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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 4, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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brody. safe to say that photoshop didn't work on this one. >> and this is from the betis family, their youngest son was over taking pictures and this was one of the best of the bunch. >> they call go through the phase. >> and this of the grand kids. little one terrified of santa and older boy seems more annoyed than concerned. bye. >> gretchen: love to see those photos. good morning december 4th. 2012. i am gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing part of your day. the president shoots down the republican's plan to avoid the fiscal cliff almost asap. was it because it was a bad deal but his favorite deal could be no deal at all. i feel like i am playing let's make a deal. remember that show?
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>> steve: meanwhile fascianista and mentor about to get a major promotion from the president? is she qualified to be a u.s. ambassador and run an embassy? we ask you ladies and gentlemenn of the jury. >> brian: she would be best dressed. fired for being a man. bell ringer was silenced because the girls bring in more christmas cash. is that true? "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ >> steve: welcome aboard, folks. live from studio e. brian has a lot of friend exercise family members that watch the program. call him throughout the program today, because unbeknowns to you. prian cell phone has fallen through a hole of the jacket
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pocket and stuck in the lining. >> brian: it dropped through the lining and a secret passage. >> gretchen: give me that coat. >> brian: this is how i function. >> gretchen: somebody get scissors . i can feel the calls coming through. >> brian: there we go. hole in the pocket but i didn't know this big. no, you just. ♪ there is a hole in the pocket. >> brian: i am going to lose it >> gretchen: you have scissors. >> steve: oh, don't. >> gretchen: double scissors. >> steve: you can fish it out the other way. >> now. sorry. i will sew up the lining for you. >> steve: i hope it is my
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phone. >> gretchen: most sewing i have done for years. all right. >> brian: who is it from. >> gretchen: it is a 317. >> brian: my tailor said you have a hole in your pocket. >> gretchen: seriouslyy answer it. >> steve: how did he get your number. >> brian: are you watching the show right now. >> gretchen: are we on in [inaudible] >> brian: you want to know if oh, this is terry from the super bowl. terry it is in new orleans this year. are you going? okay. >> gretchen: okay, should i call home right now and talk
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to my kids. >> steve: only if your phone is stuck in the dress. >> brian: hoping to host the show and talk to you afterwards. you want to do it in that order. i will talk to you later. >> steve: you are watching rightt now. crisis averted. he has it out. (phone ringing) >> brian: fiscal cliff still in a stand off. back in a moment. [laughing] >> steve: that's right maxwell smart. kelley wright knows brian's phone number. >> gretchen: this has never happened before. four minutes into the show. kelley wright. >> steve: you know his number. >> gretchen: i don't know what to say, kelley >> chris: from the photocopy cliff to the fiscal cliff. >> one thing for sure you guys work together and averted the crisis of losing the phone and
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able to get it by cuts cutting it. you got a balanced approach. >> gretchen: kelley, that is brilliant. >> because the republicans have given a bold counter offer. come to me now, guys, we are okay. in a letter to president obama, the president writes that the american people expect the leaders to find common ground . with that they proposed a bold counter offer for averting the fiscal cliff. the republican plan seeks $800 billion through tax reform and mandatory spending cuts. the white house said that the republican proposal falls short of what the president wants and cannot be taken seriously. >> we understand they don't agree with everything but we have not seen alternatives for them and they spoke about the
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need for revenue and that acknowledgment is welcome. but thus far republicann leaders are adament don't believe rates should go up on the top two percent of the american people. the american people disagree. rates have to rise and the republicans need to acknowledge that. >> that's the major difference between the two sides. tax hikes for the rich x. republicans want tax reform and eliminate deductions and closing the loop holes. the president said on twitter, there can't be tax cuts at the rich at the expense of domestic programs. >> the biggest problem with president obama is he is a small-pinded president in big times . he talk about 35-39 that doesn't get us out of debt. >> that is tough rhetoric for senator lindd say graham.
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the president will meet with governors and representatives of big business to discuss the plan and house speaker jone boehner will meet with the governors and plans to conduct rallies with small business owners and not sure when they will sit down and talk again. >> steve: thank you very much, kelley. we heard there are a number of democrats willing to jump off of the cliff schumer to name one. the white house is telling democrat reporters that the president is not eager to but he is willing to go off of the cliff if the republicans don't agree to raising income tax rates. >> gretchen: that is not surprising. on the show, basically all of the cuts that are coming january 1st are part of the dnc platform except for raising taxes on the middle class which would be $2000 per
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family under $250,000 income. why would this be a smart thing to do. because january when congress is back in session and they have a few more democrats coming to the table. they could simply pass a tax cutting bill for the middle class to take care of that part of the problem and the entire blame goes on the republican problem and to the pressure of whether or not they would vote for that. >> brian: i think this is in the game. no one is saying. let's switch constitutional authority . pretend we don't have entitlement . now argue about marginal rates and republicans are leaning on erskin bowles of the bowles-simpson reform plan which they finished in bey arey. charles krauthammer said don't worry about it. it is all politicings. >> the president could get revenues from deductions and
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exclusionns but insists on the rates. he wants to break the back of the republicans. this is a continuation of his campaign. he thinks he won it and now he's driving a stake through the republicanns. nothing about economics. >> gretchen: two points here. erskin bowles said recently that the times have changed since he came up with his plan with simpson two years ago, because the president won reelectionn number one and more democrats were put in to office. how does that change what the debt commission came up with? would it have raised the end result. he seemed to suggest that it would have given the democrats the edge. >> steve: it seems odd that the white house said the republican's doesn't make a balance. an out fit called third way.
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a moderate think tank. they did a poll. these people voted for president. only 41 percent said spending cuts x. 41 percent said tax incuts. 10 percent. only tax increases 5 percent. >> gretchen: i am stunned for the 41 percent who voted for president obama and think it should be spending cuts. 41 percent of the people who said yes, mr. president, i want you to have a second term that they think it is the most important thing to do to have spending cuts which doesn't appear to be part of the plans he put forward. >> brian: couple of things before we go to a break. i think david brooks is a conservative times, they are going to have to raise rates. 35-39 . i think if the democrats want to give this plenty there for them to mesh theirr beliefs
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into this. i think this is something you negotiate off of and septemberor ken conrad. get in helicopters and fly to camp david and hammer it out over the weekend . negotiate it. >> gretchen: they did it two -- we spent taxpayer money for simpson-bowls and nothing happened . so here we go again. >> steve: perhaps they will layy the ground work for the fiscal cliff that is loomming in three weekings. tick, tick. >> gretchen: unless anyone has a phone stuck in their lining. i am okay. >> brian: i am okay. >> steve: oh, viseen. no problem. >> gretchen: i have two scissors. exclusive report in the new york postsaid that chief linebacker had dinner and drinkks with another woman friday night and spent the
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night in her apartment and then returned home and spot shot his girlfriend. this could be about domestic violence. in 2006, he punched his fist through a window because he was upset with the girl. according to the cvc shaping up to be a bad one. this strain is a great match for this year's vaccine. 120 million americans have received flu shots. give her an ambassador job. according to bloomburg news. the editor of vogue may be ambassador to france. the white house had no comment. those are the headlines. that happens all of the time. ambassadorships are favors. 92 but what is her qualification aside from being
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editor. >> brian: and supporter of mrs. assad. >> gretchen: if you went back in time and look at other ambassador ships >> chris: it could doesn't go to her could go to mr. blackwell. >> brian: finallyy a royall baby bump. kate middleton is meg frant. this morning a scare and why she's in the hospital. >> steve: little boys as well . one making a mission to get a easy bake oven to make changes. call brian on the cell phone and all of you folks in indiana know the number. share the number. ♪ (phone ringing) um... uh...
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>> gretchen: 16 minutes after the top of the hour. if you are just waking up. it is usually a symbol of pride and patriotism. but the new flag polls seen in iran have a sinister meaning. the flag poles are electronic attenas used to jam communication and block their citizens from getting internet tv and radio signals. why? here with more is disa. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> gretchen: you have inside sources in the country of iran, why would they wanting to fool their citizens as to the real mission of the flag poles. >> the biggest threat to the regime since 2009 when the iranian government was caught off guard and saw the large presence on the internet and getting information from
3:18 am
outside of the country and sending information from inside out. it was the twitter rev -- revolution. they were using youtube and blog citizen journalist . this is the dialogue and communication that the government wants to control. so on - >> gretchen: so they are putting satellite blockers. >> it is working. every time there is an obstacle in place they are fining ways to work around it they are technological savvy. three-quarters of the country is under the age of 35. this is not someone they can suppress for too much time . the message to the west and united states in particular, is that this is the achilles heel of the government in iran. they want to protect their existence and they feel
3:19 am
vulnerable . they will go to any ends to stop this flow of information. >> gretchen: what should westerners be aware of? is there anything can do? >> support the iranian people in terms of the programs. in the 2009 uprising, there were independent companies that were helping the american youth proxy service. that is a third party to bounce the connection off of to get back on facebook. the iranian government made threats to cut them off from the global internet and have a hala network and only allow them to have websites that are okayed by the government . this is causing cancer in the country has sky rocketed. 500 channels and 200 radio stations are blocked and
3:20 am
genetic mutations with the children. >> much deeper than just shutting down communication. >> lisa, always great to get your insight on this. have a great day. >> my pleasure. >> kim stone, a town that is too tough to die all to protect that cute little owl on your screen. flight to florida are going up. we'll tell you why. ♪ ♪ cer ] package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha! tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though,
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the accused fort hood shooter can keep his appeal. they ordered that major nadal be forcefully shaved. has an was accused of killing 39 people including a pregnant woman. just in time for the holidays. an air fare increase. they are paying 8 percent more . fuel costs is a key reason why. >> the town too tough to die but it may have met its match in the mexican spotted owl. it lost its water source in a wild fire in 2011 and the u.s. department of forestry has prevented the to from repairing the own water line because it could harm the habitat of the owl. this is darcey olseven which
3:25 am
is representing tomb stone in the lawsuit. >> federal government said you can fix the water line, but because it is a special area you have to use horses and hand tools even though there are sizes of volkswagons there. >> you can't make this stuff up. it is unbelievabluation in arizona. pipe springs are melted and wrapped around trees because of the monsoons and people of tomb stone only have access to three out of 25 springs. they don't even have a two-day water supply down there. it is imperative that the feds get out of the way and let the people repair the pipe line. >> steve: in addition to the fact that the water is at a trickle. historic town of tomb stone is large leawooden buildings and
3:26 am
they don't have enough water to run the fire trucks, right. >> that's right . what wells they do have. they have arsenic in the wells and it is a town of a thousand. but there are 20,000 tourist going through there. it is a booming area. but these ecological extremist are everywhere and what they are forgetting in the situation, these pipe lines co-existed with the animals for over 100 years and as long as the pipe lines have been there. >> so they are holding things up because they can't use heavy equipment and owls and butter flies and frogs. can't they call in the guys from wild kingdom and find these animals and take care of them for a couple of weeks while they move the pipe line through . move it back. they have that on reality shows. why can't they do that in reality.
