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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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now called the city of lights, but paris may go dark. banning museums and churches in the eiffel tower they want the lights off from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. it is part of environmental regulations and the businesses say it could hurt their bottom line. but too bad. thanks for watching. >> thanks, megan. serious chemical weapons are mixed and ready to kill. that's the word from senior u.s. officials today. there are new warnings for the united states, and details on the deadly nerve agent which can kill a person with one drop. and then there is the mysterious john mcafee, the software guy. he is back behind bars after being on the run. a picture.
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-- >> quite a picture. you probably know the name from millions of computers mcafee and now he is facing serious allegations about a murder. and people could be sifting through your internet history. in fact, they could be doing it now and you wouldn't have a clue. it is a new form of cyber spying. it is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, a potentially deadly new move from the syrian regime. a senior u.s. official tells fox news syria has loaded components of the lethal nerve agent sarin into bombs. and now the military is waiting for uh sad to give the -- assad the okay to deploy the weapons. experts are warning that sarin gas is one of the most dangerous chemical agents out there. it is an estimated 500 times more toxic than cyanide, another chemical that they say the assad regime has.
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if untreated one drop of sarin can kill the average person in a matter of a few minutes. the senior u.s. official tells fox news that the come pone nepts of this -- come pone nepts of the gas are mixed and its shelf life is about 60-days. during that 60-days the military could either released the gas or destroy it entirely. today the defense secretary leon panetta echoed a warning from president obama that if syria uses chemical weapons on its own people there will be consequences. jay there is no question -- >> there is no question that we remain very concerned, very concerned that as the opposition advances in particular on damascus that the raw -- the regime may consider the use of chemical weapons. the whole world is watching. >> you heard secretary panetta mention do damascus. that's the site of some of the
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latest deadly fighting which activists say has killed more than 40,000 people. james rosen is at the state department, and secretary clinton held some important meetings on the matter of syria. any progress? >> reporter: good afternoon. secretary clinton met with russia's top diplomat and with the special envoy to the syrian crisis who said nothing sensational came out of it. but clinton and the russian foreign minister did agree to try to find some, quote, creative ways to end the bloodshed. and it looks like russia's stedfast support for assad could be nearing its end. the influential russian lawmaker who is tight with vladimir putin said, quote, we have shared and do share the opinion that the existing government in syria should carry out its functions, but time has shown its task is beyond its strength. back in washington, a spokesman for secretary clinton warned of the perils that the syrian people would
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confront even in a post assad era. >> we know these groups, al-qaeda and others, troy to take advantage of the environment assad has fostered over the last year or so. it is important that they -- that the syrian people get a government out of all of this that is representative of their desires and as separations. they -- aspirations. they don't want to trade one for the other. >> that has been a concern for u.s. policy makers in all of these mideast countries affected by the arab spring. >> what secretary clinton and most others are hoping is president assad will step down. any indication that might happen? >> judging on the pro nuns ments of his -- pronouncements of his top aids, no. they call the talk a pretext for foreign intervention. he equated the regime's potential use with suicide. >> the messages i conveyed
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from to the leaders of cuba to the leaders of nicaragua and ecuador and venezuela are related to bilateral cooperation and to analyze and to tell them what is happening in syria. i assure you that the president will never, ever leave his country of syria. >> nonetheless, western nations, the so-called friends of syria will be gathering in moroccan to talk about standing up a successor government to the assad regime. >> thanks. let's bring in michael owe -- ohanlin. he is part of a group that is an independent think tank. god to see you. >> hi, shep. >> hearing last night on the fox report that they mixed up the agents, i am wondering how you think this is and whether you think it is a ploy on his part or whether they are considering it. >> it is a great question.
