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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 30, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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was convicted impaired driving. punishment? $1400 fine and a license suspension. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again monday night., go there right now. good night from washington stay on fox news channel. ♪ >> andrea: hello, i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: 32 days until the nation is set to go over so-called fiscal cliff and president obama is still in campaign mode. in hatfield, pennsylvania, the president was demonizing republicans -- shocker. meanwhile, house speaker john boehner seems willing to negotiate, as long as it's in
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good faith. >> it's not acceptable to me and i don't think it's accept to believe you for a handful of republicans in congress to hold middle class tax cuts hostage because they don't want tax rates on upper income folks to go up. >> let's not kid ourselves. i'm willing to move forward in good faith. our original framework still stands. >> andrea: the republican leader mitch mcconnell said he burst in laughter when tim geithner outlined the president's plan. what's next? rush limbaugh and charles krauthammer want republicans to walk away and let obama own the mess. >> the best thing to do is back out of this and let obama and democrats have it and do what you want to do. that will happen anyway. i don't know about you, i don't want my fingerprints on this. >> this is almost unheard of. what do they expect?
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they think the republicans will cave on everything. i think republicans should walk away. >> eric: so on tuesday, i remember -- >> andrea: i floated the idea and i said why can't republicans vote present? let obama have his bill or not show up. a lot of members wouldn't show. they would book dentist appointment or pull a hamstring and let him get his way and own the fiscal cliff debacle. >> eric: it's not a bad call. this could be terrible for the economy and hurt jobs and businesses. but honestly, if you are ready, america, if you are ready, hold your nose, take a deep breath and take the medicine. it will fix the problem and the deficit problem as long as everything in the fiscal cliff happens. as long as sequestration happens it will hurt defense. tax rate goes up. eventually you will get someone out, to get that president out and get president who wants lower tax rates and congress that wants the lower tax rate and maybe a
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senate. it would hurt dramatically. best time to do it is now. >> andrea: there are two schools of thought here. one if you follow twitter or watch republicans who are on the pundit circle, they say let them go off cliff and let obama own that. there is another one that says just let him have what he wants and then when the economy nose dives he will have to own it. republicans are going to get blamed anyway. do you feel strong about either one of those? >> dana: not necessarily. i do think i see in "washington post," headline, obama offers plan for cliff. plan to be in quotes. the thing that amazes me and the media lets it happen. for eight years or longer now. i had to defend how many times people said on the left, including president obama when he was running for president the first time, the bush tax cuts only help the rich. they were only for the rich. now all of a sudden we're supposed to believe that he understands that they are
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actually going to hurt the middle class and the lower income people? because president bush cut taxes for everybody. finally now, i guess, history will get it right. that is actually what happened. president obama was on the wrong side of it then. definitely headed -- leading the country in a bad direction now. he had every reason to try to figure out a way to help the republicans, help get them to a deal so everyone could not have this anxiety leading up to the fiscal cliff. he is exacerbated the anxiety with the ridiculous plan. mitch mcconnell does not show emotion about anything ever. he has the best poker face. geithner's proposal must have been absurd that he laughed out loud would have been fan tast tic to see. >> andrea: there is a second stimulus. all spending and taxing. how would you feel if the republicans walked away? something you celebrate? >> bob: if they walked away permanently celebrate it particularly. look, the republicans, the question i've got here is why are you putting at risk all
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the things you talk about? the recession and the dire things, for the sake of people at the top 2%. i don't understand that. >> eric: you are not being fair. >> bob: what do you mean? >> eric: that there will be a recession if they don't allow tax rates up on the top 2%. >> no. >> if everybody got tax increase and everything expired. you said we are going to the recession. that is probably true. but, if you are willing to let that happen for sake of the top 2%, put tax on them. get the other things we want. >> why do they think we wouldn't go in a recession if they make a bad policy of allowing rates to go up? speaker bainer was willing to
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get more revenue. >> bob: 2% of the -- >> dana: hold on. >> andrea: one credit rating agency said if the democrats get their way, which is not fixing the problem, we will be downgraded again. should the republicans let president obama own that? >> brian: unbelievably disappointed. you did not characterize, you must be on some level, bob, disappoint. the president is doing what he did for the four years. his way or the highway. this is the quote from the "washington post." offer lacked any concession for republicans at the core issue of where to set the tax rate. i thought this is going to be a debate between 35-3%. and as deal roll up sleeves. this offer is insulting. i am not going to deal with you.
