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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 27, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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you are are seeing weather that is going to impact the east coast. probably not going have any effect on the midwest. this is one more reason why if you take advantage of early vote then you don't have to worry about what happens on election day. you can go and exercise your franchise at your own convenience and it is critically important. so again, if people need to know where to vote go to vote.barack obama .com. >> i was looking forward to being in virginia tomorrow but the hurricane is headed up there and i spoke with the governor, governor mcdonald and we talked about that and he said you know, the first responders really need to focus on preparation for the storm are so we are going -- not going to be able to be in virginia tomorrow. we will go to ohio instead but i hope you will keep -- [ applause ] keep the folks in virginia and
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new jersey and new york and all on the coast in your minds and your hearts. you know how tough these hurricanes can be. and our hearts go out to them. >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. i'm geraldo rivera. two storms rattled the country tonight, threatening to drown out the last full week of campaigning before the elections just a week from tuesday. the first is being called because of its halloween connection frankenstorm. a monster arous combination of three weather systems including hurricane sandy that promises to soak and batter a huge swath of the northeast beginning sunday night and maybe continuing to thursday. the other storm bearing down on the white house is benghazi-gate. the escalating political crisis from the apparently botched response to the fatal attacks in libya. you will hear prominent voices from both sides on whether the president can is survive that political storm.
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but you up front tonight the physical storm that before this week is over will affect the lives of tens of millions of americans. we start our coverage with maria molina in the fox news extreme weather center. so maria, where is sandy going? when does she hook up with our friends from the midwest and how bad is this going to be? >> hi, geraldo, good to see you. a very bad situation for any one living along the coast of the northeast and the mid atlantic. we are already feeling the impact throughout the day today across eastern portions of north carolina and also portions of south carolina because sandy is a very large storm system. we are talking about hurricane force winds that extend outward from the center of the storm up to 105 miles. tropical storm force winds extend outward from the center up to 520 miles. all in all talking about over a thousand miles of storm arey weather. heavy rain. strong winds. in area north of the center of the storm will be also
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experiencing the onshore flow. beach erosion and coastal flooding a huge concern. you mentioned it is meeting up with another storm system. the front a cold front behind it very cold air and that will be switching over some of sandy's rain to snow across parts of the state of west virginia and very significant snow. be on the order of over two feet for some spots. first, again, right now seeing the rain across eastern portions of north carolina. some of the clouds associated with sandy do actually spread over portions of bermuda. a very large storm. forecasting to go parallel to the coast and eventually on monday make a sharp turn towards the left. this is unusual for a storm system and we are forecasting that sandy will become a post tropical storm system. what is important is the impacts and what we will be feeling across the coast of the northeast. right now maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. under this scenario, new york city will be on the northern end of the storm.
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could be looking at a bad storm surge between 4 to 8 feet locally higher amounts if it does coincide with high tide. a lot of water piling up along long island sound. a very bad situation for manhattan and along the east river. looking for a lot of impacts from the storm geraldo. major coastal flooding. a long duration event because sandy is so large. locally more than 10 inches of rain and 48 hours of high winds for some. >> maria and i tomorrow night as sandy bears down on the coast we will have a life special report beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern time,. and this is a fox news alert. the saturday polls are out and they show mitt romney holding on to his slight lead. how slight? which way are the voters moving? ace pollster scott rasmussen. how are you doing? >> doing great. i'm getting ready for sandy myself because we are right in the target zone. but there is a presidential election going on. >> geraldo: right in as bury
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park on the jersey shore. better have your rubber shoes on. >> we are all ready. >> geraldo: okay. give us the main daily tracking poll first. nationally speaking what does rasmussen report? >> we find right now, mitt romney is at 50% and barack obama is at 46 for the last five days romney has been at the 50% mark and had generally a three-point lead inching up a little bit today. something that has been the norm ever since that first presidential debate. romney with a slight lead but nothing he can feel comfortable with. >> geraldo: now, they say romney has the momentum but obama has the math. let's talk about the math the. some states we will be talking about, the battleground states. start with wisconsin, scott. how does the battleground state of wisconsin shape up? >> well, this state could become the new ohio this year. it could become the decisive
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battleground state. our latest numbers show 49 to 49 in wisconsin. a state where unlike say, ohio, or other parts around the country the republican ground game might actually be better than the democrats and the reason for that, they had all that practice in the scott walker recall election. right now the race is very tight. all four men on the ticket, obama, biden, ryan and romney are in wisconsin because it is that tight. and if wisconsin goes for mitt romney, that will be a shocking development. republicans lost the state by 14 points four years ago. >> geraldo: ohio. everyone is talking about the buckeye state. what about ohio, scott? >> ohio is very close. showing it tied right now. that is a state again where the democrats actually think they had the edge on the ground. almost all of the polling has shown anything from a tie to a slight obama lead. this is a state that democrats are very confident they can hang on to. the president really needs to win both ohio and wisconsin if he wants to keep his job.
