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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 20, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> bill: conservatives outraged that president obama used the word optimal in talking about the four murdered americans in libya. did the president make a huge mistake. we will tell you. >> you know, it made it sound almost like working women are some mail order product you can order out of colored binders. >> bill: the binder deal still causing angst as some women believe mitt romney dissed them when he tried to hire them. gutfeld and mcguirk will deal with the ties that bind in a report that could get out of hand. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. good natured barbs or serious digs. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. president obama and governor romney attended the al smith dinner here in new york city
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last night. that's a charitable exposition run by catholic cardinal timothy dollan. millions of dollars were raised and everybody looked to be having a good time. >> of course, i'm pleased that the president is here. we were chatting implicitly this evening as if tuesday night never happened. [ laughter ] and i credit that, of course, to the cardinal he has -- has taken new york's highest spiritual authority to get us back on our best behavior. i was actually hoping the president would bring joe biden along this evening because he will laugh at anything. [ laughter ] as president obama surveys the waldorf, banquet room with everyone white tiny and finery, you have to wonder what he is thinking. so little time, so much to redistribute. [ laughter ] >> ultimately though tonight is not about the disagreements governor romney and i may have. it's what we have in common,
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beginning with our unusual names. actually, mitt is his middle name. i wish i could use my middle name. [ laughter ] i went to school here in new york, had a wonderful experience here. [ applause ] i loved walking through central park. love to go to old yankee stadium, the house that ruth built although he really did not build that. [ laughter ] i hope everybody is aware of that. >> bill: now, talking points believes that kind of stuff is worthy. we all know how intense and competitive the election is. but to have a few laughs over it shows that our democracy is vibrant. i applaud the president, the governor, and the cardinal. but now back to reality. before he went to the al smith dinner the president taped the jon stewart show. >> i would say even you would admit it was not the optimal response, at least to the american people as far as us all being on the same page. >> well, here is what i will
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say. >> yeah. >> if four americans get killed, it's not optimal. >> right. >> and we're going to fix it. >> all of it. >> all of it. >> bill: by using the word optimal mr. obama upset some people who don't like him. they ever say be his optimal description shows is he incentive to the four murders in america. i disagree. i think mr. obama was playing off mr. stewart's description and the remark was in context. however, there is a strange detachment in play here. from the very beginning, president obama was not fully engaged. after he he learned of the assassinations, he went to vegas to campaign. we now know the cia told the obama administration early on what happened in benghazi was an organized terror attack. yet the president would not hold a press conference and say that. instead, as u.n. ambassador and his press spokesperson openly mislead the public. why? it makes no sense. and even now mr. obama remains
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nebulous, foggy about the entire situation. so here's the deal. hold the press conference, mr. president. lay everything out there. if mr. obama fails to do that over the weekend, mitt romney has a huge opportunity with the foreign policy debate coming up on monday. we need answers. romney should demand them. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. new polling after the second debate. gallup now has romney beating the president 51% to 45% nationwide. that's got to make the governor feel good. rasmussen has it a dead heat, however. 48% for both. the real clear politics average nationally has the electoral college pretty much tied now. in the key state of wisconsin, nbc news has mr. obama up by 6 points. however, rasmussen has the president only leading by 2. if mitt romney wins the election, the nbc news polling outfit will be in for major trouble. rasmussen has both florida and virginia now going for romney in the sunshine state 51%,
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46%. in the commonwealth, it's 50% to 47%. but in ohio, a new fox news poll says obama is leading by 3%. 46%, 43%. that's a four point improvement in the buckeye state for romney since september. with us now to analyze where we are in the presidential race, fox news host mike huckabee. first of all, let's take the dinner. >> okay. >> bill: you have a pretty good sense of humor. >> i try. >> bill: on your program playing the banjo or ukelele. >> base guitar. i hope you know the difference between a banjo and bass guitar. >> bill: it's funny when you are up there you don't take yourself all that seriously. i like that. that makes me feel good that even these guys as competitive as they are can get in there and have a few laughs, right? >> absolutely. i think everybody needs to see there is a human side that these are not just robots who run for office. i think we need more moments like that and less like some of these what i consider to be phony debates that are more like game shows than an honest
