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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 30, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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was convicted impaired driving. punishment? $1400 fine and a license suspension. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again monday night., go there right now. good night from washington stay on fox news channel. weeke. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> it's not just a bad deal. this is really an insulting deal. >> bill: why is president obama alienating half the country? why won't he compromise on the budget and save the nation from bankruptcy? lou dobbs will answer those questions. >> look. the white house is a christmas tree. okay? so what's the difference? the white house has a christmas tree. >> you are wrong, bill. they call it a white house tree. >> bill: no, it's a christmas tree. barack obama calls it a christmas tree. >> bill: if barack obama says it's a christmas tree, why do some other politicians
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dissent? we will continue our reporting tonight on the real reason christmas is under siege. >> you are really santa, right? >> no, i'm an accountant. i wear this thing as a fashion statement, all right? >> why mondays? because of the elicit ration? tater tots on tuesday. take away weanerless mondays. >> bill: gutfeld and mcguirk running wild this evening. is this my fault? could be. >> bill: you should rough him up? pretend he is me. [ laughter ] >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. what the heck is president obama doing? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the w rs thing that could happen to the u.s.a. is is for a sitting president to pretty much ignore the best interest of the folks. president obama is doing something very strange right
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now. very strange and you should know about it. he only won the election by 3.5 million votes out of more than 120 million cast. he knows we're a divided nation answered also knows millions of americans don't believe is he looking out for them. he also knows that we have a budget situation that could send the country into bankruptcy. so it is on the president to solve the problem. this week, treasury secretary tim geithner offered the president's plan. it would raise taxes for high earning americans by $1.6 trillion over the next decade. that's on income, capital gains and dividends. also limit deductions for those folks. also return the estate tax to a whopping 45% for wealthy families. but on the spending front. there really isn't anything substantial on the table. nothing. the president basically saying i'm not going to cut much. and blank you if you don't like it. >> it's not just a bad deal. this is really an insulting deal. what geithner offered what you
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showed on the screen. robert e. lee was offered easier terms and he lost a civil war. they there not only no cuts in this, there is an increase in spending with a new stimulus. this is almost unheard of. i mean, what do they expect? they obviously expect republicans will cave on everything. now, i don't think president obama expects the republicans to cave. he wants them to oppose. believing the american people will become angry at the g.o.p. it's a political strategy putting the entire country at risk. many republics already said they will go along with some tax hikes. why with the president being so in your face about this? he is doing the same thing about the susan rice situation. earlier this week he said he thinks the u.n. ambassador is doing a great job. are you kidding me he? dr. rice mislead the entire world about the libyan murders. still won't explain how that happened. and that's a great job? very possible that president obama will nominate susan rice
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for the secretary of state position that hillary clinton is vacating that would obviously be another in-your-face to the republicans. it doesn't seem that mr. obama wants to run the country efficiently. i guess i could be wrong, maybe he will compromise in the end. but now we have a my way or the highway situation. the problem with the president is the highway passes through the republic majority house of representatives. these people aren't going to okay more than a trillion dollars in tax hikes with no spending cuts or entitlement reform. it's not going to happen. and mr. obama not going to happen. so why are we playing this foolish game? the american people deserve better than this. we have huge financial problems in this country. problems that every single one of us are going to be feeling if the u.s. dollar tanks come on, mr. president, put something reasonable. get off the politics. and that's the memo.
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finally somebody asked me and i appreciate that bill. let's go straight to it right now there are no rules in this game between obama purpose of the negotiation. it's just ballot err and media noise. i would suggest and the first part of that plan is to set the parameters. that means, okay? the top 2% of the country are paying just about 40% of the taxes in this country. what percent does the president want? boehner needs to stand up and say everything is on the table. taxes, entitlements, you name it, we're ready to talk. >> you would begin with the tax situation, right? i would begin with the spending but you are smarter than me. >> so you say to mr. obama, all right, we're willing to compromise here if it's reasonable. all right?
