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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 2, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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a stone around the tonsil. a lot of inflammation. around the tonsil so check that. if it continues you could have post nasal drip and sinuitis. seeing the doctor is the way to go. twice a year you need to see your dentist and get checked out. >> eric: no garlic or onions. >> it tastes so good, though. >> jamie: thank you very much. great to see you. >> have a great week. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: start with a fox news alert. new push for the deal for fiscal cliff, not apparent for progress of this moment. the clock is ticking down. end the year for mandatory tax hikes set to kick in. welcome to new hour of "america's news headquarters." i'm eric shawn. >> i'm jamie colby. more talk of the miscall cliff is coming. house speaker john boehner in an exclusive interview with "fox news sunday" saying, "we're nowhere" in fiscal
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cliff talks with democrats. treasury secretary tim geithner saying and telling chris wallace republicans must accept the tax hikes for the wealthy to reach a deal. a deal is what we are after. peter doocy live in washington with more. peter, tell us first, speaker boehner -- the big problem right now with the white house proposal that was just presented. >> jamie, speaker boehner says he was flabbergasted when the treasury secretary geithner came to capitol hill and told him what the president wants. and this is why. >> the president is asking for $1.6 trillion worth of new revenue in ten years. twice as much as he has been asking for in public. he had stimulus spending in here that exceeded the amount of new cuts he was willing to consider. it was not a serious offer. >> reporter: secretary geithner says the white house $4 trillion plan has 2 to 1 ratio of cuts to spending increases. but everything we heard from
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speaker boehner suggests the $1.6 trillion in new revenue the white house wants is too much. especially since boehner does not want to increase tax rate at all. he wants the revenue from the closed loopholes and limited deduction. >> put a new deal on the table but tim geithner, does he say specifically where he sees the tax rate for the top earners going? >> he did. 39.6%, like in clinton era. he said clinton rare was time of remarkably good economic growth and strong private investment and he thinks that the republicans just need time to digest the idea of higher rates for rich. >> you heard them for the first time i think in two decades now acknowledge that they are willing to have the revenue go up as part of a balanced plan. a good first step. they have to tell us what they are willing to do on rate and revenues. that is hard for republicans. >> secretary geithner says he cannot promise we will not go
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off the fiscal cliff. speaker boehner says he is going to do everything we can to avoid the cliff. but acknowledged there is a chance he canal stop it. jamie? >> eric: peter doocy comprehensive report. >> jamie: thank you. >> eric: president obama hit the road on friday to try to sell his plan to the american people. but is that his -- is that what needed to make a deal? bring in max schlapp, political director under president bush. former democratic congressman from texas, martin frost. matt and martin, welcome sunday morning. good to see you. matt, let me start with you. what do they need, because they are not there now, to get to the point they need to make a deal? >> they have time to pull a deal together. the real concern here is that president obama is drawing lines in the sand. some of the lines might not be able to be crossed by the republicans. that gets people increasingly worried that an overall deal can't be reached. hard to imagine in the short-term before cliff by the
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end of the year, they can't do something to bridge this in to a conversation next year. but when president obama says things through tim geithner that he said about raising tax rate and spend additional money, which is crazy, it makes people more concerned that a big overall grand bargain can't be reached next year. >> eric: martin, do you think a grand bargain won't be reached? >> i think it will. talk about what is going on now here first. you know, the president won the election. he campaigned on the basis of higher rates for the taxpayer income earners. no surprise. the republicans are asking shocked that the president is taking a tough line. i think they expect him to roll over and play dead. that is not the way things work in this town. he won the election. and he told the american people we were going to raise the rates on the top income earners. now that is what he is trying to do. i think there is some give here. i don't think it has to go up to 39.6. right now it's 35. maybe it goes up a point or two. listen, republicans need time