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forum where you are trying to find out what candidates think. >> bill: wait a minute, governor, you can't say the last debate was phony. these guys almost duped it out o. they were really getting -- >> -- yeah. it was more about them and the mod der rarst it was supposed to be a town hall. tell me which candidate ever really engaged and connected with the people who asked the questions. they used those people as props and turned and ignored them. >> bill: sure you know this, neither man is capable of that. just as people. barack obama is a remote person. >> yes, he is. >> bill: okay? and mitt romney is a reticent person. neither one feels comfortable like -- you are a populist, okay? you are. i'm not saying that -- >> -- i take that as a compliment. >> you are comfortable here at the factor. you are comfortable with the banjo. [ buzzer ] >> not that comfortable here. some places i'm not comfortable. >> bill: you are as
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comfortable. you are a populist. you can do that. these guys can't do it? >> they are running for president. they at least should give it a try. these are the people for whom that experience was tailored. it should have been and i will tell you how i think either one of them could have wiped the floor with the other. is rather than engaging in these did to, did not moments sort of say excuse me just a moment. i want to answer what bill has asked here and engage and connect with that voter. talk to him. you know what would happen? barack obama couldn't have interrupted mitt romney as long as he is looking in the eyes of bill. >> bill: that's interesting. you say both candidates could have used the technique where they are basically having a conversation with ottis or whoever it was. >> that's right. >> bill: if the other tried to interrupt he would be denigrating the person. >> is he denigrating ottis with whom the conversation. >> exactly. >> bill: that's pretty brilliant. you should have said that before. >> no one asked for my advice. you are the first person who
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did. >> bill: you saw the polls. even after the second debate, which barack obama, blue like him or not, certainly came back, it looks to me like romney is holding on to some momentum it, yes? >> i think is he more than holding ton momentum. he has momentum but there is a couple of things that are really significant. particularly in the state of florida. there was a 19-point spread mitt romney, barack obama with women. that's now up to a 4 point spread. that is significant. there is some things that are taking place that i think are bigger because these polls, there are so many of them your head will explode trying to keep up with it. >> bill: i threw the nbc in there just to warn them that we don't believe the nbc poll. we do think rasmussen and gallup are on it. >> they are very good polls. what they are showing is that the trend is breaking toward mitt romney. the second thing they are showing is that women are much more comfortable and are moving more toward mitt romney. >> bill: why is that? >> because women have had this impression of mitt romney that
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he was the corporate executive with no heart, no feeling. when they saw him debate and then they have seen him in situations like the al smith dinner. >> that helped him last night. >> i think it will. i don't think we have seen the full impact of that women care about more than getting free birth control pills. the president has insulted them by making it appear that the average american woman is saying i want an abortion and a birth control pill. no, they want jobs. they want a safe place for their kids to be able to play. they want decent education and they are insulted when someone treats them as if the only thing they are doing is sitting around just hoping somebody can get them an abortion and a $9 a month birth control pill prescription. >> bill: so now we have two and a half weeks until we vote. you want to make a prediction here? >> you know, a month ago i would have said too close to call, probably trending obama. i think mitt romney is going to win the election. >> bill: big? >> no. i don't think it's going to be overwhelming. dick morris is the only person i know who says it will be a landslide. i hope it is. >> bill: we have two guys
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coming up right behind you who are actually going to echo morris. you say a close election. >> yes. because it comes down. ohio? >> ohio is critical. i think obama may win ohio, but i think romney still wins the presidency because of florida, virginia, north carolina, and i think he is in play in places like wisconsin despite nbc's poll. >> bill: all right. governor thanks very much. we appreciate it only jazzing you on the banjo. i knew you played a bass guitar. >> i hope you know the difference, bill. i don't expect your musical -- i give you that much. >> bill: the governor did play bass for herman's her mans. >> yes, did i. >> bill: new poll you can be good friends with someone you disagree politically. hot poll. give you the results on monday. two handicappers say mitt romney will win in a landslide. what? that report moments away.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, it is not legal to bet on the presidential race here in the u.s.a. a lot of people do it, of course. but in great britain, the odds are two to one that president obama is going to win. most people believe the vote is going to be very close but not everybody. joining us from denver, kenneth bickers political science professor at the university of colorado. and in los angeles odds maker wayne road who correctly predicted the 2004 election. who is going to win on november 6th and how do you know? >> well, i will tell you what, i'm a gut instinct guy, bill. i have been saying since i put out my commentary in may that romney would win by a landslide. by the way let me point out in december i made my new years prediction and i said mitt romney would win the republic nomination in a cake walk and at the time he was doing badly to pretty much every single person running and i said he
