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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 27, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> three requests were denied from higher headquarters to not only help the ambassador and his team at the consulate but also to send in outside myrtle jennifer griffin reporting that americans under attack on 9/11 in libya asked for help and were denied will it cost president obama the election? we'll have a full report. brian williams one of the few journalists with access to president obama did not comal the president about libya. we will show you what happened there. >> why do we want to see president obama's college records? >> transparency. >> bill: donald trump still pounding the obama birth certificate issue. >> where do you work he was born. >> i have noddy. i really have no idea. >> bill: gutfeld and mcguirk have some thoughts on that.
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caution. you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. will libya lose the election for president obama? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. excellent reporting by fox news correspondent jennifer griffin has revealed that during the four hour fire fight in benghazi, libya on 9/11, americans under siege from muslim terrorists armed with heavy weapons repeatedly asked for help from the cia shockingly help did not come. the agency could have called for air of cover or moved a delta force team to the area. it did not. also, cia officials told former navy seal tyrone woods, who was a file mile away from the attack with a small security team not to enter the fire zone. mr. woods disobeyed the order and tried to rescue ambassador
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christopher stevens and other americans. tyrone woods was killed that day. so was the ambassadors, his aid sean smith and glen doherty also a navy seal. today on the radio program president obama said. this i was not personally aware of any requests. obviously we have an infrastructure that's set up to manage requests like that. we're kind to find out what happens. ultimately any time there is a death of an american oversees i want to find out what happened because my most important job as president is keeping the american people safe. >> bill: all right. so once again, mr. obama didn't explain what happened on 9/11 in libya. once again he said his administration is investigating. but so much, so much misinformation has been but the out there by the obama administration you would think that six weeks after the
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attack some kind of clarity could be put forth by the president he doesn't have to do it because the press is not pushing him. brian williams, one of the few journalists mr. obama is talking with, had a chance to ask him some tough questions, mr. williams passed. >> the assessment of your intelligence community as we stand here is that it was a spontaneous terrorist attack. were you happy with what you were able to learn as it unfolded? it went on for several hours. >> well, as i have said, brian, we're going to do a full investigation, obviously when four americans are killed, you know, you have to do some soul searches in terms of making sure that all our systems are where they need to be. and that's what we're going to find out. but, who what i'm confident
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about is that we will be able to figure out who perpetrated this act and bring them to justice and we are confident that we have the cooperation of the libyan government. >> bill: that is the same answer the president has given for weeks. nothing new. instead of citing some inconsistencies from the administration about the libyan attack, mr. williams dropped the subject. totally dropped it after one misleading question. going on to the bogus women's health issue. mr. williams implied that american intelligence stands behind the theory that the libyan attack was, quote: spontaneous. that is not a fact. but was presented as such by brian williams. now, talking points is not sniping at either the president nor mr. williams. but this is one big mess. and the national media is not demanding answers nor did governor romney during the foreign policy debate.
