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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 4, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> brian: today is cookie day. national cookie day. in honor of it, our friends sent us these cookies, policies of honor, a great organization that donates to the families of those soldiers killed or disabled in action. go on-line to buy the cookie tins and all the money goes to military scholarships. >> gretchen: see you tomorrow. bill: a fox news alert. there is breaking news overseas with a potential flash point. iran claiming it captured a u.s. drone and claiming they have the pictures to profit. the pentagon is saying mott so fast. martha: the navy says all u.s.
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drones are accounted for. iran fired on an unmanned u.s. drone in the gulf last month. bill: what more do we know about this claim and this drone? >> reporter: iran is showing off what it claims is an eagle drone. he says the intruding drone was caught after taking off from an aircraft carrier. iran state television says it was captured. this is from the english language iranian state television said quote it was on a mission over the persian gulf in the last few days. if all this does sound familiar. it was almost a year ago to the day iran claimed to have shot
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down a cia drone. iran claimed it recovered secret data. the u.s. says the drone in question was in international waters. iran has a history of making claims it can't prove when it comes to u.s. drones. bill: what has the navy said? >> reporter: the department of defense wasted no time saying they do not have any missing drones. they said the u.s. navy has accounted for all unmanned vehicles operating in the middle east. our operations are confined to international waters and space. how then might this drone have ended up in the hands of the iranians. it's possible they found it in the sea. they have been lost in the water
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but nothing recently. often the distance on the map, there is -- there is some frary an -- thereis some farsi and so. the farsi says "we'll trample on the u.s." iran is trying to squeeze out every ounce of propaganda from what it says it a u.s. drone. bill: we are working our sources at the pentagon stateside. martha: this comes amid new concern over tehran's nuclear program. its nuclear chief saying it will continue nuclear enrichment with intensity. it claim it needs it to fuel a nuclear research reactor.
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expert say that could be converted into a nuclear weapon. speaking of this nuclear site, inspectors say iran is poised to double the number of site to 1,400. let's get you back to washington and the sail mate going on over how to deal with our crushing debt. the white house immediately rejected the gop plan to cut $2 trillion from the deficit saying it doesn't quote meet the test of balance. the gop said the same thing about the white house's opening salvo. the gop says the ball is now in the white house's court. where are we with the dollars here? >> reporter: we have the opening bids from speaker boehner and president obama. the different in dollars.
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the president wants $800 billion more in tax increases. the republicans want approximately more a trillion dollars more spending cuts. that's the difference between the two sides just in dollar terms. there is a difference between the two sides in terms of principle. the principle centers on higher tax rates, yes or no. speaker boehner many latest offer is raise $800 billion mostly from the wealthy by limiting deductions. the president says, no, don't want that. we want to tax the rich with higher tax rates on the rich. we have a dollar difference, a difference in principle. martha: we are hung up on ideology here. if you can get the money one way and it produces a long lasting change to the tax code which both sides say they want, what
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seems to be the problem? >> reporter: it's ideology. the president one the elect, he says he won it on taxing the rich. he want to win the debate. whether it's the best solutioner to the economy is an entirely different story. this is a political and ideological argument and we'll see who wins. martha: there is a couple ways this could go. one is to land in the middle. you have $800 billion and $1.6 trillion. the other is for one side to say no deal. we'll let you go over the fiscal cliff and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: at the last minute i think there will be a deal. i think republicans will retreat and say okay, you can have higher tax rates but only on
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people making a half million dollars a year. the president will say, okay, but we'll only discuss -- we'll think about, we'll promise spending cuts in the future. it will be a way of kicking the can down the road. martha: charles krauthammer have a will the more leverage than republicans realize. the president does not want us to go into a recession. we'll talk about that coming up. bill: democrats are all about tax hike and republicans argue massive spending programs like medicare and social security must be dealt with in any kind of deal if you want to bring count deficit today. south carolina senator republican lindsey graham on that right now. >> social security and medicare are $50 trillion under funded combined. we need to adjust the age of
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retirement slowly but surely for people independent 55. because we are all living longer, you and i need to pay a little more because we can afford it. bill: senator graham saying he want more than anything else to get the country out of debt. and do it in a permanent way. martha: what would it mean with lawmakers fail to strike a deal. according to the tax policy center, 90% of american would see their taxes go up in 2013. and families making between $40,000 and $65,000 a year would have to pay an extra $2,000 to the u.s. government. that's not going to go down well. bill: we are four week away from going over that cliff as of today. what now, you wonder? kevin mccarthy out of
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california, he's coming up 60 minutes from now. martha: back to this tragic story we talked about yesterday. there are new details in the murder-suicide case involving kansas city chief jovan belcher. the reports are that he spent an alcohol-fueled evening with another woman before he went home and got into that fatal argument with his girlfriend. a woman named whitney glass claims she had dinner with belcher and he spent the night in his car before headed home at approximately:00 in the morning. police say he got into a huge argument with his girlfriend and shot her 9 times. then he drove to arrowhead stadium, spoke to his coaches and took his own life.
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bill: belcher's family and teammates saying they are shocked and did not see such a brutal turn of event coming the way they did. >> maybe you can keep this separate and move on with maybe it guy you knew before saturday. i think there is maybe some comfort in that. but trying to figure it out and trying to connect those two to me is pretty confusing and just too difficult right now. >> you can't think back -- it what you so shocking i don't think anyone would have done anything different. bill: you wonder about the 3-month-old baby in the custody of perkins' mother who moved to kansas city to live with them and help them raise that baby. was belcher having som -- having
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some brain injury. what factor did the alcohol play in this? dr. keith ablow weighs in. it's not easy to try to make sense of. martha: we are just getting started this morning. police are in a race again time to find this little girl. we showed you the video yesterday. she was taken from the hospital by her mom. the doctors believe she could die within days if they do not find her quickly. bill: new developments in the fort hood shooting rampage. why the judge has been kicked off the trial and what that means for the case against nadal hassan. martha: syria's dictator may be planning to use chemical weapons against his own people. president obama warning about those consequences.