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>> the top 2% since 1986. >> they can't say the republicans holding out on the top 2%. >> the republicans want spending cuts. republicans realize -- >> they offer, i think obama is offering $500 million -- [ overtalk ] >> dana: critical count -- >> eric: the democrats realize that they have to touch spending if they want the 2%. >> brian: i want the power to raise the debt ceiling without asking you. >> dana: triple count cuts that were made. to get credit. wants to get credit for cutting things that were already cut in the past. his budget could not get a single vote in the senate. maybe they should bring the president's budget up again to see if it has more support. >> andrea: i want to ask about the tax rates.
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we learn the top 1% averaged 23% tax rate, while filers in the bottom 50% average a tax rate of 2%. a lot of people don't like to get george bush credit. he took poor people off the roles. >> bob: first, myself, i have given bush credit for doing that. in every tax bill we have. the wealthiest people in america continue to get cuts, cut, cuts. why do we have income disparity in country? rich getting richer. >> andrea: how are they getting cuts? >> eric: because -- >> bob: i told you. reagan cut and -- >> eric: talk aboutbe what this is. this is, first, does nine find it strange that tim geithner delivered the proposal?
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he is in charge of the i.r.s. and people paying taxes. >> dana: except for himself. >> eric: but he is in charge of the policy and the delivery and not negotiating. hold on. here is what it is. president obama saying i will ignore all of your requests. they are all mine on the table. you supposed to come back, the republicans and be, bring something to the negotiating table. it's ridiculous. >> eric: this is a negotiating point. >> bob: i want to know the increase in the upper tax rate bothers you so much. >> dana: it's bad policy. >> it is political revenge. pays for 8.5 days for government spending. you don't get anything except for lower productivity of people you ask to create more jobs. that is why. >> he can final it in his base. that is why he is proposing
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more spending. >> brian: incredible. to see him campaign with tinker toys and angry birds makes us think it's another 4-1/2 years instead of rolling up the sleeves and get the deal done. he goes to pennsylvania -- >> andrea: a small business. which is so ironic. the same group of businesses that are hit hardest by the tax increase. >> eric: i don't know if we outlined the deal that geithner proposed. $1.6 trillion. $1.6 trillion in the tax hikes. that's what he says. they are $1 trillion off on that. not meeting in the middle. no spending cuts. spending cuts are delayed. forward. 10 to 15 years down the road. hope congress decides to -- >> andrea: he will be long gone.
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obama will be long gone. >> bob: you are saying -- geithner says $1.6 trillion? >> eric: it comes from tax increases. >> bob: on who? you're saying go over the cliff? >> andrea: i think the republicans step back and let the party crash the family car. then we can say well, you voted for it. you have wanted it. >> bob: we had an election and you lost. >> dana: but just because somebody else wins an election that doesn't mean you should violate the principles. let them lead. >> bob: i don't understand the principle of maintaining the tax rate on people. >> dana: gosh. >> bob: you know last year, the number of people in the top five%, the salaries are way up on the top. hedge fund who don't get
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anybody employed. rip off artist on wall street. rest of the people employed -- >> eric: you agree to get something done so we don't go off the fiscal cliff and sequestration to get kick in? genuine in negotiating and get a deal. >> andrea: we can do what we like. the catch phrase. kick the can down the road. coming up, trillion-dollar ticking time bomb in addition to one we're talking about that could undermine the american economy. what is it? don't tell you. we'll tell you -- don't move. we'll tell you. that is next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> eric: future of america. watch. >> who is your favorite founding father? >> abraham lincoln.
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>> he's not a founding father. first president. >> i want to get this down on a tape recorder because nobody will believe me. >> george washington. >> what is a founding father? >> hi. i'm earth. have we met? >> what is ben franklin famous for? >> 100th president. >> eric: genius. they're racking up the student loan debt at a record and dangerous pace. in fact, the student loan debt is sitting at trillion dollars. we talk about this all-air for long time. 93% of people student loan debt is held by the government. >> dana: president obama made it more so. he took out private lending last year. we have kids that want college experience. the big college experience. they finished. they can't find jobs. unemployment rate is 40% area. they can't find jobs and they
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can't pay back the student loans. when it's all to this point and so bad, the government usually will come in and bail everybody out. so then you have no incentive to pay it anyway. >> eric: they said the pel program will go i away or be trashed. we found out today the pel program, obama is bringing it back. 18 semesters now down to 12. he is cutting the program. >> andrea: are you surprised? >> eric: no. the other thing about the student debacle is the universities are taking advantage. we have not learned anything from fre freddie and fannie but the universities have. if they have a government to say we'll make the cheap credit readily available you don't to pay back, what are they doing? they will hike up our tuition every year.