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by the way, despite that interview with mr. obama, the factor at 8:00 last night beat the nbc program rock center in total audience, which is kind of amazing. getting back to libya. my view is this: muslim terrorists were tracking ambassador stevens. they had heavy weapons at the ready. and saw an opening to attack in benghazi. there is nothing spontaneous about that. the cia was caught napping, then froze when all hell broke loose. apparently not understanding rescue options or what was at stake. when the damage and death became fully known, the obama administration tried to manage it, rather than report it. and so chaos developed. people like u.n. ambassador susan rice, as well as white house spokesperson jay carney did not assess the situation correctly to the public. talking points believes carney and rice were told by the public what to say but by
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whom? that is the question that brian williams should have asked. because president obama has to know the answer to that it is unconceivable that he doesn't. let me repeat. if you ask president obama who told ambassador rice and jay carney to tell the world that a stupid videotape launched the attack, the president has to answer the question but no one will ask him. for my it's incredibly frustrating. i sat there waiting for governor romney, bob schieffer and now brian williams to ask mr. obama a very simple question. it wasn't asked. going forward, the president will most likely avoid the libyan issue entirely and hope the voters don't care. one more thing. all administrations make mistakes from george washington to abraham lincoln
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to franklin roosevelt. all presidents have presided over screwups. just tell the folks the truth, mr. president. tell us what you know. and who you are holding responsible for this mess. and that's the memo. before we get to reaction. i want to give you the latest polling. because of 10 days until the vote the polls are important. rasmussen daily tracking has mitt romney at 50%. president obama at 47%. abc news the same. 50% for romney. the governor leads 51% to 46%. in virginia another must win for romney he leads 47% 45% according to ounce too poll released yesterday. in colorado nbc poll has the race tied at 48%. in nevada, nbc has obama up by 3, 50% to 47%. in wisconsin, rasmussen now has that race tied at 49%. very good news for governor romney who has been running
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behind in the badger state. in new hampshire rasmussen has romney up by 2%. 50% to 48%. finally $2 billion will be spent on the presidential race this year. my question, are we getting our money's worth? next on the run down, herald will react to the shocking new libyan situation. that report moments away.
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>> bill: bring in fox news anchorman and national talk show he radio host geraldo rivera. what about this libya stuff. very disturbing. the cia office of public affairs says this isn't true. jennifer graven's reporting isn't true. the cia did everything they could. we should put that on the record i believe jennifer griffin. >> very briefly lead me state there is three different entities involved here, there is the military, there is the cia and the state department. >> bill: the military says it
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doesn't didn't have anything to do with it? >> they had nothing in libya except for two unarmed drones which arrived at the scene two and a half hours after the initial attack. all right. so bearing in mind that division. so have you no military. state department and cia. ambassador is attacked and slain at the consulate. the cia has a semi secret annex a mile away. this is a totally different facility run by a totally different agency on a totally different mission. they hear gunfire at the consulate. they request permission to go and help out the embassy personnel at the consulate. permission is denied by the krier. tyrone woods and several of his brave colleagues go anyway. they rescue the survivors at the consulate. they bring them back to the cia annex and they bring back steve smith's body, also, the ambassador' aide. >> bill: so now they are at the. >> bill: at this time they can't find the ambassador. they don't know where he is. >> right. now they are back at the cia
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facility. a secret facility, remember. now they are frantically asking for help. help us where there are snipers now shooting at us. we have got our laser view finders. we can see the attackers out there. come send us help. they get no help. the cia, however, that's from the military, the cia, however, since this rapid reaction force from tripoli, the libyan capital. they get to benghazi several hours later. that's glen doherty the other navy seal. they go after -- link up with libyan militia they get to the cia annex. that's where woods and doherty are killed when a mortar hits. it's unclear how sustained the attack was on the annex when the evening progressed. but i think that when you put it in that context, that the cia was secret and they tried to do things within their own chain of command, the state department was totally different from them, and the
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military in europe is refusing to send in any assets, because they are not sure what the hell is going on. so i think there is a fog of war aspect. there is a division. >> bill: i'm not going to second guess the cia or anything else. here is the thing. the president of the united states is the bottom line guy here. all right? and right now, six weeks, we're not getting -- we're getting stonewalled. his answers, barack obama's answers are stonewalled. and all i do is break it down. he he has got to know as i said in the talking points, who told carney and rice to say what they say. he has to know. wait a minute, have you been in this business a long time, okay? all right. is there any excuse for that question not being asked by two highly paid news people, schieffer and williams? any excuse? >> why wasn't it asked by governor mitt romney. >> bill: we already run into >> romney -- he is the president with all due respect. who gave these officials these marching orders.
