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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 1, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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they've accused me of a lot but never phlegmatic. always remember, the spin stops here, because we are definitely looking out for definitely looking out for you. closed captioning servi. . >> sean: the cost of president obama's arrogance could be off the fiscal cliff. he is deeply liberal, deeply ideological, reckless, irresponsible and no interest in seriously negotiating with the republican party and he's now putting partisan politics ahead of what is good for america. even the "washington post" is calling him out saying he has no intention to negotiate.
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writing: >> sean: let me repeat, the offer lacks any concessions. if you want the most recent concrete evidence of how irresponsible president obama is, you need look no further than his opening bid in budget talks. the proposal awd to republicans late yesterday courtesy of tax cheat geithner calls for the following: 1.6 trillion dollar tax increase, increasing rates on incomes over $250,000. 150 billion dollars in new public stimulus spending of which 50 billion would be spent next year. another extension in unemployment benefits, 30 billion. new power to raise the federal debt limit without congressional approval. in other words, an obama blank cheque. that is not all. he also wants the estate tax
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to be levied at 45% on inheritances a step even democratic senators are balking on this current is 35%. the obama offer contained no serious cuts, no serious reforms to entitlement programs and no serious proposals of tax reform this president had the gall to count savings more than one billion dollars from ending wars in iraq and afghanistan no one has proposed war spending over the next decade that includes cuts to domestic programs agreed to last year, fuzzy washington math. what this is obama's propose last year which received zero votes in the house or senate this is disguised as a so-called compromise offer. don't be fooled it is no such thing. the so-called offer was nothing less than a disgrace what he did yesterday with
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geithner. the proposal was as dishonest and misleading as date is long. the question is, how should the gop respond to this travesty? republicans should do several things. first, do what senator mcconnell did yesterday, laugh at the obama proposal. second, refuse to negotiate with obama, seriously. in other words, essentially republicans have gotta walk away, it is up to obama to make a serious proposal. instead of dealing with a joke. they also need to tell secretary tax cheat geithner in the middle of this in the most direct way in proposal is dead on arrival and he can save time and energy next time by not submitting an obama plan like this to republicans. bottom line is this, it is not serious. they should have no interest, republicans in playing stupid games with the administration. third, republicans need to shine a bright light on the obama proposal to ensure the american people know how
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insane and ludicrous this is. fourth, republicans need to use the opportunity to pass their own agenda they need to show they are not obstructionists they themselves have a positive, forward-looking agenda they are proud of, eager to take to the country. republicans need to make the case morning, noon and night, that it is obama who seems absolutely determined, for political reasons, to take the country over the fiscal cliff. our first guest is author of victory at yorktown live in virginia as part of his american legacy tour, former presidential candidate, newt gingrich. welcome back. >> good to be with us. interesting times. sean you have a smile on your face. >> sure. >> sean: a lot of our tpraepbs are not happy about in. >> un reasons i write historical fiction is to
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remind people that sometimes freedom is difficult, crossing the delaware christmas night in a snow storm was difficult. marching nine miles with a third of the army wearing burlap bags because they had no boots leading a trail of blood, difficult. where are we today? you have a president who believes that he can bully and out-maneuver and out-propagandize the republicans. he believes the republicans will cave. and he's treating them with a level of dis-- disdain and arrogance i think is breathtaking. republicans need to take a big step back. rethink the role of the legislative branch. understand they've gone down a trail that has no positive outcome. a legislative branch does five things: appropriates, legislates, oversight, it communicates and it negotiates. they have been overwhelmingly fixated on negotiate. but their real power is appropriate, legislate,
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oversight and communicate. i would urge the house and senate republicans to take a deep breath, pull all the way back, say when you have a serious pro bowsal, it up, we are -- proposal, send it up, we have fax machines, e-mails, lots of ways of delivering things. i would focus on one, how are they going to control appropriations? obama can't spend a penny if congress doesn't give it to him. house republicans don't have to give senate democrats a penny. two, what do they need oversight on? if every committee and subcommittee was looking at how bad this administration is wasting our money the president wouldn't have the gall to ask for more stimulus money. three, what legislation do they want to move? i don't think they should move big bills they should move lots of small bills. make the democrats block over in the senate, set a stage for obstructionist democrat
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reelection effort in '14. then they need to get their act together on communication. it is pathetic, how badly republicans do whether it is the presidential campaign or trying to govern when they are competing with the news media and obama, which is the same thing. they have got to rethink their entire communications strategy. >> sean: i think i like your proposal better than mine. i said one piece of legislation. you are right, i'm wrong. i think a series of -- >> thank you very much. i'm very grateful, that's nice. >> sean: i'm listening closely to what you are saying. i think is far more effective way, strategy and tactic than what i proposed which is one piece. i think to show the very things the democrats are against is good. one question, howard dean and some of the people on the hard left they've come out and said that this is a good thing.
