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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 3, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> mkz. >> gretchen: this is jim farley. you know something about these cars. >> this is the first of four brand-new lincolns. it comes out this month. we have a hybrid that gets 45 miles per gallon. >> brian: it's like a convert ible! did you know this? >> steve: they'll be at the lincoln center. thanks for bringing it by here first. more in the after the show show. see you tomorrow, everybody. investigators searching for a motive after a murder-suicide that rocked the national football league. the kansas city chiefs reeling after police say linebacker jovan belcher killed his girlfriend then drove to arrowhead stadium and took his life in front of his coach and
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manager. martha: despite this tragedy. kansas city managed to play their scheduled game and as you would imagine it was a very emotional day for the players and the teams and the families and fans. after the game this is the scene. you can see the players alternating there. the teams gathering together as they huddled in prayer at mid field. >> we are grieving for all involved. it's tough when a circumstance happens, you can't undo them. so you have to rely on each other, rely on your family and friends and rely on your faith. that's what the team tried to do today and we were able to do that and work our way through the tragedy. >> the police investigation goes from here. it's hard to imagine how that
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team could witness a player suer suicide and take the field the next day. >> the head coach and gh have talked to police about it but declined to talk to the press after yesterday's game. >> i think that respectfully to you guys and ladies, that i'm choosing not to answer any questions about what i saw yesterday. and i think you will understand that. and hopefully you will respect my wishes on that because it wasn't a prettyside. so i'm chooking not to talk about it.
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reporter: we are told the players took. >> vote and they chose to continue to play. bill: it's been a tough season already and then this. there is not a motivation listed yet but there is an orphaned 3-month-old baby girl left behind without a mother or father. what is being done for her? >> reporter: that could be zoe. certainly cassandra perkins and this little girl who will grow up knowing that her father is responsible. the players are looking to find a way to financially support this child. >> without having any parent in her life it's important that she
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understands the type of love she should get from a family. >> >> those those questioning whether the game should have been played yesterday. immediately and john f. kennedy's assassination nfl games were played and after hurricane sandy games were played. this is unsurprising behavior. bill: they played and they won which has been not so often this year. martha: as everyone tries to sort this story out, for the first time we are hearing the audio of the police communications between first responders at the scene as this tragedy unfold. some of this is understandably disturbing. >> code one, number 1 air ahead
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drive. martha: what an awful story this is. we know miss perkins later died at the hospital. more on this story as we continue. bill: there has been growing concern about concussions in the nfl. back in 2012 players suffered 127 to date. the league has seen the number of players grow from 2004 to
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2010. and not just football. conditions happen in the u.s. each and every year. martha: belcher is not the first nfl player to recently take his life. junior say oh and dave diewr on both died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds. we'll talk to jim coming up in the next hour. >> 6 minutes past the hour. former president george herbert walker bush waking up in a houston hospital. said to be in stable condition being treated for a bronchitis-related cough. he's 91 years old. he has been visited by several
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of his children including former president george w. bush. hopefully he will be going home very soon. martha: there are around the clock demonstrations in egypt as president morsi and the muslim brotherhood push through a hard-line islamist constitution. morsi supporters blocked them from entering the courthouse in order to give a ruling on this constitution. steve harrigan joins us from there. where do we stand now with this constitutional court having no ability to rule at this point? >> reporter: the most unusual situation in cairo where you have egypt's top court whose judges now say basically they are afraid to do their job. they were supposed to enter the court sunday to get to work.
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there was a crowd of pro-government protester surrounding that white house. the judges say they felt intimidated by the crowd both physically and psychologically intimidated. so for now they suspended all their work. martha: we can hear the sound of the protesters behind you. what i next in tahrir square? >> reporter: it's a competition between the two sides. those who support this president and those who want to drive him out of office. we have seen the protesters numbers diminish from 250,000, to sometimes 5,000 to 10,000 a day. sometimes the two sides have kept apart from one another. but tomorrow they say they will march to the presidential palace
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which is where the pro morsi demonstrators are. bill: same part of the world. iran saying the direct talks with the u.s. are possible. iran's foreign minister telling state-run tv it can only happen with the approval of the country's supreme leader. but the ayatollah has given no indication. but the one-on-one has been tough to come by. 9 minutes past. just getting started on a monday morning on america's newsroom. is egypt turning into the next iran with egyptians being afraid to do their jobs? we'll talk about egypt and the region. martha: a top republican warning that terror attack on the american consequence flat libya could be just the tip of the iceberg. why senator lindsey graham says
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our approach to the war on terror could lead to this scene more times over. bill: reports that talks are stalled, dead in the water. house speaker john boehner says he's flabbergasted by the white house offer. >> this isn't about democrats and republicans. this business our country. we need to get serious about our deficit and debt that are burying our children's future. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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martha: we have brand-new details on the deadly bus crash that happened in florida. police say the bus driver was confused and lost when he chose the wrong route coming out of miami airport. the top of the bus crumpled
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after the crash and killed two passengers. it had 32 jehovah's church members on board, they were heading to a conference. bill: if you wash watching "fox news sunday" john boehner described his reaction when the president presented its plan for the fiscal cliff. > >> i said you can't be serious. we have 7 weeks went election and the end of the year and three those weeks have been wasted. bill: flabbergasted, rich. wasting time. three weeks gone by. >> well, yeah, i think this
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offer speaks more to a desire on the part of the white house to break and humiliate republicans than it does to have a serious negotiation. on the other hand way these things work. you can pretty much go to sleep until right at the end, then it's days before it's goark yaitd. but it wouldn't surprise me if we do go over the cliff. they should pass an extension of all these tax cuts, make it clear they want to keep them for everyone including have much for the middle class. john boehner should say we passed this out of the house. let's see harry reid and the democrats pass this out of the senate. bill: i get the impression both sides are miles apart from the deal. and i'm told by smart people i'm dead wrong on that. are you of mind a or mind b, rich? >> i don't think there is a deal
