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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 3, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> tweet them to us at foxfrindsfirst at the >> "fox and friends" is up next. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> gretchen: yeah we are here and we are all here and showed up. good morning, everyone. it is monday december 3rd. i am gretchen carlson. 29 days from the fiscal cliff and this is what republicans say about the latest offer. >> i was flabbergasted and i looked at him and said you can't be serious. there is more to the deal than you are hearing about. tim geithner explains. >> nfl player uses a gun to gill his - kill his girlfriend
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and himself. bob kostas tries to use that. and how to make love last. the answer under your nose. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. oh, the fiscal cliff. i was wondering what makes love last and under your nose it must be a scent. >> or maybe it is a moustachah. what was it a tree falling again. >> brian: you want to hear it again. >> steve: yeah. >> gretchen: it sounds like a horror movie like something up in the attic. >> steve: it is breaking. cliffhanger. i don't know. if the economy falls in the
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forest and no one is here to hear it is there a sound. yesterday the republicans blame the democrats and the democrats blame the republicans. john had a exclusive with chris wallace. >> brian: chris wallace sat down with jone boehner. >> steve: here is mr. boehner describing the impression at the moment of what tim geithner was trying to sell him. >> i was ghasted and i looked at him and said you can't be serious. i never seen like it we have 7 weeks before election day andepped of the year. three of those weeks are wasted with this nonsense. >> y are talking about roughly. timothy depite gite saying we'll raise taxes 1.6 trillion
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and washington will increase taxes on capitol gains and we would like to say we like the power to raise the debt ceiling any time we want for the executive branch which is unconstitutional. >> steve: it is not 39 or 35 percent. all nonstarters in the world of negotiation. >> gretchen: two things to discuss. why is it tim geithner doing the discussions inted of the president of the united states. let me know if you have an answer for that. and the reason they are asking for this stuff. this is the way negotiations work when you win the presidency. you are walking around with your chest puffed up. this week, nothing will happen. until you cum come up right to
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the cliff. >> brian: this president is making a mockery of negotiations. he offered a initial trike with under 30 days until the cliff happens . sos the unserious attempt to get anything done. republicans ippedicated we will raise revenue. but the nuggets that are inside and his decision to go to pennsylvania and talk to a tinker toy and scrooge and coal in your pocket is an insulting the americans. >> steve: he certainly insulted all of the republicans because he said they will not get the kinect toys. the reason geithner is negotiator last year it was jack lu and he did a bad job and alienated people. >> gretchen: have we seen a barbiturate example. >> steve: here is mr. geithner
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trying to explain the great deal they offered the republicans who once again to chris wallace. >> i would like to ask you about this part of it and 1.6 trillion in tax increases and more than 80 billion in new stimulus spending next year and unpresified nonguaranteed spending cuts. is that your idea of balance. >> let me explain what is not in the plan. we proposed along side trillion in spending cuts that we agreed with republicans on defense and range of programs. we proposed 600 billion of detailed reforms and savings to our health care government programs. in fact the health care savings in that plan are larger than in the republicans in the past. >> gretchen: i understand why
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tim geithner is the guy to do the negotiations, my question why is it tim geithner. the treasury secretary is not supposed to be a political position. do republicans lovtim gite goit they thought they would get a deal done if it is the treasury secretary stopping by or should the president sit in the meeting. to your point brian, about making the campaign stops. it is because in a weird way they are wasting time until we get to the actual cliff. >> steve: sure. that is the pres pice. grover norquist said why don't we just get the c-span and watch the sausage being made. it could be too scary. >> brian: they had him out there and he defended himself yesterday. he's doing a good job exactly defining what he's going for. he's not the angry guy
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everyone portrade himself. mr. #1: makes a point that washington smends too much. another story that everyone is talking about. kansas city chief's player who murdered his girlfriend, shot her nine times and killed himself. brad underwood has more from kansas city. good morning, brad. >> good morning, it has been an emotional high and low in the last couple of days in kansas city. they are continuing to learn more about the events leading up with the incident with javon and his girlfriend casandra perkins and what will happen to zoe. javon's mother the raise the three month old in long island. funeral arrangements haven't been made for casandra or
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javon. the first thing out of the head coach's mouth. thoughts and prayers going out to both families. javon a starter of the kansas city chiefs and his girlfriend was active in the organization as well and finding out more about the head injuries. stemming from a argument that happened friday night as casandra came home late from a concert. he shot her four times and then came here and took his life . continuing what will happen in the next coming days. they have not made funeral arrangements for javon or casandra. >> brian: thank you . the owner of the teams he had no history of concussions . the other thing is, they believe that he was drinking
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and using a lot of drugs leading up to i don't know how you function at a high level but he was. >> steve: and blaming it on the head injuries. extraordinarily last night during the big game on nbc, bob costas used what happened in kansas city as an excuse to call for gun control. >> you want actual perspective on this, a bit comes from the kansas city writer jason whitlock with whom i do not always agree but today said it so well. we may quote from the end of the article. our current gun culture insures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the coming tragedy. in the coming day. javon belcher's actions will be analyzed. but here is what i believe if javon belcher didn't possess a
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gun. he and sandra perkins would be alive today. >> gretchen: i don't know it is interesting. you can't say that. when people want to kill other people . there is a lot of ways to do it i don't know. would the rage come out in a different way? would he have strangled her? i don't know if anybody knows quite frankly and it is dangerous to kind of make personal predictions when you don't have the facts . no one will know whether or not he would have killed her with or without a gun. >> brian: people with guns can get them. >> steve: he had them legally. >> brian: illegally? >> steve: legally. >> brian: i just don't know it is appropriate enough less than 24 hours after the guy took his girlfriend and mother of his baby to make that stance.
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i don't think we needed to hear that last night. >> steve: i think you are right. 10 after the top of the hour. >> gretchen: a dope smuggler rams his boat in a another boat. the coast guard intercepted two boats believed to be carrying marijuana. one of the drivers ran over the coast guard hitting two agents and killing one. a confessed serial killer accused of kidnapping a 18 year old girl now found dead in his jail sale. israel committed suicide. he confessed to murdering samantha and a couple from vermont. hours after finding him dead. he was linked to 7 other murders in three other states. and hero's welcome to
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palestinian president abbas. he was greeted in the west bank by supporters. this rally because of the acceptance in the united nations. the u.s. rejected the decision. a hurricane sandy victim surprised with a new genority. >> there is not a word in the dictionary to express my appreciation and openance at this moment. that is 95 year old pete who was living without heat or water and power. a contractor saw the story and rebuilt the house from top to bottomment >> he didn't know
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me from adam and look. see what he did. he's wonderful. >> the contractor said he plan to help more storm victims rebuild their lives. >> finally a happy ending. >> should illegals get a break on in state tuition on the backs of legal students. outrage from constitients forced one to fight back. >> steve: how can you make your relationship work? the answer is right under your nose? what does that mean? we'll explain straight ahead.
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>> our next gests said it is
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it not fair to taxpayers and wanting to resprerse that policy. massachusetts governor duval patrick. how important is it now. james lyons. representative, why does this bother you so much? >> it is it sending the wrong message. the governor is forcing the struggling taxpayers who follow the rules to subsidize those breaking the rules. that sends the wrong message and we have to fundmentally send a message of fairness. where if you follow the rules in massachusetts you will not punish. >> brian: how substantial in state tuition, $13230 . out of state 26,000 .
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that is i savings for in state resident and you believe you have to be resident and legal to receive that. what a novel thought. >> this governor, not only doing it without legislative approval and telling us what the costs are. he's forcing it on the taxpayers of massachusetts despite the fact that in 2006 bipartisan legislature in massachusetts rejected this proposal. >> brian: what do you say there the republicans go anti-hispanic move. what is your answer to that? >> this has nothing to do with that. this has to do with fairness. fundmental principle in our country is that we don't reward people breaking the rules. that's what the governor is doing .
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he's telling hard working struggling families that he's going to force them to pay to subsidize people who are breaking the rules. that is the issue. fundmental fair. >> brian: the action is filing a bill this week or next week? >> i am filing the legislation with representative oconle and representative oriel will prohibit use of dollars to subsidize those breaking the rules. >> brian: taking action. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> brian: straight ahead. negotiation stalled or is that the plan. do we go over the fiscal cliff, which party benefits the most? there is inform that will surprise you . new plan to push americans ahead. longer school days all over the great nation. is that a good idea? when will they do their
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>> steve: got quick monday morning headlines. brittle support beams may be to cause the collapse in japan. it crushed cars. rescue efforts were stopped by the tunnel being reenforced. pope benedict joining twitter. he is unveiling his handle and sending out his first tweet. after that an aid will manage
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the account. the pope will approve the tweeting. >> gretchen: we are 29 days from heading over the fiscal cliff and lawmakers are struggling to find the common ground. here is more from fox news sunday. >> can promise we'll not go over the cliff. >> no, i can't promise that. that lies in the hands of republicans. if they recognize the reality that we can't afford without tax rates. >> gretchen: the blame game continues. could it hurt one party and elevate the other. joining me is marge yee omaraand ron myer. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let me start, i am struck by the fact that tim geithner is so political in the
3:25 am
discussions and calling out republicans, is that normal. >> i think he's on the way out of the door and doing it for president obama because they want the negotiations to found. howard dean said this is the best deal progressive democrats are going to get. if the fiscal cliff and the deal and what happens if we go off of the cliff. it really is a dnplatform. higher taxs and defense spending and isn't that what their platform said. they want to go off of the fiscal cliff. then negotiations fail president obama will not get blamed. it is someone else. >> gretchen: marjorie that sounds right other than the middle class getting hit with a tax hike isn't everything that ron just part of the dnc.
