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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 21, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> the president of the united states doesn't bow. that's why we fought a war oochlt thanks for jo >> thanks for joining us. we are done here on sunday night. we will have a spreview some. >> the death of an american ambassador as the arab threatens to turn into an autumn of discontent. >> we have seen rage and violence over an awful internet video. >> did the administration have any sort of heads up? >> truth of the matter is under investigation. >> they panicked. >> can you brief us on the attack on bin zi? >> this is not the appropriate time. >> we are in a stronger position today than we were four years ago. >> does the obama administration have a problem calling a threat by its name? >> the suggestion that any one on my team would play politics or mriesd is offensive. >> special report investigates.
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death and deceit in benghazi. from washington, d.c. here is bret baier. >> it looked like this leblgs was all about the econoe -- elen was all about the economy. that changed wihen terrorists murdered four americans in benghazi, libya on the anniversary of 9-11. americans had questions. who did this and how? should our government have seen it coming? did president obama try to hide the truth? is this a huge scandal that exposes a failed obama foreign policy? or is mitt romney just saying it is? tonight we will try to give you answers. we will walk you step by step fl through the terror that unfolded that day and we will breakdown the political maneuvers that is followed. we begin with a series of frightening developments and troubling decisions leading up to the horrific night at benghazi. it's a story you haven't heard told by a man who tried to prevent what happened on
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september 11th, 2012. >> did you have a close relationship with ambassador tore stevens? >> i worked with him for months from the time he went on there to the time he left. >> no one knows more the full extent of the fiasco that killed stevens. he worked closely with stevens for 6 months in libya before his violent death. a 24 year u.s. special forces veteran, wood's job was to try to prevent such an attack from occurring. >> does it make you mad? >> that was my first reaction when i heard ambassador stevens had been killed. i was angry. >> why did you come forward? >> i was had at the hub of everything going on there some of the information needs to come forward. >> we begin our story in the winter of 2011 a year before wood arrives in libya. colonel moammar khaddafy is in
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power in tripoli. they are gaining rocontrol over much of libya. february 25th the u.s. state department withdraws all of its personnel from the capital. but six weeks later april 5th, 2011, it sends stevens with a 12 man team by charter boat to benghazi now under rebel control. as special representative to the rebels, stevens set up shop in a hotel. june 1st, 2011, a car bomb explodes in the parking lot in front of that hotel. stevens and his team decide it's too ding russ to stay the-- dano stay there. they settled on a compound west of the city. >> it was a resident from an owner who had a nice villa and several other buildings as well. >> not a lot of security? >> like any resident it is not a fortress. >> inside there are four
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buildings one large resident with a number of bedrooms in it. another has a can tina where the staff meets. across the way is tact kel operation center filled with offices for security staff phones and security monitors. finally the barracks a small house by the main gate of the compound. it will house a libyan security force. libya october 20th, 2011, colonel khaddafy is captured and killed by rebels in his home town. >> revolutions of war don't begin the killing go-- doesn'n'. sometimes revenge killings go back and forth. still fighting going on. >> with khaddafy gone ambassador stevens will spend much of his time at the main u.s. embassy building in tripoli. but he will come to benghazi often. the state department upgrades the physical security at that property. >> we extended the height of the outer walls. >> charlene of the state department. >> concrete, barbed wire and
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razor wire. >> finally inside the large residents a fortified safe haven is built. you enter through a heavy metal grill with several locks on it. >> tell me about the safe haven? >> bars on windows. t you are building a jail cell you are going to get inside. it's a delay until you can get some relief to get out of there. >> security on the compound consists of five diplomatic security special agents and four members of the libyan government security force called the 17th february brigade. former u.n. ambassador john bolton. >> it is the responsibility of post governments to provide for security for all diplomatic establishments within their territory. from the u.s. point of view we have to recognize some countries are better able at that do that than others. when you are in a high threaten environment we have to do what is necessary to protect our personnel on the ground. >> there is more respect at what
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is called the annex a mile away. based in tripoli moving around the country is department of defense site security team. february 12th, 2012. lieutenant colonel wood joined the utah national guard after his two plus decades in u.s. special forces arrives in libya as the new commander of the sst. >> it had 16 members. >> what exactly did they all do? >> security team special operations soldiers that had extra skills and capabilities they could bring to the embassy. >> could a team that small really make a difference? >> the caliber of individuals on that team were the best in the united states. it can make a difference in any fire tight fight. >> the problem however is sst is slated to end its tour in libya by summer's end. and the security situation is taking an ominous turn.