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sitting there. i think they would have to sit down and negotiate it. bill: kirsten before you address rich's answer, are you in camp "a" or "b." >> they don't have a deal. how can you have a deal when you don't have the republicans making a counter offer. they keep saying where is the serious offer, they want more in terms of cuts. but they haven't really made a counter offer. i find this stuff that the republicans are saying is being counter productive. we are flabbergasted, we laughed eight. what is the point of that. make a counter offer. >> i think they would argue the tax revenues was their counter offer. bill: republicans are saying this was a democratic wish list,
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not a serious offer. one second. tim geithner from sunday. >> to go over this fiscal cliff because republicans won't raise tax rates on the wealthiest 2% of american would subject the average american to big tax increase and enormous damage from the other cuts that would happen. there is no reason why the country has to go through that. bill: the focus is all on taxes and tax rates and not on spending. how can you be serious when you want to raise $1.6 trillion in taxes at a time when growth is around 2? >> that's the point i was making. they complain about want to go cut spending but they made no offer to cut spending. when the president talked about cutting spending, when they talk about defense spending what happens? they attack him. for the entire campaign all we
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heard about was how obama wanted to cut medicare. so which is it? i it he cut too much or he doesn't cut anything? and where is there offer? if they say they are the party of cutting spending stop talking about the democrats, make an offer. >> mitch mcconnell is out there every single day saying these are the entitlement changes that i think make sense and would get us to a deal. raising the retirement age, dealing with change the inflation formula so the programs aren't spending so much out over time. if president obama is interested in reforming entitlements which he says he is but he never specifies what it would be. all he has to do is call up mitch mcconnell and say i think these are good ideas, let's sit down and they would happen. republicans would take those immediately. >> that's how you think
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republicans should lead, they should wait for a call from the president? not go on tv but make an actual offer? >> specific changes on entitlements. if the president is in favor of changing entitlements, all he has to do is say i agree these are changes we have to make, let's do them. >> have they made that offer to the white house? >> mitch mcconnell is out there every single day. they passed a budget with major entitlement reform that would get us to a balance over time which the president doesn't. bill: everybody takes pain and we get this done. >> it sounds like we are dealing with a bunch of 3-year-olds. we are not going to tell the white house what we want, we'll just talk about it publicly. claire mccaskill said she is open to that. >> they are not going to tell
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the white house what they want, they will just say it publicly? >> that's not how you negotiate. >> they are in the stat talking about these thing every single day. and they say it publicly on national tv. bill: hen we have the fiscal cliff. before we go over that cliff we'll pull you back later in the week. martha: there is a potentially dangerous situation taking shape on the west coast. no relief in site as a strong storm has pounded that region. tens of thousands of people are in the dark. we are in the fox extreme weather center with the latest on that pressing situation next. bill: a 95-year-old man left homeless by hurricane sandy but no more. this story will warm your heart just in time for the holiday season. >> he didn't know me from adam
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bill: reports of car crashes and stun grenades. millions of people showed up to say kardashian hassa is a bad influence and has a bad reputation for milk shakes. the event organizer denies there was teargas. martha: the spirit of giving is alive and well this holiday season. just ask this 5-year-old man whose home was destroyed by hurricane sandy. he had been living homeless in
6:25 am
front of what was left of his fireplace. but thanks to some hard work by volunteers he now has a roof over his head. ashley has more on this fantastic story, watch. >> it's been a week inch since pete has seen his long island home. today he says he's a grateful man. >> i can't expression my appreciation. fox 5 first met him the day before thanksgiving as warmed himself in front of his fireplace. but no heat, hot water and electricity were the least of his problems. his entire home was destroyed by
6:26 am
sandy when the canal overflowed. and if that wasn't enough he was sent a notice by the city telling him to clean up the garbage in front of his house. >> i'm blessed to be in a business and position to coordinate an operation like this. >> reporter: doug and 50 volunteers got busy gutting and rebuilding the entire home. >> the facade of the home is new. new plumbing, new electric. >> did you see the kitchen? >> reporter: he came home to a brand-new living room, bedroom and bathroom all donated by neighbors. >> he didn't know me from adam. i didn't know him from adam and look. see what he did?
6:27 am
he's wonderful. >> he says he's just grateful to have been a part of the reconstruction. >> it's great. i wish i could do it for everybody. martha: that's so nice. fox new york brought us that story. thank you for that reporting it many a lovely story. nice man, great contractor, thank you for doing what you can. bill: to see the camera, that moment when he's told his life will be okay again. when you think of how many hundreds and thousands of others in the same circumstances. martha: 95 years old. bill: great for the contractor, too, for stepping up. thousands of students could be spending more time in school. five states announcing changes in the classroom and whether it's a good idea. martha: a dire warning in the
6:28 am
fight against al qaeda. ed the deadly attack in benghazi may be just the beginning.
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bill: there i severe weather out west. the latest storm toppling trees and knock out power to tens of thousands. good morning, every one. we had a lot of stormy weather outwest over the weekend. even earlier last week we saw torrential rainfall across portions of oregon and washington. we saw heavy rain and strong winds. some wind gusts for over 100 miles an hour. thankfully for today we do have a bit of a quieter weather a person in store for parts of california. we do have a return to that stormy weather as we head into late tonight and into wednesday. the ground saturated. in portions of oregon, the ground saturated. that mean bad news. right now again pretty quiet over portions of california,
6:33 am
oregon and washington. we have flash flood watches across portions of oregon and california. locally higher amount across the higher elevations. basically as we get into tuesday and wednesday. more heavy rain and snow spreading as far east as portions of the northern rockies. bill: thank you, maria molina in our fox extreme weather center. martha: lindsey graham says the benghazi attack is a failure of the obama administration to get tough with terror. >> we need to get into the details of why they died and why we left our con that so
6:34 am
unsecured when the british left and everyone else. if we don't change our strategy from a foreign policy, change this lightfoot print approach to the war on terror there will be more benghazis. martha: what about that morning. i'm joined by kt macfarland. kt, it's so interesting. you watch these shows and you hear benghazi brought up. so often the reacross is get over it. move on. move on. why should we not move on? >> because that wham we did in 1998 when there were twin bombings in u.s. embassies in east africa and in 2000 when there was an attack against the u.s.s. cole in the region. what are we doing now?
