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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 4, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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person. it met her at a signing in florida. great people. that is what is great about the tour. you meet great people. >> kimberly: welcome back. that's it for us five. thank you for watching. see you back
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>> i can't decide if i missed you, honestly. >> well, i guess you should leave then. >> was it really only a week? >> such a jerk. let's welcome our guests. she is so hot she is often mistaken for a forest fire. i am here with criminal defense attorney remi spencer. if hilarity was candle i would blow him in the store. and bill schulz. what is he looking at?
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and if fierce commentary was a mad house i would enter him when my wife was mad at me. and you love to hate him and hate to love him. it is our new york times correspondent who happens to be the actual new york times. good to see you, pinch. where have you been? >> that's not important. what is important is that today in the times, they write with enduring quality of boy bands. none of those fem looking miss screets could compare to my day. >> i remember the sassafrass duet. and then there was the big depression dance craze, suspenders in a barrel. and then my favorite young group , malarkey and balderdash and the old separate but equal. doesn't get much air time these days. >> you know, i -- was on this -- i was on this book tour and people asked where you were and if you were ever going to come back.
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>> i am done with it. >> they want him back. >> as a message of gratitude i have decided to review your book for the book review. one word review -- >> somebody went to chipotle. was it the resting place for a symbol of grace? muse from north korea that makes some sense. they found a lair of an ancient king. it noted, a rectangular rock carved with the words unicorn lair is in front of the lair. it is believed to date back to the kingdom in known 18 to1892.
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evidence that pyongyang was the capital o ancient korea. they are known for odd claims, but this seems rock solid to me. for more let's go to mike michael son in pyongyang. mike, have you been able to visit the unicorn layer? >> hey, greg, i am here in pyongyang where archaeologists have made a pretty big discovery. unicorns are real and they were a favored pet a thousand years ago. the animals were a symbol purity and grace, and they still are. that's right, the north koreans have shown me a live unicorn and let me film it. let's watch.
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>> that was purely a pug dressed as a unicorn. >> that's it from pyongyang. back to you, greg. >> you know, i should have shot him this the face when i had the chance. >> the pug? >> no. >> that's wrong. >> terry, this show has been following the unicorns since the beginning of time. where were you when you tiers heard this news, this lair? what was your reaction this. >> it was today. i was on my way in. i thought why are we all here? why are we not on a plane to north korea to watch you sitting with the copies of your books, greg gutfeld has a new book out, ladies and gentlemen, and then signing autograph copies next to fluffy mcnutter. why are we in this studio? >> i know. it is time to leave. do plans like this make north
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korea sort of endearing? >> it makes me like north korea better because it reminds me of the kid in elementary school that made up his book report when he clearly didn't read the book. and then we went like -- and then we went downstairs and there were unicorns there. that was the end of the book. i are going to fail. you didn't even read the back. >> you are assuming this is fake. in your line of book let's say they were mass murderers. then you would be interested in them, wouldn't you? >> that might make it more interesting. >> i bet you don't buy it, do you? >> i don't buy. it maybe something is getting lost in translation. or this might be a joke in response to the onions naming the sexiest man alive they didn't get. i think this will all come out to be a little misunderstanding in a couple days. >> i don't know about that. >> i don't either. i think this is real.
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>> kim juth g-il -- jung-il created the moon and the stars. >> do you remember the first time he shot golf he shot a 38 under par? it was 11 holes in one and he was so good he retired. >> who doesn't want that power? i want that power. >> and you are telling me there is no unicorn in pyongyang. >> i know, it is hard to believe. >> bill? >> i know the skeptics out there in the lame stream media were all saying this is crazy. and to that i respond to you, f-you. first of all they have given us the dates. now they don't know what carbon dating is. granted we have yet to see they pictures, but f-you. this is real. >> all right then. i think it is time.