3:26 am
>> it is it a big issue. president obama and really american people don't want to see middle class americans pay additional 2000 in taxes n which is what will happen in addition to cuts to programs . we want to cut and the american people want to see cut. there is it a few things. first more americans would blame the republicans and not president obama if we went off of the fiscal cliff. that is a motivation. >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: ron, why do they feel that way? >> brian:ip totally agree with you. looking at polls and say republicans will get blamed and so why not runuss off of the cliff. >> republicans should have their own plan. the majority of americans in
3:27 am
exit polls have said we should balance and ask the wealthiest to pay more. >> gretchen: wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. ron. that's not true. nothing is going to be balanced with talks that i heard about. >> brian: absolutely not. >> the only pending cuts is for war spending and stan tan and iraq. >> that is six billion in health care. >> we need more to save our generation and we shouldn't tax people give our generation jobs. can i please talk about how our generation is getting hammered. we'll have to pay the debt off. interest payments are 3000 per
3:28 am
taxpayer. >> gretchen: margey respond to why there are not more spending cuts? >> there are spending cuts in tim geithner's plan. it is got spending. >> what spending cuts. >> 600 billion in health care spending cuts. >> gretchen: they were already there. >> they are in the plan. >> gretchen: there is nothing new for spending cuts. that's my point. >> where is the compromise. >> republicans are digging their thels in and say we don't want revenue increases and republicans, fred barnes and bill kristol saying we are looking libe we are defending the wealthiest. >> gretchen: they are also saying if the republicans give on that democratics have to give on the entitlement spending. this is a very fiery debate. you can see what is going on
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>> hillary clinton and merrl strep best friends. they posed for the dinner for the kennedy center. strep is a fan of the secretary of state. isn't that cute. they do photos. >> gretchen: those kennedy center honors are wonderful. especially the people who introduce them and hopor them . hilary clinton. >> brian: he should cast meryl strep as hillary clinton. >> gretchen: we'll have to exchange reviews. >> brian: dulike it >> gretchen: it was tuitorial .
3:34 am
>> brian: exactly. >> gretchen: i still enjoyed. we are having the discussion right now. i did enjoy it i think the acting was stupendous. i wish it covered more ground. >> brian: it was like a play. >> gretchen: lincoln was soft spoken and so you had to pay attention or you would doze off. kids in five states will spend more time in school. 300 hours for class time starting next year. three year pilot program aimed at making kids more successful in class and schools more competitive. it is paid for state and district funds. but the quiis more school time the answer or something else to make them smarter. >> brian: you got to lessen
3:35 am
the homework. >> steve: they will have to do more study. this was not part of his act. recup operating from burns after his head was lit on fire. oh, my. it was not supposed to go that way. host of the dominic an talk show. closer to start and burning coare logne. he had to be rushed to the emergency room. he had burns on his face, neck and hand and probably a lawsuit coming up. >> brian: the host was the one with his head on fire. >> gretchen: i don't know. i can't watch it >> steve: i know it hurts. >> brian: holiday travel like you have never seen before. how busy those friendly skies are. >> a few over the san diego
3:36 am
airport in black friday. they captured 60 planes. >> gretchen: key to a happy relationship may not be in the heart but snose. >> you don't wear colog for other women. i like it >> gretchen: of course, good sense of smell helps with relationships. some had problem socializing and had fewer relationships because of it experts say they are worried about their -- partner smells bad. >> steve: two words. old spice. >> gretchen: or deoderant. >> brian: steve you want to do the weather first. >> steve: oh, yeah. it is my first. right over there.
3:37 am
let's take a look. it smells like rain and snow in the northern plains. we have had rain in portions of the east overnight. wildly scattered brightness in the southern half of the united states. there will be no rain . once again a beautiful day in the middle part of the united states of america. 65 in kansas city . dallaslet same . 60 in new orleans and 66 in tampa. daytime highs, almost 60 in new york city. 62 in cleveland . could be 62 in chicago . 71 in kansas city. s and 80s in texas and in the gulf coast and portions of florida as well. where was i? >> brian: now back to the regularly scheduled program. i will count. cowboys quarterback tony roamo
3:38 am
broke the record with touchdown passes. roamo has 166 . dallas won 38-33. 6-6 on the year . keeping the slim playoff hopes alich. eagles lost 8 in a row. rex ryan finally sacking mark sanchez and putting in greg mcelroy. he got them to one touchdown for a win. tim tebow what happened to the luck. there was three interceptions and you got broken ribs. ryan has not made the decision on who will start next week. >> four teams on the way to the playoffs. patriots beat the dolphins . and broncos beat the bucks 31-23 to score the af-c
3:39 am
championship. falcons win the south. walking away . texans whoy they tweeted me about beat the titans. they are len-1 on the year. congratulations to them and i am sorry forooking that. coming up on kilmeade and friends, we'll talk about the tragic suicide of the kansas city linebacker with gary meyers. >> gretchen: and a murderer. >> brian: he is a murderer, too. we'll talk about concussions and have bret baeir. >> steve: what is going on in chino hills. a number of chinese women arrived in california on legal visas and they go to chino hills and theracious parently is like a hill top home there. you can see it . they take up residence. leavemention they are
3:40 am
until they have their babis and they are anchor babis and automatically u.s. citizen. >> gretchen: this is not the only hotel in california who does this. there are similar situations before. what do you think about that. there is it a debate in congress. little bit on and off. this is about the baby anchor situation. should it be or is it okay? even if you didn't come and go to a hotel or flew here on your own hotel room and had the baby here it is still a american citizens. >> steve: they pay thousands of dollars and they did have protest and the protesters say they don't want a business in a residential area. e-mail us at
3:41 am >> brian: the construction industry is struggling. how to get hired right now. that story coming your way. >> steve: hollywood legend dean martin here with stories you never heard. good morning, dina. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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44 minutes after the top of the hour. turkey deployed pariot missiles . tell help to defend against possible attacks. customers of new jersey power company jcp&l are up in arms and they are about to be
3:45 am
slammed with a hurricane price hike. they want to raise the monthsly bills by 1.4 percent. >> steve: a hollywood star and music sensation the rat pack. dean martin made history with the history with voice and charm. what better way with the classics. ♪ silent night. ♪ holy night. ♪ all is calm. ♪ all is bright. >> brian: there is plenty of that and the released dvd. it is true the christmas show is on us. >> gretchen: here with us is the daughter of dean martin. dina martin. >> thank you, wonderful to be here. >> gretchen: what do you feel when you watch your father.
3:46 am
>> i was watching him singing that. it just makes me feel so good . he was so special and sweet. i think of christmas and i think den mart and i know watch him sing silen night. being at home and deck rating the christmas tree. >> brian: would he do those things? >> no, he was home and get the tall ladder and put all of the lights on the tree. my dad was home every night for dinner. i hate to blow the image. he was fun . christmas is a time of joy for all of us . the dean martin christmas show . gold diggers and bob newhart and tom. he was brilliant. >> steve: he was a fantastic entertainer and we are looking at. that's what christmas was like on television in 1968 .
3:47 am
it is so refreshing. it was a simpler time. >> it was a nice time . it was fun and warm and everybody was happy and things were different thin. we are trying to bring that back. >> gretchen: no kidding. i like to try to keep the old fashioned traditions in the hearts and minds of young people today. this is a way of doing it it is it here on dvd . talk about your father. a lot of people say he was partied all of the time. he was drinking manage else. >> steve: apple cider. i am not saying he didn't have cocktail or wine with dinner. he was not having with the incredible amount much work . if he drank a little bit of the what people said. >> steve: everybody had a gimmick . it is so amazing he could remember the words. >> it is amazing because he
3:48 am
never knew them to begin with. he walk would in and he never wanted to rehearse and he would come in on sunday afternoon and watch a run through and get out there and do the show. he was brilliant and all of the actors and singers would be there. >> brian: it was unbelievable because who gave you your first singing lesson. >> frank sinatra . uncle frank. how do you do it he said it is the air and i can tell before i hit a note if it is on pitch or not. i said did my dad do that. he said no, your father had no idea. he just did it my dad was a natural. 92 in addition to the dean martin show . go to places like that. dina martin has a white christmas cd. >> yes, i do . it is very special.
3:49 am
it is a great cd andandy williams did his last roaring of white christmas. >> steve: he was one of your neighbors. >> i grew up with him and adore him and today is his birthday. i know. >> brian: i told you in the break. what i got my mom last year was dean martin roast . they were all drinking. >> steve: and that was real. >> gretchen: jackie gleeson. >> brian: donricles. >> they were brillian. this christmas show . see the gold diggers and pretty girls and bob newhart. it is great. >> gretchen: thanks for bringing us back in time and keeping us current with your talent as well thank you so much. merry christmas. >> steve: then blue collar
3:50 am
jobs are booming. but there are not enough workers? hum? how to take advantage of the opportunity if you know how to run a hammer. there is a job. >> gretchen: red neck rockets scientist blowing things up here. stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole.
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our next guest said there are tons of jobs out there but there are not enough people to
3:54 am
fill the jobs there. is a shortage of workers. millions of americans are without jobs and what is the importance of blue collar jobs to our economy. here is founder of blue collar corner opinion comgood morning. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: we read texas, iowa and arizona and florida, they need people to build stuff but there are not enough people. where did they go? >> we are coming off one of the worst cycles of construction i experienced in three decades. that skilled labor force moved on and went in to safer industries with a stable market . we lost them. a lot of them retire we lost a lot of good talent. we could remedy. >> steve: we are going to find out how . demonstrating the need.
3:55 am
320,000 people stopped looking or working in the particular field. a lot of the people are you know, a lot of young people just starting their job careers. okay, i go to college or get a blue job and you say that is the way to go. >> i don't know when if our history. there is a stigma has been attached . to me that is wrong. they are noble jobs. i mean, steve. i was building the studio and the green room said we were having coffee and there is it a great deal of pride with joprotects like that. >> i was a plumber and a roofer . my family was in construction. college is simply not for everyone. >> i with the college tuition crisis looming and you have
3:56 am
children. 50 percent can't find jobs. mr. #1: a lot of people watching right now. they are in high school or about to graduate this coming year or family members who are in that and look thinking about what is next. >> this could be their life line. young guys getting into a trade it is not that long to learn and within a year or two you are cost effective and a good employee and you can make a living at it >> steve: how do you start. >> get out there and sell yourself. if you are a eager young guy and fire in the gut. a good employer will hire you on the spot. >> steve: and andy, your website. blue collar corner.comor see me on facebook. >> steve: thank you. straight ahead on monday morning, it is not too early for sibling rivalry.
