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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 5, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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maybe it is not happening. >> that was bold. >> i just figured he wanted his privacy. >> shut up, people. go to my facebook page if you want. tell me where you want me to go in this bus and i will go. maybe texas. may not be texas. i don't know. jetted do dye yaw bill, an -- jedediah, bill, michael, that does it for me. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i did not as far as i would like to go. i believe the nra is the new kkk. >> shepard: new far out craziness perpetrated by professional football player. we will cut through the all the madness tonight and tell you what's really going on. >> the recession meant that there was less money coming in and even more. >> bill: new stats say president obama has borrowed more money than all the other
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presidents combined. there is no relief in sight. charles krauthammer will tell us where the all money is going. also tonight a mother in louisiana puts a nude picture of her teenage daughter on facebook. is it legal on the case? caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. america and personal responsibility. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. immediately after belcher killed his girlfriend and shot himself excuses started. trotted out by a variety of pundits. here is the fact. belcher is solely responsible for the horrendous crime which orphaned his baby daughter. he did it he knew right from wrong, he he chose, he chose
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to inflict lethal damage. there is no question that belcher was mentally imbalanced you don't do what he did when you are in control of yourself. to blame society or guns or football is grossly irresponsible. tomorrow bob costas will appear on the factor to explain his remarks. he finds himself in the middle of a controversy we are anxious to hear his point of view. another guy who has inserted himself into the story kansas city sports writer jason whitlock who cease it that way. >> i believe the nra is the new kkk and the army of so -- arming of some black youths and loading up our communities with drugs and having an open shooting gallery is the work of people that, you know, obviously don't have our best interest. >> bill: what a bunch of bull. we invited mr. whitlock on the program tonight. is he hiding under his desk. he knows he can't defend that position. here a bulletin to whitlock.
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no society can protect a society against a guy like belcher. it's hard wired into some people. this deflexion into guns or race simply nonsense. we are living in a time of denial. our cultured is cluttered for excuses for bad behavior. it's always somebody else's fault not the individual screwing up. all of us make mistakes how many of us own up? talk to teenagers today you will hear a litany of excuse-making for just about everything. while those immature minds may be understood we offensive don't challenge the dodge. schools chalked full of people in authority who allow excuses to mitigate awful behavior. celebrities like lindsay lohan have an excuse for everything. you know what's likely to happen to ms. lohan a grizzly end. that's what. substance abuse rampant. what are we doing about it? making excuses. he was a villain. a person given athletic talent
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instead of building worthwhile life for himself and his baby destroyed lives. that's on him, period. that's the memo. now are to the top story tonight. reaction with us dr. dale archer clinical asking gist dr. keith ablow. where am i going wrong here dr. ablow. >> look, i don't think you are going wrong entirely, bill. bottom line is we know more about belcher now than we did just a day ago and that is this. back to 2006 and 2007, this is somebody who had attracted the attention of authorities. he busted up a window, reportedly, cut his thumb and his wrist, why? he was enraged with a girl. then again the next year, called, you know, authorities called because he is yelling and screaming at another woman. so this is shaping up -- now, look, other factors can be relevant here. this is shaping up as a guy who was a domestic villain.