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martha: when it comes to honesty and congress people don't think the two go hand in hand. only 10% rate the honesty and ethical stan zards of congress high. cues car salesmen are at 8%. how about nurses. 85% say they give them very high marks for honesty and ethical standards. perhaps congress and the car
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sales folks can take a lesson from the ladies and the men. bill: i think car salesmen across the country are highly insolvent due to lack of movement in washington. strong warning for syria. president obama warning bashar al-asaad that the world is watching and there will be consequences if the regime uses chemical weapons. this after surveillance showing government forces showing government forces getting ready for chemical weapons including nerve gas. sir will be good morning to you. i want to get the the specifics of what we think is happening in syria. why the warning from the white house now? what changed? >> this is not the fir time they warned about -- this is not the first time they warned about
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assad using chemical weapons. he has suffered a number of military setbacks and the picture that's beginning to emerge in syria is this may be close to the end of his regime. if that's accurate our television services are worried that that might be a motive for assad to get ready to use the chemical weapons and that causes the urgency. bill: so the suggestion jay carney made from the white house that the opposition is twaining traction. >> there may be other explanations as well. that he want to keep them out of the hand of the opposition. he's moving them to an enclave if he moves from damascus. but i think the conflict may be moving to a different level. bill: syria is the country in
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question now. but you have turkey watching this southern border for some time. there is iraq and there has long been suspicion the airways over iraq is being used to supply the government. israel below that and jordan to a lesser degree to the south. the point you make about the weapons falling into the hand of the wrong people, what concerns you the most? >> syria has a large supply of chemical weapons and chemical agents. so if these chemical weapons were to fall into the hand of the terrorist element, the al qaeda element among the opposition the risk would be not only they could be used in the conflict in syria, but they
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might migrate to other places in the middle east and the world. in the hand of terrorists these chemical weapons would be weapons of terror. that has to be a grave concern for the united states and its nato allies, not just the use in syria. but what might happen to them around the world. >> look at the weapons that went out of libya. the "new york times" is reporting that russia is no longer supporting assad and syria? if that is true what would that mean? >> i'll believe that when i see it. i think the rugs have a lot at stake. they may want to ease assad out of power. but i don't think there is any evidence in the basic russian view that they want a regime that's favorable to their interest and keeps them dominant in syrian affairs. we heard these reports before,
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they never materialized. bill: we do not know what assad's intentions are, right? >> that's right. bill: is there any history that shows he has used weapons like this or his father against his hen people? >> there are reports that his father used weapons in hamas, and saddam hussein used chemical weapons against the kurds. i think that's where we may be. bill: thank you. something to watch. it went to a whole new level. martha: the i.r.s. is laying out the taxes it will collect to pay for the new healthcare law. did you think the tax code
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bill: new developments in the forward hood shooting case. the judge has been ordered to be removed after he ordered the
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defendant's beard to be shaved. major nadal hassan argued the beard is a requirement of his muslim faith. he's charged with the shootings that killed 13 and wounded two dozen others. martha: in egypt there are breaking developments 24 hours after the muslim brotherhood and president morsi pushed through a constitution. tahrir square swelling with now protesters adding to those crowds. the president says the constitution is meant to protect the revolution but critics say it undermines basic freedoms, takes away rights to women.
6:26 am
we are seeing new tactics. what are they doing? >> reporter: that's right, martha. we expect the opposition to try something new today to move here from tahrir square and march towards the presidential palace. it's a move that does have some risks. there could be conflicts with riot police who are lining the routes. they set up barbed wire. this will be a test of the opposition numbers. we have seen their numbers decline the past week but they could be energized by this attempted march on the palace. martha: we remember it was a close elect between the morsi supporters and the mainstream presidential candidate. we see them trying to find some balance in egypt and the struggle that came up with the judges over this constitution. what happened with that, steve? >> reporter: president morsi
6:27 am
has been battling with the judges. his party accuses the judges of being old-line mubarak holdovers. but he won a victory, they say they will oversee the referendum on the constitution. it will be vote on in two week's time. a real blow to the opposition, martha. martha: as they push forward to the presidential palace. thank you, steve, we'll see you soon. >> so many who think egypt will settle down. so is the tea party about to return with a revenge. one leading conservative says he knows the answer. martha: a manhunt underway in new york city. the suspect who pushed a father of four into the path of taken
6:28 am
oncoming subway train in front of dozens of horrified witnesses. 1/ .
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martha: could it be the revenge of the tea party? many people have been asking where they are. the conservative anti-tax advocates. one of their leaders is warning if leaders refuse to deal with the massive spending of our federal government he believes they will come back with a
6:32 am
revenge. he says it will dwarf the first election. andrea, is he right? a lot of people wonder what happened to the tea party. thought would have seen them during election cycle. he thinks this will wake them from their slumber. >> i think it will be way bigger and i won't be just the tea party, it will be everybody in the country. if we go off the fiscal cliff, guess who is disproportionately affected. the low-income people. the low-income couples, their tax will go up 9,000%. these are people who voted for obama who will get whacked. martha: who will they blame?