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>> bill: romney has his own reasons for not asking it but it's the job of schieffer and williams to ask it and they didn't. >> three things. number one, there is a legitimate scandal on why there wasn't more security for the ambassador in benghazi. why the intelligence failed to predict that this militia was going to carry out a deadly attack. that's one scandal. then there is the attack itself. i think it's going to be very very difficult to argue that they have you they have sent ine marines or done a drone strike during the course of the attack. >> bill: it was too quick. >> very very difficult. the third part is the coverup and therein lies the political rub. there, i think, there is some legitimacy to the criticism because susan rice clearly was not articulating realtime intelligence when she did the sunday talk show circuit. why not? why what did she know? when did she know it? that is a legitimate political question. >> have you been very kind to barack obama during his administration. have you been very kind to
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him, all right? is there any excuse in the world for the president at this point in time not answering fundamental questions about this situation? not holding a press conference and answering fundamental questions? >> we are 10 days from what everyone is calling. >> bill: are you going to make an excuse for him. >> we are 10 days from what everyone is calling the most important election of our time. do you realistically believe for example the house oversight committee for the republicans would be requesting truth justice in the american way we are seeking political points. it is a very difficult time. what we he answer at the press conference. >> bill: well, he knows. >> is he going to tell the cia's mission in libya? >> no. is he going to say this is who told jay carney this. this is who told susan rice. this this is what i think happened there heads are going to roll. >> i spoke with three republic senators yesterday, including senator jim inhofe the republic of oklahoma who said the senate foreign relations committee is holding hearings
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on november 15th. >> bill: i don't care about that. >> they will get to the heart of it. >> bill: you are avoiding my question. is there any reason on earth the president of the united states tomorrow shouldn't hold a press conference and answer fundamental questions about this? >> i think that the -- i don't know, bill. i don't know what he he knows or when he knew it. >> bill: don't you think as an american he should? >> listen. >> bill: do you think as an american citizen the president should answer questions to the press about this? >> the president should tell what he knows when he feels he knows it. and i think that it is totally appropriate. >> bill: he doesn't know this fundamental stuff six weeks later. >> political sharks, bill. >> bill: just be honest. >> why didn't romney ask him. if you are so smart and you know so definitively. >> bill: romney is not a journalist and knot the president. >> why didn't governor romney when he was sitting this close to the president ask the question? you know why? he knew it's a lot more ambiguous than political operatives are making it out.
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it is not. you can't count on darrell issa to find truth here. >> bill: i'm not talking about congress. i'm talking about the president holding a press conference. >> if the governor, his opponent chooses to ignore the issue why should would he be insistent. >> that's a tortured excuse. >> this is a man who wants to be president. >> bill: i will explain it to you in the break. here are the results of our bill o' poll. we asked you was mitt romney aggressive enough in the third debate, what geraldo is saying? 20,000 of you saying. 34 percent said not aggressive enough. 66% of course routing for the governor say he was plenty aggressive. worker disability claims at record levels. almost 1,000 a day. but why? lou dobbs will explain in a moment.
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>> bill: lou's the boss segment tonight. according to the social security administration, the number of measure workers currently on disability all time high in this country. during president obama's term an average of almost 1,000 disability claims every day have been put on the books. here now to explain why, fox news business anchor lou dobbs. okay. look, we know that people get hurt on the job. >> sure. >> or they have debilitating diseases and they can't work anymore. that's a fact. but now it's the highest level in history and we're supposed to have the best medicine in the world so what's going on? >> there is only one logical explanation. and as people have looked at this, is it's risen 20% under the total number of dependents receiving disability. there is only one plausible explanation. and that is that the administration has made dependency a watch word of its administration. and, therefore, they have reduced the standards forever
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people. >> bill: so it's easier to get disability. >> it is much easier. and always it had been up until 2009 a very difficult process to win federal disability. under the ssi regulations. and it is now it's exploded. >> bill: more people doing it costing the taxpayer a fortune because now they have to pay these things until the people die. >> people get on disability. it once was difficult, but once you are on whether difficult or easy to get on, it's almost impossible to get off. >> bill: you are convinced that's the reason there ♪ an epidemic in the workplace. >> there is not an epidemic of mental illness. no epidemic of other disabilities or infirmities. >> bill: preventative healthcare and stuff like that. and -- all right. g.d.p., the economy growing at 2%. >> right. right. >> bill: better than 1%, right? >> better than 1%. better than contraction or recession. there is some talks talk, the
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wags going off a third is the defense spending in the course of this third quarter. because of the fiscal year, defense spending goes up because it's either use it or lose it attitude in the federal government. throughout the federal government, not just the defense department. and so they're spending more. >> bill: the federal government is driving this increase in. >> about a third of it is the result of. >> bill: that's a lot of it. yes, it is. but, you know, if you smooth this thing out over the course of the year, smoothing anything out in the federal government is he see easier than, you know, it sounds easier than it is. it's really not that. >> bill: is that a good report? 2% growth? >> it's as good as any other. bill, the fact is the concern about g.d.p. growth, all of that the market as you know took it today basically dismissed it. because there is a lack of credibility around all of these. >> bill: still in a weak economy then. >> absolutely. >> bill: as you mentioned the stock market this week alone down 237 points.