6:35 am
fast forward a decade. we have had attacks on american soil at consulate and americans had died. what are we doing? we are arguing with ourselves. we know where those died training camps are in eastern libya. why not go after them. what is the lesson al qaeda takes from this? once again no consequences. the americans will be fighting each other, not us. i think we allow them to become emboldened, and this is a green light for continuing to attack americans. martha: what do you think the mindset is of the administration on this. do they generally believe al qaeda is not a threat? we know they say died has been decimated. a lot of this was blamed on a movie. the ruffling of feather that has gone the out of control. >> it's two things. it's their mindset and their failure say, gee, if these are
6:36 am
terrorist attacks, terrorists then that's a lie because they can't admit then that al qaeda is bigger than ever and has spread. martha: we know they have taken this on in a way president bush did, hitting targets when they have them. why not go after these attacks in training cams in eastern libya and send a strong message? >> i think the arab spring took everybody by surprise. it took us by surprise and it took al qaeda by surprise. the reaction to the arab spring we said handoff. we'll help you topple those dictators but we won't help you establish new democratic governments. al qaeda has said, golden opportunity. and they are in syria, iraq, egypt, libya and they are
6:37 am
spreading throughout the region. martha: it's a great way for them to go after us. these embassies are very vulnerable. we know we saw the first bombing at the world trade center. fit was complete but not complete enough. they came back later and we know what happened september 11. we need to unwhat the state department did, what the precautions were. that's why congressman mike rogers who has been so closely involved in unraveling this talked about over the weekend. listen to what he has to say. >> it's clear to me the intelligence was right about the threat about benghazi. all the threat streams were right. what went wrong is the policy and decision makers at the department of state didn't make the right security call and i argue it's gross negligence.
6:38 am
martha: we hear nothing from hillary clinton who is secretary of state. they say they are doing an investigation and they will give us those answers. do you believe that? >> this was almost 3 months ago. all we know is four americans died and david petraeus had an affair. we don't know what happened or why. megyn martha: are there good meaning trying to get to the bottom of this? and will they have an impact? >> i think the administration lied and covered unand it's over. they have gone the away with it unless there are congressional hearings. unless people are called to testify, raise their hands and say what they knew. bill: the muslim brotherhood exerting its influence in egypt. will the arab regime town a
6:39 am
hard-line islamic regime and cause the united states decades of trouble? martha: what it took to free the people trapped inside that car when we come back. >> they must have had a bright light shining down on them. when you look at the driver's come part. there is the of two loaves of bread. how the husband survived is remarkable. ll. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12ears. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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martha: this is my idea a complete nightmare because i'm a commuter. if you think it was rough for you to get to work. take a look at this. the traffic jam toned all traffic jams. thankfully it's far away.
6:43 am
heavy snow brought traffic to a halt in some parts of the country and stranded thousands of drivers. one of the big jest jams affecting the highway between whose coulmoscow and st. peters. they set up cookers and making dinner out there. they said we'll be here for a while. always keep a cooker in your back seat. bill: protesters demonstrating around the clock in central cairo. these are the people demonstrating against the current president. raising concerns that the constitution crisis could put hard-line islamists in power that would cause years of heartache to israel, the united states and others. supporters of morsi blocked judges from entering the court house. the fear for many is president
6:44 am
morsi's leadership could turn egypt into the next iran. terrific talking point with our producers. you believer that egypt does become an islamist state? >> it is now on it way to become an islamist state if civil society in egypt, the demonstrators backed by the international community are not able to change the course. what morsi and the muslim brotherhood have been able to do is maneuver. necessity walked the young guys from the beginning of the revolt. then they cut a deal with the ministry and a deal with the young guys and now they are cutting the constitution for egypt and that constitution is very telling. bill: they were shrewd, weren't they. >> the muslim brotherhood have been maneuvering under several regimes. and this is their day today.
6:45 am
bill: were we duped on this? >> on the one hand we were duped by the muslim brotherhood telling us we'll be reformers and have a multi system. but washington thought we were partnering with the right people. now we realize every egyptian other than the muslim brotherhood is again morsi. bill: here is cairo on the map and gaza are the latest battle took place between israel and hamas. while many are saying this is just the beginning in cairo and it could spread to numerous countries. it could be libya or tunisia. people are talking about jordan though the headlines out of jordan have not been dramatic. then you have iraq and the
6:46 am
ongoing war up here in syria. is your fare that if egypt continues to go the way you are describing that others go along with it? >> absolutely, bill. this is the right map. we need to have an understanding of what's going on. if the muslim brotherhood take hold they will have an alliance with the islamists of tunisia, and in between sandwiching libya, so from tunisia to gaza you are going to have this huge islamist block, the most concerning point would be what would morsi do. then as we just mentioned into jordan. it's a marchs order. bill: where does the united states fit into all of this. we have been largey silent, would you agree? >> there is a pattern when we had 1.5 million people in the street of tehran. they were secular. we said we don't meddle.
6:47 am
now we have the secular on the streets of egypt versus the islamists and we are silent. the administration is partnering with the islamists. why? it's not to be un. bill: there is a terrific piece that talks about clauses that crack down on violence and tks trafficking. they were dropped from this constitution because the islamists felt it would conflict with their desire to allow childhood brides. >> this constitution will transform egypt into a modern taliban region. i spoke with liberal secular progressive people in egypt and they are panicking as to what this constitution would do to the egyptian people in the future. bill: it would be the equivalent of the american president taking
6:48 am
control of congress and the u.s. supreme court and saying he was entitled to do this because of god. that's what's happening in cairo today. thank you. we'll see what happens object this referendum scheduled for mid december. martha: play time for some kids. there is a new initiative that will bring longer school days for thousands of public school students. why is this happening, is it a good idea? some of the critics of this are up in arms. bill: there is a frantic search for a girl suffering from leukemia who was taken away from a cancer ward with a plastic tube connected to her heart. e. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart.
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[ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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bill: a couple lucky to be alive after a massive tree falls on their car trapping them inside. a neighbor described the commotion there. >> i was watching tv upstairs. i just heard the snow is and didn't pay too much attention to it because i thought something going on outside. i came down and saw all the excitement and saw the tree. >> they must have had a bright light shining down on them. if you look at the driver's compartment there is the space of about two loafs of bread. how the husband survived is remarkable. bill: firefighters were able to squeeze the husband and wife through the passenger side window and apparently they are
6:53 am
doing fine. martha: it was not their time. the school day is about to get longer for thousands of public school students. you can imagine the rejoicing. five states will announce they will add 300 hours of classroom time in colorado, connecticut, massachusetts, and tennessee. it comes with a hefty price tag. the unions say no go until they get extra pay to add those hours. michael graham is the radio host at wtkk-fm and columnist with the ""boston herald"." >> i think about how could you use longer school days to get better grades? tell them if you get better grades you don't have to stay longer. martha: the curriculum gets
6:54 am
shorter all the time and we hear from teachers who say we don't have time to get through everything. so thing like cursive writing get drops along the way. is this a good idea? >> no one questions what is the result you want to get? get? one of the highlights of the story is they will have more time for arts and music. our kids stink at math and science. there is no indication there is a link between this dump of federal and local money and whether results. the school system is one of the worst in the state. we gave them a free $100 million high school to motivate learning and test scores haven't changed at all. no one can connect this money with better result. isn't that the point to get smarter kids?