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how much more do you want to squeeze out of the upper 2%? and he says probably, i want to go back to the rate clinton had 39.5 and i want to raise capital gains to 25%. do you, lou dobbs, give him that if there is something else that he has to give? >> i certainly would not give him that without conditions. >> bill: but you would think about it it? >> absolutely. that's what i'm saying. the dobbs plan says that reasonable, reasonable, what does that mean? that a little bit of tax hike on the wealthy, and wouldn't be a little bit. what is it estimated to be about something like a billion a year. >> $82 billion. >> bill: a year? >> per year. >> bill: that's still not -- all right. so, but then to get those tax hikes, what does lou dobbs want as far as spending cuts? >> well, you know, first of all i wouldn't negotiate in the media it would be the first rule that i would suggest. >> bill: since we are in the media we have to do that. >> we are going to violate our rule. >> bill: violating. >> the first thing i would do would say that the condition
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precedes all of this is i want to know first, have you been campaigning, mr. president, for literally five years about what's fair. i want to know what the percentage is that you think the top 20% in this country should be paying in taxes. and then we will make our adjustments. >> all right. but you are going to have to get barack obama to actually commit to cutting some programs, which he doesn't want to do. he doesn't want to cut anything. >> of course he doesn't. >> bill: he doesn't want to cut the snail. he doesn't want to cut the mushroom exploration. >> this is a great opportunity for john boehner to put forward the boehner plan. not the dobbs plan. the boehner plan. >> bill: specifically say this is what we have to cut? >> this is what we have to do. we have to raise the retirement age in this country. for social security. we have to raise the retirement age for medicare. we have to get serious as they did in 1993 under a democratic president, president bill clinton and say this is the target. $500 billion a year in reduced
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deficit. and we're going to get there. >> bill: 500 billion a year you would reduce. >> absolutely. >> bill: i would double that i would do a trillion. >> you can't quite get there i think you can get. >> bill: what if i sold rhode island then i could probably get that. [ laughter ] >> bill: chinese would buy it? >> is chafee still going to be government after you sell it. >> bill: who cares. >> he is damaged goods after you took care of him last night. >> bill: i'm trying for a trillion dollars to cut the debt every year. not the deficit. the debt. i'm trying to get enough money in here so that we can go from 16 to 15 to 14, you see? >> we get rid of a trillion dollars very quickly by taking a half trillion a year. >> bill: what you just said is how you get rid of it. you raise the retirement rate for social security for a couple of years. >> medicare as well. >> bill: not for people who are over 45. under 45 or maybe 48. but the people who bought into the system. >> you are already into the details.
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and we're losing the parameters here. >> bill: i'm sorry. detail guy. i'm sorry. >> that's terrific. but, until we -- and we have to make one more rule on this. >> bill: what's is that. >> you go to the table. same table. either obama's table or boehner's and you talk straight. >> bill: at the table they're both there and they don't get to go to the bathroom until they get something. >> it's going to be a little faster negotiation than i thought. can we call it with that one addendum the dobbs reilly plan will be. >> bill: will be o'reilly. >> o'reilly dobz plan. -- dobbs plan. >> bill: fox business network dobbs reilly and fnc dobbs o'reilly. >> i will take it. >> bill: we can work it out. >> here it is. >> bill: all right. next on the rub down, the factor in the middle of the culture war over christmas. we'll have an update. later some harvard students have started a bondage club and they want the university to pay for it. why not? might be sadistic. coming right back. [ male announcer ] we all make bad decisions.
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>> bill: facing to follow up segment tonight, new rasmussen survey released this week says 68% of american adults prefer the greeting merry christmas this time of year. just 23% like happy holidays. michigan federal appeals court has reversed decision that banned nativity display folks in warrant, michigan put up a crest. atheists complained, nativity was removed. group defeated the atheist and we love that and now it's back. jewish guy thinks the whole war on christmas is insane. you say that for quite some time, mr. stein, right? >> i have. you can call me ben. i'm jewish. all of my ancestors are jewish. my son is jewish. i don't mind people saying merry christmas to me. i like calling it a christmas
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tree. it's a christmas holiday. it's a christian holiday. it's not a holiday, holiday. it's on not a atheist holiday but a christian holiday. >> it's a holiday that atheists can celebrate certainly under the banner. >> absolutely and jews can celebrate. it's a holiday. >> everybody can have a good time. >> it's a holiday marking the birth of a man or a some call him the son of god who said peace on earth and on earth goodwill to men. what could possibly be wrong with celebrating the ideas of a person who said something like that? >> bill: let me take it one step further and then i'm going to ask you the why on it. jesus of nazareth was the most influential human being who has ever lived. that's beyond any doubt. right? >> i don't doubt it. but, of course, you would honor a person like that because what jesus stood for was peace.