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romney needs to win one of those two. >> geraldo: iowa? >> iowa, another tie state. this this midwest that is become the pattern. the des moines register came out and for the first time in decades endorsed the republican candidate. why? the economy is the key issue. and in all of these states what we are starting to see is voters are saying they trust romney more than obama when it comes to the economy. >> geraldo: scott rasmussen we will be checking back with you. what are you doing tomorrow night? well, you will let me know after the show. those are the numbers. appreciate it. stay dry. up next, we go from math to political meat with the dnc's kristine pelosi and a.b. stoddard of the hill and then a prominent republican senator makes news suggesting a cease fire on benghazi gate on the probe until after the election. back in a flash. so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this...
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if brothers are are are. if l. will will will if broshes if he gives his passport applications or records i will give to a charity of his choice, inner city children of chicago, american cancer society, aids research, anything he wants, a check immediately for $5 million. >> when you take a look at colin powell o you have to wonder whether that is an endorsement based on issues or he has a slightly different reason for preferring president obama. when you have somebody of your own race that you are proud of being president of the united states i applaud colin for standing with him. >> geraldo: in the supercharged preelection climate the comments by donald trump and john i sanunu have some crying
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racism. the associated press running a story right now that says 51% of americans now express a up from 48% in is that complicating the president's rekey election efforts? >> i just don't think that we know, geraldo. i think that when people oft oen wonder whether or not voters are honest with pollsters when they call when they are talking about black candidates. i just think the president s an incumbent now. he has a record he has to run on and defend. i really don't believe that colin powell would buck his party again and stick with president obama simply because he also s a black man. i just -- i think that this is not necessarily something that is going really sway this election. it is something to talk about which, in a very close election everything becomes an issue in the final couple weeks. we haven't been in an election
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this tight in so long and both sides are freaking out pretty much. anything becomes fodder and becomes a story. i don't think it is going be a factor in president obama's reelection. i think getting the black vote out and getting enough numbers from african american voters is going to be a factor are in the election but not because he himself is black. >> geraldo: it has been a campaign where you can go, kristine, to the polling place and if you see a white person the odds are they are voting for mitt romney and if you see a black or brown person the odds are they are voting for barack obama. i think that is kind of melancholy. >> i agree with you, geraldo. i also think that what president obama and the democrats are saying is we need to move forward as a country bringing everything together. we need to have is jobs for everybody. we need to have the fair pay act to that women are paid the same as men. protect medicare for everybody. the more uniting the president can do in the closing days the better he is going to do on election day. >> geraldo: talk about -- you talk about --
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>> i think it is unfortunate and sad that trump is doing that. >> geraldo: well, trump is trump. what about the -- >> true, but people are paying attention to him. >> geraldo: people that do, if they are going to vote based on donald trump's $5 million bounty i think they probably had their minds made up previously. >> true that. >> geraldo: let's get to benghazi-gate. i want to concentrate on most of that for the show tonight. do you think the president should have been more forthcoming. do you think this is a self-inflicted wound in the aftermath of benghazi? whatever happened happened. i know it is easy to monday morning quarterback in the words of defense secretary panetta. don't you think the president and the administration should have been more forthcoming as to what they knew and when they knew it? >> i think we to wait for the report. i was here at the memorial for
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ambassador stevens. it was beautiful in a bipartisan way to see people praise the ambassador and talk to the family about the calls they are getting from young people around the country who are inspired to go into public service despite what happened to the ambassador. so i think what we have to do is await mr. pickering's report and then we will really see what the facts are and we can determine what we should have known sooner and what we can do in the future to better protect the american people at home and abroad. >> geraldo: judge jeanine had the family of one of the seals that was slain and the family member, the dad, god, we recognize and honor his loss. he called the president insincere and called hillary clinton a liar and this is ten days before the election. i mean it has to have an impact, does at any time? >> it is very interesting timing, geraldo. i think the administration should have been more forthcoming. i think the president should
