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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 5, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> sean: how big? >> like a little doe berman. >> sean: would that attack you? >> listen. i didn't venture too far into the tunnel. i wasn't afraid of the campinos. when i saw that 40-pound rat in the tunnel, feet, don't fail me now. >> sean: people need to learn to stick up, take a chance, help your fellow neighbor. stay right there. thanks for being with us. greta has a great show on the record. greta? >> greta: this is a fox news alert. syria's military is loading deadly sarin gas into bombs and now the military is awaiting word from president assad to unleash on his own people. a senior u.s. official telling fox news the chemical weapons have been locked and loaded into aiaerial bombs. if the gas is discharged, it will only take one minute to kill tens of thousands of people, just one minute. there's nothing the u.s. military or any military can do to help them once it's been
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released. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest. jennifer? >> reporter: according to a source i spoke to moments ago, the sarin gas could be deliverable in civil ways, but it's believed t to have been placed in fracture i can'table s that can be dropped from planes. according to the source, they think it's in aerosol form. the u.s. military is making contingency plans should assad leave suddenly. there are indications that various middle eastern countries are trying to find a place to give assad asylum according to diplomatic sources. as you mentioned, senior u.s. official also told fox earlier today that the sarin had been mixed and had been weaponized and that that sarin, once that gas is mixed, if you will, it lasts for about 60 days. it's perishable. there's a great deal of concern tonight at the pentagon and in
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washington about what the intentions of the assad regime is with the sarin gas, these chemical weapons that can be so deadly. >> greta: jennifer, what makes this so vastly different than anything else is you've got this 60-day window. it's not like nuclear weapons where some country has that sort of discussion with us that endures for years, and they sort of plod along. this is a 60-day window, and in the event that he doesn't get asylum or in the event he gets asylum but as he leaves, he does something rather dirty or leaves insecure, one minute in a discharge of this sarin gas, and it's deadly to so many people. this is different. would you not agree? >> reporter: it's so much more deadly than cyanide, for instance. this nerve gas, it kills instantly, as you said. i think the real question we have to ask ourselves is why would the assad regime use chemical weapons on their own people, and that is really a question that only assad himself can answer. it is very clear that his regime is teetering.
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it's a desperate measure, if anything, and it's very interesting to me that several middle eastern countries are interested in finding a way out for assad and in that case, that means the assad regime would fall and that would leave a vacuum in syria. there will be very serious issues in terms of will the u.s. or will nato have to try and film that vacuum because as we know, as we saw in libya and elsewhere, you know, vacuums in the middle east are not a good thing. >> greta: you asked the question why. i would point to historically in the last 18 months he's killed 40,000 of his own people. i don't know why he would suddenly show such generosity and good love for his citizens, but we'll see. jennifer, thank you. ambassador john bolton will be here to talk about the growing crisis in syria a little later on. first, tonight treasure secretary geithner saying the obama administration is absolutely ready to go over the fiscal cliff. >> what we got today was a assemble nar on hoaseminar on h.