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that's the number one possibility. >> bill: so what? what do you do with a guy like that? unless you charge him and put him in jail you can't do anything with him. >> number one, you certainly could do that potentially. number two, you could charge him and as a condition of not going to jail say you are going to be on probation for five years. psychotherapy, drug testing and you are out of this university. >> let's stay in the real world, doctor. this happened at maine university. they didn't want to do it and this happens a gazillion times all over the country. >> that's on them, bill. >> my point is that belcher did it. belcher is responsible but the pundit class. the pundit class, dr. archer started immediately to make excuses. it's the nfl, it was the guns, rather than saying this is an individual who was disturbed and, you know, that's what the crux of the matter is. >> the crux of the matter is that the number one predict everywhere of violence, the
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number one predictor of suicide is alcohol and drug abuse. if we want to get to a reason why this happened that has to be at the top of the list. clearly this is a guy who was taken painkillers. nfl players are four times more likely than the general population to take narcotic painkillers and he was drinking on those painkillers. if you want a reason that's your -- >> wait, doctor ablow, so you say that the analysis should have been he did it and he is responsible. you don't disagree with that? >> don't disagree at all. one of the drivers of his action was the drinking and the drug taking? >> correct. >> bill: all right. that seems to be logical dr. ablow to make that kind of analysis. always with the headline he did it. he is responsible. >> well, number one, you know, we have to have a little footnote here that if it turns out the guy was delusional, thought his girlfriend was an alien, we are going to reassess, this okay? but we don't go into
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speculation unless there is something to base the speculation on. >> correct. >> bill: you don't diminish a story by saying hey, you know what? maybe he was kidnapped by aliens and came back that way. >> also, you don't diminish by saying you know what? he was drunk and using prescription pain pills. this guy back to 2006 is accused of women and authorities of praying upon them, frightening them. controlling them. it's said that his girlfriend and mother of his child was late coming home from a party. we know it's a trigger for this bat guy. >> he should be reported. >> he ask a batterers. >> bill: it should be are the whod but the authorities did not. he played his position. he lived his life. his mother was living with him. he had a baby. all right. so all of the things as you are pointing out, i'm not sure if they are drivers to the
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murder. that's really what i want -- i want americans to stop the excuse making and zero in on villainy when they see it. this guy is villain, is he not. >> is he a villain. we also have to look at causality. >> you can't ban alcohol. >> it's not alcohol. >> without a doubt he was taking painkillers and drinking and the chiefs know this is going on and do they take any action? >> bill: look, but you can't stop people from doing that. it's impossible. they are going to take drugs and drink. and neither of you doctors are going to stop that behavior. now, what we can do is marginalize the behavior and tell kids in particular if you do this, you're a villain rather than a victim. >> well, i think identifying bad behavior is essential. but, again, reportedly, i don't know for sure, but also there are reports that he was
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a horrible bully back in grade school and high school. the issue should be taken seriously. psychotherapy in force. it's all of that pinheady stuff may be interest ared in theory but you want to solve this problem? the schools, the public schools, all right, and the media have to tell the population that drug taking and alcohol and getting drunk and hitting people and bullying is bad behavior. you should be ostracized for it you are not a victim. >> got to stop with the family first, the school second. >> bill: this guy probably doesn't have a family. all right. gentlemen. thank you very much. next on the run down, crawl and colmes will react to the excuse culture and the gun controversial. later, is it legal on this woman who posted a nude prove of
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>> bill: and in the impact segment tonight, we continue our analysis on the murder suicide in kansas city with an emphasis on the excuse culture here now monica crowley and alan colmes. do you accept the premise we are living in a country that accept bracing excuse-making? >> i think in many cases that's true. >> bill: whoa. medic? [ laughter ] do we have somebody? >> i am here to give you that reaction. >> bill: i'm glad. >> i think it's true. what you said is accurate in that it is personal responsibility. >> bill: yep. >> it rests with him. >> bill: why do you think colmes a guy like bob costas. i talked to him today. it's very interesting and i hope you tune in tomorrow to see him. it's not what you think it is. why do you think that his commentary which is the most powerful and widely watched of anybody, all right? didn't zero in on personal responsibility and, instead, went into the gun culture? >> i can't speak for him. >> bill: why do you think he
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did it. >> he probably does feel that what whitlock said resonated that in fact there is a gun culture and had this guy not gotten the gun based on what keith ablow said why did this guy have a gun? >> bill: if he didn't have a gun do you think he might have gotten a knife? >> it's impossible. >> bill: in a rage or strangled the woman. >> it's always possible. you wouldn't have a fatality without a gun. >> bill: you say? >> it's fascinating whether it's bob costas or any of these antigun activists. >> bill: i don't think you are being fair to costas he is not an antigun activists. >> give you antigun commentary in the middle of nfl game to me that was totally inappropriate. >> bill: let me stop threw because a a lot of people on fox news has done this. i didn't see it as antigun as far as gun possession is concerned. i saw it as antigun culture, the glorification there is no
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doubt that's going on. >> right. >> bill: i didn't see him as saying we shouldn't have the second amendment. we should seize guns. >> you are right about that he didn't have to. he was spinning a bigger narrative here. >> bill: which was? what was the bigger narrative? >> that we have more outrage about the weapon used in this crime than about the murderer who committed this. >> bill: do you think bob costas has more moral outrage about the gun culture than belcher himself? >> yeah. i don't know bob costas politics but what i saw on this commentary led me to believe that this is what comes from the left that you can legislate human behavior that you can socially engineer human behavior from the first murder cane and able in the bible you cannot do it. >> bill: i agree with you 100%. if the left believes you can do that that is possible. >> it comes out when you have these discussions about the gun culture. the left always thinks they can perfect human behavior.