3:27 am
>> there is no danger to the animals. they have been co-isting and the people want to take heavy equipment because the job at hand is so enormous. no one wants to destroy the habitat and they want to protect the forest as well that is our forest. i think that that is the federal government throwing up the usual blockades. this is similar to the situation after the bp oil spill. governor jind all wanted to protect the shore lines and the federal government waited weeks and would not grant louisiana permission to do this. all we are stating is that enforce the that we have the right to protect our area. >> there is a showdown and you are representing the town of tomb stone.
3:28 am
keep in touch and we'll find out how it goes in court. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us today from arizona. phoenix, they have plenty of water. kate middleton pregnant with the future king or queen of england but now a serious health care and why she's in the hospital . remember the easy bake oven. it is marketed to girls but should it target boys as well. looks delicious . happy birthday to marisa tome. who is 48. [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean. this is another! ta-daa!
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3:33 am
hospital after suffering from severe morning sickness. that is the hospital right there. prince william was there @ the hospital and expected back. >> brian: is that a royal ramp or a ramp everyone can use. >> gretchen: good thing we are not showing her morning sicker. hipper nemesis gravaderam. it is rare but acute morning sick not like the kind most of us get when you have had a baby. >> gretchen: it is bad. weight loss and here's the clincher it accounts for morning sickness but it could mean that it could be twins. >> steve: it is associated with women having twins. there is a website called morphing website. they took images of kate and
3:34 am
william. >> brian: usually accurate and so according to the computer. this is what a little boy would like like. adorable . this is what a little girl would like like. same thing. very adorable. >> gretchen: remember yesterday we were talking about twins that were fighting in the womb with that ultrasound. here's what happens if the royal family has twins. because the law changed remember in england you can be king or queen. it is not just king first. it is either one of them . so which ever twin comes out first is the heir. we now know why they fight. >> brian: absolutely. >> gretchen: there is a heck of a lot of the fighting if you are in the royal family. >> brian: how long does the royal pregnancy last.
3:35 am
>> steve: nine monthses. we only have three. >> gretchen: you know the date. >> steve: i think they said yesterday they ar expecting a june baby and she's about 12 months long. >> gretchen: he and i share the same birthday. >> brian: i share a birthday with johnnie unitus . julie andrews and mary poppins. >> gretchen: ♪ the hills are alive. >> brian: carrie underwood . we have headlines for you. >> steve: brand new details about the desperate search for a 11 year old leukemia patient whose mother slipped her out of the phoenix hospital. listen to the 911 call after the nurse spotted them leaving. >> they were by the front entrance and walked into the bathroom. disconnected her from the iv and walked out of the front
3:36 am
door and got in the car. >> steve: there is a chance that emily is in mexico. they stopped and questioned her father and he said he didn't know where his daughter was. >> gretchen: a warning for syria after they start to move the chemical weapons. >> the world is watching . the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. and if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there would be conquences and you will be held accountable. >> gretchen: hopefully. president assad claims he would never use chemical weapons. this would be on his own people. but assad has been massacring his own people. his father was accused of using sign nide that left 20,000 people. do you think that he listened and sitting back.
3:37 am
maybe i should listen to president obama. >> brian: i wonder how many of them have an iraqi return address on them. ceo of cheesecake factory warns that president's health care law causes price to rise. >> we spend millions on health care and we don't know how much more we pay. for businesses that don't cover employees, they will be in for a very expensivuation. >> brian: right now they cover everyone that works over 25 hours. >> steve: meanwhile, a teen taking on a toy company for her little brother. >> why don't they have boys in the easy bake oven commercial. >> steve: because, because only girls play with them? >> steve: 13 year old mckena wants hasbro to make a easy bake oven for guys.
3:38 am
he wants one for christmas and only can find pink and purple. she started a campaign to change the color. >> it is men don't work. please sign the petition and help me in my fight to get gender equality. >> steve: gender quality in ovons that work with a light bulb. she postod line. >> gretchen: i have been blessed with a girl and boy. my daughter asked for a easy bake oven and she got it. it is pink. you know who uses it my 7 year old son. >> brian: i thought it was your husband. >> that's about his cooking skills is a light bulb. why? boys and girls like the end result it is being creative and puttingher and like to eat the cookies or
3:39 am
cake . i think it is a idea. >> brian: most famous chefs in the world men. julia childs was a woman in there. but no other woman emerged. >> gretchen: wait a minute. >> brian: name a famous female chef. >> gretchen: there is it a lot of the women. >> brian: steve was saying men are better. >> gretchen: that goes to the next story. >> steve: except for the guys who stand on the corners and ringing the bells for the salvation army and they do that in the new york city area. let us introduce you to 29 year old johnathon spivey who applied to be a bell ringer . he loves to sing and get paid for doing it. he was dismissed by the salvation army because the manager said girls make more cash and women bring in more money than guys. young cute girls make more
3:40 am
money . we'll put out an adtargeting people. >> brian: it is a society in which we live. hot women generate more cash. >> gretchen: help. >> brian: scientist have studied this in every country. >> gretchen: maybe hot women standing on the corner asks for money. >> steve: and many have for thousands of years. >> gretchen: i feel bad that the guy is not getting a job. i lost out jobs to a guy. it works both ways and so whatever . by the way. paula deen is on the phone for you. oh, yeah, right. rachel ray and i can keep them coming. >> brian: she was the best. he retired at the top. >> steve: meanwhile, cook up weather and find out what is going on in the weather maps and where is it raining from
3:41 am
the great lakes and down in portions of mississippi and missouri valley and southern parishes in louisiana. out in the pacific northwest. it is another rainy day in california. they have had a lot of rain . current temperatures on rapid city. 32, and it is 29 to say in denver . 34 in provo . here in the new york city currently raining outside. we have 50 degrees about . same for raleigh and warmer in the ohio valley currently out in cleveland. they are approaching 60 . that will be the high today. midatlantic. temperatures in the 70s we'll have 80s in much of florida, nice 70 temperatures in texas . southern california in the city of angels 70 is the daytime high. we'll have victoria secret angels with us in an hour.
3:42 am
>> brian: that should be being. >> gretchen: no doubt. >> steve: it is. >> gretchen: after hurricane sandy all hope was locked until a stranger stepped in to help. >> he didn't know me from adam and i didn't know him. see what he did. it is wonderful>> gretchen: that man and one of his heroes will join us live on "fox and friends". >> brian: then veterans have to get a permission slip from the government to own a gun . judge napolitano got a permission to appear today. he could easily called in sick. ♪ ♪
3:43 am
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3:45 am
>> brian: new york giants play the washington red skin and
3:46 am
they ended up lose will. i don't want to talk about. giants are 7-5 and redskins 6-6. he was faulted for keeping quiet about the fast and furious. gary grinnler chief-of-staff for eric holder is stepping down, last day tomorrow. steve, something to do with nothing i talked about. >> steve: has to do with the law. they risked their lives to protect our country. >> gretchen: u.s. veterans deemed too mentally incompetent to handle the finances are entered into a national criminal background system. that prevents them from buying or owning a gun. >> steve: should the second amendment right of those veterans be taken away. we'll have to judge andrew napolitano. >> i am upset about the gines. i will do my best. >> steve: in the defense bill, there is a sticky issue of
3:47 am
whether or not veterans should be allowed to bear gun. >> the right to bear guns it is a natural right. if you are armed you have a right to defend yourself and your family and country. that is a right and not a gift from the government. you don't need a permission slip to defend yourself. yet this legislation would permit burrcrats in the va. poorly managed health system to make an evaluation as to whether or not a veteran is competent to keep and bear arms. this is not for the power of the burrcrats. if they are utterly incompetent they can make their own case before the judge. not a burrcrat in a hospital admission. >> gretchen: how did it from and i don't understand why whether someone can balance a
3:48 am
checkbook has to do with right to bear armings. >> i couldn't agree with you more . people in the government who are in their heart against the right to bear arms and think only the police should and we shouldn't defend ourselves. will find every opportunity to keep law abiding people from having guns and this is one of those opportunities. think of it this way. virtually every veteran is trained, but they have basic training in how to defend themselves and they know more about the guns than the people who are making evaluation about them in the hospital. sometimes i have trouble balancing my checkbook. we all do. that is not a basis for taking away a natural right. 92 thank you, judge napolitano. >> pleasure. >> don't forget to carried wand. >> and after sandy all was
3:49 am
lostt until er stepped n >> he didn't know me from adam and i didn't know him from adam and look, see what he did. it is wonderful>> gretchen: that man and the life here next. >> steve: they can fetch and roll over. dogs can drive. we have evidence straight ahead. you don't want to miss this. put the pedal to the medal. ♪ ♪ and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> brian: he was living without heat and water after hurricane sandy. he was not moving after sandy
3:53 am
destroyed his home. he was left with next to nothing . a few good numbers and 50 vol tierce heard about his story because the town was coming down on him because the remnants of the house was on the flant line. they built up the home from bottom up and look at the group and look at the inside of the house. here to share their heart felt story is the owner himself and the contractor. >> thank you. >> brian: sorry that the storm destroyed your house. i was stunned to find out the town was mad because of the garbage outside. >> yeah, it was outside . the mor said that they are going to pick it up . he gave us a piece of paper that said we picked up the garbage. if you put more out, you have to pay for it yourself. which i thought was pretty
3:54 am
screwy. he should have waited until they got most put out. you can't just put everything. as you went on. you seen you couldn't use it you put it out. >> brian: on top of that your wife had a heart attack. >> she had the heart attack before the storm and in the hospital. you hear about this story and the citation because of the garbage. what do you do? >> the night before thanks giving. i was watching local fox station . they reported about pete giving a warning for violation . i was like it is the night before thanksgiving, this man is 95 years old and sit nothg a house without heat, without electricity . anything . they are worried about the garbage? through fox in new york.
