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tv   America Live  FOX News  December 5, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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i have been trying to teach my 16-year-old daughter how to drive a car, and i think that dog is doing better. let's just say we had to notify the insurance company. jenna: there is always a learning curve for dogs and for humans. we will lend our support. greg: we will keep you posted on that. thank you for joining us, "america live" begins right now. megyn: you take the car out, you have another hour before you get home. gregg jarrett tough on the teenage daughter. welcome, everybody. new pressure on president obama to take bold action on the controversial issue of global warming. welcome to "america live", i am megyn kelly.
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the nrdc has issued a groundbreaking proposal to cut pollution in america's power plants, saying that the epa can and should be used. rules for hundreds of existing power plants, bypassing congress altogether. this kind of proposal would obviously have huge economic impact that could spread across the industry that employ hundreds of thousands of americans. the coal industry. chris stirewalt is our digital politics editor and host of power play. this group has emitted this proposal and wants the epa to take control of these admissions in a way that president obama could not get through congress. he submitted his cap and trade proposal when the democrats controlled the house and senate. nancy pelosi got passed in the house. now this group is going to the epa in saying that you just do it, crack down on these admissions yourself.
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the supreme court has said that you have this power. go for it. the eta said no, for now. reporter: the epa probably wishes that the group had not said so out loud. it is probably not helpful to have outside. the original proposals that the epa talked about earlier in the president's first term related to really tough standards that would essentially make it an economic impossibility to use coal, which still is the preponderance of america's electrical generation power. epa backed off of that. the epa is going to crack down very hard in months to come with the president having been reelected. environmentalists like that because it is a means to a
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cap-and-trade or means to a carbon cap. without having to go through congress were without having to get ratification of the u.n. treaty. megyn: it is another system. it looks kind of like cap-and-trade from what i'm reading. where have you, and west virginia, if you want to have a certain number of coal power plants come you have to trade -- there can only be one toll number of omissions and the states have to work it out amongst themselves. >> that is unlikely to go into effect. it would be too hard to pull that out. that is what this group is talking about. the epa really doesn't need to worry about that. they can just crack down on industry on their own. congressman stutzman, and there are enough democrats bases that may join with republicans to
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push back the epa. in all likelihood, the president found the sweet spot where he can go out there and his team can go out there and really crack down on carbon emissions and deal with global warming, but do it in a way that doesn't require approval. megyn: what happens if you violate the new epa standards? reporter: the people that run the plants will be fined into oblivion. it would become an economic impossibility for them to continue to operate. and the kind of corporate leaders that the president was meeting with today, these folks know better than to try to push back. what they do is see the best deal that they can get. then they make the changes that they can. the consequence for folks at home is that it makes the power bills go up, and it leads to scarcity down the road. megyn: senator barack obama said
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if someone wants to build a coal powerplant, it's just that they will be bankrupted because they will be charged huge huge sums for greenhouse gases being emitted. could he effectively do it through the epa now what he was unable to do a cap-and-trade? reporter: sure, that is right. while liberal groups and others are looking for what the united nations is doing, what we used to call a kyoto at all, that process when he couldn't get a process through, he knows darn well he's not going to get through now. pushing out carbon heavy fuels like coal out of the u.s. energy mix. you mentioned west virginia. folks like democrats from those states are not happy about that. megyn: the nrdc says its approach will cost $4 billion a year. but they claim it will save over
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$25 billion each year in reduced pollution related illnesses like asthma. so we will wait and see if there's any action. thank you so much. dramatic new amateur video on the streets of serious capital. rebel forces battling government troops in damascus today. you can see rebel snipers shooting from inside buildings. secretary of state hillary clinton now raising more concerns that bashar al-assad may resort to using chemical weapons against his own people. hillary clinton saying the u.s. is worried about an increasingly desperate bashar al-assad may use the weapons or lose control of them. this battle has been exploited to some extent by al qaeda. the rebels have been infiltrated by al qaeda, which is becoming a growing force there.
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in any event, the concern about chemical weapons is vast. we will have one with the united states is now doing about the situation with general jack keane coming up in a bed. on capitol hill, national intelligence director james clapper just got done freaking house members on the deadly terror attack against our consulate and then got become libya. fox news has learned that mr. james clapper show them a timeline of the attack. you can see demonstrators reaching across and they began to loot and set fires. some of the demonstrators are seen armed, and there's a portion of the video showing the attackers running into the compound. we will have much more on what they learned on capitol hill in benghazi in the next hour. growing privacy concerns over a proposed device by verizon wireless antenna can listen in on customers conversations and
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use that information for private ads. trace gallagher is live with more. reporter: as you know, when you get a cable box, you get the box to control things like your dvr in your channel guide and your on demand movies. now, verizon wireless would like to control another mix. such is infrared cameras and sensors. the conversations that people are having, even the types of objects that are in the room. it is to target advertising based on what is happening at that moment. the sensors are so cute that if you are arguing, you would see an advertisement for counseling. order if you're snuggling, you will see an advertisement for contraception. it could target your current mood for something.
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you could see it pop up on the screen. it's kind of creepy. if you are holding a tablet or a cell phone, you will have an advertisement directed to your tablet or phone. and it says that verizon might have to notify you about this, or they might tell you to brand-new feature or might be in the small print. verizon has a well-established track record of respecting customers privacy and protecting personal information. that was in a statement. we do not comment on such patent features. but of course they are. everyone is watching what you're doing in your living room. megyn: i missed the first part. this will come in the cable device that i would get from verizon? it would be in my td? reporter: it would be in your dvr box. megyn: it would be looking at me?
