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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 6, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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called rough trade. no i will be at the broadway comedy club on friday and saturday night. >> excellent. back to you, greg. >> thank you, andy. so much for having me here with my little bus. very special thanks to my boss who is here and sandra smith and bill smith and joe devito and otherwise known as the president of "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld, see you next time. the. >> it operates in the dirty harry mentality of people who actually belief that if a number of people were armed in the theater in aurora they would have been able to take down this nut job. >> bill: bob costas in the middle of a gun controversy. he will be here tonight. and we'll get to the bottom of this very intense debate. >> our problem with president obama isn't that he is a bad person. our problem is that he is a bad president.
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[cheers] >> bill: factor exclusive senator marco rubio in his first post election interview. he is now emerging as one of the leaders of the republic party. also tonight, dennis miller on paying higher taxes. and charlie brown kicked to the cush -- curb in arkansas by a pastor. >> everything i do turns into a disaster. >> oh, good grief. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. no talking points memo this evening because we have two very important interviews to conduct here. in just a few moments senator marco rubio in first post election chat and boy do i have some questions for him. first the lead story, bob costas as we reported last night the nbc sportscaster has created a storm of confusion. last sunday night during a
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national football game, he delivered a commentary at halftime condemning what he calls the gun culture in america. some folks got angry because they felt costas was attacking the second amendment. mr. costas denies that and he joins us now. >> hi, bill. >> bill: first up, how do you feel about the right to bear arms? >> obviously americans have a right to bear arms. i'm not looking to repeal the second amendment. i haven't immersed myself in the issue through the my life. i'm aware of as many americans are. i didn't call for any specific prohibition on guns. never used the words gun control. i quoted from a column by jason whitlock who was in kansas city for a long time now is on the fox sports web site in which he mentioned, i think credit continuably, credibly a gun culture in this country. plays itself in many ways it's about and toward guns that almost always leads to tragedy rather than safety. >> bill: we will get to that in a moment. i want to clear this gun control thing up because
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that's why got in trouble because some people felt. >> yeah. >> bill: this is a very emotional issue and i'm sure you know that. >> of course it is. >> mr. whitlock is really far out. >> there i'm not agreeing. >> bill: i know. when you associate. >> with whom. >> bill: when you associate yourself with a guy like who is that far out there. >> i was unaware of the remarks he made about the nra and the kkk i'm not sure the time line whether they postdated or predated. obviously i would disagree with them a hundred percent. >> i get it. mild scolding compared to what i have received over the last 72 hours. >> bill: as long as you call a christmas tree a christmas tree you are okay here. >> merry christmas to you too, bill. >> bill: there you go. let's advance the story a little bit. gun control in america is an emotional issue because it's clear that the founding fathers gave the right to bear arms for two reasons. two reasons. number one, because they felt that the government might devolve into tyranny and the second thing was the founding fathers knew they had to settle this giant country and
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there weren't going to be laws out in the west and people didn't have guns to protect themselves from bears and any native americans that didn't like them coming on their property. so there is a history here. most people don't even understand that history. so, americans grow up with the right to protect themselves against the government and against bad people. then you enter into the modern age where you have a debate about well, what's the government's responsibility here because these are lethal weapons? and that's where you come in. all right? so you you are saying that you want a more stringent program by the authorities to make it harder to get guns? >> no, no. you are saying i'm saying that. >> bill: you are not saying that? you don't want to make it harder to get guns? >> if you ask me, i believe that there should be mor comprehensive and effectsive controls on the sale of guns. >> bill: what does that mean? >> but that is not where i was coming from. >> bill: what does that mean though?
