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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 25, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> yes. >> thank you, andy. >> bill, terry, that does it for me. i love all of you except that guy in iowa. you. i don't like you. >> bill: the or is on. tonight: >> not hitting a home run but probably a grand slam. >> bill: as the presidential vote is less than two weeks away, tv journalists are stepping up their coverage. will it be fair? we will will tell you the political leanings of the anchor people who report on the campaigns. >> bill: you don't like him. >> i don't like him, no. >> bill: why? >> i think he is kind of smug and arrogant. >> comedian dl huely not a big fan of mitt romney's, but why? he will tell us in no uncertain terms. >> he has, to me, what seems to be a disdain for people that he can't relate to. >> but dennis miller loves governor romney and is campaigning for him. miller will assess the third
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debate tonight. >> he is a good man. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. president obama to win the election and when it comes to influence, it is the tv news operations that have it. newspapers mean little on the national level and the internet is ball con niced so it is television that continues to dominate. diane sawyer the anchor of abc "world news tonight" early in her career she worked for richard nixon helped him write his memoirs. no political affiliation given no money to political parties.
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brian williams anchors nbc nightly news. young man intern in the carter administration. he has no political affiliation. no political donations given by mr. williams. however he he has said negative things about conservatives on a few occasions including telling david letterman you can't say something shocking enough in some of these conservative crowds, unquote. scott pelley, the anchor of the cbs evening news has no recorded affiliations. cautious journalist who has played it pretty straight. anderson cooper an anchor man in cnn 2004 registered as a democrat. criticized the tea party saying quote tea party protesters and other voices are front and center driving moderates out of the g.o.p., unquote. pierce morgan another host on cnn, a british subject and fiercely criticized mitt romney. mr. morgan is a liberal man openly supported politicians like bill clinton. wolf blitzer also holds court on cnn. he is not registered with any political party and not given any donations.
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he was extremely complimentary of michelle obama's speech at the democratic convention and has criticized conservatives. in 2009 mr. blitzer suggested that the tea party is racist saying quote most disturb something a very small but vocal minority targeting president obama's race, unquote. charlie rose, the co-host of cbs this morning in 1990 he was a registered democrat. we can find no political donation made by mr. rose. interview with president obama on july 12th of this year mr. rose said, quote: you have enormously successful healthcare regulation because the supreme court did not declare it unconstitutional. that is your proudest achievement in the first four years, unquote. matt lauer, co-host of the today show is not registered with any political party. we could find no political donations. in an interview with the speaker of the house john boehner, mr. lauer asked this question, quote: what is the evidence that you can present that the tax cuts of the bush era have actually accomplished their goals? while a legitimate question some believe mr. lauer tilts left. george stephanopoulos co-host of good morning america is a
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registered democrat and worked as president clinton's senior advisor. although mr. stephanopoulos remains a traditional democrat he often does not promote party politics on his program. so there it is the roster of national news people delivering campaign information. talking points believes there is not one, not one republic among that group. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. with us, the co-host of the five bob beckel. that doesn't surprise you, does it? >> i have been hearing this for 30 years. awful can i say is if republicans want to get some people tone roll in journalism school and mane they have an opportunity to get themselves in some of thieves high positions. it's a ridiculous argument. >> bill: wait, let me just stop you. so you believe that there are no conservative republic journalists qualified to do that kind of work? is that what you are saying? >> i would say you were qualified to do that kind of work. shep. >> bill: i'm not a republic or a conservative. i'm an independent. >> independent spin zone, okay. i think. >> bill: you are dodging my question. do you believe there are no republics or conservative
