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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 1, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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short hair style and of course, that famous smile. the folks at the people's daily checked who made the onion's sexiest man list in the past, people like bernie madoff, maybe they would have skipped that story. that's a rap on news watch for this week. thanks to judy miller, jim pinkerton, and i'm john scott. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here next week. i was the first woman to prosecute a murder case in my county of westchester in new york. i had to prove i was every bit as smart, capable, and prepared as man. stand on my own two feet in front of a jury, and yes, even do it in high heels. never once did i say i didn't know the facts, didn't know the law,kn or didn't know my case. and i never hid behind my boss. hello and welcome to justice. this week susan rice rears her
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head after 11 weeks in hiding on heree benghazi misstatements. what she didn't explain, her total lack of candor to the american people. instead, she raised more questions about her fitness to be secretary of state. >> i don't trust her, and the reason i don't trust her is because i think she knew better and if she didn't know better, she shouldn't be the voice of america. somebody has got to start paying a price around this place. >> this o week we learned susan rice was the head of the african region for our state department in 1998 when the embassy bombs occurred in kenya and tanzania kneiand the diplomats there begd for more security. even more shocking, rice was not prepared to answer any questions about her role then, saying she didn't remember. you don't remember the diplomats begged for more security? you don't remember that more than 220 people were killed and
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more than 4,000 wounded? but enough of that. the president says you've done an exemplary job at the un. >> let me say specifically about susan rice. she has done exemplary work. she has represented the united states and our interests in the united nations with skill and professionalism and toughness and grace. >> really? 40,000 civilians killed in syria. children shot in front of their parents. parents tortured in front of their children. no sanctions passed by the u.n. iran also gets on the u.n. women'es rights commission. and you're not even in the audience when israeli prime minister netanyahu addresses the u.n. general assembly, but enter the outrage. >> so there's a clear, in my
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opinion, a clear sexism and racism that goes with these comments that are being made by unfortunately senator mccain and others. >> so for anyone to question her credentials, they have to beth racist and a sexist. really? because john mccain wants straight answers and hasn't gottenst them, he's a racist? if he's racist, why did john mccain vote for clarence thomas for speert, coli colin pl for secretary of state, and condi rice, an african-american female, for secretary of state? all right. so now we eliminate racism and sexism. your outrage is now based on what? i home there's no suggestion that she be held to a lower standard because of who she is. and how about that she outright lied and dug her heels in, that she made a decision to tell the american people that the killing of four americans was a spontaneous protest about a
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youtube video when everyone from the state department, the white house, the pentagon knew in real-time that it wasn't? ambassador rice, you dug your heels in right after the president of libya said there was no doubt that the attack was preplanned and even the talking points said al-qaeda was involved. we just want to know now. who took out the words al-qaeda and why did you agree to go on television when you admittedly knew nothing about benghazi? might i it have been to mislead the american people in the run up to the election, and even worse, when the administration admitted it was a preplanned terror attack, you never came out and said, you know, i was wrong. you wait until after the election. and by the way, if you knew nothing about benghazi, why didn't hillary do the shows? she was in town. but then again, maybe i protest too much. she did take full responsibility. >> well, i'm responsible for the
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state department for the more than 60,000 people around the world. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> it's great to take full responsibility and f not hide behindnd ones race or gender. it's g not so hard to do. people will actually respect you for your competence and your honesty, and it's even easy to do in high heels. now here's fox news chief intelligence correspondent kathrycatherine herridge with te latest on the susan rice situation. >> a leading republican in the senate said rice had access to classified information including the president's daily brief. drawing from the 16 intelligence agencies, the top secret document included compelling evidence of terrorist involvement. >> she had access to the full presidential daily brief on intelligence, so she was well