3:55 am
i was able to contact his neighbors larry parker and patricia who had started a facebook page and gotten the ball going . i am a builder. we did this like that television show where they used to do houses quickly and had 30 or 40 trades in the house and did it in a week . lair yepat put furniture and christmas tree and it is a beautiful home to the holidays. >> brian: what is yourr reaction to all of this? >> there is no word in the dictionary to explain it. just thank you is not enough for what the people have done for me and this gentleman fixed up my house again. >> brian: mike, you do this for a living. how does this whole thing make you feel? >> it is rewarding for me as it is for meet. everyone on long islandment to help and i happened to be in a
3:56 am
business where i can get things done with my own hand and with people assisting me and things around me . i am blessed to do this and so happy to met pete. every day i see him he teaches me something new. >> brian: how is your wife doing. >> he's all right . he's in rehabilitation and i hope she will come home. she's going to be surprised when she walks in the house. >> brian: and see it better than ever. >> right. new furniture and bedroom set. because 20 inches was water can do a lot of damage in your home. >> brian: 20 inches. >> i never realized how much damage. >> brian: you now have a beautiful place to live. thank you, mike it is a great thing you did. mike, thank you so much and good luck as your wife comes
3:57 am
home. >> right. thank you. >> thank you. >> four minutes before the top of the hour. first living person to be medal. he's telling his story and what he really want to do he will describe next. it may be cold outside. but hot in here. two victoria angels are here. you can stick around. ♪ the boys use capital one venture miles for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use.
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4:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, december 4, 2012. it's 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. i'm gretchen carlson. the president shoots down the republican's offer on paper to avoid the fiscal cliff. but is it because it's a bad deal or is it because the president's favorite deal could be actually go over the cliff? we'll explore it. >> brian: prince william rushed to the hospital where his pregnant wife and future king or convening of england is located. a frightening rare health scare.
4:01 am
she's experiencing right now. we're going to go live at that hospital. also talked to dr. siegle at the couch about what she's going through. >> steve: then they can fetch and roll over, but did you know dogs can drive? we've got the evidence. look at that. >> brian: i knew. >> steve: stick shift. "fox & friends" and fido for this tuesday, hour two starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. if you missed the open of our 6:00 a.m. hour, i don't think we can top it exactly right now. unless somebody else wants to call brian and he wants to put his phone back -- >> brian: time of crisis of the control room supported me. gretchen cut me. and my favorite family called me. >> steve: this is what it looked like. folks, what had happened is brian had a hole in his breast pocket. >> brian: i still do, by the
4:02 am
way. >> steve: he does. it was not sewn up in this transaction. but apparently his black berry fell through the hole. it was actually secreted in the lining of his coat. it was right there, it's ringing, he could kind of make out who people were sending a text from. >> gretchen: and guess what? nobody had thought of scissors until we were on live tv. yeah. >> steve: to cut it out rather than fish it out. i just got a report that maureen, who provided the scissors, has offered to sew up my pocket. >> steve: there you go! >> gretchen: she would be good at that because she puts on our make-up every day. she's sewn on plenty of things on me. >> steve: she's good. but what about dr. siegle is in the wings. meanwhile, let's talk about this. yesterday we told you the president had made his offer. the republicans said it's a nonstart and yesterday janer and
4:03 am
top leadership signed a letter that did something they hadn't done for a while. this is the first time boehner got his entire leadership team, including cantor and paul ryan to sign a plan that called for the raising of revenue. so what is the republican counteroffer? $800 billion in tax revenue by closing loopholes and deductions. should point out that would affect families with an income of $250,000 or more. >> brian: they're going to leave the charitable deduction and talking about leaving the mortgage deduction. there is other deductions. they got to get specific at this point. the selection over. >> gretchen: it would have included 600 billion in entitlement cuts and other programs, extends the bush era tax cuts for everybody and it raises the medicare retirement age and, of course, democrats are very testy about that because they don't want to do that at all. i believe have raised it from 65 to 67. what's important is what steve alluded to, which is boehner --
4:04 am
>> brian: as opposed to what i allude to inasmuch but it included. >> gretchen: it included the top members of the republican party. eric cantor and paul ryan also signed on to this closing of the loopholes to essentially raise taxes. why is that important? because many people have said that the republican party is fractured right now and so to me, that was a big coming together and for the president to just sort of slam it down and say, i hate it. bad idea, you know, maybe we could have a little bit more compromise and really get back to the table because this plan, that is a compromise for many republicans. >> brian: there is no way democrat also go for raising marginal rates. >> gretchen: i agree. >> brian: eric cantor will be beside himself. >> steve: this plan is reasonable and it is balanced and it's based on erskine
4:05 am
bowles, a democrat suggestion. >> brian: the only erskine we know. >> steve: actually i know another one. >> gretchen: oh, no! no, no. that's the first name. >> steve: anyway, i know one lindsey, graham. he was on with greta van susteren last night. what they were talking about, you know, he had some sharp words for the president of the united states. the president is not thinking big. here is lindsey. >> we need to adjust the age of retirement, slowly but surely for people under 55 because we're all living longer. the longer you wait to solve it, the harder it is. if you do it now, you could save the benefit strength for those who need it the most. ask people like me to pay more and reduce my benefits 'cause i could afford to take that hit. and the sooner you do it, the easier it is for all. the problem with president obama is he is a small minded president. >> steve: the white house immediately rejected the republicans' man ask said it
4:06 am
wasn't balanced, even though it is balanced. it does actually raise revenue. democrats want the tax rates to go up. >> brian: they had a christmas party last night, the speaker and president were there. the word is they were going to talk. maybe they did. five minutes after the hour. let's change gears. prince william arriving at the hospital where kate middleton is waking up after suffering severe morning circumstanceness. what's that? >> gretchen: the condition -- is hard to pronounce. it strikes 2% of expecting moms. it can be an indicator of something else, which is twins. joining us to weigh in, dr. mark siegle. it's hyper something or another. >> vomiting, pregnant. go back to the latin. >> steve: thank you very much. >> 1 to 2% of all pregnancies have this. actually it's the number two cause of hospitalization after preterm labor. it's a big problem. morning sickness, 80% of women, everyone knows about that. severe morning sickness, when you continue to vomit, that
4:07 am
becomes a medical emergency. you have to put the person in the hospital and use intervenus fluids. the problem is you really can't stop the fluids as long as the vomiting is going on. >> steve: one of the interesting things about this particular condition, as you know, is that sometimes it's an indicator of twins. >> that's a happy thought. if the parents are ready for it. also it's more common in daughters, believe it or not. that's not a myth. and the main -- >> brian: how can it be common in sons? >> i mean if you're going to have a daughter. i think i better sew sew up your pocket now. >> it can be a life-threatening condition if you don't replace the fluids, replace the electrolytes, prevent the weight loss. there's a foundation out there that deals with this. there's a lot of research going on to make sure there isn't a problem later on for the fetus. there isn't going to be, though, most likely if you replace the fluid. >> steve: obviously she's getting good care. how long does it last? >> it starts at four to six weeks and usually can last up to
4:08 am
20 weeks, which as gretchen knows, that's like a lifetime if you're pregnant. >> gretchen: no kidding. when you're feeling sick, it does feel like a lifetime. steve knows exactly the date of conception. he told us earlier. >> let's not go there. >> steve: i don't know the date of conception, but royal watch railroads suggesting it will be born in june. >> so that's a long winter. >> steve: yeah. very long winter. >> brian: how much does it matter, if at all, that she's so thin? >> it matters in the sense that weight loss is something she can ill afford. but you don't want to lose a lot of weight when you're pregnant. it runs in families. she recurs. she might have this problem again with the next pregnancy. she'll have to be prepared for it. >> gretchen: did she get this problem because she is too thin? >> i don't think so. usually it's associated with the pregnancy hormone, hcg, that the placenta make causes you to get severely nauseous. that's why everyone has morning sickness, but much more severe in some cases. >> brian: she should not have been playing field hockey over the weekend. is that correct? >> it depends how well she did.
4:09 am
i bet she can beat you in field hockey. [ laughter ] >> that's not the problem. give her the fluids. >> steve: thank you very much. there is a bit of bad news and that is apparently prince harry will be throwing the baby shower in vegas. [ laughter ] >> brian: i don't think -- i'm pretty -- >> steve: i heard somebody say that. >> gretchen: let's hope only the baby is nude. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: last time around it was prince harry who didn't have clothes on. now headlines. the "new york post" says chief linebacker jovan belcher was playing the field, so to speak. and spent the night at another woman's apartment friday night. in the morning, he returned home where he murdered his girlfriend and then turned the gun on himself in front of his coaches. there is a new report that belcher was violent in the past.
4:10 am
in 2006, he punched his fist through a window because he was upset with a girl. maybe this whole thing has nothing to do with guns. maybe it was domestic violence. they were portrayed in the book and movie "in cold blood". investigators in florida are trying to figure out if the two men convicted of murdering the clutter family in kansas in 1959 killed another family. dick hickcock and perry smith are suspected of killing the walker family. authorities are hoping to exhume their bodies to test the dna evidence. lawyers for george zimmerman releasing this new photo that they say was taken the night that trayvon martin was shot and killed. you remember this story. the picture now shows zimmerman with a bloody nose.
4:11 am
he claims he pulled out his gun only after the teen attacked him and threatened to kill him. attorney for martin's family says the photo adds nothing new to the case. what's the funniest tv show of all time? according to a new poll, "cheers" came in fourth. third place "friends," with 16% of the vote. in second, "honeymooners" with 20% of the vote. and cop not guilty at number 1 -- >> this talking? what's the show about? >> about nothing. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: of course, "seinfeld" winning 22% of the vote. what do you think about that? let us know. you can e-mail or twitter us. >> steve: let's talk a little bit about this amazing video. you know your dog is smart. a lot of people think your dogs are brilliant. ladies and gentlemen, this is proof. you're looking at monty, ginny and porter. >> brian: real? >> steve: yes. those are dogs that are learning how to drive. what they're trying to do is
4:12 am
changing the public's per suspicion of the intelligence of rescue dog, showing that you can teach old dogs new tricks. come get a rescue dog. who knows? maybe they'll drive you around. >> brian: i mean, your paws are warn out, you want an alternative? this is it. >> gretchen: how about all the car pooling for moms and dads? got to get your kids to socker and piano. who know as soon as maybe in the coming future the dog can drive. >> steve: one of the extraordinary things, this is taking place in new zealand. they're giving these dogs these driving lessons. they're actually going to have their official driver's test live on television. who wouldn't watch that? >> brian: these are rescue dogs that could pay the ultimate price if people don't adopt them. people are saying look, not only are they great dogs, but how intelligent they are. >> gretchen: maybe that dog could teach me how to parallel park. >> brian: how did you pass your road test? >> gretchen: i parallel parked once at age 16 successfully in a pick up truck in minnesota.