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>> right, right. >> bill: why is it falling? >> because we are seeing -- well, we are seeing the affirmation of weak profits, which had been expected. but the reality is spooking a lot of investors. >> bill: it's not going to continue now? should i sell all of my stock. >> you should not sell all of your stocks. as a matter of fact, we have a lot of reasons for you to hold. >> bill: hold? >> absolutely. because this economy is -- at least firm. it may not be strong but it's firm. >> bill: all right. so it's not getting worse? >> right. >> bill: so the future you believe is a little bit brighter. >> there is a caveat in that and that depends on the leadership of the country going into january. >> bill: a week from today unemployment numbers come out, right? you expect them up? down? same? >> i don't believe it's going to matter. my expectation is that they are going to -- they may, in fact, drop a little. but i don't think they are. >> bill: that can help the president get rio elected though, doesn't it? >> no. when i say the american people are not showing a great deal of faith in these numbers, i mean it. there is a lack of truth in
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the leadership. there is a lack of trust in the government. >> bill: even though they might go down a couple of percentage points down you don't think it's going to matter? >> right. >> bill: i know a obama people will say look at. this they were all excited about that 2% g.d.p. today. they have got to have something to talk about today. >> bill: gas prices didn't make a big deal in the debates. i think it's a big deal. that comes right out of their wallet, and you say? >> i say when gas prices have doubled, which they have done under this administration, it would have been worth talking about. instead, governor romney today, in a major speech, talked about being, again, north america being energy independent. >> bill: he didn't demagogue the gas prices as you and i would have. >> exactly. >> would have demagogued the hell out of them. do you know what else he did. >> what you and i might have been tempted to do the opposite. certainly president obama does. in his speech today, governor romney used the first person
1:27 am
only 12 times. he used us and we and our 72 times. >> bill: because is he trying to be our pal. >> such a refreshing determine from let's us say the last three and a half years. >> bill: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along. gas prices kin to hurt working americans. jesse watters has been out asking the folks about that gutfeld and mcguirk on president obama's media strategy. donald trump and lance armstrong doping. 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care.
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waters world segment open. 3.58 a gallon up 84 when president obama took office. even though gas prices were not a major debate item. the folks are getting hurt. we sent jesse watters out to feel the pain. >> are you okay with paying all this money for gas? >> no, i'm not. >> i probably pay 300 a week. >> 55? >> 55. >> how often about? >> unfortunately at least once a week. >> my suburban costs over 100. >> what did you say? >> are you okay with paying this much for gas? >> absolutely not. it's insane. >> i'm driving a prius. i'm doing my share. >> what the hell is this? >> it's a prius. i'm okay with it. >> you are okay with it.