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journalists that are qualified to hold those positions? >> i certainly think there are, sure. i don't care if they are not. >> bill: why don't you care? >> i don't think it matters. it sends the news one way or the other. >> bill: so if all of the network anchors were republic/conservatives it wouldn't bother you. >> oh, i would be complaining about it all of the time just like the republicans complain. >> bill: you are making my point. >> they have to be there. they got hired. they went up and worked their way up the ranks for the most part and they got their jobs. >> bill: they didn't work their way up the ranks with all due respect to most of them. they were appointed to that position. that is a subjected presidency. i know promotions were given to people based upon their political leanings and based upon how they conducted themselves in the politically correct atmosphere in which they work. >> you suggested these people got their jobs because they were liberal democrats. if so, you have got the greatest lawsuit going there
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in the history of mankind. >> bill: no lawsuit. you have to prove it. some people promoted at the network level are promoted because of political correctness, absolutely that is the case. >> if can you believe that's absolutely the case. >> bill: wait a minute. we just documented to you every single one of those people being liberal or a democrat. every -- except for scott pelley, i honestly can't say what scott pelly is we just documented that to you. do you think that's a coincidence? >> do i think it's a coincidence? >> yeah. >> do i think the poll of people they pick from are overwhelmingly democrat, sure? but what difference does it make? >> bill: your contention is it doesn't make a difference. >> i don't think it makes a difference at all. >> my contention it does. >> i work there. >> i know you work there. >> bill: and so does bernie goldberg and he says the same thing. let me give you an example. the libya story. if it were george w. bush who did what the obama administration did, this story would have gotten twice as much air time on the network
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tv as it has under president obama. >> every time i hear examples about obama getting good coverage is if it was george w. bush it would have been the following. how do you know it would have been the following. because this issue of libya is much ado not about nothing. people lost their lives. >> bill: you ask a good question, beckel. once in a while do you that. >> once in a while, that's correct. >> bill: how do i know? okay. can i give you the answer to that question? >> yeah, please. >> bill: what happened right after the assassination of mr. stevens in benghazi? what did president obama do? what did he do? >> he made a bad tactical political decision and went to las vegas. >> bill: correct. what happened right after andrew card whispered in president bush's ear in tampa florida while he was reading a book? what happened? >> he stayed and finished reading the book. >> what happened then. >> he got a little bit of heat over that. >> a little bit of heat? >> wait. >> bill: a little bit of heat? >> wait a second, that one incident. but he got enormous --
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enormous publicity off of that. >> bill: compare and contrast. this is how you come to logical conclusions, mr. beckel. you have a conclusion where mr. bush acted one way in tampa and got murdered for it you have another situation where president obama acted one way after the benghazi murders and coverage was maybe 20% of what the bush coverage was. >> george bush coverage 9/11 got him 90% in the polls. >> bill: immediately after, how he reacted after. >> what is he going to do? talking to a bunch of little kids jump up and be scared and run out of the room and scare everybody? >> bill: you are saying what i'm saying. the network news covered it entirely different. you are super phiing. >> don't say i'm stoop find. bill what stupefies me is some of the things you say that's what stupefies me. >> bill: i know you are amazed
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at my wisdom but i gave you a rock solid comparison. so you bob beckel, co-host of the five, ladies and gentlemen, you don't believe that there is any tilt at all by the national television networks toward barack obama? >>, there is. >> bill: all right. >> now you are stupefied. i didn't ask to come on the show. >> bill: i didn't ask you to argue with me. you could have agreed with me. >> you usually get people on here that get stupefied the whole time. i don't get stupefied the whole time. >> bill: you are agreeing with me but argue with me anyway. >> i will argue with you anyway. i have heard this argument over and over again. do something about it. a lot more outlets now and lot more places to go to get information. the idea that the decision makers of a national election is just silly. >> bill: bill we have got to take a break. go back and look at bickel's expression. >> go back and look at hits expression when i said stupefied. >> bill: president obama not
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doing very many tough interviews jay leno and mtv coming up. illinois des moines got miffed at him. we will tell you about it broadcasting react. wait until you hear how much taxpayer money flows into that operation. the factor will be back as we continue all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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newspaper asked both candidates to talked to editorial on the record. president obama did not until today after the newspaper made its disenchantment known. no one from the des moines register would speak with us tonight. i will tell you why in a moment. but joining us now on the phone from iowa is rosy fran