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reporter: it would be looking at your entire room. the sensors and microphone would be charting what happens. and then it would set an advertisement depending on what is happening. megyn: i'm not even going there. there are so many things i could say it if i weren't a lady. we will leave it at that. reporter: okay. megyn: that is ridiculous. are you in favor of this? you get advertisements that are targeted to what you want, but you really want someone saying oh, that's what she looks like without makeup? that would be the least of our concerns. in the meantime, a growing debate over whether government bailouts can be bought with political report in an election. a detroit lawmaker demands for city be saved from the financial brink because it supported obama and last month election. also, bob costas offered a
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clarification of sorts on his controversial comments about america's gun culture and a murder suicide involving an nfl player. he is not backing down. we will look at where this argument goes coming out. one of the country's largest teachers unions is now coming under fire for using what one person called vicious and vile warfare to discuss the virtues of taxing the rich. we will play the video and debate what kind of message this ascending. >> the 1% said don't worry, this is good for you because it will trickle down from us to you. someday you will be rich and someday you will be rich and these rules will be your rules too. fancy water. i've gotine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach.
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megyn: one of the largest banks in the nation announcing a massive new round of job cuts. citigroup said it plans to eliminate more than 11,000 jobs worldwide. that is about 4% of the workforce. most of the jobs involve people who work at bank branches or handle things like your checking account. more people doing things online and other trouble with citigroup. a detroit city council meeting brought concerns about federal bailout. this time for the cash-strapped cities and states that voted for obama by huge margins. just one in this particular case. a detroit city councilwoman making the bones about it. saying that the citizens support a president obama was enough reason for the president to bailout detroit. >> he went to washington dc back with some bacon.
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he sent home some bacon. that's what you do. are people overwhelmingly supported the election of this president. there ought to be a quid pro quo, and you ought to exercise leadership on that. not just that, but why not? megyn: we have stu with us. he is the host of "varney & company." people who own overwhelmingly supported president obama. >> quid pro quo is what she said. detroit is bigger. they are days away from running out of money. they did vote 75% for president obama. that lady, ms. joann watson, she is explicit. she said openly, we voted for
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you, now you must help us. we need money, we send people to washington to bring home the bacon. now bring it home. we want help. that is an explicit call for bailout by any other name. megyn: you have to admire her audacity. a lot of people are thinking it, but they wouldn't say that the city council meeting. that doesn't mean that we need to do it or that we shouldn't do it. but she said what a lot of people are thinking. >> it was said before the last election, especially in california. chronic debt, huge taxes, overwhelming pension problems, which they have a very hard time dealing with. voting overwhelmingly for president obama. california had like 20 points for the obama team. why not ask for the help? we help you, now you help us. it is implicit in the election. megyn: detroit has a jobless rate of 18.9% in october.
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can you imagine that? the population has plunged by 25% over the last decade. 30,000 homes stand vacant in that city. even if we wanted to bail them out, could you even put a price tag on our? >> no, you could not. they have no money left. they are right on the edge of bankruptcy. megyn: this is a long time coming. this isn't necessarily caused by the wall street meltdown. >> in 1964, it was the most important manufacturing sector in the world. it has been downhill since then. a bailout actually wouldn't really help them. they may be kicking the can for six months, but it essentially doesn't help. megyn: the notion that someone else needs to fix the problem -- somebody other than us needs to fix the problem. the city council of detroit, which is what they have been elected to do. we took a look at a video that was put out by the illinois
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governor, it was squeezy that python. why is that the fed's responsibility to bail people out of their own bad decision-making? >> it might be good politics to do that, president obama porting the people who supported him, but it very bad economics. in illinois, you ran the tape of the pension python. that python is $233 billion in the state of illinois. those that don't have the money. what they should be doing is addressing the pension problem. they are not doing so. beneath the surface, the desire for help from someone else. megyn: think about how this makes the people of detroit deal. there are probably some that agree with joann watson. but others are probably thinking, you fix it. we put you in the city council.
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why is that the federal taxpayers problems come in and fix it for you. isn't that what we elected you to do? >> is this not a bailout mentality, which we have in america today? after all, we always go back to the wall street bailout. bailing out the rich guys, why can't you bail us out now? we are in dire straits. megyn: that is a compelling argument. but the wall street fat cats that took huge risks that they knew they couldn't sustain -- they got the bailout. >> that bailout was paid back with the proper to the central government. megyn: maybe detroit says they will pay it back. but this is part of the moral hazard. the hazard of the bank bailout. it was not just that rewarded with a risky behavior. but they would take it again. but it sends a message across
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the board, which is the feds ought to be there to support you if things go wrong. i don't know detroit, whether it is due to bad decision-making. maybe it is just that people move and migrate and so on. is it someone else's responsibility or the responsibility of folks are their? >> the responsibility of folks out of there. this is a bailout mentality. if you open the door unveiling of detroit, who else do you bailout? there are countless other cities in dire straits. illinois in particular. what do you do? you can't possibly bailout everybody. megyn: it is a deep well that we have to fill. new developments for an 11-year-old girl diagnosed with leukemia. police originally warned that her life was in danger after her mother nature of the hospital. now, we will show you where the pair turned up in what the mother is saying about the case.
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also, a potentially explosive situation in egypt today. a violent counter protest on the front steps of the presidential palace. we will go live to cairo, egypt, next. as the country again stands at the edge of a full revolt.
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megyn: violent protests outside of egypt right now. members of president mohammed morsi's islam brotherhood. just think about what has happened here. the folks gathered en masse to protest the old leader, hosni mubarak.