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because the thinking is, they get sequestration, gut the military, raise taxes but they don't get the blame for it and they get to blame republicans. do you think this is maybe the strategy of the president considering how awful and insulting that plan was that he offered? >> i think it could be his tactic his goal. i think republicans ought to eliminate the term fiscal cliff. i just wrote minusletter, the entire -- the newsletter, it says there is no fiscal cliff this is fantasy you have washington elite chanting fiscal cliff, fiscal cliff, hoping to convince republicans to do something stupid because the alternative would be going off the fiscal cliff. it is and of people, the very people trying to bully us now. all you have to say is let's break it into 12, 15 foothills, no cliffs. now one by one, solve each of the smaller problem we
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get to some solutions. you don't have to panic over this i want to confess something. what i outlined for you, i copied from tip o'neil. when he was faced with ronald reagan in 1981, he knew he couldn't beat him in head-to-head negotiating but thought he could preserve the democratic party and welfare state in a long battle of attrition. o'neil who had a ran senate, republican president, used the power of house over and over again to slow the momentum. i think republicans got to understand they are not going to get any good deal from barack obama. he has contempt for them. he shows that on a regular basis. he's a hard-line left winger. they've got to think through the american people have chosen him he's going to be our president for four years way does effective conservative house do in a period where it is having to maneuver against liberal democrats in the senate and a
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very, very liberal president? frankly, tip o'neil is a good person to study to see how he did it in the 80s. >> sean: i think i agree. how would you deal with the communication problem you mentioned? it has been atrocious. >> first, i would see how many of the house and senate republicans are prepared to sign up for serious communications. i'd build a methodical plan. when we took on reforming medicare in 1996, a huge challenge, with a democrat in the white house, we trained every member of the house caucus to be able to go out and talk about medicare, in an intelligent, effective way. we knew what we were trying to say. the congressional campaign in last year on the mediscare project they beat the democrats in every district where that became an issue. i would start with the national republican congressional campaign approach. then i would grow it
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dramatically in a more comprehensive effort to communicate to every american of every background. >> sean: i'm feeling better about what the republicans can do. [ laughing ] >> sean: you have done a great job. i tip my hat. stay right there. more with speaker gingrich. what is it like behind the scenes at the fiscal cliff negotiations? bob woodward will take us inside the negotiating room and explain if the president is trying to save the country from a financial plunge. and then, this. we vote for you, you work for us! you stand up until you win. you think it is a joke. >> sean: the victims of hurricane sandy making it clear they are not going to be forgotten by the government or place. will they have a place to will they have a place to celebrate for christmas?
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. >> sean: welcome back. emotions were running high last night in staten island, new york thousands of victims of hurricane sandy confronted federal officials about the lack of help. >> we go from one to another from fema to our homeowners. my insurance offered me $150 what can i do with that? i need to rebuild. sir, i need your attention please. >> when you go home and celebrate in a nice, warm house. i have no electric, no heat i don't even have sewage in the house. then the city comes and did an inspection and it is okay to live in. a joke. you wonder why people are mad. we are the people, we are the middle class and we are getting the finger. you were there when i met obama and i told president obama you told us you were going to cut the red tape. i told him, the middle class
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is getting the royal finger. what did he said? fema works for me. they ain't doing nothing still going in a circle, denied, denied. >> sean: heartbreaking. what president obama, mayor bloomberg and governor cuomo run around patting each other on the back, these people are suffering, no one from the federal, state or local government seems to care. president obama showed a lot of concern for the victims before election day. where is the concern from the administration now? we continue with speaker gingrich. some people still don't have power. a lot of people lost their home, everything. so many people have been conditioned mr. speaker to put their faith, their hope, their trust in government. can we learn anything from here? >> you can learn two things. first of all, if the federal government can't do any better than this with sandy what is it going to do with obamacare? how comfortable are you that
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the same bureaucracy that can't deliver help in staten island is going to supervise your heart operation or cancer treatment this is what i talked in the last segment. house republicans should beholding hearings. they should look at katrina, lessons that were not learned, reforms that were not made. the things that were not done. sandy is not dramatically better than katrina in terms of performance of the federal government. when we developed a department of homeland security, the original idea was, you could have up to three nuclear events on the same day in three different cities and you better have an ability to mobilize to be able to help people, immediately. now you look at this event, you look at how badly it is done this is a perfect example of why the house republicans should be adopting an oversight strategy and a legislative strategy to find real solutions and say what should we be doing to fix a