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would go on to win the election. it was in mathay made the determination that i felt a landslide was coming and i doubled down here on fox news and other polices around the country about two weeks agoened said it will in fact be electoral landslide. 5 to 7 points popular vote and 100 to 120 electoral vote for mitt romney. >> bill: you know the polls don't say that. what is it? do you have a magic ball? do you have ms. clio in the basement? you have got to give me one thing that is making you so confident. >> well, i think it's reagan/carter all over again. >> bill: you are basically going on feeling. >> feeling and the people i know. you know, my friends are all small business and women. i happen to be jewish. i know lots of moderates and liberal democratic jewish voters. i know a lot of my old neighborhood in new york catholic voters and back four years ago they were all willing to give obama a chance. four years later back in this spring when i came out with this prediction, every single
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person i knew who owned a small business said i can't take another four years of obama. i'm voting romney. i just felt it added up to a very big victory. there has been a giant seed change in this country. >> bill: dr. bickers, you have a little bit more of an analytical, you being a professor at the university of colorado, a little more analytical approach. who do you think is going to win and why? >> well, we agree that governor romney is going to win. we think it's going to be around 330 electoral college votes he will win. it's not based on any gut instinct and it's certainly not based on talking to other people in bolder. the only gamble i have made is that they will still talk to me if i'm associated with this kind of a prediction model. this is based on looking back at elections all the way back to 1980. and what my colleague and i have done is to model the electoral college contests as 51 separate contests, the 50 states, plus the district of columbia. so based on the past voting behavior in those states, and where unemployment stands and
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real income per capita stands in each of those states, what is the voting pattern and what we see going back over time ishs they are across as many states as they are, that the in party, the incumbent, in this case president obama doesn't win these kinds of elections in those states. >> bill: there is a lot of emotion tied into mr. obama because of his skin color, because of his presentation. and by the way, colorado is a very very important state. do you predict that mitt romney is going to carry your state? >> we do. we show that governor romney will carry colorado. we show that he is going to carry most of the battleground states. not all of them but most of the battleground states. and what you see in the polls right now is trend lines that are opening up more of the states for mr. romney, closing down some the states that previously were in the obama category. florida, north carolina, for example. >> bill: i tend to agree with you, doctor. and by the design, by from -- with mr. root as well because
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of two things. number one, i think that mitt romney is going to have a very strong performance on monday night because of the libya thing that we're covering here on -- which there is no explanation for the obama administration's behavior with four dead americans. it just isn't any explanation. people don't like that. and then that sinner jizs with the much more important issue for them, their wallet. and it's basically you are creating what jimmy carter had. you got a bad economy. have you got the iranians holding americans and you have got the perception of a weak administration. and that's the last break i think to help mitt romney. okay, 30 seconds, mr. root, go. >> i have been saying from the beginning there is a couple of factors, economy by far above everything else. number two is i think there is going to be the chick-fil-a election. remember what happened over the gay marriage issue? the millions of christians that lined up to help chick-fil-a those same people will be lined up on election day. 20 million of evangelicals who
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didn't vote in the last election are going to be there and they are going to be there strong for mitt romney. and follow the money. last time obama outraised mccain and outspent him 10 to 1 in the last two weeks. i bet you any dollar right now mitt romney outspends in the last two weeks obama by a big margin. >> bill: all right, gentlemen. very very interesting. we appreciate it directly ahead lou dobbs once again on oil prices. we ask lou to explain to us president president obama's explanation on why gas prices are so high. later, gutfeld mcguirk kind of fed up with militant women. this could get troubling. the factor will be right back.