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to sort through all of this. there will be a short-term agreement. there will be a down payment with some increased taxes. some increased budget cuts. then there will be a framework for next year. i think they will reach a deal next year. i don't think it's easy. but listen, this is all what politics is about. no one gets everything. you have a negotiation. that is what is going on now. negotiation. >> eric: when you say you think there are increaseded taxes or like increased revenues instead of the increased taxes like republicans want? >> here is what is at stake. economy is on the brink potentially of going to recession. that will have the worst impact on the deficit that anything will. we got to make sure that the economy continuebes to grow. that is the problem here. i know democrats have this blood lust to raise taxes on supposedly rich people, which are really small business people. but it is not going to do anything to grow the economy. here is what president obama needs. he has to make sure the
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economy grows. he will be a two-term jimmy carter if the economy goes back in recession and we can't pull ourselves out of this thing. >> eric: i heard you laugh, martin on the "two-term jimmy carter" line. >> he doesn't want to be a two-term george w. bush that took us in a steep recession. >> hey, you are the one with the bush tax cut. >> this can be worked out. everybody knows that. you can raise rates a point or two, that is not going to be end of the world. republicans understand that. let's get through with the fear we have had a couple of weeks of theater and let's get down to serious negotiations. i don't think the republicans want to fight to the death to protect tax breaks for the wealthy. that is not the message they want to send. they tried it during the election and they lost on that. >> eric: if i just interrupt, matt mentioned small businesses. let me read you this tough edtory from investors business daily this past week. they call it return of the tax-and-spend democrats in d.c. of the president's plan it
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says turn in a massive $1.6 trillion tax increase, most of which will hit small businesses. $600 billion of which the white house hasn't specified but combined it with the no spending cuts at all swept seen the game before. the democrats always pocket the taxes. forget about the spending. martin, is that a fair characterization? >> no, i don't think it is. i think you can work it out so there are significant cuts. and that there is a little more in taxes. everybody, no one gets everything they want. but there is an arrangement that lets us go forward. i don't think the -- i talk to people in the white house who are close to the president who know his thinking. the president does not want to us go over the cliff. even for a short period of time. he does want something worked out but he is not going to roll over and play dead. he is not going to say the republicans you get everything you want. >> eric: matt, allegedly tax-and-spend democrats? >> yeah. well, they are living up to their moniker. and here is the thing. i love hearing martin frost and president obama going out
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will an defending the bush tax cut. they criticize president bush on one side. but then they are out there saying that the tax cut by an large are needed to get the economy to grow. for martin frost -- >> i isn't say that. matt, i did not say that. i said -- >> well, hold on for you to say that president obama won the election. remember you sat in the house of representatives for many years and republicans controlled that house. when democrats controlled that house, they flex their muscles. the republicans in the house have a constitutional obligation to make sure we get a fair compromise. speaker boehner wants that. that is what he is fighting for. >> i think the president does, too. and the republicans can't expect that after he was re-elected on the basis that the rich get to pay a little bit more that the president -- >> i didn't mean that. i didn't mean that. >> eric: okay. prediction, end it there. prediction we won't be going over the fiscal cliff. >> i think we will not go over the tis call cliff and it will be worked out by christmas eve. maybe if not before. >> eric: we can't something in our stockings for that. thank you so much.
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>> thank you. >> eric: jamie? >> jamie: fox news extreme weather alert. folks in california, well, you want to pay attention to this, because you know you have had storms. there are more coming. flood advisories in effect already for some residents. and residents are left to fill sandbags to try and keep water out of their homes. >> i started to think what will i do first? i'll get up an put that on and that on and grab my coat. >> waiting for a disaster to happen. are you waiting for to us flood? >> everybody seen it before if they lived here for a long time. it can happen. listen to what everybody is telling you. be prepared. >> eric: we hope so. >> jamie: they are doing what they can. dominic di-natale streaming live for us from california. what is the situation there? >> reporter: jamie, expecting the petaluma river behind me to flood at some point today, in fact, in the next couple of hours. you can see behind me if the camera man zooms in the swell on the water today safe.