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>> spring of 2012 there was an up tick in terror attacks in libya. is that right? >> that is stru. i think the nature of things changed. as things progressed the commotion celted down a little bit but the targeted attacks seemed to pick up. >> april 6th, 2012, a bomb is tossed over the wall of the benghazi compound. june 6th, 2012, an ied is placed on the compound's north gate. no one is injured in either incident. that is not the case five days lart. june 11th, 2012, a convoy transporting great britain's ambassador is ambushed in in benghazi. he isn't hurt but two of his security aids are. >> clearly it was a terrorist attack. >> i actually conducted an investigation a couple days afterward walked the ground took
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photographs, out of the vehicle. they knew what they were doing and it was an assassination attempt. as i could see it i could see the adversary growing longer. we were the last thing on the target list. >> in the past year there had been more than 230 security incidents in libya. it was apparent toowood that terrorists are working on increasingly bigger plots. >> i had seen instances prior to that. i a i saw a series of things building towards additional attacks. >> that's why wood and eric nordstrom the regional security officer implored the state department to keep woods sst force in libya beyond the scheduled august departure. >> we weren't requesting additional. we were requesting to keep the security we had. that was being taken away.
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>> you want to keep your team on the ground? the team that was in place already? >> my team was only a small part. >> that stands for mobile security detachment team. >> a lot of those are ex green p berets, navy seals. there was three msc teams when they got on the ground. >> august 5th, 2012, they decide not to keep the sst in libya. the msd team is being reduced as well. >> who opposed this? >> charlie lamb. she denied those requests or ignored them or just didn't fill in the cases. >> why is that? you knew about all of the other attacks that had been taking place. >> we had been training local libyans and arming them for almost a year. >> why do you think this request
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is denied? >> i don't know. i really don't know. in the case that was voe vieded by dod. state didn't pay the money. i can't fill in the blank. that is part of what is coming out in the congressional investigation. >> were you flabbergasted? what can you do? >> we couldn't keep what we have. >> i think that was motivating the state department is if we had security that would have been appropriate it would have been an admission that conditions on the ground in libya were not safe. that would have violated the world view that this had been an success. >> you left libya in august? >> august 149. >> how did you feel about the security situation when you left? >> i didn't like it. i said as much. my concerns were specifically for benghazi. >> september 10th, 2012.
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ambassador chris stevens arrives in benghazi for a full day of meetings beginning the next morning. his first trip there since wood security team left the country. >> going to a dangerous place like benghazi. >> yes. >> he knew it didn't he? >> yes, he knew. went anyway. the mission came first. >> september 11, 2012, a mob galters at the u.s. em gas sbas cairo egypt scales the walls and burns the american flags. the explanation they are angry over an obscure video produced in california. meanwhile something else is going on in benghazi. at 5:00 p.m. eastern time the first reports about an attack come across the wire. it won't be until morning until america learns how serious that
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is. >> we weren't there. >> if you were could you have protected ambassador stevens? oo when we return investigates is on the scene in benghazi. what happened that night? gregg palkot has the story of heroism and disaster. ♪
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>>. >> bret: details >> details are coming out about what happened in benghazi on september 11th. in off camera briefings and congressional briefings. special report has investigated as well. gregg palkot went to benghazi himself. there he talked to eyewitnesss and scoured the abandoned compound for additional clues. now he pulls it all together and walks you through a time line of terror you won't soon forget. >> september 11th, 2012, mourning the u.s. ambassador
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chris stevens has a full day of meetings ahead of him. he scheduled all of them behind the perceived safety of the u.s. mission walls in benghazi. he takes his last meeting in the large drentz building with the turkish consulate general. he takes him to the main gate makes small talk in arabic with the guard and returns inside. >> at this point outside of the main gate in the compound on the other side of the u.s. mission walls in this benghazi neighborhood all is quiet. no stirings of any protests no sign of the real hill about to unfold. the am brabassador decides to t in for the night. >> 9:00 p.m. still no sign of any spontaneous demonstration. a protest the obama administration would later suggest escalated into a deadly riot. joining stevens in the main residence building is information management officer