10:26 am
the muslim brotherhood said let's go for it. they reversed themselves and they rimini one. now, the people are back on the streets, protesting the new democratic policies by the new guy, where he did this huge paragraph, said that he could ignore the supreme court, pushed to the constitution, highly questionable, and the people in egypt are wondering what happened. human rights activists inside the country are claiming that the muslim brotherhood is now paying thugs to sexually assault women and physically assault men who gather in the square. fox news is not able to confirm these reports. several activists on the ground say that situation is getting very ugly again. steve harrigan is live from cairo. reporter: megyn, these are some of the worst clashes that we have seen so far in the protest. in the past, it has been pleased battling the protesters. right now it is protester versus
10:27 am
protester. those who support the government, and those who want power that are doing battle with each other. those in front of the presidential palace. again with pushing members of the muslim brotherhood, trying to tear down tents that were set up last night by anti-mohammed morsi protesters. gasoline bombs and two people have been killed. certainly the most violent thing we have seen so far. it is something that the government has tried to avoid, trying to keep the two sides apart after the anti-mohammed morsi wrote test last night. the muslim brotherhood posted on social media to clear out the protesters. so we really have one political party battling another civilian, versus civilian, right in front of the presidential palace. megyn: steve harrigan, thank
10:28 am
you. images of the man's final moments alive sparked a nationwide debate on morals and ethics. as we learned more than a dozen people witnessed the altercation between the two men and that no one stepped in to help. when one of the men was pushed by the other on the subway tracks and was killed. why? dr. keith ablow is here. one of the largest teachers unions come under fire. some call this vicious and vile class warfare. you can see what is happening in this clip. that debate is also next. >> the people of this land called his paying taxes. everyone pays what they could afford. the people in the middle in the middle amount of the rich people 1%. over time rich people decided
10:29 am
they weren't rich enough, so they came up with ways to get richer. the first way was to do tax cuts. fewer services for everyone and they said why should i care about others
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[ male announcer ] join the millions of people who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. megyn: a fox news alert as we get word of an arrest in the case of a man who died after being pushed under the new york city subway tracks. this man is shown here, arguing
10:33 am
with the victim in this video, he is now being hit with charges of murder. attempted murder. police say that davis, who is apparently homeless, implicated himself in the killing before his arrest. witnesses said that davis and his victim, who may have been drunk, were seen arguing before davis apparently threw the man onto the tracks. davis had been looking for altercation and he found it in this one particular victim. the incident has sparked major debate about whether to buy the bystanders should or could try to help the victim. dr. keith ablow will join us on that in just a bit. >> so the rich people are pointing at someone else. they say teachers have jobs and you don't. no one can ever fire them. and lots of teachers are bad. the schools are failing, teachers are the reason. bad teachers. bad, bad teachers. megyn: that was part of a nearly eight minute video from the
10:34 am
california teachers union. suggesting that the rich point a finger at everyone else when they are to blame for all the problems. but it is another part of the video that has some questioning, even labeling it as vile and vicious. trace gallagher has more from our west coast newsroom. reporter: the video begins with once upon a time and ends with happily ever after. in between, about seven minutes and 35 seconds, attacking the rich, calling them greedy money loving wires that elected all the politicians and do not pay their fair share of taxes. in fact, the only reason they are rich, says the video, is because of tax cuts and loopholes and tax evasions. the theme is that the rich are bad. they are the villains. at one point, the rich actually urinate on the poor. at one point, that is what happens. but then we go on, the video put out by the california's teacher association, he is the one that
10:35 am
will waste the eight minute video. it claims that the rich are so used to being rich that when the government set up a stimulus, the rich got all the money. take a listen. >> but they didn't give any to the ordinary people whose houses and shops were broken by the crash. those people said you give the rich people money and were giving us any to fix our houses and our jobs? reporter: of course, they failed to point out the $787 billion stimulus. 20 billion went towards food stamps, $39 billion plus went towards extending unemployment insurance benefits, and 25 billion went to extending health benefits for the unemployed. the lions share of the stimulus went to those in lower and middle-class families. the video, by the way, you might have noticed is meant to give president obama a boost when it comes to raising taxes on those who make more than $200,000 a year. the california federation of
10:36 am
teachers are trying to spread this thing around. so far there is no world there is this video being played in classrooms. megyn: they just got a whole lot of airtime on fox news. it raises some interesting questions that we do want to debate. thank you. megyn: what does this message say about the people that are teaching our children what they think. we have monica crowley now. you have to laugh a little bit, don't you? another people are very upset. but, you know, i don't know. does it disturb you that the people who put this together are teaching our children? are you shocked that this is the way they think? >> they want to laugh, which is why they put in this comical cartoonish kind of way, so that if you raise legitimate issues, you are considered some sort of humorless person who doesn't
10:37 am
really get it. the problem here is twofold. the teachers that put out this video, at least the union made on behalf of the teachers, these were the people who are teaching our kids. they have the future of the country in their hands, and they are putting out this vile message about class warfare, which is wholly anti-american. you know, the public teachers are paid for by the taxpayers. they are paid for by taxpayer money. the 1% in this country pay about 40% of all federal income taxes. the top 10% pay about 70%. so without theactually paying fd state income taxes, these teachers have no salary. they have no jobs. so the primary taxpayers who are in california and nationwide, actually paying their salaries. they shouldn't be doing this kind of thing. megyn: clearly the thing about america is that we always say
10:38 am
that this is the land of opportunity. anybody can pull themselves up by the bootstraps you know, this seems to have a different message. >> the reason it is spreading so quickly is because it is addressing concerns that people have that are quite legitimate. for example, mitt romney, not to bring him up again, but you may remember mitt romney. he paid 13.9% on $20 million in earnings. i look at that and i asked why i am paying three times as much. megyn: capital gains tax rate is different from the income tax rate in this country. on social security he a lower rate -- [talking over each other] megyn: president clinton lowered the capital gains rate. there is no correlation between its relation to investment
10:39 am
income and earn income. megyn: why demonize the rich? the mortgage meltdown was a nightmare. but why demonize all of the rich? >> i hope to be rich one day. i aspire to. i would love to be a billionaire. i think people have admiration for the ones who follow the rules and who actually earn what they may. but when someone basically sits on their assets and gets 13.9% of the tax rate, i think that frustrates people. megyn: but that is legal. are you saying it's morally wrong? [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> not at all. it is legal. but the law is asinine. there is no reason why it should be taxed. >> c-1 government enforcement of the tax code as equalization for everybody? [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> you believe someone should
10:40 am
earns $40 billion year should pay one third the rate? [talking over each other] [talking over each other] >> let's make a critical distinction between the private sector, which is what we are talking about -- hedge funds and things that private money versus taxpayer money, which is what these teachers are being paid. those are apples and oranges. two different things. megyn: one thing i want to get back to you is they are clearly demonizing the rich in this country. they talked all about the 1% to the point where they actually have video of rich guys urinating on poor people. i mean, that is how they view the world. that this is what the rich think of people who don't make a lot of money. >> this is no coincidence. this video was not an accident. what we have seen over the last four years has been a concerted effort to demonize the rich. we have seen it through president obama's approach.