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it's risen a foot overnight. it will go higher than that. we have had about two inchs of rain in the past three hours or so. about 4:30 this morning when we looked out the windows, there was so much rain coming down. it was bouncing off the river bed. it was the wind whipping it up so much. it appeared like the rain was actually defying gravity and heading back to the sky. we have seen the scenes like that across the region really all night long. expecting at least seven inches of rain to hit the higher elevation. we have had winds up to 60 miles per hour. that is causing problems; particularly, in san francisco, where we saw a one big rig blown over. that was taking up the richmond-san rafael bridge. one person dead in a three-car pileup. we understand it was a combination of both the rain and the wind there. flights delayed at the airport. high winds of 50 miles per hour.
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the concern is the river napa. no idea of the scale of the flooding. truckee river will get a surge, possibly four feet above the flood level. st. helena we will see there a surge of up to 27 feet. a lot of damage in the area like floods in 2005 in napa1. howe homes were affected. so people have been bracing for that. at the moment, 11,000 homes without power. that could get worse. it depends how bad the floodwaters get. we know as the day continues. back to you. >> jamie: keep us posted. thank you so much. >> eric: israel responding to the successful bid and are withholding $100 million in tax revenue from the palestinians who it turns out haven't paid the electric bill. they owe the power company over $200 million.
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hoy will it impact the peace process? david lee miller with the latest. hi david lee. >> something worth noting the $100 million owed to palestinians is money that israel collects on their behalf. the tax money and customs fee fees. the money, the palestinians use to pay the salaries as well as cost of security. no doubt, this is going to create economic hardship on the palestinian authority. meanwhile, in the last few hours the palestinian president mahmoud abbas arrived in ramallah from the u.n. vote in new york. he received there a hero's welcome. there were thousands and thousands in the main square outside the government offices. many held up the picture, balloons, the palestinian flag. abbas told the crowd and i quote "palestine achieved historic achievement at the united nations." meanwhile, the palestinians celebrated, israeli settlement construction on the west bank continued today. in response to the u.n. vote, israel said it was planning
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for additional construction in the same area where the pict the actual work, that could be years away. government gave green light for construction of 3,000 units in east jerusalem and elsewhere on the west bank. weekly cabinet meeting today prime minister benjamin netanyahu dismissed criticism of the settlement construction saying and i quote, "we will carry on building in jerusalem and in all areas on the map of israel strategic interest." if israel proceeds with the settlement plans the palestinians say it is going to make it immaterial possible for them to have -- make it impossible to have a viable state because it's not contiguous on the ground. united states addressed the settlement saying it was counterproductive. >> eric: we'll see what the palestinians do now that they can be more involved in the u.n. agencies and the criminal court, too. good to see you. >> jamie: go to egypt now. another big story with the new
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developments in that country's ongoing political crisis. egypt highest court now suspending its work out of fear for its member safety. there have been protests on both sides, but their concern is the supports of the islamic president mohammed morsi. the other protesters have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the new president. is the white house doing if you have to respond to the situation? is it even a situation we have to be involved in? stein yates is former deputy assistant for vice president of national security affairs. steven welcome. >> thank you. >> jamie: president morsi presented a new constitution. what does it provide and what concern if any should the u.s. have? >> well, among the key concer concerns is the notion that he is not subject to judicial review. in any normal democratic system where there are checks and balances you would have legislative check and judicial check among others on act of
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an overact as executive. what we see with mohammed morsi, leader of the muslim brotherhood is after winning a narrow election he is using every tool at his disposal to make generational impact by way of what he says. >> jamie: when i watch the pictures and i see both sides protesting, i wonder to myself so much was sacrificed for what the people there wanted. free society, ability to livepeacefully and pray the way they want. muslim brotherhood growing the way it has. is that a sign of what the middle east will look like? >> clearist sign so far. of what the turbulence of arab spring brought us. with have no way to shape outcome of the political systems but we know if we don't speak clearly about what
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is important to us and don't take action to bolster those who are secular and democrat nick the outlook to balance forces then these kind of groups like the muslim brotherhood win. >> jamie: i heard about egyptians who had to flee because they were christians and want freedom they thought they were getting. besides monitoring the situation what does the u.s. need to do? is the white house doing what it should? >> the white house seems to be saying that in a democratic system we need to stand at the sideline and respect whatever outcome presents itself. it sounds laudable on the face, except we have major interest in egypt and the broader middle east affected by the outcome. also, if we don't even say that we favor secular forces or taking the evidents to support them and bolster allies to make the same they have a choice to make a deal with the devil they live with. this is a problem we face with other countrys and presents us