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informed and knew that our intelligence community felt that there were ties to al-qaeda affiliates that were involved in the attacks. >> reporter: earlier this week, democrats defended rice, questioning whys it took so long for the intelligence community to assess there was no demonstration,s citing two critical pieces of data. >> the interview with the people on the ground as well as the video evidence. that took time, in some cases, days, in some cases more than a week, and that accounted for a lotnt of the inaccurate information initially, and one of the questions that i've asked is why did it take as long as it did. >> reporter: aside from the benghazi controversy, a new report focuses on rice's financial holdings along with her husband. the couple owns stock in two overseas conglomerates, royal dutch shell and a company that until recently did business with iran. a spokeswoman for ambassador rice said she's fully complied with financial disclosure rules adding, quote, with respect to
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iran, ambassador rice worked to impose the toughest u.n. sanctions regime ever on iran for its continued failure to live up to its obligations. a government watch dog group who has reviewed rice's financials said the records have been out there for a year but only this week got a second look. >> because she's such a controversial nominee, these things tend to get magnified. every single cabinet appointee, people will go through their past and history and ask questions. >> reporter: on monday the head of u.s. africa command is scheduled to speak at george washington university on the rising threat of terrorism in north africa and will most certainlily get questions about whether the m military could hae done moreon about the benghazi attacks on 9/11. judge, back you to. >> all right. the questions about susan rice don't end there. in 1998 rice was assistant secretary of state for african affairs when the u.s. embassies
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were bombed. just like benghazi, additional security requests were made before the attacks and were denied. with me now is edith bartley whose father and brother were both killed in the 1998 embassy edith, thank you so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you fo for having me. >> our condolences to you for the loss of your brother and your father. i understand that your father was counsel general at the embassy, and your brother was in college at the time and was an intern serving at the embassy. >>g correct. >> in the 14 years since this has happened, edith, you have fought for the families of diplomats and hope that the department of state would be able to provide more protection for these diplomats. has anything happened as a result of your fight? >> our fight has been slow and an uphill battle. we're proud to say that we have
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great bi-partisan support, but 14 years is far too long. it's been extremely frustrating to see that after the august 7th, 1998 embassy bombings, our public saw clearly the recommendations and findings that came out of the accountability review board that wabis tasked with looking into e circumstances surrounding the al-qaeda attack of our ebb embas in east africa. itme was clearly documented in both thete watered down report s well as the classified version. >> wait a minute. edith. i don't mean to interrupt you, but you say the watered down report. what do you mean by that? >>w well, there are two versesf the accountability report. there's the public version and there's the classified version that's clearly noted and the public version. and you know, it's clearly noted that our embassies in east africa, it was very muchch known by our intelligence community, live, active cells, al-qaeda cells in nairobi as early as
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1996 prior to those bombings. it was also noted in the findings and recommendations of that report that our embassy, our state department and our embassy personnel worldwide were not -- were not very well trained to look into and predict or pay attention to the possibility of trans national terrorism. >> let me ask you this. when you heardrd about benghazi, did you have a feeling that oh, myh, god, they haven't learned anything? >> you know, you are stunned but not surprised. what was very troubling was the fact that this occurred on an anniversary date. if we've learned nothing else, we should know that on anniversary dates ofh major terrorist attacks on american soil because our embassies abroad and our installations abroad are american soil, we need to have heightened security. it's t troubling to know that or accountability report not only in 1999 but prior to that, the report specifically stated that
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our congress and those embassy bombings were a collective failure of several congresses and administrations to appropriate the necessary funding to address embassy security nationwide or worldwide, and what we have failed to do even now is to have an accountability report, to have discussions, and we go on as business as usual as opposed to really sitting down and really strategizing long term what can we do to address embassy security and the personnel and families that are impacted afterwards. >> all right. here we are. same situation. 14 years later. edith bartley, thank you so much for being witha us. >> thank you. coming up, former attorney general michael martin luther my questions susan rice's moral fitness. by the way, take a look at our facebook page or twitter me and
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let me know what you think. stay with us. think. stay with us.