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i'm curious. >> how do you do that? >> roughly 40% of the guns purchased in this country do not require a background check for purchase. >> bill: so you want a background check. >> you have that. you have talked about stricter penalties, harsh every penalties. >> bill: for criminals. >> exactly. there is that there are the training programs for those who purchase guns. i don't see any reason why someone should be able to purchase military-style artillery and body armor and automatic weapons. only the police or the military should have that. >> bill: those are reasonable positions. >> none of that impinges on someone's second amendment rights or the rights to protect their home and their family. >> bill: you know what? i agree with most of that. >> fine. >> bill: but here is where you made your mistake. are you ready for your mistake, costa. >> yeah. i would like to. >> bill: you are gonna. roll the tape. >> it wild west dirty harry mentality of people who actually believe that if a number of people were armed in the theater in aurora they would have been able to take down this nut job and body armor and military-style
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artillery when in fact almost every policeman in the country would tell that you would have only increased the tragedy and added to the carnage. >> bill: no. >> yes, sir. what do you mean no? >> bill: i will tell what you it means. you and i are in the theater in colorado. >> yes. >> bill: we are watching the batman movie. >> yeah. >> bill: nut comes in through the back door with his guns. >> and his body armor. >> bill: body armor and whatever else. we are looking. >> can fire off hundreds of rounds. >> bill: we are saying gee i don't want to get killed here and you are seeing other people go down. answer my question now. it's very simple as you know i'm a simple man. would you rather have the choice of ducking down on the floor or having a handgun on you to pull out and defend yourself against the man? >> the hypothetical that you present. >> bill: thank you. >> presupposes that in most cases someone dressed like the joker is not going to show one a bazooka. >> of course not.
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>> in most cases you have many armed people. colorado has to be a right-to-carry state. many armed people sitting there watching the movie. i would suggest that if that were the case, it's far more likely than somebody playing dirty harry and taking this guy down that over the course of time there would be a dispute about somebody stepping on someone's foot in the line of. >> you are stepping. >> that dispute would escalate because somebody has a gun. >> bill: you are evading my we. bob costas and o'reilly are in the theater. do you want to hit the floor and hope you don't get shot or have a gun on you that you could protect yourself? >> in that situation, in that situation, in the dark, in the confusion, i. >> bill: i respect that. >> highly more likely that there would be additional carnage. bullets flying all over the place. >> into the theoretical now. >> so are you. no you don't want one i want one. >> okay fine. >> bill: i want to protect myself with a loon with a gun rather than being on the
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floor. in colorado you would have been allowed to. you are taking me in a direction of a debate that i did not enter into. >> bill: you set the premise. >> i didn't set the premise. you said the gun culture and that you objected to this kind of thinking. i have this kind of thinking and millions of people have it. i want to be able to protect myself against that guy. we just have an honest gentleman's disagreement. i want it you do not want it. >> what i spoke about in quoting jason whitlock is a mentality a gun culture in this country. >> bill: let's get to that. >> tony dungy highly respected figure he said when he coached the colts some 80 players before they cut the ross err down showed up for training camp and he asked them how many of you own guns. >> 60 of the 80. >> bill: how many own the guns. >> they may feel that they need them. they may feel it's part of a romanticized culture. there is an aspect of this
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kind of wild west cowboy dirty harry aspect. >> bill: they are macho men and have got to have a gun. >> influenced by some of what we see in the inner cities. somewhat may be glamorized gangster rap videos whatever it may be. different ways. different demographics. >> i would signature to you if somebody has the right to guns. this may guns far more often. bad things happen including unintentional things than things where the presence of a gun diminishes or averts danger. >> bill: i want to get into the gun culture here so it's cool in the nfl and in the nba and this and that for some athletes to carry a gun. would you say that's true? >> all i can tell you is since i have made these comments i have heard from players past and present, from coaches, from executives, in the nfl, saying they are -- they have long been alarmed and concerned by the number of players who cavalierly believe that you have to have a gun. we now see in text messages between javon belcher and a