3:57 am
look. they are punching each other . donald trump is bringing his daughter blanka. we'll be back in two minutes . ♪ ♪ testing...1...2. am i on the radio? you wouldn't want your doctor doing your job, hello... so why are you doing hers?
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. i hope odd fantastic monday. it's monday, december 3, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. count down to the edge. 29 days from the fiscal cliff and this is what republicans say about the white house's latest offer. >> flabbergasted. he can't be serious. >> gretchen: but treasury secretary tim geithner says republicans need to make the next move. he's straight ahead. >> gretchen: nfl player murders his girlfriend, kills himself. so what does bob costa say during half time? call for a moment of silence
4:01 am
perhaps? no, he pushes for gun control. is that really appropriate? >> steve: that's what he did. sibling rivalry starts in the womb and, ladies and gentlemen there, is proof. the sonogram. that's the first round. twins fighting? can you believe it? that's okay. "fox & friends" hour two for monday starts right now. >> brian: can i lean over now? >> steve: yeah, go ahead. >> steve: that is an extraordinary picture. >> gretchen: it is extraordinary because could it be that the twins in the womb are going no, you move over! i want more food out of that umbilical colored. >> brian: the one thing about that uterus, it's tight in will. >> gretchen: i'm glad you're the expert on uterus size. [ laughter ] >> brian: do you remember how tight. >> rick: show of hands? very little movement. >> steve: you're talking about from prebirth? >> brian: yeah. i have very good moment.
4:02 am
>> brian, you're fired. >> gretchen: excuse me. does anyone have any ear plugs for the rest of this segment for me? >> brian: here is the thing, am i the only one who feels bad for the twin taking a beating? you have nowhere to go? >> gretchen: you don't know if the other twin gave it right back! >> brian: the cameras weren't there. >> gretchen: yeah. >> steve: when children are born -- >> brian: he's kicking him! can you imagine being born and getting punished right away? for kicking your brother in the womb? >> gretchen: i'm still back on your route russ comment. the headline to try and get past that. >> brian: we're actually trying to get some play by play on this. >> steve: bob costhas would be available if he wasn't doing football. >> gretchen: he's coming up later. a dope smuggler rams his boat into a coast guard boat, leaving a federal officer dead off the coast of california near santa cruz island. this happened in the middle of the night.
4:03 am
the coast guard intercepted two boats believed to be carrying marijuana. that's when the driver of one of the boats drove over the top of the coast guard boat, hitting two agents and killing one of them. four suspects suspects are in c. four others believe others were dropped off. a confessed serial killer accused of kidnapping this young woman here, she's 18-year-old girl from a coffee kiosk in alaska. this story happened a few years ago. now he has been found dead in his jail cell. police say israel keys committed suicide before taking his own life, he confessed to murdering the young woman and the couple from vermont. hours after finding him dead, authorities announced they have linked him to seven other murders in three other states. stunning discovery. 6 million pounds of explosives at a form ammunitions plant. look at this picture. this was snapped outside of camp minden. those are piles of boxes of m 6
4:04 am
artillery propellant. the city being forced to evacuate as a result. police began investigating the company after an explosion at the site happened in october. an actor, ballerina, bluesman, a funny man and three rockers, that's the kennedy center bestowing its highest honor to an eclectic group of performers. >> we've got funny guy sitting next to dustin hoffman. we've got dave letterman alongside one of the greatest ballerinas of all time of the i don't think dave dances. all three living members of led zeppelin in one place. >> gretchen: the kennedy center honors the highest award for those who influenced american culture through the arts. those are your headlines for your monday morning. >> steve: big night at the condition dee center. let's talk about this, the end
4:05 am
of this month, that's thinking fiscal cliff we've been talking about. and yesterday on the chat shows, it was very clear both sides are at logger heads. this on the news that at the conclusion of last week, the president's team unveiled something that was so, according to the republicans, unserious, it flabbergasted the speaker of the house, john boehner. though tim geithner went out yesterday and said, that plan that we're pushing? it's a good one. here he is. >> we think that's a very good set of proposals. we think that's what's good fort economy. if they've got different suggestions, they want to go further in some areas, they should lay it out to us. >> i think we're going over the cliff. it's pretty clear to me they've made a political calculation. this offer doesn't remotely deal with entitlement reform in a we to save medicare and medicaid and social security from imminent bankruptcy. it raises $1.6 trillion on job creators that will destroy the
4:06 am
economy and there are no spending controls. i'm serious about revenue. you can limit deductions to 40 or $50,000 a person, which takes care of the middle class, upper income americans will lose their deductions and raise about 800 billion dollars in revenue. but i'll only do that if we do entitlement reform and the president's plan, when it comes to entitlement reform is just quite frankly, a joke. so i don't think they're serious about finding a deal. >> brian: entitlement reform, there is no specifics. everything else is, they're very specific on what they want. which i found really disturbing because i'd like to see a deal done of the is the fact that they put in $80 billion now of stimulus spending, we all know the word stim lurks the president won't bring it up because the only one was such a bomb because it wasn'ted followed up on or spent in the right way. the american people can't stomach this. we jam it into the fiscal cliff and blame the republicans for not being logical and not wanting the deal. he has more spending increases than decreases! >> gretchen: remember after the election when people were talking about president obama's
4:07 am
legacy and that he would maybe want to be remembered as more of a compromiser and a working across the aisles? it doesn't appear at first blush that that is maybe where we're going with this whole deal thing. first of all, we were talking about maybe we could do a long-term deal right now and really get serious about fixing america's debt. >> brian: with tax reform. >> gretchen: yeah. i think most americans who are reasonable know that there has to be compromise on both sides. but right now, it appears, because the president won this election, that he does not feel the need to compromise, at least 29 days out. >> steve: the conventional wisdom is because the president won -- keep in mind, the country did vote for divided government because the republicans did keep control of the house of representatives. conventional wisdom is that the president has the upper hand and the republicans are worried, well, if something bad happens, we go off the cliff, we'll get blamed for that. what's worse? getting blamed for it or surrendering your principles to the president of the united
4:08 am
states? >> brian: cnn and pugh did a poll. this should disturb republicans. if you think you're doing the right thing, stick to your guns. they say if we go off the fiscal cliff, most americans believe it will be the republicans' fault. the one thing about the president and the mandate, yeah, he won, but the redstone straights have never been redder. the purple states, he got only a two point bump after winning reelection, which is historically low. clinton got 19. >> gretchen: here is an interesting point, really why would democrats not want to go off the cliff? because they actually agree with everything about going off the cliff, other than raising taxes on the middle class, which would be about $2,000 per family. people making under $250,000. they agree with military cuts. they agree with increasing estate taxes. they agree with increasing taxes on people who make more than
4:09 am
$250,000. they agree with basically everything in this entire fiscal cliff. >> brian: they don't agree with a lot of the domestic cuts in programs that will be going to the states. there's a loft cuts in there and the bottom line is if this happens, we more than likely will go into a recession. how can he blame the next recession on george bush? why not fdr? >> steve: speaking of george bush, keep in mind, democrats loved the bush tax cuts. >> brian: why? >> steve: 98% of them. >> brian: why all of a sudden does everyone love the bush tax cuts? i thought they were ready to kill them for eight years? straight ahead, another big story this morning. the kansas city chiefs player who murder his girlfriend and then killed himself, we have new details now on jovan belcher. he may have been battling a series of foot-related injuries, according to some. now more from austin outside belcher's girlfriend's hometown. >> good morning. what happened in kansas city is certainly being felt here in
4:10 am
austin, texas. cassandra perkins graduated high school here at anderson high school behind me here in northwest austin. the school district and family and friends in austin are shocked and saddened about what happened to the young mother on saturday when she was killed inside her home. we're learning more about the relationship, the volatile relationship between the two, between jovan belcher and cassandra perkins. friends say the two had lived apart, they had split up but recently got back together. cassandra made a trip here to austin to visit family just last month around the thanksgiving holiday. we're learning that the two possibly had fought the night before cassandra had come home late from a concert. now what will happen with their young daughter, zoe, we're learning she will stay with jovan's mother.
4:11 am
>> gretchen: during the half time of the football game last night, bob costhas, the analyst, he gave his own sort of perspective on gun control. even though he quoted another commentator on it. here is what bob costhas said and then we'll discuss it. >> you want some actual perspective? a bit of it comes from the kansas city-based writer, jason hitlock, with whom i do not always agree, but who today said it so well, that we may as well just, quote or paraphrase from the end of his article. our current gun culture insures more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy. in the coming days, jovana's possible action also be analyzed. who knows? but here, wrote jason s what i believe. if belcher didn't possess a gun, he and cassandra perkins would both be alive today. >> gretchen: that's not necessarily true. i mean, even taking away the gun
4:12 am
argument, when people want to get rid of somebody else, they can strangle them. they can stab them. i hate to be graphic, but this is nuts. nobody knows what would have happened if there were no guns involved in this. furthermore, nobody knows if this had anything o do with head injuries from this young pool player or if it was because of alcohol and drug, which is also one of the other allegations. >> brian: one of his friends say it was well-known he was drinking and using some type of narcotics on a daily basis. i think it's a huge leap. i'm used to mayor bloomberg making those leaps every time he can, but i was shockd about bob costas. >> steve: it was shocking. one said, making them illegal will take them away from law abiding citizens. >> gretchen: this from ed, guns don't kill people, people kill people. a gun does nothing until someone uses it. costas, this is this guy's side, is an idiot for running his mouth at such a sad time. >> brian: another says, if a head injury was involved in this
4:13 am
incident, then maybe we should ban football when we ban guns. >> steve: indeed. go ahead, e-mail us what do you think regarding this terrible tragedy in kansas city. on this monday, coming up, it's never too early for a little sibling rivalry. the proof in the sonogram. look at those two. >> gretchen: then stuart varney standing by with a big-time hypocrisy alert. the co-founder of costco touted the president as good for business at the dnc convention, but it turns out he found a way around obama's proposed tax hikes now? and i never knew stu was a lady gaga fan. come on! bust a move! >> get out of here! hes haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! action or a drink that's a food, woooooh!