10:41 am
you see it now to his approach on the fiscal cliff about wealth distribution and esop with occupy wall street, which was supported by the unions and by the global socialist movement. it is not just happening here, it is a global movement to the left. so again, this is a part of this megyn: they seem to be trying to say that the rich, and maybe that is banks and what have you -- they say that they got us into this mess and they are saying that jurors and their pensions and blame us. to make 60 or $70,000 per year. which is a decent living in some places but not rich. and it's not fair. that's what they're trying to say. don't buy the narrative that it's all about us and our pensions that it is not fair.
10:42 am
teacher actually works without him, and pays 20 or 30% tax. where as somebody who is earning the money from capital gains, which is assets that they may have worked four years ago, is paying 13.9%. that strikes people as unfair. what the are saying is that we should at least have a fair share of taxes being paid. and there is just no conscious -- megyn: weapon? >> was a fair share for them? >> it should be the tax rates of the reagan administration, which is basically a little higher than what president obama proposed. >> so what about clinton era spending levels? >> i am fine with cutting spending levels. [talking over each other] [talking over each other] megyn: great job. coming up, bob costas offers verification on his talk about
10:43 am
gun culture after a murder suicide of a nfl player. and police traffic cameras. red light cameras in one city are the subject of a major class-action. why drivers claimed the cameras keeping neighborhoods if they are big methods of bringing in cash
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
megyn: sportscaster bob costas offering clarification for his on-air comments about the nfl player who shot his girlfriend and then killed himself last weekend. those comments were made during the eagles and cowboys football game on sunday night. he blamed what he called america's gun culture for america's case of gun violence. here's a little from the comments on sunday night the matter tandems do not enhance
10:47 am
our safety. they exacerbate our flaws. they beat us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. in coming days, javon pilcher's actions and attention to football will be analyzed. who knows, but here is what i believe. if joe-pa melcher didn't possess a gun, he and senator perkins would be alive today. you will. megyn: he went on the air to say that he really had clarification of what he said. >> here is what i said. people should be able to own guns for their own protection. those who are hunters. but there there is a proliferation of guns in this country, and the access to guns
10:48 am
is too easy in some cases. i don't see any reason why a citizen should be able to arm himself as they can in some states and in some cases, arm themselves in ways that only the police or the military should be able to. they have a virtual militia, purchased at gun shows or why do you need to semi automatic weapon? is either forces that have semi automatic weapon? 's one joining me now is kirsten powers. and also chris plante, he is the host of the chris plante radio show. he went on to talk about how he wanted to say more. he wanted to also talk about domestic violence and the nfl and drugs and alcohol. we didn't have a lot of time and he felt it was a mistake to zero in on the issue. do you feel that he is addressed concerns? >> no, i think he made matters
10:49 am
worse. i play back audio and more on my radio show this morning. he misses the point. he misidentifies the problem. the problem is not a piece of iron. it's not that it was a semi automatic weapon. we are talking about one person that he murdered before he killed himself. not what he had said were outlined is relevant to the situation that he is discussing. he misidentifies the solution because he doesn't understand the problem. did he come out after o.j. simpson killed his ex-wife nicole brown and say that the night was a problem? tonight wasn't a problem. o.j. simpson was a problem. in this case, the gun was not the problem. the solution is not to ban guns in response. is a typical political agenda, in the context of the tragedy. quite honestly, it's what he said at halftime and yesterday,
10:50 am
which was even worse. >> don't back down, bob costas, that's all i have to say the one that doesn't sound like he did back down. >> he didn't and he shouldn't. he is a very reasonable person with a reasonable opinion on gun control. you think you should be able to use guns for hunting and he does not ban the second amendment. that is completely my position. people come back and say, well, you know, a lot of handguns and semi automatic, exactly. we don't need to have semi automatic weapons. just ask the police chiefs. they don't want people have these weapons either. they are used often against the police. i said yesterday that i grew up in the family with guns and shotguns and i was taught to defend myself with them. we never had an automatic or semi automatic weapon in the house. i can tell you it is 100% true.
10:51 am
you don't need to defend yourself. i lived in alaska in the middle of nowhere, and i was perfectly safe. megyn: you are from hardy stock. [laughter] but the question is whether bob costas and his argument in the discussion of this issue has police in the wake of what happened. this desire to discuss guns and handguns and semiautomatic weapons -- is it appropriate in the wake of what happened? don't go away olaf gets great rewards for his small business! pizza! [ garth ] olaf's small busins earns 2% cash back on every purchase, ery day! helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve great rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet?
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hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've gotine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach.
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the one picking back up or be left up to my last question about whether this was appropriate on the heels of this incident. >> it is up to bob costas if he wants to jump into a polarized political debate in the united states. but the question is not on banning this weapon or that one.