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>> bill: lou's the boss segment tonight during the debate i said one of president obama's weakest moments was this one. >> he said when i took office the price the gasoline was
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1.80, 1.86, why is that? because the economy was on the verge of collapse. because we were about to go through the worse recession since the great depression. as a consequence, of some of the same policies that governor romney is now promoting. >> bill: what does that mean? all right, here now to explain what the president was explaining fox business anchor lou dobbs. rather than me poison the well here. i just don't understand what he is saying. >> i don't know that we should be overly serious about what sometimes becomes a silly statement by a political candidate including the president of the united states. >> bill: wait, the question is so simple, when you took office it was 1.86. now it's like 4 bucks. >> 4 bucks. >> bill: why, if your energy policies are so good why did that happen. >> well, amongst other reasons but primarily because. >> bill: no, but his reason? you know, he had to explain it and then he says well because we were in a recession. i'm going what does that mean?
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>> it doesn't mean anything, bill. i have got to be honest. he had no idea what he was saying. it doesn't mean anything. >> bill: he had no answer. he had no answer. in part the real answer is in february of 2009, he ordered his interior secretary ken salazar to start reimposing moratoriums. >> bill: on drilling. >> on drilling offshore, particularly, because those had been lifted in 2008 by president bush to bring down crude oil prices and gasoline prices. the prices started to move up. within a year they were up 80 cents a gallon. we're talking about a 40 to 45% increase in gasoline prices. then, by 2010, he reinstituted nearly all of the mortar i -- moratorium. >> bill: i think this is true under the obama administration we are producing more oil here than ever before. >> that is, in fact, true.
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not more than ever before. but in the last 11 years. and the reason for it is that gas production is rising, oil production is rising on private lands. >> bill: in north dakota and places like that. >> yes. all of those fields are coming on line and also because of -- >> bill: stay with me, all right? >> okay. >> bill: so more oil is being produced in the united states. >> right. >> bill: despite him clamping down on the drilling in the oceans and on federal land. okay. >> right. >> bill: then why are prices going up if more oil is being produced? >> prices are going up for two primary reasons, aside from simply the fact that we are not bringing up production that would satisfy total demand, two reasons, one is we have seen constriction at refineries necessary to create gasoline and petroleum products. and the second is we have actually seen some fall-off in production of north american oil, particularly the mexican
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oil fields are producing less. >> bill: but we have plenty of oil. everybody says there is plenty of oil and gas around. >> there is if we were producing it and, in fact, we could be energy-independent but we are not. >> bill: all right. you heard the guys right -- >> -- i heard the guys. >> bill: they say romney landslide and you say? >> i say the progressive is persuasive. he has a model that has worked since 1980 without fail. and i think we have to listen to that. i also think that there is sufficient volatility in the battleground states that no one should be too assured, and particularly with another debate looming monday, you know, as to the outcome. his model has held up. >> here is the caveat and did i say this to the professor got more emotion in this election. >> oh yeah. >> african-american is going to vote block for hispanic vote president as well. that's all emotion-driven. >> that is. but i would say that governor romney did something brilliant
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when he said the republic party is the arm of the hispanic voter. work ethic, family values. compelling reasons. >> bill: lou dobbs, there he is plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. dopey binder. some women are angry for reasons confusing men including me. gutfeld and mcguirk have some thoughts on that. we
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, our pal bret baier has a big special at 10:00 p.m. this evening entitled "special report" investigates death and deceit in benghazi. baier joins us now from washington. so what's the headline when i tune in tonight? what am i going to learn? >> bill, you are going to learn a lot about how many times this administration knew that there was a security problem on the ground in libya. not only from officials on the ground who were sending up red flares and flags but also from ambassador stevens himself. new documents out, new cables up the state department chain, including on the day he died. hours before he was murdered ambassador stevens writes a cable in which he says he is concerned about the security situation in benghazi. he is worried about the local libyan security forces, doesn't think they are up to the task. and believes that al qaeda is getting a hold in benghazi. he needs more help.