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turn the other cheek, all of that. >> forgiveness. forgiveness. >> bill: yeah. okay. so it's all good as they say in california, it's all good. >> it's all good. >> bill: but it isn't all good because now we have the secular progressives trying to remove christmas, the word, the displays. even the federal holiday they would love to have it rescinded from the public arena. why why? >> well, bob dylan said it best there are a lot of people that have knives and forks they have nothing on their plate and they have got to cut something. there are a lot of angry bitter people out there. they have got to attack something so they attack christmas. they are not -- i don't consider them well in the head. god bless them. and they probably wouldn't like my saying that about them. god bless them. but there is nothing wrong with celebrating merry christmas. there is nothing wrong with having this being the predominant holiday and predominantly christian
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country. nothing wrong with admiring the precepts of jesus christ. nothing wrong with having christmas trees. nothing wrong with having can a refreshes. nobody is being forced to bow down and worship anybody. if you drive by a can a resh. how you can possibly be harmed by that? >> now, you know a lot of secular progressives having lived in los angeles for many years. the philosophy is the state rules and all the other stuff should be subservant to the state. a lot of people feel this is why the campaign should be in motion not only just christmas but the expression of spirituality on any level. do you buy into that. >> absolutely not. once the state rules -- >> bill: no, do you buy into that's why the secular progressives are buying into this. >> that's part of it, bill. a lot of it is plain anger. a lot of people are angry and angry at whatever is the
8:17 pm
predominant symbol. they are angry at anything that reminds them of tradition. angry at anything that doesn't make themselves the center of attention. they are just a lot of angry people out there. they go after the prince of peace. >> i interviewed rhode island governor chafee on the program yesterday. he didn't seem to be an angry guy. i don't think he is i don't think lincoln chafee is an angry guy. now, he is one of the s.p. warriors who is trying to tell his state that we don't really have a christmas tree. we have a holiday tree which is insane. and you know he didn't know that president obama calls it a christmas tree. that he didn't know any of that. chafee presides over a state second worst in the country behind your state california. you would think that chafee would want to have the christmas tree and everything else associated with christmas so people would come to rhode island and buy stuff. >> well, you would think. >> self-interest. self-interest. >> you would think he would want to have the christmas tree because it marks the
8:18 pm
observance at the beginning of a philosophy of love and caring and not hating your neighbor and that would be enough reason. >> bill: got to get some money into the state. just for that reason. >> i'm sorry. that's not enough reason for me. look we have an amazingly wonderful country here. best country ever been in the history of mankind. a large part of it is because it is based on christian principles forgiveness and toleration. i don't see why it's wrong to celebrate those principles. >> bill: i'm with you 100%. i'm trying to get in the mind of lincoln chief that even if is he an s.p. warrior and offended by the word christmas in front of a tree. he would want to get the tree up and have everybody christmas so his economy would be better. i'm not saying that's the right reason. but it's so crazy. these people have gone so out of their minds with the p.c. political correctness business and, you know, conclusion, we would to include everybody.
8:19 pm
mr. stein, i think you know this better than anyone else. you can't include some people. some people are going to be left out. >> some people want to be left out and angry and on the fringes and want to draw attention to themselves like being angry they will be left out. >> all right. ben, thank you. by the way ben stein's new book is called how to really ruin your financial life and portfolio. directly ahead new york city judge gives very lenient citizens to three men associated with al qaeda. it's outrage. geraldo with details. gutfeld and mcguirk running wild once again. please hide the children. the factor returns shortly. this family used capital one venture miles to come home for the holidays. that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! that's double miles you can actually use!
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how illuminating. what's in your wallet? let me guess, am on the naughty list again? ho ho ho!
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>> bill: fridays with geraldo segment. barbara jones who sits here in manhattan has given three convicted terrorists doing work for al qaeda five years in prison each when they could have gotten 20 years.