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co, reporter for who radio in des moines. mr. fran co, as you may know, it sometimes to be inreceivable that barack obama wouldn't want to curry favor with the largest newspaper in the state, the register. what happened there? >> you are absolutely right. i can't tell you what happened. i honestly think the whole thing is silly and someone at the white house dropped the ball. i mean, this is a time where he had the time to shine. he was obviously endorsed by the des moines register back in 2008. you know, the likelihood of him getting caught in some kind of gotcha situation was highly unlikely, so, for him to agree to an interview off the record just seems silly. >> bill: i want to explain, mr. obama talked to the newspaper people but he did so off the record. they wanted him to go on the record, and he wouldn't and then finally because the
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newspaper went public, this woman here is a publisher when they went public and said gee, we are pretty angry with the president for not going on the record, then he said okay, i will. so, yeah, you are right. you know, the president is in charge of his own destiny and he talked to these people, he knew it was an off the record conversation. i don't think we should give him a pass for this whole you know you say somebody in the white house screwed up. he screwed up. he made the call. you talk to somebody on the record or you talk to somebody off the record. >> sure, i'm not going to disagree with you there. >> right. >> i think it was a horrible play on his part. mitt romney he had -- his only condition was, hey, i just don't want it to be on video but i'm going to sit here. you can tape it and you can put it on your web site. and then you have got the president who says, you know what? i don't want you guys to put this on record at all. >> bill: yeah. and, you know, as you said, the des moines register is a liberal paper out there? paper? get to see it. >> i would say it's a liberal paper. i would say, also, despite
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this incident, they will most likely endorse president barack obama. >> bill: there is no question about that ms. franco. we are pleased to have you on. we wanted to put ms. franco on television and the satellite wouldn't cooperate but we had to put her on by phone. they are absolutely going to endorse barack obama on sunday. here is how we know. we asked any of them to come on the program tonight and they wouldn't. the reason they wouldn't is because they didn't want to say bad things about the president because they are going tone doors him on sunday. and that's what's happening here. so, even though mitt romney was nicer to them, then the president they are going to endorse him, i believe you are right on sunday, that will happen. now, on the situation so that people if they want to see what the questions were mid romney's transcript is posted on the des moines register web site and now i understand the president's transcript is posted there as well, true? >> correct the president's
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transcript is posted. i will tell you i did go through it and there was nothing in it that was absolutely earth shattering that would effect him negatively. the only thing did i notice and i will will tell you he says quote here since this is off the record i will just be very blunt, should i win a second term a big reason i will win a second term is because the republic nominee and the republic party have so alienated the fastest growing demographic group in the country the latino community. that was probably the only thing that i thought maybe could have been a gotcha thing. >> bill: now but he said it himself, the paper wasn't pushing him on the latino thing, was the paper? >> no. >> bill: he just said it himself. are there a lot of latino voters in iowa now? does that change the item graphic of the state? >> i will tell you there is probably about 44,000 and i think the population is about 182,000. >> in des moines? >> not in des moines, in iowa.
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>> 182,000. you have got more people than that. >> in the latino community? yeah, i'm speaking specifically in the latino community. >> bill: all right, so you have 182,000 latinos in the state. and what's the 44,000 you mentioned? >> those are registered to vote. >> bill: okay. now, the state is a dead heat. your radio station very powerful. is your radio station endorsing anybody? >> we have not endorsed anybody just yet. >> bill: do you have a feeling on who is going to take iowa? >> if it was right -- i will will tell you the race is really close. i mean, i would probably say obama and it would be by a very small margin. but, again, i am out, i'm talking to folks all the time. and i see a lot of mitt romney supporters. i really can't tell you at this point. >> bill: as we said rasmussen has it a dead heat.
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ms. franco thanks very much. we appreciate it we would like to you vote in our bill o' poll. we are asking was governor romney aggressive enough in the third debate? you can make the call on this, yes or no. directly ahead. stossel on public broadcasting and taxpayer money it gets. and, later, comedian d.l. hughley doesn't like mitt romney but dennis miller likes the governor a lot. hughley and miller in separate segments upcoming.