4:14 am
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4:17 am
>> gretchen: when president obama needed a business boost during his reconnection campaign, the former ceo of costco came to his defense, making a prime time speech at the democratic national convention. >> business needs a president who covered the backs of businesses, a president who understands what the private sector needs to succeed. a president who takes the longview and makes the tough decisions. that's why i'm here tonight supporting president obama. >> gretchen: so now he and the rest of the costco board cashing in on that support, having voted to give them selves a special dividend to avoid the president's looming tax increase. so is this what the president means by tax fairness? the host of varney and company, stuart varney, is here. i'm so glad you're going to explain this because it is relatively complicated. what did they do? >> first of all, let me explain tax hypocrisy. here is how it works, the board of costco, which is headed by
4:18 am
that gentleman, they vote themselves a special $7 per share dividend. he and his wife own 2 million shares of costco. so they get $14 million. after tax, that is $12 million. a nice, fat check and they'll get it this month. if they paid that dividend next month, in january, they'd only get $8 million. >> gretchen: why? >> so they've cheated the obama treasury out of $4 million. why? because next year the tax on dividends goes up. if they get the dividend this year, the tax is lower. this great supporter of tax the rich avoids the tax the rich tax by paying himself the dividend this year, not next year. >> gretchen: so if he's doing it, my question to you, is how many other ceo's will do the same thing, who may have also supported president obama? >> there are two members of the costco board who own shares in
4:19 am
costco and who will get this special dividend and pay less tax on it. shows two particular people are charlie moneyer. he's warren buffet's right hand man. he's the father of the lady who introduce add much higher tax rate in california. so here they are getting this money to lower tax rate, while recommending that other people pay a much higher rate. same story with bill gates' father. he's on the costco board. he wants other people to pay higher tax rates, but avoids the higher tax rate on the dividend which will be paid this year because of what is going on at costco. it's flat out hypocrisy. basically these people are saying, hey, you pay the higher tax rate. you're rich. you pay. but we are no. we will manipulate. we will avoid this. we'll pay a less tax now to avoid the obama tax the rich tax next year. that is flat out hypocrisy, in my opinion. >> gretchen: i love stuart varney, emon a monday morning because he wakes me up with his
4:20 am
analysis. >> hypocrisy will get you any time of day. >> gretchen: i gather you'll be talk being this on varney and company. it's 9:20 a.m. over an fbn. >> thanks. >> gretchen: i'll look forward to see you. coming up, the new plan to push american students ahead, longer school days. is that a good idea? should we keep our kids in school longer? then he's got one of the most popular shows on tv and one of the coolest jobs ever. the red neck rocket scientist blowing things up here, next hour. oh, my goodness, i think that's what's going to be blowing up. just a guess. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... [ male announcer ] at humana, we understand the value of quality time and personal attention. which is why we are proud to partner with health care professionals who understand the difference that quality time with our members can make...
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4:23 am
>> brian: quick headlines.
4:24 am
one day before a bridge collapses, rate officials were investigating signal problems. they had received complaints weeks before. the collapse sent a train crash not guilty a creek. leak toxic gas and sickening people. this sonogram showing sibling rivalry starts before birth and full development. they're push examining fighting for room in the womb. research increase london made the discovery during another study. does this mean just english babies fight in the womb? could it be the whole world who has twins in what about triplets? >> steve: i don't think they speak english or any language at that point. >> brian: could be. why does the other one get to sit there hunched over? >> steve: so true. it is one of the most popular shows on tv and the rocket city red necks are back for another season. watch. >> we're using a gas popper to knock down the outhouse. instead of using a line of gun powder, we're using a dynamite plunger to set off our popper.
4:25 am
fire in the hole! five, four, three, two, one! (explosion) wooo! wooo! >> gretchen: all right. this family of scientists and self-described red necks star in their own hit tv show demonstrating anything from building giant rockets to inventing safer body armor, to blowing up that outhouse. >> brian: and inventing more devices to help our military. the star of the show is here. doctor, welcome. >> thanks for having me. i thank you for joining us for us. >> brian: you show you care about the military how? >> studies are showing the guys are surviving because they have good torso armor, but losing arms and legs. we thought let's invent one for
4:26 am
combat to protect them. >> steve: how much does it weigh? >> 40 pounds. >> steve: where did you wear it? >> i ran the marathon wearing the entire suit. >> brian: wow. >> steve: and you survived? >> i barely survived. yes. >> brian: was it harder than you thought? >> yeah, it was. the suit was as heavy as i was expecting. but just wearing the thing and the heat that builds up in there was one of the things. >> gretchen: did you change their minds as a result of it? >> in the marine corps marathon, there are a loft marines that run the thing. they put it -- it's totally run by marines. there were a lot of colonels that looked and said we could use something like this. >> steve: now, going back to your television job, as a rocket scientist, do you like things going up or blowing things up? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> brian: you like both? >> yeah. absolutely. it's always fun if there is a big fire ball. >> steve: right.
4:27 am
>> gretchen: if there is like this fascination, i thank is why i think the show, the show so successful because people like when they blow up buildings and bridges and we show them live here on tv. so what is the fascination about it and more importantly, you want to inspire young people to get into math, and to do all of these careers about math and science and technology. >> yeah, absolutely. that's one of the big things is we want to show how to do science and engineering on the show and we want to make it fun. a lot of this science shows, ten minute noose them, you fall asleep or whatever. that's one of the reasons we blow stuff up, we launch rockets, because we've got to get this next generation of kids interested in doing science engineering and math. >> brian: i still can't get through a whole episode of "electric company." steve, you remember we got in trouble for saying red neck on television? >> steve: right. >> brian: we got written up how numb we were to the people in the south. you're saying red neck is misunderstood.
4:28 am
>> completely misunderstood. look up the history of the word. nowhere in its history was it used as derogatory term. it's only been in the last few decades that that's used on tv. in the south, it really is a term of endearment, if you think about it. it's hard work sharecroppers who had to be resourceful. everything they had was on the farm. if something broke, they had to fix it. when we moved the german rocket scientist to huntsville, alabama, thereof only a handful of those. all of the north alabama red neck high school to get together and help them build it. so the men were put to the moon by a few germans and red necks. >> brian: is any of that true? >> every bit of it. >> gretchen: i love you as a red neck. >> thank you. >> gretchen: people love your show. it was national geoa highest rated new series of 2011 and now it's back. dr. travis taylor, great to see you. >> brian: i hope the military takes this. >> thanks, i hope so, too. >> steve: could save lives. next up, it's the video everybody is talking about this
4:29 am
morning. a dream come true, feeding the dolphins at sea world. how one of them gets -- look at that, bit the little girl's arm. now her mom speaking out. >> gretchen: negotiations are stalled or could that be the plan if we do go over the fiscal cliff. donald trump weighs in and we're bringing his daughter ivanka in on the conversation as well. it's going to be a good one, folks she keeps you guessing. it's part of what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
where i never have to compromise on anything. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect coffee. where every cappuccino and latte is only made with fresh milk. and where the staff is exceptionally friendly. ♪ nespresso. what else? ♪ . >> brian: shot of the morning, heidi klum. she through a haunted holiday party in new york city. she postpones her annual hole wean party because of super storm sandy and showed up
4:34 am
park. then she went to lyndon hurst, which was devastated by sandy, then she was a huge hit. >> steve: you appear to be tracking her. >> brian: i have a little bit of a problem. i focus on klum. >> gretchen: he moved on from petra. >> steve: he'll never move on from her. >> gretchen: kids in five states will be spending more time in school now. colorado, connecticut, massachusetts, new york, and tennessee will add 300 hours of class time for some schools starting next year. this is going to be a three-year pilot program. the aim is to make kids more successful in class and make schools more competitive globally. it's paid for with a mix of federal, state and district funds. >> steve: meanwhile, one of america areas most notorious serial killers may have solved more cold cases. cops in illinois plan to use john wayne gacy's blood to possibly link his dna to other murders. they also want to use dna samples from other killers executed before dna analysis became standard practice and hope to share the results with
4:35 am
police departments across the country to help solve cold cases. >> brian: petra is on wednesday of. i just found out. shock surge in the number of stolen tax refunds because of identity theft and even worse, many of them aren't being investigated by the irs! the government accountability office says there were more than 641,000 cases of tax fraud involving i.d. theft as of september 30. that's up 62% from all of last year. only you 1% of those cases led to criminal investigations. the irs says it's working to improve its efforts to fight fraud. >> gretchen: her daughter was attacked by a dolphin at sea world and now a florida mom is speaking out. >> mom, i'm out of fish. >> gretchen: you just saw the eight-year-old jillian was feeding the dolphin -- my kids just did this last month. i know exactly where she's standing.