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government that clearly don't work? >> sean: this is their role, you explained it in great detail. one of the most arrogant things, you talked about the president bullying. when he went out there and proposing that the congress give up their constitutional authority and hand him a blank cheque. we are about to hit a debt ceiling limit again and he gets to raise it at will what is your reaction to that? >> i wanna say something that will startle the washington establishment. the number one power of the house is to originate spending and taxing. if the house republicans decide not to -- look, i'm the guy who helped lead closing the federal government twice in order to get bill clinton's attention. because we weren't getting serious negotiations. somehow, after we proved how serious we were we negotiated. wented up passing welfare --
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welfare reform, four consecutive balanced budgets we were able to work together because we had mutual respect. it is clear president obama has no respect for the congressional republicans. people -- it is not just a laughing party -- laughing matter. here's a guy with four more years as president and starting his second term with total contempt for the beam in charge of the u.s. house. they should indicate clearly not only are they not going to give in on the debt ceiling. he may have a hard time getting any money for anything out of the congress next year. at which point he's got a big problem running the government. >> sean: one power grab after another. harry reid proposing ending the filibuster so they can take control there. here's pro bowsing a blank cheque and gets to raise the debt ceiling at will obviously a lack of respect. i think the president who won't call let's say major hasan in fort hood terror or
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benghazi was terror or can't state war on terror, he certainly shows a lot of toughness and lack of respect for the republicans. wish he showed that on foreign policy. >> look, i think what we've learned is that he is a chicago machine politician who happens to have radical values. he is seeking to run the united states the same way the chicago machine would run chicago. i think the challenge for house republicans is, to design a strategy from the base of strength they have, and to be able to say we are not going to go along with this president taking over the whole country in a centralized model where he will have no accountability. they can borrow endless money the geithner proposal, no accountability to anybody. >> sean: mr. speaker appreciate it. great new book. next, bob woodward takes us inside the fiscal cliff negotiating room.
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>> sean: only thirty days until the fiscal cliff negotiations are at a stalemate. my next guest wrote the book about the road to the fiscal cliff where he details how the the president's failure to broker a grand bargain between him the gop in july of 2011 is directly responsible for the crisis we now face.
2:25 am
joining us the author of price of politics, bob woodward is back. i've been citing your book, liberals hate you come on the show and we get along. it is amazing to me. >> you let me say what is on my mind. >> sean: i do even when you disagree with me and i'm fine with that. you wrote this book and took us inside, a long book, fascinating about how the president failed to lead. >> and i blame the republicans in part for not settling things. the president is the president. and it is his job, it was then even more so now he's got to fix this. i was listening to gingrich, listening to gingrich, wow what a trip. he talks so well. >> sean: brilliant. >> and doesn't make any sense in this case not enough. first of all -- >> sean: i disagree, but go ahead. >> he's saying it is not real some washington fantasy. it is real.
2:26 am
and will bring the economy to its knees at last temporarily if they don't fix that. you talk to economists on the left, on the right, they would really have agreement. you don't think it is serious? >> cbo said if we go over the fiscal cliff unemployment would be over 9%. if we go over it, it is still going to be over 9%. if we stop, it will be close to 9% only half a point difference which is a lot, i'm not minimizing it. >> it has to do with what the trajectory of growth is in the economy which is critical. the other element here, you're talking about what the republicans should do, gingrich is talking about what the republicans should do. i think they need to come forward with a reasonable proposal, and say look this is
2:27 am
what we want. paul ryan who said, the real problem in all of this, yeah taxes, they are going to be disputes about how you get revenue. oblem is runaway entitlement spending. >> sean: absolutely. >> it is the big elephant in every room. and the republicans say let's do something about it when i talked to obama in july he said, "it is an untenable position to say we're not going to do anything on medicare or medicaid when that's one of the biggest drivers of our budget deficit." there's the president, on record saying it is untenable. >> sean: this is in your book. >> this is in the book. >> sean: your conclusion about the president in your book was he had an opportunity to lead and he did not lead. john boehner was willing to go further than i as a
2:28 am
conservative would have liked. we discussed that. how does the president, planning a vacation in hawaii for 20 days. the president sends geithner to meet with the republicans yesterday. >> i don't think that's fair. >> sean: he's a tax cheat. >> he made a mistake and he paid and everyone -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: i never cheated on my taxes i promise. obama would have caught me by now. look at his proposal, 1.6 trillion tax cut. increase rates on the wealthy only. new stimulus program 150 billion. and he wants a blank cheque that. is not a serious proposal bob. >> it is not. you talk to people in the real world, not in washington, but in the real world, they say the numbers and how this is done, i don't give a damn. i just want them to fix it.