10:55 am
you can kill the mother of your trail with a six round handgun as easily as you can with a 10 round handgun magazine in your gun. that is not the point. and it's not that it's -- it's not the culture of guns. it's the culture of lack of respect for life. it is a culture where people are having children out of wedlock and being raised by single mothers and than being raised in broken families and being raised where there are no values or morals. you know, o.j. simpson killed effectively, and he did not use a gun. it's not the card is responsible for drunk driving deaths. megyn: what do you think about that, kiersten? 's point is that the pe you take away their the guns and that does not solve the situation in you except what was
10:56 am
outlined in which a society with all these unstable people and i think that it's more of an argument for not wanting a lot of people to have guns. you know what i would say if having what i would say it's heavy going to help you keep a gun for hunting. i don't see why anybody walking around with a gun the way that he wants. you know, i've said before that the chances of fatality is 505 viewer using a gun versus my compare having access to a knife is a dishonest comparison. it is just not the same. the chances of dying are not even close to the same. >> semi automatic gun versus a revolver. i'm a gun owner and i don't go around shooting people. there are laws. we have laws in place. most murders are committed with guns that are not only owned lawfully or being carried around wildly. so murder is already illegal and
10:57 am
let's make sure that we keep it that way. megyn: okay, thank you so much. bob costas sits down with bill o'reilly tonight to discuss his comments. that will be interesting. 8:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, news from syria as troops are sent to the border of the country for the first time. since the start of the civil war there. and huge debate over the subway station fight that left one man dead and more than a dozen witnesses. why did no one stepped in? dr. keith ablow is just as eat good fats.
10:58 am
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[gunfire] megyn: fox news alert. those scenes from damascus as we get word for the first time in syria's civil war u.s. troops and military hardware are heading to the syrian border to stand at the ready. nato approving plans to send patriot missile systems along with u.s. and nato troops to the
11:01 am
border between turkey and syria. the idea is to protect turkey from a syrian missile attack. nato wants a rapid response plan in place should syria use chemical weapons on its own people. now there are new concerns it may be only a matter of time before someone or something triggers that response. >> reporter: international and internal pressure appears to be mounting on bashar al-asaad as the u.s., germany and th and the netherlands will be sending troops and weapons. >> as part of the absolute unity that we all have on this issue, we have sent an unmistakable message that this would cross a red line.
11:02 am
and those responsible would be held to account. >> this comes as president assad may be looking for a way out as this pressure is mounting. we understand he sent an envoy to latin america seeking asylum from countries such as cuba, venezuela or ecuador. his deputy foreign minister denies that claim. syrian rebels are ming closer and closer to damascus. the airport outside of damascus remains to be closed. there are some flights going in and out of there. the international community is no longer flying in and out. we are hearing more and more records of fighting near damascus getting closer to the presidential palace. all this appears to be mounting pressure on the assad regime. anybody predicting the assad regime will fall anytime soon,
11:03 am
it's a theory that has been floated for several years and it hasn't come to be. he has managed to hold on to power this long. but there are shifts in the ground movement in syria right now that are leading to conclusions that this war could be coming to an tend for president assad. megyn: the president has been briefed on the worst case scenario on what ground operation would be necessary. the pentagon estimates it will take 25,000 troops to seize syria's chemical weapons stockpile. just ahead, general jack keane will join us live to discuss the implications of sending u.s. missiles to the board and why this cache' of chemical weapons requires such a response. >> more on the attack on our
11:04 am
consulate in benghazi. james clapper walked house lawmakers through the details of the attack that ended with the death of ambassador chris stevens and three others. clapper trying to answer questions about president obama's handling of intel before, during and after the attack. tom rooney was in that briefing. welcome to the program. it's great to see you. did we learn anything? did the ball get advanced this morning? >> i got this briefing a few weeks ago as a member of the intelligence committee. date was open up for the rest of the house. i learned a lot. i learned we do not have adequate protection at our compound there in libya, benghazi. and if that's the case in other dangerous areas of the world, then we have got a lot of work to do at the state don't make sure our people are safe.
11:05 am
here basically we saw closed circuit-type television production from the conflict there, and the annex where literally people came walking through the front gate, not storming it as some people have said. there was basically no security there. and eventually started looting some of the housing quarters and then lit the consulate on fire in which resulted in the death of ambassador stevens. it was very difficult to watch because that is technically our soil. that is u.s. sovereign territory, and for people to just walk in like a street mob, light the embassy on fire, our ambassador die without anybody coming to help him, it just made you feel he can really helpless. megyn: there has been so much focus because of the statement the administration put out there
11:06 am
about this being mob violence and about a video. there was been so much messaging on what they tried to convince us on what it was. to some extent the security situation has gotten lost in this. we have not been focusing on how the ambassador and the three other guys. in particular the ambassador and chris stevens, the other gentlemen who were there were left sitting like sitting ducks. >> as a former prosecutor in florida, when the frieb briefed us that was my concern. look at the video, trying to find out who is to blame and how can we prevent it in the future. how to keep our people safe. not so much -- i really regret the fact that we got tide up in this issue with ambassador rice and whether she should be secretary of state. what have we done to make sure the people in these areas now are safe and how are we going
11:07 am
after the bad guys? we kinds of lost our way in that. general clapper said that this isn't necessarily black and white. and to get to your point, it isn't black and white but then why did the administration come out right after this happen and harp on this muslim video issue so much. why didn't they just come out then and say it's not just black and white, there are a lost element. because there were a lot of element at play. instead they focused on that one issue, and that caused a distraction. we weren't allowed to talk about it because it was political. but now we are in the investigation mode and hopefully we can get to the bottom of what went wrong and how we can stop it from happening. >> have you been able to get any answers as to why the security was so inadequate on 9/11 of all days? >> it's not adequate enough. i have my suspicions. my suspicions are we wanted to
11:08 am
portray to the libyan people that everything was fine. look how great and normal things are here. it's not normal. libya is a borderline failed state. we had security there that was libyan militia that if there was anything coordinate on 9/11 that date was the coordinated absence of the militia there. they were nowhere to be found when they were supposed to be there. literally these people just walked right in. there was no rush or way had in my mind's eye what i heard about it what it was and way thought it would be was totally different. i think what we wanted to portray as a country wassing was fine, we don't have marines there, to the libyan people you don't have to worry about the americans, we are all good when it wasn't good. 9/11 is an anniversary date we know in the intelligence community is a date when people want to do is harm. ambassador stevens should have never been there. if he was there we should have had the kind of security that
11:09 am
was obviously better than what we had there. megyn: tom rooney, thanks so much for being here. new fallout from the operation fast & furious investigation. there is a recommendation for a firing over the botched gun running sting. >> reporter: next week will make two years since agent brian terry died in that firefight with fast and furious weapons. now there is a call for the heads of those responsible and blasted the attorney general for failing to fire people at the atf who knew the guns were killing people in mexico. an internal review board recommends the bill mcmahon and mark chaffe, and.