1:32 am
take it in the chin. >> exactly. >> give me everything you have got. lay me out. go ahead. >> you are a green guy now. >> yeah. got job? how do you feel about these gas prices? >> i try not to look. [ laughter ] you feel held hostage almost. >> absolutely. it's worried me so much i have lost my hair. >> funny how? funny like i'm a clown i abruise you? >> if we can go back to 9 cents a gallon, that would be great. >> yeah, i'm just not sure about that right now. who do you blame primarily for the price of gas. >> i have to the administration they can't get out of the way. >> overall blame lack of. oil companies doing what they want to do. [ laughter ] >> what's so funny? what are you laughing at? >> if this is a political question i do not blame obama' that for. this i feel that is a big play in why we are suffering today. >> i don't care. their gas is paid for in the big stretch limousines and
1:33 am
guys who drive cars 10, 12 years old got to make ends meet. >> yeah, i was thinking that too.>> republicans can finger point to the democrats. democrats can point. national level policy makers are doing the same thing. >> are you factoring gas prices into your vote in the election. >> absolutely. we have all this strategic reserves like release some of it and give us a break. >> just the frustration probably with the current administration. i would say that i will be leaning to republic side now. >> now are you voting in this election? >>. no i don't think that for me in my life personally it will make a difference. >> i still can't get my mind around that. >> i'm an independent but i'm going to vote for obama. >> are you leaning in one direction? >> not really. >> no? >> got to pick the less of the two evils. do you everybody watch bill o'reilly. >> sure. >> factor fan. >> i think is he a positive force. >> i do just so i can know what the other side is saying. >> the other side. what do you like about bill in the show.
1:34 am
>> i like how he tries to keep everything real. >> keep it real, homeys. >> what's your favorite part of the show. >> i don't want to say anything. >> you don't want to say anything. >> do i have to. >> yes, you have. >> say it, say it. >> is there anything you want to tell bill o'reilly right now what would it be. >> keep going, get better. >> oh my goodness. where was most of those interviews? where do you them. >> it was connecticut, new jersey and new york. >> okay. because there is a big difference. new york i think highest gas taxes. >> 69 cents a gallon and around 65 in connecticut. 69 cents that the state and feed a on here in new york. >> exactly. >> 65 in connecticut. >> jerusalem is about 33. people go fill up in jersey. you know what they're doing right now. right when you get in the city in jersey city. gas protest tax obama stunt. if you get there at 7:30 in the morning at the exxon station, you pay 1.84 a gallon, which is the price
1:35 am
much gas per gallon when he filled. >> why are they doing that? >> pay attention to the fact that gas prices have doubled under the administration. >> the obama supporters that you talked to, did they -- who do they hold accountable for the skyrocketing gas prices. opec, congress, rich bankers, the oil companies, ceos. a lot of the other people blame everybody. i think what the guy hit it right on the head. he said a lot of people in congress. they don't drive cars. they get picked up in town cars. they don't have to whip out their credit card and see the sticker shock there hasn't been outcry from either party. the republicans have a tendency to be pro business. they are not going to attack the oil companies. the democrats want wind and green energy. >> right. the one guy had the prius. >> bill: there are actually people who want the gas prices to go to $10 a gallon so we wouldn't use gas. jesse watters, everybody. he didn't get beat up and that's a good thing. gutfeld, mcguirk on president obama's media strategy such as
1:36 am
it is donald trump offering 5 million bucks for something. and lance armstrong on the dope. the boys moments away.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight, short time ago, president obama continuing his softball media strategy, talked with
1:40 am
mtv. >> we have seen artists like bob marley, bob dylan, public enemy chuck d rage against the machine of popular music that aspired and informed. what artist do you feel today uphold that tradition and how? >> you know, it's an interesting question. we haven't seen as much directly political music. you know, i think the most vibrant musical art form right now over the last 10, 15 years has been hip hop. [ laughter ] >> bill: do they have hip hop in benghazi? here now to analyze the president's press situation bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. first of all, i want you guys next week to get hats like that guy. >> i have one. that's actually my hat. >> bill: sway that guy.