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>> bill: stossel matter segment tonight as you know if governor romney is elected president he will try to stop taxpayer funding for the public broadcasting corporation. i support that believing pbs and npr can compete on their own in the marketplace. many liberals are furiously defending public broadcasting. >> the reason that we invest in things like public
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television. >> yes. >> is that it brings educational programs to communities that would not have them. it's one of the best investments we ever made in the country. $16 trillion debt and we have got to pay for bill moyer. let him compete on his own. you want educational program? watch your program. spring for the cable, all right? let him compete on his own. >> let me ask you this then. >> all right. come on. 16 trillion you have got to start to cut. >> bill o'reilly has identified the $130 million from npr because npr should be able to compete on its own. >> correct. >> bill: correct. our pal john stossel has been investigating the situation. here he is. what did you find out? >> that they don't need the money. i'm rich. i can live on my own. i don't need taxpayer money. >> bill: they are awash in money, right? >> sesame workshop has assets of $400 million. they license these things. >> bill: they sell the dopey duck you have got there, big
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bird. >> it's not a duck. it's something else. >> bill: they sell them in the stores in toys r us and all those places, right? >> yeah. >> bill: the kids buy them and everything they sell goes right to the sesame workshop. >> right. >> bill: yet, they want our taxpayer dollars. >> your point about bill moyer is strong one. because we should have separation of news and state that moneys taken from us to subsidize ideas we disagree with or npr, all things considered, i have to pay for that lefty propaganda? that's wrong. >> bill: okay. and not only that, but moyers, and this is the biggest con in the world, moyers and other people in the world who have programs on pbs television, they get to sell the dvds of those programs and keep the money. did you know that? >> did i not know that. >> bill: it's unbelievable. >> they are keeping the money for this stuff. >> bill: right. look at the money in this guy's mouth here. >> right. all right. so that stossel and i agree, this is a con for the american
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taxpayer. and they are talking out of both sides of their mouth. stewart is right. it's not that much money since it's not that much -- >> bill: wait a minute. $445 million for fiscal year 2013? 445? i mean, that's money. >> all right. but it's only something like 5% of sesame street's budget what they get. barbra streisand could pay for it by herself. >> bill: that's right. and should. >> it's either oh we need the money or we're actually doing quite well. we are not getting that much. >> bill: did you selah bar burton on the program last week? >> i did. >> very artic could you -- articulate and sincere. if you cut pbs programming you will cut things that help poor children that don't have access to good programming in other places. >> but they do now. we have got bravo, discovery, history channel, science, c-span on special tv.
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noodle. >> bill: that's cable. you have to pay extra for that. >> they are saying free. free tv is willings, noodle. abc programming it's pretty good. sesame street is great. i love sesame street but today you don't have to fund that. we're going broke. >> bill: that's right. i was going to say that this country is $16 trillion in debt. >> right. if we can't cut this. >> bill: and the left, including president obama didn't want to cut -- they don't want to get pbs. they don't want to cut public broadcasting. they don't want to cut anything. >> president obama said i'm going to go through the budget line by line and get rid of programs that don't work. >> bill: like what? >> he has been given three and a half years give me one. >> $3.8 trillion now. it always goes up. >> bill: so you say that the reason that the federal government spends all the taxpayer money on stuff like this is, what? what do the feds get out of it? >> well, there is a constituency now.
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these people say, i love -- don't take my big bird from me. don't take my farm subsidies. don't take my military subsidy. there is a constituency for every program. >> bill: big bird would survive and elmo would survive. >> probably. >> bill: they would go into the marketplace because they are popular, they would be there. so, the whole argument falls apart. it's a theoretical argument that falls apart. >> totally, but they still won't want to cut anything because they can sell the idea we will lose big bird if they cut. >> bill: they don't want to cut anything. why? do liberal america want the country to go bankrupt? what's the ultimate thing here. >> they are not analytical thinkers. they don't think out in front. they think we wouldn't have schools if the federal government didn't throw more money. wouldn't have teachers. >> bill: i just don't understand it at all. john stossel, everybody. and there is plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. comedian d.l. hughley not a big fan of mitt romney. he will be here to tell us
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why. dennis miller loves the governor. he will give us a pro-romney point of view. it should be a live lively two segments. we hope you stay tuned