6:55 am
martha: it is the point. we have seen in so many of our inner cities, the more money that gets thrown at the program over the years, we have seen a declining rate of grades and test scores. so we added more money, we are getting lower test scores. you want to make sure you will have quality in those hours. up believe the way to do that is to promote school choice which doesn't seem to be happening in this administration. >> what can do you with a few dollars for kids? before president obama became president congress passed a d.c. voucher program and was sending them to sidwell where the president's daughters go. one of the first things he tried to kill as president was this voucher program. we think if we have kids spend longer days with motivating kids hanging out with vote rating
6:56 am
teachers we'll get a better outtom come. those kids aren't the problem. the kids are the unmotivated kids trapped in crapy schools. head start cost us tens of billions of dollars and there is no meaningful outcome from head start. we spend the money about spending money to support the children and they leave just as dumb as they were and the taxpayers are out the money. martha: we'll keep an eye on it and talk to you and see how it's going. bill: breaking news on a possible north korean rocket launch. the rogue regime is ready for blastoff now. despite warnings from all over the world, for that fact. we'll get a live report. martha: have you seen this? amazing video of twins inside
6:57 am
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it's as easy as.. -[ man ] 1... -[ woman ] 2... [ woman ] 3. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. martha: fox news alert now. north korea reportedly in the final stages planning to test launch a long rocket, thumbing its nose really at the international community with this move and testing the resolve of the obama administration. brand new hour now of "america's newsroom." welcome back, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning. the missile launch could come as soon as next week. it would coincide with south korea's presidential elections. take a look at the latest satellite photo of the launch site. south korean news agencies reporting the first stage of the rocket has been put in place. martha: we've been watching the aerial videos over the course of the last week to see changes and movement in them. greg palkot joins me live from london.
7:01 am
greg, what do we know about this? >> reporter: north korea confirming over the weekend what we told you about on friday it is set to lawn of another rocket in the coming days. according to south korean military sources now that the first stage is set up northwest of pongyang another two stages could be assembled and fueling taken care of in three to four days for a launch window ready to set up on december 10th. north korea says it is for peaceful purposes. they want to put up a satellite. they worry it could be a the launch of missile with a long range payload. they tried this in april. we were there. they failed. the path. rocket this time is supposed to be about the same. it will go to the south korea, china and japan in anticipation of that, japan today, deploying surface-to-air missiles, radar ships and troops just in case this thing goes off course, martha. martha: we've seen these sort of rattling of sabres
7:02 am
before. we've seen some of these attempts fail over the ocean but you never know when they will be able get this right. so the diplomatic reaction to all of this, what is the pushback, greg? >> reporter: as you can imagine the reaction has been strong and negative in. in seoul, south korea ambassadors from that country, from united states, japan, russia, china, meeting with foreign ministry officials. japanese prime minister says we strongly call on north korea to refrain, a little bit of backtracking from china today. in their official media they are saying that perhaps the concerns are exaggerated. all this seems to be a chance once again for the new young leader of north korea, kim jong-un to burnish his image. two weeks from today on december 17th, it is the first anniversary of the death of his father kim jong. two days later the votes in japan. one more troubling note,
7:03 am
martha, what we're hearing from south korean sources there is a live-fire exercise planned by north korea off its west coast very close to the border with south korea. two years ago when they tried that some shells landed on a south korean island with deadly results. we were there for that too. that could happen as early as this weekend. back to you. martha: so much we don't know there. greg, thank you very much. greg palkot in london. bill: a bit more on north korea's missile program. the concern has long been and united states and frankly other countries, that the nuclear-armed nation is working towards developing a ballistic missile that could be capable of hitting its neighbors or even possibly the united states. the u.s. sources estimate that north korea has deployed more than 800 medium-range missiles. going back to 1998 north korea conducted four tests of missiles beyond medium-range. all of those tests have failed. martha: this fox news alert for you because there are major developments in the blood di on going civil i
7:04 am
can't remember in syria. new reports today of government jets hitting a town near the turkish border dropping two bombs on a syrian security building that was captured by the rebels. as we see the government fighting back in a fierce, fierce manner recent days. turkish first-responders say at least 11 people were wounded in that attack. so far activists say at least 40,000 people have been killed in this now 20-month-old conflict. bill: december 3rd on the calendar, america. 29 days until the nation's economy goes over the so-called fiscal cliff. the white house and congressional republicans said to be deadlocked. president obama released his plan. it includes 1.6 trillion dollars in new tax increases. 50 billion in new stimulus spending. and stimulus, and new power to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval. tim geithner, john boehner
7:05 am
appearing with chris wallace on fox news sunday. >> we're nowhere, period. we're nowhere. we put a serious offer on the table by putting revenues up there to get this question resolved but the white house has responded with virtually nothing. they have actually asked for more revenue than they have been asking the whole entire time. >> in kind of a tough position now. it is going to be, obviously a little hard for them now. they're trying to figure out where they go next. we might need to give them a little more time to let them go next. we did what you expect from us. we laid out a very detailed, carefully designed set of spending savings and tax changes that help put us back on a path to fiscal responsibility. bill: where are we now? senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler on the north lawn. wendell, has either side suggest what a compromise might possibly look like? >> reporter: not really, bill. they're both accusing the other of pushing the nation toward the fiscal cliff. in fact republicans say
7:06 am
democrats are driving us at high speed toward the cliff like "thelma & louise". intellectually we know it is likely democrats will agree to more spending cuts than they want. republicans will give on tax revenue. republicans say though will not raise tax rates treasury secretary geithner says they will have to. >> there is no path to an agreement, there does not involve republicans acknowledging that rates have to go up for the wealthiest americans. there is no way to raise a meaningful amount of revenue relative to the size of our fiscal challenges by limiting value of deductions to wealthiest americans. there is just not enough room there. >> reporter: geithner says he will believe there is an agreement because the alternative is unthinkable. time is running out as you point out, bill. bill: on a tenuous economy too. what are republicans say, wendell? >> reporter: john baker says they don't have a starting point with democrats refusing to say what spending cuts they're willing to accept.