1:41 am
>> he also took my name. i was originally sway and then i changed it to curve and captain puddles and now i'm greg gutfeld there is nobody at mtv. they think benghazi is a club dj. this is actually infuriating what's going on right now. >> bill: if it wasn't so absurd. >> we have -- there is this massive scandal going on. there are four people dead, and they are talking about music. it's disgusting to me. i want to throw up on bernie. >> i want to throw up on you. >> if the president would do some interviews legitimately, i don't mind sway talking to him. who is sway? i mean, is this guy -- >> -- he is he a voice of a generation. >> i'm digging the funky lid and i have a closet full of them. so next week you will see me here. >> bill: with that hat? >> but, look, this is desperation time for them because they -- they smell defeat in the air. but this is usually what it's
1:42 am
not what the incumbents do. it's what the challenger. the put with the nuts. whatever it is the shut with the butt. not incumbent presidents this late in the campaign and, of course, it's an exercise in futility because they already know these people that will already lean obama they know he is not going to -- >> bill: i don't know what he thinks he is going to gain. the people who like mtv and that was a live interview anyway who are locked in on that they are going to vote for barack obama anyway i don't know what he is wasting his time in there. he could call sway on the phone. he doesn't have to show up. >> do you know what is going on right now. president obama is depressed. when you get depressed put on giant bunny slippers. this is the media equivalent of bunny slippers making him feel better. pays to key strength which is charm. exists as truly evolutionary practice to mask incompetence.
1:43 am
you are the opposite of charming which is a compliment. you don't need to be charming because you are competent. >> i can name both presidents charming and competent. the mtv thing culminate as week of hard-hitting interviews with guys like jay leno. go. >> going to vegas. >> yeah. >> going to place a bet on the world series? >> well, they are both great teams. >> um-huh. >> san francisco, they came. [cheers] >> they won. and did the traditional white house visit. detroit beat. [cheers] they beat my white sox out of a pennant. they are outstanding team. >> bill: it's 10 days before the vote. mr. president, we are here for you on the factor, the whole hour. >> not one question on libya. they covered.
1:44 am
>> bill: can't blame jalen mow know. his job is to entertain the people. >> he he did cover some substance. >> bill: is he not going to be confrontational to these guys. he wants them to come on to the program. here is what is interesting. he didn't get big ratings with that i was on letterman up against the president. i don't know how -- you know we will know which week who won. but, last night gutfeld, on -- what's this william show, rock center. 30 rock is alex baldwin. i can't tell the difference between the two programs. anyway, the factor as i mentioned beat this program. the cable factor. fox news channel, channel 87 in wichita kansas, beats the nbc and they are at 10 and we are 8. they are much bigger audience. not only did we beat them, we trashed them. >> with do reason, too. >> you wouldn't think it they should have ran johnny mathis
1:45 am
music behind williams and president obama. it was disgraceful and disgusting. shasm on you brian williams. >> bill: what song from johnny would have you put in there. >> it's not for me to say, bill. [ laughter ] >> bill: shame on him for not want to -- brian williams. >> bill: just give me anything. >> with no follow up. i challenge brian williams who look at a picture of these four dead american heros look in the mirror and ask yourself did you do the right thing and try to have a good night sleep. >> i just don't know what's going on are we going to have more with gutfeld and mcguirk. forgive us. talking about donald trump and lance armstrong doping. they are both familiar with narcotics. we will be right back.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, we continue with gutfeld mcguirk. donald trump has offered a million dollars if president obama will release his college transcripts and his passport application. >> why do we want to see president obama's college records? >> transparency does that make sense to anybody? >> no. >> bill: what does that mean transparency? >> that means there are so many hidden things that we just don't know about our president. >> bill: what are they? >> i don't know. >> bill: what do we care if we see his college records or not? >> you may learn things about president obama that frankly you didn't know. >> bill: like what? >> i hope that you wouldn't. they have a little line saying place of birth. and i hope he -- i hope everything is perfect. >> bill: where do you think he was born? >> i have no idea. i really have no idea. >> bill: great. so mcguirk what do you think. >> listen, i love donald trump's smash mouth politically incorrect
1:50 am
approach. it's stuff like this that makes sarah jessica parker spit up frap pay and chris matthews choke on his dog whistle i like it a lot. efficacy. gentlemen, bill, word of the day. >> bill: efficacy bill excellent about. >> embarrass obama i think in this case it is not going to work. >> bill: too much. >> makes obama look like a victim. >> bill: i told mr. trump that for 2 million i will release my college transcripts and passport application. i would do that. >> bill: it's legitimate issue. >> if gutfeld had managed to go to college he could do the same. >> i coined the phrase felony flop pick charity. do something to hurt their career. it's clever but it's vulnerable because it could be done to anybody. if george soros came to me and offers me a million for pictures at spring break in 95 with me and you. >> bill: you and soros, not me. i wasn't anywhere near you.