4:13 am
my dad told me it would be the easiest car to parallel park and he was right. and yesterday was the second time in my life that i parallel parked. because i was forced into it. it was the only parking space. it took me four attempts and it wasn't pretty. >> brian: that's not really doing it if it took four times. >> gretchen: that's why i say maybe the dog can help me. >> brian: four times, that's not good [ laughter ] >> steve: all right. meanwhile -- >> gretchen: that's in the everyday, folks. just so you know. >> steve: 13 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up d this street sign offend you? why there is a new push to remove men at work signs. >> brian: it offends me. >> gretchen: then do you live in a state where money takers outnumber money takers? the places you want to avoid if you live there
4:14 am
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>> gretchen: 17 minutes after the top of the hour. are you thinking about buying a house right now? avoid these 11 states. they've just been singled out as some of the most high risk areas in the country. why? because they're more worried about helping the takers in those states apparently than the money makers. here to explain is the host of varney and company, stuart varney. so forbes is now putting this out and they're calling it death spiral states. it sounds pretty dire. >> they've made a big splash. bill baldwin use that had phrase, death spiral. that's extreme language. he is saying look, in these 11 states, don't buy a house there. don't move your business there and don't buy that state's bonds. >> gretchen: why?
4:18 am
because they're in dire financial shape. there is two reasons for it. number one, in these states, these 11 states, there are more takers than makers. for example, the state of california, for every 100 people in private enterprise, the private sector, the makers of this world, there are 139 takers. that means people on government payroll or getting something from the government. that ratio is out of whack. it means it's in a death spiral. there is a second reason. financial stability of these states is really in doubt. they are really going down in terms of the debt that they've got and the taxes that they're piling on. so they're not considered credit worthy. so there is more takers than makers and the credit worthiness of these states is going down. that's why they use this extreme language. death spiral. >> gretchen: and so part of the death spiral then is don't buy a house in these circumstances? >> yes. that's advice. that's what forbes is saying. that's what bill baldwin, the author is saying, look, avoid
4:19 am
this. if you get a job in california, for example, one of these death spiral states, okay. you take the job if it's a good job, but don't buy a house there. you rent. if you've got a business in illinois, for example, you don't think of going to california, move your business to california. no. you don't do that. you think of moving to texas where the taker, maker ratio is different. >> gretchen: lot of illinois businesses also move to indiana. >> yep. >> gretchen: also this suggestion was not buy the bonds. i guess that makes sense because the states are in debt? >> that's credit worthy. that's right. they could buy the bonds now, you might find the value of those bonds goes down in the future. >> gretchen: how do you get out of this death spiral if you're in one of these states? >> bill baldwin, who wrote the article, he's saying there are steps which these states could take, especially with their pensions, 'cause pensions, that's what's driving these states to financial problems. they owe so much on their
4:20 am
pension liabilities, they simply can't pay. so baldwin says there is a fix. it's dramatic and extreme. you got to fix the pensions. look at illinois. they have an unfunded liability of $233 billion for that one state! just in pensions. they got to fix that and they fix the state. >> gretchen: the problem is, a lot of those pensions are written into the constitutions of those states. >> yes. >> gretchen: so it's very difficult to change that. >> that's true. >> gretchen: california, i know that. >> there are ways around it. >> gretchen: all right. >> oh, yes there are. >> gretchen: i feel another segment coming. maybe we'll talk about that tomorrow. catch him at 9:20 eastern on the "fox business" network. have a great day. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, you hear about it all the time. seniors falling victim to fraud. now there is science that explains why. then he was the first living person to be awarded the medal of honor in decades. he's telling his story. he's hanging out with pete, the guy who got his home fixed after
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> gretchen: he was the first living person to be awarded the medal of honor. two years ago, staff sergeant gin at that was honored by president obama for saving the life of a fellow soldier and reventing another soldier from being carried away by taliban fighters in afghanistan. >> brian: now staff sergeant junta is telling his life story in the memoir which is excellent called "living with horn." >> steve: guess who joins us live. it's an honor to have you here. >> thanks for having me.
4:25 am
>> steve: you know, in fact, brian was talking this morning about part of your story he talked to you yesterday on the radio, when you were 17 years old, take us back, you were working at what, krispy kreme and subway? didn't know what to do with your life. >> no. i didn't. i never really expected to join the military, but we're a country at war. we had been in afghanistan since 2001 and we had just jumped into iraq march 26, 2003. i was able-bodies and i wasn't planning on school. so serving my country seemed like the next best thing. >> steve: so you walked in expect to go get a t-shirt. >> yes, sir. i went for the t-shirt and the recruiter told me simply, we're a country at war. you're able body, if you want to make a tangible difference and do something for other people, go ahead and join. i thought, well, it's pretty cool, but i came for the t-shirt. then it really resonated with me. it makes sense. i should serve my country. it's done so many great things for me.
4:26 am
i've been born and fortunate enough to be born here. >> brian: bring us to the moment that your training is not like sports except for if there is no war going on, you just train, it must be horrible. you like the fact that you can take your training and put it into action. when your second tour in afghanistan, what happened that got you a call from the president when you were stationed in italy? >> my unit battle company, we were in a near ambush and there was 18 of us. everyone was doing everything they could. the majority of the shooting was done by all the people around me, which allowed me the freedom of movement. the taliban were trying to take a prisoner, soldier joshua brennan was shot several times and he was still alive and they were carrying him away. as i ran forward, i eliminated the threat and i grabbed sergeant brenner and brought him back to our line, as everyone else continued to fight. it's difficult for me to sit here alone because there are so many great people that are the reason why i'm here.
4:27 am
i didn't look out for myself. they looked out for me. and two great men lost their lives that night. >> gretchen: what was it like for you to know that you had been bestowed this amazing honor that no living person has achieved since the vietnam war? >> it kind of hurt me at first. i read the stories about medal of honor recipients and they're heros, they're men that history books have been written about. two of my buddies gave everything for this country, and yet people want to pat me on the back and congratulate me. it was a very difficult step to take. this is a heavy responsibility to represent the best, the strongest, the brightest, the most courageous. and they have to look at my face. >> steve: you are a hero. you didn't want to write this book, you said. why? >> i put in a whole bunch of personal information, making it a very public forum and talking about some of the things that i've not succeed on in life is difficult. but i felt it was important because i want to highlight the people that have been around me, the people that have made me the man i am. i didn't make myself.
4:28 am
i'm only a product of my environment. >> brian: so you're going around speaking to people. you think that's one of the things with the honor, you have to spread the message about values and proper conduct, where you come from is an important part of that story. now at 28 years old, it's time to do something you didn't do at 19. you're going back to school? >> that's it. knowledge is power and uncle sam said he would fit the bill. >> gretchen: you're the dad of a 14 month old? >> i am, lily. she's amazing. i never thought something so small would change my life and inn so many great ways. it's been an incredible journey so far and i'm looking forward to the rest of life. >> steve: no kidding and it all started with a t-shirt. >> brian: and from krispy kremes to subway to gnc, you proved you could be an everyday person and be an outstanding american. go get the book for this holiday season. thank you for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: real pleasure. thank you. >> gretchen: coming up next, flu season unfortunately is back with a vengeance.
4:29 am
it's expected to be worse than ever. but there is a bit of good news with this story. >> steve: then it may be cold outside, but it's suddenly much warmer in here. the temperature is rising, two of the victoria secrets angels sans are coming up live. >> brian: you don't get this in afghanistan, do you? >> no. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understan at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families.
4:30 am
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and then i get up to 15% cash back... put into my account! i know, right? [ male announcer ] introducinbankamerideals, free for online banking customers. sign in to your online banking to choose your deals today. >> brian: political news here. while he was in pennsylvania on friday, president obama said he's been keeping his own en biden was like, great, now i got to worry about his list and santa's? [ laughter ] >> steve: who will get the knex? >> brian: we have two special people coming up and they have a special message. flu season is back with a vengeance. it arrived early and the cdc says it could be bad as opposed to the good season we experienced last year. florida and texas seeing a high number of cases.
4:34 am
but there is good news. >> gretchen: our reporter joins us now live from dallas. what's the good news, dan? >> well, the good news is that health officials apparently have a better vaccine that they can use this year. if you haven't yet been vaccinated against the flu, now is the time to get it done. according to the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention, texas is among five southern states that has seen a sudden and dramatic jump in the number of suspected flu cases. the others were alabama, mississippi, louisiana and tennessee. this is reportedly the earliest start to the flu season in nearly ten years. there have already been two deaths reported among children. officials are seeing the same strain of the flu that proved especially lethal back in 2003 and 04. the death toll that season was 48,000, twice the normal number of flu-related fatalities.