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it is clear that the information that you gave the american people was incorrect when you said that it was a spontaneous demonstration triggered by a hateful video. it was not, and there was compelling evidence at the time that that was certainly not the case. >> joining me now is former attorney general of the united mukasey.ichael judge, it's so good to have you on this evening. >> judge, it's good to be here. >> thank you. i've been a fan of yours for many years. you've been confirmed by the senateou twice as a federal jude as well as a united states attorney general. you knowrn he wha what senate confirmation involved. you're not someone to get involved in political scrap. you're known as someone who is
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thoughtful and someone who doesn't engage in hyperbole. your reputation is well deserved. you write an article, judge, about susan rice questioning her moral fitness. why? >> a lot of reasons. to startue with, the benghazi etched whicepidemic which is one latest. when she came out with this ridiculous clap trap about it being due to a video which she could only have questioned not only why she was there but also the reliability of that information given what else was out there including from diane feinstein and others, let alone the pdb to which she had access. >> senator din feinstein already admitted that al-qaeda was probably involved. >> she is nowhere to be seen
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when an emergency security council meeting over the tur yirk floarish float flo. when she cast a ret resolution against the israeli for building against a settlement in their own capital, she cast a veto but said she agrees basically with the resolution and goes so far as to say they shouldn't build on any territory. she's got a long, long record. >> you know what's interesting about the record is that we haven't heard about her, have we? i believe the president talks about her accomplishments and she's done an exemplary job at the un. what has she done that you can point to? >> beats me. >> all right. well, why do you think she was called upon and not hillary clinton to go on those television shows to talk about this make believe video that, you know, and the spontaneous protest. why wa ps she picked? >> two reasons, i would think.
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one w is essentially as an audition to be the next secretary of state, and the second was that she was imminently qualified by virtue of knowing absolutely nothing about the subject as she herself said. >> what about the fact that the statement she brought out and after going with and meeting with senators graham, mccain, and ayotte, they came out and said we're even more disturbed about her. do you think we'll ever get to the truth? how can we get to the truth. >> the only way we'll get truth is if congress appoints a joint committee, a special committee to take a look at benghazi. not just at her statements. her statements are really the tip of the proverbial iceberg. the real problem is what happened before, what happened during, and what happened after, and whether that doesn't all stem from the administration's desire and the president's desire while he was running for reelection to tell everybody that it was no terrorist problem there, al-qaeda's on the run, we killed bin laden, it's over,
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it's time to pivot to something else. and if their actions an inaction were informed by that point of view, then we should have some very serious questions. t about, i guess, finally in terms of her senate or possible senate confirmation hearing? she will the--n have to state under oath what it was that -- what information was given to her and whether or not there were al-qaeda talking points in there. >> well, it seems to me the question -- one of the first questions ought to be who briefed her. at that incident tons they can start pulling on the piece of spaghetti and see what's at the r end. >> we'll see if we ever get to that dish of spaghetti. thanks, judge mukasey, so much for being with us. >> f my pleasure. coming up, past performance by susan rice as un ambassador provides any hint as what she would be like as secretary of state,at fasten your seat belts, folks, and take out truth serum.
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a un insider weighs in. the state department is throwing anyone and everyone under the bus for the benghazi attack including your grandmother. could hillary clinton be at the wheel? wheel? ]n
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it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. ambassador susan rice and her qualifications to be the next secretary of state have dominated the headlines. with me now is the man uniquely qualified to weigh in on the debate. he's the m former spokesman for four ambassadors to the united nations, richard grinnell. good evening, richard. >> hey, judge, how are you? >> good. i understand i'm supposed to call you rick. >> all my friends call me rick. call me rick.
