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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 26, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> we are expecting it because of halloween. >> have a great weekend. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> tgif. it is friday, good morning . it is october 26th. i am gretchen carlson and folks extreme weather alert . hurricane sandy shaping up to be a surprise. >> brand new folks news poll shows swing state women swinging in one direction a little further. are the women about to shake up the electoral map. mitt romney loves meat loaf. ♪ america, america god shed his grace on thee.
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>> the singer and a rock star endivorcement for the republican nominee. that is in the back drop. >> he was over to the left. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ >> steve: morning folks, on an awfully busy friday morning, a lot of folks in the east coast looking out to the water. why? hurricane sandy takes aim at the east coast of the united states. the storm proved deadly in the caribbean. 21 people have been killed. tropical storm warning in affect for parts of florida and the northeast. people are preparing for sandy to combine with a snow storm to become a franken storm . they have been tracking it and
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gives a look at what we can expect. >> gretchen: you know your evacuation routes? gretchen, come on. >> i will add that to the list of things to do. >> i am being serious. this is very much like irene a couple of years ago but worse than that . we'll be dealing with a hybrid storm and super storm that emerges with a cold tront and hurricane inside of a nor'easter. if that sounds scary, you need to be prepared for the storm. it could be potentially devastating. millions of people will be affected by still a hurricane. we will see tropical storm force win and rain all across the coast of florida and extending 300 miles from the storm.this storm will get bigger. it hugs the coast over the
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weekend and tuesday, dc, philly and new york. you could see a storm packing winds of 60 or 80 miles per hour for hours and hours . storm surge as well with high tide. this being be an event that we have not seen in our lifetime. gretchen, you need to understand your evacuation route this weekend. >> gretchen: i will be calling up jd, help me find my evacuation route. >> i will help you. >> brian: we'll show up at your door. >> you, too, brian. you live close to the coast. >> brian: one anchor ahead. >> steve: can't yell at both of us. >> steve: a lot of people are taking the advice here in the new york city area serious my wife and i went to costco.
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they had 10erators when we walked in and one end by the 15 minutes . a lot of people know. we last year we were without electricity for a week. >> gretchen: oh, yeah. 92 if janice is talking about one of the worst storms in a generation, you need a generator. >> brian: and if candles. i bought a generator and it came in handy. but it took up my entire shed and i stare at it and oner what life would be like if i didn't have it. i rake a lot. >> gretchen: i need video of that. you will be thanking your lucky stars next weekend. >> brian: you can evacuate to my shed. >> gretchen: let's talk about the election . early voting could be affected by the storm. up and down the east coast you
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can vote early . some people may not be able to get there and not in the top of mind . the polls are changing now. in the last couple of weeks . look at virginia . look at what is used to be for the obama-biden ticket. it was a 50 percent advantage. mitt romney was down . now it has flipped. >> brian: i have a hunch that that norfolk naval base didn't like that debate when the ships were ut dated >> chris: bad news for the biden team as you can see there. >> brian: okay steve palin. >> steve: obama stands at 31. and romney/ryan. that is 22 points above them.
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>> gretchen: the women likely voters again. leakly to go to the polls, obama-biden had 53 and down to 49 x. romney and rhine roin inching up to 43. we talk about on the show when you put women in cat rory. married for romney-ryan and single women obama-bide boyd . that seems to be shifting. >> brian: ap said the 16 point lead among women is wiped yout tied at fren and the national poll has romney up by 2 . and on the stump yesterday. this is going to drive the president crazy. mitt romney was the hope and change. >> gretchen: i didn't see that. >> steve: yeah. the headline there, is while mr. romney and mr. ryan are up with the likely voters in the margin of error and all depends on turn out.
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people have to show up for the polls about two tuesday said from now . >> brian: more troubling news emerging from the benghazi terrorist attacks. two unarmed drones and outrage over the obama conflicting stories. peter doocy live in washington with more. >> even though military personnel watched the drone video of the second wave of the september 11th attack on benghazi, the secretary of defense, leon panetta said the intelligence that included e-mails alerting officials in dc was not good enough to justify sending in military asets. >> the basic principle here, the basic princele you don't deploy forces in armharm-- harm's without having real-time information about
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what is taking place and as a result of not having that type of information. the commander on the ground hemp and general dempsey and i felt strongly we could not put forces at risk. >> so the drone set e sending back live pictures and another unarmed predator drone was speak . jone boehner was not impressed. he wants more details and wants them before the election and he fired off a letter and addressed it to the president. no one in your administration can scub constitute for your authority and voice to explain to the american people strategy and policiless that you did during and in the aftermath . the american public is reading information contradicting early accounts boy your administration of the causes of the events of the day.
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of the three suspects that we know about. one is in custody. a tunisia member of the ansaralsharia. another suspect died in a firefighter. and third is believed to have fought in iraq for al-qaida. >> gretchen: thank you for the continuing coverage. >> brian: he something to this aboutibly an williams and they asked the president. use soul-searching as to what we are supposed to do. he is confident they will figure it out. >> gretchen: they were rocking in the interview. that is a cas jul. >> brian: it beats the daily show. 92 only place you can get him. >> gretchen: we have news headline. unthinkable tragedy. a mother returns home to find
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two young children murdered by their nanny. >> looking for children and enters the bathroom and finds her six year old daughter and her two year old son stabbed to death in the tub. >> gretchen: dr. marina crim returned to the apartment with her three year old dauter after the nanny didn't show up for swimming lessons with the children. she found the children in the bathroom. the nanny stabbed them. the children's father was notified when he was in the airport. they are accused of getting more than wrumb-- zumba lessons in a dance studio in
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maine. alexia wright made more than $100,000 in two years. jon corzine's lawyers trying to get a federal fraud suit dismissed. 1.6 billion in customer money went missing. corzine's lawyers claim that the suit was full of misleading accusation . >> 69 and paul ryan has not pushed me off the stage in a wheelchair . i have never been in the political agenda in my life. but i think that in 2012, this is the most important election in the history of the united states. [applause]
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>> gretchen: that is meat loaf praising governor romney. he went on to say that mitt romney has back bone. ♪ [ singing ] >> gretchen: oh, my goodness. and romney appeared on the day-time cooking show with rachel ray in which she made meat loaf. >> brian: meat cakes. >> gretchen: that's rachel rays or mitt romneys? >> steve: ann romney's making mitt's meat loaf. >> gretchen: he sang on the
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campaign trail before. >> steve: 13 minutes. extra help never arrived in consulate in benghazi because military leaders thinking it is too - dangerous at the time? is that still true if americans are being left behind? >> brian: america's next top model to america's most wanted. cops trying to track down one of the judges from the show. ♪ ♪ you are way too beautiful girl. ♪ with something? nope! good talk. [ male announcer ] or free windows training when you buy a computer at staples. anotheway staples makes it easier to upgrade. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪
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[ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >> there is it a lot of monday morning quarterbacking. basic principle, you don't deploy without having
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real-time information and what is taking place. >> steve: secretary of defense leon paneta claim that this military didn't have enough information to send troops. >> brian: four americans died including our ambassador. was there no way to save them. mark mike kelly joins us from pittsburg this morning. your reaction to the defense secretary's comments. >> i thought it was interesting the choice of words. monday morning quarterback, this is a group if they want to use these types of terms. they knew in the last year. 230 attack in libya and 48 in benghazi and two in our consulate. if we are going to talk about monopolied morning quarterbacking. look at the scouting report. lieutenant colonel wood. we asked him.
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he said it was inevitable and we told the captain department of state we need to stay here. we took our specialops guys and took them out of there and replaced them with libya nationals that we paid four dollars an hour. how can you sit back. this administration covers its behind but doesn't cover the diplomats over seas with the secretary they deserve. >> steve: there is a lot of covering and now they are stone walling and you would like the answers. the speaker wrote a letter to the president of the united states. i heard that apparently the guys down there were calling for a gun ship. we need help now and it never came. >> can you imagine being there? we had people back washington watching it in real time the way americans watch it nfl in
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real time. they are doing what they need to do to protect our people there. they are asking for help and not getting it. listen these are the people who can describe watching the take down of bin laden in real time but cannot describe what they watched in real time the attack in benghazi. we knew what happened with bin laden and not benghazi? i >> brian: we never saw anybody in intelligence, all we saw was people in state. from the secretary of state to the ambassador. >> this is appalling. this administration is more concerned about running for reelection than running our government . diplomats over seas, shouldn't we give them the same type of concern and make sure they are secure? this is an american outrage. i have never felt so disappointed in a group of
3:20 am
people that let down the american people and four families that lost four loved ones and you asked why? you saw it coming and you turned a blind eye and deaf ear for help? this is appalling guys. >> steve: congressman kelly from pennsylvania thank you. >> brian: let's get to the bottom of that. we showed you a democratic son ploth voters fraud. >> steve: and a prediction that major companies are announcing major lay offs just before the election. stewart varney has names and companis and will join us next. ♪
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>> brian: he's used to being the judge and now he's going to face one. rob evans wanted in an assault and battery case. a warrant out for his arrest. he linked to tyra banks. and vote fraud. patrick moran was secretly taped to allegedly explaining how to commit fraud. he resigned from his father's campaign. steve, gretchen, somebody else? >> gretchen: i am sure he doesn't like to be introduced that way. more bad news on the economy and dismal report with the
3:25 am
economic economy and forcing american companies to lay off workers. >> steve: could that jeopardize the president's chances for reelection? >> get that right. >> steve: more bad news. >> 11 days left and four items of negative economic news that are out already or coming up shortly. start with yesterday. 36 i benefit claims for unemployment. that is a high level of lay offs and implies a weak economy . an hour or two hours. you will get the latest big picture economy numbers. we are growing less than two percent and near recession levels. next friday. unemployment number and the only way it comes down some more if you have a lot of part-time workers. and people just drop out of the work force. >> steve: sure.