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>> the vast majority of the media is on his side. no matter what he says, no matter what he does, even though what he's doing is outrageous, but his own party won't support him. >> the republicans have conceded the language. >> we could probably solve this in about a week. it's not that tough. >> it was week. >> president obama has said that he has pen in hand and he's prepared to sign the middle income tax cuts. >> you have a president of the united states that has the mighty pen. you bailed out the banks. bail out the american people that don't have homes for the holidays. >> in his second term i hope he will offer fresh ideas and serious leadership. >> we need a response from the white house. >> i'm hea here to tell you that nobody wants to get this done more than me. >> it's true that president obama won reelection and i congratulate him on his victory, but on january 20th, he'll face a stagnant economy and a fiscal mess. >> our people in an overwhelming
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way supported the reelection of this president, and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that. >> you want the answer to solving the fiscal cliff? we put an offer on the table. the president now has to engage. >> you might even say he'll inherit these problems. >> the president is going away for christmas. he's going to hawaii for 20 something days. where am i going to be? where are my neighbors going to be? we're not going to have a place called home. where is the help? >> what's holding us back right now is a lot of stuff that's going on in this town. >> after the election of jimmy carter, he went to washington, d.c. and came back home with some bacon. >> that's right. >> that's what you do. >> the fact is this president basically i don't think wants to work with congress. >> we do not have a taxation problem. we've got a wildly out of control spending problem. >> i'll be here, and i'll be
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available any moment. >> we believe that despite obvious resistance to what has to be the framework of a deal here, that progress is being made. >> all of this is smoke and mirrors. all of this deficit reduction stuff, there isn't any. there aren't any spending cuts. >> greta: while democrats and republicans fight it out, the nation is waiting and waiting and waiting and suffering as they wait. former new york city mayor rudy guiliani joins us. good evening, mayor. >> how will this unravel? >> if you take them at their word, it sounds like the president is anxious to go over the fiscal cliff, and he leaves very little room for republicans to negotiate with him with a 1.7 trillion dollar tax increase, 50 billion more in stimulus spending, and absolutely no expenditure reductions that are going to take place right now.
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i mean, from the point of view of republicans, you're going to get more spending decreases if you go over the fiscal cliff than if you deal with president obama. >> greta: well, it appears to many in the city that it's politico check mate for the president. if we go over the fiscal cliff, what it means is the taxes will go up on the wealthy, the big earners. it also goes up on the middle class. i assume the middle class will look to the rawp republicans foe fact that their taxes come up so political check mate. >> i'm not so sure. president obama could avoid that very simply by putting maybe two or three to one expenditure reductions on the table for revenue increases, something like sim responsibl simpson bow. he has a formula given to him by a commission he appointed and he's totally rejected that formula and presented to the republicans a program which was basically just a massive tax increase over and above the
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massive tax increase that's going to take place with the bush tax cuts expiring, so i don't see where there's -- he hasn't given them room to compromise. maybe if he had put his tax increases on the table and put up expenditure reductions of, you know, one and a half to one and republicans can negotiate it to two or two and a half to one, i mean, that would be an adult, mature, sensible negotiation. the kind that i used to do with the democratic speaker of the city council. >> greta: what i don't understand, i will admit, is that the president ran he wanted to raise revenue $800 billion. he wanted to do that by raising taxes. the republican comeback position was instead of raising rates on the wealthy, the president wanted to raise it on the big earners. they said they would close loopholes and eliminate deductions targeted only at the big earners. they were getting the same amount of money essential out of the big earners. they weren't raising the tax
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rates, they were doing it another way on the big earners. the president rejected that. now he also wants a credit card without any limit, without the congress having anything to do with it, so he has changed it. however, the problem is that in doing so, he does, i think, have political check mate on the republicans. now the republicans come out looking good. even though the president has changed things, i think that's a point that many americans may not look at when they pay their taxes. >> they might not look at it right away if this happens, but i think over the course of six months or a year as you lead up to the 2014 elections, the economy is really suffering. i think you can explain this. if you stick with wer your principals. from the point of view of republicans, and include me, i believe any kind of tax increase now is going to hurt the economy. would i be willing to negotiate some form of tax increase for a three or four to one decrease in spending, sure i would consider
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that, but i'm not going to do it if i don't get any decrease in spending. another point, greta. i wouldn't take a decrease in spending next year for a tax ye. it should be done all at once. if that means extending the bush tax cuts until both things happen, in other words, whatever tax increases take place take place, whatever expenditure reductions take place at the same time. i simply wouldn't trust the president with any kind of deal where you give him revenue increase now, and he gives you an expenditure reduction a year from now. i don't think you'll ever see the expenditure reduction and rush limbaugh's comment is absolutely correct. our country is in trouble because we're spending too much money, not because we're taxing too little. >> greta: mayor, i don't know if i could find one american, maybe i can, maybe there are a lot out there who think you can cut a deal now with the promise that something is going to be done down the road by the government. i don't know anyone who would ever believe such a promise. i don't expect that the republicans would accept that offer from the president.