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>> i know you are. >> it isn't. >> bill: let's get to this guy whitlock because this is where costas took his cue this guy whitlock believes and i really would like to talk to him that there is an organized attempt to get guns in the hands of blacks and drugs in the hands of blacks. >> yeah. >> bill: that's how far out this whitlock guy is is that there is some kind of can a kabul in america saying we have got to get a lot of guns and narcotics so that they destroy themselves. that's where he is. that's crazy. >> first of all, i agree with the part of whitlock that costas quoted. to equate the nra with a kkk is outrageous. i'm no big fan of the nra to suggest they have some racial motive, there is no evidence of that whatsoever. >> bill: you are actually sounding rational tonight.
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is it the new hair cut? >> i took o'reilly pills. >> bill: more o'reilly pills you can take the better. so even colmes so your brother-in-law colmes, is that better? >> yeah, right. >> admits that this far out whitlock deal is is insane. but it comes back to the fact that even conservative commentators locked in on the gun thing because they didn't like the way costas put it rather than it's personal responsibility, why aren't we holding all of these people. and not just murderers. but you know when your kid does something like smoke pot or get drunk and then well, everyone is doing it and -- then you give them a pass or her a pass. you are just playing into that whole garbage and it just escalates. >> that's right. i think you are hitting on something really important. you are teasing it out to a bigger cultural problem. for a couple decades now we have seen parents who want to
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be their kid's friends instead of their parents. they make excuses for the child. he we see it more culturally in the schools where there is not going to be a loser at kick ball. no more winners and losers. you see great inflation. it's permeating everywhere so people feel the sliding scale in the culture where they can get away with this stuff. >> bill: lindsay lohan i hate to pick on this woman i don't have any interest in her other than she is from long island. incident after incident after incident all self-destructive to her. excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse and, you know, i think this woman is going to wind up on a slab. i have got to go. >> parents are awol. >> bill: parents are horrible and that is a valid excuse that the woman did not have a good upbringing but there comes a time when you just got to do the right thing. >> she is an adult who knows better. >> directly ahead. far left photographers running wild on campus. colmes loves it. we have that story in just a
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>> bill: stossel factor segment tonight. according to our i have conducted by the institute for jewish and community research 48% of college professors call themselves liberal. 31% say they are moderate. only 17% say they are conservative. the question is if taxpayers are funding state universities should there be a balance of ideological opinion in the classroom? right now liberal professors are all over the place. take actress uma thurman's father for example, he teaches at columbia university and recently went off on grover norquist who wants republic office holders to sign an oath they will not raise taxes. >> the people taking the oath, the oath that he oath purpose