11:10 am
more importantly the panel is stripping the senior agents of their government security clearance. that will prevent them from getting the private security jobs in the private sector. those fired will lose their pensions. in mcmahon's case after 28 years on the job. there is one catch. do these guys know something that could implicate others in namely in the ag's office or the white house? many believe they will try to leverage that information to get a better deal, maybe keep their pensions. megyn: a nationwide depaid has broken out over a man pushed onto the subway tracks and killed moment later by a subway train. a new indignity for the royal family as a couple radio hosts prank the hospital where the
11:11 am
duchess of cambridge is dealing with a rough patch in her pregnancy. we have the audiotape and royal reaction ahead.
11:12 am
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11:14 am
megyn: outrage is growing in the gruesome death of a man crushed by a speeding new york city subway train. eyewitness accounts that a dozen comiewders watched. first as the victim argued with the assailant, then as he struggled to get back up on the platform. why did no one help him get off the tracks in the time he had before he perished? here to help us with a possible explanation is dr. keith ablow. welcome back to the program.
11:15 am
so they are -- there were about 22 seconds they say from the time the man went down, was pushed down on to the tracks and the time he was hit by the train. folks are asking the photographer who took the photo of those last few moments and wondering about the people who stood on the platform and did not reach down and offer a hand or anything to try to help him. your thoughts on that. >> people are known to not do very well when they are in a group and someone is called upon to be heroic. we do less well as a group, the bystander effect whichs been well known for decades tap kitty was brutally attacked. people heard her screams. they didn't come out or call police in time. we know people act like a chain. breaking a link off that chain is difficult. everybody is looking at
11:16 am
everybody else thinking there must be some reservoir of knowledge as to why no one is act. to declare onc three -- it saysg about human beings and whether they are willing to raise their hand and disagree with a group. we are receipt ceno -- we are rp to do that. it's just the a rall i -- it's a rall is of this bystander effect. megyn: there was a book that talked about survivors. when an airplane goes down. people would be madly dashing towards the exit. but the facts show normally people sit there -- they are paralyzed in stone because they have never dealt with the situation before. they don't know what to do. so are the critics being too
11:17 am
hard on the people standing on the subway platform just trying to catch a train one second and the next in a life or death situation who was in a life or death situation the next? >> the critics may be tough on these folks. but human beings can aspire to better. we have to look at these events and say don't just be like a piece of velcro sticking to the crowd. culturally this has tremendous implications. if nobody will reach down to save a single man's life who will be crushed by an oncoming train. who will lead at a time of desperate need in our nation. who will raise their hand and say i will take the hit. megyn: the reports are the victim was -- had been drinking. and there is is a altercation he
11:18 am
had went perpetrator and himself, and i don't know. you know how it is in the new york city subway. ize down. don't make eye contact, don't talk. stay to the back. you see these two loud gentlemen having a confrontation. next second he's down on the tracks. you have to worry a bit is he going pull me down there, too? i don't know how he got down there. what just happened between those two guys. >> that doesn't help matters. but we know from other circumstances that people will walk by someone who has been hit on a busy street by a car. they will just keep walk. i think this is teachable. i think you can teach kids whether in school or at home. don't do that. so they are prepares to act in times of need and to save a life. there this is a terrible
11:19 am
commentary. they were mostly moved to take pictures. we are lost in technology. it's a dehumanizing influence. the reality of reality tv, facebook and i phones is we are ripped from the bindings of our existences and we become fictional characters and minor producers chronicling a fake 70s events when real life is passing us by. megyn: do you think folks have been too hard on the photographer? he claimed he was trying to use the flash on his camera to alert the train driver. but either way -- >> if anybody -- he says he was further away than the other people. secondly, he's a photographer. he is one. that's what he does. of all people if he's moving towards the scene and it's this gripping, that's what a
11:20 am
photographer does. he was dispatched by a newspaper for another event. but least of all of all people there would you expect him to break stride with everything he knows in his entire existence and throw this camera aside and race past everyone, many of whom who were close are than he to rescue this man. people have been particularly tough and the image has value because otherwise we might not be talking about it because people need to stand up. megyn: chad lindsay saw a man fall on the tracks and he bent down to help him. he says everything you think about those tracks is wrong. it's how massive they are and you don't realize the danger that awaits you. so he has come to his defense. the only man responsible for what happened here is the man who pushes the victim.
11:21 am
dr. ablow, thank you for being here. that man is now under arrest. say the new york city police. a 21-month-old baby is about to get take from the only parents she has ever known. how can this happen? "kelly's court" with a heart wrenching case today. general jack keane on the implications of sending u.s. troops along with military hardware to the syrian border. we'll ask him about the growing worry over the use of deadly chemical weapons. stay with us.
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
megyn: a high-profile prank has
11:25 am
the british royal family fuming. two radio hosts called into the hospital where the differences of cambridge is suffering from severe morning sickness. they claimed to be the queen and the hospital staff falls for it. trace gallagher, seriously? >> reporter: the funniest thing is they knew going into it they had no shot. they said everybody is going to try to call the hospital so let's also give it a try. the female says i'll be queen elizabeth. you play prince charles. here is some of the banter before they made the phone call. >> i'm going dial this number. >> this is fun. >> you can be the queen. >> i'm the queen. you are prince charles. i like your ears. >> reporter: you heard the
11:26 am
accents. they are australian trying to do british accents. not very good. they say they are going to get hung up on. they give it a try. they dial the number and listen to what happens next. >> hello, there be could i please speak to kate, please, my granddaughter. >> just hold on. >> thank you. >> i'm just after my granddaughter kate, i want to see how herb tummy bug is going. >> she is sleeping at moment. she has had an uneventful night. sleep is good for her. she has been getting some fluids for dehydration. she was quite dehydrated when she came in. >> reporter: the night nurse thinks it's the queen. so she spills her guts. she is going to be better, and on and on it goes.