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i just don't see that as ever happening in the city. let me ask you -- >> i'm sorry. republicans basically have to say our principles here are correct. our whole analysis of the economy is correct. we need massive spending decreases, and they've got to stick with that. if they can get decent spending increases and have to agree to additional revenue, fine. if they get pushed in the position the president is trying to push them, they stick with their principles, you know, and a year and a half from now go to the electorate with that. it worked in 10. it will probably work in 14. it will be a shame because it will do a lot of damage to our economy in between, but the president has that really on his shoulders. he's the leader. >> greta: mayor, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: breaking news out of syria. the syrian government mixing components for the deadly sarin nerve gas. the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee joins us. nice t to see you. >> disturb disturbing news.
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it's been disturbing for a long period of time. assad killing his own people, but if he does this, i don't think there's any country in the world that really would approve of killing your people with sarin gas. >> greta: the problem with this is that it's after the fact. i mean, there's only a minute. i mean, he discharges it, and there's literally a manipulate before people are killed. we can all condemn him, but all these people are going to be dead. >> it's damascus which is the urban area. if he drops, say, the sarin gas, that could kill a hundred thousand people immediately and within the area, there could be a million people affected. it's very serious. what do we do about it? i think the best issue that we have right now to help get him out and to get him away from this is russia. russia stood up and told him to stop the chemical weapon issue, and he backed off. now that he's at it again, i think russia needs to stand up and hopefully they will. it's also good to hear that some of the arab countries are trying
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to find a way to get him out. you know, we don't know whether or not he's lost his mind, that he's scared, that we just don't know what's going to happen, but this could be a leverage for him to find a way to get out and to find a way to take his family somewhere in the world. >> greta: there's always the problem even if he goes, if he gets aasylu siel some place, whs going to take over and secure the chemical weapons. that's always been israel's fear. if assad fallless, who takes over? >> that's what we do, find the chem and biological weapons. syria was a more sophisticated country than libya, but we know what happened in libya. i've had conversations with numerous americans from syria, a lot of people, doctors and people who have connections in their families that are there. we're worried about the al-qaeda extreme terror situation who have come there to work with the
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opposition. we have information now that there's a way to separate them from the actual syrian people. >> greta: i'd love to believe that. unfortunately we've seen our intelligence fail us immensely, whether it's with the unexpected bombings in east africa or 9/11 or weapons of mass destruction in iraq. it's not irrational to have a lot of fear when we say that the intelligence tells us something. >> well, let me say this. first thing i'm going to stand up for our intelligence committee. i oversee them. i think they're some o of the bt in the world. you get intelligence from either human intelligence or our nsa, our satellite program is as good as any in the world. our cia are out there all over the world but they have to get information. they collect it and analyze it. look at what happened in benghazi. that's another issue. we knew that it was a hot spot, but we didn't have intelligence that they were going to attack. >> greta: therein proves my point. that was another intelligence
10:15 pm
where we might have the hardest working people in the world, the best in the world but the fact is intelligence failures do happen with even the best. that's why it's very hard to have a lot of sort of comfort in terms of what happens with these, you know, chemical weapons should assad leave. >> no question. >> greta: mistakes happen. >> we can't be the sheriff for the whole world, so we have to work with other countries an other allies. as serious as the situation is in syria, we've got to work with russia. >> greta: let me ask you a quick question. you've actually met president assad. tell me your impression. >> on our way to iraq we had to go -- we were asked to go and stop by to see assad. this was right after, maybe six months after president obama was elected. the whole purpose was to get assad who had the relationship with iran to work with iran to bring them into the tent so that we could work on the palestine israeli issue. we were working at that time with egypt and also with jordan. well, one of the first things he
10:16 pm
said, america i, your president said i'm the axis of evil. another sheriff. we had another conversation. he thought that was the case. his personality was such that he was low key. we talked for a long period of time. we had to say we had to go. i said to him look. you're in a position to do something in the world, to bring peace. your father is dead, your brother was killed however he was killed, and now you have that relationship. we then talked about helping his people, how this could help his people to bring peace to the area if we could bring iran into the tent. he talked about his wife reaching out to people. i'm surprised first that he's still alive because he's killed so many people. i'm also surprised that he would do what he's doing. i think in my own analysis is that there are a lot of his father's people that are still there that step him up and are telling him what to do. >> greta: he's doing very bad things. >> terrible things. >> greta: he's got a very
10:17 pm
dangerous situation for many, many people. congressman, always nice to see you. >> take care. >> greta: strit ahead, a potential nightmare. could mexico turn into another benghazi. the majority of detroit voters supported president obama. now one city council member wants pay back, specific payback. payback. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15entrees under $15, seafood, chicken and more!