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smaun smith and four diplomatic security special agents. another agent is at the nearby tact kel operation center. all of these agents are armed with pistols. 9:40 p.m. this amateur video captures the first movement outside of the compound. >> the mad mob of attackers break through here the main gate a weak point in the defense of the mission. then they move on to her to the under staffed libya militia barracks they storm the place torch it light up embassy cars around it and move on. >> the firefighters are well on and organized flying a radical islamic flag some with accents. they see and monitor scores of men pouring into the compound. >> a diplomatic segmecurity age working in the tactical center activated the eminent danger notification system. >> charlene lamb was working that night in washington so she
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could follow the events in real time. >> also alerted the quick reaction security team stationed nearby. the libyan 17th february brigade embassy in tripoli and dip platic security command center in washington. >> main resident the special agent reportedly david ubin comes here to get stevens from his bedroom and brings him along with shawn smith to this room for safe haven a big dark windowless closet. and then outside a locked gate for security. he radios the others to say they are fine. the other security scrambling amidst the gun fire and explosion gathering up machine gun body armor and ammunitions. as two head back they are cut off by a large group of armed men. they decide to go back and barricade themselves in. there are 7 americans at three
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different locations. ambassador stevens and two others in the main residence two special agents at the special residence cafeteria and here a tactical information center two more agents. attackers all around. one group penetrates the small residents. the attackers don't get to the agents and they eventually leave. >> inside the main residence it is a different story. they come in heeram sack the place and then they go for the locked gates so dark they can't see anything. they try the locks can't open it up. inl si inside an agent ready to shoot if need be. >> as andrew wood says the safe haven is only safe for a short time. >> it's a delay for an aggressor but it has to rely on someone to come in to rescue them. >> he said it would have been his elite site security team but they had been pulled out of the country. either way they were trapped by
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>> greg a palkot told you how terrorists over ran in benghazi libya a handful of americans caught by surprise pinned down in three different locations. three of those people including ambassador chris stevens have locked themselves in the hoe called safe haven constructed in one of those buildings. the attackers can't break in. so they have set the place ablaze. once again, from benghazi here is gregg palkot. >> september 11th around
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10:00 p.m. they fire safe haven the main residence is black with thick smoke and fumes. ambassador stevens move to a bathroom they try to open the window but it doesn't help. there's too much smoke. they drop to the floor trying to get air but even down there they can't breathe. they attempt to leave the safe haven and take chances with the armed men. fighting the heat and smoke they find another window grill they can open. this is the window he jimmies open and crawls out of but stevens and smith do not crawl out after him. even though he can barely see barely breathe he goes back in. in fact he goes back in and out several times he can't find them. he is over come with smoke. he struggles up a small ladder to the roof of the building and collapses and radios the other agent. another u.s. agent in full combat gear emerges from the
7:25 pm
tack cal operations center throw ago grenade he moves to the small agent then the three get into an armored vehicle park nearby and drive a short distance to the large residence. they crawl into it on their hands and knees feeling their way through to try to find their two colleagues. they find smith and pull him out of the building, he is dead. the security team is gone but the small unit of security at the annex a mile away. six americans and 16 from the libyan militia arrive. some surround the compound. the others go in. they are unable to find stevens. by 11. libyan forces say they can no longer hold the perimeter. the american agents carrying smith's body pile into an armored vehicle and exit the main date gate. they head for the annex about a mile away. the crowd fires upon them throws two grenades at their vehicle
7:26 pm
they have direct fire from an ak-47 from two feet away. they keep rolling. had they hit more traffic. the car careens over the middle divider pushes forward against opposing traffic finally makes it to the annex and hopes for safety. sometime after midnight back at the mission looters enter the building and find the body of stevens slumped on the floor. although they don't know who he is they drag him out through a window. his eyes are dazed his face smoke stained seemingly likeness. when someone finds he is breathing they cheer god is great. around 1 oochlt m. ambassador stephens is brought by car here to the benghazi medical center where they tried desperately to resuscitate him for 45 minutes. they say he died of severe asphyxiation. back at the annex battle is on again hitting the place with