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have been more forthcoming about this. i think it is becoming a real sort of a disaster for the administration. but because of the timing of this, i have to say as people focus on it, on this never before hurricane storm that is going to dump snow on us and take power from millions of people and they are looking at the last minute daily tracking polls of this very close presidential race, i actually don't know that this -- in this economy with everything else they are focused on, i don't think voters are deciding if they are uncommitted voters on benghazi. i don't think that is making their decision. i think this is a bad story for the administration. i think they are making it worse and it president obama is re-elected it will be tough for him to crawl out of this in 2013 when we know more. >> thank you. i appreciate you ladies coming on. up up next, one republican
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were they denied requests for help during the attack? >> we are finding out exactly what happened. i can tell you as i said over the last couple of months since this happened that the minute i find out what was going on i gave three very clear direct ives. number one, make sure that we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to. number two, we will investigate exactly what happened to make sure it doesn't happen again. number three, find out who did this so we can bring them to justice. >> with us now, republican jim imhoff joins us. thank you so much for being on the program. the egyptians arrested one of
10:21 pm
the purported conspirators of the 9/11 attacks in libya. the turks arrested another one using a false passport. are are the surrounding countries doing the right thing? will that be the way that gets resolved rather than by a military attack? >> yes, it could. but i think what that points to is more evidence in how well planned this is using a lot of people from a lot of different countries. >> geraldo: good point. >> i think that is what i would conclude. you know, the big issue has been, geraldo, now you for, gosh, weeks and weeks, as to whether or not this thing was a coverup by trying to imply this was not well thought out and part of an al-qaeda attack. but i think the evidence when you think a few days ago when they came out with the memos that the state department actually on september 11th cent a notification which went to the situation room in the white house that ansar al-sharro al-s
10:22 pm
involved in this thing. no reason to go into this was a video. >> geraldo: they knew it was a terrorist attack in real time and should not have been to bungled and distorted in their presentation of what they knew when they knew it. >> and if that is true and i believe it is true that means they just willfully lied and put this thing together and thought that that would be infering that they are not doing their job. by the way, chris stevens, i really like the guy. he was in my office just a matter of weeks ago and he was the right guy for this tough duty and told me how tough he knew it would be but he was pleading for help, for are security and it didn't come. nothing is really changed much in the last four weeks. >> geraldo: fy were to elevate you to the presidency and now
10:23 pm
you another ansar al-sharia claimed responsibility for these deaths what would you do? >> here is the problem as i see it. you have a lot of people who were not responsible and a lot of them who are right there in benghazi and so i think that has to be handled rather carefully. but the more that we point the finger to the information we have from and star al-sharia, we know we have a good indication who was around him, go after those people and do it more surgically than coming through and blowing everything up. this is not a situation that ronald reagan faced back many years ago where you go in and just take everything out. so i think we are getting closer to knowing who was there but it does point to al-qaeda. this is a part of that. they are alive and well and this is what happened. >> geraldo: this cries out, it seems to me, for a prudent professional probe, a hearing
10:24 pm
conducted by congress but by your committee, by the foreign relations committee because it seems to me that the house oversight committee is -- has been justly accused of politicizing this and you have your colleague on the senate foreign relations committee john kerry saying the other day that the house oversight committee by the wholesale release of state department documents has exposed libyan nationals working with the united states to possible danger. isn't it a problem the politics of this to getting to the truth? isn't it interfering with the -- >> that is a very good point, geraldo. and i have kind of -- personally i haven't talked to any one about this. the election is very close right now and i think if we get on past that. i asked for hearings way back when it first happened thinking that we could get something resolved. at that time we didn't even know what and we still don't know today a lot of details as to the death of chris stevens but there is information that was left out is since they have