11:27 am
it caused a huge uproar. the hospital, the queen, everybody is upset about this. the radio station had to apologize. the hospital said this was a foolish prank. a call that we all deplore. we take patient confidentiality extremely seriously. the hosts said we thought we would be hung up on as soon as they heard our terrible accents. we are sorry we caused any issue. and you might not be surprised to know the hospital is reevaluating its phone protocol. megyn: the apology is we are sorry. we knew we were side, we just didn't realize they were, too. maybe the nurse thought it was kate's maternal grandmother. maybe she didn't think it was the queen. she didn't say it is i, the
11:28 am
queen of england. >> reporter: you couldn't get information out of that hospital if you went in with a jackhammer. but this guy calls in and wham. megyn: i can't do an english accents at all. taking your thoughts on that. follow me on twitter @megynkelly. tensions are ramming up over in syria. we are getting involved now. u.s. and nato forces amassing at bored as concerns grow about chemical warfare. general jack keane joins us on that. an adoption horror story sparking debate over parental rights. a 20-month-old baby take from the only parent she has ever known and is about to be given to a biological relative she has
11:29 am
never seen. details of a heart wrenching case in "kelly's court."
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
megyn: back to our top story. this comes along with reports that for the first time in syria's 20-month civil war u.s. troops and military hardware are head to the syrian border to stand at the ready.
11:33 am
the idea is to protect turkey, a nato ally will be from a missile attack. and troops will stand at the ready in case syria tries to use chemical weapons on its own people. general jack keane joins us. what have we moved over to syria and what is it significance? >> we don't know the total number of batteries. but the dutch are providing patriot batteries and the germans and the united states out of europe, i would imagine. megyn: i'm sorry to be obtuse. but when you say battery what do you mean? >> it's a missile battery. the element that fires the missiles and they have a command and control facility that guides the missile to the target and
11:34 am
it's a fire control mechanism. so that's what we have got here. they will come out of three countries, germany, the netherland and the united states probably based out of urine. largely defensive. the turks are spooked about it activity surrounding the chemical weapons and the fact that the last year they have been dealing with rocket mortar attacks from syria and occasional air attack on their border. while some people will think they are overreacting and imposing article 5 of nato which every country has to commit itself to defend another member if they believe they are in peril. you can understand the turk's position given what's gone on the last year or so. megyn: are we send troops over there or sending people to deliver the batteries. >> i think we'll send some batteries ourselves as i
11:35 am
understand. i'm fairly confident that's what it is. this as i said largey defensive. we don't need to make it out to be more than what it is. but as you suggested at outset. we'll have u.s. troops close to the syrian border for the first time in this 20-month conflict and this conflict is evolving right before our eyes as the free syrian army is closing in on damascus. megyn: we had ralph peters on yesterday who believed the best military option we have at this point might be air strikes on the chemical weapons site within syria, but that 15 minutes they haven't started mixing the compounds together. there have been reports over the past two days that they had started doing that. what are your thoughts on our options if we continue with our growing concerns that assad might actually be getting ready to use these chemical weapons? >> the united states, the
11:36 am
central command, some of our allies in region, are absoluted seized with the idea of these chemical weapons. not only if asaws used them or if they fall in the hands of a group that would use them against the interests of the united states or people in the region. so it's a major effort for us. two ways to deal with it. one is to bomb those sites once you understand preparations are being made for their deployment. and certainly the israelis are keeping keeping a close eye on . the other means would be -- eventually you would have to secure these sites. and that means ground forces to secure estimated 30-50 sites which would be a sizable amount of troops. it wouldn't just be the united states, i don't believe. i think the united states would solicit support from countries
11:37 am
in the region and other interested countries to participate in that. megyn: how giesd our intel that assad will use those chemical weapons and is getting ready to use them or they are in danger of falling into the wrong hands? >> our intelligence agents are working overtime. they try to understand not just what the capability is but what the intent and motivation is. that hasn't been revealed in open sources. but i think the point is that most people believe assad would not do this because it's clearly would be suicidal on his part to do it. but nonetheless. our people, us, u.s. intelligence within other intelligence agents are totally focused on this. as i said, it's not just his use of them. it's also fallen into hezbollah or radical islamist hands and that something they will watch
11:38 am
closely. megyn: if there are reports that they had started preparing chemical weapons. that was what the reporting was. you obviously can't get that get too far count road. when you say we have to send ground troops in, you can't send them into where they are about to unleash the chemical weapons. >> what they would do, being prepared for deployment and they had intelligence that indicated these weapons were intended to be used as opposed to just be moved, then i believe air strikes would be the first thin that would take place at those sites where that activity is taking place. megyn: the argument others have made about assad is he's getting desperate and he will do anything he can to torment the other side, if he can't hold on to power. why not unleash the chemical weapons on him. he has no respect for human life judging from his behavior with
11:39 am
the torture of little children and babies. with a man like that, why wouldn't he use them? >> i don't think we can put any moral value on this fundamentally corrupt individual in terms of what his value system is. that's why our intelligence agencies are all over this thing. certainly if he's already killed 40,000 people, to stay in power, would he be willing to kill tenses of thousands of others, even a couple hundred thousand to stay in power? is that an option for him? certainly you have got to realistically say it is and face that threat. that what our people are looking at. they are look at that worst option to be sure. megyn: to seat faces of the children you wonder where this thing is going to go. general jack keane, thank you so much for being here. see you soon. coming up next. unbelievable adoption case in "kelly's court" sparking a huge
11:40 am
debate over parental rights. a 20-month-old baby is about to get take from the only parents she has ever known. 20-month-old is pretty old to be taken out of your parents' arms. there is a compelling reason why the judge just ordered it. "kelly's court" is next. >> i can't believe this happened. i have been with her 6 hours total in her whole life. that's hard to deal with. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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but when i was in an accident... to support cell health. i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. so i never missed a beat. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket today a powerful case about adoption and parental rights. this child is now 21 months old. a utah couple adopted her at birth. but now a judge has ruled they have to give her back to her biological father within the next 60 days. she has never known him, she has