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friend he is complaining that cassandra perkins may have had a boyfriend and he may have had a girlfriend on the side. we haven't sorted this out yet. he is complaining about it. buddy says you better get yourself a gun. he says i have eight of them. the buddy didn't say you better get a samurai sword. you better get a led pipe like professor plumb and the conservatory. he said get a gun. i'm not the least bit afraid to talk about the gun culture, to talk about domestic violence. i thought it was self-evident this was a domestic violence case. self-evident to talk about the effects that football and the culture of football have on many of the people who play it i have done it before and i will do it again. i will look for places where there is more time to do it. in retrospect, i don't back up on anything i said. but i think it might have been more effective if i said, look, if he would looking for perspective on this, we're going to have to have a serious discussion within sports, an ongoing discussion, not five minutes of foe faux
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tears about it culture, game itself, easy access to guns, about steroid, drugs and alcohol. and in the future we will soon do that. i think that would have been more effective and would have led to understanding where i was coming from. i was talking about a gun culture. i never used the word second amendment. never used the word gun control. >> bill: you were fairly tarred there i cannot think of a single incident athlete having a gun averted or diminished a dangerous situation. a long list of tragedies that came about because guys were packing. >> bill: thanks for coming in. nice to see you. >> thank you o'reilly. >> merry christmas. >> bill: any time you get in trouble get you out of it. >> i know you have security. they are armed i assume. >> bill: senator marco rubio enters the no spin zone. lots of questions about the election and where the republic party is
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because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. >> bill: in the impact segment tonight about a month after the presidential election there are still some very hard feelings on the part of americans who expected mitt romney to defeat president obama. state of florida was key with the president winning by just 74,000 votes. out of more than 8 million cast. joining us now from washington is senator marco rubio a republican from florida. first off, senator, why did your state go for obama. >> first, thank you, bill, for having me on. throughout the campaign i said florida would be very close and competitive state. let's start by admitting the on oous the president ran a very good grass roots operation. they invested a the love money into the infrastructure and technology. we should look and learn from that. technological high ground always wins from these things. >> bill: i'm perplexed because i thought florida would go for
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mitt romney based upon the economy primarily but romney spent a lot of time and money there. but what did the -- what message that the president brought to florida sueded for him? >> i'm not sure if it's the president's message. it's the message that we need to do a better job as a movement. not just the republican party. those who believe in limited government and preenterprise have to do a better and more consistent job of explaining to people why free enterprise is better for them. >> bill: elected you in florida. they elected governor scott. both of you guys are conservative smaller government people. this is why it's so confusing. because you elect you. you elect scott. now they did elect liberal senator there and they're all over the place. i just don't know why florida, virginia, ohio, colorado -- colorado, i kind of know. why the republican message
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didn't resonate. i don't understand why the republican message did not resonate in those states. >> well, i can't speak to those other states in detail but i can tell you about florida that there is a tremendous amount of anxiety from people that feel like they are never going to make it to the middle class. they are never going to move ahead in life and leave their children better off. our challenge for those of us like me who believe and know that limited government is the right way forward and that the free enterprise system is the only solution of doing a job of communicating that taking our principles and applying it to their hopes and dreams. our take on this is spret were straightforward. it's not by making rich people poorer it's by making poor people richer. that's what our government is all about. that's what i hope we will could a better job so he we'll win those elections in the future. >> it looks like now that the president and the democrats are going to make rich people poorer. i mean, not to a great extent but they are going to raise the top marginal tax rates and
1:18 am
the cap gains rate and they are going to do all the things that owe you oppose. you don't want that to happen. first of all, do you think there is going to be a deal on the budget or are we going to go into january with an automatic tax rise and all of that? >> well, my hope is not just a deal. the last time we had a deal it created this fiscal cliff. my hope is that we have a solution. here is the bottom line on all of this. if they do all the things the president is asking for. we are all going to be worse off. the truth is it's not just about a pledgor protecting millionaires and billionaires. you raise those taxes and the true millionaires and billionaires are going to figure the stuff out. the people who are going to get crushed are the install and mid sized businesses who pay on their personal rate. they are going to get hurt by. this lay people off. cut hours. that's going to hurt the middle class. that's going to hurt the working class. it's not going to do anything for the debt. >> intran jent he basically said we are going to raise the rate. if you don't like it we're not going to get a deal. seems like that's where we are
1:19 am