2:29 am
what the republicans should do is say these are the things we are going to fix. these are the numbers and this is our proposal. >> sean: wait a minute, i don't think you are being fair in one sense. the republicans said to the chagrin of a lot of conservatives that revenue is on the table. obama has said, my way or the highway. his proposal, his budget plan that nobody voted for last year. >> yes and he's asking for more revenue on the debt ceiling he's saying abolish congress' authority to borrow. i want the authority to be in the white house for -- >> sean: obama not leading again. >> it is a giant problem. i am surprised he is out there treating this like a campaign. he's giving speeches and going to campaign events in toy stores and so forth. i'm not sure that solves the problem. >> sean: were you so clear in this book that he blew an
2:30 am
opportunity. you are right, he's out campaigning. the problems exist. he's put -- doubled the amount of taxes he wants in terms of -- [ talking over each other ] >> i agree. >> sean: and he wants a blank cheque. where is the criticism of him? i believe you are sincere. where is your criticism that he needs to jump in and lead? >> he does. god knows let's hope he does. because in -- i mean the democrats are living on a fantasy here also. i talked to some of them, they say if this blows up, if we go over the cliff, we'll be able to blame the republicans. that is not true this is the obama era. i asked people and i'll ask you, who was speaker of the house during the great depression? i'll give you $100 if you can name him? henry thomas rainy, no one knows. because the president is the
2:31 am
roosevelt era, it is the obama era. he's got to fix this. it is on his head. the big problem is, it is on the head of every american. >> sean: this is what i think howard dean expressed what a lot of progressive left wing people want, he's saying the best option we have is the fiscal cliff to go over. they are saying they get all the defense cuts they want secretly they want to raise taxes on everybody and then they blame republicans. meanwhile, the country is suffering. i don't want to see 50 million people on food stamps. i don't want to see 25 million under and unemployed americans. >> the president doesn't want that to happen either. let's hope that some -- maybe like nixon in vietnam, maybe he has a secret plan, i don't know. people should not buy in idea that this is not a serious
2:32 am
moment in history, it is. >> sean: bob woodward, good to see you. your book is being written as we speak. >> next our good friend texas congressman louie gohmert on what the republicans' biggest bargaining chip is in these fiscal negotiations. we continue to examine parallels between the 90 -- the -- and the feel good story of the week incredible act of kindness goes viral. new information from the person behind the camera that took that picture about that cop that gave that homeless man a pair of boots on a cold man a pair of boots on a cold winter night in
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>> sean: it is very clear that president obama thought he could bully republicans when it comes to tackling the fiscal cliff problem. as my next guest is about to explain the republicans have a secret bargaining chip. joining me texas congressman louie gohmert. the president just dumps all of this, it is not a realistic proposal sends tax cheat, bob woodward didn't like hearing it geithner up it is not a serious proposal. >> of course not. it was intended not to be a serious proposal. he and others -- this goes back to the debt ceiling debate a year and a half ago. back to the continuing
2:37 am
resolution debates over and over. they think that if there's a shutdown they think that if we hit a debt ceiling they win a shutdown and they really are pushing. they've been doing in for a couple years thinking gee, we will win politically, we'll get back the house if we will force this, make it so unpalatable, the republicans can't agree to it. >> sean: we just had a campaign. usually there's a moment you can govern. >> you would think after the election especially when the president doesn't have another election as he said. when it is the only thing you do well. you do what you do well and that's campaign. >> sean: i understand that the -- there's going to be means testing, raising eligibility age. i think i understand it. >> except we cannot break promises to people who have relied on our promises. that's -- we promised and paul
2:38 am
ryan admit we promised, if you are 55 or over you have relied on medicare and social security being there to your detriment, we can't do you wrong. but we have to make sure it is there for future generations. as far as the weapon we have, it is the debt ceiling. that is why you have geithner and the white house, saying why don't we have a debt ceiling where we don't need congressional approval it goes up whenever we want it to. >> sean: that's your role. >> you bet, newt gingrich was nailing it. one of the reasons i nominated him for speaker he knows what he's talking about. that is leverage. some say we don't have leverage. yes we have leverage. just like newt was talking about. no bill can get passed, no amount of money can get appropriated, not a dime, unless the house is part of it. that's leverage. and it is so important to the
2:39 am
future of this country that we fix the entitlements so they are there for those counting on them. it is important that we fix the over spending that is going to turn us into greece and spain. you talk about it all the time, it is so important we do that. even if we don't get rean elected it is so important -- reelected it is so important we do that we need all the leverage we got. >> sean: we are on our way to 20 trillion in debt. this is beyond fiscal cliff, this is a fiscal dive into i don't want to think where it can take us. >> some would say, if the dollar were not the international currency, we would have already been greece. >> sean: i brought up some ideas at the tkpweuplg of the program. i said okay, why don't we go for 200 billion in discretionary cuts to start, yes to entitlement reform, you agree? yes to serious tax reform?