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>> greta: could mexico be the next benghazi? congressman michael mccaul is warning us because u.s. agents are helping mexican police go after the most violent drug cartels and yet our agents are not allowed to carry weapons in mexico. congressman joins us. why not? >> well, you know, officially they can't under a treaty that was signed by the united states and mexico. unofficially they do what they have to do to protect themselves, but there's no
10:21 pm
clarity in the policy, and i think it needs to be clear so our agents can protect themselves. we had three cons lar officers killed in jawrs. we had ice agents, one killed and one wounded in an ambush in a u.s. embassy vehicle. this year cia agents were ambushed by 14 mexican federal police officers. 150 rounds fired at them, and the two agents were wounded in the process. now they'v they've been indicted charged with murder. they used plain clothes and private cars even though they were on duty that day. >> greta: we took on the record down to mexico and we traveled around with some atf agents. we had to travel in armored cars, and supposedly they were not armed, but because it's so painfully dangerous for our people down there, we were told
10:22 pm
that the police are so corrupt in mexico that the calderon, then president calderon had to bring in the military to get rid of the police to try to bring some sort of law and order. the conditio country was replete most incredible violence and corruption. now our people are helping them, but they're unarmed. >> yeah. when i was in juarez, the same protections as in afghanistan to show you how violent it is. the host country needs to protect our diplomats and our agents just like in benghazi and the failure there. we can't really afford to have a benghazi situation happen right next door just south of us in mexico. i'm very concerned with these trends, with these ambushes on our agents and diplomats, that that's the next thing to happen >> greta: have they asked to carry weapons? have they asked for more security for themselves? >> if you talk to the agents without the lines of authority, of course, and many of them do
10:23 pm
to protect themselves. but they're really outgunned by ak-47s. every i'm they get an ambush, it's 10 guys or 14 guys with ak-47s shooting at the vehicles. they're really outgunned and it's difficult to respond to that. look. we've got to work with mexico to eradicate these cartels, but they've got to be protected down there. >> greta: are we winning this war, though, this war on the cartels? i mean, this is like right next door. this is not way over in syria or afghanistan. i was just in el paso last weekend. we could have walked across the border. this invite next door to our -- this is right next door to our country. are we winning the war against the cartels? >> it's debatable. we talked to some of their cabinet officers. they want to secure their southern border for the first time. they want to go after money laundering cases against the banks which is significant. the jury is still out on the new administration. i think there's a new opportunity.
10:24 pm
there's a new chairman incoming on homeland security that i can tell you, one of my big priorities is going to be to secure that border. >border. >> greta: all you have to do is google mexico and cartel and you read every night how many people are murdered, innocent people beheaded, their hearts cut out of them, they're hanging from bridges, just the worst things you can imagine. it's every single day if you google. thanks, congressman. >> thanks so much. >> greta: breaking news out of egypt. the crisis there getting worse. violent clashes erupting between protesters and supporters of president morsi. the latest from cairo is next. plus, we're going to have more on this breaking news in syria. president assad is preparing to do the absolute unthinkable, to unleash deadly sarin gas against his own people. there's a report tonight the nerve gas is locked and loaded inside canisters and ambassador john bolton is here coming up. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment.