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the history of bubbles is an entry call course, i believe, but they are spending it on climbing walls, latte bars. expensive salaries for the liberal professors to jam this down their throat. they are taking advantage of the parents and students which bring us to a question, should every kid be going to college or is it a stick up for parents now? >> eric: this is a good question. glad you said that. pull the full screen. spokesperson for arnie duncan said this. almost unbelievable. to make student loans available to as many people as possible. this sounds like what barney frank said in 2003, 2004, 2005. >> bob: the alarmists around the table are nervous here. only 11% of the student loans are over 90 days late. >> eric: higher than any other time. >> bob: in the middle of a recession. coming off a recession rather.
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to have jesse waters go out with floozzys and says that represents college -- >> eric: the government demands no collateral no, credit -- >> bob: so what? >> eric: how about this one? the parents, the parents plus program. a parent can take out a loan for the kid's student debt but the kid graduates from college. he is not on the hook for the loan. if he walks away he keeps he his job and no loan. >> brian: they are hoping they walk away and the government has to pay for everything. staggered to find out 20 million kids go to school and 12 million borrow money to go to school. the question is as senator corker brought up, should we pile debt on the students? well meaning kids that want to go to school. >> bob: should we let them go to barber school?
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>> brian: two things. i would like to see pressure and accountability when it comes to why the schools go up $55,000 a year. number one. number two, if they go to colleges is there consultants there saying your family makes $4,000. i'm not sure you want to get out in four years and owe $32,000. >> bob: that is ridiculous argument. you are pemmizing the kids who come from families that don't have that money. >> brian: i would love to go to nyu but i can't afford it. i don't want $22,000 a loan a year to go to university. >> bob: i cosigned a student loan for a girl who died in a boating accident. i'm on the hook for it. i have to pay it back. >> eric: that is different. >> bob: why? >> eric: you cosigned and they probably checked your credit and made sure you had collateral. that is where the system worked. the other people walk away,
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they know they can walk away. bob says it's only 11%. the number is $120 billion on the brink of default. >> dana: my instincts would have been to open up the private sector market to allow for more competitive loans. i think on the gubernatorial level there is interesting creative things being suggested. governor rick perry recommends and is working with the state colleges there, how can we get a $10,000 degree? four-year, $10,000 degree in a state colleges are working toward it. that opens up a new world of people so they're not saddled with debt when they try to leave. that weighs them down. >> bob: good idea. >> eric: i know we are running out of time but what about president obama he picks and chooses what type of energy we should be able to use. >> andrea: what do the words matter if it's not followed up by actions.
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this is winning issue by republicans. it affects the parents, grand parents about kids. this is winning fish they call up the universities and universities for president and professors and talk to them about how much they are making and what they are teaching and put them on display. i know you don't think it's a big deal but student loan debt -- >> bob: a lot of the student loan goes go to auto mechanic schools, airline mechanic schools. a lot of trade schools here that get a lot of money. it's not like liberal -- >> eric: the last word, beckel. >> bob: that is important. >> eric: random act ofness, a police officer that gave homeless man socks and shoe to wear in the night. you'll hear more like that. when "the five" comes back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> dana: attention, moms and dads out there -- shut up, bob -- do you have babysitter issues? you're not alone. in new york it can be pricy, sometimes $20 an hour to get a bib sitter. competitive. good babysitters are so hard to find some parns don't want to share the number of their babysitters with anymore. a friend of mine wrote about it in the "new york post" this week and said the sitter's number was one of the most valuable one in her phone book and had to wrestle with herself to think should i give this number to anyone, because babysitters do you find this? as a parent, that they're hard to find? >> brian: absolutely. have to be qualified, number two, available and number three, they have to want to work. a lot of people, a lot of kids don't need to have a job. they choose to have a job but they don't need the job to go out on the weekend or save money or do anything. therefore, there is not the urgency to say i want to watch brian's children. you would think that headline enough in the ad. in the super market.