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maybe it is the tear down the wall incident where north korea is entering the new world by coming together over the plight of the uniform. i have been following the whole unicorn story and it is nice to see other people looking ahead and thinking of me. from creatures to preachers. they chose to inflame rather than focus on the game bob costas used it to advocate for gun control after the tragic murder-suicide involving kansas city line backer jovan belcher. in a column written by jason whitlock because, quote, whitlock said it so well. >> handguns do thought enhance our safety. they exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. in the coming days, jovan belcher's actions and their position connection to football will be analyzed.
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who knows? but here wrote jason whitlock is what i believe if jovan belcher didn't possess a gun he and cassandra perkins would both be alive today. >> the 93-year-old costas has gotten a bit of blow back for his comment as the nra-ceo said, quote, people turn on nbc to watch a football game and didn't want to listen to bob costas make excuses about a murder and wining about his social agenda of gun bans in the middle of a football game. remi, let's go to you first. whether you believe in gun control or not, i can't remember. it is half time at a chief hfs panthers -- chiefs-panthers game which for your information is football. really the best place to make a political statement? >> yes. isn't that where everybody should make their political statements? no, i don't watch football. i do watch sports. i like to hear if i am listening to tennis.
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he is fantastic. if he started spouting some political or social beliefs that have to do with gun control or abortion, would i turn it off and i would never watch him again. i am not a big fan of bob costas to begin with. i hear he is god at what he does. ii am not sure who told him this was a good idea. for himself, his career, for the game, for the network, i think the nra got it wrong. i don't think he was making excuses for a murder. murderer. i feel he had this right and maybe he felt a moral obligation to share his experience. >> i always feel like when people do this they -- when they pontif indicate about an issue whether it is right or wrong it is a way to make themselves feel important. wait a couple of days or -- i don't think you are being particularly thoughtful. you have trying to feel important and score points in the media for your beliefs. >> it was too close. i felt like it was kind of like, all right.
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we live in a 24-hour news cycle. the story will be somewhere else. i like bob costas, but it is like let's go back to the real issue which is grown men giving each other head injuries. that's what i want. >> what you will see is the media will focus on gun control, domestic violence which why not just focus on violence? he shot and killed this woman, and then himself, and then head injuries and steroids. the media is going to do all of those because they need to fill their news bucket every day. terry should we listen to this pontificating pick squeak or kick him to the curb? >> if you go with the statement saying belcher didn't have a gun he and his girlfriend would be alive. well, if somebody in that theater in aurora, colorado had a gun 12 people wouldn't be dead. the law abiding citizens uh --
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obeyed the no gun law, and he didn'tment why don't they address the culture he is a part of and break down in the family. i am not trying to judge the guy, but his baby's mother -- were they not married? that is all present. there is none of that. the violence and the break down of our culture. law abiding people don't do that. >> the other thing too is to go back to the example of aurora you can use the example of o.j. simpson. there was no gun involved in o.j. simpson. there were knives and he got away with it. >> belcher was a rich football player. if you ban handguns with anybody, if he wants to kill somebody with a gun he will get one. >> that's a good point. bill, what is costas' solution for this? if this football player didn't have a gun they would be alive. what is he suggesting? what kind of ban would you do to prevent -- is it no wealthy
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aggressive football players can have guns? he is calling for a total gun ban. >> no aggressive football players. only the kickers. those are the only ones allowed to have them. >> that's true. they drink a lot i think. >> i like costas, but this was neither the time nor the place. they have to understand something, political statements are not for them. they are for the fans. the fans are the only ones eloquent enough to say stuff. the fan with the sign that says "kill all refs" and the fan with the cape and nothing but a cape holding up the" january 3:-- "john 3:16" and they can make comments because they paid a lot of money to be there. >> someone compared the nra to the kkk. >> come on. >> i think -- >> i think you nailed it. it is wait for those guys whitlock and costas to feel important.