4:35 am
the good news is, this time the vaccine that's being used is better suited to ward off the virus than the one that was used nearly a decade ago. flu cases don't usually peak until after christmas. but that is not the situation this year. so the cdc hoping as many people as possible heed the warnings and take precautions. reporting live in dallas, this is dan godwin. >> steve: thank you very much. one of the reasons to get a flu shot, number one, you could have it up your shnoz. two, if you have it injected, they have the tiniest needle. >> brian: you don't have time to cry. >> gretchen: you should hear everything that i go through to try and convince my kids it's not going to hurt. >> steve: the needles are so tiny. >> gretchen: no crying this time. fox news alert. out of syria, a journalist for a pro-government newspaper shot dead. according to syria's official news agency, the gunman shot the
4:36 am
journalist near damascus. this happening on the heels of reports that syria is moving its chemical weapons. the president is not having it. >> the world is watching. the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable and if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable. >> gretchen: syria's president assad claims he would never use chemical weapons on his own people, but who believes that because assad has been massacring his own people for the last two years. his father was accused of using cyanide in 1983 that left as many as 20,000 of their own people dead. >> steve: now the we're is sarin gas. there is a reason elderly people are the target of scammers. a study finds older people have a harder time recognizing shady characters than young adults because as we get older, the part of the brain that controls
4:37 am
gut feelings doesn't work so well. >> if you're not getting that oh, oh, signal, it's not figuring into your decision making and so you could falsely believe that a pitch of some kind is a good one when, in fact, it's really bad in a younger adult would have no difficulty seeing that. >> steve: the study find as get older, we have a harder time picking up voice cues. so seniors should not buy anything from a telemarketer unless you know the person. >> brian: does this sign offend you? it ticked off folks at a college. an administrator says it's sexist and forced a construction crew to stop working and remove the sign. >> steve: what if it's only guy guys? >> brian: a spokes american says it has deep commitment to diversity. >> gretchen: oh, boy. justin bieber starring in a new
4:38 am
music video that was heaven sent. ♪ >> gretchen: actually one of those people looks like his mom. but bieber, one of the performers at the annual fashion show which airs tonight and i think it had to do with some angels in the wings. our next guests are two of tonight's big stars on the show and two of the most beautiful women in the world, erin and lindsey. they are our guests today. >> steve: good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> gretchen: you're the expert -- >> brian: welcome back. about this show in particular, it's a mix of celebrities and models like we've never seen before in america. is that true? >> this is definitely by far i think the most incredible show that victoria secret has put on. we have three of the most really, like the most amazing acts right now.
4:39 am
we have justin bieber, bruno mars and rihanna, which is in itself an epic concert. then you add all of the angel in lingerie and the production, explosiveness, the special effects. >> steve: you've had a wing makeover. the wings are different this time. they're in all sorts of shapes and sizes. >> yes. it's like a new ipod. they're always changing, getting better. >> evolving. >> brian: we have some of our greatest engineers working on your wings. >> every year they do more things and one exploded this year. >> gretchen: in all seriousness, that must be pretty weighty, like the picture we're looking at right there. how does that affect the way in which you walk as a model? >> well, it's very, very heavy. i think it felt like they weighed 50 pounds. when i got to the end of the runway, i was almost falling back. i had to use all my muscles to stay up. but at the same time, it's just such an honor to wear wings. by the way, those were like the
4:40 am
biggest wings on the show. as a girl, a model, anybody would want to wear those wings, it's an honor. >> brian: can you fly? >> i wish. >> steve: you know what? you can in brian's book. brian knows a lot about models and super models, he tells us. what we're going to do -- >> he knows we fly. >> brian: yes, i do know that. it was a dumb question. >> steve: we're going to play a little game called brian names that angel. we've got five pictures of five different angels and we want you to identify them. all right. the names are screen left. which is lily, miranda -- >> brian: give me a hint. that is not adriana. i know that well. >> she's from south africa. >> brian: candace. >> steve: that's right! >> brian: was that true? [ applause ] >> gretchen: okay. >> brian: let's do one more. >> gretchen: yeah, right. >> brian: one more picture.
4:41 am
that would be -- give me a hint. >> no. it's one out of two for me. adriana? , saessandra. >> my brother said it's a show when all the bright lights or are on us and you watch, he's like, i can't even tell who you are sometimes. >> brian: you give me an out. a lot of people want a shot ohm at victoria secrets for the holidays. give me some of the products that we'll walk out with. >> well, we have everything that you need for the holidays. one of my favorites are these pajamas. my family, we have a tradition where we -- >> steve: flannel? >> it's really cozy. we have a tradition in my family where we exchange pajamas every christmas and then wear them on christmas day. so this is perfect. it's a great way to bring back lots of memories and it's really cozy. comes in 20 different colors. >> brian: do they have washing
4:42 am
instructions because mine shrink? >> these don't actually. >> brian: they don't shrink? >> even the satin ones. >> gretchen: i think brian had this outfit in mind for his wife. >> brian: that's a sports bra? >> yeah. >> brian: for what sport? >> this one. >> gretchen: brian, would this do as a gift for dawn? >> brian: could you tell me a little bit about it. >> it's the angel fantasy bra. it's in the show. you can see it tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> brian: a south african or brazilian? >> it's on anybody. they go on anybody. >> brian: it works for everybody? >> this is my go to bra for the holiday. it will spice things up for you. >> brian: oh, really? >> steve: that's your go to bra? >> yes. >> brian: how much will this set me back? net this one in particular. >> it's about $60. >> brian: you can't go wrong.
4:43 am
>> steve: christmas only comes but once a year. >> brian: you also have a scent? >> this is our new angel gold fragrance. >> steve: it's got wings on it! >> it's inspired by the feeling of wearing wings. it's very sophisticated and glamorous and feminine. it's a fruity floral, but not too sweet. it really is for every woman. a great gift for the holidays. >> gretchen: erin and lindsey, you're always fantastic guests. good luck. >> don't miss the fashion show tonight's on cbs. >> brian: we'll be watching. i'm going to review so i get all my angels right next time. next time, i want all five you here. >> all right. >> gretchen: coming up next, he wanted to build a fish farm in america. but he was told to go fishing thanks to federal regulations. we'll have that story coming up next. >> brian: then we showed you dogs driving at the top of the hour. this cat is not to be outdone. >> steve: are you kidding me? >> brian: he's a d.j.
4:44 am
>> steve: cat scratch fever. s girls, thank you very much. merry christmas. >> you, too you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪
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4:47 am
>> gretchen: 47 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines now. the irs has released new tax rules because of obamacare. they include the first surtax on capital gains and dividend income and health care tax on wages. they're expected to mean more than $317 billion in new taxes over the next ten years. and don't quit your day job. meet furby the cat who doubles as a d.j.
4:48 am
♪ he's remixing one of his favorite bob marley tunes. steve. >> steve: wee! all right. let's talk regulations. it's being called the farm of the future, but this food supply doesn't come from land. it comes from the ocean. unfortunately, an entrepreneur's plan to bring his deep water fish farm that you're looking at right there to the united states to help boost our nation's seafood supply and economy has been derailed by u.s. federal regulations and now he's being forced to ship his operation somewhere else. we'll tell you where in a moment. why are we driving businesses overseas the way we've done with the oil industry? joining us is the fellow at the competitive enterprise institute, nonpartisan group that studies the economic impact of federal regulations. this guy by the name of brian came up with open blue. what it is, it's a fish farm
4:49 am
that he's figured a way to take the nets out into the middle of the ocean and do what? >> what he's able to do is to fish farm not guilty a way that satisfies three important groups. one is the foodies. people who understand the taste of wild fish prefer to have fish raised in open ocean. second is the environmentalist. coastal fish farms are associated with a number of environmental problems, putting it out in deep water washing away all the waste, the fish never swim in the same water twice. he made it economically viable. that means he can scale this up and be part of a major movement in fish farm supply which is important because the wild catch is dwindling. >> steve: you know what? it is absolutely brilliant and yet, he can't do it off the shores of the united states because of all our regulations. instead, he's going to panama! why? >> he's very pragmatic about it. if you want to do start a deep water fish farm in the united states, you need permission from the environmental protection agency, the fish and wildlife
4:50 am
service, army corps of engineers, food and drug administration, the national oceanic and add moss severic administration. you have to comply with the fishery act. you've got to comply with the jones act, osha rules. make the fishery management councils happy and worry about all the state agencies involved with historic preservation and tourism. it's a problem here. he found panama a lot more easy to deal with. >> steve: what's the moral to this story? >> if we keep driving entrepreneurs out of the country, we'll become like the french. one of the jokes in the venture capital industry is that there is no word for entrepreneur in french. and, in fact, very little venture capital industry in france for that reason, because they've strangled it with regulations? why are we doing the same thing here? >> steve: great point. bill, thanks very much for telling the story. crazy. >> thank you. >> steve: you bet. ten minutes before the top of the hour. next up, a great way to make extra cash this christmas. cheryl casone here with the top five companies hiring right now. first on this day in history in
4:51 am
1986, "the next time i fall," number one song in america ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do advil pm® or tylenol pm. the advil pm® guy is spending less time lying awake with annoying aches and pains and more time asleep. advil pm®. the difference is a better night's sleep. nespresso. where i never have to compromise on anything. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect coffee.
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4:54 am
>> brian: despite the fact that unemployment hovering around 8%, some retail railroads having trouble filling up the seasonal positions. listen up, a recent survey of employers showed that 39% of those hiring seasonal help plan to transition some of those workers into full time staff. so who is hiring? cheryl casone has done the research for you. >> this is an audition. got to think about it. when you've got that many employers employers and they're going to take so many workers and go full time, you've got to be realistic. if you don't want to waste your
4:55 am
time of seasonal work, don't think about it like that. it helps your confidence level to get out there and do something instead of sitting at home depressed because you don't have a job. >> brian: right. let's begin in target. everyone seems to have a target in their town. >> second largest retailer behind wal-mart in the nation. they're still going to be hiring through december. 80 to 90,000 seasonal workers in total. you get a discount working there. you can work on the sales floor. again, a lot of the team members, 30%, they'll keep on throughout the rest of the year. that's your dream job to work at retailer right now, but times are tough. you got to do what you got to do. >> brian: if you want steady work, you can work up to management. >> absolutely. >> brian: you do get benefits eventually. let's talk about honey baked ham. >> the spiral sliced ham, you all know it, my parents still serve it even though i don't eat ham. it's actually they're, very, very busy this year. they really have had a big pick up in volume and orders for this year. they got 400 stores nationwide.