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>> why do you think susan right is not qualified -- rice is not qualified to be secretary of state? >> i think her past performance shows she's just not able to be america's diplomat, top diplomat. she hasn't performed very well since she's been at the un. i'm uniquely qualified to critique her performance at the un over the last four years. i've been watching closely, and it's time and time again when there's a tough fight, she really avoids confrontation. she's in washington a lot of time. she doesn't spend a lot of time in new york. as you know, the office is in new york. the security council is supposed to beyo in session regularly, ad she's more times than not -- not there. so i think the record performance at the un speaks for itself, and anyone who thinks that she's deserving of a promotion should actually take a look at the last four years to realize that she doesn't deserve a promotion. she really should be fired. she's been a terrible representative for the united states. >> you know, rick, when i was
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talking with judge mukasey. one of the thingsa he mentioned in his article is the fact that irane was allowed to get on the human rights commission as it relates to women's issues without any real objection by the united states. i mean, i find that unbelievable. do you? >> it's totally unbelievable and when they were elected, she didn't speak out afterwards. even if she wants to say oh, didn't realize the election was coming up or it came out of the blue, once they're elected, there was no condemnation from susan rice. here's the deal. i've w been at the un, and if yu go therece and you really want o be liked by everybody else, you're not going to be very effective. i wrote this piece that shared 30 points as to why susan rice should not get a promotion, and it all has to deal with things that happened before benghazi, so there's a plethora of evidence out there that every single time a controversial issue came up that she was nowhere to be found. let me give you one quick
9:26 pm
example. on iran she waited 17 months before she tried to offer any resolution. the draft resolution put forward by the united states was actually taken out the of her hands. the state department, secretary clinton, actually let s somebody else negotiate it. we've not seen another resolution in 30 months, so she's passed one resolution and with that one resolution, she lost more support than all of the previous five resolutions combined. >> you know what's interesting, i have those 30 reasons in the article that you wrote, richard, about why she shouldn't be secretary of state, and i think number five is interesting, that she failed to speak out when colonel qaddafi's libya was elected to the un human rights commission. why even make friends? what's the point? >> well, see, when you go there, there's all sorts of groupings, the africa group or the arab group. all these ambassadors are looking to give you dinner party invites, and if you want to be the popular ambassador, then you
9:27 pm
can't speak out against countries. that's just the way the un goes. no matter how bad somebody is, you absolutely just don't talk bad about them. that's why when john bolton went there and he would call the situation as it was unfolding and say you know, i don't think libya should be on the human rights council when they're abusing their own people, it just seems normal for most people. at the un, it seems like a crazy radical idea. >> well, all right. rick, thanks so much for joining us this evening. i guess there's a lot of more we're going to hear about susan rice in the coming weeks. >> sure. all right. and coming up, the state department is doing everything it can to put the blame for benghazi on anyone but themselves. and later, congressman peter king on the benghazi investigation. will we ever get to the truth? i investigation. will we ever get to the truth?
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. this attack happened in eastern afghanistan. a coalition official confirming to fox news that insurgents attacked the base early sunday morning, det naight a car bomb and sparking a battle that lasted two hours. we're told the militants did not make it onto the base. early reports said an afghan security officer may have been killed and several foreign troops injured. a grisly murder suicide on a wyoming campus. a man stabbed his father's girlfriend live to death and thn fatally stabbed himself. police say it could have been much worse if the suspect's father had not fended off his son long enough for his students to get away. i'm marianne rafferty.
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for your latest headlines, log onto so who was responsible for the security failure that led to the four americans losing their lives in benghazi? if you believe the state department i it's anyone but th. with me is national security analystri k.t. mcfarland and fox news military analyst, colonel david hunt. who is driving the blame game here? i don't know -- i know who i believe, but it's going like this right now in washington. >> yeah. i don't think there's any independent act. it's t clear that it's white hoe driven. it's not state department or secretary of defense or cia. this is a white house driven scenario that's happened since the 11th. >> and kt, you're the person, you're our person, our man, our woman who was in washington during preps for these kinds of
9:33 pm