7:07 am
democrats say the president made clear in the election campaign he wanted to phase out tax cuts for upper income earnings boehner says he is something for much more than that. >> the president is asking for $1.6 interest worth of new revenue for 10 years, twice as much as he has been asking in public. he has stimulus spending here that exceeded the amount of new cuts that he was willing to consider. it was not a serious offer. >> reporter: politically each side wants the other to own as much as possible of an ultimate agreement that possibly neither of their constituencies are going to like. bill? bill: thank you, wendell goler, on the north lawn there at the white house. martha. martha: a little more background on this now. budget negotiations with congressional leaders started a few weeks ago really with president obama calling for that $1.6 trillion in additional tax revenue over 10 years that you just heard about from john boehner. treasury secretary tim geithner argues that you can not raise enough revenue to
7:08 am
reduce the deficit by only doing the loopholes and the tax breaks. and that is the major priority for republicans in this but some senior republican aides said they believe along with spending cuts, compromise would generate about a trillion dollars in new tax revenue, possibly from in parting those tax deductions. bill: where do we go, huh, martha? martha: good question. bill: congressman that broke ranks on one item is with us in 25 minutes. today he has a strong message directed at the white house and president obama. congressman tom colatosti out of oklahoma a bit later here on "america's newsroom.". that is 22 minutes away. martha: we brought you this breaking news on friday and now there's new fallout from that horrible train derailment in new jersey. remember these pictures? emergency officials closed schools now in that area because they think there is unsafe air quality. several cars carrying chemicals overturned into the creek on friday, spewing
7:09 am
dangerous gases into the air. evacuation orders are still in effect for a 12-glock zone. the national transportation safety board a signal problem reported before the derailment could have contributed to that accident. bill: a breaking news out of a school in atlanta. we'll get you details. this is something that is crossing right now and pictures to follow coming up out of atlanta. and also this. new questions in the shocking murder-suicide of kansas city linebacker, jevon belcher. >> this is real tragedy. horrible tragedy. jovan was, just one of those young men, we had such great memories of here. bill: wow! there are questions about motive that have yet to be answered frankly. and whether or not head injuries played a part in this. famous sportscaster jim gray is here to talk about that story. martha: a tough story this
7:10 am
morning. police are searching for a cancer patient after disturbing new video surface of an 11-year-old girl with lukemia being walked out of the hospital by her mother. what happened there? bill: feeding time turns frightening at seaworld. a dolphin takes a bite out of an 8-year-old girl's hand. oh. >> she got excited. she forgot. she's a kid and then he, came after her. so one of the things my husband and really want to do is get our story out so maybe we can make change. maybe they can get rid of the containers. that there is no pet with the dolphins, i don't know many of my patients clean their dentures with toothpaste.
7:11 am
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bill: so japan orders an immediate inspection of all, well many of its tunnels after the collapse of a highway tunnel not far from tokyo. nine people were killed there. japanese officials saying concrete ceiling slabs fell on moving vehicles deep
7:14 am
inside the tunnel. a tunnel that is three miles long. authorities saying it is not clear if there are other survivors but they're resuming the search through that rubble today. martha: tragic story from over the weekend. investigators are now searching for a motive africans city chiefs linebacker, joe van belcher murdered his girlfriend and drove to the practice facility of kansas city chiefs and spoke to managers and coaches and took his own life during that conversation. there were reports of addiction and alcohol issues before he apparently snapped on saturday. he and his girlfriend samantha perkins leave behind their 3-month-old daughter. family and friends were shocked understandably and very saddened by the nice. >> he was somebody looked up to around here that made it, which is something big. >> it is heart-breaking because, he was so young and so tragic and it really
7:15 am
hurts to know that somebody that you grew up with your whole entire life is dead. martha: so much sadness in that community. obviously somebody they looked up to as she said. somebody who made it from their neighborhood. he was 25 years old. casandra perkins was 22 years old. we're joined this morning by jim fray, spores kaster and -- sportscaster and fox news contributor. jim, how do you make sense of this? >> you can't make sense of the senseless, martha. it is really tragic, it's horrible. unfortunately the two people who know what went on aren't here to tell us about it now and i don't know that we're really going to ever know what the circumstances were. there are apparently no notes left behind, no conversations left behind. so it's, the mother, javon's mother was in the house and his baby. perhaps she can shed light to authorities. martha: she may be able to. his friends, his teammates, may have been privy to what
7:16 am
was going on. and i, obviously this is a family tragedy and a personal tragedy and our hearts go out to everybody who is connected to this family and of course to the three-month old baby who will now grow up with understand with joe van's mom. but you want to find out if there is football cultural complication here. was he on painkillers? drinking because of pain. concussions. you know whether or not there was a little history about that, jim. >> according to the owner, clark hunt, who did speak yesterday before the game he said there was absolutely at this time he had not had a long concussion history was his exact quote. the medical staff there, because of the hipaa laws have not spoken publicly. he is not listed having missed any games due to any concussions. these reports circulating out there about these other things, drinking and addictions, they come, you know, from friends of friends and so on so forth.