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of destroying the u.s. government. it's a kind of anarchist proposition it's a pretense that the government is completely useless and should be destroyed. therefore it is kind of a is a dishes oath, treasonous oath. people who take that oath cannot actually serve in the government with good conscience because their real role is to act as a mole and to destroy the government. >> bill: i guess is he a mind reader in addition to being a professor. here now fox business anchor john stossel. all right, now, thurman, that professor teaches at columbia private college. went to princeton private college and they can do whatever they want. that's not the discussion here. once you get into the state university systems in all five states have them then i'm paying and you are paying for these guys to run wild. shouldn't there be some kind of imposed balance? >> affirmative action for
1:24 am
conservative thought on campus. >> they should do that but they should do it on their own. columbia isn't clean. they get lots of government money too. harvard got $670 million. >> bill: those are grants to do specific projects not tied into who they hire. i don't have a beef with professor thurman. >> i do. we all know that. >> that's creepy and crazy. >> i watched kill. >> bill: bill he has a right -- you are mocking the man because of his daughter. he has a right to say it under the academic freedom. that's what we don't have a beef with we are not going to be hypocrites here. however, princeton hires a guy like singer. the guy who says sex with animals is okay and might be able to kill babies. >> bill: i think that's shameful but princeton is
1:25 am
private and they can do it. however if singer or thurman comes into the university system paid for by you and me, that's a whole different matter. >> it does make it worse. ward churchill is an example of that state university. but what are we going to do? if we start to say we have got to have our guys in there, they will scream mccarthyism. >> what about affirmative action for conservative professors that you have to have a certain percentage? we need official. >> you are okay with this. >> i hate it at princeton where i went. 155 faculty the last election gave to obama. two guys gave to romney. one was a janitor. one was a visiting lecturer. yet the education i got was very one-sided. that's the way it is. all we can do is speak out. >> bill: that's the difference between you and me. i don't want to accept it. i'm struggling for a way for the state to be fair to the
1:26 am
taxpayer. and i think that there has to be some standards. >> there is a good way for that stop paying for any of this stuff. >> bill: then the poorer kids don't get to go to college. >> they would be so rich lots of charity. >> bill: you can't depend on that. >> tuition would be lower. >> bill: you say it would be lower but i don't think so. i think the reason the state university is in play is to give people who don't have a lot of money a chance to go to school because they can't afford princeton or harvard tuition. >> go free to prince to be, harvard. >> i don't all of this stuff is accepted. >> we are telling the truth and keeping those right wing people out. >> bill: even at the kennedy school of government where i have a master's degree. they have gone very far left. and i said to them gee, you know, there are guys -- i gave them some names that you can hire. they are not interested. so what we have now and i want everybody to be clear about. this i want you to be clear about it.
1:27 am
we have a state system that is now turning out left wing academic agendas. that's what the state is doing. >> and we are forced to pay for ideas we despise. >> that's dangerous though. it's almost totality -- total ism. we are paying for it. >> there is nothing we can do. >> bill: there is something we can do. affirmative action. >> talk about it on your big show. >> this is a big show. i'm big enough. >> you are doing the right thing. >> bill: now i'm yelling i want affirmative action. i'm not kidding. a certain percentage of professors on the state campuses who say we are conservative. please apply. >> well, you are wrong about that. we don't need more government imposed affirmative action. >> bill: sorry. only solution.