8:23 pm
what the heck is going on? here now, mr. rivera. so, tell us about this case. >> can i first give you overview? the biggest fear that we have is that the terrorists will become drug dealers and fund their violent activities against the western world with drug proceeds in the way that factor the revolution group in colombia has funded for decades. >> bill: and the taliban. >> biggest only yum producener afghanistan. they are funding their war against the united states and the west by a drug deal. >> drug deal. >> bill: right. >> what's the new front in terms of drug dealing? it is africa. the route is from south america to africa, to europe. where is the new al qaeda organizations? where are they budding? where are they really being troublesome? witness benghazi, northern and western africa. that's where we fear al qaeda
8:24 pm
is taking root. what is the biggest fear? biggest fear is al qaeda northern africa and western after africa will become drug dealers. part of that cocaine movie in south america to europe getting the proceeds and thereby funding their terrorist activity. jump cut to this case involving these three men from maly. operating in maly and ghana. our d.n.a. informant contacts one of the local thugs who is said to have some association with al qaeda and says hey, guy, i have got a coke deal. i have got to get cocaine, tons of cocaine from south america here to maly and guana and south africa and up to europe. you al qaeda help me. you al qaeda will become part of my drug empire. >> operation. >> so what happens is the guy was not an actual drug dealer. he was a sting, a dia operator.
8:25 pm
the main contact point the guy thought to have some communication with al qaeda in northern africa. he communicates up the criminal food chain. recruits two of his buddies, they make arrangements to transport nine tons of cocaine from south america to africa to europe. >> >> bill: al qaeda would get a cut. >> theoretically al qaeda would get a cut. >> bill: who arrests them? >> they are arrested. the informant is actually working for the d.e.a. and they, at the critical point as the d.e.a. and as the federal agencies the fbi and the others do, they take the -- they walk the snucky criminal through the purported crime like the guy was going to blow up the new york stock exchange with a thousand pound bomb. he goes and pushes the trigger and of course the bomb is fake. the whole thing was a sting and that's how they catch the bad guy. >> bill: where did they catch them? >> in ghana in africa. >> bill: moved them back to the u.s.a.
8:26 pm
>> transported him here. now they are facing terrorism charge and judge enforces five years instead of the 20. that is the weakness of the case and that is the problem with much of our effort against terrorism. many of these law enforcement activities are fake crimes. i have a real beef against fake crimes. >> bill: so you are siding with the judge? >> i think the judge. >> bill: even though these guys clearly knew what they were doing, that is moving tons of cocaine, involving al al qaeda, killers, they knew they were doing that they just didn't see the cocaine. only thing they didn't see was the actual drug. after they are caught and come back with a conspiracy rap that gets them 20 if the judge is tough. you say no, give them a little, like this. >> there was no real drug deal. >> bill: you know what the intent was. >> you know what their state of mind is. but this -- i submit to you,
8:27 pm
please, i submit that i could convince almost anyone with living on the margins of life. >> bill: no one in this room and they all live on the margins would do this. all right. nobody here. >> you can seduce people into going along with al qaeda. >> bill: and transporting tons of cocaine. come on. >> the people involved in this, bill, are people are ho is susceptible. they are petty criminals. >> bill: you acted like you feel sorry for these guys. >> petty criminals like the fort dix six. six guys who shot paint balls in the woods and informant says let's use these weapons to turn them into real weapons to kill g.i.'s. >> bill: tell me about. >> i have to say one other sentence. 95 or 99% of all our terrorism arrests are these fake terrorists. >> bill: stings. >> in fake crimes. we are becoming great at acting out the part of terrorism. >> bill: being proactive, all
8:28 pm
right? they are taking these guys off the street. >> padding. >> bill: tell me about the judge real quick. >> sure they are. they are in jail. >> they are creating crimes that don't exist. all of our efforts as they compete for the terrorism money. all of our efforts. >> fake crimes. >> judge worked for the district attorney no problem with the judge. >> no political contributions a straight shooter. a person right down the middle, i think she did exactly right. blameless in this. i think we have to examine how much money we are spending. >> bill: on stings. >> prosecuting fake crimes. >> bill: they do the same thing in the pedophilia range too they set up stipulation get people on the internet. that's appropriate. embarrassed on tv. >> bill: that's appropriate. trying to get terrorists off the street. >> in new york going to blow up the synagogues. these guys had a total iq added together of 75.