7:17 am
so i don't put a whole lot of credibility into that because we're not hearing from any people directly involved in his life that was the case. so i would caution everybody at this time not to jump into that direction until we have all the information and there's an investigation and we know exactly what was going on with him. martha: yeah. >> as far as as concussions playing football it is an issue but there was no indication he was sufficienting from that at this time. martha: you think of the stories that could be similar. as you point out we don't know yet whether they are. junior seau and dave duerson do you think it is an issue, it is a problem in the game? >> well, there's a lawsuit of several thousand players that is taking place now between the national football league and its former players. so, yes, there is an issue here and it is going to be adjudicated in the courts as to whether or not the nfl knew in fact a lot of these head injuries were
7:18 am
place. the problem is when did the head injuries start? did they start in peewee football? did they start in high school or college football. it is tough to pin it on the national football league. as far as duerson, there was brain damage and that caused his tragic death when he killed himself. junior seau all the preliminary reports i heard and said there wasn't any brain damage. this is a very difficult issue for the national football league. this is difficult time for the kansas city chiefs and obviously domestic violence can never be condoned and miss perkins is really the victim here. martha: indeed she is. that is so true. there is another issue that has come up in all of this and that is from bob costas, veteran sportscaster who made some personal comments in quoting someone else. he talked about his own feelings on gun control. i want to play that for you and get your thoughts because we got a lot of feedback on this morning. >> you want some actual
7:19 am
perspective on this? a bit of it comes from the kansas city based writer jason whitlock who i always do not agree but today said it so well we may quote and paraphrase from the end of the his article. our current gun culture whitlock wrote insures more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy. more convenience stores and con fromtation will leave teenage boys bloody and dead. they bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding. in the coming days javon belcher's actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed who knows but here, wrote jason whitlock, is what i believe if javon belcher didn't possess a gun he and casandra perkins would both be alive. martha: what do you think about that? should he have gone there? >> well, he is allowed to have his opinion just like
7:20 am
we are all allowed to have our opinion on this show. yes, he is allowed to go there. that is what he does at halftime. bob costas is a brilliant sportscaster and jason whitlock is right, if there is no gun here, nobody is dead. i don't know what the issue is to take issue with. we just had a presidential campaign, martha and not one time did gun control and gun issues come up. i know they probably don't want to take on these lobbies and they're very powerful and very strong but we just had a kid go into a theater in aurora, colorado, with semiautomatic weapons and start blowing everybody up. if you don't have them it doesn't happen. nobody who possessed a gun in colorado was there to take him down at the time. these are difficult, difficult issues that need to be addressed and as far as this football issue right here, if he doesn't have a gun they're both alive. i don't have a problem with what he said. martha: jim, thank you. and i would ask everybody at home, send me a tweet on this i know everybody has a lot of thoughts on it.
7:21 am
some people basically saying there is a will, unfortunately to kill, it finds a way eventually and it is a tragedy no matter how you look at it that these two young people are no longer with us. go ahead, jim. >> that is true, martha. what they say if you have a gun or if you don't have a gun and want to find one and you're a criminal and murderer you will find one. perhaps those arguments are right. martha: thank you, jim. good to talk to you this morning. good to have you. bill: three-month-old baby now without a mother and a father. she was shot several times. what the psychiatrists always tell us when you have a death like that it is result of anger or rage and you're trying to act out on the anger. more to come from this from the police in kansas city. meantime surveillance video showing a mother taking her left ven-year-old daughter out of a cancer ward. why police say they need to find the little girl before it is too late. martha: they say siblings don't always get along but does it start this early? what is going on between
7:22 am
these two little ones? bill: break it up. ♪ .
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
martha: getting some information crossing the wires about a school in atlanta. finch elementary school. it is on the 1100 block of avon avenue near lee street. there has been a carbon monoxide event that affected number of people. four students fainted. two teachers fainted. both were brought back to consciousness, revived as they were taken away from the building. 25 people at this point have been taken to local hospitals to be checked out. we're watching this situation.
7:26 am
we'll keep an eye on it. we'll let you know what develops at finch elementary in atlanta. bill: we'll keep an eye on that, you're right. 25 minutes past now. we have new and incredible video. some say it may be evidence of a sibling rivalry starting even before birth. scientists using new advanced mri scan catching never-before-seen footage of twins appearing to fight it out inside the room. dr. stephen garner with new york met think of the hospital and with me now. good morning, doc. good to see you. hear is the image, though us what you think should be focused on. >> hear is the big guy. he towers over the little guy. what he does he punches with his arms and knees. here is his knees and this guy's niece. look like he is punching him. bill: i have a question for you. this is pretty obvious at home. here is one. and here is the other, all right? just down here, this is where the knees are knocking right?
7:27 am
over here and there. >> the placenta down here with the sharing. they're getting their knewtics from the same source. they're developed blood cells sending all the blood to big guy and that is why he is little. bill: is there evidence there are fighting. >> you think that but making it up in your mind. looks like people are fighting. getting a straighted could be by mri noise itself. when something hits one of them they started and start to do like this. we see that when we do ultrasounds all the time. the baby doesn't like the sound. bill: you have a book in your hand. the reason you brought that is why? >> i want to show how this is done. they take multiple little slices. coney island --. bill: like a little cartoon. >> makes it look like it is moving. not really moving but gives you that impression it is moving. bill: this 30 second clip was come wild by putting image after image of the mri? >> ingenius thing. you use this to study the fetus as developing. it is a novelty.
7:28 am
let me get one for my kid and show it to them on the birthday. we don't know if it is safe. we're not sure. >> the mri. >> if parents are rushing to do this i would hold back because we have to wait 10 years out to see if this is a safe process. bill: you make a good point. conditions like tttf is what they're trying to determine. >> it is twin to twin transfusion syndrome. that is where the blood goes from one twin to another. not supposed to. it developed abnormal blood vessel that should have been blocked. this guy became small because he has no booed blood. he has too big because he has too much blood. they may die at dirt particularly the little guy and you have to prepare for immediate care at. not a bad device but not something you rush out. bill: your point about mr. is well-taken. you don't know if it is safe. >> they make so much noise. they scare the hell out of you. you're like this. bill: if they are fighting
7:29 am
that is my older brother andy and that is me. he always got the best of me for 20 years out of my life. >> is this guy going to walk away with the complex i was punched in the face in utero will be paranoid then. bill: we'll interview him. martha: wow, fascinating. coming up right here in "america's newsroom", police are launching a all-out search for a little girl suffering from lukemia. see in this video, she was taken, walked slowly out of the hospital by her mom. why they believe this young girl's life is very much in danger. plus as the clock winds down to the looming fiscal cliff, folks, one top republican says his party does not need to put a plan on the table. is that right? oklahoma congressman tom colatosti with his take on this next. >> this is unsustainable. we have 10,000 baby boomers like me retiring every day. 70,000 this week. 3.5 million retirees this
7:30 am
year alone signing up for social security and medicare. people living longer, accessing medicaid. it is not like there is any money in the social security trust fund or medicare trust fund. it has all been spent.