8:17 am
in pakistan. egypt is moving more in the pakistani model. >> jamie: is it realistic we can intercede bring back civility. or will we see pictures like we see in tahrir square going forward? could there be violence? >> there will be violence and turbulence in the day ahead. we need to show some support for the forces of freedom. there are options that have gone cheaply. we have gone to the other to bolster legitimacy, speaking out on the dole they forged tonga san antonio-hamas situation. we added to the legitimacy and doing it will to add to legitimacy of those who oppose them and we agree more. >> jamie: tense situation. we're following it. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. anytime. republican sponsored
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immigration bill that passed the house and may beheaded to the senate but the white house is against it. why? what is it? we have a fair and balanced debate on that straight ahead. >> jamie: also, it happens to the best of us, eric. we open that gift and it's not quite right. but you no reason to worry because in the take charge consume procedure text segment we're going to try to tell you how you can return anything. bending the rules next. ♪ ♪ sometimes what we suffer from
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♪ ♪ >> eric: fox news voter fraud unit now. in troy, new york, shocking testimony at a voter fraud trial there. former county clerk admitting faking absentee ballot to steal election was routine and he called it a game. reports say the democratic political operatives targeted low-income residents, chemotherapy patient but allegedly faking ballots for them because they figured they would not show up and actually vote in the election. we have gotten e-mail on our e-mail site with questions after this past november election. this is from jane in florida -- "after i finished my ballot i was informed the machine was not working and instructed by
8:23 am
the election deputy to place it in an emergency box." you can see where the frustration comes in when they said, "we will put it through the counting machine later." my big issue is how do i know my vote even counts? tech neckly they could have done anything with it. well, janie, technically they are not supposed to. a democrat and republican official must supervisor the process. many secretary of state have a spot on the state to check your voting history. local board of elections should tell the same thing. this from a service member who wrote -- i am a military member who voted in the last three le ex-s and had to vote deployment or overseas. why can't we have a voting station at our deployed areas?" justin, the pentagon said they made a big push for that and there is prediction military vote was down last month the final number should be in this coming week. >> north carolina -- "voting is one of the greatest
8:24 am
privileges we have in our country and people choose to dishonor the electorate and themselves committing fraud leapt voting. i believe it's my duty to report it." thank you, michael, it's our duty to investigate it. as always, here is our address. we are staying on this beat. >> jamie: those are incredible comments from folks out there. thank you, eric. well, we made it through the height of the holiday shopping season. soon you will get your gift. but sometimes family and friends miss the mark. today i want to give you tips for returning the gifts that weren't quite right. kristen benz is retall analyst of pmv venture group. welcome. >> hi. >> jamie: i manual with the economy the way it is, the rules could be even tighter this year on returns. do you expect that? >> absolutely. especially with a pending
8:25 am
fiscal cliff ahead of us you will see a lot of buyer's remorse around super saturday, the last saturday before christmas. retailers had $3.4 billion in returned fraud last year. so they definitely will be out. and keeping the return policies very strict and stringent this year. >> jamie: so if you get something you want; particularly, with the gift cards, which i understand will be stricter this year. can you maneuver us around the system? can we bend the rules a bit? is it negotiable? >> everything is negotiable. that is the number one rule. especially when it comes to returns, it's in the execution. so get to the store early. don't come at lunchtime. have your gift, whatever you want to return ready to go. you know, know the receipts. keep the tags on. when all else fails just, you know, pony up to the manager and tell them exactly what is going on and what you want. you will be surprised what you can get out of the simple negotiations. >> jamie: sometimes you get someone at the counter and
8:26 am
they flat lisa nope. if the manager comes over, what is being kind and being nice helps. but is there anything you could say about why you don't want a gift and will you do better if you're willing to take something else from that store? >> absolutely. remember, retail on the shelves, they want to switch that around. it's cheaper for them to do it on the store level, not have to process it. right? we have free shipping everywhere. and a lot of great free return policies. that you know, you can shift or get back for free. who wants to go through that? it's easier to get it done at store level. just ask nicely. i love your store, i want to continue spending my money here but what can you do for me? how do we get around this? >> jamie: if you give a gift card to somebody and check to see when it expires, should you also get them that receive that shows the value on it and maybe has the rules? is that helpful?