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, if president obama loses the election, there will be many many disappointed people in the show business community. perhaps the most disappointed of all will be comedian d.l. hughley who does not like mitt romney. i spoke with mr. hughley last night. >> so, first up, why don't you
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tell me what your beef is with mitt romney. >> i think he is kind of smug and arrogant and i just don't think he should be president. >> bill: but you don't like him. >> i don't think i don't like him. >> bill: why? >> there is a distinction between his qualification to be president, which i think if the economy is what the american people are fixated on, i think largely they are, obviously he has a level of business ache that addresses that. he has a disdain for people that he can't relate to. like the 47%. anybody who says that to the people, the 47% who are then going to serve them their feed either is clueless or never watched the help. i think those kind of things and meeting him and hearing some of the things he has said has led me to belief that is he a little more distant or kind of lacks a lot of empathy. >> bill: if he wins, which he might. >> right. >> bill: okay. would that change your opinion of the country? >> i think the country is --
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has done a lot to, in my opinion, to make me believe that it upholds a lot of tenets that it espouses and a lot to make me believe we have a lot further to go. i think that if he wins, i'm used to presidents i don't like. >> bill: would you be bitter though? >> no. i have been through enough things in life that there is not many things that i would say make me bitter. >> bill: but you are not -- >> -- i would be disappointed. >> bill: you are not going to pin it on racism if romney wins? >> i think that there is an element in this country who despises the ideology and there is an element in this country who despises race. i don't know where the line exactly is or what percentage we can measure. if he loses, i think it has much to do with that first debate. i have been watching politics for a long time. i have never seen that level of -- i don't know what that was. >> bill: you are talking about president obama -- >> -- the first debate. in terms of the way the first debate played out. i think that i knew that it was going badly.
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you know, i'm a comic, you can kind of sense when things are going badly and make an agistment. i kept waiting for the ajust justment to happen and i think it c landscape of the election. the first debate for president obama and the last debate for romney had smacks of the same thing, two guys who were trying to be -- trying to be perceived a certain way. he wanted to protect his likability and i think romney in the debate last night was kind of guilty of the same thing. >> bill: all right. now you told joy behar, my pal, you know joy and i very close, that you thought governor romney treated the president like a servant. >> i did. very much so. i think there is a certain level of respect, regardless of whether you like someone or not that is afforded to the office of the presidency. i think that because he was trying to appeal to a lot of members of the right wing who wanted to see obama taken down a peg that he basically tried. >> bill: i didn't think he was out of line. that's coming from me.
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when you saw me interview the president -- >> -- i thought that was out of line, too. >> bill: the alternative is to let the president who can basically do 18 minutes on your socks. >> yes. >> bill: just go wherever he wants. so what's the worthiness of an interview like that? >> the difference between interrupting the president dozens of times and letting him get an answer out, somewhere in the middle would probably be more acceptable. >> bill: i don't think he was dissatisfied with either interview did i with him. did you see my interview with george w. bush? >> i actually have. >> bill: it was the same amount of interviewing. that's just who i am. >> had you to interview him because he didn't quite know what was going on. >> bill: i see. different respect on the president changes. >> that's absolutely not true. i have never seen -- i have never seen the level of disrespect afforded this president in all types of from calling him a liar to a terrorist to a person who had america's -- doesn't have america's best interest at heart. >> bill: this has been a long long tradition in our history where presidential candidates go after each other in a very
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intense way. i don't think it has anything to do with racism, because i have interviewed president obama twice and president bush three times. and i respect the office of the presidency. >> right. >> bill: i was not going to allow tharnt view to turn into any kind of propaganda for either man. i know people thought i was disrespectful for interrupting but i thought i had to to keep it on track and get my questions answered. i will give you the last word. >> i thought it was disrespectful. i think a lot of people have taken this president to task about things that he had nothing to do with. it was as if america ran great and all of a sudden this black guy got into office and it tumbled off a cliff. that's my perception of it. obviously i'm going to be much more sensitive and protective of him than i ordinarily would be of any politician. >> bill: all right. thanks for coming. in nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you too. i appreciate it. >> bill: mr. hughley has special on comedy central entitled in danger list. when we come back, it will be miller time, you will hear a much more positive assessment of mitt romney from the d. man. and then, clinton eastwood back in the political game.