4:56 am
they also have the delivery service. that's big piece and they sell turkey. it's the story about this company, the head of hr started out as a seasonal worker 24 years ago. she runs hr for this company of the again, don't think about the short-term. think about the bigger picture. >> brian: fed-ex. man are they busy? >> oh, my gosh. they're saying because next monday, december 10, will be green monday, their busiest day, they think. 208 million shipments being sent for the holiday season and they need help. they still do. you were talk being ups yesterday. that was my company last week. they can't fill jobs, especially in louisville. they've got 20,000 positions open at fed-ex. many people could handle the packages, parcels, they have stores. and one third of those handlers from last year's job season over fed-ex were kept over and were hired. i'm sorry, but people like fed-ex, ups, target, they've got good benefits. you've got to think about, that bigger picture. >> brian: i wonder how many times people say i'm getting
4:57 am
unemployment insurance, i'm going to keep taking that rather than take this. >> why waste my time. yeah. you better get in there and again, it helps the confidence level. that's the biggest message to get across with seasonal jobs, part-time jobs, that things that may not have benefits now. you get yourself working, it helps with the overall confidence from your interviewing (ff job hunt. thanks so much. laura ingraham top of the hour. don't go away [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. heart-healthy, whole grain oats. there's the sign to the bullpen. here he comes. you wouldn't want your doctor doing your job, the pitch! whoa! so why are you doing his? only your doctor can determine if your persistent heartburn whoa! is actually something more serious like acid reflux disease. over time, stomach acid can damage the lining of your esophagus. for many, prescription nexium not only provides 24-hour heartburn relief,
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5:00 am
share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is tuesday, december 4, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us. fox news alert. prince william arriving at the hospital where his wife is pregnant with the future king or queen of england. but fighting a very rare health scare. we're live at the hospital coming up this hour. >> steve: and rejected, the president and the white house shoots down the republican's offer to avoid the fiscal cliff. is he really looking to compromise or is it the president's favorite deal no deal at all?
5:01 am
laura ingraham weighs in live from washington in moments. >> brian: the dare program teaches kids about the dangers of drugs, won't talk about pot anymore. the reason? kids will smoke it anyway. they're giving up. really? really? "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: that is something that they're scratching pot off the list. >> brian: it's legal now in some states and people are making believe they have illnesses so they can smoke it and buy it with prescriptions. >> gretchen: you don't have to make anything up. you can say you have a headache. >> brian: in colorado? can you write a -- you can't, but could dr. siegle? >> steve: for medical marijuana. >> brian: in new york? >> steve: i bet he could if if were legal here. >> gretchen: he was going to sew up your coat and so much more earlier today. >> brian: i don't need a surgeon necessarily. >> gretchen: let's get to your
5:02 am
headlines. fox news alert. this one is out of syria. journalist for a pro-government newspaper shot dead as the crisis now escalates. syria's official news agency says the journalist was murdered on his way to work in damascus. this as fox news confirmed that syria is moving its chemical weapons around. president obama had this stern warning. >> the world is watching. the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable and if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable. >> gretchen: syria's president assad claims he'd never use chemical weapons on his own people. but why would you believe him? assad has been massacring his own people for the last two years. exclusive report in the new
5:03 am
york post says chiefs linebacker jovan belcher was playing the field, so to speak. he reportedly had dinner and drinks with another woman friday and spent the night at her apartment. the next morning he returned home, murdered his girlfriend, and then turned the gun on himself. there is also a new report that bell injury was violent in the past. in 2006, he punched his fist through a window because he was upset with a girl. they're usually a symbol of pride and patriotism. recent reports suggest that these new flag poles seen in iran have a more sinister meaning. sources say from inside the country that the flag poles popping up all over iran are actually electronic antennas used to jam communications and block citizens from getting internet, tv and radio signals. earlier we spoke to an expert on iran who says the government wants to keep outside information from reaching their own people. >> this is the achille's heel of the government in iran. what they want to do is protect their existence and that's what they feel very vulnerable in terms of
5:04 am
communication, they will go to any ends to kind of stop this, any flow of information. >> gretchen: while the jamming seems to be working for now, experts say iranians are very technologycal and most are young and educated and will quickly find ways around the government block. the nation's largest antidrug group done teaching kids about pot. dare america will no longer include marijuana in its curriculum forfeit and sixth graders. the reason why? a statement on the nonprofit's web site says, quote, talking to kids about marijuana does not deter them from trying marijuana and may actually foster an interest in using the substance. those are your headlines. how do they know that? >> steve: a different kind of dare. laura ingraham is joining us today from our nation's capitol. good morning to you. >> sorry about that giants game last night. >> steve: that's okay. >> we're beaming in washington.
5:05 am
sorry. >> brian: we, unfortunately, didn't tape the game. we don't know how it ended. >> steve: i think you could tell by the look on her face. >> brian: i know it was 16-10 when i went to bed. >> i saw it. washington might be paralyzed about this ridiculous fiscal cliff, but we're happy about this. >> gretchen: the only good news for washington now is the redskins win. >> and the weather. >> gretchen: the third thing is that the white house leaks are now saying that president obama actually maybe wants to go over the fiscal cliff if the republicans do not agree to raising income tax rates even though yesterday they agreed to these deductions and loopholes and getting rid of them, which essentially many people argue, would do somewhat of the same thing. your thoughts? >> right. so there are going to be consequences for syria if they use chemical weapons and the president thinks there is going to be severe consequences for the republicans if, in fact, we go over this precipice and raise your hand if you're tired of this cliche about the fiscal
5:06 am
cliff. he thinks look, the republicans will suffer terribly, the country will be thrown into some turmoil, he thinks and he thinks he's the winner either way. it's easy for the president and his team to go out there and posture on this. but both sides are playing this game a little bit. the republicans are doing the same thing. they're play to go their base. they want to make sure that regardless of what ends up happening at the end, if a deal is struck, that they at least have the appearance of sticking to their principles. so i'm not really surprised that the president's team said that yesterday. >> brian: here is why i don't think he will. even if it is perceived, i know the polls show that 53% of the country will blame republicans if we go over, having said that, the president knows he's poisoned the well for the next four years. does he really want to go through something like he went through the last four years and get off on the wrong foot like this? >> well, i'm not sure. i mean, i think the president is going to be very mindful of the l word, which is the legacy, and so he wants to have a legacy
5:07 am
of -- that's not the same as the last four years, which is you never go to the hill, you never talk to the other side. you send tim geithner up every once in a while, but in general, he was kind of aloof from the process on capitol hill. i think for the next four years for that to be the same kind of deal, or at least the next two, right, 'cause we don't know -- >> gretchen: laura, if that were the case, he would be leading these negotiations. if he really was going to have an about face after the election and really concerned about the legacy, i actually disagree to a certain extent because i think that he thinks the first four years was his legacy. >> yeah. i think you're right to some extent. this is obviously we're speculating here. the president could, this might happen, might be a last minute razzle dazzle here, where he rushes in and they've already kind of agreed to a deal and he didn't get everything he wants, but he gets most of what he wants. he might envision something like
5:08 am
that. i'm telling you, when i heard folks like lindsey graham over the weekend say, i don't think there is going to be a deal, that kind of stuck with me and maybe there won't be a deal. i'm not sure that's such a bad thing given what the alternatives are. >> steve: i'm sure you've heard or seen that apparently the republicans doomsday plan, if the talks collapse, allowed the vote on extending the middle tax class tax cuts, the senate passed that back in august, and the republicans would all vote present, then allow the democrats to vote for it, it would pass so the president would wind up with that. but they wouldn't give anything back. none of the debt ceiling stuff, none of the unemployment stuff. then come january, then he'd have to deal with a whole bunch of people who are a little on the p.o.ed side. >> i think again, the point that was made over the weekend and i think it's a good one, that there needs to be some light in this process. people have to sort of see what's going on here a little bit. this whole behind closed doors,
5:09 am
you know, kind of negotiating, i don't think the republicans necessarily ever do very well there because the president has air force one at his disposal and can turn this into a big town hall event with his human wallpaper behind him of the middle class taxpayers. he has a might not media on his side. the republicans have to be careful. they have some leverage, but not as much as they had obviously before the election. they still have some leverage and what's the point of giving it all away now? if they give it all away now, they'll have nothing and really no remain to wiggle in the next several months either. >> brian: so we hear the story about this west bob ran football player -- babylon football player, jovan belcher. it tubs out at 9:00 o'clock in the morning, he put nine bullet holes into the mother of his daughter. goes to the kansas city chiefs fields, talks to a few coaches, then shoots himself in the head and kills himself. now everyone is blaming guns for this, including bob costas on ol
5:10 am
show in the country at half time. what's your take? >> that belonged on nbc cable channel. you kind of expect that over there. you don't expect that during a football game. it's like i wrote a book called "shut up and sing." we're not interested in what he thinks with guns. >> brian: howard co- sell used to do that all the time, talk about real life. >> yeah, real life. but you have 80 million gun owners in the united states. the overwhelming majority, i think it's like 99% maybe, are law abiding people and to come out there, we don't know any of the facts. we don't know if there was any problem with violent concussions, drugs, we don't know anything. but to come out and say, it's guns, i'm going to send costas a book "more guns less crime" and maybe he'll learn something. >> gretchen: i think what was sup upsetting was had he not been allowed to get gun, which
5:11 am
by the way, he had legally, that then these people would still be alive. and what's being lost in the shuffle in this discussion is domestic violence. because now it's coming out that he did have a possible history of violence against women and by the way, every single day, women and some men are being killed by a girlfriend, a boyfriend or a spouse with their hands, with a knife, with a hatchet. so i'm not really sure the discussion is about guns. >> i wrote a blog entry yesterday when i first saw the costas thing i posted it about that. i guess costas does not think he's big enough to asphyxiate his girlfriend or hook up a hose to his garage to asphyxiate her by carbon monoxide. he must have an enormous amount of information that the rest of us don't have. it's the typical knee jerk liberal response to a tragedy.
5:12 am
imagine if he had gotten up there and said, well, this just shows you that you shoot be cohabitating with people who aren't your spouses and you shouldn't have children out of wedlock. what if he had said that? >> steve: when you talk about gun control and that's what they are using this tragedy for, is to gin up more for support more of it, look at two of the towns in america with o some of the strongest gun controls in place, washington, d.c., chicago. there is a ton of violence in both. >> right. again, the analysis is so glib and it's typical of someone like costas who i think wants to be seen as very serious and he's a very talented guy, but he wants to be seen as very serious on every subject. i would suggest to mr. costas, you don't know that much about what you're talking about. so stick to the area that you're really smart about, which is sports. >> brian: he was also quoting jason whitlock. >> right. i've had him on my show, i believe.
5:13 am
he's a liberal columnist. that's fine. you can have your opinion. but we have very few political free zone, politics free zone. >> brian: let's keep sports that way. debbie wasserman schultz has earned herself the dnc chair renewal project. she will now be still running the dnc. what's your reaction to that? >> is anyone surprised in they picked autopsy number of seats in the house of representatives. they ended up winning seats in the senate that nobody expected. and she was a loyal foot soldier for the obama campaign. >> gretchen: that she was. >> she did everything that was requested of her. and did she tell a bunch of whoppers? you better believe it. but so what? so did the president about health care reform and he got elected. so i'm not surprised about this at all and i think it's par for the course in washington. it really doesn't matter what the truth is. it matters how loyal you are to your party or your party affiliation. >> steve: whoppers aplenty. >> exactly. >> steve: laura ingraham, always a pleasure, thank you very much.