3:26 am
>> last proo days. america's debt went from 200 billion. we are adding to the debt four billion a day . they are all negative for the president which is issue number one. >> gretchen: the companies that will have the lay offs. do we have that the . colgate 23 hundred jobs and zinga on line game caterpillar and amd computer and dupont. >> brian: they are big name companis and announced lay offs f. you come down scale smaller business are in the lay off phase. that's how you get to 369,000 new applications for unemployment benefits. >> steve: and there was a gigantic number of new disability claims made as well all troubling economic news and we turn to you stewart varney about all things political and economic as
3:27 am
well. >> gretchen: have a fantastic weekend. >> steve: coming up. ceo's are talking about the staggering deficit. we'll hear from the ceo of checkers. >> steve: there is a restaurant in front of our building today. and dave briggs with highlights from the world series, dave. >> good morning, steve. not a lott of highlights if you are a tiger's fan. giants have owned the secres in co-merica park . saturday, and sunday and monday . temperatures in the low fours and rain in the forecast. should be interesting and we'll have a update. happy birthday to keith urban who turns 45 years old today. ♪ [ singing ]
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3:32 am
a few hours and spending most of the time with leno and he did make one more brief appearance. ♪ flying off to nevada. ♪ >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. would that be surprising. that is unusual . definitely shirtless. >> steve: and i think the first lady was on jimmie kimble and rachel ray and so dance the star system not that far. >> brian: ann mitt romney was on rachel ray and made the meat loaf and her husband sang with meat loaf. >> gretchen: trying to keep it straight. >> brian: i don't think there is meat loaf in the next story it is blue skies for san francisco. 2012 world series heating up after thrilling game two in san fransco. giants are up two games to
3:33 am
none and dave brigs will be waiting. first he's with the in the stadium with thrilling details of game two. >> yeah, brian. both teams taking the game two two, can three in detroit. and all giants at this point. you may have heard about the prolific combination of cabrera and prince fielder, best combo in baseball has two hits through two games and that's pretty much the series in a nut shell. show you what happened in game two, the game unfolded with one play and no outs and young singles to left field and 30 base had him come home and look out buster posy and they nail fielder at home look at that and looked like posy got
3:34 am
him. don't cent him with no outs. and baumgarden who has been disaster for the giants. 7 shut outs. and completely owns the prolific tiger's offense. not a lot of offense on either side of the game. in the sixth or 7th. brandon crawford, bases are loaded and he gets in the double play, and that scores a run to make it one-zip, giants. hunter pence score making it two-zip on a sacrifice fly. and bottom of the ninth. sergio romo who makes it two-zip in the series, the series and final in the game. they win about 80 percent of the time. now give you a look back here in co-merica park.
3:35 am
we are all alone in the 41,000 seat stadium. it is beautiful. you can see the tarp on. rain in the forecast all day long and temperatures in the low to mid-40s saturday and sunday night . it will be cold and nasty here. one final note. tigers played in briggs stadium in 1938 to 1961. game three tomorrow on the fox broadcast network 8:00. eastern time. >> brian: it doesn't look that cold today? >> it is in the high 40s. it was 80 yesterday. we missed all of the good weather and we'll get the cold nasty stuff. >> gretchen: thank you, dave and we'll touch base at 8:00 hour. >> brian: all of those games are seen on fox network. we'll find out what is happening in the news. >> gretchen: a nypd cop
3:36 am
planning to kidnap and cook 100 women. he anyhow some of the women and watch their homes and workplaces. his wife found the disturbing conversations and turned him in. >> brian: videotape joe biden campaigning a few hours in osh kosh, wisconsin. and talk about bad timing. osh kosh defense just announced laying off 450 workers and difficult decision with the budget cuts. the lay offs involve 10 percent of the staff. >> gretchen: former vice-president al gore television network could be on the choning block. current tv boss said they are looking at options. they thought keith oberman
3:37 am
would be the worry. >> brian: definitely keith oberman. where is steve? >> gretchen: i think he went outside. >> brian: how do you know all of this in it is on the run down. there is a restaurant outside. >> steve: that's right. it is checkers greatest new location. they have 46 area locations in the country . rick silva joins us live. we'll talk about national potato day tomorrow. but first i amure suld you heard 80 ceo's and big companies like boeing and morgan stanly and goldman saches sent a letter to congress. we need to do something in a bipartisan basis including tax debt. >> importance was sound fiscal policy is important for every
3:38 am
person in the country. i agree to make sure we are not spending more than we are taking in and sound economy. 92 would you agree with the ceo's reet now we are in a place where nothing is getting done and so somebody needs to take the reigns. >> i grey agree everybody in the country come together and solve the problem. we are the greatest country in the world and need to get back on track. >> steve: you have thousands of employees in the country. we heard stories about how obama care injected uncertainty in business planning. as you look forward how does that impact your business? >> we are coming together with the franchises and working with them to learn how to work with that in the coming year. >> steve: now the good stuff. >> tomorrow is national potato day. you are fapous for your fries. >> we have the best fries and
3:39 am
special world famous season fries >> chris: what is the secret to the season part? >> i can't tell you. i would have to kill you. but you can get not just regular fries in the restaurant. but loaded with all kinds of great things. regular fries or great loaded fries. fantastic. 2:00 we go to a restaurant, we'll enjoy those things >> chris: i used to be up at 2:00. i used to love fresh fries with gravy. >> we do better han gravy. it iso old. we do bacon and ranch and cheese all on fries. i told you you would love it. >> steve: we are talking fries. tomorrow is national potato day and we'll talk about hamburgers. >> we are all about growth. cool thing about today. we are talking about fries. but the truth is, we are a growth company. in this area we only have 50 traunts in the new york, new jersey area .
3:40 am
we have opportunities to grow more restaurants with the great food. >> steve: we are talking fries brian and gretchen on friday. >> brian: steve breaking news. they just finished a checker in massaquita and used to be a station and now it is a checkers. hopeful legal they got the gas smell out. >> gretchen: i heard you will have a burger making contest with steve coming up. >> brian: i can't wait. i love to flip meat. >> gretchen: you are in a meat packing business one time. >> brian: you do have a good memory. i worked in a meat place. >> gretchen: one man fed up with washington and using millions of his own money to make sure things change. >> brian: if you vote, you go to jail in going to folks who haven't committed crimes. who sent them and what are they trying to do?
3:41 am
>> tomorrow is not the only show he did. he left los angeles and he made aind trip to southern california to appear on the tonight show with jay leno. the president was here spending most of the time with leno, but he made one more brief appearance. ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] finally, mom's oven-baked tastes straight from the microwave. like oven-roasted chicken in a creamy alfredo sauce.
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3:45 am
lauderdale. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. we are here all morn we were here the wends were stronger. but what is bad is the waves. every couple of seconds the waves come over the sea wall and broken off the breaks from the sea wall. this is two or three feet high we are guessing. this is where the live truck was parked and we had to move. this street is flood exclude blocked off at this morning . earlier cars drove through here and obviously they say stay out of the water. it is affecting us in the fort lauderdale/miami area and things are getting messy and if you look, it is completely fill would with san and mu.
3:46 am
we have a boat show this weekend. that is not good news. there is seed weed all over the roads and in the water. in fort lauderdale, fox news. >> steve: thank you very much. and sandy travels up the east coast, the worry is that it combines with a winter storm for a franken storm a couple of days from now. gretch, over to you. >> gretchen: we know political campaigns can cost millions of dollars. our next guest is putting his personal fortune at stake. he's running against senator casey. good morning. >> good to be with you. >> gretchen: how did you become successful in america? >> i started my own coal mining business in the 80s and faith and hard work we got the first company up and run then it turned into two or three x.