6:33 am
i want to show you a poll that was on "hot air" this morning, then we'll get to bob. it says which approach do you prefer. to reduce the deficit. this poll is 800 people who voted for president obama. they are split in the middle. 41% say mostly tax increases with some spending cuts. but the same number want mostly spending cuts with some tax increases. 5% of these obama voter say they want tax increases only. but 10% of the people who voted for obama in this policy they want spending cuts only. bob, where are we here? >> it looks a little confusing except when you look at history of polling. norquist is a blowhard and a
6:34 am
bully. it's not surprising people want more spending cuts and less taxes. that's not a surprise. martha: that's not what they are getting in the white house package. >> if the republicans would give up on 2% tax rates nobody would have to worry about anything. >> bob, obama-care already taxes the middle class. the majority of the country do not want to be taxed. what they don't know already is everybody is getting a tax increase because of obama-care. people get the government spending too much. they want spending cuts. i will give you this, though. when you start to talk about specific cuts, people say don't cut my entitlement. that's the difficult issue in washington. but democrats have to wake up. martha: when you look at the 2%
6:35 am
you are talking about. now it's 2%. when you look at it. who they want to have taxes raids on the white house. it's not a fiscal policy. is that a punishment orifice cal policy? >> i don't think it many a punishment. not in and of itself which is why you have to couple that with three times as much spending cuts. these people have had the best of the best for the last 20 years. when there is a tax bill they get favored. it's time for them to give a little back. andrea says all these people will be hurt. they will be hurt because her party is holding on for a bunch of 2%ers who don't need the money. >> i just said if we raise taxes they need to be coupled with billions in spending cuts. that's not what the white house is proposing. they are proposing a second
6:36 am
stimulus and more spending. >> this is a negotiation. >> this is a wealth transfer program. >> i don't think anybody in the white house believes they will get away with this proposal they put forward. martha: we'll talk to kevin mark carthy and we'll see what he thinks about which side is ridiculous and which side is asking too much. thanks for coming. bill: four weeks. we all hear the heartbreaking stories of seniors who get taken in by scam artists. so why are they so vulnerable? >> reporter: how many team said how did mom or dad or grandma and grandma get taken in, scammed by unsoup plus
6:37 am
repairman. it has less to do with age-related cognitive decline and more with how our emotional perception of things change as we get older. it's an area called the insular cortex that has to do with the emotional reaction of disgust. they took two groups of people. and they showed them pictures of people who looked untrustworthy. here is what happened when they put those people into an mri machine. the younger people, their brains that measures disgust lit up like a stop sign. the older people the brain didn't register at all. the chief researcher on this says as we get older we lose that gut reaction that tells us something is wrong here. >> if you are not getting that signal it many not figuring into your decision making, you could
6:38 am
falsely believe a pitch of some kind is a good one and it's really bad and a younger adult would have no difficulty seeing this. >> reporter: her late father got taken in on a financial scam and her aunt bought diamonds on the internet that were glass. bill: when does this all start? >> reporter: it begins to start in your early 50s. the optimal target is a seasoned investor age 55 thatten to the get the cue that something is amiss here. with people living longer and more and more people having to manage their retirement for decades, this will be a much bigger problem. particularly with that baby boom. bill: john roberts live in
6:39 am
atlanta. martha: let's see how the markets are trading. a little flat. investors react to a bad manufacturing report that comes through. we'll wait for a deal on the fiscal cliff. low volume as well today. the dow closed down yesterday at 12,966. but can it gets over that 13,000 mark for the new year? pill * police say she is running out of time. an 11-year-old girl taken from the cancer ward by her mother as seen on this surveillance camera. police say if she is not found soon she could die. now a new clue was just uncovered by police, and that's next.
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martha: president obama may be turn together fashion world for this next ambassador to france. he may be considering anna
6:43 am
wintour. she was a top fundraiser who helps organize a dinner. it brought in $8.2 million. we have fundraisers take on those posts. she has denied she wants it so far. we'll see. bill: 6-hour plane flight. there are new developments on the search for a u.s. girl wanted. her father was stopped at the border by police. her mother removed her mother's i.v. and walked her out of the hospital without notifying doctors. the child has a catheter in her heart.
6:44 am
if it's not removed. there is a possibility an infection could kill her. i want to start with the father crossing into arizona. what day was that that he was stopped? >> this was late saturday night into sunday morning. border patrol saw him as was entering the u.s. from mexico into arizona. bill: you stopped him and asked him where his daughter is. >> we asked him a few questions about emily, her whereabouts. sadly he didn't provide much information. he denied having knowledge of emily being removed from the hospital or being involved in that. sadly did not provide information where we could find emily. so we are trying to find her. bill: do you know the last time he had contact with his daughter? >> we didn't get into that with
6:45 am
him saturday. we believe he had contact with her perhaps even the night he was released. it seems odd a father would not know where a sick daughter would be. bill: are you still in touch with him? >> we are. he's in california. we are trying to keep in contact with him to see if emily and her mother might contact him for some reason. bill: you also put out their real names. you were just using generic names. you say his name is louisbrachamontes and his mother is norah. >> we hit the wall with information. we believe by releasing their names it could generate
6:46 am
information that might provide that information that will help us get emily some help. bill: she needs a lot of help. what is the danger of infection with this catheter that has a section could her heart and an amputated the right arm? this is a young lady who should not be far from medical treatment. >> that's our primary concern. she is 11 years old. she already had a lot of challenges in her young life. diagnosed with leukemia. contracts an infection, they have to remove -- amputate her right arm and her mother has placed her in a precarious situation that could result in her death. we are he can really concerned about that. obviously time is of the essence. bill: the child and mother are u.s. citizens. i'm from the sure where this trial will lead. had her mother tried to take her
6:47 am
from the hospital? >> we understand there may have been incidents at other hospitals where she has taken emily and they left prematurely. i don't know details but in this particular case it could be something that result in the child's death. we are extremely concerned. bill: you say they live somewhat of a nomadic life. >> they came to phoenix to get treatment for emily, however, they are not from the valley. they have relatives that live in arizona but not this particular area. they also have other family in california and they tend to move between arizona, california and mexico. we have not been able to determine if they have an actual home or where they spend most of their time. but they spend their time in all three areas. bill: we'll stay in touch with
6:48 am
you. if this helps to get the word out, let's hope that's the case. questions about these or anything else going on in the world, the e-mail is also follow me on martha: is organized labor trying to hold a u.s. waterway hostage? bill: a royal baby on the way. the latest on duchess kate's severe form of morning sickness and questions about whether that could be a sign she could be pregnant with two. [♪]
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bill: breaking news on what appears to be a terrible story out of sacramento, california. these are live pictures from ktxl. sacramento, california, police there dispatched to an apartment complex earlier today in a response from a call from a man who claims someone murdered his daughter with a chainsaw. police on scene. officers arrived there. the man refused to come out. started blasting loud music from inside the residence. several apartments have been evacuated. at this point it does not appear the man is agreeing to that demand. officers say they do not have any indication the man is armed but you don't know that until you get face to face with him. sacramento, california with keep
6:53 am
a close eye on this. it's just break on america's newsroom. martha: there is major royal baby news in the works. you heard this announced yesterday out of london by twitter how everything gets announced these days. they are expecting a baby that will be the next heir to the throne. it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl, it will be third in line to the throne. he's said to be concerned. his wife has been very ill in there for two days. she is reportedly less than 12 weeks pregnant. they didn't want to announce it this soon by because of her hospitalization they felt he wouldn't be able to get away with it. there is speculation it could be twins based on this illness she is suffering from.
