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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 1, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PST

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in the devil's eye to know you are alive. mbg. lottery ticket . i a lot of america stocks coming back. nbg will come back. >> that is it the cost -- i will be back at noon east other than time. have a great time everyone. >> hello everyone. at this hour we are following breaking news out of kansas city, missouri a 25 year old nfl player was involved in two shootings. the nfl stadium is in lock down. we'll go live to elizabeth. >> yeah, uma, we know that 25 year old kansas city chiefs player died of a self inflected gunshot. police have not released the name because the incident is
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under investigation. they do say the shootings are connected and happened within five miles was each other. first neighborhood in kansas city . the second shooting happened in the teams training facility near the stadium which is why the facility was on lock down and continues to be on lock down. here is a spokesperson from the police department. listen. >> when we arrived, a lady came out and said her daughter was shot by her boyfriend several times inside of the residence. we got a call in regard to the person in the parking lot with a handgun. the black man talked to the coaches out in the parking lot and as officers pulled up and they heard the gunshot and the individual took his own life. >> we have heard from the kansas city chiefs team. they have released a statement. we can confirm there was an incident in arrow head earlier
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this morning, we are cooperating with the authorities in the investigation. uma, it happened around 8:00 a.m. . the chiefs are scheduled to host the carolina panthers tomorrow. >> such a sad story. thank you very much. >> thanks. turning to political news. house gop leader john boehner said we are going no where and wake up washington the count reap is about to go over the fiscal cliff. republicans are urging the republicans to stand against the tax increase. we are 30 days from going over the fiscal cliff . both sides are pointing fingers and blaming each one for the stalemate. but the real losers is you and me, the american taxpayer if
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the taxpayers can't come to a compromise. steve has more on the part of the grid lock. >> hi, uma. one month away from the critical deadline and there appears to be very little movement to a deal. the president is using the bully pulpit and appeal to the american people and pushing to extend the bush era tax cuts but those making $250,000. a year. democrats want high tax rates for the wealthy. the president stressed the urgency of the situation in the radio address. >> if congress does nothing. every family will see the income taxes go up in the beginning of next year. a family of four will see income taxes rise $2200. we can't let that happen.
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our families can't afford it and neither can our economy. >> but republicans say the president should quit his campaign mode and come home and take care of business. the latest round of political maneuvering involves pressure from democrats to schedule a vote on the senate plan to extend middle class cuts. but republicans say let's see spending cuts first. >> we need to hear they are willing to make spending cuts now. not promises in the future . the tidal waves comingalt us is social security and medicare and of course, the new health care law of the presidents which is unaffordable and unworkable. >> nancy peel peel calling on speaker boehner to bring it to the floor or she will launch a move to force a vote. boehner is not likely to buckle and pelosi's
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maneuvering will not do much either. speaker boehner said we are at a stalemate. pat buchanan is joining us in the studio. >> thank you. >> i am glad to have you here. do you think that the president wants to have any real negotiation or is it a show to say if republicans stand up to him, he can accuse them of holding up the process, blame them for high taxes and then he continues on with his legacy. >> i think what the president believes he has a whip hand and he won seats in the house and senate and he can dictate to the republican party. i think what we saw uma, yesterday a act of real contempt to the republicans and the offer that was made. 1.6 trillion in new taxs and 50 billion in stimulus spending the and the republicans made a semifatal error. they indicated we'll give on
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taxes and we give up our virtue and beliefs, but it is a question of how much we will give. the republicans should walk out of the talks with the president of the united states and terminate them and go back to the hill and pass an extension of the bush tax cuts and pay roll tax cuts and that would prevent us off of the fiscal cliff and tell harry reid do what you want and this is where why are. republicans have made a mistake by indicating they would go along with $800 billion in taxes and now you have negotiating. and why did the republicans caved in the pressure and said they would accept a tax hike. >> that's the point. republicans indicated they are far more afraid of going over the cliff than the democrats. bark obama said i am ready to go off of the cliff unless you give me x, yand z . that's where the republicans made a mistake. >> if they pass and extend all of the tax cuts and send them
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over to the senate, they have done their job . if why go over the cliff then, it will be because of the president of the united states. it will be his economy. it will be his presidency on the line and also the country. if barak obama believes in the clinton tax cuts, let them go back into affect for the entire country and see if the country believes they are good for america. >> the president is campaign acting like he received a anytime percent man date when he only received half. what impact is this having on the psyche of the gop. >> it is affecting the psyche of the president. he's act being like he did win a huge victory . he did win a substitute victory and what happened to the republicans is, they are fearful of all of these taxes going up they are trying to a bargain in good faith to give away something and then say if you will give us something and make us look good.