8:29 pm
>> bill: that alone might lure these people down the prim rose path. ring in their nose. preposterous and federal government concentrates on real terrorists and stop this acting. >> bill: i'm giving geraldo, what? you want to give him 10? plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. gutfeld, mcguirk had plenty of things to say the question is do you want to hear it? and harvard university some students there have formed a club based on bondage and harvard may fund it it what? rehope you stay tuned to those reportrtrtrtrt dry mouth may start off as an irritant. it'll cause cavities, bad breath. patients will try and deal with it by drinking water. water will work for a few seconds but if you're not drinking it, it's going to get dry again. i recommend biotene. all the biotene products like the oral rinse...the sprays have enzymes in them. the whole formulation just works very well. it leaves the mouth feeling fresh. if i'm happy with the results and my patients are happy with the results, i don't need to look any farther.
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>> impact segment tonight, holing parents accountable for what their teenagers do. last month on long island 17-year-old joseph beater crashed his car killing four of his friends. beer charged with vehicular homicide among other crimes. police say he was hide on marijuana as he drove more than 100 miles per hour. his four friends were ejected from the scuba radio subaru car hit a tree split in half they were killed. charging the patients in the case. kathleen rice joins us now. parents thing is interesting. what are you charging them with and why? >> he they were charged with unlicensed operation of a vehicle for one simple fact. they bought a car for their son. they knew he didn't have a license to drive the car. and when they handed him the keys of that car that was a recipe for disaster. it was like handing him a loaded gun.
8:33 pm
>> bill: he had a learner's permit, 17 years old. not entitled in new york state to drive alone, correct. >> under the new york law, with a permit you have to drive with a licensed adult in the car. he was not. >> bill: no licensed adult in the car. number two he was out driving after dark, you can't do that with a learner's permit. and you say that the parents allowed him to do this? >> well, they allowed him by one very simple fact. they bought him a car. not after his 18th birthday when he had a license. >> bill: what i'm f. i'm the lawyer of the parents and say look we bought him a car on told him he couldn't use it unless we were in it and he couldn't go out until after 5:00 and driving but he did anyway. >> they could very well say that and that might be likely their defense. the fact is these four young lives would not have been lost but for the fact that joseph beer's parents bought him that car and gave him the keys. not just bought the car, gave him the key. knew that he couldn't be drive it. >> bill: did not supervise. >> i think that's the strongest part of it they
8:34 pm
didn't supervise the kill. there is a rash of things going on in our society that come back on the parents like underaged drinking parties in the home. >> right. >> do you charge parents when you find that happening? >> in nassau county we have the social host law which we enacted about 4 years ago and it holds any parent who allows underaged drinking to go on in their home to be charged with a crime, a misdemeanor. the reason is very simple. you have parents making life and death decisions for other parents' children. that's not right. unfortunately, bill, i think what we see a lot, and this is different from when you and i were growing up in the kind of, you know, upbringing i think that we had in terms of being held accountable for our action, you have a lot of parents, i think, who want to be their children's friends. >> bill: permissive parents. >> i remember my mother saying we are not going to be friends. i'm your mother. >> bill: if you hold a drinking problem or drugs. drugs on the premises and parents are in the house or whatever. or they even leave the house, they can be held accountable
8:35 pm
in the court of law. is beers, is the parents of this kids beers is, that a felony that you are charging them with. >> no. it's a violation. >> bill: misdemeanor. >> violation actually. >> bill: now you also had a scandal in nassau county about kids buying sat scores in the sense that they would pay someone to take the test for them. and did you hold the parents account being for that? >> well, unfortunately in that case we were never able to prove parental involvement although the huge sums of money. >> thousands of dollars. how else could you get that? >> that's why a lot of people thought that think about who the witnesses would be against these parents. it would be their own child. it was not easy for us to get children to say something about their parent that would get them in trouble. >> bill: did anybody go to jail in that scandal? did the people who took the test? the kids who hired the people who take the test? anybody go to jail it was all adjudicated outside of jail? >> all adjudicated as youthful offenders and a lot of them received community service. and that's one of the reasons why did i what did i in this case. no way under the old system to
8:36 pm
hold these kids accountable. what we are talking about here is raising a generation of kids who understand the difference between right and wrong. if we don't help kids, whether you are a parent or someone in my position or some other adult in children's lives, if we don't teach them the difference between right and wrong. we are looking at the next generation of corrupt politicians. wall street executives. >> bill: doing what you are doing. holding the parents responsible, criminally. >> the parents are the first line of defense, bill. we can't get them to do their job. >> bill: do you see this as a friend in american law enforcement all across the country. now start to hold the parents criminally responsible what the children do. >> if it's warranted i hope. so what we need is an uprising of parental power. we need to remind parents that they are not supposed to be their children's friends it that they need to be able to discipline their children and the law can do it. >> bill: all right, ms. rice, thank you for coming. in when we come right back harvard university in bondage. not talking studying here.