2:40 am
>> do i ever. when the president says fair share the perfect answer, flat tax. he has not made one pro bowsal that will have warren buffett paying the same as his secretary. it is called capital gains 15%. income tax is 15%. you make more, you pay more. you make less, you pay less. everybody pays their fair share. >> sean: same with value added tax after eliminating the fair tax is good, each one is progressive, the more you make, the more you spend. >> people get a flat tax. fair share, think flat tack. i'm starting to see forbes about it and listen this is what we ought to be doing. >> sean: where is the president? why the constant campaign? after every election there's a period when things can get den, good things. i was saying this to bob woodward, one in six in poverty, 50 million on food
2:41 am
stamps this is not a time to play games this is a time to get this country out of the fiscal mess it is in, live within our means that means really doing big things, touching entitlements saving them from bankruptcy. campaigning in pennsylvania using class warfare. >> it is more egregious when you know we've had four deaths in libya. what happened how can we avoid that mistake in the future? when you go around the country and texas and people are hurting and struggling and it is breaking their heart to make ends meet and you know we have more energy than anybody in the world and not using it. >> sean: is this going to take us up to christmas eve or the day before and all of a sudden breaking news around the country, and a group of people will come out and we've struck a deal and they are going to pat each other on the back and tell us everything has been
2:42 am
saved. when we look at the devil in the details it is not going to be great and they will say i than the person from the other side and nothing is done. >> historically speaking the best indicator of the future that is what has happened every time that would be a good indication. but we are told today prepare to be here between not own up to christmas between christmas and new year's. sean, that's fine with me. >> sean: not me that's my only vacation. i'll be there. i'm kidding. >> it is worth it. >> sean: i agree. >> you have people bleeding fighting for our liberty. so you give up a few holidays to try to save the country. we should do it. >> sean: i think the president needs to get serious. i think he needs to now sit down and stop sending his treasury secretary.
2:43 am
sit down with the republicans. good to see you. >> it good to see you. go easy on our campaigner in chief it is what he does well. >> sean: she was at the state department when the embassy in kenya was attacked and at the state department when the benghazi consulate was hit both circumstances requests for more security were denied. what was susan rice's role? our hannity investigation continues as we check with a family member of the '98 bombing victims. what you may not know about in image that has captured the
2:44 am
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2:47 am
>> sean: in just a minute we will have some of the details that you don't know about this amazing picture. the woman who took it is going to explain it. >> last night we highlighted similarities between events leading up to the benghazi terrorist attack and the '98 a can bombing of the embassy in kenya. in both situations an decisional security requests were ignored by our state department. we are questioning what susan rice knew before and after both attacks. in the late 90s she was assistant secretary of state for african affairs. my next guest is demanding answers out of 12 americans that were killed in nairobi, two were her family members her father was the consul general at the embassy and her brother was in college at the
2:48 am
time, an intern there. she serves as spokeswoman for the families of those killed in the embassy attack in kenya. edith thank you for joining us. i'm sorry about what you have been through, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> sean: very serious questions what is frustrating now. the ambassador survived the kenya attack and has written in the "new york times" as recently as this year, there were major requests for security that were denied. when you see what has happened in benghazi here, what are your thoughts? >> it is troubling, it is true. we know as early as 1996 our intelligence community had live active al-qaeda cells under surveillance in kenya. despite those facts, nothing was done to increase security at our embassies in nairobi or tanzania. following that, attack, our
2:49 am
late admiral crow was tasked to head up the accountability review board and most disturbing was the fact that within that review report, the recollection takes that were made have not been -- the recommendations made have not been followed it was stayedded in that report that embassy security had not kept up with current law. up until that point. and this problem has compounded. we are seeing similarities with benghazi, and we hope that whoever served as secretary of state in our next congress will make security a top priority. and we hope that finally, families, diplomatic families will once again hopefully the first time really ever, receive a support that they need and the attention they so very much deserve. this is far above politics for us. as families we lost a great deal. diplomatic families make huge sacrifices and they serve with