3:47 am
in the end of 2010 we produced 100,000 tons of coal. gletch gretch, i lived the american dream. >> gretchen: now you want to give it back. you spent millions to run against the incumbent bob casey and why is it so person for you to do this? >> i have been blessed in my life. i have six daughters and a son. and nine grandchildren so far. youngest just got here a month ago, and when that little fellow was born he was born $51,000 in debt. and i decided i wanted to run for the united states senate and see if we can change thing. we need economy roaring so we are jobs and deficit spending under control and stopped and pay down the national debt or our children and their children will not have opportunities that i had. and that's why i am running
3:48 am
for the u.s. senate. >> gretchen: some people might be startled to look at where you are in the polls. you never have run for state wide office and look at this. bob casey 48 percent. tom smith 45 percent x. ed rendel former governor a former governor said this. >> our vores are not reliable as the republican voters regardless of the enthusiasm gap especially they feel republicans turn out well and sneak over the finish line and do a startling upset. i believe that is a possibly. >> ed rendell believes there is a possibility you will win the race. >> i have every intention of winning the race. pennsylnia, a lot of the people think is a blue state. but in 2010, pennsylvania started to turn pink.
3:49 am
we senator pat thoume and five new congressman to the house. and republican mansion is in republican hands with the state house and senate both . even in the off year in 2011, 52 of the 67 counties are now in republican hands and this momentum is still going . senator bob casey, my opponent he's i am sure a nice person. but it is his voting record that causes problem. it is going to be hard to defend. >> gretchen: sorry we are out of the time . we invited senator bob casey to the show and he declined. we'll see what happens in the election. >> thank you. have a great day. >> gretchen: another record under president obama and you will not like those neighbors.
3:50 am
if you vote, you go to jail? they are fake but who is sending them. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪ hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. ♪ playing a lone hand ♪ my life begins today ♪ ♪ fly by ght away from here ♪
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>> brian: voters in florida receivinglers in the mail claiming they are unregistered and will go to jail if they vote. our next guest got the vote. he not the unregister he is the president of the city council. bill, you open up the letter and said here is a quote. nonregistered voters who casts a vote in the state of the florida may be subject to arrest or imprisonment and
3:54 am
other criminals. what are you thinking when you open it up. >> i thought it was a piece of politicall junk mail because of no return. and phrase was wrong. but it peaked my interest enough to see what it said. and just reads just official enough to read what is going on? i know none is right . somebody who is not used to seeing something from could be concerned. >> brian: how did you find out other letters were going out to other people? >> i got the letter on saturday and after going through the mental gieration. i will call our super visor of elections machine morn he start to describing the letter. he already had calls from people. and at that point when i called he had heard from eight or 10 other people later that day, we found out they were
3:55 am
showing up all over the state. >> brian: what kind of action do you plan on taking and it went to republicans, am i right? >> it seems like they all went to republicans who vote on a regular basis. the f.b.i. and postal inspection service and florida department of the law enforcement are trying to investigate to see who put these things out. >> brian: you don't want people to vote if they are not registered. i am not against that message, are you? >> if you are not registered or not a citizen you shouldn't vote in the first place. but the fact they are going to people who vote on a regular basis . the whole thing sounds like political dirty tricks to cause confusion with the voters. >> brian: we know in florida every vote matters. bill bishop, thank you for joining us . we'll have you back when we
3:56 am
find out who is doing it. >> brian: thank you very much. >> brian: coming up in our next hour. what happened in the deadly night in benghazi. greg takes us inside of the consulate with minute by minute details. you don't want to miss that. maybe this is how it is done in chicago, but our guess voters will not like it city cooking the book to scam voters out of $150 million and uncle sam about it. that story in the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, baby. ♪ baby don't you want to go ... jack, you're a little boring.
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4:00 am
hurricane sandy bearing down on the u.s. not only is she a threat to the east coast but to the presidential election as well. what does sandy have to do with that? >> what happened in benghazi. gregg palkot takes us inside the consulate with minute by minute detail. >> a neurosurgeon with little room for spirituality. everything changed one day when he died and went to heaven. for a week he did. hour 2 for friday starts right ahead. (rooster crowing) >> good morning everyone. hope you are going to have a good weekend. people up and down the east coast are going to be preparing for the hunl storm -- hewn storms. >> this is a big, big storm. we start with fox news extreme weather alert as hurricane sandy takes aim at the east coast.
4:01 am
proving deadly in the caribbean. 21 people killed so far by sandy. people along the eastern sea board are bracing for impact. tropical storm warning in parts of florida right now. they are feeling it. in the northeast people are preparing for sandy it has been dubbed frank enstorm. there's a possibility when these two storms crash together there could be 35 foot waves as well. >> this could be a storm we have not seen in this lifetime. folks in the northeast we are not really used to this kind of thing across the gulf coast. you know you are prepared. folks across the northeast you need to be prepared. have a generator ready. batteries propane tanks. need to cook outside. i am just making sure if you live across the northeast you are prepared because we could see massive power outages that
4:02 am
could potentially last for days even weeks. here is the storm still a hurricane a formidable storm that is bringing rain and wind on shore to south florida up toward the coastline. this will continue to hug the coast. as we head into sunday a lot of rain and wind heading north through the carolinas. it will interact with the storm make it a hybrid super storm. it will be cold enough for some snow. we could see phonings snow totals. here is the track as the 5:00 a.m. new advisory comes out at 8:00. make sure you have the latest as we head into early next week this storm making land fall we think potentially from delmarva up toward new england. they need to be prepared for potential massive power outages winds that could last 24-36 hours high seas rip current beach erosion heavy rain flooding storm surge.
4:03 am
high winds, trees, property damage, transportation disruptions and this could last could last for days. millions of people will be affected. something we can't take lightly. >> she talked about the long duration across the country a number of states have early voting. if you had been impacted by the storm a day or two it could impact the early voting totals. >> it could impact the real voting if this thing goes on for weeks with power outages that could be weeks to repair. next week is the real election. >> expected storm will push through the midwest and portions of the mid atlantic on election day. >> if you have an early morning option do it. there's always a possibility it
4:04 am
could span. there's early voting in your town in the school gymnasium if it's bad that school gymnasium might be used for shelter. >> she will already be there to vote. move on to the headlines. unthinkable tragedy. a mom turns home to her apartment to find her two young children had been murdered by her nanny. >> she is looking for the children entered the bathroom and finds her 6-year-old daughter and her 2-year-old son stabbed to death in the tub. >> dr. cripple returned to her man hat tan apartment. she had her 3-year-old daughter with her after her nanny didn't show up for swimming lessons with the other two children. she found her 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son in the bathtub both with stab wounds. police say the nanny stabbed them then tried to take her own life. the children's father was returning from a business trip
4:05 am
and was notified when he arrived at the airport. the nanny is in critical condition today. they are accused of getting more than just dance lessons when they went to this zumba studio. their names could all be released. alexis wright zumba instructor is a front for prostitution. she made 150,000 in more than two years. former mayor and local high school hockey coach has been named in the town. stay tuned for more names. lawyers for ms global ceo jon corzine making a plea to a federal sgluj t judge trying toe civil suit dismissed. he misled investors about risky bets he made in $1.4 million in bets. they are false accusations. >> the world war ii veteran determined to vote in the hospital bed now passed away.