8:37 pm
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8:40 pm
that scenario they formed a club called harvard college munch which is devoted to as we should say alternative recreation. according to harvard newspaper the group has 30 members and applied for official recognition from the university. if it gets that student funding could arrive. joining us from boston ben. president of the school newspaper the crimson and a junior, president of the anscom society socially conservative group. all right begin with you,. >> bill: do you think this group is going to get sanctioned by harvard and have access to student funding? >> i think that the university will provide the resources necessary for the group pause the university has supported similar actions in the past. they have funded the sex week last fall and this springs. i think it's really sad that the standards forzing
8:41 pm
student groups are somewhat diveble. we see when the university didn't recognize rotc because it saw rotc as discriminatory. and recently recognized it it after the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. i'm very curious to see what the future of it is. >> bill: you think the university might sanction this crew. we talked to one of your pinheaded professors up there and can i say that because i did attend harvard. and he said well, this is very healthy. this is an expression. here is an expression. sexuality on personal level. very healthy. that type of thing. we can't discriminate against thesome people. somebody -- that's the point of view. >> well, i disagree that it's healthy. no i know that but that's where the university is. no judgments about behavior. this is what they do. how do you see, this mr. samuels? >> i think, you know,
8:42 pm
ultimately, this is not meant to be in and of itself a group just for bsm behavior. kinky behavior. we cover this a lot in the paper. natalie has done great work over the course of the year. covering the group in the story as a whole. but i think the purpose of the group is much more education-driven. i think when you say that the funding for the group is going to buy handcuffs. i'm not necessarily convinced that is accurate. >> bill: that was a little gist. when you say educational. what education are we talking about here? >> sure. i mean, i think that a big part of any group like this is safety. and whether or not you agree with what they are doing. separate discussion all together. there is no questions that this sort of behavior is happening. it's happening on college campuses.
8:43 pm
>> bill: you want people to be safe. you want people to know not to hurt themselves. hurt the university with student funding. i have got to be honest, mr. samuels, the only bondage i experienced at harvard was paying tuition. all right? that was bon dang. why should the university get involved with this, you know, marginal group that hobby. why should we fund it? >> a big part of what harvard does and you look at the office of student life and the organizations that they are funding. they try to find whether they do this successfully again is is a different question. they try to fund groups variety of different viewpoints and i think if you look at the harvard campus and i don't even know you would disagree with this. there may be more students on the harvard campus who would support funding an organization like munch than supporting an organization like the anscom society. whether that's right or wrong i think is a separate question. >> the organization is is a
8:44 pm
conservative group. look, you might be right. you know how dopey you college kids can be. the big question is should a university be using college funding, student funding for this kind of alternative thing? and obviously you don't believe this is the proper use of this kind of funding beings correct? >> well, i think that what is problematic is that the university is supposed to be a place where people can have arguments. and while this might be the intention of the group, what i find really concerning is that it is recognizing this group is only a symptom of this problem of a hypersexualized culture across universities. and what i find really problematic with the hyper sexualized culture is that it marginalizes people of conservative upbringings. for example, devout muslims, orthodox jews, mormons, for
8:45 pm
example, would be very offended by some of the poster -- >> bill: not publicly running around doing what they do. would you ban it? would you ban it luciano? would you ban it if you were the dean on harvard? would you do that? >> i think that it's. >> bill: come on, would you ban it or not? [ laughter ] >> i just think that it's promotes a culture of sex. it's ugly. selfish. >> bill: you would ban it. obviously you would not ban it, but if the group got a little bit flamboyant and started to go out in the square and prance around, would you say that might be a bit much? >> it depends on -- when you say prance around, i guess i can. >> bill: try to use your imagination, mr. sam yells. you are a smart guy. luciana is offended by the group. should they be running around campus doing what they do in public. >> they do run around.