6:54 am
welcome back. it's exciting news. why do they think it may be twins? and are there twins in the blood line? >> less than 1% have this horrible illness. your heart goes out to kate. nobody wants to make the announcement before the 12 week mark. less than 1% of women have this condition and if they do they are likely to have multiple birth and more likely to give birth to girls. martha: it is fascinating that there are twins as you say on both sides. the spencer family said there were twins and on her family side as well. >> there is a good chance. then the stress is on the royal gynecologist. if she has a c-section the baby that's born first will become third in line for the thrown and bump harry down.
6:55 am
harry is in afghanistan an got the news by e-mail. it is a strange quirk in the system that harry will be bumped down. martha: he was closer in line before this news came down. it's prince charles, prince william, and then the child of william and kate. if queen elizabeth we expect she'll be around when this child is born, she would be the first monarch to greet a great grandchild in great some time. >> since queen victoria to king edward ii. it is extraordinary, this tradition. the primary function of a royal wife is the production of an heir and a spare very quickly. we are not surprised kate middleton is pregnant. they had to get the jubilee and
6:56 am
the olympics out of the way. martha: they seem to be right on schedule. it seems like it's when we heard it would happen. >> she is 31 in january. it's been bump watch. there was a peanut butter paste she refused to eat last year so people were suggesting she might be pregnant. martha: so if it's twins, the doctor will sort of decide which baby to pull out first and that the heir. >> absolutely. that's a big rule change. this baby will make royal and constitutional history. it used to be the male would take precedence. girls make better queens, anyway. martha: we could talk about this
6:57 am
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so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like naturalrains. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. for multi grain flakes tt are anxcellent source of fiber try great grains banana nut crunch and cranberry almond crunch. martha: a fox news alert, it has begun, folks, the irs laying out how it will collect taxes to pay for the new health care law, and there's 159 pages to add to the huge pile of tax law already in effect, and that tells you what the new rules are on how to pay for obamacare, basically, through increased taxes. so that's exciting. bill: you know, it's a great career path if you're an accountant. martha: exactly. great news for them. welcome to "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. bill: these proposed rules kick
7:01 am
in january 1, exactly four weeks from today, and more than two years after the president signed his signature piece of legislation into law. martha: here with more, charles gasparino, good morning. good to have you. >> thanks for having me. martha: all this talk about whether or not the rich are going to get taxed through the fiscal cliff, they're already getting taxed, right? through this. >> i think people forget there are lots of fiscal cliff taxes, but just what president obama wallets and, you know, forget about the fiscal cliff, what his mandate is, essentially, forces a lot of taxes, including income tax increases. if you look at obamacare, there's a surcharge on income. and, you know, it's pretty scary between that and the capital gains, we're talking about, you know, we're talking about hitting people with a huge tax bill. and we should point out that this is the alleged rich, the millionaires and billionaires who make $200,000 a year. martha: right, exactly.
7:02 am
exactly right. [laughter] you know, if you live in a metropolitan area really anywhere across the country and you make $200,000 if you're an individual, $250,000 together if you're a couple and you have any investments, right? >> any investments, but also even if you don't have investments, i think there's a surcharge on income here, which, you know, aside from that. and i'll tell you, this is the real sort offedty of -- oddity of obama taxes and the sort of silence of new york politicians. kirsten gillibrand, i guess our junior senator from new york, and chuck schumer, our senior senator from new york. i'm a new yorker. you know, are these guys living in another world? do they think they're live anything kansas? new yorkers, a family of four living in long island can easily have $250,000 a year in annual income, they are not rich. but chuck schumer will not address that issue. neither will kirsten gillibrand. they should. because they're leaving a lot of their constituents out in the
7:03 am
cold on this one. martha: senator schumer's gone so far as to suggest that the rich number should be a million dollars -- >> but where is he? martha: yeah. i guess he was just murmuring that into a corner. [laughter] that is what he's saying, right? not vociferously enough, in your opinion. >> i've heard him say that, but i've not heard him advocate that. kirsten gillibrand is nowhere to be found in all this. listen, i'm not saying we should cry for people who make $250,000 a year, but jest let's put it in context. if you live in california, if you live in new york, if you are a family or four or five, you are not a billionaire as the president says if you make $250,000 a year. it's absurd. martha: charlie, thank you. [laughter] we'll see what kind of impact it has on investing and stocks -- >> it's going to be a problem. look at those -- martha: people want to make money that way. they're going to have to pay almost 4% on that. >> one of the reasons why the average investor is out of the market, it's this. martha: yeah.
7:04 am
charlie, thank you. thanks very much. we'll see you soon. >> okay. martha: let's take a look at some of the pen -- penalties built into the health care law. during the next decade, the government will collect $55 billion in tax penalties from people who go without insurance, can extra $117 billion in penalties from employers who provide no coverage or inadequate coverage to their employees, so there's lots of ways to skin a cat and to be taxed on this one. stay tuned. bill: can't sell would bones no. no end to the strike dramatically slowing activity at two of the nation's busiest cargo complexes. more than 20 ships said to be anchored offshore of southern california. they cannot load or unload cargo at any of the ports, l.a. or long beach. adam houseley's there live. what's the latest there, any movement in. >> reporter: not much movement at all. a few ships are getting through.