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>> by the way, thouing will ever change about -- nothing will ever change about gun control. i think there are some things you can do with guns in terms of control them. the thing they always say is it raises -- it causes you to rethink gun control, but the only people who write that are in the media. nobody else rethinks anything. they believe it or they don't. >> to go so broad at half time of a sunday night football game, this was about a specific guy that killed his girlfriend and to broaden it out as a football fan, i was watching it. what? i don't understand things like law of regulations. >> that's why i have you here. from bullets to budgets, is he smoking a split as he nears the cliff. house and senate republicans are dumbfounded over the latest proposal from keeping the nation from going over the
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fiscal cliff. the administration's plan includes 1.6 trillion in tax increases over the next 10 years. and over $600 billion in spending cuts and it is gop -- >> what is that? >> known, gt-o-p says even the cuts are offset by new spending proposals. lyndsay graham called it a joke. and when john baner asked what his initial reaction was, the house speaker was so angry he dropped an f-bomb. >> i was flabbergasted. for more on obama's plan let's go to dj mcpaw-paw mcwhiskers. >> that was amazing.
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he can really spin. you pay $35 to get him to show up. dan, when was the last time you were flabbergasted? isn't it hard to be flabbergasted? >> every time i read the business section. up and down i have so many stocks and stuff. >> say mutual funds. >> mutual funds and numbers. numbers. >> let me ask you, terry, is obama overreaching here? there is no reason to over reach here. except to beat the republicans. >> the got, their leadership they are damned if they do, damned if they don't. i know it sounds bad, walk away. you know what, walk away because you voted for him. this is what you want. this is what you get. the only way things will change in america is if there is national pain or sacrifice where people go, oh this isn't the way to do it.
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by the way, before you say the walk away trot out marco rubio and you can say this is what you wanted. talk to me in a couple years. >> how can you walk away? doesn't the whole country suffer if we go off this perverbial cult? it is not about the republicans and the democrats. isn't it about compromise? they are negotiating. they say the white house's solution is outrageous. he is flabbergasted. but it is negotiations. anybody who negotiates they always start off for far more than you expect to get. they have to counter. they can't walk off. that's about the partying. it is not about the people. >> the compromise -- you can't compromise if you believe in spending cuts, and we don't know if that is going to happen. >> why compromise if you know they are not going to cut spending. >> there has to be a mutual
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compromise. that's what a settlement s. >> obama is going for it all. >> why shouldn't he? >> she is right. >> he has no actual reason why raising taxes will help the economy, number one, and we know whether you cut taxes or raise taxes, you are always going to spend. >> i am not agreeing with his policies. don't misunderstand me. what i am saying is this is a negotiation and he is coming in with everything. where is he going to go? is onlo come down. the gop will have to come up. somewhere we hope they meet in the middle. >> he doesn't have to come down though. i agree with compromise. i would say 51% voted for this. you know what, go ahead. it is like having a teenager that you keep telling, vegetables are good for you and they keep kicking your shins saying, i am not eating the vegetables. finally i say, eat twinkies until you die. >> you can't because twinkies have been eliminated.
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>> someone is going to buy them. >> last word to you, bill. >> geitner says this is going to happen, but we have to go through a little political theater. they want people to come together and do their job. if the use of the word flabbergasted is any indication we will get a lot more. he will use the word god smack tomorrow and then break out in tears. >> i disagree with you. you are right about what is going to happen, but i disagree. i don't want the government to come together and i want them to split apart so they can never do anything because when ever they do something it costs us something. >> they blow it. >> i like the hoover dam. >> can fashion accessories be turned into weapons? gary sapper on his new book i once killed a man with his scrunchy. does obama care more about owls than jobs? it is a better question if you
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understand the language of middle earth.