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how would you like to just for experience watch our kids? maybe i should up the price. but i think it's amazing. >> how much go you charge? >> brian: right now i have a 16-year-old. he works for free. >> dana: child labor. >> brian: i say go out and hang out with your friends for a change. andrea is coming over to watch. >> dana: i did a lot of babysitting. did you? >> andrea: i didn't. >> dana: you had the diner. >> andrea: i had a team of 15 waitresses and bus girls. >> dana: i never got a background check. i used to babysit people's kids all the time. starting at the age of 13 or 14. this morning on the call you said let's not indict the parents too quickly, hard to find a good babysitter. >> eric: if you don't know this, if you have kids you know this, how hard is it to find a good babysitter. how many of you have babysitters and know their last name, where they live and
11:30 pm
the phone number, other than the cell phone? find out what they did or where they are. most people don't. most people treat a babysitter here is $20. whatever. an hour. see you later. afterwards. it's your most valued possession on the planet. you worry more about the car than watching your kids. hired babysitter, had cameras outside the house. my son, four years old put him sand box. things you don't want to see but you see it. i went in the house later, after we came home. it looked and went to the kitch wherein she made her sandwich with 15 minutes, couldn't see the sand box. fired her on the spot. you have to. no matter how much you trust someone, you have to keep your eyes on them all the time. >> dana: bob, good point. another one of these points that was brought up in here, is it that teenagers just don't want to actually do the work anymore? get $20 walking around money from your dad. i don't know if you know anything about giving out money. but what do you think?
11:31 pm
>> bob: i'm a walking atm machine when i was a kid i tried to babysit and no one would let me. >> brian: you were a steroid football player. >> bob: there is truth to this. this generation is not what you call the work ethic-driven generation. at least in the upper income brackets. listen, i think the answer to this is simple. let me taker rick's rule about the free market. cost you $120 an hour, because that's what the free market was. pay it. >> andrea: i agree with you that the work ethic declined and a lot of kids want to make plans with their friends. let me argue the other side. what about the crazy helicopter parents that have all these demands you need to know cpr and do this and that. a lot of kids are going i'd rather work at the blockbuster video. >> brian: right. i think, yeah, parents can be blamed for some of this and they want this thing, like to keep the kid in your eyesight or nod off or have friends over when they are over, don't break liquor cabinet. trying to take your side but i
11:32 pm
can't. i'm trying. did the best i could. >> bob: you have to know where they are. >> brian: wear a camera helmet. >> dana: the birthrate hit a new low. people are deciding not have children. it can happen in a recession but it's a new low. >> eric: a bigger problem than babysitters with the birthrate going down. the biggest problem right now is healthcare. all the people who are supposed to be paying for people getting older, the young people, the birthrate going down is going to destroy the healthcare system. >> bob: don't look at me. >> andrea: this study look at poor women and immigrant women. but women now days have more choices. contraception and fertility choices, more successful and waiting longer, may be having trouble as they get older. putting career first. >> dana: well, brian, you are available to babysit this weekend. call his direct line. >> brian: looking to pick up
11:33 pm
extra loot. five does not pay well -- "the five" does not way well. >> maybe sandra fluke can babysit. >> dana: i would dog sit over babysitting any day of the week at this point. coming up, autistic boy makes a dream come true on football field and has become a huge sensation on youtube. we'll show you the team incredible game-winning field goal next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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now back to my colleagues at "the five." ♪ ♪ >> brian: this is a senior and has autism and other development issues and a t
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place kicker, which is extraordinary. having a rough season. but anthony led the team to upset victory. here is how it sounded. [ cheering ] >> brian: this game-winning field goal is a hit on youtube ever since. what is amazing, this kid loves rutgers. he used to sit in the stands. developmentally around 12 years old. going to high school and beloved by everybody. sitting in the stands watching rutgers play and watched rutgers win a game with a field goal in 2006. he said dad, that's what i'm doing. he said are you sure? he said i'm going to be a field goal kicker. three steps back, two steps to the side and right through the ball. he was focused and he is a fantastic kicker and has this moment. you know all about autism and the challenge. in this kid in particular, three years old he was adopted. he was in 11 foster homes.
11:40 pm
labeled unadoptable. look how far he has come. >> andrea: first, for his parents, that such grace, to adopt a special needs childrennism think people who have special needs children or who care for them are angels on earth. i have to say my younger brother is autistic. when they accomplish something, it is so much harder for them to do it than when we do it. that is why the recognition is so great. they get up every day. they are not just facing the physical and mental channel, they face the stigma from outside, people looking at them and teasing them. so when they achieve something, it's so much greater because it's so much harder for them to get up every day and do what they do. that is why the story is awesome. >> isn't it true about autistic kids, one thing they excel at. like math you hear about. this kid went out and did practicing kicks over and over again. kicking field goals at 50 yards. that is remarkable -- for high school guy that is remarkable. >> andrea: that is a savant.