4:06 am
they are battling inoperable cancer. he kept asking wihen his ballot was arriving and when it did arrive the daughter read out each candidate's name so he could say who he supports. >> he wanted to make sure that we all understand that voting is a fundamental right and responsibility of americans and he wanted to be sure he did that. >> the unit was a woawarded the congressional gold medal of the year. there's controversy over whether or not they should count his vote in the state of hawaii. technically if you pass away you voted you are not supposed to. people are saying, look, we should count this guy's vote. >> i say absolutely. >> 6 minutes after the hour now. let's talk about benghazi on
4:07 am
9-112012 we are finding out the more we look into it the more people that are getting more determined to have action. we had speaker boehner move forward hey listen we want to get something done we are going to get answers. senator fine stein earlier this week indicated to vice-chairman of the intelligence committee they will be hearing shortly. >> the night of the attack we know there wasn't just one drone there were two circling above watching they were both unarmed. meanwhile we discovered apparently inside the compound they had 10 video cameras. that video took them i believe 20 days to get it back from the living. it has been reviewed by the fbi and the state department. but it would be interesting to take a look at that video. you would be able to tell exactly what went down the night the four americans were murdered. >> still many questions and we have a clearer picture of what happened that night. gregg palkot went to the scene
4:08 am
and we have a detailed report of exactly what happened, when. >> here is greg. >> september 11th around 10:00 p.m. it takes up part of the first floor of the main residence is black with thick smoke and fumes. ambassador stevens move to the bathroom within the safe area which has a window. they try to open it but it doesn't help. there's just too much smoke. they drop to the floor trying to get air. even down there they can't breathe. they leave the safe haven and take their chances. they find another window grill they can open. this is the window the special agent jimmies open and crawls out of. stevens and smith do not crawl out after him. even though he can barely see barely breathe he goes back in. he goes back in and out several times. he can't find them. he is over come with smoke. he struggled up a small ladder
4:09 am
to the roof of the building and collapses. he radios the other agents. another u.s. agent emerges from the tact kel operation center throwing a smoke grenade he moves to the small residence and gets the two agents there out. the three get into an armored vehicle parked nearby and drive a short distance to the large residence. they crawl into the residence on their hands and knees feeling their way through the building to try to find their two colleagues. they find smith, they pull him out of the building. he's dead. now remember the crack security team is gone but the small unit of security at the annex a mile away. six americans and 16 from the libyan militia arrive. some surround the compound. the others go in. they are unable to find stevens. by 11 the libyan forces say they can no longer hold the perimeter. the american agents carrying smith's body pile into an armored vehicle and exit the
4:10 am
main gate. they head for the annex about a mile away. the crowd fires upon them throws two grenades under their vehicle. they take direct fire from ak-47's from about 2 feet away. despite two flat tires and heavy damage to the vehicle they keep rolling. several blocks away they hit more traffic in a busy neighborhood. the kawasme reasons over the middle divider pushes forward against traffic finally makes it to the annex and again hopes for safety. sometime after midnight back at the mission looters enter the building and find the body of stevens shrimped on the floor. they don't know who he is they drag him out through a window, his eyes are dazed his face smoke stained seemingly lifeless. back in the annex the battle is on again. fighters hitting the place with ak-47 fire and rocket propelled grenades forcing those inside to retreat to a building further back in the annex compound. sometime after 1:30 at the benghazi airport a team of
4:11 am
reinforcements arrives from the u.s. embassy in tripoli. they make their way to the annex. according to reports they were going into an ambush. around 4:00 a.m. this annex compound is hit by another wave of attacks. it is described as planned and precise a round of mortar fire targeting the roof of the building that was well behind this date. that turned out to be dangerous and deadly. >> killed in that attack two security personnels glen daughterty 42 and tyrone woods 41 both former navy seals. badly injured special agent david ubin the same man who struggled to save the lives of ambassador stevens and information manager smith. the fighters are repelled the annex reportedly a base of operations for sensitive intelligence work tracking militants in eastern libya is secured. a decision is made to evacuate the whole enterprise. >> that's a fantastic look by
4:12 am
gregg palkot. the state department was watching this as well through the drone as it played out as well. >> one drone was sent 2 and a half hours after the attack began a. second drone came a number of hours after that probably to relieve it because it was running out of fuel. >> all of that intelligence on other people and other people they were targeting he said it was secured. i heard that was all taken. i hope greg -- >> that is one of the questions that remain. you spoke earlier about the hearings that the senate intelligence committee is going to have. guess when they start? november 15th after the election. >> a third of them are running for real election. bret baier said they are reworking the libyan special it will be this weekend on fox news channel. you can get all that we know so far as we have tried to connect the dots. >> 12 minutes after the hour. next on the rundown the president on the trail and on
4:13 am
the attack getting personal with mitt romney. has he been called the person he campaigned against in 2008? how do you get federal cash from chicago? cook the books. the city accused of scamming taxpayers out of $150 million. that story straight ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time... marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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4:16 am
>> in the final months of the campaign president obama has been releasing a slew of negative ads that cosome are calling petty. >> they are cracking down on big bird. he will bring down the hammer on sesame street. >> you don't need to add binders for women. you don't want that. >> you mentioned the navy for example.
4:17 am
we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. we have fewer horses and bayonets. >> the president's latest laugh line romnesia. far cry from the guy we saw running for president four years ago. >> you use stale tactics to scare voters. if you don't have a record to run on you pay your opponent to someone you should run from. has barack obama turned into the candidate he campaigned against four years ago? matthew is an editor at the washington. matthew, has he? >> absolutely, steve. >> this is the guy who is all hope and change in 2008. now he has become the candidate of fear and loathing. all of his arguments are negative. they are trying to disqualify
4:18 am
romney from the presidency. >> why dowry fer to the president as the mini golfer? >> politicians talk about small ball. these are issues like school uniforms. what obama is doing now doesn't even rise to small ball. it is nit-picking at romney lecturing him about the navy. mitt romney 65 years old usually successful businessman former governor of massachusetts doesn't know what a submarine is? it is viewed more favorbly at this point than obama is. >> the first debate got to see 72 million americans got to see barack obama. has been likeable until then. then we saw mitt romney he was not the evil corporate title.
4:19 am
thoenl have the base to count on, right? >> what the obama campaign is focusing on is mobilizing democratic voters. they lost to republicans. they are losing by 20 points to white voters. they need to turnout the democratic base the way to do that they think is by scaring democrats into what might happen if romney is elected president. that's why we see the constant belittling of romney by the president and desperate attack on the abortion issue somehow saying romney is going to outlaw abortion which he can't do in the runup to the election. >> it's just about trying to scare him and ultimately perhaps they are turning off the base certainly the middle as well. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. next on the rundown talk about awkward. joe biden campaigning in a city where the largest unemployer
4:20 am
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4:23 am
>> 8.8 million. that is people on federal disability. that's up 100,000 from last month. 975 people are put on disability every single day during this presidential term.
4:24 am
next $150 million that's how much a tax payer advocacy groum says the chicago transit authority has been over charging the government for about 30 years. they were collecting bus passes for those who sat empty. that much was spent on renovations for the statue of liberty. it has been closed for a year and is opening up again this sunday in time for the 126th anniversary. >> fantastic. he was always a man of science a hard-working yoneurosurgeon leaving little room for spirit dual ill. his life drastically changed forever. he was driven into a coma by meningitis. his brain stopped functioning. doctors believed he wouldn't survive. but 7 days later a miracle happened. evan woke up with an amazing story to tell. the former nonbeliever claimed to have visited heaven proving once and for all it really exists. >> joining us is dr. allen
4:25 am
alexander proof from heaven a neurosurgeon's journey into the after life. >> in 2008 you got really sick with something only 1 in 10 million survive from. you are in this coma and when you woke up 8 days, 7, 8 days later you realize you had been where? >> i had been to heaven. absolutely the most remarkable experience. for me the amazing thing is i had this rich experience while my brain was completely shut down soaking in pus, meningitis inactivates the human part of the brain. >> so you were dead? >> my brain should have had no experience whatsoever. >> what did you experience? >> something i go into into my book several different realms i would cycle through them. but indescribable vivid alive responses very complex ultra
4:26 am
wror world that i describe the beings i met including this divine presence loving presence outside of the entire un i eve -- unive. it's a magical realm that has consistency across other stories like this over 3,000 years. >> you said that you actually saw people there that you were supposed to know but some in your life you had never met before. >> right. that actually was a tremendous part of my coming to an understanding. there was this beautiful girl who was with me there time and time again when i would cycle back through this beautiful gateway and then outside of the universe. i knew her face perfectly but i had no idea who she was. i knew i never met her my whole life. >> you later who find out? >> it was four months later after i had written this up and learn add tremendous amount about consciousness and near death experiences still didn't
4:27 am
know who she was and i figured it all out. it had to do with the fact that i had been put up for adoption when i was a few weeks old. and then finally met my birth family in 2007 a year before the coma. >> that's why it took a little while to put the pieces together. >> this is somebody who passed on? >> it was my youngest sister who passed over in 1998. >> you never met her? >> i had never met her. >> some people suggest it was just an hallucination. you are positive you were in heaven. >> i am certain it was not a hallucination not a dream. it was far too real. the memory is as crisp today as if it happened yesterday. the bhowhole part of my brain t would have made it a dream or hallucination was completelien inactive. >> from the minute you went up they said you were going back. >> i never had a choice. they are going to teach you many things.
4:28 am
they did. i go into some of that in the book. you will be going back. >> talk about a life changing event. fascinating story. talk about this new book proof of heaven. dr. evan alexander thank you so much. >> good to meet you. >> you can stick around. you are not going anywhere right now. >> next on the rundown tracking her every move where is hurricane sandy headed? will she turn into the perfect storm? we will turn to our own janice dean coming up next. >> hopefully sandy won't rain on your halloween parade. we have the most adorable costumes for your pint sized trick or treater. good morning, son. >> a major storm called hurricane sandy is set to hit new york next week on halloween. this is cool the hurricane will only hit the houses giving out apples and raisins. don't do it this year.