going here. >> that's unfortunate. instead of what the president is doing is saying the campaign is over let me governor. put a campaign and put a trophy in the liberal trophy case. what the president is proposing is not going to do anything for the debt. we can't say that enough. these taxes the president wants. if begive him all tax increases it pays for 8 and a half days of government. it doesn't do anything for middle class it will destroy middle class job creation. the more we tell people that the stronger we will be in being able to negotiate a solution moving forward. >> bill: handicap it real quick, is it going to happen or go into january with chaos? >> at a minimum what i hope is that we'll be able to do something here that avoids this fiscal cliff which is a creation of congress. it's a bipartisan creation. this fiscal cliff is the result of the last fiscal cliff. >> bill: that put a date on there. >> yeah. >> bill: may extend the date that's what i think is going to happen. >> my hope is is that we can avoid the bad stuff. then we have to deal with the 16 trillion-dollar debt that $1 trillion a year in deficit
1:20 am
spending. we have to solve that. that thing is not going to solve itself. >> bill: doesn't feel like the president feels the urgency that you feel. you are one of the leaders of the republican party whether you want to be or not. there you are. so you find yourself now trying to get the republican party reorganized and back into the populist column. ain't going to be easy for you, senator. because you have got to be the senator from florida and at the same time try to resurrect this party. >> well, it's -- but i think the people of florida have the same ax sights as the people of our country. i'm informed by my own background and my own experience in life my parents worked in the service industry. and, yet, they were able to afford to buy a house they never gave us everything we wanted but we always had more than we needed thank god and thank this country. you know what? that's only going to be possible in the future if we have limited government and free enterprise. let's never forget that people come here from all over the world to get away from big government. we, for the life of me, i do not understand why we haven't done a better job of laying
1:21 am
that out. i hope to be one of multiple voices out there making that argument. it really is the only way forward for us. we will never be able to raise enough taxes to get out of this situation that we're in. you can't generate enough revenue like that. the only way forward for us is rapid economic growth. not new taxes. we need new taxpayers. >> bill: all right. senator, thanks very much. we appreciate it we have a brand new bill o' question in play. we are asking do you believe president obama and the republicans will reach a budget deal before automatic tax increases are triggered? yes or no and we will give you the results of that poll on monday. directly ahead, network news operations firmly behind tax increases or so it seems. but dennis miller none to happy about his portfolio being drained off by the feds and the state of califororororor
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, according to the media research center a conservative watchdog group newscast focus twice as much on tax increases for the wealthy as they have on spending cuts. abc world news the worst offender according to mrc discussing taxes 17 times more than cuts. joining us now from washington kristen soltis republican strategist crir citizen powers fox news analyst. are you surprised by the survey kirsten. >> no, i'm not surprised because that's been the bulk of the discussion that's been happening so it would make sense that that's how they would be covering it pretty much the only thing that's been discussed between the republicans and the democrats have been the fact that obama wants to let the bush tax cuts expire for the wealthy and the in terms of spending cuts, the production republicans have just as of yesterday did a counter offer but nothing specific. there wasn't nothing to talk about in terms of cuts. >> bill: lack of specificity
1:26 am
on what should be cut has drained the discussion into a simple let's raise taxes on the wealthy. >> yeah. there are no cuts to cover. >> bill: i don't know why kristen diane sawyer wants to raise her own taxes, do you know? >> i think there is truth in what kirsten was saying as far as it's much simpler to continue this same debate we had through the entire campaign to move on to that you subject. >> if you say you wanted to cut the department of energy or the department of education people's eyes glaze over. but it does seem to me, kristen, that there is among the network newscast there is kind of like, yeah, let's raise the taxes on the wealthy, that would be a good thing. that does seem to me that's there. >> unfortunate narrative that's been peddled it's not true but it's out there. the idea that you can solve all of our problems by raising taxes on the wealthy. if you bump the rates on the wealthy back to the clinton area it's the magic band-aid
1:27 am
it fixes all of our problems. >> bill: marco rubio said it's a myth but i think that's been pointed out five gazillion times. i think folks are so numb to this they don't even pay attention to it. >> bill: i don't mind paying higher taxes i really don't but i don't want to waste it right now i'm not getting any bang for my buck at all, none. zero. >> we have such a big spending problem. if you look at -- take a look at 2007, you know, george w. bush is president. we have got the wars going on. we have got the bush tax cuts in 2007 our deficit was $160 billion. that number almost sounds -- $160 billion. it's a spending problem. >> bill: i want you to do me a favor and call diane sawyer after we get off the air i want you to tell her as kristen pointed out in 2007 the highest revenue in the history of the republic came into washington because the taxes were fairly moderate and