interviews. >> yeah. >> did susan rice not know the truth? >> look. everybody knew the truth. everybody knew it was al-qaeda from the very beginning. >>y the question by colonel hunt is who didn't know. >> where did she get her marching orders and why her? now, i think it's because hillary clinton looked at that, i'm sure she was asked first, and she said i don't want to go out there like colin powell did at the united nations saying there are weapons of mass destruction of iraq and be proven wrong and there's the end of his career. she didn't want to be out there saying that. then it's un ambassador rice. what does she say? she says what they told her to o say. good soldier. i'll say whatever they tell me to say. >> you've beenhe in this spees situations. if someone makes this mistake five times, dug their heels in, would you expect them to come out and say look, i made a mistake. maybe i ought to take that back? >> she also came out without a
9:34 pm
lot of qualifications. she came out and instead of -- she should have said what we know now. at this point. she a didn't. she saidin very definitively it wasn't terrorists. now, to me, that was a red flag. >> clearly, i mean, the president of libya came out right before her and said it was aid preplanned terrorist act and we know it was al-qaeda. everybody knew it. where did she get this spontaneous protest and the youtube videuto in who gave her those talking points. effect about who took out al-qaeda. who made up the fairy tale? >> she's reading from a script. we had four separate ways of communicating and gathering information withinth hours. everyone in that chain of command from the president on down knew what had happened. not five days or two weeks later, within hours we knew what happened. >> and youth know, what's interesting about that is if you get your talking points from the intelligence community. >> she wouldn't have, though. >> but she had access to the president's daily briefing. but the cia doesn't issue
9:35 pm
unclassified reports on something like this. >> here's how it happened. the cia would have sent their stuff to the white house. theus nsc would have prepped he. here are your talking points. this is what we want you to say. theme we want you toould not hy from an intelligence agency to the ufrn ambassador. it went by. >> it was coordinated. >> and>> what about the fact tht she t said that there was no question about this in her mind and she ended up saying it was what the military, the intelligence gave us? she didn't go near the state department. she didn't go near the white house. she waspa very specific. this is what the intelligence community gave us. >> yeah, but you know at this point, you're saying everybody is blaming everybody else. we're three months later and what do we know for sure? the only thing we know for sure is that david petraeus had a mistress. we still don't know who did what before and during and after. that's why i think the
9:36 pm
administration, frankly, has gotten away with w it. with the cover up and a lie. unless there are confirmation hearings. >> she's never going to be put to the test. >> nobody's going to go under oath and tell the truth. >> what about the state department? we'veer got the cia and the dod and everybody blaming each other. it looks like hillary said i'm taking responsibility. the president said blame me. there's no accountability. what should happen? >> well, for not having proper security and the secretary of defense, but not responding, it's the department of defense and the white house. we moved forces, they never got the order to go in and help in benghazi, period. >> that's the white house. >> yeah. and the other thing i find really offensive is in 1998 and on this occasion, we've never gone back after the people who did the act. >> true. >> in 1998 when they bombed the u.s. embassy and the u.s.s. coal, they didn't respond. they were emboldened.
9:37 pm
they will be emboldened by this. at this point nobody's fighting them. we'reti fighting each other. >> not only that, the fbi gets in there three week later to check it out. colonel david hunt and kt mcfarland, aas pleasure having you with us. coming up, congressman peter king still fuming over benghazi. later, it's the holiday. i bet you can't top this random act of kindness. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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the congressional investigations into the benghazi massacre continue. will the american public and the families of the four killed in that attack ever get justice? joining me now is congressman peter king, chairman of the house homeland security committee. he joins us from long island. good evening, congressman. >> good evening to you. thanks for having me on. >> my pleasure. all right. it'sn. been 11 weeks since that infamous presentation by susan rice on those five morning shows that sunday where she said that this was not preplanned and it was a spontaneous reaction to a youtube video. now, 11 weeks later she comes out this week, this past tuesday, she meets with senators mccain, graham, and ayotte, and now they say they've got even more problems than they had when she first came on. what is going on with her? >> i wish i knew. this just never added up from the start, and each day and each
9:42 pm