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alert. violent clashes are raging in cairo, egypt. thousands of president morsi's supporters fighting with his opponents. rocks and fire bombs flying outside the presidential palace. grn reporter jacob lippencott is in cairo with the latest. jacob? >> reporter: >> reporter: well, it was extremely violent, much more than earlier protests i've witnessed the past two weeks. the outbreaks involve mainly organized groups of young teenagers. tonight people of all ages were actively involved in the fighting. furthermore, both sides are clearly well organized and fully prepared for a large scale conflict. the police were able to keep fighting away from the main avenues. they didn't try and stop the intense fighting that broke out on side streets. besides using stones, i saw molotov cocktails being thrown extensively by both sides. at one point opposition fighters were breaking into high rise parts and throa throwing petro s
10:29 pm
from the balance coins. there are reports of using firearms and live ammo. i didn't see anyone carry gunshots, but i heard what sounded like gunshot blasts. there are unconfirmed reports of deaths. it's a very disturbing scene. makes one wonder if there can be any dialogue between the two sides. the illustrate lambists support a substitution -- the islamists support a constitution. hard to see how any di dialoguen go forward in these circumstances. >> greta: jacob, thank you. of course, egypt is not the only place in turmoil. in just a few minutes, the growing crisis tonight in syria. the syrian military awaiting the go signal from president assad. ambassador john bolton will be here. first, to detroit where one council member says president obama owes the city big time and she wants to collect. council member joann watson
10:30 pm
saying the president should bail out the cash strapped city because so many residentses voted for him. >> after the election of jimmy carter, the honorable coleman alexander young, he went to washington, d.c. he came back home with some bacon. >> i remember that. >> the that what you do. that's what you do. our people in an overwhelming way supported the reelection of this president. there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that. >> greta: so ha as the white hoe responds to that, darren nichols joins us. i suppose the white house has not specifically responded to that demand? >> well, absolutely correct. as far as i know, the president has not responded to that request. that is something that council woman joann watson has said on a number of occasions. this time she linked it to last
10:31 pm
month's reelection of the president. she has called on numerous occasions over the last three or four years for the president to come in and bail out detroit because of its numerous problems over the last decade. >> greta: i read, darren, that the unemployment rate in detroit is about 18% in the city proper, around 18%. detroit's in deep trouble. is there anything that could actually help detroit? i imagine that money might get them through a month or two. what does detroit need? detroit's in a terrible situation. >> absolutely. detroit is in a bad state of affairs. i mean, you're talking about a city that lost 25% of its population since 2000. >> greta: and apparently we've lost darren, so i guess that's the end. we're not going to get him back. let me turn to the panel and ask about that quid pro quo, whether
10:32 pm
or not it's illegal so our panel tonight is the weekly standard's john mccormick and the washington examiner's susan, first to you. any problem with the request? >> she can ask for it and many cities have received bailouts. in fact, there will be a number of big bailouts because the state run pensions are running out of money. they're all going to turn to the federal government to bail them out. i think that obama administration has set the tone that they will be there to bail people out. they bailed out general motors. they bailed out, you know, folks who couldn't pay their mortgages. they're helping people who can't pay for health insurance. i mean, the idea is that we can provide for people that can't provide for themselves. they've kind of set the tone that we'll be there to help you if you don't have the money for yourself. obama will be there on monday in detroit to answer personally whether he's planning to give the city any money. there's certainly precedent. it's happened before and it will happen against with the pension
10:33 pm