4:29 am
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if you have certain stomach or glaucoma problems, or trouble emptying your bladder, do not take vesicare. vesicare may cause allergic reactions that may be serious. if you experience swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue, stop taking vesicare and get emergency help. tell your doctor right away if you have severe abdominal pain, or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision, so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. i've worked hard to get to where i am... and i've got better aces to go than always going to the bathroom. so take charge of your symptoms by talking to your doctor and go to for a free trial offer. >> we begin this hour with hurricane sandy. check out these waves. this is miami they are expected to grow to at least 10 feet. joining us live from nearby fort lauderdale our own phil keating. here we go again with the
4:33 am
monster storm. >> i know gretchen. just when everybody especially here in florida thought hurricane season was basically gone hurricane sandy still about 200 miles that direction offshore. that would be the entire coast land of florida right now remains in a tropical storm warning. check it out. that snow drift sand drifts. the sand overnight with the wind and the rain and high tied has now covered famous a 1 a boulevard here with sand all over it creepy crawly traffic heading in. the wind has died down for the moment and rain has stopped. only outer band will be raining across florida all day long. as sandy bhovs northbound heading to the metropolitan areas up around philadelphia, new york, new jersey, boston. slowly but surely south to north we will be getting better weather. through out the day today florida miami is a little better
4:34 am
fort lauderdale west palm beach miami northbound. 21 deed peopl-- dead people vic of the storm due to debris as well as rain in jamaica, cuba, the bahamas. all of those nations have been rakeed by this hurricane. all weekend long it will be charging northbound. remains category 1. >> the morning commute it will be a big weekend up and down the eastern sea board. >> that in a moment. right now the calm before the storm. >> team coverage continues right now. janice dean has been tracking sandy. he made it very clear the storm is moving up the coast but when another storm crashes into it in a couple days that is going to
4:35 am
be the really perhaps deadly part. >> perhaps something we have never seen before in our lifetime. we are talking about a tropical storm that meets up with antarctic cold front. the perfect storm remember the movie back in 1991 that same kind of dynamic will happen with this storm. the difference is the perfect storm stayed offshore. this one is making land fall. that is for sure. if you live anywhere from carolinas to maine you need to pay close attention to this and make the plans. still a hurricane 80 mile per hour sustained winds. new advisory coming out at 8:00. make sure you have that. hugs the coast still a category 1 storm. i don't want you to pay attention to the center of the storm. it will be very large gale force winds 300 miles away from the center of this storm. impact wi millions upon millions of people. a long duration of events you could see 26 hours of 40-60 mile
4:36 am
per hour winds battling this area. want to show you the computer models. a couple days ago there's a lot of divergence here. we are in all good agreement that anywhere from the carolinas to maine need to be paying attention to this storm. back to you. thanks. gretch? >> if you are still traveling to find a spooktacular costume for your kids our next guest has great ideas you can grab at the store today and they won't scare your wallet either. pamela peckerman good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> you are all decked out we are about to see kids with great costumes. who are we starting with? >> a yummy cupcake we have baby sophie. she is wearing this adorable costume from old navy. the great thing about the little ones you want it to be easy on easy off. three pieces if she has to go to the bathroom it is very difficult. this comes on easy off. >> might need it.
4:37 am
normally her mom is busy typing up she is one of the senior editors here. >> she took time-out to be mom. >> most important job. >> great to see you michelle. >> this is jackson. i know this little guy. some of our other senior producers. >> this is a great option from kay ma kmart. he's our dragon. this is a one-piece easy on easy off. something you really want with the kids. it's a great outfit they will enjoy and mom likes the price point under $25. >> even matches your outfit. >> who do we have next? >> next we have another dragon. we have gavin who is our older -- want to look at the camera. >> this is an option from old navy. it comes off really easy. we want to look at costumes that are easy to take off. cozy, comfortable. slashed prices around $11.
4:38 am
it's really affordable. >> the great thing about that if it's cold it's like a warm-up suit. >> you can always player underneath as well. we have and de coming e anddy cg up. >> she is abby from sesame street. we love her costume. this is from kmart also really affordable super fun. this happens to be her favorite color. kids are happy moms are happy. good thing all around. >> i have a feeling this is her older sister about to come out. >> this is her older sister rachel. rachel is a barbie witch. she is channeling her super powers another option from kmart as well. rachel is actually wearing fun bracelets like i am wearing. this is from making me. it's a fun place. you can go there and you can find activities. they have activities for halloween. you can personalize their costumes make smooky soap all
4:39 am
kinds of fun things. you can check it out to find the location near you. >> all right. >> more face time. get in here. >> where is our cute dinosaur. >> here you are jackson. hi sweetie pie. >> you all have great smiles on your face. i know why. you are holding a lot of candy. trick or treat have a great halloween. >> cute kids, cute parents. >> kids feel free to run around the studio all show long. >> you know that candy before you go home it is behind the couch no one has been back here for 20-years. >> you have been following this case since it started and now judge jeanine pirro has stunning information from the parents of two of the americans killed in benghazi. they are against voter id laws. what happened when the president asked for his driver's lance? >> children you can play this
4:40 am
born on this day in 1946 this game show host got his start in radio as a disc jockey. who is it? if you are under 5 we will make you first. think of a winner. think of a winner. [ female announcer ] she did a full day at the office, went home and fed her family. now she's helping her community. no wonder it's hard to focus on her own needs. but she's got one a day women's, a complete multivitamin with key nutrients women may need all in one pill. because our focus is you. to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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4:42 am
4:43 am
>> i got my drivers license. >> as required illinois law president obama having to show id before early voting. >> vice president joe biden campaigning in a few hours in
4:44 am
oshko oshkosh, wisconsin. oshkosh the stays largest employer announced they will layoff 450 workers in january. difficult decisions since the looming budget cuts. see what joe is going to say to them. frank? >> people in congress bdemandin answers on the attack on libyans. no one wants answers more than the families of those who lost their lives. she has been all over the case. judge, this story continues to move and unfold. this week we have more than the families. >> i have justice a couple nights ago she talks about how the president was disengaged looked over hoer shoulder.
4:45 am
ironically we are hearing from ty wood's father saying eerily similar things about how the president seemed to be so totally detached. >> as well as the secretary of state. let's listen to ty's dad. >> when he came over to our area i could tell he kind of just mumbled. i am sorry. his face was looking at me his eyes were looking over my shoulder like he could not look me in the eye. it was not a sincere i am really sorry that your son died, but it was a totally insincere more of a whining type. it was like shaking hands with a dead face. >> thought he was distant. secretary of state hillary clinton in the same hangar. >> pat smith saying the same thing. they don't have answers. it is stunning a case of this
4:46 am
magnitude is one they don't seem to care. these were parents who were killed massacred in benghazi. >> we had an unbelievable -- the whole chain of events you can go down and download it. it feels like them against the government instead of everybody on the same page. they are doing a lot of soul searching on this. >> he can soul search all he wants. the fbi called her after he made the television appearance. they said he had a form to fill out. this is a woman who shook hands and spoke to the president when her son's daughter was brought into dover air force base. it is stunning the fact that these parents are being treated the way they are. even more stunning are the e-mails they knew in live time from the drone what was going on. >> some of those attacks weren't all about the protests and
4:47 am
video. >> we will see how much pride played a role in that. >> we have live military personnel to talk about who would have been in the situation room who would be receiving a live feed from the drone. why the drone was even in the area. whether we had aircraft and assets that were available to move in on this 8 hour firefight and who told them to stand down. >> meanwhile judge we look forward to seeing you over the weekend. if you are on the case we know we will get answers. a classic children's halloween special now under attack? >> it is so embarrassing to have to ask for something extra for that block headline news. >> apparently charlie brown and his friends are too mean. we asked the one and only sharon osbourne what she has to say about this? she is going to be on live with us. baby love in 1964 by the
4:48 am
supremes was the number one song. our stage manager every morning he hums this. [ male announcer ] inside the v8 taste lab. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. there's a pop. wahlalalalallala! pepper, but not pepper, i'm getting like, pep-pepper. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, zip zip zip zip zip! i'm literally getting zinged by the flavor. smooth, but crisp. velvety. kind of makes me feel like a dah zing yah woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. woooo!
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4:51 am
>> trivia question, pat sajak, the western from texas. congratulations. he couldn't come with us because he's sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the great pumpkin. it's so embarrassing to have to ask for something extra for that block headli linus.
4:52 am
>> we remember the classic kid's halloween special it's a great pumpkin charlie brown. now a blogger is urging people to skip it due to the peanuts game it may be too mean for kids. >> the show is riddled with kids calling each other stupid dumb and block heads. there is contentious teasing and bullying apart from being a cartoon and having kids in costume. there's nothing of value for children in that show. so is it time for charlie brown to call it quits? the one and only sharon osbourne. >> is there too much bullying from this cartoon? >> i think there's too much bullying. we start brain washing our kids from this big. they hear this constantly they hear the tone they hear it on cartoons and you become brain washed. it is second nature. >> i remember growing up watching that show.
4:53 am
i think -- >> and you are not a bully. >> it has been in the american consciousness for decades. >> time to change. times are changing. enough. >> there are a lot of cartoons out there. >> fat albert he never liked that. >> we digress. >> he retained water. >> like i do. that's my excuse. >> you don't any more we are going to get to that in a minute. people would love to hear your reaction to simon cowell possibly wanting carmen electra to be one of the judges on america's got talent. >> i think it's great. simon has a great gut instinct. he's great at what he does. and i go along with his choice. it's a great show to -- >> are you wanting out? >> 6th season, it has been an unbelievable ride.
4:54 am
>> what about howard stern? >> i know howard personally we have been friends for 25 years. it's not like i am never going to see howard. our friendship is that song it will continue. it's time to do other things. >> you are busy because you are not only doing that but you are also doing "the talk" as well and you are an ambassador for the at kin's diet. you lost a lot of weight. you look fantastic. >> i am. thank you. thank you. it was time. turning 60 it's like okay do i really want to turn 60 and still be uncomfortable in my clothes and trying to wear things that make me look slimmer than i am, it's like, no, enough. deal with it. >> why the atkins diet? there are millions of diets. that's the one where you eat bacon all of the time? >> you know what? that's like 20-years ago. they have changed the diet they have modified it some what, but i have tried everything else. everything.