week it gets more confusing. the president admits that she had nothing to do with libya, didn't know anything about d it, yet she was sent out as the administration's spokeswoman, and she st ays that she relied n four sentences of unclassified talking points. now, if that were true, that would be the height of irresponsibility. she has access to all the classified top secret information and to think that you were going on five national shows relying on four sentences makes no sense. she had to have been told what really happened over there. >> not only because of that, because she had access to the presidentiala daily briefings, peter, but also the fact that, you know, the white house and state department, the pentagon, everybody's watching it in real-time from the drone, from the communications, the audio, the visual. we all know it was a flatout lie. what i want to know, peter, and you were the first person to come out from that intel hearing and say, you know, that there was a -- there was a problem, who took out the words al-qaeda and terrorist. what ird want to know is who cae
9:43 pm
up with the idea of a youtube video because that's not in anything, and who came up with thishi spontaneous demonstration idea? where is that in any information. >> well, what we don't know yet. that was based on the fact that the demonstrations in cairo were supposedly based upon the youtube video, and they just -- they took that story and applied it to benghazi, even though there's no real evidence to back it up. getting back to the talking points and the fact that she said she relied on them. first of all, i never believed that from the start. secondly, you know, as we said, the talking points were changed, and originally the people in the intelligence community said they had no idea who changed them. well, then after that you have the director of national intelligence suddenly two weeks ago saying it was his unit that changed it. then the other day when susan rice was meeting with mccain and graham and ayotte, the acting director of the cia was with her and said no, it was the fbi that
9:44 pm
changed it. later the fbi called the cia and thed cia said no, it was the ca that changed it. it's a story from the gang that can't shoot straight. unfortunately, four americans were killed in theot process. >> you know, i think that the american people certainly are entitled to answers, and yet, you know, all of these hearings seemed to be closed door hearings and the families haven't gotten the answers they want. it's amazing now susan rice is being considered as the secretary of state as hillary clintonta leaves. so is there anything that would cause you to change your mind regarding whether or not she is or shoul should become the secry of state? >> no. again, that's for the senate to vote t on, but no. i called for her resignation back in september. i think i was the first one to do f it. i have the same doubts about her as secretary of state. she has to explain what happened here and why she allowed herself to be used in this way. she's extremely intelligent. i think h in some regards she's
9:45 pm
had a good record at the un on issues such as north koreaia, a very able person. butf to allow herself to be usd to mislead the american people on a vital issue where four americans were killed and to keep with that story mor for mo, and now she can't explain herself out of it. when you have one of the most moderate members of the united states and actually introduced susan rice three years ago or four years i ago, when she was selected as un ambassador, she has said she's more doubts than ever before, and she listed more criticism than mccain, graham, or ayotte did. >> i think i at all comes down o the fact that people don't want to be lied to. you know, you can make a mistake, you can not know all the information, but to change the information and somehow say that because something happened in egypt that obviously jumped over to benghazi within a few hours is absolutely absurd, and people don't want to tolerate that. >> for sure. >> do you think we'll ever get
9:46 pm
straight answers? do you think anyone will be able to say, you know, to to susan rice you knew? youss had ac accident t access e presidential briefings. you should have understood that you can't goe in and make stuff up. do you think anyone will be able to put her feet to the hire? >> we have to. this isn't some moot court debate we had in law school with a bunch of hypothetical facts. this is real. four americans were killed. there was a failure to provide scusht. security. they're not come you g coming ue truth. there's coofer up. >> when people say i stand up and take responsibility but you can't get any questions and get any straight answers, you have to wonder what's actually going on there. >> how can four different people take responsibility for the same thing? i mean, after they all originally denied that anyone was responsible. one by one they're taking responsibility. nothing is happening. they're still sitting there.
9:47 pm
>> it's always good having you on. congressman peter king. thanks for being with us. be sure to watch "fox news sunday" tomorrow withest speaker john boehner and treasury secretary tim geithner. coming up, if we go over the fiscal cliff, are your taxes going up? you betcha. the f only question is how much. sometimes cops get a bum rap. one nypd officer's random act of kindness might change the way you look at those guys in whetheblue. ♪
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i think we ought to recognize this entire fiscal cliff is an artificial invention of washington created by people in the congress and the
9:51 pm
presidency and it can be broken down by them into a series of steps that can be taken without having to be rushed into one gigantic last-minute, little understood with no hearings one vote up or down. i think it's a terrible way to govern the united states. >> only one month to go before we dive off the fiscal cliff, but as former speaker gingrich right? is there an, easy solution? let's ask john brahmnick and fox news contributor and former pollster for president carter. thanks for being with us this evening. what is this fiscal cliff, and what does it mean, real quickly. for my viewers out there, what does it mean to them? >> well, first the business community and regular people want to w know whether they're taxes are going to sa to go up s the board. this involves state taxes and personal income taxes. >> i'm a regular guy, i've got a couple of kids, i live in middle america. if we goi over the fiscal cliff,