7:05 am
the quote given to me this morning was they're trickling in. i'll step away, you can see to the port complex. l.a./long beach, the twin bolters. 40% of all cargo traffic in the country comes through here, the largest port complex in the country. you put the two together, you separate 'em out, and they're one and two. cargo ships just sitting there waiting to be unloaded. we know of at least 11 ships that have gone to other ports because this port has been shut down for a week. as far away as panama. nothing's getting through here, as i mentioned, one port employee said stuff is just trickling through. bill: what are the two sides saying, adam? what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, both sides, of course, blame the other side. the clerical workers are the ones that have gone on strike here. there's about 800 of them. they say that when they retire, those jobs are being moved overseas to other countries, and they don't want that to happen anymore. because of that, 10,000 long
7:06 am
shoremen won't cross the lines. we talked to the clerical workers yesterday afternoon about the strike. here's what they said. >> we've been dealing with corporate greed and the outsourcing of jobs and, you know, a lot of people say what we're doing is hurting our community and hurting the economy of the united states. but we also feel that outsourcing is hurting our economy. >> reporter: now, in response there's a statement from the los angeles/long beach harbor employees' association saying, quote: >> reporter: bill, by most estimates this is costing $1 billion a day each day the strike goes on. now, if you're worried about what might be in the store, i'm told most retailers have already received a lot of their christmas goods, however, some of those go on a two week order frame, they may not have gotten
7:07 am
their orders, so that could be a problem if the strike drags on. at this hour, bill, it doesn't seem to have any end in sight. bill: a billion dollars a day, that is absolutely incredible. >> reporter: yep, unreal. bill: you're right, it is unreal. six past. martha: live pictures now from sacramento where there is a barricade situation going on. a man has barricaded himself into his house with the incredible claim that someone killed his daughter with a chain saw, but the police are not sure at this point if they believe that story. they're in the middle of trying to figure out this ongoing situation. the man barricaded himself in, as i said, then he started blasting very loud music out of his home. they evacuated the surrounding apartments to make sure that those people were not in harm's way. this is a breaking news situation at #u 07 a.m -- 7:07 a.m. pacific time in sacramento, california. we'll let you know what
7:08 am
develops. bill: you know, this claim that his daughter was murdered by a man with a chainsaw, first of all, you pray that is not the truth. and you hope this man is deranged or had a bad night or he's having a bad morning and that he is the only one inside the home. and that's one of the theories now that we're working off of. this is police now talking with our fox affiliate in sacramento just a moment ago. let's listen here. >> 5:22 we received a call this morning that someone had been cut up with a chainsaw, and he had, the subject indicated his daughter and he was going to hurt himself. we responded. therethere is no victim at this. right now we have a subject who's kind of distraught, and we're talking to him now. >> is he any danger to anybody? is anybody at risk other than him? >> at this time, no. >> as far as how he injured his daughter, did he say how? >> we're not going to go into that. we do know his daughter's not
7:09 am
injured -- >> so you've actually spoken with her? >> we've contacted other family members. >> so she's fine. this is simply a despondent individual. >> yes. >> did you have to evacuate apartments? >> we did evacuate apartments surrounding his. >> how many? >> i want to say four apartments. >> with okay. >> yeah. just this section of the building. >> so he called and said that someone cut up his daughter with a chainsaw? >> that he hurt his daughter -- >> with a chain item saw? >> yes. >> but that's not true. he does have a daughter, she's fine. >> everybody's fine. >> what was your level of concern -- >> we thought we might have a homicide. so -- >> but at this point -- >> we do not have one. we have a person who's despondent, and we're trying to get him some help. >> and no idea why he reported he injured someone with a chainsaw? >> no, we don't. we have no idea why. bill: that was just appointments ago. -- moments ago. a critical answer there by that
7:10 am
police officer when asked can about the charge of a chainsaw being used. he said not true. and you mentioned, martha, the adjacent apartments evacuated. that's done out of an abundance of caution. that's what the police do in news scenarios. but if the apartment is barricaded, they are taking no chances. martha: all right. we've got plenty ahead as we keep an eye on that story. shocking images of a man's final moments. this is an unbelievable story and incredible pictures this morning on "the new york post." this man was pushed into a subway track x he was killed. the hunt is on for that man who you see speaking with him. we'll have the latest on that. bill: also, it has been nearly two months since the deadly terrorist attack at our consulate in libya. still no arrests, and is the justice for the four americans murdered in the attack ever going to happen? martha: and president obama
7:11 am
flatly turning down a republican counteroffer in the fiscal cliff negotiations. so now what? house majority whip kevin mccarthy joins us next. >> he wants to break the back of republicans. this is a continuation of his campaign. he thinks he won it, and now he wants to drive a stake through the republicans. it's all about politics, it's nothing about economickings. dre. one is for a clean, domestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now.
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bill: we have new video released by police here in new york city of the moments before a man was pushed off a times square subway platform into an oncoming train. here's the surveillance video capturing the victim. his face is blurred. police say he and the suspect were arguing only seconds before he was shoved onto the tracks. and "the new york post" releasing this horrific picture. the victim apparently trying to climb back on the platform as the train barreled toward him. people standing by, watching in
7:15 am
panic. witnesses who were there describe what they saw. >> i saw the train pull into the station about three-quarters into the station. you know, you almost heard, like, a thud. wasn't sure if it had anything to do with the man being struck, and that's when you heard people yelling. bill: police still searching for the suspect described to be a male, 20-30 years old. the victim a 58-year-old man from queens, and police do not believe the two knew each other. martha: back down to washington where the white house has rejected the counteroffer from house republicans in the fiscal cliff negotiations. let's take a look at the gop offer. this is their version. it cuts $2.2 trillion from the deficit over ten years. that number also includes entitlement reforms raising the age for social security and medicare and so forth as well as $800 billion that they say they would throw into the pot in new tax revenue that would come from
7:16 am
tax reform, from cutting tax loopholes and the like. joined now, very pleased to have with us california republican ken mccarthy, the house majority whip. congressman, welcome. good to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me. martha: so you put your number out there, you know, all kinds of response across the board this morning saying that it is, you know, equally laughable, ridiculous. there's no way that the white house is going to counter that offer. what do you think about that? >> well, i think that's sad, because think about what this president said when he campaigned. he said he wanted a balanced approach. he said he wanted 800 billion in revenue and 800 billion in revenue we provide. we also provide that balanced approach where he wanted two and a half cuts to three times as many cuts. we provide that. we meet his criteria. erskine bowles when he went before the supercommittee said that exact same thing with these numbers. so we took the structure of the president's words, and we filled it in with details, and we sent it to the president. when we made our first offer right after the election, it took three weeks before the