systems. >> greta: president ford did it with new york in the '70s. there's precedent. the problem is we don't have any money. >> we're out of money and i don't know where this ends. credit to the council woman. i think that's refreshing in politics. usually they're trying to be more tactful with these sorts of things. weesh out owe're out of money. obviously the prison and the democratic internet have some leverage but where does this end? we're talking hundreds of millions for detroit. what's don the pike? california is the eighth largest economy and california will need bailout pretty soon. i just don't think is really going to make it through congress. i think detroit's problems are deeper than any bailout can solve from washington. they have to tackle this themselves. >> greta: it's terrible what's happened in a lot of cities especially like detroit and it didn't happen just last week. it's really rather tragic that a city that has aloud itself to
10:34 pm
get in such dire straits. where was the leadership? >> there was a lot of corruption, a recall earth with the mayor. even though there's an election in may, they want to do a recall election that will cost millions. big cities have corruption. in detroit there's a lot of corruption. there's a lot of, you know, for instance, just one example, the federal government took away $50 million in an annual grant because they cited reckless spending, corruption, and neppively. there's an example right there where detroit could have had $50 million but they lost it because they don't have a sterling reputation for fiscal management. >> greta: so we reward them because they're corrupt? that sounds like a stupid idea. >> i don't think you can do that. like so many cities, they've -- >> greta: they've got a lot of corruption, it's probably a pretty quick, easy place to start cleaning things up. >> exactly. iei'm sure if there were money over there, people would take
10:35 pm
kickbacks. they need a rudy guiliani is what they need. the people need to elect leaders who are worthy and actually good leaders. >> greta: didn't their last mayor go to jail. >> kwame kilpatrick, and now they've got mayor bing. the city lost its tax base. the school system is failing. it's terrible there. >> the crime right is skyrocketing and everyone has moved out of the city. there are no jobs there. that's the basis of the problem. >> i mean, the stimulus a couple years ago tried to paper over these problems for a lot of cities. they got a temporary reprieve. when the stimulus funds ran dry, you had all these cities with the exact same problems they had before. it was just a temporary fix. some states actually tried to fix the problem, new jersey, governor chris christie. >> greta: they've got to fix the problems and stop relying on the federal government. they're going to constantly need money. president obama gets slammed by a very unhappy citizen. wait to you hear what the sides is saying and you will.
10:36 pm
you tell us. is he justified. in two minutes, if you think lawmakers aren't doing enough to solve our fiscal problems take a look at this former senator, he's going to extreme measures to avoid the cliff. why does he think this wild video will help? more of the video you can't miss in just two minutes.
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individualize your sleep experience. exclusively at one of our 400 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. this holiday season, give the gift that's magical: the innovative airfit adjustable pillow at special 30% savings. >> greta: get on your feet. that's exactly what one former senator is doing to avoid the fiscal cliff. in a new web video, senator alan simpson dancing gangnam style to get his debt reduction message out to young people. >> stop instagramming your breakfast and tweeting your problems and getting on youtube so you can see began nagangnamstyle. start using those precious social media skills to go out and sign people up on this baby, three people a week. let it grow and don't forget, take part or get taken apart.
10:39 pm
boy, these old coots will clean out the treasury before you get there. >> greta: it's part of a campaign to get young people involved in the fiscal debate. is the video effective? go to we're back in 90 seconds. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her likes 50% more cash. but i'm upping my game. do you want a candy cane? yes! do you want the puppy? yes! do you want a tricycle? yes! do you want 50 percent more cash? no! ♪ festive. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet?