10:25 pm
refused to have a hearing up to this point. i think now we should just wait until after the election is over so it would not be politically motivated and we can get into this thing and know what to anticipate next. just clearly something that was well orchestrated, well thought out. well, engineered. and there it was. so i just think now that anything that comes from this point between now and the 6th of november is going to look very suspect. >> geraldo: so should we put aside at least temporarily until post election senator jim imhoffe the question of who should bear ultimate responsibility, whether this or that official should resign their office? >> i think everybody knows now. if you asked me that question a month ago i would have a different answer. now, everybody knows. they had the last debate and romney -- i mean nothing was ever -- nothing ever came up on this thing and i think he was probably well advised not to
10:26 pm
bring it up. >> geraldo: senator, thank you so much. >> thank you, geraldo. >> geraldo: always a pleasure to speak with you, sir. >> thank you. >> geraldo: tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern aside from frankenstorm our probe of benghazi-gate continues with senator bob corker also of the senate foreign relations committee. coming up, whoever wins the election will be facing a
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. >> coastguard is under a tsunami warning after a strong earthquake in the area. they are reporting a 7.7 magnitude quake shook an island off the west coast of canada. 5.7 aftershock following minutes later. the national weather serviceg we entire west coast. >> and reports that syrian warplanes have launched a deadly air strike after a cease-fire went into effect. syria activists said they bombed a suburb killing eight people. cease-fire that lasted four days in observance of a major muslim holiday begin to unravel on friday and series of car bombings and battles that activists claim left 150 people dead. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to geraldo at large. r.
10:31 pm
now, back to "geraldo at large." for all the latest headlines is log on to fox news .com. >> earlier today i signed a declaration of emergency. >> i declared a state of emergency this afternoon i declared a state of emergency commonwealth wide. >> geraldo: a fox news alert. frankenstorm continues its unprecedented late season march into the northeast as tens of millions rush to get themselves ready for landfall and getting worse as the week goes on. meantime the caribbean is burying its dead. hurricane sandia claiming a total of 58 lives in jamaica, cuba, the bahamas and most severely in earth ravaged haiti which is still experiencing widespread flooding. a storm of a much different sort is also setting its sight on your country. the mandatory budget cuts that
10:32 pm
threat ton gut the united states military. here is craig. >> our navy is sheryl now than any time since 1917. >> we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of the military changed. >> president obama's sharp rhetort. >> we have aircraft carriers where planes land on them january ships that go under water and nuclear sub marines. >> this attracted most of the attention. the real threat to the military budget is the controversial bill which congress passed and the president signed into law last year to confront the nation's looming $16 trillion debt. the law requires automatic across-the-board cuts on january 2, 2013 that will slash billions from the defense budget. in battleground states like, virginia, where as many as one in four adults work for defense contractors, which build
10:33 pm
enormous sub marines like the minnesota which is about to be christened these defense cuts could mean as many as 200,000 jobs. it was designed to be so bad we would never get to this point. mike is ceo for huntington ingalls industry. with 37,000 employees in virginia, mississippi, laz and california it is the largest u.s. naval ship builder. >> all of the usual is suspects are saying all of the things that they were predicted to say. it is not the way the nation should be going about deciding how to allocate its resources. >> congressman randy forbes for the fourth congressional district in virginia. >> it is going to be devastating to the economy of virginia. it going to be devastating to the economy of the country but more importantly it is going to put us new hampshire a situation where we believe we are dismantling the greatest military the world has ever known. >> according to the international monetary fund if mandatory cuts go into effect it will have a devastating
10:34 pm