4:55 am
i have even had a band put on my stock mac but then i found a way to eat even with the ban. >> you had the operation that tied the stomach. >> it's a band that goes on the stomach. it's reversible. >> you found a way to get around that. >> this is great pore people to hear because so many people struggle with their weight. to find out there was one particular thing that worked for you. 27 pounds you have already lost. >> 27. i have tried everything from powders to shakes to measuring things 2 ounces of this, 3 ounces of that. it's not livable. the first week you can do it but three, four, five months into it. >> heavy protein get rid of all of the bread. >> white, white, white. no rice, no bread, no potatoes. >> everything white. >> except your husband. >> is he white? i didn't think he was. >> black sabbath.
4:56 am
that makes him okay. >> very funny. >> all right. behave. >> stop it. >> have you met geraldo? >> sharon osbourne thank you very much. very much. good luck with everything you're doing. >> thank you so much. >> we've got bacon for you in our kitchen. >> let's go old school. >> coming up on our show, we're going to continue to rock out with this: ozzie said relax. >> that's meat loaf throwing his support to mitt romney. >> i thought he was throwing up. >> he actually has talent so does geraldo. stick around. stick around. ♪
4:57 am
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>> good morning everyone. today is friday, october 25. i'm gretchen carlson. we begin with an extreme weather alert. check this out. this is the florida coast live where hurricane sandy bearing down now, but it's what happens when it moves up the coast that could create the storm of the century. and that could sway the outcome as well of the presidential election. we'll tell you about the connection. >> even more troubling news about that terror attack at our consolate in benghazi, libya. a new report says we only sent two unarmed drones one at a time. hefrb hefrb with -- hefrb hefrb with the geraldo rivera with the details when we come back. >> welcome! >> are we supposed to keep
5:01 am
reading? i'm stunned. that's geraldo taking my cold open spotlight. >> meat loaf is all in and wait until you hear why. ""fox & friends"" starts now. >> good morning, everyone. >> it's a friday. big news, we know the whole country is looking at this, our top story tracking hurricane sandy. take a look at what sandy is doing in ft. lauderdale. along a-1-a. waves there expected to reach ten feet in ft. lauderdale. after she tears through florida and up the coast, sandy could form into a monster perfect storm in the northeast. janice, i see one of the headlines on drudge and bloomberg this morning, worst storm in 100 years seen for the northeastern united states. >> it's very possible.
5:02 am
as you mentioned, we're going to be dealing with tropical storm that hooks up with an arctic cold front. you're going to have a tropical system hurricane inside of a nor'easter. a super storm, if you will, so, yes, 100-year storm? i believe it. if the current track comes true. and i worry about geraldo. geraldo has a boat, so he needs to secure that boat. people need to be taking precautions. i gave my husband a honey-do list. generators, batteries, cell phone chargers, we need all of that to come together this weekend if you live anywhere from the delmarva towards maine, know what your evacuation route is. here's your future radar as we head into saturday and sunday, part of storm coming onshore but the worst is going to come at the beginning of the work week. there is that front that is going to merge up with this storm and bring it back into the northeast coastline. the track, still 80 miles
5:03 am
per hour hurricane. as we head into monday, tuesday, overnight tuesday making landfall. i don't want you to pay attention to the center of the storm because we're going to feel tropical storm force winds 300 miles from the center of the storm. it's going to bat ter the coastline and some of the computer models slow this storm down for days. not only are we going to see battering winds, waves and rain, it's going to last, going to be relentless. we could have power outages, millions without power for days, maybe even weeks. that's the bad news unfortunately. >> we were just discussing with geraldo, geraldo was saying how do you vote? if you're a candidate, how do you get out the vote? all everyone is going to be talking about is their own protection, their own safety. we're going to for the first time in a year and a half not be talking about the general election days before the general election. >> right now there's early voting in a number of states. if the storm becomes
5:04 am
gigantic, a lot of people are probably going to be doing like janice is having her husband dedicate themselves to the honey-do list. voting is going to be the last thing they'll think about. there is a possibility, according to one news source, second storm expected to push across the midwest and mid-atlantic on election day itself. so everyone should vote now if they can. >> in the meantime we've got to get you ready for headlines. a mother returns home to find her two young children murdered by the nanny. >> [inaudible] enters the bathroom and finds her six-year-old daughter and two-year-old son stabbed to death in the tub. >> a doctor returned to her manhattan apartment. she had her three-year-old daughter with her. after her nanny didn't show up for swimming lessons with the other two children, she found her
5:05 am
six-year-old daughter and two-year-old son in the bath tub, both with stab wounds. police say the nanny stabbed them and then tried to take her own life. the children's father was returning from a business trip. he was notified when he arrived at the airport. the nanny this morning in critical condition. >> he was one of j.r.'s top rivals on "dallas." >> where is my son? >> you'll never find him. >> where is he? >> none of your damned business. >> i'm making it my business. do you tell me or am i -- going >> jack scalia, an enemy of the law, arrested for trying to bring a gun on an airplane. the gun was not loaded. they are accused of giving more than dance lessons at a zumba studio. today a bunch of names are going to be released. an instructor used her dance site as a front for
5:06 am
profitty taougs. -- prostitution. 21 people have already been identified including the former mayor and the local high school hockey coach, but more names coming up. mitt romney picking up another celebrity endorsement. >> paul ryan has not pushed me off the cliff in a wheelchair. this is the most important election in the history of the united states. >> that's the singer meat loaf praising governor romney at a campaign event last night in ohio. meat loaf went on to say he thinks romney has the quote backbone and will get america on the right track. ann romney was on the rachael ray cooking mitt's favorite dish which was to be meat loaf. >> did that happen by chance, ann romney's meat
5:07 am
loaf? >> it's god's will. >> i kind of figured that. >> let's talk about libya. >> that perfect storm, my dock on the hudson river, 14 feet above mean high water. clearly this could be exceeded by the storm. on hurricane irene we were washed. i'm worried. >> you've got to get out of there. >> last time i took voyageer to poughkeepsie. the political ramifications are intriguing. the president is going to have to be on the job, not going to be able to be in the swing states. mitt romney can't campaign in california or wherever he intends to be. everyone has to pay attention to this thing. thousands of lives, the most densely populated part of united states. >> he can't go to florida but he can go to ohio and virginia. >> if he's in d.c. to start with, there's not getting
5:08 am
out. >> where are you going to fly air force one? >> i'm not sure about the p.r. message campaigning if people perish. let's go to the libya story. many people criticized the president for going off and campaigning. now we're learning more from these e-mails, geraldo. we had representative mike kelly on the show, and here is what he said this morning. >> we had people in washington watching this in realtime. these people are there doing their best job to do what they need to do to protect our people there. and they're asking for help, and they're not getting it. and we have people watching it in realtime. these are the same people that can describe in great detail watching the take-down of bin laden in realtime but they cannot describe what they watched in realtime, the attack in benghazi. we knew what happened with bin laden but we refuse to
5:09 am
admit what happened in benghazi. >> geraldo, i've heard some of our people there who were protecting the staff there, they were calling for send in a gunship. we need a gunship. >> i don't know that to be true. and i don't believe this congressman ever served in the military. the reason i say that is this is preposterous this notion that the pentagon was watching this in realtime. >> the state department was monitoring in realtime. >> they may have been monitoring phone calls, audio, but these drones did not get overhead until two and a half hours after the attack began. people, stop. stop this with this notion of live tv and why didn't we respond. it is not what happened. the first drone gets there two and a half hours after the attack. then it is replaced by a second unarmed drone that came some four hours after the attack. that was it. we scrambled our rapid response team based in europe. they got to sicily, still almost 500 miles from
5:10 am
libya, hours after. we all know general hamm. he had the striker brigade in mosul, iraq. general hamm and general dempsey were both of the opinion we don't send more americans into harm's way until we know what is going on. i think we have to stop this politicizing -- >> nobody is saying the pentagon wasn't ready. >> we're getting away from the real issue which is why wasn't there security before this happened. that's the issue. but these preposterous allegations, reckless allegations that somebody, they paint the picture, some fed bureaucrat watching tv. you heard -- >> someone told me yesterday -- >> i think that is beyond the -- >> senator mccain said if you send an f-16, which he knows firsthand, he says they do it all the time. when they feel like they're losing control of people on the ground, they send an
5:11 am
f-16 and # 0% of the time -- and 90% of the time they clear it out. >> remember the conflicting cables. they say we're under attack, our people are under attack and our people are missing. that's 4 something. at 6 something they say the attack is over. they gave false -- incorrect information. you don't know where are you going to send in. what they see is flames there. we have to concentrate on what is real. what is real is that we had an absolute intelligence failure. we didn't have security at that embassy or consolate. and we have to also ask the question of whether or not congress was willing to give the additional fund to the state department to beef up security. >> they used supplemental funds to hire the blue mountain group. they could have used that same money. they could find money. even that charlene woman said -- >> yesterday i interviewed senator barraso, stphof inhofe and -- senator