1:28 am
people were investing and capital gains was kicking in at the 15 and 30% rate and all that money was coming in washington and people were working and all that money was coming to washington. and you can tell diane that, you know, just taxing and spending isn't going to help us. you can do that? will you do that? >> i will. she is my bff i will be calling her after get off the show. dying to hear what you think too. >> bill: always. >> i don't know anybody who thinks that everything is going to be solved just by raising tacks. i keep hearing republicans say. this look, obama recommended or proposed cutting the defense department and he was attacked viciously by republics. so, the idea that like he never suggest cuts is kind of absurd. >> bill: do you really think barack obama wants meaningful cuts in government? really? really? >> as much as republicans do. look, he got attacked all through the campaign for cutting medicare, right? so the people who claim that
1:29 am
they want all these cuts, what do they do? they attack the president when he proposes cuts and they refuse to put anything specific on their proposal. what they sent back was just a number. >> bill: all right. okay. i got it. i got it. i got it. i'm just tired of this whole business. i think we should cut 10% across the board and then, you know, keep taxes the way they are and try to stimulate the economy by the private sector. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. >> i will tell diane. >> bill: charlie brown thrown under the bus by a church pastor in arkansas. how could this possibly happen in america? tell you what's going on. also, dennis miller having to deal with more of his money being taken away from him. d-man not happy about that and we hope you stay
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>> factor follow up segment tonight. again today some members of the obama administration met with members of congress to discuss the libyan chaos. this story just drip, drip, drip. but in egypt things are getting very intense. as thousands of protesters demonstrate against the muslim brotherhood trying to seize totalitarian powers in that country as we predicted they would. sadly many measures don't care about what happens over seas but author brad thor who writes contemporary thrillers believes there suspect more to the libyan situation than we know. there thor, the author of the book blacklist joins us now from chicago. what's your headline here, brad? >> well, my headline is next week it's going to be three months since the killing of
1:34 am
ambassador stevens and we don't know any more now than we did three months ago. and that is not good for our republic. >> bill: do you see because you research your buicks fairly thoroughly. the key to selling books in your genre is to make them realistic that people who read them go you know, this could really happen. so when you are looking at what happened in benghazi, libya, what are the questions that pop up to you? >> well, listen, bill. i do all my research with men and women who are active in the diplomatic community, in the intelligence community and if i try to turn this story in to my editor. i would be thrown out of her office. there are too many holes in this story and it starts right with of all the days for an american to be traveling in an islamic country why was chris stevens in benghazi of all places on 9/11? that's where the story starts and it doesn't make sense. this is a guy who, by all accounts is, a very very bright man. yet, he chooses to go to benghazi on 9/11. that same day he sends the
1:35 am
state department a cable complaining about the level of security he is not getting over there? why was he in benghazi? that's a really important question we're not getting here. >> bill: all right. so you start with the motivation of the ambassador to travel to a dangerous area on 9/11, a provocative day and we haven't had an answer to that question. what other questions have troubled you about this situation? >> well, why does he stay, bill, when the attack happens on our embassy in cairo, okay? that immediately gets broadcast to all of our diplomatic missions around the world, in ambassadors, the diplomatic security officers in charge and all these stations are told hey, guys, you better watch out, close the windows, lock the doors because this is happening in cairo. might happen in your backyard, too. still stephan doesn't leave benghazi and it keeps coming back for me i keep coming back to why. why would he not go back and support his troops at the embassy in tripoli? i mean, libya is an arab spring country.
1:36 am
there is there is an uprising in cairo another arab spring country why wouldn't you rush back to the safety and security. again we come back to the fact that stevens said he didn't feel secure why not go back to tripoli and be with your troops and make sure you they're in case anything happens. he didn't. he stayed in benghazi. >> bill: now, when you have -- those are legitimate questions. all americans would like answers to. we are not going to get them. the president won re-election. this was in play during the campaign. the american people haven't embraced t story you can't force them to. i don't think you are ever going to get answers to those questions. >> at the end of the day sciewfn rice comes out. hillary was there at andrews air force base on the 14th to receive the bodies along with the president and the vice president. yet 48 hours later she is gone. she can't do the sunday talk show circuit. this thing should haunt hillary clinton. believe me it was a political decision by mrs. clinton to not go out and do those talk shows on sunday.