5:14 am
have a great week. >> gretchen: coming up next, a new push by atheists to end a popular prayer group on capitol hill. they say it's in the american people's best interest. do they have a case? >> steve: then the pregnant princess hospitalized. we're live in london with the very latest. stick around [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again. time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you realldon't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it findone, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all youeed is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. start saving at
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only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. >> gretchen: 17 minutes after the top of the hour. they haven't even been sworn in yet, but already the newest members of congress are being pressured by a high powered atheist group. that group wants them to abandon prayer, claiming that it's in the american people's best interest. congressman randy forbes of virginia is the founder and chair of the congressional prayer caucus and he's my guest. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: so tell me about this letter. >> it's unprecedented. some of these extremist groups want to make sure that they've
5:18 am
censored and shut down anything related to faith. the congressional prayer caucus is one of the largest caucuses in congress that has over 105 members. they stand up and fight for religious freedom and religious liberty. this group in a situation that we have never seen before, actually wrote letters trying to get members not to join and they cited two major things. one was the fact that we support and believe in the national motto, in god we trust. the second thing is that we've always advocated the support of continuing to start congress with a prayer every day. and for those two major reasons, they feel that the congressional prayer caucus shouldn't be in existence and people shouldn't join it. >> gretchen: here is a portion of that letter. it's from the american humanist association. incoming house members should know that approximately one in five of their constituents are not religiously affiliated and even more insist on maintaining the wall of separation between church and state. i ask you not to join the congressional prayer caucus. but interestingly enough, sir, only one member of congress was
5:19 am
actually a so-called atheist and he's not even in congress anymore right now. right? >> well, that is true, gretchen. one of the things that we always say, there is no litmus test for serve not guilty government. we don't ask anybody to believe a certain way or to say something. but that particular member that you're talking about that's no longer in congress, when he came out and was talking about being an atheist, they actually ran full page ads in papers praising him for doing that and we don't object to them doing that. we think he has the right to say whatever he wants to say. the unfortunate thing is these extremist groups don't give us the same right. and they want to censor our ability to say we do believe in god and believe in our faith. >> gretchen: it's that double standard thing. >> it's important to know that no member of our caucus and very few people main stream america want a situation where government is telling the church what to do or the church is telling government what to do. but the big seat change is what they really want to have happen today is they don't want anybody
5:20 am
in government to be able to even mention or say anything related to god, faith, or religion and they don't want anyone in the church to say anything about government. and that's clearly not the intention of the first amendment and the constitution as most of us know it. >> gretchen: all right. congressman randy forbes, the chair of the congressional prayer caucus. thanks for sharing that information with us. >> thank you, gretchen. >> gretchen: what would you do in a plane crash? i know it's a big loaded question. how about a terrorist attack? believe it or not, there is almost always a way to make it out of the alive. a former navy seal here to share the ultimate secrets to survival. then stuck in the middle of nicky and mariah. something tells me randy might miss simon. randy jackson from "american idol" will be with us live.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> steve: quick headlines now. the devil does diplomacy. ed winter about to get major promotion from the president. does she qualify to be an ambassador in an embassy? bloomberg news reports editor in chief of vogue magazine may become our next ambassador to france or united kingdom for being a big obama fund-raiser. the first official photo from the upcoming biopic jobs. ashton kucher, baring an uncanny resemblance to steve jobs who died last year from cancer. brian? >> brian: thanks a lot. do you have a disaster plan if disaster strikes you? from flash floods to terrorist
5:25 am
attacks, to a home invasion? our next guest says a survival guide that could save your life, saved his. he's cade a former navy seal and the author of this brand-new book "seal survival guide." a navy seal's secrets to surviving any disaster. he wrote it for us. thank you very much. >> i did. >> brian: first off. some of the scenarios, did you think you could bring us the nontrained seal? >> look, the beginning of the book i start off with you have to have a mindset before any of this will work for you. so you need to realize that hey, this could happen to me and when it does, what am i going to do? get out of your comfort zone, mentally train yourself, physically train yourself. at the end of the day, you want to approach any situation like, okay. this did happen. i had thought about this, now i'm going to enact my plan essentially. >> brian: if you want to act cool under pressure and you wonder why some people act like heros in time of crisis and others don't, it's because a lot of them prethought it. how would i act if that
5:26 am
happened? >> again, you say, this will happen eventually, then you go through and you start rehearsing what i call you make your mental movie. so okay. i see the hurricane is coming. what am i going to do? first of all, i'll have the supplies. i'm going to have different routes to get out of town and have this in my vehicle ready to go. if that didn't work, then what? you're basically sitting this, closing your eyes and going through step by step by step, what die need to do when this happens? >> brian: another thing, mental and physical, is home invasion. unfortunately we're seeing that a lot now. >> yeah. you can take something as big as sandy was or you can take something as small as a home invasion. it can happen to anybody. what are you going to do when you hair the door crash in at 2:00 a.m.? that's going through that mental preparation to include also having equipment gear that you're going to need to survive that kind of situation. >> brian: you're trying to survive in the real world and get everyone to do that. to do that, you have your own navy seal survival pack. >> that's correct. the concept is called a go bag. basically is you've only got a couple of seconds. you grab this thing and go this and this is going to get you through the next 24 to 72 hours.
5:27 am
>> brian: first off, it's got electricity. >> that's right. it's got its own power. anything that takes a usb, you can charge that like your phone, integrated light. it's got whistle, compass on the chest strap. you can store your phone there. get into the guts of it. right up top, you'll have stuff that you'll need immediately, like masks, gloves, anything like that. you turn it. >> brian: i cannot believe how many layers. >> that's it. you have to have a copy of the book. go in a little further. you'll have medical supplies. again, prescriptions if you have anything that you need prescription for. even further down here, you'll have copies of contact numbers, i.d.'s, like $100 worth of cash in 20s. >> brian: let me just tell you something, normally i'd say that sounds interesting. but having just gone through a flood myself, all this stuff is invaluable. i can't tell you the conversations i had with people who said my license are gone.
5:28 am
i can't find my birth certificate. i have no idea to get hold of a guy that puts in floors. >> with this internal power supply, the phone that died on you a couple days ago, you got it for a couple extra days. go in a little further, you'll have your standard food. built r bladder and different things like that. again, 24 to 72 hours, this will get you through it. >> thanks for your service to the country and thanks for giving back with this book. thanks so much. >> real quick, i lost a couple of good buddies and teammates in benghazi and i want to thank fox news for keeping that on the radar. >> brian: you're one of the people that wants us to keep this investigation going? >> absolutely. i know what the guys did. i did that job and those guys, they've earned the total truth. >> brian: i appreciate that and a lot of people are fighting that fight and people are pushing back against it and we got to have you back to talk about what you know about that operation. >> be happy to. >> brian: thanks so much. two minutes before the bottom of the hour. it's the craziest video you will see all day.
5:29 am
a guy kidnapped and stuffd into a trunk. he didn't have your book. his rescue caught on camerae then, remember the easy back oven? it's marketed for girls. but should it really be targeting boys? shouldn't boys learn to cook under a light bulb? e-mail us right now. >> today marks the 20th anniversary of the text message. yeah. it's weird to think that 21 years ago i had to call my friends and say, laughing outo. loud. inished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup [ laughter ] the financial obstacles military families face, we understan at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad!
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>> good news, great britain, princess kate and prince william are expecting a baby. how about that? [ cheers and applause ] the bad news, prince harry already planned a huge baby shower in vegas. so i don't know what's going to happen. >> steve: i heard that somewhere. >> gretchen: that would be a wild one. especially for the new kid. >> brian: i think he learned his lesson. he was going through a phase. >> gretchen: in your video of prince william arriving at the hospital earlier this morning, mom to be, kate middleton, rushed this after suffering from severe morning sickness. let's go live now to sky news royal. he's live for us in london. what's the latest over there? >> right now the duchess of cambridge is undergoing treatment for acute morning sickness. that's a bit of a misnomer. it's more like morning, noon and night sickness. she's been very unwell of recent days.
5:34 am
so that's why yesterday morning the duke and duchess decided to travel from kate middleton's parents right up to the hospital here in central london for her to undergo treatment, to get fluids into her because it seems she's been pretty unwell for a number of days. and the duke of cambridge arrived around two hours ago. he's been at her bedside for two hours or so. there have been one or two movements by kate's parents, michael and carol, at their home. we wait to see whether they will arrive here soon. as far as how the duchess of cambridge is, how kate is going, we hope to get some kind of update a little later on. >> gretchen: all right. thank you very much for that update and we wish her well and could be one baby, it could be two babies. who knows? here is what one documentary person, they sort of do these digital images. they take prince william and kate and put them together and here is what they speculate aback boy would look like for
5:35 am
the royal couple. >> steve: here is a little baby girl. these images from morphing web site, composite images of what the baby may look like. also because we just got the word yesterday, now they're already betting on it, in great britain, the odds are eight to one that if the baby is born a girl, she'll be elizabeth. and if the odds are 12 to one that if the baby is a girl, her name would be diana. >> gretchen: i'd choose diana. a kidnapped store clerk rescued from the trunk of a car and it was all caught on camerae check this out. police pulled over the car in louisville, kentucky, for an expired license plate when they heard sean proposaller at in the trunk. the three people inside the car facing endangerment, robbery and kidnapping charges. >> steve: meanwhile, it's known as the town too tough to die, but tombstone, arizona may have met its match in that critter right there. the mexican spot the owl.
5:36 am
why? last year tombstone lost its main source of water in a wildfire. since then, the federal government prevented the town from repairing their own water line because it could harm the habitat of the owl. we talked earlier to the town's lawyer right here on "fox & friends". >> the people of tombstone only have access to three out of 2525 springs. so they don't have a two-day water supply down there. so it's imperative that the feds get out of the way and let the people repair those pipelines. there really isn't a danger to these animals. like i said, they have been coexisting. >> steve: the case will be heard later today in the 9th circuit court. there is also a butterfly and a frog involved in the case. >> brian: hi, randy. >> hello, hello. welcome. >> brian: listen to this story. he was living without heat, power or water for three weeks after hurricane sandy destroyed his home.