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must we kill owls in order to save them? in order to protect the endangered spotted owl seen here, i think that is it, the obama administration is locking up about 10 million acres of mostly federal land in the pacific northwest. it grabbed thousands of timber workers along with related support jobs. the area continues to suffer high unemployment. despite years of government meddling the disappearing bird is disappearing faster than ever. one solution, taking out the owl. the u.s. fish and woild life service had proposals that included luring the owls into
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close range, using recorded couls and an owl decoy. it can ensure rapid and inhumane death. how is the relationship between owls and cats? >> once we start going toward this gay marriage thing we will have owls and cats giving together. >> all right, dan, why not let these birds go extinct. they don't seem to be cutting it anyway. >> i love the fact in the article it talks about how the barn animals are east coast owls that started moving into the city. they are what's up northwest owls? they are like, i just want to
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read a book. i want to ditch something. he is like, give me that tree, bro. >> it is about time. most people cannot tell the difference between owl nighs way if one replaces the other one who cares? >> i quote, this is what the scientists said, barn owls are more prolific readers and less finicky about their food. they don't bow down in front of the endangered species act. they are brutal predators known to slice them with their talons and decapitating them. barn owl rtz radical muslims of the avian world. because of that the spotted owls need to get a better foreign policy or they will get run out of this country. i have spoken. deal with it. >> remi, how would you defend the owl if it was in court?
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>> it would be some sort of sanity defense i am sure. i didn't know much about this policy, so i did some research after i read the story. and i will tell you what i learned. back in february of this year, ken salazar called this plan a, quote, science-based approach that restores the health of our lands and wildlife and supports jobs and revenue for local communities. although there has been some press saying this is going to dough stroy jobs for people -- destroy jobs for people, that might thought necessarily be entirely accurate. they will allow logging. they are not going to be getting rid of people. >> i had an opinion before you brought this to my attention because you did some reading. i will choose to ignore what you said because it will hurt what i had to say. bill isn't one human job more available than one owl life? >> i don't know about that. according to what remi said we
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will be creating jobs here too. >> she is lying jie. you -- >> you are lying. >> i am quoting ken salazar. >> she a american with the name salazar. >> he isn't even from here. >> he is part of big owl, by the way. he is paid by the owls. you know what the problem with owls is, they are perceived to be smart. they haven't invented a single thing. they sit in a tree and stair at you. they can turn their heads around. that is kind of amazing. >> you think that because you hang out with the bar owls and they are aggressive. >> what's up, let's get another drink. these guys in portland are pip peas -- hippies, we can take them out. >> stop eating the bar mix, bar owl. >> we have to go. enough of the owl bashing. do you have a comment on the
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show? e-mail us at rex it at fox i hope you have a video of your animal doing something interesting. you can submit a video and we might use it. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by runways, the long strip of runway designated for takeoffs and landings. thanks, runways.
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let's find out if we have anything wrong so far. andy, how are you doing? >> you had a good week? >> an interesting week. still ticked off at united airlines for what they did to me. we will settle that. >> out of court or in court. >> in court for us in the air. >> i would like to point out people on twitter say they gave you things to give to me. >> yes. >> i have not gotten them yet. >> they are being shipped. they are being shipped. >> i want to be on the record to say they have not reached me yet. >> there are a lot of weird things to give to you. one was herpes. let it come out and then i have to transmit it to you. >> can we see it? >> give me awhile. >> rt north korean news agency
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says it has been unearthed. you asked why we are not all in north korea. greg is a terrifying interest >>- a terrifying giant. >> is there a restriction on letting him in the country? >> they are scared. >> i guess it makes sense. >> remi, you said maybe something is getting lost in translation. you are kind of right. the korean unicorn is actually a creature called a kieran. it is not the same as a western unicorn. >> i think greg is crying in the corner. >> i refuse to believe anything you say. you know this means a lot to me. >> it is true. i took great pleasure in finding this out. >> good pour you. good for you. >> that's pretty small of you, andy. >> i know. >> i don't have a problem with that. >> i didn't think you did.