1:37 am
it's one thing to come out bill and make a statement saying this is what i believe happened. it's another thing to sit for the committees. you put ambassador rice out there and everybody knows even chris wallace knew he couldn't pound her too hard because it's not her bailiwick. this thing should haunt hillary clinton. it should haunt barack obama and the american people, the second greatest tragedy here after the death of four americans is the fact that more americans are not pushing for answers on what happened in benghazi. >> bill: all right. there thor, thanks very much. and i must say that i'm an admirer of mr. thor's work. it's always very very interesting to read. when we come right back, it will be miller time. higher taxes, the royal pregnancy and unicorns all on the rundown tonight. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time seeing want tonight, dennis and i are 1 percenters and we make our money honestly. we work hard. we don't disploit anyone we pay our bills and taxes on time. our taxes are about to go up billing time. joining us now from santa barbara the sage of southern california ben dennis miller. you are not only going to get it because i do believe there is going to be a tax raise in washington from d.c., you are getting it in california. and they may then take your deduction for state taxes out, too. so, effectively, i'm trying to
1:42 am
do the math here. in california you would be paying about 55% of your income to the government. >> listen, at some point if i can exist on 45% of my money i'm going to expect all of you people out there i don't know to be able to get by on 55% of it. okay? now, come on. pull it together. listen, i want to help the helpless, billy, i have said that a lot. i could care less about the clueless. right now i'm in that unfortunate position where i'm subsidizing morons whose plight i secretly revel in. that's a weird place to be. >> are you going to move out of california if they raise it up to 14% which is what they probably are going to do out there? >> i don't know. i have to talk things over with my family. but everything is on the table as the president would say. everything is on the table. >> that's an awful lot of money. let's face it. >> listen, obama done a lot of this, billy. he should have just said he wants to tax successful
1:43 am
people. this whole rich thing has been wad bad it's a creepy thing he has done making people who do well to be bad guys. i know you don't have problems with him. you think he is a good guy. >> bill: no, no, no. i have a lot of problems with the class warfare business. you know that. >> it's creepy. he should say successful, he he shouldn't say rich. he is turning this into dr. shbago and i find it creepy by the president. >> bill: okay. talking about rich people, prince william and his wife kate middleton expecting a little royal person. do you care? are you following this? >> listen, that girl better hope that the kid doesn't have her father-in-law's ears or should should get hooked up to the epidural tomorrow. that is going to be the tough -- that's going to be a tough rafting trip there you know, billy, in england they come down the other side of the fallopian tube. i don't get the whole royalty thing. i watched beckett over the weekend.
1:44 am
richard burton stunning. peter owe tool plays richard the ii. such a creep you wonder how they ever played off royalty thing. they are people like us. they have somebody who put their pants leg on one at a time for them. i don't know how they get by with all of this stuff. >> bill: when we were discussing what you were going to discuss yesterday. >> there is gallagher. why is gallagher on the screen? >> bill: we were discussing miller topics. that's not gallagher. that's the queen. >> oh, the queen. >> bill: i know she looks like gallagher but she isn't. >> if we allow miller to go into the kate middleton pregnancy he is going to mention prince middleton's ears. clio as far as you are concerned miller. >> giving birth to a pineapple with two direct tv satellite dishes connected to them. >> bill: miller, that's cruel, man. pineapple? [ laughter ] come on, rally yourself,
1:45 am
billy. >> bill: i'm trying to get composed here. >> talk about this unicorn they found. did you see the name of the city? the name of the city, billy. it's don my yong reminds me when i got hit in the crotch playing dodge ball. >> bill: north korea government announced it found a unicorn. >> foreigners are funny. >> bill: unicorn is a mythical creature that the greeks first mentioned but it's in north korea. now, my question to you is if you were a unicorn, you would go to north korea, right? that's the only place you would want to be is there? >> that's right, because i have a lot in common with this kid. this kid is like from the jersey shore. is he one of those guys. listen, the unicorns were originally bred in mittology. they are a cross between a horse and that thing you
1:46 am
keep -- memos on. that's why they bred the unicorn. introduce was busy. phone calls out to lunch and put them on the unicorn snout. i don't know hot hell over there -- if they can believe in that guy and his father, what's this kid's name? chummily and that malignant dwarf father of theirs. if they can believe god they can find a unicorn. what is it people on the pacific men with men think they are god. you remember the man dressed as mr. peanut. they thought he was god, too. what's happening over there? >> bill: all i know is that the north korean population any food. all starving. they musting of be thrilled that the government has found a unicorn. let's eat it. >> you haven't lived until you have had a -- what is the damn thing called? a unicorn grinder. you know, you can go down to filly and you either get a geno's unicorn grinder or a pats unicorn grinder. they were right on opposite
1:47 am
corners. if you haven't -- billy, get a little of the horn ground up on there. >> bill: okay, yeah. >> i just want to make everybody clear that i did not say the royal baby is going to be a pineapple with satellite dishes on the ears i did not say that. >> no. that was mine. >> bill: are you looking for a great christmas gift, miller? how about tickets to the bolder fresher shows for 2/13. comerica theater phoenix, arizona 22nd. los angeles march 1st. atlantic city march 15th. dar constitution hall in washington april 26th. theater at west bury out on long island june 1st. details on bill o' see you there next charlie brown attack my progressives. throws charlie under the bus. a horrifying story upcoming.