2:50 am
our military abroad, all over the world, hand-in-hand. what has become' increasingly more dangerous environment. >> sean: we have these two instances and so many similarities. first of all, all these requests for security were denied beforehand. then you have an account ability report, another government study, you are saying that if it were followed and we learned the lessons where you lost these two people in your life, perhaps the people in benghazi wouldn't have had to go through this. is that fair or am i overstating it? >> i think it is absolutely true. our embassy bombings in kenya and tanzania were done simultaneously in the morning, similar to our attacks on 9/11. sadly, our country has a very short memory. so we certainly hope that as congress focuses on this issue,
2:51 am
that not only do we may attention to the accountability reports being done now by our ambassador and five other individuals on that board, but that will do more, we'll take a step further and not just beef up security around the world, but that we'll really pay attention to families and personnel. >> sean: i don't want to drag you into politics, i don't think it is fair. susan rice was involved in both things. any thoughts on the debate that has been going on? >> we pray that the next secretary of state will make security a top priority that really has not happen. we pray the next secretary of state will make diplomatic families and personnel a top priority. i commend our first lady and dr. biden for focusing on military families. i'll say today as i've said in the past, it is important not to overlook or forget the sacrifices of our diplomatic
2:52 am
corp. our families, i welcome the opportunity to work and raise visibility on that as we uncover what transpired in benghazi and as we work to ensure that security is addressed and measures are put in place to prevent in in the future. it happened on an anniversary date and we know heightened security should take place on anniversary dates. >> sean: sorry for your loss, thank you. new information about what happened the moment the police ♪
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>> sean: we leave you this friday night with the best story of the week and the picture that has everybody talking new york police officer larry deprimo was on patrol in times square on a freezing november night he saw a homeless man shoeless he decided to take matters in his own hands. he appeared on fox and friends this morning. >> what brought my attention to it was that somebody was making fun of him they said you got no shoes i looked didn't and he didn't even have a pair of socks on. i walked in and said i don't care about the price, i said we need to get him a good pair of boots give me whatever you have the best of. when i knelt down and surprised him i said i have
2:57 am
these pair of boots they are in your size i ran back to find out his size. i ran back to him and when i was sitting down helping him put on boots he said thank you officer, god bless you and stay safe thank you. >> sean: amazing this. this random act of kindness did not go unnoticed. jennifer foster watched the officer give this homeless man the boots she took the picture that has gone viral. earlier i spoke with jennifer about what she witnessed that cold november night. in your own words describe this. spectacular to me. >> was. it was a quiet moment to be honest with you, even though we were in times square and there was a lot going on. my boyfriend and i had been in the northern part of the island earlier the day before and had seen this same gentleman without shoes. the next day we in the position better to offer him
2:58 am
money. my boyfriend walked over and put money in the cup as i was about to do the same thing i stopped because i saw officer deprimo walking towards this gentleman carrying the boots. >> sean: when you see this picture, how cold was it? >> i'm from arizona, it was cold. it was probably 35°. >> sean: what was his state of mind? >> he was happy to receive the boots. officer deprimo said he could see the blisters on this man's feet that true they were large they took over the bottoms of his feet. >> sean: wow. he got him thermal socks too? he started putting them on the guy? >> he did. i took the picture before i was happening. officer deprimo removed the gloves from his hand and
2:59 am
that's when i we ended -- that's when i ended up taking the picture after that the officer put on his socks and shoes. >> sean: he didn't know that you were watching, did he? >> he had no idea. a sure he and i have had conversations he said i didn't know you were there. i wasn't going to interrupt this interaction, that wasn't my place officer deprimo was doing his job the service part of the protection and serve that we provide in law enforcement and it was a quiet moment and officer deprimo did say as he approached the gentleman he said i have these boots, let me take care of you. it was a very beautiful moment. and this man was grateful to receive those boots. >> sean: what an amazing story. one picture, one act of kindness has inspired an entire nation. sometimes we all think


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