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new developments tonight in a case involving those two missing cousins from iowa. police say hunters have found two bodies and they think they are elizabeth collins and lyra morse. the cousins vanished on a bike ride last july. the bodies were discovered this afternoon, but police didn't elaborate on where, saying the area is still being investigated. citigroup, the nation's third largest bark, laying off thousands of employees, mostly people who work in local branches and foreign operations. the bank will slash 11,000 jobs, 11% of its workforce, looking to save more than $1 billion a year. the bank didn't fair well in the 2008 financial collapse and had to take two taxpayer-funded loans. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record" with gret a. thank you for watching. >> you're the president of the united states. you've got the mighty pen. you bailed out the banks. bail out the american people
10:42 pm
that don't have homes for the holidays. the president is going away for christmas. he's going to hawaii for 20 something days. where am i going to be. where are my neighbors going to be? we won't have a place called home? mr. president, you've got to do something. you're the president. you have gotta get fema to react and tell them to put these trailers in areas and let people have places to live for the holidays. you're going to enjoy your holiday in hawaii. i'm going to be here with no lights, no electric, no plumbing, not having my kids here. what am i going to do for the holidays? >> greta: outraged victims of superstorm sandy blasting president obama and fema for leaving them out in the cold. more than a month after sandy battered the east coast, many people still without electricity, others struggling to rebuild their homes. and they say the feds are not giving them the help they promised. tonight in new york, fed up victims confronting government
10:43 pm
officials. wnyw reporter is live in balance hor borbalharbour queens with t. >> reporter: this meeting was a bit calmer than that. probably because it was inside of a church, but folks here just as frustrated with the entire process. you may remember that the cap for fema if you received the aid and go through all the red tape is just under $32,000 which seems like a decent amount. when you're talking about the cost of living here in the new york metro area, it's kind of like small potatoes. we were talking to one couple here, their home gutted, but they want to rebuild. they have to rebuild. this is the only area they've ever known to live in here, so they have nowhere else to go. they're going to have to reach into their own pockets and shell out tens of thousands of dollars. we also heard from one gentleman inside here, a retired man that had to go back to work just to pay to repair his water heater, get his electricity back on
10:44 pm
inside of his home again. all of these folks have to shell out their own money to pay for repairs. they'd really like the federal government to step in and do a lot more here outside of st. francis church across from the recovery center, fema is here. they're set up on the local level and doing all they can. they would like to cut through the red tape and make things a lot easier because folks want to speed up this rebuilding process. greta? >> greta: alice, thank you. immediately after sandy politicians making big promises, president obama promising to cut the red tape. now have they all forgotten about the victims? we're back with our political panel. john, you can see the frustration, you know. the man blasting president obama about his vacation to hawaii, just said he doesn't have electricity. you know, what about it? >> it's perfectly understandable and justified. i mean, you have the entire national media swoop in for a story where president obama and chris christie shook hands and that was supposed to be his
10:45 pm
great heartwarming moment where they were going to come together to fix things. now a month later there are real problems here and government just simply hasn't been working for a lot of these people. you have stories where there are perfectlily got fema trailers sitting in pennsylvania when they could be put to use in new york or new jersey. >> greta: why aren't they there? >> no one knows. i don't know. you hear people telling stories about filling out forms, people who are approved to use the money to stay at a marriott but not a comfort inn. there are so many problems. it really does call for s some reform of the agency. >> greta: we do have these photo ops after these events. we had governor christie and i know he's been working there every day, but at some point it seems like the cameras go away, the media goes away, the money goes away. all the good wishes about the red tape, that's ignored. >> people are sitting in the dark in their houses with no money for food. you're exactly right. i think that video just kind of
10:46 pm
said it all. this guy is in the dark. christmas is coming, and the president is heading to a vacation in hawaii that's going to cost taxpayers $40 million. the optics are terrible. if the president leaves town for this vacation and so much of this is unresolved, and what i mean by unresolved, he is supposed to put in a request for approximately $50 million for congress, a billion for congress to fay for some of these dangs. if he leaves and that's all unsettled, i think it's really a bad image for him to be vacationing in sunny hawaii whalwhile everybody's sitting in their wrecked houses. is disgusting. if there are trailers in pennsylvania that we just have to move, you know, a hundred miles up the road or even less than that to take care of these people and it's not done, i mean, how can anyone not be just disgusted with our government? i mean, this is no reason for that. >> these are immediate problems that need to be solved. in the long term people have to look at is the federal government equipped to handle a local disaster?