1:28 am
either that way or live with this crazy system. john stossel, everybody. don't hold it against princeton. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. gabby douglas will be here. been through an awful lot in her young life. much of it very bad. charles krauthammer and president obama borrowing more money than all the other presidents combined. wait until you hear this. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. >> announcer: 'tis the season of more-- more shopping, more dining out... and along with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday season is over, an estimated 1.2 million identities may be stolen. every time you pull out your wallet, shop online or hit the road, you give thieves a chance to ruin your holiday. by the time you're done watching this, as many as 40 more identities may be stolen. you can't be on the lookout 24/7, but lifelock can. they're relentless about protecting your identity
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>> shepard: last summer gabby douglas won gold medals in the olympics. we were happy because her personality was warm. she has had a difficult home situation to overcome. she writes about it in a new book called grace, gold and glory my leap of faith and i talked with her last night. >> bill: so reading this book i felt sorry for you. i really did. 14-year-old girl, no dad around mom trying to raise you and three siblings. >> yes. >> bill: then all of a sudden you have to go to iowa to compete. that's really tough. did you see it that way when it was happening? >> i knew i had to accomplish a dream if i wanted to accomplish it then i had to sacrifice a lot more. >> bill: were you crying at night and stuff. >> i definitely was. when mom left she stayed with me for a week in iowa when she left. i about bawled for a few
1:33 am
months actually. it was my decision so i had to come to a conclusion saying it was my decision. >> bill: you had enough discipline even though it was unhappy time. then you compete and get in the groove and go over to london and you got all the best in the world there. did you think you were going to win? >> i was confident in my performances. i didn't think about winning. i thought about how great and what can i do on that given day. >> bill: all right. were you nervous? >> i was very nervous. >> bill: how did you cope with that? >> well, i was trained to deal with under the pressure. and coach chal, one of my coaches he has me do personal steps which means there is a lot of action going in the gym. they tried to distract me so when i go to competition i can just cruise right on. >> bill: when you won the two golds, right? you win? >> yes. >> bill: now you are world-famous, everybody knows you. how did your world change? >> it was kind of like an
1:34 am
overnight celebrity gabriel douglas on top. it's been a whirlwind. everything has just been a blast. >> >> bill: final question is you write a lot about your faith. how did you get involved with a belief in god at such a young age. >> i have always been exposed to jesus and the bible and my mom always exposed me and the rest of my siblings to that. and i love reading the bible. i love reading about different stories and jesus. >> bill: what does it do for you? >> it plays a big role in my life. it does me so good. god has blessed me over the past years and he has kept me safe and now the glory is all his because he has given me this amazing god-given talent. >> bill: did you ever get mad at god and say why didn't i have two parents and why did i have to leave home? do you ever get mad about it. >> no it's always the perspective. i don't have two parents but i have two gold medals under my name. you always have to turn upside down just right side up because, yeah you have to look at the positive things. >> bill: what do you want to
1:35 am
do now? what's next? >> 2016. >> bill: you are going to go to the olympics again? >> yes. >> you are going to try to improve on yourself then. >> yes. >> bill: that will take you pretty much four years of training and what you did. what are you going to do differently in your life now that you are kind of independent. you can be independent by then? >> well, i want to get my driver's license so that's one thing. [ laughter ] and i'm going to start heading back into the gym and just train and i want to gain more. i want to go to more international assignments and more world championships and i think it will be very cool if i attended two olympic games. >> bill: all right, education? >> yes. >> bill: what do you want to do there? >> i do want to go to college but i haven't figured out what i want to do yet. still i'm taking it one step at a time one day at a time. >> bill: all right. gabriel, thanks for coming. in the book is "grace, gold, and glory." >> thank you. >> bill: very nice young woman. when we come right back a mother who posted a nude
1:36 am
picture of her daughter on the net. viewer warning, not a nice story. legal is next.
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight. three hot topics and a viewer warning. our first story is very offensive. in indiana, a 50-year-old
1:40 am
mother deliberately pose posts a new photo of her daughter on facebook. deliberately posts it up there. linda rusk child pornography. here now to explain what is going on kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. all right we don't know a lot about this story they are shutting it down right outside of indianapolis is it. >> yes. >> bill: understandably the authorities are trying to protect the child. we don't even know how old the child is. >> nothing. >> bill: the woman, this is heavy jail time if she is convicted of this. >> up to 11 years. >> bill: have you got to figure that the prosecutor thinks there was malice involved with this. there is only two ways this could have gone down, ladies. prostitution. all right? or some kind of crazy disciplinary action against the daughter, right? >> that's where i'm leaning. here is what happened that we do know. the daughter apparently took a picture of herself nude on her
1:41 am
cell phone. the mother confiscated that phone and allegedly put it up on facebook. meanwhile taking the girl to a counseling session. so the facebook comes out while the girl is in a counseling session. for what reason we do not know. but it seems to me you put those things together, there is, you know, some kind of discipline gone wrong here, terribly wrong. >> bill: you are coming down on the side you think the mother used this to try to humiliate her daughter. >> as a form of patient to stay don't take pictures of yourself. >> if that's true however misguided it is. why would the prosecution, guilfoyle, level child pornography charges against her which is going to carry some serious jail time? >> yeah, 11 year top and $20,000 fine. >> bill: why? >> i think there might be much more to the story and that's why we have been investigating it one year before they were to file charges because they had to get subpoenas that were granted and fulfilled by facebook. they were doing research to make sure an investigate.