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>> bill: okay. >> these cables were unanswered all along. >> bill: who desend his cables too. >> to bosses at the state department. >> bill: do you know who they are? do you have a name and face on them? >> we have many different people that they went through throughout the chain, many of them go right to the upper tier at the state department, including secretary clinton. >> bill: all right. but i assume that they are not talking to you, the department of state. >> no, of course not. >> bill: hillary clinton. did they give you a statement? did they say anything in their own defense? >> they put out a statement saying the investigation is continuing and we will wait for the completed investigation. >> bill: what you guys are basically going to present tonight is irrefutable. i don't want to put words in your mouth so you stop me if i am wrong, irrefutable evidence that the ambassador to libya told the superiors in washington that this was a dicey situation. yet, even so, in august, on august 14th, two security teams were taken back out of
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libya by the state department; is that correct? >> that's correct. and we talked to the head of one of those teams. >> bill: do we know who took them out? >> yes. the i head of the security. regional security office charlene lamb. she testified about pulling those out based on her orders to get them out based on normalization efforts. we asked what that is. that's an effort to try to make things normalize with the libyan population. basically, that's an effort to make sure that the situation was okay between the libyan population and the ambassador and the people on the ground. even though the situation was extremely volatile. the ambassador knew that it was getting worse by the day. and the security situation was not changing. yet, the state department did not put more people in. what we're going to also show
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you. >> bill: downgraded the security and i know because i read the transcript of some of your stuff you actually have one of the security guys saying it was insane to do that you don't downgrade security when it's so dangerous. all right. but we also have palkot on the ground in the compound in benghazi. you are going to see things. he will take you through the compound. >> bill: that's interesting. >> you haven't seen the distance between -- >> bill: the bottom line is, hillary clinton, it's her department. so she is responsible whether she knew it or not. it's not our fault. you are responsible. it's your department. okay. hillary clinton is she back from peru or they send her there forever? is she back? >> she is back. we haven't tracked her down. >> no. all right. see will probably go into tasmania next week. all right. so she is responsible. but, we don't know though about president obama and what he knew, if anything. is that fair? >> that is fair. although the white house has to know. they have to know because the intelligence community knows
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within 24 hours. fox reported on september 19th. >> bill: absolutely. after it happened, obama got no -- i mean, he has got got no defense. i'm saying -- i don't know if a i don't know if the state department is downgrading security in a dangerous area. i'm not so sure he would know that. >> fair enough. >> bill: absolutely. >> once it happens that's another part of the story. the situation about the video and the protest. that's the second part of the story. the whole thing about acts of terror. >> bill: ill think it auto could cost him the election, bret. i don't want you to editorialize on this. i know you are a hard news guy. i think it could cost him the election. we know the romney people and obama people watch this program. i said earlier on the talking points memo, look, if you are governor romney all do you on monday night is say listen we know you knew after 24 hours it was a terror attack. you still haven't said it and you still haven't held a press conference. what's going on? toast. he is done. >> the foreign policy debate
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will be another slug fest on monday. >> bill: what's the president going to slug back with? we are still investigating? come on. what has he got? >> that will be the question of the night. >> bill: all right. >> once you get to that point how big a deal is it? does it trump the economy with swing voters in ohio? >> bill: it's not going to trump the economy. but it's basically another example of things out of control. all right. so we're going to watch bret baier's special 10:00 p.m. we all know if you don't watch it, we are coming to your house so you have got to watch. when we come right back, the dopey binder thing continues. i'm getting pretty teed off about it do gutfeld and mcguirk feel the same way? the boys are next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the what the heck just happened segment tonight, the stupid, the stupid binder thing continues. you may remember that during the debate governor romney said he recruited women to work for him in massachusetts. a good thing, right? and he said that he tried to do that by putting names in a binder. and checking them out for competence. well, that has offended some ladies. >> it was very unfortunate for governor romney because it sort of raises this question. can he relate to working women? you know, it made it sound almost like working women are some mail order product you can order out of colored
1:41 am
binders and, you know, there are so many directions you can go. what did the tabs in that binder say for each of the women? >> bill: well, they might have said are they sane? here now to react the star of the five greg gutfeld and the producer of the imus in the morning program gut bernard mcguirk. the binder is insulting to women? gutfeld. >> i love how the media pretends not to know what he meant whereas when obama is vegas somehow understand what he is talking about terror when he really isn't. now they are taking everything literally i said i have a panel of women. he he created paneling out of women? my goodness he is putting them in a cabinet. he is he an atrocious monster. they are on purpose trying to pretend that they don't understand. >> bill: you know what, mcguirk? here is the tragedy of this. that woman we just saw the cnn correspondent. she is offended.