5:12 am
inhofe and senator crocker, three republican senators who sit on the senate foreign relations committee, they agree the super charged atmosphere around this story, prudence dictates these hearings be postponed whrmine what happened. in this climate now where you have darrell issa -- >> we don't have that kind of time. let's say you were in the state department and you say okay, in a month we'll find out how to be safe. what about tomorrow? >> do we want to try to influence the election with a tragedy that happened in north africa? this whole story about the drones -- >> we should know the drones weren't overhead in real time watching these people being murdered. >> don't you think the american people need to know the answers of what happened there before they vote? >> gretchen action i -- gretchen, i believe based on the lack of security, based on sending susan rice to the talk show circuit
5:13 am
days later to give a, voluntarily big and misleading explanation of what -- complete explanation of what happened, let them vote on that stuff. but in terms of what the military could have done -- >> you are an investigative reporter and you have the story moving because our great reporters are getting sources and more information. should we stop that until november -- >> our probing is different than the senate hearing where i think grand standing plays a part. let us probe. let us get these facts, the fact a drone only came two and a half hours later -- >> as an american -- >> somebody knows the answer. i think people know enough to effect their vote. >> geraldo, always a pleasure. >> ozzie osbourne was on my devil worship show back in -- >> i'm sure. >> president obama won virginia in 2008 but now
5:14 am
mitt romney pulling ahead there. what does that say about that swing state and others? others? we'll be right back. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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>> president obama is now on a six-day tour. it was going to be a 12-state tour but he saw the price of gas so they cut it back to six states. >> brand-new fox polls show president obama falling behind in virginia, a key swing state that he won in 2008. here with that information and other polls in the battle ground states to tell us about this race is the chairman of the virginia victory effort in 2012. good morning, pete. what's going on in virginia? why the change? >> major momentum for governor romney and paul ryan and also george allen. we're the number-one battle ground since the state in the country for the white house but we have the number-one senate race. and all of our candidates are showing major momentum out there. if you look at the polls right now for president, every single one of them public and private for the
5:18 am
past four weeks have shown mitt romney, governor romney, and congressman ryan ahead. you see george allen hopping ahead as well. >> he's going up against tim kaine, a popular virginian there. let's look at this poll. this is economy and jobs. back to the presidential race, who would do a better job based on the economy? in september obama-biden with 49%. now romney-ryan is 50% and obama-biden 44%. what's changed? was it the first debate that people saw mitt romney in a different light? >> seismic shift. it was that first debate. for the first time ever 80 million americans got to see governor romney without the filter of the liberal media going toe to toe with barack obama. they heard his plan for energy independence, which is important in virginia, especially in coal country and in hampton rhodes. they heard his plan for a
5:19 am
stronger military. they don't want the military debt decimated especially the navy which has so many jobs in virginia. they heard the number-one issue in virginia, men, women, african-americans, latinos, the economy and jobs. they saw president obama for the first time in months without a teleprompter and without a plan. that was a game changer. >> both candidates weighing heavily on the women. choice for president among women likely voters, obama-biden down to 49% what's up with american women? >> obama has been cratering, cratering on the economy and the military, both of which play in a major way in virginia among men and women. this is a pocketbook and wallet election, and that's the number-one driver. that's why our governor,
5:20 am
bob mcdonnell has been so successful in virginia. he has approval ratings soaring through the roof. governor allen is picking up major traction on tim kaine because he's for energy independence, for a stronger military and also against the tax increases that tim kaine tried to, when he was governor of virginia, he tried to push through the largest tax increase in the history of the commonwealth. didn't even get a single democratic vote out of his own party. amazing. >> pete snider, a lot of information in the state of virginia, one of the very important swing states. thanks so much for your time. next on the rundown, the president using a swear word to describe mitt romney? is that really becoming of the office? [ male announcer ] free windows 8 training from your son.
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>> headlines now. lawyers for a former m.f. global jon corzine, former governor of new jersey and senator of new jersey is accused of leading investors to making risky bets. is anyone looking for the missing money? and former vice president al gore's struggling tv network up for sale. current tv is currently up for auction. the c.e.o. says current has been approached three times this year by potential buyers. steve? >> thank you, brian. the democrat strategy to attack mitt romney hitting a new low. in a rolling stone interview out today, the
5:25 am
president of the united states actually calls mitt romney -- well, a word, i'll abbreviate. b-s'er. >> they have been calling romney a liar, tax evadeer. the real question to the american people is who's bs'ing who? we're used to tough language in american politics. it's part of our history. this president and his folks have brought it even lower. i'm not going to get on a high horse and say i never said that word. we've all said that word. does that word show up on employment evaluations? does it show up in discourse between people? that's a fighting word. if i say steve doocy,
5:26 am
you're a b-s artist, you might want to knock me down. that's absolutely wrong. when you say that about someone, who are you disrespecting? the american people. >> and you're did the respecting the office of the -- and you're disrespecting the office of the president. >> you're saying american people, i don't think you're too smart. i think that's the kind of language that most americans engage in. and it's really not. that's not the discourse that they want. the romney kpafrp -- the romney camp is upset about it but it's a bigger issue in terms of american culture and american politics. but it's been part and parcel of the obama campaign from the beginning. the american people have to make a choice. >> when george w. bush was in office, he was caught -- it was an off-mic thing where he and tony blair were talking and he used the s word. it was not intended for anybody here, just between
5:27 am
two world leaders. the left-wing media absolutely exploded. there was a lot of outrage. instead in this case the obama camp is embracing this and they say the whole thing raises trust issues. they're not backing away from it. >> you watch these shows that some folks allegedly get their news from, comedy channels. so it resorts to the lowest brow, lowest common denominator, tough, bad words. if we want to dismiss each other with bad words, what's next? fists? swords? clubs? it's a new ethic in american politics and american culture. and i don't think it should be part of presidential election. decisions are going to be made about who's b-sing whom? we've talked about it on this network and i've talked about it. who's b-sing whom on libya?
5:28 am
that's the b-s issue if you want to know >> still ahead, third quarter g.d.p. numbers, gross domestic product, those numbers come out in a few minutes. the highlights from last night's world series. they've got the tarp out. carps are out, rain -- tarps are out, rain on the way. games three, four and five, saturday, sunday and monday. [ female announcer ] introducing u
5:29 am
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>> fox business a all right. the -- fox business alert. the g.d.p., the country's economy growing at 2%. 2% is the minimum number to be considered healthy. our g.d.p. translates to the value of goods and services built, manufactured and created in the united states. the higher a g.d.p., the more americans considered hard at work. the lower a number goes, the greater risk that the u.s. dollar could lose value. stick around because coming up fox business network's charles payne will be here to look at that number and give us his analysis. brian and steve are
5:33 am
outside. >> that's right. tomorrow's national potato day. and checker's restaurant, they're famous for their fries. >> and their burgers. can i add that? >> absolutely. we're going to learn how to make something called the big bufford. ryan joy is the executive chef. this is rick sylvia, the c.e.o. of the operation. you're going to show us how to make the big bufford. >> then we're going to learn how to make fries. famous fully-loaded fries. we've got basically a healthy portion of our famous fries. we're going to top it with cheddar sauce, go with bacon crumbles. >> i'm a customer, i walk in, can i have fries and a burger. let's see what happens behind the scenes. >> we'll take our fries,
5:34 am
right over the top. everybody loves bacon, so i'm going to put bacon on there. >> you've got the bacon, got the cheddar. let's do ranch dressing. >> let's do that. that's our checker's rally presentation. >> we're going to have a competition, steve. >> okay. >> now we're going to go burger; okay? start with our top. going to go straight over, put a little mayo on there. >> with the lines building up outside -- >> a couple of pickles after the catsup, doing the onions, lettuce, tomato, take the bottom, put a couple patties on there, american cheese right here, put it right down. >> quickly, quickly. >> a little mustard over here. >> brian and i are going to make them. we've got jack and charlie. if i win, jackie gets fries for a year. >> okay. all right!
5:35 am
>> if he wins, you get fries for a year. >> you don't have to do anything. >> say ready. >> we're going to be judged on presentation and speed. >> got to have beauty. >> one, two, three, go! >> come on, guys. >> he's stoking you, brian. >> i like that. >> put pickles on it. >> look at that! >> beautiful! >> fantastic! >> there you go! >> look at that! >> where are my fries? >> wait a minute. all right. >> okay! there you go! [bell rings] >> there you go, that's mine. what do you think? >> i like it. i like the order. >> look at brian! >> the order is reversed.