9:52 pm
what happens to me? >> first of all, the way you sellse your house as to do with capital gains. the value ofpi your house might fall, your income taxes go up. the entire economy, business, for example, the markets are going to look at this and worry whether the government can lead. >> i don't have any stocks. let's say i don't care about the market. what does it mean tore me, john doe. >> it means your taxes go up. payroll taxes are higher. >> do you agree with that. >> your taxes go up anyway because obama care kicks in on january 1st. there are more taxes and we'll expire the reduction on social security o taxes. that's going to happen anyway. buctt look. that's not the real issue at stake here. what we have going on with the country thanks to these politicians tearing each other apar ot or fighting as usual, ts last few days is critical. what has happened is the republicans want to step into the trap set for them by the democrats which is as the spider said to the fly, step into my
9:53 pm
parlor, on entitlements which was the headline in the jumper. meanwhile, the republicans have the biggest hammer available. when barack obama went out, he went out and overreached. this idea that he should set the debt limit. if i were the republicans, i would say stop everything. we're going to fight you. >> youg. know what i think? i think the republicans have a communication problem, and i'll tell you why. i was listening to some of the stuff, and when the president gets up, he talks about middle class families and the holidays. then the republicans stand up and say economy and the debt ceiling and the debt. you know, it's more personal with what obama is saying. even if that game he wins. >> i'm not sure the republicans have done a great job in terms of how they communicate. we saw t that in the last election. this president is not leading. we saw this in new jersey where governor christie had 11 billion dollar deficit. he had a fiscal cliff. he knew where the middle road was, and he didn't it. >> he didn't fall off.
9:54 pm
>> exactly. that's what this president has to do. >> i'm joe smith and i think that the dems want to raise taxes and the republicans want spending cuts, and as far as i'm concerned, i'd rather have the rich people pay taxes than me to lose my entitlements. pat, can that ever work? >> well i think that's what most people think right now. they want the rich to pay more because maybe we should have them pay more. at the same time, they don't want the economy to go in the hole. the other thing is they don't want the country to go broke. what the republicans failed to do is what you're saying. they failed communication case w50eus. wise. they don't hold ban barack baraa accountable. to give himself powers that no president has had, you take that to the country and say you want him deciding he can just spend whatever he wants? >> that's like removing the debt ceiling. >> exactly. >> that's wha wt you're talking about. >> i'm saying that's the issue >> you're saying that the president should outline the
9:55 pm
cuts because nobody's going to the table to say this has to come off. >> all you have to say -- i'm sorry, go ahead. >> the president has to come up with a reasonable solutions that sells. >> why should he if he can blame e republicans? >> because at the end of the day it's the era of this president. no one remembers who the speaker was during the depression. >> this is the point -- you're exactln.y right. august 2011, the republicans took a beating over what happened when we had the breakdown. guess who really paid the price? the president of r the united states had his lowest ratings. it was h his worst political trouble. he lost that district in new york, a democratic district and in vegas. why? because the president isbe supposed to leadsu the country. >> the people want it fixed. they expect the president to fix it. >> we'll see, pat and john, thanks so much for being with us. finally, it was a cold night in new york that served as a back drop to one of the most profoundly generous acts of
9:56 pm
kindness by one human being toward another. it wasn't whawat you would imagine. police officers frequently bashed for brutality, and insensitivity helping the homeless and the less fortunate among us. the first thought i had when i saw a picture of a police officer on his knee and heard he bought socks and shoes for a homeless man on a cold night was how proud his parents must be. i spoke to angela, his mother today. she wasn't surprised that her son engaged in this generous act of kindness or he dug deep into his pockets with no motivation other than to help a fellow humanel being. as a mother, my compliments to the parentsts of larry depremow. as an american, my compliments to officer deprimo for reaffirming our faith in humanity. during this holiday season, we should all pay it forward to help those less fortunate than we are.
9:57 pm
that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us, and follow me on twitter at judge jeanine, and facebook. let's be friends. don't forget too pick up a copy of my new book, sly fox. it makes a great stocking stuffer for all of you have been naughty andbe nice. see you next week. depends on the size of your stocking to get the book in. you know what i mean?
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