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we will tell you what he is doing. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, our pal dennis once again running around the country supporting the republic party. before he left, i talked with him from santa barbara,
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california. >> bill: so, miller, were you as bored as i was during the final debate? i mean, watching this -- it was stupefying. >> no. i thought it was a great debate. i thought romney orchestrated a three act arc there. i think barack obama -- by the way, i would remind everybody, i'm not saying it's anymore than it is, all four debates the dem had more time than the republic. i'm not saying it's the end of the world or paranoid. i'm saying in all four debates they had more time. i sometimes wish president obama was as aggressive with the arab world as he is with americans who disagree with him. i mean, you know, he had to have his one jerk moment, i think of them as, where he pulled out the bayonets and the ponies, you know, something, bill, at some point a show of force marines outside the fixed bayonets outside the benghazi consulate would have been something to
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preclude what happened over there last month. romney is presidential and obama is like the goes some columnist for the picayune times. i wish he would be presidential frankly. barack obama ought to thank god for one thing or one thing alone or he even wouldn't be in this election that's washing. because if they hadn't turned that khalid sheikh mohammed pig upside down and poured water down his nose and he spilled his guts that led to this guy croaking usama bin laden he wouldn't be in there with a chance right now. >> now, were you surprised that romney didn't take the libyan club, the chaos and the misinformation that came out of the obama administration after the murders of the four americans? were you surprised that romney did not use that? >> here's the way i look at it, bill. in lieu of being confident in libya, you have now had these people sitting there for three weeks hatching a story. the fact that romney didn't bite and obama looped back around to libya, and he still
1:43 am
didn't bite told me that was a smart move by romney. i didn't see it beforehand like everybody else i wanted him to wade. in guess what, mitt romney knows how to be mitt romney better than any of us know how to be mitt romney. sometimes when you watch the nba and the guy sets up in the low box, shaq or somebody and they lean back and the guy behind him defending him instead of embracing him just backs away and the guy falls backwards, that seemed to me what romney was doing with obama there. he just wouldn't go in. by the way, i want to thank newt gingrich and rick santorum for inoculating our guy way back when they would get under his skin in the debates. i thought that served romney well because he has seen behavior that is there to prick him. and he looked more presidential than the president. >> bill: all right. now, the united nations is going to monitor the u.s. election? [ laughter ] i think somebody is assigned to follow you around, miller to make sure you don't vote four times. the u.n. is going to fan out
1:44 am
across the united states in different polling places to make sure there is no cheating, there is no subterfuge, none of that stuff. and you say. >> here is the unspoken mandate for the u.n., they are going to make sure jews don't vote. that's what the u.n. is going to do. listen, there are wolfs in hen houses who are blushing about this. why don't we just give michael moore the keys to the walk-in freezer while we're at it. i hope when they are out there keeping their eye on the evil g.o.p. trying to manipulate the vote, if they happen to trip across a black panther wielding a pipe wrench, they will do more than holder did about that. >> bill: in philadelphia particularly there might be a little -- see, what i think might happen is that the panthers in philadelphia with the iron jacks may beat up the u.n. guy. see, that might happen because the u.n. guy hanging around, what are you doing here you honky or whatever they do, you know and then bang. >> the u.n.?
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are you kidding me? as i often said, a bunch of lookalikes trying to beat parking tickets on the lower east side. get out oof here with the u.n. i took the tour. even the guide book was spineless. >> bill: all right, now, lance armstrong who i think bicycled by your mansion a couple of times. >> yeah. >> bill: disgraced lost all the tour de france medals or whatever they give over there because he was doping and you say? >> he probably took away the medals but ironically he he will get to keep the yellow shirts. listen, if he was doping, that's one thing. but and i have read a lot of articles about this guy bracing cats who were going to out him and talking about ruining their lives. if everybody doped on that tour and he doped and he was better doping, that interests me less than a man who looks at minions who have helped him and been protecters of the secrets. and when they were said that they were being deposed and sworn in and had to tell the
1:46 am
truth, when he threatens their livelihood, that's a bad guy. that disappoints me. i have always been a fan. races come and go, but that's the last thing legacy when you threaten minions, man. that is bad, bad form. >> bill: all right, dennis miller, everybody. quick update on the bolder fresher tour only two shows with tickets left. houston saturday, november 24th, salt lake city, utah, saturday, december 8th. details on bill o' hope to see you there. on deck, clinton eastwood back in the political game with a new pro-romney ad. eastwood is next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? and we begin with clint eastwood reinjecting himself into the presidential debate.