4:36 am
the dolphins come up and do that. they jumped up. this one a little bit more aggressive. bit the hand. her mom says jillian accidentally picked up the container holding the fish. >> then he came after her. one of the things my husband and i really want to do is get our story out so maybe we can make change, maybe they can get rid of the containers if they're so tempting for the dolphins. i don't know. >> gretchen: yeah. amy thomas says she thinks the age limit for close encounters should be changed as well. she also says sea world played down the incident and she hasn't heard anything from them since it happened. but i bet she will now. >> brian: they have the nicest people there. at least it wasn't a killer whale. >> steve: all right. let's go to donald trump who joins us each and every monday. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: what do you make of where we are in the fiscal cliff right now? we're less than a month away, both sides are a million miles apart. and john boehner says he was flabbergasted when he heard tim
4:37 am
geithner's proposal. >> i don't really think the democrats want to make a deal. they should have never been put in this position. if you remember on your show, i said, don't let this happen between fiscal cliff and all of what's happening now. don't let it happen after the election. let it happen before the election because as you remember, obama would have no chance of getting elected if this happened. so i said, it must happen before. they allowed it to happen after. the democrats now don't care. i think they want to go over the cliff, raise taxes, and that's going to be the end of that. i don't see the republicans having the cards. other than they have a debt ceiling card a month later. and again, that's something that should have happened before the election and if you remember, on your show i was saying, don't let this -- from a negotiating standpoint, this was a total disaster. and by the way, the little girl, i thought it was amazing the way that dolphin released her immediately. when he realized. and i smell lawsuit coming all the way. and i think it's a shame because that dolphin went after the box
4:38 am
and obviously released that little girl beautifully. i think the dolphin has to be given credit. >> brian: if you see that dolphin, pet him. >> that dolphin looks pretty good. >> brian: the economy in florida, that's great place, one of the great places to bring for kids. the lines are actually short to get on stuff. >> when you watch the beauty of that, the dolphin absolutely had the hand by mistake and immediately reloosed it. i thought there was something very beautiful in that. >> gretchen: wouldn't it be nice if tim geithner and john boehner could behave in similar fashion? >> like the dolphin? >> gretchen: bite each other from time to time as they did on the sunday talk shows, but then let's just get this deal done. what do you say about that? >> well, i'm not sure you're going to have a deal. i think the democrats are sitting back and they're going to take the full package and then negotiate after taxes get raised, they'll negotiate. again, they'll be in a very strong position. so i really think that, and i felt strongly from two years
4:39 am
ago, from a long time ago, don't allow this deal to come due after the election. you will make a great deal. you have all the cards before the election. you have none of the cards now. i think the democrats would not mind going over the cliff, raising taxes and lots of things happen. >> brian: you know what's amazing is that the president of the united states on friday goes to a tinker toy factory, goes to the same music he was campaigning with, seuss uses the same rhetoric and the dumb analogies of coal in your stocking stocking and who is on my naughty list? who is the audience buying this? >> you've got to give him credit, he got elected and the republicans did not resonate with the people and whether you like it or not, whether you like him or not, he got elected. and he played populist, he played lots of different things, but he won. vince lombardi said it's all about winning and he did win. and that's what we have right now. and unfortunately, the democrats have all the cards because the republicans allowed this
4:40 am
negotiation to come to after the election, which was a huge mistake. >> steve: one of the things that tim geithner presented to the republicans was a gigantic stimulus. in the country of brazil in south america, they've been pumping money into the economy and now the estimates on how things have slowed down in brazil have really shocked people. >> it's very artificial. we have proven that the stimulus, not all of it, but very large portions of it, it's artificial. it's make peace. it's not going to work. it didn't work for us. and it certainly is not working, maybe even to a lesser extent than brazil. they're becoming a disaster. they're going to spend all their money on stimulus and they can't do that. it's very, very artificial. >> gretchen: there is stimulus in this other package by the democrats. what are the chances that we have your beautiful daughter here. >> steve: look who is here! >> very, very small chance. >> gretchen: he's going to be up-- >> he's going to be upset i'm not in the office.
4:41 am
>> gretchen: there was this big issue a couple weeks ago that said that the kids went and saw your dad and said, you know, dad, you should really work on not being so outspoken on issues politically speaking. did that actually happen? >> it did not happen. it was an absolutely ridiculous, fictitious story. >> steve: that appeared where? >> in a lot of places. i think started in new york in the daily news and then picked up everywhere. what was so shocking about it, it would have been very easy for one of the outlets to have called and actually fact checked it. >> steve: what did it say? >> it basically said exactly, that that we asked him to effectively tone down his rhetoric, which is just not true. i think what's amazing is my father resonates with so many people. his ideas are only respected, but sought after by large portions of the population, and who would i or my brothers be to tell him to stop that. >> steve: i understand you did send out a twitter message. donald, you got to feel great
4:42 am
that your kids are coming to defend when you things are made up about you. >> i have great kids and the reporter from this dead newspaper, called the daily news in new york, and it's dead. it's boring. they actually call it the daily snooze because it's boring. and this reporter knew that it wasn't true. the reporter in writing said she's not going with the article, and then after saying that, went with the article. and never called my children. because we said, do may favor, call my children. she never called. she went out with t. because it's me, unfortunately, got reported all overt world. but it was a total lie. but i have many stories written about me that are lies. only "fox & friends" tells the truth. >> brian: thank you. last year i had a chance to see the trump family christmas, the trump family dynamics. if ivanka ever did make a suggestion, are you open to it and are you still the dad? >> i'm always open to her suggestions. she's an amazing person. she's great, great person, and she loves giving back and she loves helping people. she's actually a much better
4:43 am
person than i am. you do understand that. >> gretchen: that's not true. >> i learned from him. >> gretchen: off great family. we'll talk to ivanka after this break about how she is giving back. in the meantime, donald v a fantastic week. >> thank you very much. don't treat her too harshly. >> gretchen: we never do! >> steve: straight ahead, we got the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this date in 1960, this oscar nominated actress got her start on the soap opera "as the world turns." who is she? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer, you'll be the winner. when this hotel ac to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha! your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em!
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it's as easy as.. -[ man ] 1... -[ woman ] 2... [ woman ] 3. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> steve: we continue the conversation with ivanka trump. >> brian: coming up next, eric. >> gretchen: in spirit maybe. she's here to talk about a cause near and dear to her heart. glad and cookies for kids cancer, is raising dough and awareness for pediatric cancer
4:47 am
treatment. tell us about this. you've been involved with this before. >> yes. this is my second year working with glad and cookies for kids cancer. they do an amazing job. basic lee the whole theory of this organization was around the holidays people loved to bake, it's something they're doing anyway. if they can do add and ad a philanthropic idea. you can register a bake sale that you're planning on having and then you literally raise money for every cookie that you bake or exchange. >> steve: you have a bake sale at your house or your neighborhood and then you're able to somehow funnel it into the worthy causes. >> correct. you register the bake sale. you say how many cookies were sold. glad will match up to $100,000 on all proceeds raised. and all of this goes towards pediatric cancer research. >> brian: you said you're alarmed by the number of kids with cancer. how did it strike you? >> it's shock, for children under the age 18, it's the leading cause of death here in this country. it's a terrible thing and
4:48 am
obviously being a young mother myself, you have all of these hopes for your child prior to him or her being born and then when they're born, you look at them and just say, i'm so glad you're healthy. there are so many mothers who are going through a tough time and hopefully the more research, the more awareness, the better. >> gretchen: how can people do this and for how long? >> you can go on to or register a bake sale you're having or for those of us who don't cook so well or bake, you can actually exchange your virtual cookies. you can get in the spirit of it without actually doing the heavy lifting. >> gretchen: we're glad you're here today. >> thank you. it's such a pleasure. thank you guys. >> gretchen: coming up, we know what happens inside the courtroom when high profile people like casey anthony are on trial. but what happens when the defendant is just an ordinary american? find out coming up next. >> brian: first on this day in 1962, big history, "big girls don't cry" by the four seasons was the number one song.
4:49 am
we've actually had him on. >> gretchen: you just changed history. >> brian: i think i did. ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
>> steve: answer to the aflac trivia question, julianne moore. that makes sense. the winner katherine savage from san antonio, texas. congratulations. meanwhile, we've become used to the media frenzy surrounding high profile celebrity court cases like casey anthony and o. j. simpson, case where is people follow every move the lawyers make and every word the witnesses say. what about average americans who aren't celebrities, who are facing justice by a jury of their peers? what are those cases really like? our next guest made it his mission to find out. he's spending a year in a small courtroom in new england, joining us, the best selling author of "fatal vision" and
4:53 am
other books, joe gothic. >> good morning. >> steve: so 15 gothic street is the street address of the superior court courtroom in massachusetts. >> north hampton. >> steve: so what you decided to do is you were going to spend a year there just watching the everyday stuff that doesn't get the headlines. >> exactly. and write a book in serial form. this is the new approach i'm taking because the old publishing model just doesn't work anymore. and the magazines where i would publish something like this don't exist anymore for the most part. so things are happening on-line. i'm publishing it in episodes. i've written and published two episodes so far. there are four more to go. it will run into next spring. it's fascinating working this way. >> steve: it really is good. you know you're a great writer. at one point in the first episode i read yesterday, you said criminal trial is really a story telling contest. then in the second one, you tell the story of a guy named mr. walsh who had absolutely one
4:54 am
of the most unique defenses i've ever heard. >> well, mr. walsh has a problem in his youth. he's a stopped four times for operating under the influence. 20 years went by. he married, he got a job. he was doing very well. he had a nice family. then one night he gets stopped for operating under the influence. sew hires a lawyer, 'cause this is his fifth offense. he's going to have to go to state prison. the lawyer said, well, mr. walsh was impaired. there is no question about that, but it wasn't because of alcohol. it was because of carbon monoxide. he had a hole in the passenger side door of his truck made by rust and the carbon monoxide got sucked in and unbeknownst to him, rendered him impaired. so when the officer asked him for his license and he handed his debit card, that's not because he was drunk. it's because he had been inhaling carbon monoxide. >> steve: there was a problem with that excuse then, wasn't there? >> there was, because they took him to the police station and booked him and they record these books now on video and audio to make sure the cops aren't
4:55 am
getting a guy up. and -- beat ago guy up. mr. walsh, after he tried to push the buttons to call his wife, he said he had to go to the bathroom. he within to the bathroom and at the trial, the jury was sitting this and they're considering this carbon monoxide thing and the prosecutor plays the audio from mr. walsh going to the bathroom. he turns it up loud in this small courtroom. and all of a sudden you hear mr. walsh start to urinate and he urinates and he urinates and he urinates. it goes on for two full minutes. his excuse was, maybe he had only a couple of beers. the jurors that i talked to afterward said there is no way that two beers make you pee like that. >> steve: so the carbon monoxide thing right out the window. but as you make very clear, in both the episodes that i read, it's all about reasonable doubt. so if you can get a little germ of an idea in one juror's mind, that can hang the jury. >> that's all it takes. another interesting legal point is the jurors in massachusetts are not allowed to know about prior convictions. so if a defendant is up for an
4:56 am
assault and battery, you're not allowed to know that he had three or four previous assaults and batteries. when they finds it out afterward, this say if we had known that, it may have been a different story. >> steve: you have a whole bunch of stories in this new series. they're great. in bite sized form, 99 cents. you don't need a kindsle or ipad. all you need is a computer. >> a good old-fashioned computer. you can download them from amazon, barnes & noble. but the company that publishes them, they sell through the on-line retail outlets. you can carry it around with you and when all six are done, they'll come out as a book. >> steve: maybe a tv show. >> i think it works very well as tv series. >> steve: all right. joe, the new series is called "15 gothic street." >> thank you very much. >> steve: all right. straight ahead on this monday morning, one california hotel offering a a travel deal to pregnant foreigners. come, make your baby an american by giving birth right here in
4:57 am
california. is that legal? we'll talk about that. and then residents in one city making a stink over this pet pig. now the government says he's got to go. but is that fair? that's straight ahead ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪
4:58 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hope you had a great weekend. it's monday, december 3, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. 29 days left from the pick cliff. it will be here before we know it. and that is what republicans say, that's what they're saying now about the white house's latest offer. listen to this. >> flabbergasted. he can't be serious. >> gretchen: so what's over that cliff? we're live with all the numbers for you. >> steve: meanwhile, nfl player murders his girlfriend, then kills himself and bob costas uses that moment on tv last
5:01 am
night to push for gun control at half time in the big show. appropriate? your e-mail pouring in. >> brian: and one california hotel offering a travel deal to pregnant foreigners. come make your baby an american by giving birth here. is that legal or just aggravating to the california people? "fox & friends" starts right now >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. i hope you had a great weekend. i know that i had a chance to get into the christmas spirit, making a lot of gingerbread houses and a lot of other advent crafts, so i hope you had a great weekend. >> steve: i actually went down to washington, d.c. to visit family member and a lot of people were talking about the fiscal cliff. >> brian: my son got a concussion and my dog sprained his paw. >> steve: we had a better weekend than you. >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: how did your dog sprain his paw, more importantly about your son?