5:37 am
95-year-old pete was left with next to nothing. then the city sent a notice saying clean up the mess. channel 5 here on fox covered the story. so good neighbors heard about it. rallied volunteers and rebuilt his home from the bottom up. earlier on "fox & friends," pete and volunteer contractor mike dove told us what the project meant to them. >> just thank you isn't enough. >> brian: right. >> what these people have done for me. and this gentleman fixed up my house and everything else. >> i'm just blessed to be able to do this and so happy to is met pete. he's been teaching me every day i see him, he teaches me something new. >> brian: pete's wife is in the hospital right now after suffering a heart attack right before thanksgiving. he hopes she'll be out soon so she can see their beautiful new home. pete is a world war ii vet who worked for pan am for over 20 years. >> gretchen: check out this other story. new jersey teen has taken on a big toy company for her little
5:38 am
brother. >> why don't they have any boys in the ez bake oven commercial? >> because only girls play with them. >> gretchen: yeah, really? 13-year-old mckenna wants one for boys. she says her four-year-old brother wants to cook and wants one for christmas, but could only find ones in pink and purple and started a campaign to try and change it. >> men don't cook, they work. please, sign a petition and join me in my fight to create gender equality in our product. >> gretchen: all right. she posted a petition on-line. so far she has over 23,000 signatures. we wanted to hear what you thought about this. so here are some e-mails. curt said, the last time i checked, all of a sudden an ez back oven for boys called a grill. another says i led a small disturbance in protest that girls get the home ec class. we learned to cook and make clothes and i loved it.
5:39 am
i shared earlier that my son loves the ez bake oven as much as my daughter. all about eating the cookies. >> brian: i took home ec in 7th grade and then after a while, i realized yeast and baking powder could explode the muffins and we used to explode things into the oven and be shocked each time. i should have taken wood shop in retrospect. >> gretchen: it was the other option. >> brian: guess who is here, randy jackson is here! "american idol". >> thank you so much. you guys have fun, i love this. >> gretchen: you sound stunned. [ laughter ] >> steve: what's going on with your show? you're the last man standing, aren't you? >> some say. some call me the super glue. >> brian: yes. die! >> gretchen: all right. that's the way i look at it. you seem to be the -- should i say -- i don't want to offend anyone else, burr the sensible one. >> oh, i love her. she's great. >> gretchen: there have been rumors out there that there has been some serious in fighting going on between the two women
5:40 am
now on the show. >> brian: you got nicky minage and mariah carey and keith urban. i have not seen you together. >> we just finished the auditions. we're heading into hollywood week, january 16 on fox station. you'll see the premiere. >> brian: talk about the chemistry. now you've had three separate classes of "american idol" judges. >> i think the chemistry is amazing. i think any family that comes together is a grow thing. you got to find out what happens. but i'm telling you, we found amazing talent. people talk a lot about the judges. but all of these shows, it comes down to the talent. we've been so fortunate, carrie underwood played here the other night. kelly clarkson is doing amazing things. we've had such amazing talent that's done well i still call it the greatest type of reality shows because it's proof of concept.
5:41 am
>> steve: absolutely. there was a dustup, we read about, between -- >> me and ryan? >> steve: no, between nicky minage and mariah carey. >> no. it was between me and ryan of the he likes to have cinnamon and it turns me off. >> gretchen: he's going to get you back for that on live tv. >> no fighting with me. >> gretchen: so obviously we'll have to find out for ourselves what the interplay is with the judges when we watch. but i wanted to ask you this: what's your favorite reality moment of the year for 2012? do you have one? >> i don't really know. my favorite reality show in life is a show called "american idol." a small show. >> steve: what about a show like "honey boo boo." >> who is honey boo boo? >> gretchen: thank you for saying that. >> i don't know. this is the honey boo boo child thing? >> steve: yeah, exactly. >> i haven't seen the show burks there is a lot of talk. >> steve: she's a pint sized beauty princess or something
5:42 am
like that. >> bless everyone. >> steve: i know. >> god loves everyone. >> steve: tell us a little bit about taking diabetes to heart campaign. you were diagnosed in 2003? >> i was diagnosed in 2003. i teamed with merck for this awareness campaign. we have an amazing web site. >> taking d that i urge people to pledge along with me to try and find out a way to help them manage their type 2 diabetes. i was diagnosed and i didn't know i had it. so a lot of people walking around with it don't know they have it. i wound up in the emergency room and i had a blood sugar over 500. i had to get it together. >> steve: how do you manage it? >> that's the thing. we have the abc's. the blood sugar level test. the b for blood pressure and c for cholesterol. and i urge people to get with their doctor or health care provider to find out a treatment plan that will be right for them. it's diet, exercise, medication, whatever is the right treatment plan, but i think you have to find something you can really
5:43 am
stick to. it's a life change. but you can manage it. there is no cure. >> brian: it's also about diet and discipline. i have a quick question for you i have seen you on and off for eight years. i've never seen you not smiling. what is the secret to you being upbeat every day? >> dude, i mean, it's a great thing. i mean, we woke up this morning. we have another shot. 's a great day. it's raining here in new york, but it's beautiful. >> steve: absolutely right. >> why are people so angry? >> brian: you're in a stressful position. but i don't know if you heard, your industry is very competitive. >> the whole entertainment industry is absolutely probably insane. >> steve: but you're not! >> you take that going in and you go -- >> steve: six you're part of the entertainment industry, how would you like to read this tease for what's coming up? >> remember the $6 million man? >> man barely alive. gentlemen, we can rebuild him.
5:44 am
we have the technology. we have the capability to make the world's first bionic man. >> well, this could soon be reality. don't miss the guy who says he can merge man with machine. >> brian: wow. >> these guys could do it. >> brian: i could make a person [ man ] ring ring... progresso
5:45 am
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i haven't thought about aspirin for years. aspirin wouldn't really help my headache, i don't think. aspirin is just old school. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. what's different? it has micro-particles. enters the bloodstream fast and rushes relief to the site of pain. visit today for a special trial offer. >> brian: president obama's move, republicans making what they consider a bold counter offer to the white house in an attempt to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff that's coming our way just four weeks away. eight working days away. wendell goler live at the white house. what's the latest? >> what we have now is an opening proposal from each side. the republicans plan would cut $2.2 trillion from the deficit,
5:48 am
which is about $600 billion more than the president's plan. it would raise the eligibility age for medicare from 65 to 67. and lower the annual cost of living increases for social security benefits. south carolina senator lindsey graham says those two programs have to be brought under control. >> if we adjusted the age of retirement over the next 30 years like ronald reagan and tip o'neil adjusted the cpi index and means tested benefits, we could save medicare and social security from insolvency and people need the programs. the good news is, we would get our kids and grandkids out of the situation of becoming greece. >> the president's aides not surprisingly quickly rejected the plan which republicans say would bring in $800 billion in higher tax revenue without raising rates. white house communications director said, quote, it actually promises to lower rates for the wealthy and sticks the middle class with the bill. press secretary jay carney said mr. obama is determined to phase
5:49 am
out the bush administration tax cuts for families making more than $250,000 a year. >> he will not sign a bill that extends those tax rates for the top 2%. we can't afford it. it is not a wise economic policy or wise fiscal policy. and it would defeat the principle of balance that he has embraced. >> so with less than a month to go before the deadline, we've now had an offer and a counteroffer, but arguably, no real attempt at compromise. democrats say republicans haven't detailed how they would increase tax revenue and they haven't offered enough of it and republicans say democrats haven't agreed to serious entitlement program cuts. steve, gretchen, brian? >> steve: thank you very much, live from the north lawn. ten minutes before the top of the hour. you probably remember the $6 million man. >> wed into to make the world's first bionic man better than he was before.
5:50 am
better, stronger, faster. >> steve: our next guest says he can make this a reality, merging man with machine. it does not involve lee majors. >> gretchen: first let's check in with martha mccallum for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning. speaking of the fiscal cliff, we have the majority whip, kevin mccarthy joining us here on "america's newsroom" and we'll ask about the gop's offer. what do they expect next from the white house? is there a tea party resurgence in the works? interesting information on that. new photos of george zimmerman the night trayvon martin was killed, and is kate middleton expecting twins? the scoop coming up. we'll see you then you ever notice that some people just have a knack for giving the perfect gift? they put real thought into it. and find just...
5:51 am
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>> steve: remember steve austin, the $6 million man? >> gentlemen, we can rebuild him. we have the technology. we have the capability to make the world's first bionic man. steve austin, will be that man. better than he was before. better, stronger, faster. >> steve: love that show. that reality, that's just a tv show. the reality could be closer than you think. our next guest says man and machine are about to merge. joining us now, futurist inventer and author of the new book "how to create a mind," ray. >> great to be with you. >> steve: great to have you. you know, that was just a tv show. but you say in the not too distant future, machines may actually, we may have these little nanobots in our bodies to fix our organs? >> these things are an extension of who we are.
5:55 am
they make us smarter and give us access to all human knowledge. they're getting smaller. this is 100,000 times smaller than the computer i used when i was a student. they ultimately will be the size of blood cells. they'll go through our body, keeping us healthy. augmenting our immune system. connected to a cloud. >> steve: the same one where we share photographs? >> we do search, translate language, we ask it questions that, goes out to the cloud. we'll be able to do that from within our brains and expand the size of our brains and think bigger thoughts. >> steve: that's so cool. so you're suggesting that our brains would actually kind of become digital. >> well, in part. we have digital extensions already and they'll go inside our bodies and brains. i think that's actually an arbitrary distinction, although people today have computers in their brain, like parkinson's and deaf people. the latest of the parkinson's allows you to download
5:56 am
information to the brain. that's today. it's the size of a pea. but they're getting smaller and smaller. >> steve: there are a lot of people watching now who may have ailments or problems and they're thinking, wow. if that could really happen soon, it might help me. >> oh, yeah. i mean, for example, spinal cord injuries, there are experiments to reconnect them using electronic communication. why not bridge that gap and communicate with wireless communication? >> steve: folks, if you want to know what the future looks like and how the find works, check out this book. it's already a "new york times" best seller "how to create a mind." ray, real pleasure. >> my pleasure. >> steve: thank you. all right. more "fox & friends" two minutes >> we have the capability to make the world's first bionic
5:57 am
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