11:41 pm
there are different types of autism. that is rain man who are good this one area. not all autistics are like that. >> brian: listen to this. to your point, bob. three steps back, two steps forward. foot through the ball. he keeps doing it over and over again and wanted to perfect it. he did. he is overcoming the pressure of what looked like 5,000 people there. as well as the parents. can you imagine how nervous his dad is. he said this is a moment you will remember whether you hit it or miss it rest of your life. 'canes the reaction from the fans on both sides was terrific. then a youtube sensation, which i think says there is hope for all of us and humanity, because that is what people want to see. they go online to find inspirational good stories. he is one of them. >> brian: hopefully he kicks in college. >> eric: he is a big kid. he can kick a football. you know, he probably has a shot to play college ball. >> brian: went to the rutgers game, he lives in new jersey. got to be close to his parents. give him a shot. last night something on the pro level is significant and
11:42 pm
eric brought my attention to it and it's great. spurs and heat played. the spurs are on a road trip. two of the best teams in the n.b.a. they say you know what? i'm playing the heat but i'm focused on the next game and i send my four best players home. sell-out crowd to see the mighty spurs take on the mighty heat, sent four best players home. n.b.a. is furious, on a national game. they are going to sanction the spurs. are they right to do so? >> eric: this is a tough one. here is why it's important to understand this. the coach should have a right to play who he wants when he wants, correct? >> brian: yes. >> eric: but a lot of people, a lot of fans bring their family to a game that could cost them five, sick, $1,000 some of the games. if you're the miami family bringing your kids, waiting to see the stars, tony parker, duncan. they don't show up, they are going to the next game, you are mad. but my opinion, team and the coach have the right to do what they want to do with the players. >> bob: not only that. at the end of the football season, n.f.l. season when you know your team is going to the
11:43 pm
playoffs, they rest their quarterbacks, they rest their best players. they don't subject them to the chance of getting injured. what is the difference here? they have a right -- >> brian: eight-game season. >> dana: how hard is it, >> brian: they wrote on the reason they did not play, the reason they did not play, you know, old age. >> eric: old age. >> brian: 33 years old. can't play two games in a row. >> andrea: you newhy i don't buy the theory, what if the players would have gotten injured or personalized you'd have to watch the other ones so let the coach do what he wants. >> dana: i had to read it three times because i thought they got in trouble. >> brian: the coach is getting in trouble. >> dana: no, i thought the players had done something bad and that's why they were sent home. >> eric: the problem with this is collective bargaining. you know why? you can't find, you can't take money away from a ball player. >> bob: bring it back to unions. >> eric: fine a player for not showing up or not playing, take the money back no, way the coach would have done that. >> bob: brian, if you'd like
11:44 pm
to take more time out of my segment, go ahead. >> brian: about my weekend, i have a little debate. you know what? i won't do it. i'll be a bigger man that that. you have a series of great stories coming your way. >> bob: right. can you get to them, please? >> brian: all right. coming up, straight ahead, secret santa has a surprise gift for hurricane sandy victims. that's coming up next on "the five." i believe it's bob's segment. >> bob: it is. keep going. ♪ ♪ card hassles?