impact be on the economy, the loss of jobs so steep the ripple effect across the nation could take us into another steep recession. >> we are going to probably lose as many as 200,000 jobs in virginia because of the enormous cuts. across the country 1.5 million to 2.1 million. >> we have $16 trillion deficit that is looming over our country. we have to cut something. why not the defense? >> no one has sade that we shouldn't put things on the table to cut on defense. we shouldn't do it in this arbitrary fashion we are doing. >> in the debate the president said sequestration is not going to happen. >> the president signd that into law. i didn't vote for it. governor romney said he wouldn't have supported it but the president signed it into law. there is no way the president can just ignore the law. >> finger pointing aside, there is no doubt the impact here in virginia. >> shipyard basically is nuclear news. this put new you port news on the map. >> everyone around here is
10:35 pm
affiliated with the shipyard and rely on the shipyard a lot. >> we depend on the shipyard. >> a ticking time bomb that is about to go off in january 2013. how do you explain that to people and keep people calm? >> i'm a glass is half full kind of guy. we will work through this. it is the law of the land. i'm optimistic this will push people into a place where they have to come together and figure out what the real plan is. >> is he really optimistic? >> he is optimistic? he thinks, he hopes that people will come to their senses and put this thing together before this time bomb does go off and the cuts are made. >> how about the workers, the blue collar guys? >> they are concerned. this is the only game this town. the only place that is hiring and you have to remember this company spends $400 million a year in contractors and construction, all these different things that support the ship building industry. >> geraldo: it's huge. really an important cog. also a battleground state.
10:36 pm
i think they will figure something out. better do it in a hurry, though. some republican ares are calling benghazi-gate more serious than ware gate because watergate nobody died. marsha blackburn is so angry she called for the beginning of impeachment proceedings against the president. the tennessee republican joins us from nashville. hi, congress woman. >> hi there, how are you. in. >> good. her democratic co colleague is with us from the lonestar state. he represents texas there. let me start with you. before we talk about benghazi-gate you heard or saw the piece craig did, the president says the automatic cuts are not going to happen. are what could stop them? >> well, one of things we know is that we have continued to bring forward different options and saying come on, let's get -- let's get behind this and make certain that we are
10:37 pm
not making these $500 billion worth of cuts out of our military. certainly there s waste, fraud and abuse, geraldo, everybody agrees with that and we want to get that out of the system. not only for d.o.d. but for all of our departments. government wide. but you cannot sustain this type cut and with our military it would just be debilitating. we need to -- we want to make certain that we do not see these kind of cuts. it is disappointing that the administration does not meet us at the table and try to work this out. >> geraldo: congressman cuell ram, who are you going to talk to? i hate to be pessimistic be but seems like your train is going to go off this cliff. >> certainly we need to look at doing all of this in a bipartisan way. you know, keep in mind this is a big question. how do you reduce the national
10:38 pm
deficit which is huge at $16 billion. how do you about not raise taxes and not cut any services like for example the military. that s the question we have to answer and the only way we can get to it is to really look at democrats and republicans, not blame each other but sit down and literally look at this. the supercommittee had a try. democrats, republicans, they were not able to do it. this was the agreement that was done, the sequestration. i think if we are going to do cuts we ought to do that across-the-board where everybody has skin in the game and have cuts across the board to reduce the deficit. >> geraldo: congressman blackburn, did you -- >> let me say something there. because i support across-the-board cuts in discretionary spending. every year i run bills calling for 1, 2 and 5% across the board. what you have to realize is that this administration had gone in and made deep cuts into the -- our military services, into d.o.d. and then they did it again with
10:39 pm
the sequestration. doubled up on that. so the problem becomes you are cutting them more than everybody else. if you were to give them just what you were going to cut everyone else is, you know, you could begin to work with that. but they are getting it twice. >> geraldo: i want to ask you, it is not fair to ask you before the commercial break, congressman blackburn about the impeachment comment so let me save that until the next segment if you could both stand by. up next we will hear from both congress people on benghazi-gate and senator john mccain as well on benghazi-gate and two more prominent members of congress join the debate which may determine who wins the white house. we'll be right back. this is awesome! folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. i'd say happier than a slinky on an escalator.