1:42 am
in fact were there any other. >> bill: took a long time to make the case. that's what strikes me here, wiehl, if it's just discipline gone wrong, crazy insane way to get back with your kid for doing something you don't like, i don't know if they are going to invest all of this time, money and effort into this kind of a beef. >> it's still child exploitation. >> i know what it is. does it make sense they would go to this level. >> maybe not. >> don't have any other information. >> might be prostitution or exploitation. >> bill: i think there is more to it than misguided mother. are they cooperating with you in indiana when you call? >> yeah. >> we need some more information on this. >> they won't give us any information about the girl because they can't. >> bill: when is it going to go into court, do we know? >> protecting minor. >> sorry, dates wrong here. >> you figure it out. >> i want to tell you one other thing about. this they have jessicas law
1:43 am
which you were a big supporter of and looking at 20 years mandatory minimum if there was any kind of child molestation. >> bill: do you know when it goes to court? >> i do not know that. >> bill: december 7th they are telling me upstairs. >> thank you. >> bill: oklahoma i want to show you video here of a woman who was drunk taken into police custody the woman apparently spits at the officer interest is it is the the officer tases the woman, bing, bing, bing, she falls to the ground there is a giant lawsuit. >> she is 27 of age as you see. she is handcuffed behind her back. she has priors for being drunk, disorderly possession of cocaine paraphernalia. that type of thing. this is something that they were trying to deal with someone who was unruly. does it justify doing a tasinging situation, no. because this particular officer has used his taser and excessive force more than all other officers in that police
1:44 am
department. >> bill: what department is it again. >> over 40 years. this is in oklahoma. mcallister, oklahoma. >> bill: this woman, this vial woman who comes in inebriated and spits at the police may get money. >> she has priors. >> she is asking for $2 million. >> bill: the guy didn't have enough discipline, the officer, who take the spit and just charge her with another crime which what they should have done. >> you have got to stop. >> bill: she also 2012 pleaded guilty to omitting to provide for a minor child. >> bill: i'm sure this is really a pleasant individual but the problem is that she is probably going to get money here. >> she is going to get some money. >> chino, california. they have a little -- easy, chino california a little hotel there or a little house. the chinese people come to and give birth so that their babies can be american citizens. now this is causing a lot of trouble, wiehl, pick tum. the operative word as you said
1:45 am
is hotel. they are running hotel for these women to have these babies to be citizens. they cannot run a hotel in a residential area so what they are going to be counting on here is zoning ordinance. >> what should be in play here is the law that says if the baby is born in the u.s.a. it's american citizen because this is a big now industry to get people in here to do this. >> they are charging a lot of money. >> anchor babies where you come here and have the child. this has to be part of the immigration reform got to get sane in this country, big thing. once again in this terrible story in indiana. court hearing december 7th. the ladies will deal with it next week. okay? >> sure. >> bill: did you say cool? she said sure. >> all right. $10 to charity. >> i didn't do it. i'm sorry guilfoyle did it wiehl would never do it?