1:51 am
>> it would ruin. >> bill: please, bill i have the pictures. it was a special time. >> bill: ry have never been seen with gutfeld outside this studio. >> that's not true. >> bill: barack obama had a great great line when asked about this offer from donald trump. he said the reason is trump was mad at him because when t they were children in kenya. [ laughter ] they didn't get along. >> that was funny. it's actually, they are using this against trump. >> makes obama look like a victim. >> bill: to make him look like. >> gives him an opportunity. you have got to love the fear that trump inspires in people. when he goes on "the view" and you know they hate him they treat him like jesus christ. everybody is afraid of the way he bludgeons back. >> bill: remember the rosie o'donnell thing oh my god. >> my friend frank rich got it yesterday or the day before. he dared criticize donald trump on this. you got to love that.
1:52 am
>> bill: lance armstrong obviously, you still you are a biker. >> oh, yes. but i use a big wheel. >> bill: i thought you had a tricycle. isn't that yours outside. >> it's a big we'll, really, bill. we knew lance was juicy. he won the last tour de france on a poo go stick. i think it's hypocrisy in the media to condemn producing what all of us would jump at the chance of using a chemical if it made our career better. >> bill: i would not do that. >> you are on ketamine right now. ketamine and dandelion juice in that coffee mug. >> i know the world of steroids. i was amateur body builder until i pulled my groin. nothing to do with the sport. but, listen, lance armstrong san american hero. he he went into france. [ laughter ] after they screwed us after 9/11. he gave us the middle finger and he represented. >> bill: you still think he is an american hero. >> played in their house with
1:53 am
their rules and beat them at their game. >> bill: i think this is awful. number one armstrong was taking so many steroids he could have hit 72 home runs. that's how juiced up he was. he lied about it. gutfeld probably admires. this he made $15 million last year in endorsements. >> yes. >> because he cheated. >> no, i do not -- i do not support that however, i think he should make lemonade out of lemons and start getting new endorsements for like juice bars. why not a juice bar? >> bill: he could represent. >> hypodermic needles. they need a spokesperson. god knows. they are getting a bad wrap these days. >> if you have to cheat you lie. came back from terrible cancer not just testicular. >> that can't be tristled with. the man is brave in the sense that he fought the cancer and he actually did some good things charitiably and all of that just can't have cheating and lying at that level. >> they were all doing it.
1:54 am
>> i don't care. i don't care if they were all doing it. >> at the time though if you go into france and do the tour de france you have to do what they are doing. >> bill: a lot of people think you have to be on drugs to go to france. i don't. i think it's a nice country. i like the little snails they give you. i like all of that you don't have to be on drugs to go to france. gus feld and mcguirk, everyone. again we apologize. factor tip of the day. best thing can you do this weekend. the tip 60 seconds away.
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it might blow up your own people. apparently there was a delta team in italy two hours away and i would have sent them in. careful what you wish for, it is possible. first we have to do houston on november 24 and salt lake city on december 8.
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