1:50 am
>> in the last few years, america has been knocked down, 23 million people can't find full-time work. we borrow $4 billion every single day. much of it from china. someone doesn't get the job done, you have got to hold them accountable. obama's second term would be a rerun of the first and our country just couldn't survive that we need someone who can turn it around fast and that man is mitt romney. there is not much time left in the future of our country is at stake. >> bill: here now to explain how that ad came about juliet huddy. that's the karl rove group, right? >> american crossroads, yeah. they spent a pretty penny, about $12 million. and they are going to be doing a big battleground ad blitz. >> bill: with eastwood? >> no. just eastwood is in this commercial or ad. it's called at stake. but, you know, this has been going back to the tough guy clint eastwood despite the fact that he was mock and derided by the left for his appearance at the convention. they still went back to this
1:51 am
guy. >> bill: i think eastwood has a constituency. they spent $12 million on what. >> on an ad blitz. they have got a couple million ads. it will go to the battle ground states. >> bill: we won't see that ad in new york city or california because these states aren't being contested but in ohio, florida, iowa, places like that he that's where it's going to run. >> yeah. >> the baseball movie. >> trouble with the curve. trouble with the movie is it's a baseball movie that came out the last week of baseball season. there are 162 days that baseball fans follow teams. >> bill: do you think that clint eastwood's politics, because they were so high profile, people who would support the president might not go to see the movie? >> we talked about this before. if it's a guy like clint eastwood they love him. beloved icon. i don't think it did. i looked on the show biz sites. nobody really thinks that had anything to do with it. >> bill: to counter eastwood and karl rove's pac, the left
1:52 am
has put out this ad, go. >> we had a good group of people, good group of employees out there. >> this was a booming place and mitt romney and bain capital turned it into a junkyard. >> i was suddenly 60 years old. i had no healthcare. >> main thing i was thinking about was my family. how am i going to take care of mised us the same things he is promising the united states. he will give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. >> bill: all right. so it's back to bain capital. >> back to bain. >> bill: going back to what they did in the spring. >> this is priorities u.s.a. the liberal obama super pac and they basically are going to the same thing, battleground states and like american crossroads, they are bringing back some of their stars from the summer. they spent a fortune on attack ads focusing on bain capital. now, the fact is that there were a lot of inconsistencies and some of the facts were a little fuzzy in these ads. i guess priorities u.s.a.
1:53 am
feels like. >> bill: they don't really care. they are trying to get to the regular working class folks saying this guy doesn't care about them, this guy being mitt romney. >> they ran the effective staged ad. >> bill: also had the garbage collector out in san diego saying mitt romney didn't say hello to him. >> felt the stage ad. built the stage bain capital came out and fired him at his factory. it was an effective ad. >> bill: do you know hot people are who appeared in the ad. >> just regular folks who were working at, you know, factories or places that bain capital had owned. >> bill: these are legitimate people. >> these are legitimate people. interestingly though, i was reading so. bios, one of the guys there, originally an obama fan, not a fan at all. he doesn't like him at all. >> bill: why would he do an ad like that? >> get about 15 minutes of fame. >> bill: we found out about the sanitation worker in san diego. >> right. >> bill: who was astorm watched to this union who is virulently anti-romney and
1:54 am
anti-republic. if this guy didn't do the ad, you are going to be toast in that union. we found that out. these people -- i would assume that these people are attached to some kind of democratic party apparatus. >> well, they all claim to be democrats. >> bill: they all do? >> yes. from what i have read they have all claimed to be democrats. >> bill: basically finding activist people not just regular people? >> or at least people that don't like mitt romney or bain capital. >> juliet huddy, everybody. factor tip of the day concerning david letterman and me. the tip 60 seconds away. ooho
1:55 am
>> factor tip of the day in just a moment. but first the mail...
1:56 am
>> because he has the facts on his side, kate. and the folks know t. the issue's a loser for the president. but the importance of the libya situation needs to be clearly stated. and the governor could have done that. all the evidence shows that the
1:57 am
terror attack in benghazi, was designed for 9/11 and was planned well in advance of that video. >> dick, thank you for mentioning it dubster.
1:58 am
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