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don't humiliate us. the democrats are humiliating the republican party in making that offer . i think their own dignity and principles and beliefs, what republicans ought to say is, we think that extending the tax cuts pay roll and bush tax cuts is good for economy and america and consistent with our principles and blives and you are not going to put a gun to our head and testimony us to give up all of these things and we'll vote these things and these will prevent us from going off the cliff if you buy off. mr. president, you can take us off of the cliff butul will be the one to do it. >> do you think there is it a political will to have those republicans say no, we'll walk away and put it to a vote in the house over the clinton era. >> i don't know where the republican leadership n the republican caucus people are saying look, let's not give up the principles.
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the president won but why ought to stand what we believe in . whether mr. boehner and cantor and mr. mccarty of the republican leadership whether they are under pressure from contractors to say we got to do a deal. once you walk in to a negotiation. you are disadvantage. and that is it visible for the democratings . what the democrats are doing and i might have done it when i was younger grab the republicans by the head and say we will rub your noses and rub it in there for a while and for their own dignity >> what does this have to do with the fact that the republican party is it going through soul searching after the election and trying to find perhaps a way to remake itself. to be more appealing to the constitients. >> i think the republican party is in a defining moment.
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some say we have to give up on immigration that is not helping with hispanics and we can't have the social issues going on. but one thing that holds the party together and brings us all together. et cetera, is the fact that we stand for smaller government and less taxes. we believe the private sector is the way to go. we are the party of the private sector and bark obama leads the party of government and we ought to stand for our principles and beliefs. there is a revolutionary slogan. the worse the better. you want to take us over the cliff, president obama take us over and see if the american people like it if that is what they want, you ought to sit in the oval office. if not we'll have it out in 2014. >> thank you for your insight. >> it is it a pleasure. >> chris walalce will get a scoop. he will be talking with the
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man the white house made the point pressure . treasure secretary tim geithner and exclusive with yawn boehner. -- john boehner. >> in egypt thousands of os was muhammad morsi have gathered the the muslim brotherhood who helped tod rally to grant mursey sweeping powers . joining us now with the fall out following the un vote gill hoffman. thank you for joining us today. what impact do you think that the un vote will have to get a
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palestine state established? >> no impact whatsoever. they were granted nonmember status as observers in the united nations that. changes nothing on the grounds for the palestinian people . israel buss -- ambassador to the un said it goes through negotiations in jerusalem and ramallah and not new york. >> what is the reaction for the people of israel and whether it would lead to meaningful negotiations? >> i think they are disappointed that the palestinians instead of coming to the table turned to the community and united nations where they have an obvious majority. it doesn't mean anything . no operative power. palestinians, have done everything but sit down with israel since august 30th, 2008. they haven't responded to the offer.
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people of israel want peace and hopefully the palestinian people do. they need leadership to deliver it to them. >> obviously the prime minister and hillary clinton expressed disappointment in the un action. this will only delay the lasting talks over peace. absolutely. let palestinians have said that they want to come to the table. we have waited four years for them to come . especially after the election we'll have in israel. netanyahu will be in a place to make concessions that he hasn't made in the past. but not to hurt israel security. and what about the open security in the last several weeks with the tensions over gaza. we saw there palestinians care
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about that was part of the jordan and egypt. they are firing rockets at israel civilians in sougern israel . that made israelies unite. they are trying to get the entire state of israel and wipe us off of the map. when the pime of israel unite that strengthens our hold over the land of israel. it doesn't make israelies want to make concessions soon. >> in terms of the symbolism of the vote in the un, do you think that this is going to be a problem going forward as negotiations continue to have this two-state solution? >> it certainly doesn't create a good atmosphere. netanyahu was compelled to respond to the un vote by announcing the security cabinet of israel voted on friday to build in the west
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bank and in jerusalem and to connect jerusalem to the jewish community and settlements and northeast of the jerusalem . that is something that the palestinians will not like. both sides taking steps will not helps and bilateral. >>reporter: stakes remain high and thank you for joining us with your thoughtos the matter. we'll check back with you as the process continues. >> north corey - korea officials will report that a rocket will carry an observation satellite. this is a following a fail would launch back in april. the state department said the launch would be a highly provocative act that threatens peace and security in the region. falling rocks and mudslides as a third storm descends on
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california. we are in sanoma county north of san francisco. we have seen heavy rains, worse expected to come tomorrow morning and wilesee mudslide and mayhem as power out ages will affect thousands in the region. back to you. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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take a step forward and chase what matters. >> welcome back. we are following breaking news oust kansas city, missouri. a 25 year old nfl player was involved in two shootings. the first involved a girlfriend and she was take tonight hospital where she later died . the 25 year old player shot himself in the parking lot of the stadium when he was approached. they are not releasing the player's name and the nfl stadium remains on lock down. two pime are now dead after a bus crashed in a overpass. that death tollcould go higher much every person was injured twov them critically. it was privately owned and an airport spokesperson said it is not clear why the bus was
9:21 am
in the area. we'll update as the information becomes available. more dangerous flooting and the threat of mudslide said on the way for northern california and an area that is hard hit with power storms and out ages. here's the latest on thuation out there. dominic? >> hi, there, uma. it is manage like a super storm and a super soaking. here the river is looking calm at the moment but we had siven - seven inches of rain in sanoma county. more rain is expected. it will be 24 hours from now tell break its banks before long. take a listen.