11:44 am
only known him. her biological dad is an army drill sergeant. he claims his wife put her up for adoption without his consent while was away at a south carolina base. >> she made the decision not to let me be a father and gave my child up for adoption. megyn: will be arthur. >> i toda, the judgesaid, there. this baby girl goes back to the biological father. too bad on the adoptive parents. let's just walk the viewers through it. how did the baby get born and tang away from the father without him knowing about it or doing anything about it. >> the father and mother were married. the farther decided in the course of the marriage they got
11:45 am
pregnant. the father went to south carolina for work. he's in the army. the mother decided to stay behind. were they having marital problems? yes, they were. but for the last four months of the pregnancy the mother cut the far it out of the picture and would not communicate with him. when he tried to get information about when is my baby being born. the hospital because of hippa laws wouldn't give him any information. megyn: meantime the mother in texas contacts the utah adoption agency. they find a couple that wants to adopt baby, but she mislead the adoption agency about the father's wishes. >> she said he abandoned the child which according to the dad is a lie. my heart breaks for these parents because what happened is they -- the agency approves the adoption. if there is any culpability it
11:46 am
may be with the agency not following through with did this far it really abandon this child? can a woman just say i'm giving this child up? megyn: my heart would be with the adoptive couple as well. i would be with them as well in terms of empathy at least. but the reporting is that this adoption agency informed the adoptive parents that the biological father did not know his daughter had been placed for adoption and it was likely he would contest the platement and they proceeded to take the child anyway. isn't that ballgame? >> well, no, i don't think it's ballgame. meaning it's an easy decision. i don't think it many an easy decision. there was information given to the parents about this abandonment claim. and yes they rolled the dice. i don't think that ballgame. i don't think it's automatic.
11:47 am
arguments can be made. the best interests of the child? this child is almost two years old. cognitive reasoning is going on. meg river an almost 20-month-old. and the thought her being taken away and given to another set of parents or in this case a single dad who she never knew -- jonna, does the analysis shift even if the adoptive couple had some cull aability? does it shift now that this girl is almost 2 years old? >> the standard is what's in the best interest of the child. did they do a bonding study? none of the research shows they did that. i agree with the judgment ruling. we can't snatch kids from their biological parent. if you have a mother who wants revenge on her husband for ditching her while she is
11:48 am
pregnant. you can't sell his kid behind his back. i don't know how they managed to do this without notifying the father. he was only in south carolina. megyn: is that an argument. the judge ordered the child be returned to the biological father but the adoptive parents say we are going to appeal. is there an argument to be made? as i read the papers, the baby was born march 1, 2011. the father did not get the information out of the biological mother until june 11. that was the first time she informed him that she had given birth. that's 3 or 4 months. the adoptive couple have an argument there was abandonment because the father for three or four months did nothing. i don't have all the facts about his effort. it was the first time he found out the baby had been born. >> i was unable to get my hand
11:49 am
on the adoption agreement between the agency and the adoptive parents. that they were going to -- you can imagine how desperate these parents are. they are going throw every argument in there. they should in my opinion throw the agency under the bus. even in the service, megyn, how easy it to be find. he's a united states officer. someone has to pick up the phone and find out where he is. megyn: what about that. sometimes you have, you know, biological mothers that make bad decisions. she had no right to do this. but that's what the impartial adoption agency is there for. what should be the consequences to them. >> the adoption agencies can face criminal charges. if you know that going on. when you have a parent whether they lied and said they notified him.
11:50 am
or whether they didn't notify him. what kind of world do we live in where fathers can have children and we can snatch them because we can't find them because they are in the army. that not intentional abandonment. he didn't want to aban don't baby because he's got her now. megyn: he never consented to give this child. >> the judge wrote a 48-page decision. which is not typical. megyn: this would be an even more heart case if that adoptive couple had been defrauded into believing he did give up his rights. that would be truly heart wrenching. but they had notice that this man never wanted to give up that baby. and when you hear that as an adoptive parent that changes everything. now this poor little girl who is called leah by the adoptive parents will now have a new name, have a new home.
11:51 am
have a new family. and will have a lot to adjust to. hopefully they will have the right resources in place to help her. panel, thank you. what do you think about it? send me your thoughts on twitter @megynkelly. superstorm sandy swept away their homes. now they are demanding action to protect against this kind of damage in the feature. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? maybe you want to incorporate a business. orrotect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with every personalized document to answer questions. get started at today. and now you're protected. hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've gotine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach.
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is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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megyn: as thousands in new york and new jersey struggle to rebuild their lives. residents in one hard-hit community want the government to build seawalls to protect against future storms. but the solution may not be that
11:55 am
simple. >> reporter: you can see superstorm sandy devastated this area sea gait which is on the tip of coney island. the residents don't want something that costs billions in the future. they say the government should build sea walls. ones you are looking at were 7 feet tall. they were able to withstand the forces of hurricane sandy. they say they want a ring of protect around this area to try and protect this community. >> a wall must go in. steel wall goes in first, then people can start building their homes. >> they are building a home next door. but the next storm it, gone again. >> what do you worry about if there are no seawalls. >> we won't be here anymore. this western tip of coney island won't be here anymore. >> reporter: the army corps of
11:56 am
engineers does not have a plan for sea walls. the former head of the office says seawalls can help but can only do so much when facing a storm like sandy. >> it will probably give it considerable protection. but when you have like we have had two 100-year floods in two years, see walls don't protect against that kind of disaster. >> reporter: the army corps was supposed to build a project on long beach, long island. then build up the do you understand. but folks there turned that down and they now regret that. megyn: there is a new trick for your dog. driving. next.
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