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>> she is supposed to be a reporter. her name is jessica yellen. it should be jessica whining. she is supposed to be a reporter, not giving her opinions. obviously a gross distortion and distraction. >> bill: she herself is a professional woman, all right? you have got to -- you know, she has got a good job. >> she was in a binder and she is genuinely offended. >> i don't believe that. >> bill: you think it's all a fraud? >> i do. >> completely fabricated. >> trying to paint him as leona helmsley in a suit who kills his employee's wife. now they are trying to double down joey but the that newcomerstown can a in a suit rip the heads off of barbie dolls. >> bill: you don't think the outrage she showed was genuine. >> if they were generally offended by stuff they would be offended by bill clinton being the point man. be offended after bill maher gave money to the campaign after calling women c -- hillary clinton a c word.
1:43 am
he goes beyond using the b and h word that reminds with toes. they are so offensive those lyrics and obama is in the club hanging out. >> bill: in this age where there is a lot of crude it's everywhere that the binder thing. >> they didn't care about the word gang banger which obama used. >> bill: now, that's a term that is a term used in criminal prosecutions. >> believe me i know. what i'm saying is they choose to pick words only when it's a republic but they ignore the words that could easily have done it. >> bill: if they would have done it i would have been on them for that because that's obviously in the lexicon used as a criminal term. >> left invented binders they called them quotas. >> bill: most interesting moment of the debate, mcguirk? >> most interesting moment was of course this candy crowley moment. i know everybody has been all over it. i will say, this romney was winning the debate. he was winning it and going in for the kill at that point and thee interjected, threw him off his game and my question
1:44 am
is: all of a sudden obama comes up with this september 12th rose garden -- exactly right out of nowhere and surprised everyone except candy crowley. i'm calling for a warren commission type of investigation. >> bill: ms. crowley said to gutfeld she said she knew it was going to come up, so she researched the first thing when was the first time and she had the research in front of her. you know what? i believe her. however, she is wrong. he didn't apply the terror act to benghazi. he was speaking in general terms. and we have proved that yard. most interesting moment to you? >> i have to go back to the overall demeanor of ms. crowley. she reminds me of the lady at the gate at the airport when you try to jump zones like when they are loading zone one but you are in zone 2 and she does that thing where she is like no, no, no. that's. >> bill: you are not supposed to jump zones. >> you wouldn't know you haven't flown commercial since current affair.
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>> bill: of course i never did that program gutfeld. >> access hollywood. >> bill: i'm not going to tell you gutfeld. the program i did was not even close though what you are saying. so you think that ms. crowley was a scold? >> yes, she was a scold. she knew she had made a mistake right then and there. because she -- she self-corrected. >> bill: we invited ms. crowley on in place of you two tonight. we wanted her instead of you but, of course. >> don't make that joke. >> don't do it. too easy. >> bill: we're going to hold the guys over. we don't really know why but we are. and we are going to discuss how dumb are american voters in general and halloween once again some people want to ban it. we're coming right back.
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back of the book segment tonight, we continue with gutfeld mcguirk against our better judgment. key question in this year's presidential election is how smart are the voters? >> bush senior. >> you know, mitt romney, have you heard of him? >> no. >> what about michele bachmann. >> no. >> newt gingrich? >> no. >> ron paul? >> no. >> rick perry. >> sounds familiar. >> who did we declare independence from. >> i don't know. >> do you know? [ laughter ] [bleep] >> king who? >> not midas but. [ laughter ] >> i haven't the slightest. >> do you know what the unemployment rate is right now? >> oh 99%. >> close. once again, gutfeld and mcguirk. that's not really fair. watters, tracks those kinds of people when he goes out. but generally speaking,
1:50 am
mcguirk, do you believe that the american electorate is intelligent? do they go and vote on the issues? >> to paraphrase somebody the electorate is an ass we live in jersey shore kardashian world. it's pretty sad. the debate the other night game three i live in new york city as you do the new york area, i know more people that watched the whole yankee game as opposed to the debate and these people can tell you alex rodriguez salary, his contract length, the salary cap that teams have and what players they can get. >> bill: most of those people don't vote. what was encouraging i thought was 80 million people watched the first debate. about 65 million watched the second debate. these are big numbers. >> this is my point. i actually disagree with bernie. why did should we april europe and make fun of america's intelligence. maybe we are so awesome we don't know how to pay attention to we have to. i don't know who rick perry was. played for the warriors in the 70 of the i thought michele bachmann wrote taking care of business. i had no idea who those people
1:51 am
are i'm almost considered slightly average in intelligence. >> bill: by whom? >> no. america is so awesome. so busy being awesome we don't have time for this stuff until we need to have time. >> now, when we finally lock, in and that's happening now. you can see the cable ratings through the roof. people are paying attention. do people vote, because i believe this there is going to be a lot of people voting on emotion this time around. that's why barack obama, even though the polls are trending romney's way. it's not like jimmy carter where nobody really cared. if he lost he lost, so what. barack obama african-americans, hispanic americans. have you got people getting, you know, government assistance. a lot of emotion there. >> yeah, but you know who is the most undecided voter? president obama. he doesn't want the job. >> you don't think he wants the job? i disagree. >> i think he has had it. i think emotionally he is drained. >> look at the town hall debate some of the brain dead undecided questioners there. who is undecided at this point? you say emotion. but i mean, really.