8:27 am
>> as much information as you empower the consumer with, the better. a lot of rules changed. balances on gift cards are sometimes not redeemable as long as you think they are. spending that gift receipt never hurts. >> jamie: also, what do you expect it to be like in terms of the time frame of return? should you avoid that first day after christmas when a lot of people just want to get it done? >> if you are going to return something that is the day to do it. there is so much volume and people in the stores and they want to get it over wit it. that is the day to return it. >> jamie: great tips. appreciate it. thank you. hope that was helpful folks on that topic. there are a lot of take charge consumer protection issue we covered only on this program. but you can also go to fox to honor main -- and on the main page at the bottom, quick on america news hq, you will go to another
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page to see the link for many of the other take charge consume procedure text segments. you feel protected, eric, right? >> eric: new information. learn something every sunday at this time. you can't return gifts from santa. you know. he is up there -- >> jamie: i saw ten santas yesterday. i thought there was only one. sort of ruined it. they're all out and about. >> eric: there is only one. those are helpers. >> jamie: director is saying they're helpers. >> eric: santa will be busy. speaking of, well, we are going to change to not santa but to the white house. >> jamie: maybe santa will help with the fiscal cliff. >> eric: man, does santa need to help with this one. no proposal, have you heard about this? it deals with the debt limit. the president wants to take congress' power away over that to do it himself. republicans say what? some on wall street, though apparently support it. we'll fill you in. >> jamie: also, the freight train that carried dangerous chemicals and derailed it, literally jumped the tracks. investigators are out there today. they say they may know what
8:29 am
contributed to the crash. it really affected residents trying to cope. >> we have the workers coming in. we are asking them questions like what is going on, how is it going, what are we supposed to do? it seems no one knows anything. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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>> jamie: stories making headlines this hour, taliban homicide bomber attacking a joint u.s. and afghan base in afghanistan. five afghan seasonals killed were nine of the militants. at least seven people are missing. several others feared dead after a tunnel on a highway collapses outside tokia. emergency crews still looking for any more survivors that might be trapped inside. in charlotte, a man falls from a rach at the bank of america stadium in a college football game. he is in critical condition.
8:34 am
>> wall street they side with president obama when it comes to control of the debt ceiling. john boehner says it won't happen. >> i made it clear to the president every time we get to debt limit we need to cut reforms greater than increase in debt limit. only way the political process to produce more change than what it would if left alone. >> brenda buttner joins us. why would anyone want to give one machine power over this. >> the reason that wall street does it, wing thing it hates is uncertainty. if you remember when the talks went on and fell apart there was a downgrade, threat of default. wall street was up. and down.
8:35 am
they want to know that someone can raise the debt limit without a prolonged battle. the battles in congress do affect wall street. >> some would say this means, bring it on in. add more. pile it up more. there would be no control. >> yes. boehner actually said in the last sound bite something important. the only leverage republicans have with the president they have control over raising that debt limit. especially what the president would like to do is say he can raise it. congress could, quote/unquote, disapprove of it. for congress to do anything it would take two-third majority and it would be hard to have disapproval of the debt limit and keep it down. >> an we think things don't get done in washington. what about the fiscal cliff? do you think we will go over
8:36 am
it? what does it mean? we get taxes, will be cut. no, taxes will go up. spend willing be cut. everyone wants, almost everybody wants spending to be cut. what do you think will happen? >> let's look at wall street. what might happen to the 401(k)s or the stocks. last week, boehner said nothing is happening and stocks would plummet. somebody else would say something going on behind the scenes and stocks go up. this is tremendous volatility. this time of year we get santa claus rally, the stocks will rally until the end of the year. but if the taxes go on, on capital gains and dividends, people will start to sell now to have the better, more preferential tax treatment than afterwards. we may see selling in first of the year. >> eric: long-term, think long-term. once we get past that. what will the effect be?