5:02 am
>> brian: i had a decision to make, do i bring my son to the hospital or the dog to the emergency room? i opted for the kid. so yeah. he's going to be okay. he just has to know the difference between the two teams he's playing on because he got hit in the back of the head. but my dog walks over with a sprained paw. i'm thinking, he's going to walk it off. he's not. 120 pounds, how do you get a dog off its feet? >> steve: i got a feeling you'll be visiting the vet today. >> brian: unless you can bring him. >> steve: i'm busy. >> gretchen: okay. more on the hopeful success story of your son and the dog coming up. the white house and the lawmakers racing against the clock with 29 days to go now before the country reaches a fiscal cliff. at that rate, talks are going slow. the u.s. seems poised to go over the edge. wendell goler live at the white house. okay, does everyone have like the calendar in front of them realizing what the date actually is? >> it's a high stakes poker game. each side waiting for the other to show its cards. the white house demanding
5:03 am
republicans say how much they're willing to raise taxes and republicans demanding the white house list the spending cuts. democrats are willing to accept. there is, as you say, less than month before the deadline and realistically, there may be less time than that given the need for congress to actually write legislation. house speaker john boehner said on fox news sunday, right now they've got nothing to start with. >> i would say we're nowhere, period. we're nowhere. we've put a serious offer on the table by putting revenues up there to try to get this question resolved. but the white house has responded with virtually nothing. they've actually asked for more revenue than they've been asking for the whole entire time. >> the president campaigned on a promise to end the bush era tax cuts for families making more than $250,000 a year. but that would only raise about half the increased revenue he's asking for. he's offering a $600 billion in new spending cuts over the next decade. in addition to the trillion dollars in cuts, he agreed to, as part of a deal at the end of
5:04 am
last year. republicans say that's not the balanced approach he campaigned on. but treasury secretary tim geithner said the republicans' refusal to give up the upper income bush era tax cuts is the only thing blocking a deal. >> there is no path to an agreement that does not involve republicans acknowledging that rates have to go up for the wealthiest americans. >> geithner says he thinks there will be an agreement. he says the apparent impasse now is what he calls normal political theater. gretchen? >> gretchen: okay. thanks very much. live for us at the white house. so what exactly is this cliff? let's explain it because i think a lot of times people are like, it's taxes, cuts, both? here is what it is. it is the expiration of the bush era tax cuts. remember, president obama was actually in favor of continuing those in his first term, but now he's not. it's $55 billion cut in defense budget. that's because --
5:05 am
>> brian: annually. >> gretchen: that was part of the sequestration because they can not come to an agreement before. >> steve: yeah. it was a device, gimmick dreamed up by the white house. >> brian: over ten years, 500 billion. >> steve: right. that's why that is one tenth. then you got 558 in domestic programs cut. also at the end of this year action you got the expiration of unemployment benefits for long-term jobless and cut in reimbursements for doctors participating in medicare. there is also the amt that's going there. so when we refer to the cliff, that's just all the stuff that had been going for a year or two or longer. it's going to end at midnight on december 31. that's why they called it a cliff. because if we go over it, then everything will change. >> gretchen: the democrats are opposed to probably most of the middle class, them having to have a tax increase, $2,000 per family. did you hear what nancy pelosi might do, though to get a vote in the house? there is something called a discharge position where she could force a house vote to
5:06 am
extend the current tax rates for people making under $250,000. all she would need is 218 signatures and that means she would need 20 republicans to come over to her side of the fence. that would be interesting to see if she brings this up for a vote. >> brian: she could get congressman cole and nobody else who i think regrets him coming out for this. in the big picture, who benefits if we go over the cliff? if the republicans have a choice between that happening and printing more money with $80 billion in stimulus, if you have a choice between that happening and $1.6 trillion worth of more tax increases, if you have a chance to, again, increase long-term unemployment benefits or find a way to rein it in, i just don't think the way this was posed in the first salvo of this negotiation currently, the republicans have no benefit to accepting the president's plan. >> steve: well, the republicans simply don't want to be blamed if we go over the cliff or if taxes go up because remember,
5:07 am
they feel it would be -- there are a lot of republicans who say it's president-elect obama better if we go over the cliff than if we surrender our positions. keep in mind a lot of these guys have run for years on the fact we're not going to raise the rates on anybody at any point. and what the obama administration has made very clear is it's got to be tax rate. well, the republicans are saying, doesn't have to be the tax rate. you can come up with other money closing loopholes and deductions and stuff like that. so right now it's just a dance, somebody's got -- the republicans have to come up with a formal offer. >> gretchen: i was going to say, they don't have a plan. >> steve: we've heard the president's plan. it's crazy, according to the republicans. now it's time for the republicans to come out with a plan and then have the democrats say, no, that's crazy. >> gretchen: one thing is for sure, nobody is going to get everything that they want. that's just the way it is, i think, in this very difficult situation. both sides are going to have to compromise. >> brian: i think the rolling stones sang about satisfaction
5:08 am
and you can't always get it. >> steve: you can't get no. >> brian: we'll go over that and maybe sing it. costco is a company in which the president always leans on the ceo, the guy in charge, to show that he's in touch with americana and they have a real supporter in this ceo. they also is a ceo that didn't get there for being dumb. he's a guy that knows how to make money and maximize profits and no better place than has he shown it than acting before the fiscal cliff takes place. >> steve: that's the key, is the president and this guy right there, what they're preaching is tax fairness. but is it really fair that apparently the stock holders at costco are going to wind up with a special dividend of $7 a share. they're borrowing $3.5 billion to do this. usually you take the dividends out of the money they make. they're borrowing money. >> brian: why? >> steve: they're trying get around the president's rising tax rates.
5:09 am
keep in mind, if they sell before the end of this year, they would pay the capital gains of 15%. however, once we sail off the fiscal cliff, if they raise the income tax rates, some of these guys could wind up paying 43.4% on their income. so what are you going to do? pay 15% now or perhaps 43.4% later? costco is saying let's go ahead, let's get this out now and we can all be richer. >> gretchen: but why the story is so important is because this particular ceo spoke at the democratic national convention in support of the president and raising taxes. so some people might say this is hypocrisy in the sense that now he would do this dividend sale and cash in before he has to pay this higher tax rate. some people would say that that is hypocritical. >> brian: they've been downgraded by fitch as well as standards and poor is for doing this. >> gretchen: now the rest of your headlines. adult smuggler rams his boat
5:10 am
into a federal boat off the coast of california near santa cruz island in the middle of the night. the coast guard intercepted two boats believed to be carrying marijuana. that's when the driver of one of the boats actually drove over the top of the coast guard boat, hitting two agents and killing one of them. four suspects are in custody. sources believe that two others were dropped off right before the operation turned deadly. confessed serial killer accused of ago girl in alaska has been found dead in his jail cell. police say israel keys committed suicide, but before that, he also confessed to murdering -- confessed to murdering the 18-year-old, and also a couple from vermont. hours after finding him dead, authorities announced they have linked him to seven other murders in three other states as well. david a olivia, the co-author of the controversial novel "three cups of tea" has died. police say the 49-year-old also took his own life.
5:11 am
last month in oregon, the best selling book recounted how co-author started building schools in pakistan and afghanistan. it came under scrutiny last year when "60 minutes" alleged it contained numerous fabrications. a friends of jovan belcher says he was battling football related head injuries before he committed murder and suicide. the friend said he was taking pain killers because of the injuries, drinking every day, and had short-term memory loss. he also claims belcher's girlfriend threatened to leave him for good because of their constant arguments. the couple had tragically a three-month-old daughter together. meantime, bob costas at nbc is criticized -- being criticized for using sunday night football to push for gun control measures. >> jovan belcher's action and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. who knows? but here, wrote jason hitlock,
5:12 am
if he didn't possess a gun, he and cassandra perkins would both be alive today. >> gretchen: critics are saying that half time may not have been the place to discuss politics and that people, not guns, kill people and there is a whole lot of other ways to kill people other than with guns. this obviously will be of debate throughout the day. >> brian: i'm getting a lot of tweets, so is the show, as well as e-mails, about this. so we're going to read them later about whether that was the right place to talk about gun control. >> steve: meanwhile, straight ahead on the rundown on this monday morning, this little pet pig is part of the family, but the government says he's got to go away from his family. can they do that? peter johnson, jr. on the case coming up. >> gretchen: then forget getting up close and personal thanks to big budget cuts. your kids' next field trip is supposed to happen on-line. they're going to learn about the petting zoo virtually. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
5:13 am
has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
5:14 am
looshriners hospitals have how everything to do with that. what's the rush? i was in an accident. i was burned. i lost my hands, my feet. i really thought my life was over. shriners did a lot more than just heal me. they helped me put my whole life back together. caitlin's life is one of nearly a million changed by donations from people like you. send your love to the rescue. donate today.