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7:34 am
she could in some situation about this goes on too long she could die from this. large concerns. jamie colby joins us in new york city. so what is going on here, jamie? >> reporter: there are large concerns and it is pretty serious why we're talking about it again. martha, it has been already five days and there is no sign of this 11-year-old cancer patient known only as emily but authorities haven't given up hope. they have actually expanded their search and making clear that time is not on their side. take a look at this. this is a snippet of surveillance video they're working with, showing emily inside the phoenix children's hospital where she has been treated for lukemia a day before her scheduled discharge. you see her without a wig and iv pole. her mom puts her in different clothes and disguise that allowed her to go undedected outside the hospital as police are describes an as black van. a alert nurse quickly contacted 911. the catheter in emily's heart, doctors say, if it
7:35 am
becomes infected could have deadly consequences. the little girl had one arm amputated from a previous infection. >> i can tell you we have searched for these, location of these individuals, both locally and out-of-state. we have tried to locate them to try to get some, obviously some medical attention to this 11-year-old. that is our primary concern at this point. >> reporter: yeah, there is no word yet if any criminal charges will be filed against the parents, either of the parents, the father luis. we don't know the mother's name. we're trying to make sure the little girl gets all the care she needs. martha: where else should people be on the lookout, jamie? >> reporter: we know our viewers want to be helpful in cases like this. we'll tell you they expanded the search from arizona to california. we know the family is from mexico coand they don't have any local contact address in arizona where they were being treated. the case is a little tough. they're searching near san
7:36 am
jose where they may possibly have some family. as we get more information, we have calls into arizona, california authorities and we've expanded now have asked to contact the fbi as they search for this family and we'll bring you any news as we get it. martha: thank you, jamie. jamie colby. >> reporter: thanks. >> pretty clear to me they made a political calculation. this offer doesn't remotely deal with entitlement reform in a way to save medicare and medicaid and social security from imminent bankruptcy. bill: that is a dire warning from senator lindsey graham, republican out of south carolina. a bit earlier today i talked to the republican congressman who broke ranks a bit with republicans on taxes last week. that was congressman tom colatosti of oklahoma. a bit earlier today i told, i talked to him a little bit. he has a strong message for the president too. tom colatosti, good morning, sir. >> good morning. bill: you put out a newsletter today that
7:37 am
in part what you write the plan is so unserious it is hard to choose the most outrageous component. >> really is. bill: why did you say that, sir? >> i'm beginning to wonder whether or not they want to negotiate in good faith. the speaker put out a major republican concession when he said after the election revenue is on the table. i think our side believed there could -- would be some movement in our direction and at least some movement and there has been none. if you look what the president put out there he moved away from his previous position further to the left so. he thinks --. >> is that part of the game of negotiations or, do you see it differently? >> actually i do see it differently. i think it is an act of bad faith quite frankly. if you're going to negotiate and the other side make as concession you step toward them a little bit. you don't have to meet them all the way. you move toward them.
7:38 am
the president didn't do that. the latest component trying to give the president exclusively control when the national debt goes up and how much that extraordinarily bad idea. i wouldn't trust ronald reagan with that. bill: you would not trust ronald reagan with that. >> i would not. bill: to that point, the lack of spending cuts in the plan is grossly negligent. the president's debt ceiling proposal is downright dangerous. >> well, it's a huge transfer of power away from the legislative branch into the hands of one person. i mean power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. this is pretty close to that. i wouldn't give any individual complete control over how much debt the united states goes into. that is the wrong thing to do. bill: what we're hearing from the right why is there so much a focus on taxes and not a focus on the drivers of the debt in cutting spending? >> that's absolutely a fair point. probably the focus on taxes has been because all the rates go up at the end of the month. that is always the challenge with the temporary tax cut.
7:39 am
the long-term things take positive action by congress and the president to change. republicans have been willing to do that by the way for a long time. both ryan budgets confront medicare, medicaid and nondiscretionary spending. the democrats haven't ever passed a budget that did that. the president hasn't proposed one that did that. this latest set of proposals avoids all the really important issues connected with the long term deficit. bill: you heard what speaker boehner said over the weekend. he said we're nowhere close and he said he thinks the white house wasted three weeks of debate. you made headlines. >> i did. bill: are you in contact with speaker boehner. >> every day. i leave here be in a meeting with him. the speaker is our main negotiator, no question about it. bill: if that is the case then, was it smart for you to break ranks with the republicans? >> you know i gave my advice. it was solicited by my leadership twice in private meetings.
7:40 am
it was leaked. my position hadn't changed. i will not come out here tell you when i didn't say that when i did. i still think a good way forward but it is not going to change my support for the speaker. and frankly the democrats, the president, united the republican caucus last week. you don't have in worry about any breakage away from the speaker. bill: that is interesting. republicans held line on obamacare. held line on debt ceiling negotiations. >> we'll hold the line again. bill: do you think it made your party stronger? >> i absolutely believe that. we did that when a lot of people were telling us we were on the way to political oblivion. instead we retook the house. this is very determined conference and one that supports the speaker fully. bill: but the way you're speaking then suggests that there is no split between you and any of your republican colleagues. certainly not that of speaker boehner? >> absolutely not. we had a discussion over tactics, not a discussion over ends. every time the speaker has had a tough vote he asked us
7:41 am
to cast i've been there for him. frankly i can't imagine i won't be there again. i have never undercut him. certainly wouldn't undercut him in this. i think this is extraordinarily important negotiation of the president needs to understand the negotiations will have to be between him and speaker. it will not be with individual members of the republican conference. bill: it is december 3rd. my hunch we're speaking on december 31st. >> i can't think of anybody i would rather spend christmas with than you. bill: right on. new year's eve. tom coal from washington today. >> you bet. bill: right back at you. guys on sunday i don't think they were anywhere close. either that or they're really good actors. they're doing it live on tv. martha: democrats who could be picked off by the republican side who don't want to raise taxes on small business owners who are their constituents either. this will be very interesting. we'll be very busy. bill: to that point too, when you grage the strength of the economy which at the moment is fragile at best,
7:42 am
watch it. martha: stay tuned, folks. in the meantime, a frighting encounter at seaworld after an 8-year-old girl, watch this, gets her hand bitten, ow, ouch, by a dolphin when she was there feeding the animals with mom and dad. bill: hot dog. give me that. martha: the parents say the theme park sort of brushed off the whole incident and they're not too happy by that. >> management never came over to ask us how we were doing. offer us free tickets not that we would return because we're not. we never heard from anyone since.