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>> bill: back of the book seeing the tonight, separation of charlie brown and state. not going to believe what's going on in arkansas. at the agap pay church in little rock going to put on a play called merry christmas charlie brown. the arkansas society of free thinkers said no you can't do that it's a violation of the establishment clause separation of charlie brown and state. the apastor of the agape church happy caldwell cancelled the performance. former governor of arkansas mike huckabee. i'm not happy about happy here, governor. he should have put the play on so the kids could see it. well, he is going to put it on but do it on saturday. it will be a voluntary thing. i have known pastor caldwell for many years. is he a great individual. he is one of the leading pastors of the state. he didn't want to put the school in a tough spot. now, to their credit, terry elementary was willing,.
1:52 am
>> bill: yeah. >> just go out there and do it any way. >> bill: they said blank you. they didn't put it that way. >> i hope not. >> bill: this is a not play. we want our students to see it there is nothing wrong with going into a theater that's located on church grounds. so it's happy that didn't stand up. and here is why it's important, governor. number one, the pastor wouldn't come on the program. which is why you are here. number two, guys like the pastor have to start to stand up and fight against this secular progressivism that wants to diminish the christmas holiday. you know that. we have to start to fight back against these people. you know, i think though bill the nature of most christians is not to get in a fight and a squabble. >> bill: then you are going to lose. you are going to lose. >> well, here's the problem. i think he did not want to put the school in the position. >> bill: the school already made it -- he backed off. >> didn't want to put them in a position where they would end up getting sued and spend a lot of money kids could be
1:53 am
using for education. >> bill: lawyers on retainer that would handle it plus the thomas moore law center would do it pro bono. that's all a bunch of -- here is the essential thing. because you are a minister in addition to being a politician, a fox news analyst, don't you think that christian ministers have to fight against this secularism? don't you believe that's part of their duty? >> well, i think they have got to fight against, you know, the secularist takeover, that's part of the problem that we face is that we're in a society where christians are treated differently than most other faith groups. and, bill, that's one of the problems we have. these people that call themselves the free thinkers u i call them the big stinkers. they are not going after the fact that up in deer born, michigan they spent $25,000 to build muslim foot paths at the university of michigan deer born. you didn't hear anybody squabbling about that and filing a lawsuit. so it's the inconsistency that troubles me more than
1:54 am
anything. and a lot of christians just don't want to cause trouble for people but i think it's time we're going to have to probably cause some trouble for a whole lot of people and say we represent citizens too. >> bill: absolutely. there is no doubt that judeo-christian tradition in this country is under attack. and people like pastor happy, all right. have got it to stop and say enough. enough and we need leadership, not only in the pulpit but now we are going to need it in the public square can. i will give you the last word, governor. >> i just think, you know, i want to defend pastor caldwell. i know his heart. he is a good man. i know he is willing to fight. he didn't want to fight the school's battle. do i commend the school. they were willing to go ahead and push it out there. but i think we ought to put the blame where it belongs. it's not on pastor caldwell and it certainly isn't the school. it's on dim wits that call themselves free thinkers not against any real freedom that they don't agree with. >> bill: but they won.
1:55 am
thanks for coming on. factor tip of the day. wounded warriors and five american living presidents. the tip 60 seconds away.
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>> factor tip of the day on the wounded warriors and the five living presidents know. in a moment. the elves at already exhausted. my books are flying out of here. if you become a member, you get your choice of those books absolutely free. also, i can sign the books for you but only up until monday because we have so many orders, so please check it out. now the mail. howard rogers from kansas, bill, you faneed outaged at the description of obama administration's desire to collapse the economy. glenn beck has been saying this for year. i don't feign anything, howard. charles and i believe the president doesn't understand macro economics. that's based on performance. all else is speculation which i
1:57 am
cannot use as a basis for opinion. mr. identifir o'reilly, i agreeu that jovan belcher was a villain. we can't take away his firearms. what's the litmus test, strange behavior? they gave the folks some power. fire arm possession is on that list. jim from michigan. why is everyone talking about belcher when a man in wyoming stabbed his father's girlfriend to death and killed his dad with a bow and arrow. the belcher story gets played because he was a professional football player. >> although alcohol and painkillers might have contributed to belcher's actions, he could have made other choices. you cannot save people from themself. bill, what's with the $10 fine for saying cool or awesome on the factor? just applies to staff, darrell. this is a no cliche zone here. we have a bunch of younger people working for us. sometimes the conversation
1:58 am
sounds like an episode of american bandstand. the fines go to charity.
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