1:46 am
>> president obama borrowing more money than all the other presidents combined. what a disaster. charles krauthammer will put it into perspective when we come right back.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, it is hard to believe but in the last four years the obama administration has borrowed more money than every other president combined. that's from george washington threw the first five month of bush the younger's administration. in fact every day the u.s. government borrows an astonishing $3.3 billion. even on sunday. so where is the money going? i asked charles krauthammer to analyze. >> when you think about this, it's staggering that in the last four years the president of the united states, barack obama has borrowed more money
1:50 am
than every other president until the first five months of president combined. they think it's some kind of monday nopefully game. what is the president and congress spending the money on take an example the stimulus almost a trillion dollars. that's one huge amount spent within a couple of years. it left not a trace? is money that went to entitlements and food disamps. extreme and trivial went to giving sandra fluke free contraceptives that she can't afford at $165,000 a year. she can't shell out $15 a month. that's at the ridiculous extreme. at the other extreme is what you have talked about the huge increase in people on food stamps. the fact that obama's own hhs is trying to loosen the rules, the work rules for welfare so we go back to the old system of people living forever on
1:51 am
the doll. that's where they want to spend the money and they have to borrow it because we don't have it. borrowing money what they call unsustainable. what that means is if we continue to do this and there is no -- it doesn't look like there are any red lights because the president doesn't want to cut anything. if he did, it would have been on the table already. doesn't want to cut anything. continue the spending. all right. so then we figure in you a too year the u.s. dollar collapses. nobody wants it anymore anywhere in the world it's not worth anything because we owe so much money and we are printing so much money to pay the debt we owe because we can't get it from the wealthy. can't get it from anybody. print. that's the only way to pay your debt. the dollar collapses and everybody's savings collapses. all our equities collapse. all of our 401(k)'s go down the drain there is going to be physical, you think greece is
1:52 am
bad wait until you see what happens here. that could very well happen in this country. am i wrong? >> not at all. it's not going to happen overnight. clearly at some point and we know when that point is 90%, 100% of ratio debt to g.d.p. we are already under obama divent to g.d.p. the ratio of debt to g.d.p. was 44%. it's now about 73%. that's in four years. that's astronomical. >> he sees the same stats that you see, that i see. he knows it. he knows what he is doing. yet, when you present this to the democratic party or even to the american people who by the way voted for this the american people voted for. this barack obama made no campaign promises that he would cut spending, none. he didn't say he would reign in government, none. yet the american people said you know what? that's okay with us. you keep spending, you keep getting it up there and we
1:53 am
will take our chances. do you think most americans understand this? >> not at all. and i think it's pretty easy to win elections when you give away candy that you borrow from the chinese. and i think the reason republicans lost is they didn't make the case. they didn't make the case sustainable. >> bill: what we did tonight mitt romney never did. he had made the economic case that we are making here tonight that, listen, all the cash, all of your 401(k)'s. all of your equities, all of your bonds, it's all gonna evaporate unless you stop the madness in washington. you can't have a president in four years borrow as much money as george washington through w. borrowed combined. it's impossible. it's crazy. you can't have it. if mitt romney had done that he might have won but he wouldn't or couldn't do it. last word. >> you know the irony is he did it in the first seven
1:54 am
minutes of the first debate and that's what rocketed him to the head of the pac to lead in the campaign and then he had rested on his lead and he was afraid to make that case. i think if you explain to the american people that you can't keep borrowing a trillion dollars a year add infinitum you can win. we got to make that case. i'm rather optimistic. >> bill: we have brand new bill o' poll question for you. do you believe president obama and the republics will reach budget deal before automatic tax increases are triggered? do you believe that will happen? yes or no. next the factor at this point of the day. a nice christmas gift that will cost you nothing. nothing. the tip 60 seconds away.
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1:57 am
phil from australia. fewer than 100 people guy from gunshot wounds here, and more than 11,000 people i do in the usa. you have 23 million people. we have 315 million plus a whole bunch of people floating around. also the mind set in america is much different than yours. with self protection, a constitutional right here. americans are slaves to an outdated constitution which gives the most people the best chance for freedom and toes party, so i'll take the outdated constitution. bill, you're right about the war against christian. when the pope began tweeting, there were many hateful
1:58 am
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