7:27 pm
fire and rocket propelled grenade forcing others to retreat further back into the annex compound. sometime after 1:30 a team of reinforcements arrives from the u.s. embassy in tripoli. they make their way to the annex. according to reports they were going into an ambushing. around 4:00 a.m. the annex compound is hit by another wave of attacks. it was planned and precise a round of mortar fire targeting the roofs of the building well behind this gate. that turned out to be dangerous and deadly. killed in that attack two security personnel glen daughterty 42 and tyrone woods 41 both former navy seals. badly injured special agent david uban the same man who struggled valiantly to save the lives of ambassador stevens and information manager smith. the fighters are repelled the annex face of operations for sensitive intelligence work tracking eastern libya is
7:28 pm
secured. a station decision is made to e the whole enterprise. 8:30 a.m. september 12th the second plane leaves with the remaining americans on board and body of stevens, smith and agents daughterty and wood. less than a month since the security team left the country to the regret of the commander lieutenant kernel and grew wood who says they would have made a difference. >> it was our job to protect the ambassador if something like that happened. it was our job to defend the compound and engage the targets this will he could get safe. >> stevens was the first ambassador killed on duty in more than three decades. september 11th, 2012, is a tragedy that will long be remembered. then the story moves back to washington. was what followed the fog of war an attempted cover up or something else? special report investigates after the break. follow the wings.
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>> the karnage in benghazi is over. the story shifts to washington. here is chief white house correspondent ed henton. >> since our founding the united states is a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. >> september 12th in the rose garden president obama raised an idea he and top aids will advance more explicitly in the next few weeks that ambassador stevens and three more americans were killed in a spontaneous riot over an anti mow ma'hammed video. he uses the word terror but in a general sense in reference to the 2001 al qaeda eye tax. >> no act of terror will shake this great nation alter that character or eclipse the values we stand for. >> he gives a
7:33 pm
nothing happened shook his policies in the mideast. >> i continue to be certain there will be bumps in the road. >> because the matter is a battle ground state. >> that afternoon he leaves for a campaign trip to las vegas. >> the president of the united states did not postpone a xaiven vent even though we had been hit. >> i said at the time i thought that was the biggest political strategic mistake of the obama campaign. >> deena perino was the white house press secretary she is now a fox news host. >> image if he would have said as commander-in-chief it is important for me to stay back here at the white house. everybody would have thought, wow how responsible. >> once the president made his statement i am not sure what he should have done. >> eleanor holmes norton represents the district of columbia. >> sit in mourning for several days and not go about our daily business. >> september 13th secretary of
7:34 pm
state hillary clinton suggests the attack was a spontaneous demonstration about the anti islam video. >> there is no justification, none at all for responding to this video with violence. >> current white house press secretary jay carney says so flat out the next day. >> these protests were in' reaction to a video. we have no information to suggest it was a preplanned attack. >> later that day when the president and secretary of state greet the deceased clinton talks again about the video. >> we have seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. >> september 15th, california authorities call the man in for questioning who made the video marched him in front of tv cameras.
7:35 pm
>> do you have any regrets. >> u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice goes on five talk shows preeting the same story. >> what happened initially it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just trance fired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> my reaction is where is secretary of state hillary clinton. >> ambassador under george w. bush the choice of rice is telling. >> when you are senior american official you don't go on sunday talk shows unless you are the white house choice. that to me is an indication that there were already internal difficulties within the administration and perhaps secretary clinton wasn't seen by the white house as the best spokesperson for what the administration wanted to say. >> september 17th the state department. >> tells the united states government what happened in benghazi as an act of terror?