7:17 am
white house responded to us. when geithner came down with his proposal, which no one agrees to, not even democrats, we quickly have sent this back. we want to get this done. we do not want to go off the fiscal cliff. martha: the white house is saying, obviously, they will not do any deal that does not include what was one of their number one campaign motivations and slogans, and that was that taxes must go up. the tax rate must go up on the rich. so what are you going to do with that? >> look, the president said he wanted revenues, we provided revenues -- martha: he's saying tax rates must go up, and are you saying there is no way still that that will happen, not even the slightest bit? >> new taxes are coming out with obamacare. we're continuing to tax individuals. we're harming our growth. can we get the revenue the president asks? yes, we can, with protecting the growth in the economy x. that's what we provided to the president. the president continues to change the goalpost along this process. we think what has to happen here
7:18 am
now that if we agreed to revenue, let's talk about the balanced approach and the two and a half times the spending cuts. the president won't talk about that. in geithner's proposal, he offers a new stimulus program where he's now spending even more money than what he can -- martha: you know, both sides are pretty well staked out here. the question is, what's going to happen? are you all going to find a way to, you know, sort of come forward a little bit? perhaps you might say, well, you know, we'll raise taxes on those who makeover a million dollars or $500,000? a lot of people think that's where the negotiation is going to happen here. is it? are you willing to do anything in that direction? >> look, republicans are willing to make sure we don't go over this fiscal cliff, but at the same time don't harm this economy. what has to happen here, the president shows a little leadership, we're willing to sit in the room, we're willing to get this done. that's why you saw a proposal that's reasonable, that meets his criteria, that sets out -- martha: all right, well, let me ask you this then, congressman. in your proposal there are some
7:19 am
changes to medicare in terms of increasing the age of eligibility. if the white house were to come back and say we would go along with some of those changes, which they in the past i should point out and as you well know have said that's not imoacial, if they were willing to do that, would you be willing to give them tax revenue which they seem to be, you know, committed to getting? it doesn't, the way they want it isn't in increased tax rate. is that a negotiation if those two things were to happen? >> understand what's transpiring here. the president said on the campaign trail he wanted 800 billion in revenue. we're providing him 800 billion in revenue. we have talked about this revenue issue. we meet his -- martha: so it will not come in the form of rates. you're going to hold firm on that? >> there's been noon cuts -- no discussion on cuts. we've got to get this under control. the president said he wanted a balanced approach, two and a half times, he hasn't offered -- martha: all right. i hear what you're saying, and, you know, it sounds like you
7:20 am
still believe you have a lot of leverage and that you will not move on rates. is that correct? >> look, the republicans have moved a great deal. who was the first person right after the election was the speaker who went down and provided the revenue. that's something you have not heard of before. when has this president offered any of the spending cuts? i think that's where the holdup is. martha: we'll see. congressman mccarthy, always good to have you with us. we'll see where this goes. thank you, sir. >> thanks. bill: four weeks on the calendar, and in all likelihood we'll be sitting here on the 31st of december watching them hammer out this deal. there are those who argue a deal's on the table and it's just a matter of locking arms -- >> martha: i'm not seeing a lot of evidence of that. bill: i think these two sides are going to fight for what they believe is right. you just heard kevin mccarthy say what is the response from the white house, and right now it's the president's duty and job to give a response. martha: a lot of people say there's not enough leadership from the white house. tim geithner came and talked to congress.
7:21 am
in the past we have seen presidents who muscled some of these arrangements on their own. will this president do that? that's one of the big questions. bill: we are learning a lot more about the night before an nfl player murdered his wife and committed suicide the next day. dr. keith ablow will try and make sense of what we are learning this morning. martha: and remember this case? this is coming back into the news now. the trayvon martin case. there is some new evidence in this case that may support george zimmerman's story. of we're going to show you what it is, and you can decide what you think about it. we'll be right back. >> i immediately went to grab my phone to this time call 911 instead of the nonemergency, and when i reached into my pants pocket -- because that's where i keep it out of habit -- can it wasn't there, and i was shocked. i looked up, and he punched me and broke my nose. >> one shot? >> yes, sir. ally bank.
7:22 am
why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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martha: let's get too headlines at 25 minutes past the hour. israel saying it's moving forward with plans for two major settlements in the eastern part of the country. this following the united nation's recognition of palestine as a nonmember observer state. governor mitt romney, we haven't said that in a little while, returning to corporate life, marriott says the former republican presidential nominee is rejoining their board of directors, which he left late last -- early last year i should say. and house speaker john boehner set to light the capitol christmas tree hours from now. the tree is 65 feet high, an engleman spruce from the white river national forest in colorado. beautiful. bill: usually it's jersey.
7:26 am
new details about the final hours of jovan belcher apartments life. he spent the night with another woman before going home in the morning fighting with his girlfriend, cassandra perkins and shooting her repeatedly. many people report he was drunk the night before and spent the night at the home of another woman. dr. keith ablow is here. take us through the details. he fell asleep in his car outside the home of another woman, woken by the police inside the car, went inside the building, spent the night there and then in the morning he went home. when he went home is when all this happened. put it together. >> there is a little girl with no parents, there has been a murder and suicide. now comes the task of trying to
7:27 am
explain what might seem to be the inexplicable. what we do know seemingly is there a long tphaoeuft drink involved, perhaps there is another woman involved. what we do know is that this fellow has a history of violent altercations with women. back in 2006 and 2007 one involved breaking a window, nearly severing his thumb and cutting his wrist again in a heated exchange with a woman. 2007 a shouting match to which security was called at the college. why? because mr. belcher felt that a woman hadn't been honest with him about the time she was going to call him. and then we hear that again he may have been upset with his girlfriend about whether she had come back from a party at the right time. so what we know is that like many domestic abusers, this individual seems to have repeated conflicts with women. then the other theories come into play. was this made worse or perhaps
7:28 am
is the origination of this from repeated head trauma, if in fact his football career included traumatic injuries of that sort. bill: there is no evidence to even suggest he ever had a concussion playing. that may prove differently in the end but we don't know that. we know he shot this woman nine times. when you try and explain murder to us you often describe that as rage or anger. but when you're shooting a bullet one time, that says something about the intent that you have, but nine times repeatedly, in front of your own mother suggests high levels of anger at a minimum, does it not, doctor? >> well it certainly suggests anger, but bill, you've got togo to the othetow to go to the other issues, which are inhibition issues. we want to know, and these are theories, known proven, were there drugs involved, were there steroids involved? did he have issues with brain