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5:16 am
>> gretchen: all right. there is the gavel. so how is this for justice? a family may be ordered to evict its beloved pet because owning the pig is against the rules. the problem? yep, you can see him there. pigs are considered livestock. fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins me to explain this case. have you ever defended a pig in court? >> no, i might, though. if this one jumped out at me, i might. they say law is an ass sometimes. the law may be a pig. >> gretchen: now we got asses and pigs? >> in new york city, they say livestock is not allowed in a home, they say swine is not allowed. i spoke to the jones family last night. this is not a swine in their eyes. this is a comfort animal. this is a therapy animal. this is an animal named after miss jones' brother, who died some months ago in a tragic
5:17 am
accident. and they needed help. they needed help in terms of their grief in that family. on top of that, their six-year-old son is allergic to dogs and cats. so this is a julianna pig, about 20 pounds. it's a miniature pig. they bathe the pig in their own bathtub. obviously at different times than the rest of the members of the family. but this is part of the family. and when you hear the squeals of that boy and the squeals of that pig, for them to post a notice on the door during the hanukkah and christmas season and say, put petey out, i think that's wrong because the law has exceptions. and so they say the pig doesn't smell. the people in the co-op board aren't complaining. there is some kind of grumpy guy that says oh, no, get that little pig out of the way. they're going to destroy the family if they do that. they also have sickness in the family. someone in the family is very, very sick with what may be a terminal illness and trying hard to stay alive. so i think -- we talk about so
5:18 am
many national issues on this show. this is important. so you asked me before and say, well, this pig gets through. how many other pigs are going to get through? maybe the pigs should get through! they're smaller than a lot of dogs that live in studio apartments. >> gretchen: i love petey? >> me? >> gretchen: yes! but my question is, if you do allow petey to live in this apartment building, does it bother you at all that there might be thousands of requests for petey? >> no. 'cause i'm allergic, too. and frankly, look at that pig. is that kind of a hole wean pig? >> that was cinco de mayo. of course. i don't think it's a problem. it's $1,200 pig. it's well-bred. it has pars. the breeder said this is a therapy pet. this family should be able to keep petey.
5:19 am
especially during the holiday season. what's the harm? i think mayor bloomberg is a smart guy and mayor bloomberg, give these guys a break. give them a shot, an exception to the rule. commissioner pell, back off. let the family keep petey, the pig. >> gretchen: peter johnson is trying to save petey. >> i hope so. >> gretchen: we'll let you know how that works out. >> i want to meet petey. >> gretchen: we'll see you tomorrow. >> okay. >> gretchen: coming up next, how can you make your relationships last? the answer, guess what? it's right under here. yep. under your nose. then each week we tell you about five companies that are hiring. today you're about to meet a viewer who not only scored a job, but whose business is booming thanks to fox friends
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>> brian: quick headlines. pope benedict launching his own twitter page this morning. i know what you're thinking, finally, he'll tweet. he's expected to send the first one out himself on december 12. after that, it's up to the bishops. others will manage the account, but the pope will approve the messages first. the key to a happy relationship may not be in your heart, but in your nose. researchers found a good sense of smell helps people have long successful relationships. they say people with no sense of smell, more insecure because they're worried either they or the significant others smells bad. is any of this stuff true at
5:24 am
all? >> steve: you're being heckled by the people in the control room. you have a nose for news, though. each week we share with you a list of companies that want to hire people even in this bad economy. today we're happy to bring you an incredible story of success straight out of nashville, tennessee. ivan is a viewer and a brand-new franchise owner for anaglow cleaning system. the job you heard on the show, she's joined by the company's founder and ceo, david, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> steve: we mentioned this company on "fox & friends" you and thought what? >> i thought it would be a great idea and great idea for my brother, richard, who is a veteran. so i took down the information. i looked up the company. i kept calling him and texting him and he never called. >> steve: you heard the business about the veteran because david, you got this quarter of a million dollars veteran franchise fund, right? >> that is correct. my partner and i decided to give back to the veteran community,
5:25 am
and what better way than give a significant discount of $25,000 for the first five master territorial. >> steve: for each of them. >> then for the next 15, we would give those folks $8,000. >> steve: that sounds like such a good deal. yvonne, you heard about this, you're thinking this would be a perfect job for my brother. your brother was busy. he couldn't go. you went and investigated it and what did you find out? >> i found out that it was a great opportunity for me and -- >> steve: for you? not for your brother! you went to get your brother a job and you took it. >> i took it. i'm sorry. now he can work for me. but i thought, this is wonderful! and the people that i met there were awesome. i met the first person, was the receptionist, she was great. and jeff brown, he took me through it. it wasn't a hard sales pitch. in fact, we couldn't even do anything for two weeks. so in that time we started with the orientation and training and every time we did, took a step
5:26 am
closer and it was good. >> steve: it's been great for you so far. i know you've been a stay at home mom. you were looking for something. now your brother could actually work for you if he chooses. david, this is the kind of story you're looking for. >> exactly right. we have 30 master territories in operation presentsly with approximately 2200 unit franchisees such as yvonne and look for additional veterans to come in at a higher level to purchase these master territories. hence our discounted program. >> steve: got you. this is a company that specializes in janitorial services, right? >> yes. all business to business. >> steve: all right. so you've already got two businesses who have said, you needs? we want your business to clean our business. >> that's right. i'm cleaning up. >> steve: you are cleaning up. it's turned out to be some financial stability in your life. >> it has. it's fast because we had a certain goal we want to do achieve and we've already achieved that.
5:27 am
there is nothing stopping us. we can grow bigger and then i can get people to work that are in the same boat that i was in. >> steve: absolutely. once again, another happy story from watching "fox & friends" with the cheryl casone, tomorrow is going to have at 7:50 a.m., five companies hiring right now. get out a pencil and paper and maybe you'll wind up with a new job like yvonne did. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: shouldn't we be getting a finders he's fee or something? >> maybe. >> steve: i'm kidding. anything we can do to help. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> steve: 27 minutes after the top of the hour. your e-mail pouring in on this one, half time politics, bob costas pushes for gun control after an nfl player's murder-suicide that made headlines over the weekend. is that appropriate? we're going to talk about what you're saying. then it's never too early for a little sibling rivalry. take a look at this sonogram. not even had a birthday yet and they're at each other's throats.
5:28 am
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5:32 am
mimics robert noises. the fox returned right away after sniffing it. the teen didn't get his phone back, because friend later showed him a garbled text message presumably from the fox. >> steve: look, the fox is tweeting! >> gretchen: when guys get text messages, they usually want it to be from a real foxy chick. >> brian: very good point. or a foxy boxer. >> steve: foxy boxer? >> brian: remember the foxy boxer big in new york? >> gretchen: no. >> steve: what era was that? >> brian: the "new york post" used to advertise it all the time. does anyone not remember? ted, you have to remember foxy boxing. >> gretchen: no response. >> brian: again, ted? >> gretchen: the kind i was talking b. let's talk about bob costas for a minute, because everyone knows he's a wonderful sports analyst, been around for a long time. during half time during the football game last night, people were surprised when he decided to get in on commentary about
5:33 am
gun control based on the tragic murder-suicide of a kansas city chief football player after he murdered his girlfriend and killed himself in front of his coaches. listen to this. >> you want some perspective? well, a bit of it comes from the kansas city-based writer, jason hitlock, with whom i do not always agree, but who today said it so well that, we may as well just, quote or paraphrase from the ends of his article. our current gun culture, he wrote, insures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy. in the coming days, jovan belcher's actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. who knows? but here, wrote jason whitlock, is what i believe, if jovan belcher didn't possess a gun, he and cassandra perkins would both be alive today. >> steve: so there is mr. costas lecturing america on gun control. it's interesting, i saw one blogger say if he didn't blame
5:34 am
guns, he would have to talk about the consequences of his multiple head injuries, drugs and rage. why didn't he talk about that? because it would be bad for the nfl. >> brian: i got a tweet that said, don't blame bob costas, blame the microphone. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: here is the thing about domestic violence, which i fortunately learned a lot about after doing a 30-part series on it when i worked in dallas. there is a lot of misinformation about this particular situation. and trust me, in domestic violence situations, if people want to hurt somebody, they're going to use whatever they have at that particular moment. so it could have been a knife, their own hands. i mean, who knows? so i think it's a little premature to say that it only would have happened if it had to do with guns. i think it's a little premature. >> brian: all right. hal says would costas feel better if miss perkins had been
5:35 am
beaten with a baseball bat? >> steve: cj in georgia says if we really want to be honest about guns and gun control, take away pencils for misspelled words. if you outlaw guns, only outlaw also have guns. all right. c.y. >> gretchen: bob says, costas, this is his words, is an idiom he's way off base spreading gun control i had i don't sayy on a -- idiocy. >> brian: he's not an idiot. that's just his opinion. >> steve: the news this morning is that the three-month-old girl, is sounds like she's going to be raised by his mother on long island. his mother actually witnessed the murder of his girlfriend. she was there in the house taking care of the baby and now grandma is going to be taking care of the little one. >> he's right by my house. he grew up 15 miles from my house and he had a sterling record, outstanding wrestler. if you are a wrestler, you're not doing it, as scott knows, his son is a wrestler. you have to be unbleachably disciplined, at least six months
5:36 am
a yerkes as well as being a football player. >> steve: it does sound as if he had a permit for at least one of the guns, according to the papers. >> brian: kids in five states will be spending more time at school in five states, they will add 300 hours of class time for some schools starting next year. it's a three-year pilot program aimed at making kids successful in class, making schools more competitive globally. the program is paid for with a mix of federal, state and district funds. >> steve: meanwhile, there is an outrage in california over an apparent chinese maternity hotel up on that hill. chino hills, california res did not say pregnant women are paying thousands of dollars to come over from china, stay in that house until they give birth to their babies. then their babies sometimes known as anchor babies. they automatically become citizens of the united states when they're born on our soil. dozens now protesting the house. the city says it's dealing with copied forcement issues at the
5:37 am
home, but not investigating the alleged maternity operation. instead, they're looking into whether or not it's a business in a residential area. >> gretchen: hurricane sandy victim surprised -- this is a great story you'll remember today. watch what happens when this victim gets a new home thanks to the kindsness of others. [ applause ] there isn't a word in the dictionary to express my appreciation and my happiness at this very moment. >> gretchen: that is 95-year-old pete. he was living without heat, power or water in amityville, long island. a contractor saw his story e decided to help him out. volunteers gutted his house, rebuilt it top to bottom. >> he doesn't know me from adam! i didn't know him from adam. and look, see what he did? wonderful! >> gretchen: wow. the contractor says that he plans to help more storm victims
5:38 am
rebuild their lives. >> steve: beautiful house. >> gretchen: if that's not the moss spirit, i don't know what is. >> brian: this amazing sonogram showing sibling rivalry starts before birth. look at these two babies pushing and fighting. they just want a little bit more head room. researchers in london made the discovery -- discovery, during another study. scientists say the video provided unexpected insight into sibling relationships. let me tell you something, you could get along great. but if you're in that type of quarter, you're going to be kicking and shoving. >> gretchen: look how big the one is. how do you find out later in life when they're delivered, which one is the one on the left and when one is the one on the right and is it still the same domineering positioning when they're out in the real world? >> brian: are sonograms like a mirror where you have to flip them? >> gretchen: i don't know. >> steve: i think it would be easy because one is bigger than the other. but i think the little one who is kicking is trying to get out. >> brian: right. you just got keep your eye on them, it's like a shell game. keep your eye on the first one and see who drops in.