9:22 am
this water came up kick this morning, we hope it stays where it is now so we don't get weight. >> amaidsing amount of the water and thry more days of this it will not hold. >> we'll need new kyacts i think. >> one casulty reported already. that was a pg&e worker whose truck collided with a traffic signal out in sacramento. he cide when his truck collided. there is trees falling down including an 80 foot tree near san francisco and massive power out ages. 2500 homes are affected at the moment according to pg&e. that is better than 50,000 we heard on friday. tomorrow a massive storm is expected to hit and a lot more people are expected to be affected. it is a difficult day all around .
9:23 am
early report of mudslides on highway 84. it closed the road. not sure when it will open again. the surface is loose now and that means a easy run off. we'll see flash flooding and that will bring in more mudslides and the big concern is tomorrow. it all builds up. back to you. >> mother nature packing a powerful punch. thank you for the update. and memorial honoring those who lost their lives in shanksville, pennsylvania is still not complete. the wife of one senator pat toume is doing something about that. we'll hear more after this. stay with us. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold... i took dayquil, but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't work on runny noses.
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>> welcome back everybody. we are following breaking news out of kansas city, missouri.
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police are dealing with two shootings involving a nfl player. doug is standing by with the details and the rest of the top news. >> the player's girlfriend was taken to the hospital where she later died. the 25 year old player shot himself and in the parking lot when he was approached by police. they are not releasing his name. concern over taxic fumes in new jersey. 71 people were hospitalized after poisonous gas was released. it was carrying cars of hazardous chemicals. it was used to make plastics . police in arizona are senching for a len year old cancer patient and her mother. the doctor said the girl could die within days if she doesn't receive proper medical care . arresting a al qaeda leader
9:29 am
that is one of the most wanted fugitives. u.s. officials consider yemen's al qaeda branch to be most dangerous. back to you uma. >> flight 93 memorial is a constant reminder of those who lost their lives in a pennsylvania field in 9/11. that memorial is not finishished and the wife of senator pat toume wants it finished. they are joining us in the studio. >> thank you. >> obviously the tragedy that happened so many years ago . one would have thought that the memorial was completed. >> i don't know. i was surprised to hear that the funding was not complete they can't finish the final phases. i am trying to raise awareness that they need the funds raised. five million and we are hold egg congressional tribute on tuesday. >> you are going to get family
9:30 am
members there and congressional leaders. >> well, family members of the victims and what is so important people that the memorial commemorates was the first american people to respond without signing up for this and knowing what was coming they respond may have saved who knows how many lives here in washington, everybody everyone believes that plane was destined to the capitol. >> this happened in pennsylvania and most came from the pennsylvania residents but it is not just a pennsylvania story. >> it is it a national issue. the plane was headed to california and originated in new jersey and i am not sure how many people from pennsylvania were on the plane. it was not a plane full of pennsylvaniians. everyone should want to finish and help and contribute. that is it my hope. >> what are you doing to get the outreach under way.
9:31 am
>> we are hosting a congressional tribute to raise awareness and remind them of the importance that the family members and crew made in taking the plane and not letting it land in dc. whether detruction to the capitol or lives. they made a big sacrifice. >> absolutely. i know for the family members there it is personal and important. you must have met with many of them. >> i have, we were in a ceremony recently and a part of the memorial was unveiled on the 10th anniversary. it is really, really important that as a nation we remember all of the aspects of september 11th. it was the beginning of our engagement of a terrible experience. it is it that these people had. >> it may have happened in a open field. but the storiev heroes is alive in our hearts.