7:29 am
injury. he had complained about depression. did he have bi-polar disorder and did he have the manic phase. the thing that as a fo a forensic psychiatrist that stands out, if you told me everything about it and then told me back in six and 2007 he bullied these women and was tremendously emotional and in fact violent with them, verbally or physically, i'd say wait a second. you mentioned the head trauma and whether he used steroids or he didn't. there is the money until proven otherwise, his personality issues, his narcissism. his leaning and people and bullying them. and you have to explain what in his life story caused that. bill: i told the gm of the team, he said thank you, thank you for my chance. i love you, he knelt down behind
7:30 am
a car, made the sign of the cross and put a bullet in his own head. thank you for taking us through this dr. keith ablow. martha: bracing for another hit now from mother nature after already getting hit really hard. these are pictures from california, laffeyette, california, there is a huge sinkhole in the middle of that picture, one sign of what has already happened as a result of this storm and another big one could be on the way. bill: also, president obama promised to hunt down the keurls o killers of these four americans. it's been nearly two months, where is the justice for ambassador stevens and the three others killed by terrorists in libya? >> make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
7:31 am
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martha: we have sandy on the east coast and now you've got yet another powerful rainstorm that is bearing down on northern california. in fact this is the area's fourth big storm in less than a week. can you imagine? can you imagine? the severe weather is causing damaging floods there and prompting massive sinkholes to open up in two separate communities. listen. >> oh, my god. we're lucky we are alive. >> i lost half my pictures, man. >> it don't have to happen to me twice, i'm out of here. martha: what is going on in the world, mother nature reeking a
7:35 am
lot of havoc. claudia cowan is live. these storms have left their mark on the bay area. >> they really have, martha, we had a bit of a break in the weather yesterday. that gave work crews out here in laugh tpaoeuette a jum hereinaftehere here a jump start to fix this. it will take months to fix this giant sinkhole that opened up and sunday, it is 80 feet long, 15 feet deep. folks who live along the street will have to find ways to detour around it probably until next spring. a creek that runs underneath this street flooded because of all the intense storms, filled up with tree limbs and trash and caused the roadway to collapse. city engineers are out here with heavy equipment digging all that debris out before they install a temporary storm drain ahead of
7:36 am
the next system moving in later today. a second road collapse south of here in santa cruz county also causing big headaches. the santa cruz mountains saw 15-plus inches of rain in this storm. long-term residents are amazed by of the destruction. no damage estimates in just yet, it's likely we will see several northern california counties asking for emergency assistance, emergency funding to make these critical road repairs soon. martha: and soon is not soon enough probably for those folks. we've all seen, the cameras go away and the problems linger for a really longtime. claudia, thank you so much, as the fourth storm looks to be headed that way. tough times in that area. >> make no mistake we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act, and make no mistake, justice
7:37 am
will be done. we are going to find out who did this and we are going to hunt them down, because one of the things that i've said throughout my presidency is, when folks mess with americans we go after them. bill: that last comment came about a month and a half ago. there are questions and many of them about the investigations into the attacks in benghazi, libya. president obama repeatedly promising to hunt down those responsible for the deaths of four americans, including the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. it's been nearly two months. so where is the justice? steven hayes "weekly standard" fox news contributor, steven good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: almost three months really coming up on that. this is what the "associated press" wrote 14 days ago. key security commanders and witnesses say they were never questioned. no suspects have been named. gunmen seen participating in the assault walk freely in the eastern libyan city. what is going on here? >> i think it's a big problem for the obama administration and for the country. the president was right on september 12th when he said
7:38 am
that the world needs to understand that when the united states is messed with there will be retribution, and what we've seen thus far, whether it's in the ap story, or a new york times story with one of the suspected plotters of the attack sipping fruit drinks with reporters, or, you know, the fact that the fbi continue get on the ground for several weeks after the attack there doesn't seem to be the urgency that the president suggested that there would be. i think the world needs to see that beyond the immediate concern of just bringing to justice the people who actually committed the act. bill: why does it appear to be such a low priority? what would explain that? >> well one guess would be that it isn't a high priority. this is not something that seems to have taken up a lot of time of folks in the white house, of folks elsewhere. i think if there were the urgency that the president said there would be we would have seen much more publicly. we would have heard much more publicly. the fbi wouldn't have taken several weeks to get in, they
7:39 am
would have been almost immediately, whether that required adding additional security forces to make sure that they help were protected while they conducted their search. we would have seen the kinds of immediate responses that we've seen frankly to terrorist attacks that have happened in the past. bill: and we've seen nothing really at least publicly in the way of retaliation. what does that suggest, then in. >> i think it's noteworthy that we haven't seen anything or even heard anything about retaliation. you have an administration that has used to great effect drones and other instruments of war to takeout the people who have planned and plotted against the united states, often doing so in a covert way. it's not that we've seen this. it hasn't been the open war, the administration has chosen to conduct the war on terror on largely a secret basis with a tphaoupb announcements and front page stories in the new york times after the fact. we haven't seen any of that. we haven't seen any evidence that they have gone after the
7:40 am
folks that participated in this attack. in fact when one of the plotters was captured in tunisia it took a senator, lindsey graham from south carolina to threaten to withhold funding that we send there in order to gain cooperation so u.s. interrogators could spend to time with that suspect. bill: that is the only person we have information on that has been apprehended. when there is not retaliation, what does it do to to the other side, make them stronger, embolden them? >> no question about that, yes. this has been a bipartisan tradition. you go back and look at bill clinton after the attacks on the u.s. embassies in africa on august 7th of 1998, it took a little more than two weeks for bill clinton to respond force knee by dropping bombs on the farm suit alplant in khartoum. i had other examples of rather quick, which isn't to say precipitous, rather quick responses in part to send aess
7:41 am
message. it's very important for the families and everybody here in the united states to understand that justice has in fact been pursued and had and to send a message to the world, just as the president said, if you mess with the united states there are serious and potentially deadly consequences for doing so. bill: i just want to add this. about a month ago the deputy interior minister said the investigation was going well. about three weeks ago the ministry spokesman said the results would come soon. i put those in quotes because we are still waiting on that. steven hayes, thank you out of washington. martha: remember the homeless man whose picture went viral on the internet when a new york city policeman gave him a pair of socks and a pair of boots because it was a very cold night? now we're learning that he may not actually be homeless. there is more to the story. bill: okay. there are new developments here, a picture of george zimmerman from the day mart r- trayvon