8:37 am
what if taxes on dividends go up? >> this is incredible disincentive. especially on the capital gains. to take the risk of investing. when you say long-term, long-term, if you don't need the money you invest in stock market. if you need it in the next five years don't go near the stock market. it's short-term. you have to look long-term. >> eric: we have the retirement and what we need down the line. man this is tough. >> it is. please don't make me say "fiscal cliff" again. the two words. all i talk about. >> eric: we had predictions that they will come to a deal. it's political jockeying now. >> that is what we are hoping for. >> eric: that is what all americans want. >> jamie: three words.
8:38 am
fasten your seat belt. new report that the aging infrastructure may have played a role in freight train derailment in new jersey. truly tragic. seven cars jumping the tracks while the train was crossing a bridge. the problem is it was carrying hazardous chemicals in the air. live in the new york news room. i know there were evacuations. did the folks get go back home? >> the national transportation safety board saying the conductor with con-raid since 2008. worked the accident route previously but this was his first week back on it. the ntsb pointed to a faulty traffic signal for causing friday bridge collapse. train derailment and the toxic chemical release that caused the health problem for residents in pollsborough, new jersey. >> they are going to work the point of derailment and the bridge signal and track inspection records.
8:39 am
they will look at the movable bridge and locking mechanism on the movable bridge. the coast guard is collecting water samples and say 500 people have been evacuated from the home in a 12 block radius of the scene. the punctured tanker with 25,000 pounds of chloride, flamless colorless gas in the air. no serious injuries reported. last check, doctors treated 86 people complaining of being out of breath or dizzy. having headaches or eye irritation. store workers report near stop in business. it will to no communication on safety officials. though they have health concerns, too. >> headache, my eyes are burning. today, working again tonight.
8:40 am
all three of us. >> migraines. never get sick or headaches michigan eyes are strained. >> we are just learning from the ntsb, they are looking in to whether crews had problems with the bridge in the past. press briefing going on right now. the ntsb saying there are indications that in the past few days, crews report some issues with the bridge in terms of not getting a clear signal. con-raid workers out on the bridge the day before the derailment doing inspection. back to you. >> jamie: thank you. eric? >> eric: snuck by people last week and immigration reform bill that passed the house. now head to the senate. the white house is against it. what it means and how it can impact the country's immigration problem. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress.
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to go along with you. 5-hbut some people wondered oveabout the executive director of the center for science in the public interest said, "overdoing caffeine alone is actually pretty difficult to do.
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someone would have to make an effort to consume 40 or so 200-mg caffeine tablets." or... about this much 5-hour energy... in a single day. we recommend... not more than two per day. yeah, when we first came out with the product... you know, i made sure of one thing. if my family wasn't going to use it... if it wasn't good enough for my family if it wasn't safe for my family... i'm not gonna put it out there. i take it almost every day. and twice when i play tennis. this is our criteria that we have to be safe... if we're not willing to do it ourselves... we're not asking anybody else to do it. we're not gonna sell it. so, that's our approach to safety... that is a higher standard you can get. >> eric: house republicans
8:45 am
moved last week on immigration reform. friday, the house passed a bill to help the high skilled foreign workers become u.s. citizens. what are the hopes to pass the senate? how far could it go to solve the immigration problems? welcome. bob, what does the bill do? this scraps the diversity lottery. because it pulls the names out of a hat randomly, though it were a game show. assigns 55,000 green cards. the bill kills that. that is good. if that's all it did, count us in. but it takes the 55,000 green cards to give them to foreign students as green cards.