5:36 am
>> the winner is... >> cheers and applause. >> congratulations. >> what's your website? >> of course. there you go. these are awesome. >> congratulations, steve. >> gretchen, you. >> congratulations. as usual, brian is a sore loser. he doesn't have sportsmanship in his blood today or something. all right, congratulations, steve. now to your headlines. the father of a former navy seal killed in a benghazi troer attack breaking sigh -- terror attack breaking silence, criticizing president obama for not looking him in the eye when his son's body arrived home making him doubt the president's
5:37 am
sincerity. >> i'm sorry your son died, but it was a totally insincere, more of a whining type i'm sorry. it was like just shaking hands with a dead fish. >> woods said secretary of state clinton was not sincere. said she blamed the attack on an antiislam video. >> a new york city cop accused of conspiring to cook and eat women. the plot discovered by his own wife, documents revealed the 28-year-old officer conspired with three men on-line to hunt their prey. he haggled over selling a drug victim to a man. he allegedly knew some of the women and would watch them at home or at work. >> speeding school buses pulling to red lights with kids on board. this video out of maryland of the some of the drivers going more than 40 miles over the speed limit in
5:38 am
school zones. a new investigation revealing police slapped drivers with hundreds of citations since last year. >> potentially on our bus, 50 lives that you've just put in danger. >> baltimore city public schools say it is looking into the matter. brian made his way back in to talk about another field. >> the 2012 world series is heating up. san francisco stuns the tigers, taking the first two games in the best of seven series. we switch venues to the motor city where dave briggs will be waiting. hey, dave. >> good morning. both teams are home as we speak. they took the red eye flight here. and the tigers had to head home and get a couple hours sleep before a workout later. games three, four, five, saturday, sunday, monday. maybe game five if necessary. let's ask.
5:39 am
the mayor of detroit who is also one of the 50 greatest players in n.b.a. history, if his tigers can get off the mat, will there be a game five monday morning. mayor, good morning to you. >> good morning. good morning. it's a series, so it's not a game. and that's a good thing. it's going to be a seven-game series. early on i thought five or six. now that we're 0 and 2, we've got to win the three at home. >> the bats are obviously the big surprise to you. you know sports playing seven all-star seasons with the pistons. one of the 50 great players in n.b.a. history. what's happening to the squad? >> i have to give credit to san francisco. they've got good pitching. they've do the very well. our guys have got to wake up. our big bats are not hitting right now. we can't continue to do that. i don't want to put a lot of pressure on the guys, but they got to get ready. they got to hit the ball. >> miguel cabrera, triple crown winner, he has one
5:40 am
hit and prince fielder also has one hit. you have a bet with the san francisco mayor, instead of food or alcohol, you bet a day day of community service with youth programs in the opposing cities. i love the quote you had, talking a little friendly trash. you said -- quote -- "as for the hair of san francisco, he's going -- as for the mayor of san francisco, he's going to have to leave his heart in san francisco. if he brings it here, we're going to have to step on it." do you want to amend it? >> no. i have faith in our organization the tiger players are going to come through. i'm feeling good about them. >> i've got to ask you about michigan politics. the detroit free press endorsed mitt romney despite his opposition to the auto bailout. also the polls appear to be tied according to fox news. does mitt romney have a chance a week from tuesday? >> he has a chance, but i'm a supporter of obama, and i'm hoping that people will come out and vote. that's going to be the key. people can't just sit back and think things are going to be okay. they've got to get out and
5:41 am
vote. >> they've got to support your tigers who are down two games to love. game three tomorrow night on the fox broadcast network at 8:00 eastern time. back to you guys in new york. >> tell the mayor we don't feel bad for him because the yankees haven't gotten a hit in like five months and that could happen at the hand of his tigers. that mayor has done a great job. thanks. look forward to your coverage. the country is inching closer to going over the fiscal cliff. with election day a few days away, which candidate will help us avoid which a cliff. charles payne breaks it down for us. >> joe biden campaigning in a city where the largest employer just announced major layoffs. >> good news: home sales are up. that's certainly good news. and the most expensive home for sale in the country right now? the white house. that's right, the white
5:42 am
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>> quick headlines. vice president joe biden campaigning in a couple of hours in objector korb, wisconsin. talk about bad timing, the city's largest employer, objector korb defense, announced they will lay off 450 workers in january because of -- quote -- "difficult decisions" because of the looming defense budget cuts. it turns out yawning isn't only contagious among people. a new study says when your dog sees you yawn, he returns the favor. researchers say it's actually because dogs empathize with their owners. as for cats, you know, cats don't care. brian? >> a fox business alert. the government releasing its third quarter g.d.p. numbers. our country's economy grew at 2%. that's up from 1.3%.
5:46 am
the rate for the second quarter, by the way, which ended up being revised downward. the second quarter was. what does this mean to you? what does it mean to our economy? charles payne looks at this. they predicted 1.9. it shows we're moving in the right direction, charles? >> i'm sort of tired of that comment moving in the right direction. i think the bigger question, to be honest, is are we living up to our potential and the answer is absolutely not. 2% growth is ridiculous, anemic. what we've seen with the stock market getting hammered is we can no longer celebrate or look past mediocrity. we've been able to do it as a country. with the stock market, we can't do it longer. this number might be revised. ultimately it could be significantly number because all these numbers have been revised lower. with the u.s. economy growing at perhaps less than 2%, it's not where we should be. supposedly at this stage of the game in a
5:47 am
post-recession period. >> there was a theory that recovery was going to go on turbo speed. like we dropped, we were supposed to recover that way and that has not happened. the other thing is the fiscal cliff. we hear about it, we debate about it. but i did not know how much it's affecting business. the looming fiscal cliff has business spooked. how? >> it involves a whole bunch of tax hikes. it involves the economy taking a hit. it certainly involves a recession which would be -- you can't have this type of anemic growth and take a punch to the gut like that. businesses obviously have to protect themselves, and they're doing the smart thing. and at some point we have to sort of make this move if we could. it's election season and all that kind of jazz, but it's a shame. because we saw what happened, you know, not too long ago when we had this sort of uncertainty in washington. >> and this is what people are afraid of. if the taxes go up and the cuts go together, it could cost 6 million jobs through
5:48 am
2014 and send unemployment rate over 10% to around 12%. >> and to be honest with you, it's already around 11.5%. you're absolutely right. a week or two ago the president drew a line in the sand. he said there is no way in the world he will sign anything regarding the fiscal cliff if it involves an extension of the already in place taxes for people who are rich or supposedly rich, because i don't consider $200,000 a year rich. >> if you look at romney and what he wants to donned and the president, who would be better? >> romney would be for many reasons. for the main reason is if he wins he'll have a mandate by the american public that they made their mind up in the last 30 or 40 days that this is they we wa. fiscal discipline and tough choices. >>imus: charles -- >> charles payne, thanks for coming in. mayor la guardia changed the face of a city crippled by debt and unemployment. sound familiar? now his story is taking
5:49 am
central stage literally. the star of the show is here live. first let's check in with another wonderful broadway actor who turned news anchor. >> you've heard me sing and dance. >> i've seen the video. >> good morning to you, brian. mitt romney makes his closing argument today in iowa. full coverage on his message about where he would take america. what's key to watch in ohio? we'll tell you that on a billboard today. what's the white house afraid on libya? that's what john boehner wants to know. martha and i will see you in about ten minutes in the friday edition of "america's news room." hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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>> mayor la guardia changed the face of the city crippled by unemployment.
5:53 am
and now his story is taking center age. the beloved mayor, the subject of a play called "the little flower. "the star of the show actor tony lobianco is here live. >> what made this character so compelling for you? >> right now he's what is needed. he was the mayor of america actually, and all he believed and what he did, he took over the city when things were a shambles. he brought -- in six months he brought the budget back into line, something we need desperately. he took on all things that are wrong today. that's why i'm doing the show, because it's parallel to all our problems today. we deal with unemployment, we deal with the school system and terrible things going on in our school system. the inflation, everything you can think of, juvenile delinquency i deal with in the show. i keep updating the show so it's very relevant to what's going on in this day and age. >> the little flower comes
5:54 am
from the name fiorello. new yorkers love him. they named half the town after him after he died. >> he was loved. he took on everybody. when he came into office, when he came to congress -- he was a seven-term congressman, when he ran for that office, the democratic party controlled for 136 years in that district. the democrats never lost a race, and then he came in, lost the first one and then won the second one by 357 votes. then as mayor, he was just tough. you know what he said -- and i wish a candidate would say this -- "if i don't live up to my campaign promises, i want me to throw me the hell out of office." you say that and the people understand. >> everybody would vote for that -- >> of course. of course. look what we have here now.
5:55 am
broken promises, you know, people not following through. you say what you say. >> i'm interested in the parallel from that time period to present day. you're playing this role. what do you see and how do we fix the problem? >> it's all in the play. i address everything that's in the play in terms of -- >> give an example. >> he says, is gasoline too high? he says you want it to come down? okay. it is food too high? you want it to come down? stop buying it. stop making yourself a victim. you are in control. every monday we don't buy gas, every tuesday we don't buy meat and if one day is not enough, what about -- he's funny, wonderful character. now you get the idea why rudy giuliani liked him so
5:56 am
much and looked up to him. rudy and ed koch, they all had pictures of him over their desk. >> now they have you. >> tony, can you stick around? >> i can indeed. as a matter of fact, i have a surprise for you for the after-show. >> is it money? >> better. >> are you going to name an airport after us? two minutes. ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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