this is way more ashts than saving africans from malaria or giving them drinking water. >> it is a ridiculous idea. alligators they are alligatory. >> and they bite. >> that's your answer? >> yes. >> all i can think about is $11 per person on the planet. most of the people make less than $1 a day. th is just preposterous. >> and many children don't have paypal accounts. >> bernie why is extinction a bad thing? we would have them down fifth
12:47 am
avenue if it is not extinges. >> it is clearly a measure to save big bird. >> and it is a ruse to get more money so they can study this and get more government grants to fund their ridiculous studies. >> bill, we pray for your extippings. that's not the proper way to use prayers. you are not supposed to pray for death. that's in the bible. >> should we combine the weaker animals to the stronger animals like create a shrimp money? >> any scientist working on that, thumbs up. >> these guys are using burt -- using birds. birds are hot extinct. birds have been around for a longtime. birds are dinosaurs. how many times do i have to
12:48 am
tell you. birds walk down fifth avenue and they are pigeons. they have gone from being dinasaurs to birds. by the time another million years comes along we will be smaller and feathery and make really uh moiing noises. >> but you can poop anywhere you want. >> exactly. she says that as a positive thing. >> pigeons are disgusted by bill's hygiene habits. we have a break, more stuff coming later.
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choosing a person on racism is the worst thing you can do -- >> sounds like you are defending -- >> no it isn't. what are you talking about? >> i don't know. this is an event which -- >> people believe lives are genetically superior. >> this is guilt by association. >> why are you so angry? >> you are a punk and you
12:53 am
destroy people. you try and destroy people's lives through innuendo. innuendo! >> that's an an italian saw possible tore. >> well done. that is a look at hating breitbart. the film makers had a lot of exclusive behind the scenes capturing him in his bright beirtiness. it opens this weekend includingen dwaij meant in dc, dallas and saint lieu ways. and st. louis. i think the website is heighting if you do there there is a demand it button. it can expand the theater location so it is closer to
12:54 am
you. >> demand it. that's what that means. >> an awful person. that's it. we will close things out with a post game wrap up. to see clips ofent recent shows going tokes eye.
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program notes before we go. don't forget to watch us on saturday at 2:00 a.m. eastern time, 11:00 p.m. pacific time. dana and i will be back on sunday 9:00 p.m. eastern for a special edition of "the five." so excited to do a sunday show. so excited. so excited. anyway, there is no "red eye" on monday because of the debate on fox newschannel. tune in. we are getting huge numbers. it is the final presidential debate in boca raton, florida. a new "red eye" returns on tuesday. >> back to andy levy for the
12:58 am
post game wrap up. >> anne, what are you doing next week? >> a book signing in philadelphia on thursday. >> excellent. where? >> i don't know. but it is available on my website. details. >> what is your website? >> ann >> boy. >> thank you. >> bernie, where can our viewers check it out? >> i will be on the news hour on tuesday night. no, imus in the morning monday through friday, 6 to mine. i could see you doing that. i would have tuned in. dana, are you as excited as greg? >> he just took my post game point. it is "the five" and it is a lot of math. >> we will have four other guests. there will be nine of us. it will match "the nine" and
12:59 am
we will be speaking german yelling 9, 9, 9. >> bye, andy. special thanks to dana and bill schulz, bernie, ann coulter. that was really clumsy. that does it for may. i'm greg gutfeld. i will stair at you while you fall asleep. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> actually, mitt is his middle name. i wish i could use my middle name. [ laughter ] >> as president obama surveys the waldorf banquet room, you wonder what he is thinking, so little time so much to redistribute. >> bill: the presidential candidates sitting close to each other at a charitable dinner last night and the barbs were flying. we will will tell you what happened and why it matters. >> if four americans get killed it's not optimal and we are going to


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