10:47 pm
>> greta: that's a different story. you can let the trailers go now. we can have that debate, but at least put a roof over their heads. >> you've got 0 solve the immediate problems. president obama should be on the phone with fee i fema. >> fema has billions of dollars. >> greta: what's their problem? >> it's a big bureaucracy. it's like going to the dmv. >> greta: the president said we'll cut through the red tape. >> easier said than done. there's a massive bureaucracy. >> greta: it can be done. >> there are people getting tickets for houses that aren't cleaned up. they're getting tickets. criminal tickets. >> greta: that's outrageous. panel, thank you both. straight ahead, terrifying news out of syria. a short time ago a report deadly sarin gas is locked and loaded inside canisters. if it's relatesd, tens of
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
>> greta: this is a fox news alert. syria is preparing loading deadly sarin gas into canisters. the syrian military mixing the components of the nerve gas and now the military awaiting the go signal from president assad to unleash it on his own people. if fighter jets drop bombs, these canistersinas will kill people within one minute. no err 0 country's military will be able to help.
10:52 pm
ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, ambassador. your thoughts about the news tonight. >> well, this is very serious, you know. we had reports a couple months ago of the assad regime moving supplies of chemical weapons or chemical agent out of their storage facilities. this intelligence that fox news has confirmed, jennifer griffin that you had on earlier, that indeed they're now mixing the precursor chemicals to create the nerve gas sarin means that they're in the proce of weaponnization. so this is a whole level of seriousness above this, and it could well mean that theep we'veen the assadforces are sufl military setbacks means that now assad is preparing his last defense against the opposition overthrowing him. >> greta: well, the shelf life as we understand of sarin gas is 60 days. now that it's mixed, there's a 60-day window. of course, that doesn't mean if he does act that he won't act
10:53 pm
within the next 20 seconds. we have no way of knowing. i'm curious. how far can his missiles reach out of syria? is he likely -- i mean, should other nations in the area be concerned? >> well, i think by definition this is very dangerous stuff, and it's unstable, mads obviously to being highly toxic. it's dangerous for anybody to be around. one of the problems with chemical weapons has always been how you deliver them. the explosive force of normal ar tillery or missile destroys the chemical weapons. being able to actually use it effectively has been a military problem. i don't think that it's likely assad would use this across the turnish border, for example. i think it's far more likely he's threatening the opposition and basically either for negotiating purposes or because he thinks he's close to the end of the line, he's making it clear he's getting ready to use his ultimate weapon to increase his leverage. >> greta: i did some research on sarin gas. this is what happened in the
10:54 pm
minute. runny nose, tightness in chest, constriction of pupils. difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, defecating urinating, you start twitching and jerking and you're comatose and suffocate in a series of con vulsive spasm. that's what happens beginning in that minute. >> look. this is nasty stuff, no doubt about it. we've known for decades that syria has had a very active chemical weapons program. we've been concerned it's had both biological and nuclear vprograms as well. we've known that the stocks of chemical weapons and agents have been significant. over the past two years while this civil war has raged, we've known of this possibility. so we're very much at risk now not only that the chemical weapons will be used in the conflict in syria, but that if terrorists elements within the opposition get their hands on the agent or the weapons, they
10:55 pm
could go out of the country and be used by terrorists worldwide, and that is a real danger. >> greta: we only have 20 seconds. any chance this intelligence could just be dead wrong and this isn't happening? >> well, it's possible that assad is trying to deceive the opposition and the west again to increase his bargaining power, but i would not put it past assad to use this weapon. he's perfectly capable of doing it. its the kind of regime that he's been leading these past several years. >> greta: he's already killed 40,000 in 18 months. why should he turn good all of a sudden? ambassador, thank you sir. >> thank you. >> greta: what happens when jimmy fallon teams up with mariah cary, an old spin that i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many
10:56 pm
different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time
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