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>> this is not a response to the onion. north korea originally announced this in 2011, but they only released it in english on november 29th. >> and you don't think there is a connection to the onion's report? >> this came outweigh before. >> they just put it out in english for us. >> but it already existed. >> slow translators. >> and as greg eluded torques the important part of the story is it proves that pyongyang was the capital of an ancient king kingdom. lead by the guy who road this mythical creature. the point is to give legitimacy to korea as the real korea. >> you used to be stationed in the korea in the military. i think you got a dog in this hunt. i think you have seen it and you are not coming clean with
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us. >> the dogs in korea don't last very long. >> a horrible myth. >> that is a horrible myth. >> or a horrible true story. i don't know. >> anyway, should you write to the president. >> i have to say i love the outlashdish claims a news agency has made. they claimed kim jong-il could control the weather with his moods and he invented the hamburger and a youtube video and a nonexistent protest lead to americans dying in benghazi. wacky stuff. bob costas, dan, you said we live in a 24-hour news cycle. >> it sounded real good. it is true, we do. >> i don't even know what it means. >> you brought up the head
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injuries which made what costas say even more off. you are in the midbell of a -- you are giving us a civics lex tour? >> they are talking about how intense the brain injure rears are. >> and you have had football players -- former football players killing themselves because of these brain injury. >> they are shooting themselves in the chest so people can study their brain. >> we don't know -- apparently he had a bunch of concussions. we don't know at all if that lead to what he did. to blame guns which there is a chance tay the sport you aregetd it? >> the reason he did that was not to be factual but to get the applause and the attention from the media. >> they say things like this make you think about gun control, buts as you pointed out, they do.
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they make those who believe in gun control speak up and people opposed don't say, oh i guess i am for gun control now. >> they say this will cause people to rethink. no, it doesn't. it is just them reposing the idea. we need to reopen the conversation. >> it sparked outrage. >> dan, couldn't agree more. >> numbers, numbers. >> it is all about numbers. >> and stocks and mutuals. >> mutuals, stocks, cd's expense account numbers. >> i went to warden. >> i think we need to get on espn to do some regular -- >> i think i would blow their minds too much.
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i was offered the head stock exchange. >> that's awesome. that's really awesome. >> i like doing comedy. it starts in providence, killed killed. >> geeing, didn't you used to have a house boy called physical cliff? >> it is unfortunate what happened to him. the truss broke. he landed in that thing i made. >> you have long said without a trust there is no trust. >> that's true. joy terry you said the go -- >> terry you said the gop should walk away. every generation gets the president it deserves. we were talking off camera. i don't want anybody to suffer, but i think that's what we need. if you keep putting your hand on a hot stove you say that is not the smart thing.
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we have to put our hand on a hot stove and say this burns and then we will keep stalling it. it is this bs mind set. no. guess what. you voted for it. >> i kind of agree with you. this is the negotiation. they have given the counter offer. house republicans submitted a plan. they say this does not meet the test of balance. >> and bill said there will need to be theatrics. >> why does there need to be? >> i don't think it needs to be, but that is what will happen. >> the worst thing about this back and forth is not the back and forth between the commentators commenting as wealth. as well. everybody knows. they are really talking at
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each other. why don't whoa just say shut up, no, forget it. screw you people? >> i find the arguing soothing. >> tbhubs. >> you want to say to everyone, numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers. >> lastly on this owl killing thing, dan you pointed out this is about east coast/west coast it is like a rap feed. i wanted the bards owls to be more like the goads fnlt instead they are coming out aggressively. >> the spotted owl is poke and the one that wants to kill them is shug knight. you don't want him on board with that. the only winner will be diddy. >> he has the owl head
12:41 am
movement too. >> what about 2-pac? >> he is dead. jay no, he could be in a tree as an owl. >> in an owl suit. >> we have to go. that's what they are telling me. thank god he left. why do birds suddenly appear. >> why did muslim hard liners protest the nilling --
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it is milk hate. in bahrain they used teargas to break up an anti-kardashian protest. what can she be protesting? she launched a milk shake franchise in a mall there. it drew thousands of screaming
12:45 am
fans and angry muslim hard liners who denounced her presence in their country. as one protestor said, quote, none of our customs and traditions receive stars of porn movies. wow. and suni muslims lawmakers called her an actress with a bad reputation. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning roooouuuunnnnddd. lightning round. >> dan, she is over there trying to help millions of people, and these protesters go out there. were you surprised by this? >> shocked. everyone knows i am a huge fan of all of the work the kardashians do smghts i find them -- i find them extremely thought out and they came from nothing.