8:46 pm
>> bill: they do run around? you sure it wasn't for halloween with. >> no, no, no, no, no. during sex week, some of the promotions. >> bill: i have got to tell you both. when i was out there, -- i'm not even going to bother. thanks for the interesting debate. on deck gutfeld and mcguirk. opining at a level almost impossible to describe. the boys in a moment. you won't take my life. you won't take our future.
8:47 pm
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, greg gutfeld missing in action. we don't know where he is and nobody is really looking for him. so we decided to put together a best of segment featuring recent gutfeld and mcguirk appearances. roll the tape. we begin with a very strange picture. vice president biden getting up close and personal with a
8:50 pm
biker chic in ohio. that happened sunday and nobody can quite explain it i thought at first gutfeld it was a promo for the tv show anarchy? >> sons of anarchy? i thought he was preparing for the white house christmas party. is he going to be santa. i love the look on the faces of the biker. that is america looking down. they are looking down at him. i love bikers. they are either sending teddy bears taking teddy bears to hospitals or getting meth from my uncle. >> bill: you believe it's a santa claus play. put that back up. interesting play on looks. it looks like they are ready to stab the vice president. >> if he didn't have secret service protection, they would have had to scrape him off the floor. >> bill: we don't know why the vice president got up and personal with the woman. with all due respect to her, she is not exactly gisele bundchen. >> they are the most fun
8:51 pm
chics. [ laughter ] >> that is a great group. >> bill: i wouldn't know that but i would like to seat vice president where the bandanna that the woman had. >> we have seen artists like bob marley, bob dylan, public enemy chuck d rain against the machine of popular music that aspired and informed. what artist do you feel today uphold that tradition? >> the most vibrant musical art form right now over the last 10, 15 years has been hip hop. >> bill: do they have hip hop in benghazi? >> first of all, i want you guys next week to get hats like that guy. >> i have one. that's actually my hat. >> bill: can't even sway that guy, right? >> he also took my name. i was originally sway and then i changed it to curve and to it captain puddles and now i'm greg gutfeld. there is nobody at mtv. they think benghazi is a club dj. this is actually infuriating
8:52 pm
what's going on right now. >> if it wasn't so absurd. >> we have -- there is this massive scandal going on. there are four people dead and they are talking about music. it's disgusting to me. who is sway? i mean, is this guy. >> the voice of a generation. >> i'm digging the funky lid. >> closet full of them. >> it's not what incumbents do. usually what the challenger or new candidates do go on the church with the hump or the puts with the nuts. or whatever it is. the shut with the butt. not incumbent president this late in the campaign. >> here is the latest peta quote. >> beautiful. >> bill: take a billboard kids, big letters kids, if you wouldn't eat your dog why eat a turkey? happy thanksgiving, everyone and mcguirk you say. >> bill, you fought the good fight on the war on christmas and you have to fight these giblet brain communists on this.
8:53 pm
they can't tell the difference between eating lassie and some yummy wild eyed turkey out there. makes absolutely no sense. i like turkey salad. greg likes turkey [bleep] it doesn't make any sense. you have to stop this, bill. we're counting on you to -- >> bill: all peta wants is publicity. i can't stop them from doing anything. the poor kids there you go and they are crying because you are carving up the turkey. come on, peta, give us a break. this is tied into meatless mondays in los angeles, gutfeld. >> yep. >> bill: you know l.a. pretty well, right? >> i spent time there in certain places i can't recall. >> bill: okay. >> there is a fundamental hypocrisy with this. what if you came up with an idea called sexless saturdays. sex is every bit as harmful as meat it can create std's the liberals would say no, stay out of my bedroom. however, they can jump on your plate. >> you can go in the kitchen. >> bill: don't go in the bedroom. >> they can invade your plate but you can't invade their
8:54 pm
bed. it's reason mcguirk they want meatless mondays in l.a. is so everybody is healthier. fishy the carrot or whatever. >> that is one of the motivations. this is bloomberg on blow. why mondays? because of the owe lit ration. at a ter tots on tuesdays, going to take away weanerless mondays. >> bill: all i want is a sandwich. should i have to go through this? gutfeld and mcguirk, everybody, hopefully we will find gutfeld. he will be back next week. i would like you to know that i channeled gutfeld, wrote a column called teenage wear wolves on the web site, you will like it. factor tip of the day. christmas gift, the tip, 60 seconds away.
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