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♪ ♪ >> bob: just so everybody knows we're benching brian next week keeping him on the bench. greg will be back. but we'll miss you. we are. feel better, because you're a little old to be doing this on a regular basis. you hear a lot about the war on christmas, but plenty of people who are in the spirit of the season. a generous businessman from kansas city, missouri, surprised victims of hurricane sandy with $100 bills yesterday. he is not stopping there. his plan is to give away $100,000 this christmas
11:49 pm
season. good for him. every rick, you are the midst of that. >> eric: it's fantastic. there is a commercial, i can't remember what the product is. but someone sees a random act of kindness and they do one. this is what is going on. between the cop and this guy giving away $100,000, fantastic. you should always look to do nice things. >> brian: this guy larry stewart was a friend of his and did it every year. anon-mouse and gave away $1 million. larry stewart passed away and he did where he left off. these people have been wiped out. you can see the tears in their eyes as they get the $100. makes huge difference. >> dana: that will go so far. in the going to change anyone's lives necessarily. but the kindness, that is what was making the young woman cry there. that somebody was kind enough to actually reach in their pocket, help her for no other reason than to be kind. >> andrea: i think this is
11:50 pm
really special. his point was i hope other people are inspired to do this type of thing in their hometown. my biggest fear, though, is that because we're so wide toed as a nation, and the more that the rich are taxed and demonized the benevolence we have that i think unique to america goes away. and people start to say you know what? i gave enough money. i'm not giving any money to charity. i'm not doing that. people become focused on themselves and greedy. give me my tax money. >> brian: take away the childhood deduction. bost get back to that -- >> bob: let's get back to that discussion. a lot of people do things around christmas that are not wealthy people. >> andrea: it's a deduction for everybody. >> bob: i'm talking about people who help somebody across the street. we're not talking about giving away money to the philharmonic. there is another story here about heart-warming story about a police officer here in new york city. also went viral on the internet who helped a homeless
11:51 pm
man, they saw him in times square, two blocks from here. he was laying down on a cold, cold night. he had no shoes and no socks. this police officer went out, bought him a pair of boots and socks. was putting the socks and boots on the man and he did not know this, but there was a tourist couple from arizona that took a picture of this. and this picture, well, tells you all you need to know. these are good cops. good people. it's one of the more remarkable pictures. okay. now. take a listen to what the officer had to say. he did not seek out publicity. it found him. of course, we were the ones. >> it was extremely cold that night. you know, you see this gentleman, i tried to offer him, to buy to buy him a pair of socks. he said no, officer, god bless you, thank you for asking. when i see something like that, you know, here it's freezing cold and he had the
11:52 pm
heart to say god bless me. i just knew i had to help him. >> bob: you know, this policeman is 25 years old from staten island, new york, who got devastated in the flood and lives with his parents. they must have raised him right is all i can say. >> brian: he was a history teacher and didn't feel like he made enough impact so he quit to become a cop. he was going to quit school when katrina hit and his parents convinced him not to drop out of school, it was finals. but he wants to give back. everybody is making a big deal. i have a sense this will be con stayous. they are overwhelming this guy. >> bob: what do you think? containous? >> dana: i hope so.- contagious. but a lot of people do things without recognition. but tourist got a photograph so we could see it and be reminded what the season, christmas season is all about. >> dana: told to tease. either one of you have anything to say? >> andrea: the nypd are some
11:53 pm
of the most amazing guys on the planet. people like to tease cops and stuff, but new york's finist is understatement. >> eric: a lot of people run toward buildings that are on fire. and toward people with guns. besides random act of kindness, also acts of heroics. >> bob: act of kindness to andrea, say one more thing. up next. ♪ note ♪ note ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] we all make bad decisions. like say, gas station sushi. cheap is good. and sushi, good. but cheap sushi, not so good. it's like that super-low rate on not enough car insurance. pretty sketchy. ♪ and then there are the good decisions. like esurance. their coverage counselor tool helps you choose the right coverage for you at a great price. [ stomach growls ] without feeling queasy.
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>> andrea: time now for one more thing. roberto? >> bob: brian, glad to have you here this week and we know it's been a rough week. so we put a piece together for you. >> brian: you did not. >> bob: we did. >> sorry, but kilmeads all -- >> take over the whole show. >> he has. >> glad you're here to educate us. >> thank you. >> it's okay, brian. >> you understand how it comes full circle. >> do it again. >> "the five," i'm not officially a member. >> you are. >> filling in for greg. >> since you hijacked my segment. >> please do. >> take it back. >> be a gentleman. >> we love "sportscenter." >> take this straight to "fox & friends." >> what is going on here? >> brian kilmeade, ladies and
11:58 pm
gentlemen. >> if you need more time. >> brian: so much hostility. >> did you notice? >> you are a wonderful woman. >> what about the people tuned in looking for the bench player greg gutfeld and you're sitting there! >> eric: ready for one of my favorite one more thing. we are good friends and here is why you have to love geraldo. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> eric: perfect timing. >> brian: always in the right place at the right time.
11:59 pm
they asked me to host this thing last night for the wounded warrior project. they put products across country from dory toes to clorox. heinz ketchup. when you buy heinz ketch finish there is a wounded warrior thing on there, buy it and the money goes to wounded warrior project. brilliant idea. if you see the logo, buy the product. >> dana: excellent. smart. great. i am going to guest host for governor mike huckabee. i know you will cancel your plans to see it. i have congressman allen west, bob is dieing to see. we will talk about hurricane sandy victims not happy about how the government and insurance companies are treating them in the wake of that. >> what instrument will you play?


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