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are you disappointed even with the damning cables showing what the white house knew and what he they knew it the issue apparently not gaining the traction perhapses it should with the american people? >> i have been deeply disappointed. it is like a lot of the scandals that you and i have tracked over the years the initial problem if there is a coverup becomes much, much worse and i don't have to tell you that there were signs of the problem, our consulate was attacked in april and june as you know. there were pleas for additional
10:44 pm
security. the president should just go on television and say here is what happened. here is what we did. here is the whole scenario. can he clear everything up with one 15-20 minute, half hour talk to the american people. >> geraldo: senator mccain and other republicans have written to the defense secretary, are the cia director are and attorney general asking that the surveillance video from the consulate in benghazi be made public. i will get into that. but congress woman blackburn did you you or didn't you ask the beginning of impeachment proceedings against president obama? i asked for us to have an investigation. i think that is exactly what our o in tell committee and foreign affairs committee and government reform committee are doing right now. i think that is exactly what we need to be doing. geraldo, this are three things that should be of great concern to the american people. number one, why didn't we see this coming? number two, why didn't we take action as the attack was taking place? and number three, what has
10:45 pm
transpired after this? and we need to figure out if there was a coverup and, you know, i think that speaker boehner asked the right question this week in his letter to the president and that is when was the last time that you talked with ambassador stevens? if these are your appointees, you have them out there, they are working on behalf of the united states, if there is a problem in libya, when was the last time that you had a conversation with h him addressing these issues? >> congressman cuellar, how and when should benghazi-gate be he investigated? >> first of all, i agree with my colleagues. the first thing we need to do is investigate before we make any judgments. let's see what the intelligence community is going tell us and what they knew. the preference of the intelligence commune sit to assess pieces of information number one and then number two make judgments as to what happened and then from there
10:46 pm
make -- tell us who is responsible. and that is what we are going through these steps so before we start blaming an administration or somebody else let's do the right thing, let's investigate and let the chips fall where they fall and then we will tal take it from there. >> congressman cuellar you cannot be happy with the way the administration handled it. let's say that the call whether to send in troops was a call made by the mil military in thg of war you can cut them slack however tragic the results there but since the attack it seems slow to been less than sincere in their desire to tell the american people what they knew and when they knew it, congressman cuellar. >> right. that is what i'm saying. i certainly want to make sure that the chips fall where they fall and i want to know exactly what happened and let's get to it. i am not here to defend anybody. i just want to get to the truth of what happened. our number one interest should be those men and women that go
10:47 pm
out there and serve the country. whether political appointees or career individuals. >> geraldo: right. >> they do a good job and go out there and -- >> geraldo: congress woman, go ahead. >> i respect what henry is saying. but we have to realize that the president as senator mccain was saying he owes the american people a full accounting and he needs to get off the campaign trail and some back and say what happened and tell us when knew what was taking place. why did he leave d.c.? why did he go out and campaign? these are questions that he needs to answer and he needs to talk about what happened and the video, was he watching this in real time? when those decisions were made, when knew it was a terrorist attack. and geraldo, these are things that he needs to answer immediately. i think that it is so
10:48 pm
disturbing that he has not. >> i have to leave it there. i appreciate that. thank you so much for coming on tonight. how do you think it should be investigated? perhaps not surprisingly, o'reilly and i disagree.