7:43 am
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our commitment has never been stronger.
7:45 am
martha: how about this story. an 8-year-old girl got an unexpected surprise when she was feeding the dolphins at seaworld. the dolphin went for the food, can you blame him? right there in the little tray but ow, ow, ow. you know, but he let go. donald trump aptly pointed out this morning the dolphin
7:46 am
released her quite quickly. for that we're thankful to the dolphin. but her mom says the theme park didn't think it was any big deal at all. >> they didn't seem to think it was a big deal and i think that was probably intentional on their part to not alarm us. not that we wanted to be alarmed. that they didn't call over a doctor. they called over a first aid responder looking back i don't think was really well-versed in animal wounds because she told us there was not risk of infection which we now know is not true. martha: what do you think, folks? seaworld is issuing the following statement, quote. nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our guests employees and animals. educators and animal care staff were at the attraction when this happened and immediately connected with the family. seaworld is a great place. lots of fun to go. arthur aidala, fox news legal analyst and andrew smiley, personal injury attorney. welcome to you.
7:47 am
you go to the feeding zoo and hold your hand really flat so your fingers don't get nibbled but sometimes your fingers get nibbled. andrew. is this a big deal. >> it is a big deal. martha: why? >> seaworld have to be concerned about moving forward. dolphins are a wild animals. she is lucky she didn't get her bite and didn't lose her hand or face after you look how. children are lined up on the rail. dolphins can jump up. it is dangerous. they need to set it up in a way to protect the people injured. martha: you buy the ticket, decide whether or not you will stick your hand down to feed the dolphins. you don't have to, right? >> anytime we engage in these type of activity there is ask always a risk. this october i went with my family and little kids and we went apple picking. there were bees everywhere. children have major reactions to a bee sting and don't know it until something happens. as you said out in
7:48 am
long island there is the petting zoo. kids fingers get nibbled on by a goat. that picture up there is very scary but, i noticed when donald trump noticed. god bless the little dolphin there. soon as it was more than fish --. martha: not food. arm. hand, not good. >> we can live a live where there is no roller coasters, no bumper cars. no apple picking, and no petting zoos. we'll stay in a box and watch fox news every day and be safe. is the risk worth the reward? martha: andrew, is, there ask lawsuit coming right? kind of feel it. i don't know what their intentions are. >> there is probably not a lawsuit in this case. fortunately the girl was not really injured. it was minor injury. there isn't a case to bring because there is limited damages. it would be a different story if she lost her hand. maybe show a video of this before people agree to let their kids do it and parents won't do it. martha: give the little tray,
7:49 am
and little tray of food has to stay behind on the ledge down there. and her parents admitted she was holding the tray and shouldn't have been holding it where she was holding it. it sounds like it is, accidents happen in life. >> well, it could be. i haven't seen warnings that they gave. you have to see what is foreseeable. if you give children the food and tray, even if you tell your young child, keep it behind the rail you see what is going on here. there is potential for risk in their job and their job is to minimize the risk and make sure they're doing this attraction in a safe man jeer you would close the whole thing sounds like? don't even do this, don't even do the whole dolphin thing. >> no. i would retool it. children walk up with trainer or trainer feeding standing next to the child. martha: just reminded, one time we were on vacation and went in the water with the dolphins. >> i did that too. martha: swam on their backs and lift you up with the nose and your, it is wild. ever done that arthur? >> i have done that actually on my birthday.
7:50 am
get up -- without the glasses would you be able to tell andrew and you apart or orange tie? >> what do you think? martha: of course i would. love you both. andrew, arthur. thanks guys. bill: when i take my wig off later. will be three of us. jon scott standing by, "happening now" rolls your way. bill: watch me. bill: how are you doing? >> i'm doing well, on a monday, bill. new developments into the investigation what went wrong during the terror attack of our diplomats in libya. several prominent lawmakers from both sides of the aisle speaking out. one calls it gross negligence. bret baier will join us to talk about the latest. plus north korea reportedly getting ready to test another missile in defiance of world powers. the question? what can anyone do about it? a prominent nfl player kills his girlfriend and shoots himself in front of its coaches. nfl decides the game must go on. that set off quite a media
7:51 am
firestorm. our "fox news watch" panel takes it coming up. bill: we'll see you in a couple minutes. >> sounds good, bill. bill: a critical doctor shortage hitting one part of the america especially hard and likely to get worse. we'll tell you who is doing something about it. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them.
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bill: so we find out some medical schools are taking bold new action to end the shortage of doctors which is leading some rural counties with some no doctors at all. alicia acuna live in denver. tell us about the efforts to bridge the gap. >> reporter: one effort is in kansas, bill. the university of kansas medical school has a very small satellite campus in salinas, kansas, population 50,000. it has 16 med students but a full four-year program. because the class sizes are
7:55 am
so small the university can offer the students more attention and they get more hands-on experience, especially when they begin to work at the local hospital. the hope is these students stay here or close by. >> they wanted that small feeling. they wanted that camaraderie of a small class. they didn't want to go to a big city with big city problems. they still wanted to see the sunrise and the sunset and big horizons and clear skies at night. >> the need is great. listen to this statistic. there is average of 250 doctors for every 100,000 people. in the rural areas that statistic is much worse. bill: how are the medical students liking this idea? >> reporter: the students in the program who we talked to, they really have taken to the idea of small town life and career and that's why they decided to attend a program just like this in a rural place. often what will happen is students from small towns head off to med school in the big city with every intention of returning to
7:56 am
open a practice in their hometown but then they meet a future spouse, get a job offer, start to network and they never return. with this program they begin and end in a similar place. >> i think it is the, the lifestyle that you have in a rural community. you know being close with your neighbors, knowing your patients on more of a personal level. knowing who your kids are hanging out with, and just that community sense. >> reporter: students say they also like the idea of helping an entire community so. bill: alicia acuna, thank you. trying to work it all out. martha. martha: again we're seeing protesters mass in cairo's tahrir square. the power play over egypt's new controversial constitution pushed by the country's new president and the muslim brotherhood after the egypt's leader sees near absolute powers, the scene
7:57 am
is volatile on the skreets of cairo. we'll be back with a live report.
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