7:36 pm
>> i am not going to put labels on this until we have a complete investigation. okay? >> you don't say it's an act of terrorism? >> i don't think we know enough. >> former obama stays department spokesman krout. >> sports repo-- first reports information that is correct and information that may be misunderstood or incorrect. >> they panicked. they panicked. >> jonathan is a senior advisor to republican mitt romney. >> this is purely a political reaction in a white house that had prepared itself to establish a narrative of a president getting rid of the threat of terrorism using the death of bin laden to focus on that and waking up one morning and finding out that terrorism on 9-11 of this year was back full pledged and even killing a u.s.
7:37 pm
ambassador. >> i don't see a political agenda here. it's not about politics it's about the difficult task of reconstructing what happened. >> september 18th. >> did the admin straying have a heads up violence was increasing in libya before the attack? >> i am not aware of any. this is under investigation as to what precipitated the attacks, what the motivations of the attackers were. >> that night the story seems to shift slightly. president obama says the video did spark muslim outrage which terrorists exploited to attack and kill ambassador stevens. you have a video released. this caused great offense in much of the muslim world. what also happened was
7:38 pm
extremists and terrorists used this as an excuse to attack a fair vat of our embassies including the conflict in libya. >> the head of the national counter-terrorism testifies and plainly states what most everyone already knows. >> i would say, yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy. >> september 24th abc's the view. >> no doubt the kind of weapons us used, the ongoing assault it wasn't just a mob issue. >> there is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy. october 8th at a san francisco fundraiser he pushes the idea it is winged. >> al qaeda is on a field and osama bin laden is no more. then the next day october 9th
7:39 pm
the state department offers a blow by blow account of the benghazi attack. the compound was overwhelmed fighters armed with machine guns and maybe more. americans learn that state department officials despite being warned refuse to beef it up for olivia. ? the next night's presidential debates all inevitable. turned it into one of the most heated issue. >> who said what are bigger issues. suspicion report investigates what has he revealed about president obama's foreign policy.
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>>. >> bret: is it smart diplomacy or gliti >> chief intelligence correspondence katherine harrage asks if you are reluctant to call terrorism by it's name can you ever defeat the terrorists? >> we have no information to suggest it was a preplanned attack. >> we have seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video. >> it was a spontaneous reaction
7:44 pm
to what had just transpired in cairo. >> does the obama administration have a problem calling the threat by its name. >> they have avoided the use of the word terror. >> he was head of the cia against president george w. bush. >> he can't ignore terrorist acts. >> he says the risk of ignoring terrorism is especially high with illegal weapons. he was a part of the world. case in point a mysterious ship picked up in libya five days before ambassador chris stevens information manager officer shawn smith and kie rohn woods and glen daughterty wiere kille in the assault on benghazi. an innish that will report 400 tons of cargo on board some of it humanitarian. it was hold ago large con signment of weapons headed to
7:45 pm
kabul. the information on tsituation o more dangerous than the state department realized. even before the well organized massive attack in benghazi that killed an ambassador who knew the threat was large and growing. >> what do you think al qaeda looks like today especially in north africa? >> it is much stronger spreading out. >> there is no question it is stronger in north america than it was four years ago? >> absolutely. it has all kinds of operations. >> it suggests the white house doesn't get it. >> the problem is they are avoiding reality. bad things happen when you avoid reality. unfortunate wlif just seen that. we are in a stronger position today than we were four-days ago. >> the united states assistant secretary of state republic affairs under obama says the policies are paying off
7:46 pm
particularly in places like libya. >> we have gone through a dramatic transition. they are a repudiation of everything bin laden stood for and tried to achieve by vie p lent means. >> you don't make america's favor with words you do it by winning over those we can work with. >> we are at the stage where we need partnerships to solve any meaningful crisis around the world the united states can never do that alone. >> do you believe there are a lot of dead americans as the refusal to call the us-131 what it is. -- call the threat what it is. they took that as ab ap topporty and attacked. >> what did the president say and when did he say it? that question is one of the most explosive? the preside -- in the presidential campaign. could the leblgs turn on the answer?