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it is like putting blood on the water for the political sharks, bill. >> just be honest. why didn't romney ask him if you are are so smart and know so definitively. >> romney is not a journalist and not the president. >> why didn't governor romney sitting this close to the president ask the question? >> i don't know. >> because he knew it is a lot more ambiguous than political operatives are making it out. it is not -- you can't count on
10:52 pm
darrell issa to find truth here. >> joining me one of my favorite congress people, ileana ros-lehtinen. nice to see you. thank you for being with me. >> thank. >> how deeply concerned are you about our not knowing exactly what happened in benghazi or what we know does not seem to comport with what the administration has been telling us? >> this h is deeply troubling and either shows great income pa tense or deliberately misleading the american public because the more information that we find out about the terrorist attack the more we know that the obama administration officials did know about it, did know that it was a terrorist attack, did know that it was unfolding and simply just did nothing about it. meanwhile, four americans lost their lives including an american ambassador first time in over 30 years. so we want to know in a set of public hearings what did the administration know and when
10:53 pm
did they know it. we want to find out about the benghazi atakes and every time they come to us and i'm chair of the foreign affairs committee and they say we will do it in a classified setting meanwhile they are able to leak information to the press and we are not able to say anything. >> the house oversight committee dumped an awful lot of documents much to the dismay of some in the administration and others outside the administration for whom the acts seemed to be less than discrete. do you agree? >> perhaps there was some information with some documents being disclosed maybe it should have been kept at the committee level but it doesn't take away the importance of the overall big picture. that this is an administration that tries to manipulate information, that tries to stonewall the american public. whether there was a document or two that should not have been in the public domain, yes, that is an important issue.
10:54 pm
i'm not side steping that. but the huge issue is that the obama administration actually knew that this terrible terrorist attack on another 9/11 on the anniversary a commemoration of the fateful day and yet did nothing about it and really put american lives at risk. >> geraldo: congressman ileana ros-lehtinen. we are out of time for this segment. thank you very much for your comments. >> we heard from the republican, now from the democrat, this is charles rangel of course, representative near in new york. is benghazi-gate being politicized or aren't you deeply troubled by somed of things we do not know? >> whatever we don't know concerning the lives of four americans i hope we soon find out. but i really think the republicans is are dancing on the graves of these four people in a political way to infer that the president would cover up and not want the whole
10:55 pm
country to know the pain that we feel when we lose americans is one of the cheapest shots i have ever seen and witnessed. >> geraldo: you were wounded in action in korea. you got the purple heart and also the bronze star. you are decorated combat veteran. when you look at benghazi, do you think the united states should have done more to help those four embattled americans during the assault itself? >> whether we are talking about iran or afghanistan or iraq, i have problems the way presidents, republican and democrats, can put our men and women in danger without the declaration of war. you know, nato is not where i raise my flag and where i salute. i salute my flag. and so i think every president should show what is the danger to the united states of america?
10:56 pm
>> geraldo: is libya one of them? >> you're darn right it is. you got to do a lot of explaining to me as to why my kid or your kid should be in libya for any reason or why resources should be sent there. >> geraldo: what about the specific allegation that we didn't do enough to save our people as they were being attacked in benghazi? >> now, who in the hell do you know would know that? it certainly would not be romney and the republican national committee. i would like to believe that is the first question hillary clinton would be dealing with. >> geraldo: do you this think benghazi has been politicized to the point where it is about politics now and not reality? or do you think there s a legitimate quest for truth into what happened there? >> it is a legitimate quest, a search for the truth of murderers of four americans and i hope that all of our resources are not only there to
10:57 pm
find out but to prevent it from happening in the future and i see no legitimate place for it in the national debate for who should be president of the united states of america. >> geraldo: charlie, congressman rangele a delight. i have only known you for half a century. >> you are a home boy. >> so are you. >> thank you. >> thank. >> geraldo: that is it for you us tonight. stay tuned to fox news for the
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