1:52 am
>> bill: interesting observation. if you are undecided by this point, i mean, you know, the gulf is so enormous between the two. okay. halloween coming up and gutfeld is absolutely outraged that some school districts are saying no to the the urchins they can't gress up, right? >> it's a war on halloween. i can't believe you are behind this. no costumes, no candy, no parties. and they are blaming it on an students because sometimes costumes are so expensive and other students can't afford it costumes are. >> skokie illinois their school district says no costumes for halloween because some students can't afford it. >> right. but can i just say this? costumes are very very cheap. all i have got it do is scowl and put on a monotone tie and i can be you. >> bill: whifs growing up my parents are not buying me a costume. you put on some old clothes and you go out and you say you are shepard smith. >> i disagree. they should not have halloween
1:53 am
in school. the schools are filled with stupid little hooligans all dressed up like thugs and hookers. do we need kids walking around like lady gaga and batman and teachers are jerry sandusky masks. after school you get your bill o'reilly mask and get your pillow case. >> bill o'reilly is wearing a bill o'reilly mask right now. >> that's cheap. just get a free suit and get out there. >> talk how dumb the electorate is. starts in schools. hit the books. >> lafayette, washington. york. no martin groove illinois, no. i think it's outrage. halloween is a fun holiday and people should have fun. >> i smell a book. [ laughter ] >> i got a book romney loses the election because of candy crowley killing romney you can write that book. >> bill: factor tip of the day. the tip 60 seconds away.
1:54 am
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i don't think so, olaf. i believe marriage is not a right. and traditional definition of marriage should be upheld if that is the will of the people. i do support civil unions. i hope all gay americans live happy lives.
1:57 am
>> robust debate makes the factor hum. i made important points in that discussion. bill, from mexico -- >> we put david duke on a few years ago and he got hammered. if there was a context, the answer to the question is yes. finally tonight factor, tip of the day. it's a simple one. because as you know i'm a simple man. buy your christmas gifts now. stores are starving. they're giving away stuff. out's marked down city.
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after halloween it will change. when you see the christmas decorations going up, decking the halls, the prices go up on everything. go shopping now. i estimate you will save between 30 and 50% of what you will spend on christmas gifts. the factor tip of the day. that is it for us. check out the fox news factor website, different from billo' if you came in late, we have the latest polling on the presidential race in the talking points memo which you can access there. to those who are mitt romney fans you want to look at that closely. president obama has to pull a rabbit out of a hat on monday. it's interesting. we'll have the best predebate coverage as you know. we'd like you to spout out about the factor.
1:59 am
o' name and town, name and town. if youish to opine. the word of the day, do not be repacious. great word. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> sean: 72 hours from this moment, president obama and governor governor romney will meet for the final debate of the 2012 election season. with the end drawing near, more good news for republicans in the polls as romney continues to boast an impressive lead over his opponent. gallup now has the gap at 6 points among likely voters. 51% to obama's 45%. now we'll have more on the numbers as well as fresh polling data from the battleground states. rove is coming up


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