12:46 am
they came from nothing and they earned. why do you want to tear people down when they do nothing, protesters? she is a phenomenal actress if you have seen scary movie 7 and a half. i don't like watch having my heros taken down. >> i agree with you completely. she tweeted i just got to bahrain. omg, the prettiest place on earth. can i move here? >> can we force her to live there? >> she is a waste of space. >> oh the gal from a woman with a law degree. >> not all of us could defend murderers, remi. >> but, the rest of us don't need to make sex tapes. >> terrible, terrible example for girls. >> i suppose defending a murderer is less harmful than a sex tape.
12:47 am
you don't have me defending those charged with crimes. any one of you could be picked up tomorrow. >> kim kardashian is the joan biez of our time. >> she wishes. >> is this a sign that the west is winning? our worst reality stars have fans screaming over there? >> this is lightning round, right? >> yes. >> pass. jay i like milk shakes. >> and you liked sex tapes. >> bill, you dated kim in the early 80s. i felt like i missed the boat. she turned into something better after puberty. i will say that the within they are protesting is not because they are bringing the milk shake franchise to bahrain.
12:48 am
no better caw could contain her. it would be a bag carrying a bunch tires. that would be just as distracting. joy it is the prettiest place in the world. joy i have no opinion on this story. i tried to create one. >> i am going to a break and then we will come back and talk about other stories. or maybe not. >> more kardashian.
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a new study from baylor university, go tar heels, finds a young addiction to their cell phones is crushing their personal relationship. the average adult checks their phone 60 times a day which if my math is correct, it is once per hour. researchers concluded that like compulsive spenders they are driven boy materialism and impulse sighness. that's what keeps the economy moving. shouldn't we be encouraging these kids to be more impulse sigh.
12:53 am
>> i can't understand why you would want people to concentrate on people around you or real physical touch. have you ever sexted? it is much more gratifying than actual sex. gross. >> high people are becoming annoying. why do we saw super having less personal relationship is a bad thing? >> i don't have a loss of personal relationship. >> the less people you hang out with, the less you will be murdered boy them. >> i think we should dedicate a segment to educate your cell, your guest -- >> i watched all of the l.a. laws back then. the. >> need -- the need for both sides -- you tell me your job was like night court and i will wok away right now. >> you have a wacky bailiff. >> do you think this will lead
12:54 am
to other problems like addiction to heroin? >> i was with my friends and there were four or five and i looked around and everybody is on their phone going -- i was like, guys put down the f-ing phones. people are so beds that people are icky. you would think with all of the technology kids these days -- i just said kids these days and i mean it. kids these days, i think they are dumber. they probably couldn't tell you where libya is on a map. they certainly don't know what the fiscal -- >> let me step in here. >> bill, as a parent do you embrace your cell phone addiction for your children. >> have you ever tried to talk into these creatures. when we were growing up we had to talk to each other.ld say ohd of finding a way to shorten it. it was a waste of time with
12:55 am
zity, zity people. >> i played in the mud. >> i was watching "friends" like at home for no reason at all, and i was watching" friends" and i realized that if they had cell phone and texting in the era of "friends" there would be no dialogue. all of the people would be going -- their dialogue was alo and omg. friends would be silent. >> and you would kill half of the plot point. and they say we have to gett to joy and tell them it is a commercial. >> it solves every problem. >> i think we learned something today, that we learned nothing. i will close things out with a post game wrap up from andy levy. go to fox red 8.
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tv's andy levy is here for the post game wrap up. >> how was your trip to kenya? >> it was fantastic. i think you may have some pictures. that's me in the village with the warriors. the men let me dance with them. if you look at the mounds in the dirt, that's me jumping. we were jumping in buffalo crap. >> are you like david blaine? did you visit barack obama's homeland? >> you know, i did. i was in kenya and i went to every kenyan we meet. this is where our president is from. not one of them got it. >> that's because hoe is from there. that's because he is from there. >> i just got a


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