5:39 am
>> steve: we've got extreme weather to talk to you about on this monday morning. look at this, lots of rain out in oregon caused a tree to snap and crushed that car, trapping a couple inside. they had just parked when the tree came down on top of their vehicle. firefighters were able to pull them out through a small opening on the passenger side. they only had minor injuries. that is good news considering how big that tree was. >> gretchen: do you remember one of your best memories growing up when you went to school? one of my best memories -- there were two of them. if your mom or your dad was the room mom, i mean, you just thought that was the cat's meow. >> brian: we called them class mother. >> gretchen: room mom, i think that's what we called it in minute money. then, when you got to go on a field trip 'cause you packed your lunch and you got on the bus and you went and probably learned something. you went occupant into the real world. guess what? because of budget cuts, there are going to be a lot of kids now that are no longer going to be able to do field trips because now they're going to do them virtually?
5:40 am
what does that mean. >> steve: that means, hey, kids, we're not going to get on the bus. we don't need aship own because we're -- chaperone. we're going to set up this tv. the reason for it? budget cuts. in other words, they got rid of our music programs and in many cases our phys ed classes. coming to an end because they don't have the money. >> brian: i blame the weather people 'cause you and your green screen technology made it seem so life like, now it will be all over these classrooms and people will feel like they're there. >> steve: do we really want kids watching more tv in class? >> brian: that's a good point. >> gretchen: no. instead i'd like to go back where i would eat my tuna fish sandwich that i packed and my mom was with me on the field trip! what could have been better? right. i guess not for these kids. let us know what you think about it. >> steve: that's too bad. sign of the times maybe. when it comes to avoiding the
5:41 am
fiscal cliff at the end of this year action the president might go his way or the highway. will that strategy work? michael goodwin weighs in on that coming up. >> brian: then ford motor company nearly folded in the bad economy. there is one thing it did differently in order to survive without a bailout. the man credited with turning the iconic company around and why tarp money didn't have a place for him. >> gretchen: got a new ride, too, check it out. ed [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
5:42 am
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[ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. >> gretchen: quick head leans. the wedding edition, ashley and jp tied the knot this weekend in california. they got engaged last year on the season finalhe work in fiji.
5:45 am
they're one of only three couples to actually stay together. congratulations to mario lopez and his new bride. he married his long-time girlfriend, courtney, in mexico. they have a two-year-old daughter. and i think they have a dog, too. brian? >> brian: thanks. the president wants congress to raise taxes on the rich and he's using the middle class to help make his point? >> if congress does nothing, every family will see their income taxes automatically go up at the beginning of next year. that's middle class family of four will see their income taxes rise by $2,200. >> brian: is that the strategy threatening tax hikes for everyone in order to get what he wants? i thought he was supposed to be in negotiation? michael goodwin is a columnist for the "new york post." you were flabbergasted, to use john boehner's words, about his approach? >> everybody knows that we have this terrible problem with the
5:46 am
debt and the deficit, the entitlement issues and the president doesn't want to address them. he simply wants congress to give him the power to raise taxes now on the top 2% of income and put off entitlement reform and spending reductions until later. we thought the whole campaign was about how you're going to fix the entitlement situation. instead, the president wants to put it off again. i mean, this can is going to be so big, you won't be able to kick it down the road. >> brian: the debility creeling i want the power, as the executive branch to raise the debt ceiling as high as i want it and i want more stimulus spending? look what he's proposing? $1.6 trillion in tax spending. $400 billion in unspecified medicare cuts. the doctors are going to love that. by the way, they say unspecified, that means unspecified, that means they don't exist. >> right. they won't exist. the president just wants to off, he wants all the power. and this is a constitutional issue that goes to the heart of
5:47 am
the checks and balances system. congress has to raise the debt ceiling so the administration can borrow the money to fund the government. he wants the power so that he can override all the objections to everything. >> brian: it's a nonstart. the stimulus money is a nonstart. what's the big picture? >> it may be a nonstarter with congress or may be somewhat of a negotiating ploy. to me, the ominous sign here is he acting so wreckless about the debt and deficit. you see this rush of companies to pay off dividends this year so they don't have to be taxed at higher rate next year. i mean, it's affecting the market. it's affecting the economy already. so why isn't the president more serious about doing something about the big problems, about working with the republican congress? democratnot win the house of representatives. perhaps he hasn't heard. but he doesn't have all the power. so you sit down, you work this out for the good of the country. not fort good of your ideology. >> brian: he didn't learn a
5:48 am
thing from the first four years. i look forward to talk to you more about this on radio. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. why is ford thriving while other auto makers are struggling? the ceo is here to share his secret and the brand-new ride. >> steve: i'm in a brand-new car. it looks like a space ship. this guy, the head guy at ford. he's got a better idea. he's gog actually give all of us brand-new cars. thank you. >> clearly. >> steve: lincolns. that's right. meanwhile, coming up in about ten minutes or so, bill hemmer has got control of the channel. what's coming up? >> you make sure you pay that fare. >> steve: of course! >> there is new information on this awful murder-suicide in kansas city. a stunning story. what was the motivation here? we're talking to police about that today. it's december and john boehner says he's flabbergasted at the white house. we'll explain that. is egypt the new iran? and fighting among siblings in
5:49 am
the womb. never too early to start. what an amazing image can teach doctors and us. we'll see you on a monday morning ten minutes away. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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♪ i like a new lincoln. ♪ snot with all of its class ♪ i like a martini ♪ . >> brian: part of president obama's plan to win back support from big business inviting them to the white house for an oval office chat. >> steve: the ceo of ford motor company was one of the guys who got that extra special inveigh taking and he accepted our extra special invitation to join us today. >> glad to be here. >> steve: that car, by the way, is really cool. >> we were just outside and just
5:53 am
to see the look on your face at that new lincoln was worth the trip. >> gretchen: i hope to see it. i'm going to go out there after the next commercial break. >> brian: in the rundown, it says steve gets the keys. >> gretchen: what? alan, how day you? let's talk about this important meeting that you had with the president. you were one of a group of ceo's, men and women, who went behind closed doors. tell us the secrets. what happened? >> well, i thought it was a really, really good conversation because it was very comprehensive and also dealt with where we are as a country on the economic development, but also what we need to do do on the revenue side, as well as on the expense side. so we could start moving towards balancing our budget and bringing down the debt. i thought the neatest thing was an attitude of ininclusioner, of trying to include everybody to move forward. it's so important. >> brian: how much does it bother you where we're at now in these negotiations that the president is for stimulus, raising the debt ceiling, many think it could never be
5:54 am
fulfilled. >> this is clearly a negotiation working together, it's everybody coming together. i just believe this is a united states. this is the u.s. economy. and everybody knows we need to come together with a joint solution that works both the revenue side and the expense side. so i'm confident we're going to work it out. >> steve: we saw lindsey graham on one of the chat shows yesterday. he had, i think we're going over the cliff! it sounds like you are much more optimistic than lindsey graham. >> well, i just believe in america and what we're about is so important 'cause it's about economic development. it's not just solving the fiscal cliff issue. that's just a near term issue. but that solution needs to create a business environment that allows businesses to grow because we're only expanding 2% gdp. we need at least 3 1/2, 4% to bring down unemployment. so we are fighting for the soul of america. >> steve: 'cause you need to help the economy and sell cars, too. >> that's an important part, to because next to our homes, the purchases -- it's always a lead
5:55 am
indicator. >> gretchen: you would know, and this is why you were invited, because you run ford and you've been very successful at it. by the way, you took no bailout money because you borrowed money before that other fiscal cliff that we went over when the car industry was bailed out. did the president listen to you? >> i think he absolutely did. of course, i would do it again about testifying against my competitors because clearly the united states economy was in a recession and could have gone into a depression. i'm glad we did testify on behalf of our competitors at the time because we were doing the right thing for the u.s. economy. >> brian: as gm begins to boom, are you saying, you wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for you you're competing against a guy that was artificially propped up by the government. >> no, we really don't think about it that way. we're very much of a global competition. we're competing with the best companies around the world. so the most important thing we've done is focused on ford
5:56 am
and focused on lincoln and a chance to show think new lincoln today. >> brian: what is it? >> that's the most important thing we're doing. >> gretchen: we're going to see it. we'll see it after commercial. >> brian: what's it called? >> mkz. mid-size sedan and it's the first of the reinvented lincoln products and the -- you can see it on your monitor, the response has been phenomenal. it's the essence of lincoln. that is an elegant, elegant, beautiful design, with all of the innovation on the technology. >> steve: we were just outside, i thought the people were taking a picture of you. they were taking a picture of the car. [ laughter ] we're going to go outside with the president and ceo of ford motor company. he's going to kick some wheels. and we have jim farley, who everybody knows as the luxury leader in the world today. >> steve: let's go outside. >> gretchen: right back ♪ ♪
5:57 am
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>> gretchen: we're backouts with the


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