9:32 am
>> that's why it needs to be completed. students that come. they are young and they have no recollection of september 11th and that is what needs to be completed. >> senator, i have to ask you a question about the grid lock in wash wark, what are your thoughts as the fiscal cliff deadline is looming large? >> the makings of the deal here have been understood for a long time. on our side, we have acknowledged that there will be revenue in this piece, but we have to tackle the actual problem which is overspending. i am hoping that the president will prived leadership and give us frame work that makes sense so that we can make progress on this. >> you think the republicans should say no and walk away and not deal? >> that's not been the intent or hope. our hope is to solve the
9:33 am
problem. we are ready to do it if the president will provide leadership. i think we can get it done. >> i wish you all of the best in the efforts to keep this alive. you can go to the website for more information about this event. it is happening in washington and why they can contribute. >> it is on the screen. it is important to not forget those who gave so much to the country. >> thank you, both. appreciate it >> hurricane sandy left many people homeless . now victims, moms and dad and children living in shelters this time are going to get a break. anais joining us live with more. >> hey, there, uma, camp sandy is serving kids and parents . they are getting break.
9:34 am
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new video of the deadly miami bus crash we toweled about. two people killed and dozens injured when the bus hit an over pass in the miami international airport. airport officials are saying they are not sure why the bus was in the airport. three of the vehicles remain in critical condition. it is still they keep going around in a circle and they denied. denied. hold them up. we are still looking at your thing it is a joke. >>angry resident out there in one month later. many new yorkers said president obama didn't get the aid they needed. close to thousand people
9:39 am
vented their frustration and many more turned around at the door. resident complain that the response from fema is slow and nonexistent. fema officials promising to meet prist pleistly with the angry homeowners. many angry new yorkers are living in shelters and for the youngster one month feels like an eternity. fox news has a wonderful story about a group that is giving family relief. here's live from staten island with more on the uplifting story, anna? >> many of the children and kids at the town hall meeting are here. camp tlc is now camp sandy. living with the challenges and a mobile camp and they served 500 kids who are victims of natural disasters and in shelters and been in hospitals. the bus picked up 30 kid and
9:40 am
parents and they are singing you are my sunshine and really trying to turn their lives back around and get them back on solid ground. joined by the camp director. good morning to you. >> fantastic. thank you for being with us. what have the kids gone through. you heard amazing stories. >> they weathered the storm. a lot of these families were up on the roofs trapped for 12 hours and their lives are turned upside down and now living in shelters and not playing with friends. these are now their neighbors . for them to come here and have fun. it means the world to them and their families. >> they have forgotten how to play until they walk in. >> they losteving they had from clothing to toys and iphones and everything. for us to come in and bring it all back. you can see them warping up smiling more. >> yeah, carolyn.
9:41 am
this is your third camp, is that right? >> this is our first week. when we got to the shelters there is tears and sad stories, we are now seeing the joy and having fun. >> we need to make the media attention stays on this . thank you so much. >> thank you. >> back to you. >> all right. thank you very much and giving us hope that the children have something to look forward tompt thank you very much. >> and the public was not invited to the lighting of the rhode island tree this year. the governor used the term holiday tree instead of christmas tree and that fueled protest in the lighting ceremony. this morning he wanted to avoid a disrespectful. he said it is hol tray tree like to prayer in public schools. >> of course, you can't ask nonchristians to say a christian prayer in public
9:42 am
school and so these controversies, you generate them here. >> it is not clear how long the term holiday tree has been in use. but previous rhode island governors did not use the term christmas try either. >> do you agree with the governor's decision to call it a holiday tree. why or why not? tweet us your worries and i will read those responses later in the hour. >> a fascinating new discovery on the planet murkry. ice has been found in the planet's polar region. they were taken by mercury messenger . researchers are feeling that it may have come tofrom two sources. metorites or planetary out gassing. it was part of a year long mission to record and map the surface. amazing photos there. >> his book was credited with
9:43 am
transforming millions of lives and pastor rick warren in the new chap chapter and hopes of reaching a young audience. he talks about that and world's aids day today and rick warren will tell what he is doing to help children in africa. fighting to eradicate aids one orphan at a time. my interview with him next. know the rest of the story. so this easter we will do something different. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do
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police in kansas sea are investigating a murder suicide involving a nfl layer. the first shooting involve would a player's girlfriend and the mother said the victim was shot several times. they say the 25 year old player went and shot himself in front of two team officials when police apreached hima -- approached him there. west case blazing for another storm. san francisco bay and santa cruz mountain areas are under a flash flood watch throughout the weekend.
9:48 am
democratic lawmakers are urging the food and drug administration to reevaluate energy drinkings and quickly. the fda will investigate the risk. senator dick durbin in illinois called for a ban and concerned about the affect they are having on young consumers. rick warren's book first hit book shelves people were transformed by the message. it is now a decade later, the hard book was retooled and rereleased. it has taken people by a storm. i spoke to warren earlier and asked him why so mean people connected with the book's message. >> you know, uma. there are three fundmentam questions of life and intention and question of existence and why i am apply and does my life matter.