7:47 pm
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>> benghazi terror attack. the white house responds. the november election. democrats accuse republicans of gotcha politics. republicans say this is an issue that cuts to the heart of the election. this much is certainly true it's an issue that is not going away soon. >> by october the presidential nominee mitt romney is regularly hitting president obama hard on libya. >> despite the administration's attempts to convince of that so long. >> stephanie qutar insists the only reason it's a hopolitical issue at all is romney and ryan are making it one. october 11th right before the
7:51 pm
vice presidential debate i asked her if she really meant that. >> what are you suggesting that we are playing politics with this? because you have to -- >> you said the entire reason this has become the political topic four people are dead. >> absolutely. this administration. let me get my sentence out. this administration treated this entire tragedy with the utmost seriousness. at the same time we are doing that we have to people campaigning around the country accusing us of covering something up. >> within the debate itself she makes libya her first question. >> wasn't this a massive intelligence failure vice president biden? >> what it was is a tragedy. we will get to the bottom of it whatever mistakes were made will not be made again. >> what we were watching on the tv screens was unravelling of policy. >> they wanted more security there. >> we weren't told twhaented more respec-- security.
7:52 pm
>> biden not only places the game on the state department and i intelligence community he flatly contradicts what state department officials have said under oath. that sends the administration back pedalling the next day october 12th. >> what the vice president said was that -- >> we were were never told they wanted more security. >> he was never briefed there was more security needed. >> the white house will make a bus with wheels for every element they are throwing under that. >> mark stein has written boo islamic terrorism for years. >> they have the intelligence community under that, i mean the state department. >> this is not an appropriate time. >> rice'ses boss will crawl under that boss herself. secretary of state hillary
7:53 pm
clinton says she takes responsibility in benghazi. i want to make sure we track down hoefr did this and comes to justice. >> she went a day before the second presidential debate where the president takes responsibility too then goes after romney. >> the day after the attack, governor, i today in the rose garden and i told the american people this was an act of terror and the suggest he would may politics or just leave. >> that is off ton an exchange as one of the most remarkable with tell wised debate. >> you said in the proz rose garden it was not a spon dane
7:54 pm
russ. l >> plead oo please proceed. >> it took him 11 days before he called it an act of terror. >> he did in fact, sir. >> he did call it an act of terror. >> only after the debate does crowley admit maybe she was the one with her facts wrong. charles krauthammer was part of the debate coverage that night. >> she walked away from it. it was np front of 67 million people not knowing anything she walks away. >> clinton ordered admin story. ambassador stevens was increasingly worried about al qaeda terror threats. even table signed stevens on
7:55 pm
september 11th, the day he was killed. more reasons for americans to ask who is ultimately responsible for leaving those vulnerable. >> fest that's the whoit house this would be devastating. mark stein hopes the post motor tum doesn't touch the fact that they may be on the rise. >> what is wicked about this ef vefrnt the real politicizezation here are the guys who only see this in terms of will it hurt us in ohio? might have caused us problems in florida. it could go bad for obama. nuts to that. it is bad for the united states. it's an humiliation. bad for shawn smith. bad for tyrone woods. they are dead, they are done.
7:56 pm
>> which brings us back to lieutenant colonel and due wood who saw the deadly debacle coming. he was killed first one since 1979. it's a huge thing to have a loss like that. i grieve for his loss, i grieve for the loss we suffered as a nation. it was our job to defend the compound. >> i wish we could have been there. >> the benghazi attack staggered america. we now have another reason to war on 9-11 a new unmistakable warning. the islamic terse wrists were well trained yell armed killers. intent on doing us great harm. the de leaguered americans knew
7:57 pm
that long before they die. the rest of us owe it to them to understand that, too. that's our program. i am bret baier. thank you for watching. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose,
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