7:42 am
martin was killed. what happened next. >> after that first hit what happened next. >> he started bashing my head into the concrete sidewalk. as soon as he broke my nose i started yelling for help because i was disoriented and he started slamming my head into the concrete. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
7:43 am
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7:45 am
bill: a new chapter to a story we talked about quite a bit here. an nypd officer generously giving a homeless man a pair of winter boots, here is the picture now, it made headlines all across the country. it turns out the man wasn't actually homeless. jeffery hillman reportedly had an apartment paid for by veteran's benefits and a loving family in pennsylvania. he has a history of refusing help, which could be a reason why you saw him sitting on the sidewalk. that does not distract for one
7:46 am
moment what that officer did for that man. martha: that very great gesture. i hope it has ignited an interest in other people doing some more things. the man obviously was cold, he was outside, and he saw him in mead an need and did what he did to help. that spirit continues this season and beyond. let's go become to days we haven't talked about in some time. there is a bit of new evidence released in the george zimmerman murder trial. the defense team says this photo was taken by a florida police officer the night the unarmed teen trayvon martin was killed. mr. zimmerman claims that he shot martin in self-defense after being repeatedly punched in the face and this may be some evidence of that. he is charged with second-degree murder. this trial gets underway in june of this year. there is a picture from october of george zimmerman in a hearing that happened a couple of months ago. i'm joined now by tkaefpb
7:47 am
defense attorney, and also a former prosecutor joins us. good to have you here. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. martha: this is going to be right back in the news. it got a ton of attention. trayvon martin was a teenager walking home from a convenience store with ice tea and skittles. george zimmerman approached him from what we know about that. he claims there was a scuffle between the two an was concerned that he was going to get hurt and he did get hurt. how before the killing happened and trayvon martin lost his life that night. we have to go back to some of the evidence here, and it is difficult, eric, because these two people were the only ones there and witnessed it and one of them is now gone. what do you make of this evidence? >> martha, a picture is worth a thousand words n. this case this picture is worth reasonable doubt. it is worth everything. it is a silent weurbgts i a cedars-sinai medical center length witness. it captured what happened. this isn't like the movie like
7:48 am
my cousin vinnie where they are surprised to get reciprocal discovery. it is the job of the district attorney's office to turn over every picture. this photo shows what can be reasonable doubt, shows marks, shows bruises, shows cuts, shows reasonable doubt which is everything in a criminal case. martha: is there something to be made of that, marla, that this photo was release ned a black anreleased in a black and white version, now it's come out in collar. we heard mr. zimmerman talking to sean hannity about how his nose was broken and that's when he really began to get scared. >> i think we node to look at what the investigators had to look and what the state attorney's office looks at when they decide to pursue criminal charges against one. in this case they saw the photographic pictures. the defense is making a big stink about it because they got originally a black and white photo. however the florida rules of discovery allow defense teams and defense attorneys to go to
7:49 am
the state attorney's office to inspect, to photograph, and to make copies of any and all discovery. so is there a timing issue where i think that it's a little suspect because the defense fund is at an all time low? yes, absolutely i think this is why this is now being raised in a court of law. martha: what do you think about that eric? >> if i may. i would have agree with her but we'd both be wrong. this is reciprocal discovery. she knows better than that. they have an obligation to turn over every single piece of evidence and not holdout on everything. you are a better defense attorney than you were a prosecutor. you know, i have seen you in many a courtroom you know that the state attorney's office has to turn over anything. it is repulsive and disgusting that everything is not turned over. there is the court of law, there is the court of public opinion. we want a fair trial. what happened to trayvon martin is sad, a tragedy but we need a fair trial. that's what everything is all about. martha: how are we doing on that front?
7:50 am
and there is a picture of young trayvon martin who was killed on that night. how are we doing on the public opinion front? because mr. zimmerman has a website, he's been seeking to raise some money for his defense, and then this sort of, perhaps, strategic release of this photo at this time to kind of keep this in the public view, one might say. marla? >> i completely agree with that. i think all the reports are correct when they say the timing is suspect, all these motions that are being filed now by the defense team, i think that what everyone needs to look at are the people that made the original decisions, the original decision toss charge him with that second-degree murder. they had access, they had the discovery and the defense did get this photograph. did they get it in a color photograph? no. was that always available for them, yes. martha: you know what, a lot of it is going to come down to whether or not george zimmerman felt threatened and felt that his life was truly threatened. we have to leave it right there, we'll get back to it a different
7:51 am
day. eric and marla thank you very much. bill: what is coming up next on "happening now." jenna: in a few minutes former president george w. bush is speaking live at an event in dallas. we'll take you there. immigration is the theme today. that's what the former president is going to be talking about. we have conservative republicans pitching to reform on capitol hill. we'll weave this all together for you coming up on "happening now," we'll be with you in just about ten minutes.
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bill: there is a live look at dallas. former president george w. bush hosting a conference there today on the impact of immigration and the u.s. economy. he was the last republican president to get more than 40% of the hispanic vote. casey stegall live on the scene in dallas. good morning. >> reporter: hey, bill, good morning to you. there is going to be two
7:55 am
different roundtables at this event being hosted by the federal reserve bank here in dallas, back here behind me. former president george w. bush will be speaking in about ten-minute's time because the whole event is sponsored by the bush institute, part of the new bush presidential library that is going to be opening this coming spring in dallas. panels will be discussing and debating how immigration actually benefits the economy and how reform is really necessary to get the economic engines going. because consider this. in 2010 approximately 18 puerto rico of small busines18% of small business owners were immigrants. compared to 13% of u.s. natives. last year immigrants made 16% of the total civilian workforce. >> hispanics aren't democrats or republicans, they are americans first. they are making choices trying to move forward in the economy. all immigrants are trying to move forward in the economy. what we know we can all agree
7:56 am
on, which is that immigrants actually accelerate growth. >> reporter: this is part of a bush institute initiative to get the economy back to 4% growth instead of the 2, 2.5% we've seen in recent years, bill. bill: let's hope. casey stegall. thanks live in dallas. we await that speech and you'll see part of it live here on fox. thank you, casey. martha: tis the season and this is a homecoming like no other. two soldiers surprising their "little children," the emotional reunion. we just love these. and it's next. ♪
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