9:49 am
those are yown versal questions. when the book came out 10 years ago. it ended up being red by 60 million merrence and in the last 10 years, i received a half million letters of people whose lives were changed by it . today, i get several hundred a day. >> i know what you are hoping for is to reach a new audience and younger generation of readers who may be affected by this message and perhaps their lives will be transformed as well. >> a girl who was 12 years old when purpose driven life came out is now 22 . she needs to know the purpose of her life. i really care about the 20 something generation, as i talk to them and i spend time talking to the age group. i have been on university tours and speaking at different colleges and a lot of them feel my life is in
9:50 am
limbo because i can't get a job. i spent four years going to college and now a year or two or three years and i can't get any job much less the job i trained for . i feel like i am in limbo. i had to move back with my parents and there is a sense of despair. they need a sense of hope and direction and purpose . so i revised the book for that generation. >> it is wonderful that you are doing that. what do you say to people today. obviously people are living through tough economic times and remain without a job . we have seen in the headlines, the after affects of what hurricane sandy did to so many people in the east coast. people feel helpless and vulnerable and you look at their lives and what is the best message to give them? >> the best message is that there is hope beyond themselves . if it was all up to me, i would be in despair, too. you need to realize basic
9:51 am
things like your value as a person has nothing to do with your valuables . your self-worth has nothing to do with the net worth . the greatest thing in life are not things . when we go through a recession like we have been in for five years and things are tough. you have to say there is more to life than simply making money. if it forces us to look for deeper values and more important issues that turn to god. that is a good thing. >> indeed it is. i know today is world's aids day. this is an important day for you and your family. you spent time in africa raising awareness and confronting people. >> talk about what this represents to you and what you are doing in terms. right now. >> it is the leder with the fight of hiv and aids . all six of our services on
9:52 am
saturday and sunday. we are emphasizing hiv and aids and care of orphans and vulnerable women and children. the theme is getting to zero and new infection and zero mother/child transition . zero deaths from aids . zero stigma . saddle back church. we had zero or15s. we are working on this area and we have piece teams outs of satellite back. 15,000, of my members went over seas in 196 countries doing the peace plan. promote reconcil and assist the porand we'll do reports on that this weekend . working toward an aids free world. >> that would be a wonderful goal to work towards. i know the work you are doing is tremendous. i want to get back to the book
9:53 am
in a moment . think about the thouts. one of my favorite quotes. we are not a product of our past or prison of it. it is something that applies today and has deeper meaning for people who are reflecting on what is their life's purpose. >> i added chapters in the book that deal with problems that i picked up over the last 10 years. two things that cause people to miss the purpose of their lives. one is envy and people pleasing. i must be like you to be happy . people pleasing is i must be liked by you to be happy. both of them will cause you to be detoured. he always makes originals and if i am worried about what she thinkings or acts, i can't be who god made me to be . envy is the center of our
9:54 am
culture. every advertisements me to envy other people . if i get focused on being like somebody else. i will miss my purpose. if you live for approval of others you will miss the purpose god had for your life. >> wise words from a very wise man. you can find pastor warren's book at book stores and a portion of those proceeds will be donated to charity. has the rhode island governor launched his own war on christmas. he ins on calling it a holiday tree and he pulled a fast one people claim at this year's holiday celebration. we ask you. your twit twit responses coming up next. don't go away. [ chuckles ] right, baby. oh, sir. that is a customer. oh...sorry about that. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office.
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>> welcome back, this is just into our news room. the mexican president is be sworn in in mexico city and vice-president joe biden is attending the ceremony and bringing the mexican old ruling party into power after a 12-year hiatus. ♪ our big top and carousel found a temporary home at the vatican. pope benedict wanted to invite the circus to the vatican and performers more than a dozen countries and tricks and juggling acts for the pontiff. and benedict, known to be a
9:59 am
cat lover showering attention on the lion cubs brought to him by the trainers. and one is keeping a close eye on the decorations and releasing adorable video scoping out this year's decor. and bo is taken with a larger than life version of himself and the first lady's theme for the decorations is joy to all and separates the spirit of given. cute guy there. bo is. rhode island governor lincoln casey is refusing to refer to christmas when referring to the state tree, instead a holiday tree and can go all of you for your thoughts. nate says if we call it a holiday tree, which is it? and don adds, what he calls the tree is his business as an elected official, he's not entitled to try and change christmas. >> jackie writes, he can call the tree a jack rabbit for all i care, but i'm


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