8:46 am
there is widespread unemployment. do we want skilled workers? yes. but we need provable standards. this ignores the fact that you spend $150,000 and put your kid through college. now the kids are living in the basement, unemployed and 55,000 additional green cards to foreign students from india, china, pakistan and other areas. coming in and taking the jobs that belong to the u.s. u.s. residents. we also need high-tech skilled workers in >> this is political bait both sides. this has no chance to pass in lame duck congress. i agree with bob 100%. conditioning refuses to have the dialogue. this is a dialogue about what
8:47 am
the country needs for reform. call it a dream act or achieve actth they have having the conversation. everybody agrees there is common ground like children of undocumented aliens that went to school here and consider themselves american. want to be legal residents. citizenship we talk about that later. new day and new year. we are going to move forward. >> eric: this is unbelievable. retractible issue. you threw out topics. how do we the problem when we have undocumented people here and they aren't going anywhere? >> do the math. 12 million people. $1,000 a year in the social security system in the next 20 to 30 years. potential, i'm not good at math. by $360 billion. talk with the pocketbook guys. we need the tax contributors.
8:48 am
look at what we have in common. there were good proposals. we have to begin the dialogue. >> eric: bob, francisco says you have ideas. what are they? >> the best idea -- by the way, francisco and i disagree on the bill. any bill mass am necessarysy bill will be vetoed by the democrats. they hope to have one in the spring. that will probably happen. republicans will likely look at bipartisan consensus to do that. ultimately, what we need, we don't need addition on bad foundation. what we need is to change the immigration system from the insanity of chain migration whatby we are issuing green cards in the united states, million of them a year, simply on the fact that you happen to be related to someone here. we need less immigration and we need to move it to a skills
8:49 am
based. we have less people competing for skills jobs. those coming in have the more value skill to value-added economy we have. and be prosperous. we don't need amnesty but we need redo for foundation of the immigration system. >> our side is going to have to give in on the automatic citizenship. i agree with you on that. this deal we are giving out the green cards, it doesn't matter. first figure out what to do with the kids, 15 to 25, 30. that have commit nod crime of their own. move to common ground and move to the 12 million potential tax contributors to save us economically in the country. >> there is the agenda. 12 million. the agenda for francisco is not the dream act but a massive amnesty. he said it. >> eric: well, bob -- >> i didn't say "amnesty." i said we have to give that up. >> eric: all right. that is the debate. it will continue unless we get reform obviously.
8:50 am
francisco and bob, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> eric: this is not going anywhere. we'll have a more discussion tomorrow night "on record" with greta van susteren whose guest is new mexico governor martinez. she has been outspoken about immigration reform. we have her thoughts tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. >> jamie: also, one college is taking a new approach to fighting obesity. taking money from sports programs and shifting it literally to the student body. can it work? we'll take a look.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
>> jamie: we like the sound of this. college in georgia taking a bold step to transform the on-campus wellness program. spellman college which historically has been a school for black women. there are now planning to scrap their ncaa athletics program and use that money to benefit the entire student body. elizabeth prann live from atlanta with details on that. >> reporter: you are right, the decision to cut the division iii athletic program could potentially benefit all 2100 students on campus. the president of the college says she is getting a lot of inquirys about the transition. time is running out for the spellman college jaguars.
8:55 am
sophomore amber banks know this is her last year as a division iii athlete. >> tough pill to swallow. >> reporter: in fact, this the last year for all ncaa conference sports at spellman. historically black women's college in atlanta. college president dr. beverly tatum decided to shift funds used for uniforms, referees and travel to a wellness program for all 2100 spellman students. >> since the announcements have been made, other colleges contacted me to say we're interested in what you are doing and we'd like to do more. >> health statistics show four out of five african-american women are considered obese, the highest rate of any group in the u.s. >> our students, most of whom are african-american women are twice as likely to become diabetic. more likely to experience heart attack or stroke in their lifetime. >> reporter: spellman will renovate the athletic complex to fitness center complete
8:56 am
with yoga, spinning room and running track. they will learn about the healthy food choices and overall wellness. for hardcore athlete there will still be intramural league. >> athletics builds character. it really builds discipline in whatever you do in life. >> now she went on to tell us she will miss the catchtition of bag d-3 athlete but thinks the transition will empower the young women at spellman college. >> jamie: in a way students helping students. i love it. elizabeth, thanks. great to see you. >> you too. >> eric: political chaos unfolding in egypt. je the latest on the crisis straight ahead. ale announcer ] r 50 delicious choices of green giant vegetables it's easto eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day...
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