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he could be considering it and he could be happy you and i noticed. what i mean by that is if they actually use these weapons it is a crazy move on his part. it almost certainly leads to a u.s.-lead foreign intervention starting with air power against chemicals. but probably expanding beyond that. it is hard to believe we would just bomb a few chemical depos and then we would go home and see the insurgency flounder. we are in this for good and any hope uh sad had of defeating the insurgents or holding on to a certain piece of the country for his people probably goes by the way side. so the requesty is what could he be thinking? maybe he is at the point he can't think of any other way to save his skin, so they will try anything. another way to look at it is he wants russia and others to notice he is taking this potentially suicidal step in the hopes of one last diplomatic solution that so far he has been against. he may now see it as his only
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hope. maybe if russia is persuaded that assad is on the doorstep of defeat or suicide that russia will finally help us do a deal to get a power arrangement. i am just speculating because it is hard to think of what rational purpose these chemicals could serve. >> there hasn't been a lot of rational through some of this. one of the most frightening things is once they are launched, that's it. it is not like troops can come in from jordan to stop the inevitable death of who knows how many people. >> you are right. although, one thing i would say and i hope it is of slight solace is when these kinds of weapons are used, unless he decides to uh blight rate a whole city, if he is trying to hit at rebels, he is going to be more lethal than he has been with his artillery. ii am not sure it will rad clear increase the death toll. the death toll is already high as you have been reporting. the use of chemical agents could double it or triple it. that's obviously bad. i don't think we are looking
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at hundreds of thousands of people killed. i don't think he is going to use it and just blanket entire cities. he is going to try to hit certain concentrations of rebels. that would be my prediction anyway. and maybe his hope is he can keep it contained. in any event the way you deliver this is by airplane or artillery. as you pointed out it is lethal and fast acting. so whatever he does is probably going to have tactile military purpose to try to slow down the insurgency. this may be a hail mary on his part. hoe may see -- he may see no other way to stay in power. >> as horrible as the killings have been, chemical weapons strike would raise the civil war to an even deadlier level. a doctor explains what sarin gas can do to the victims of an attack. and it is not pretty. breaking news right now, and this is cairo, egypt. morsi is at long last speaking to his people. we believe this is a live address. be -- we have been waiting for
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the past few hours. it was said he would speak, and now he is speaking. at issue he in essence set himself up as a dictator. he says he has control over the largest nation in the middle east byway of population of 80 million people. the courts have walked out. the military deployed tanks, the biggest we have seen since this president essentially made himself a dictator. outside the presidential palace, thousands of the president's opponents tangled with supporters in egypt. the two sides are fighting with rocks and firebombs and even bullets. officials say the clashes have killed at least seven people and hurt hundreds more. it is a major escalation in the violence there in the very country trying to play peace keeper between israel and gaza. david lee miller with the news is live in our middle east news m rue. we have been waiting for president -- newsroom. we have been waiting for president morsi to speak.
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and we will have a translator to bring about what he has passed along. >> indeed there are, shepherd. the tanks have made a difference. this is the elite unit of the army. and ever since they have been on the street they have been successful in reducing the violence and the republican guard is protecting the president and the presidential compound at this hour as the president is speaking to the egyptian nation. there are tanks on the street and armored vehicles outside of the presidential compound. now as i mentioned, the military there has made a significant difference when you look back at the last 24 hours, we saw egyptians fighting egyptians. the commander of the republican guard said they are not taking sides. what they are trying to do is separate the opposing forces, not to oppress them. they ordered them to leave the presidential palace and morsi supporters did so. the opposition to a lesser
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extent. they continued to uh mass outside the palace. at this time the situation is tense, but calm now as the president of egypt speaks to his people. shepherd? >> what the opposition has been asking is he step down and they start this process over again. any sign that might happen? >> reporter: not right now. -- >> not right now. we don't know where the president is going in this address. they want him to reverse that decree that gave him ultimate authority. and they want a postpone meant on the referendum for a new and very controversial constitution. as of now he was expected to speak last night. what caused him to speak now? that's not entirely clear. i can tell you since november 22nd when he issued the all powerful decree, six of his advisors have stepped down. one just today. the head of state television. it is possible that made a difference. also throw into the mix the economy there. the economy in egypt is suffering terribly. today alone the stock market
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is down another 4.6%. the egyptian currency is at an eight-year low. those factors may be contributing to why at least now the egyptian president has decided to speak out. we will have to wait and see if there is any compromise in the works. >> we shall see. david lee miller live in our newsroom. i can tell you what happened so far in this speech. the egyptian president said among other things that the will of the people cannot be expressed boo i angry crowds in the street. but in fact the polls indicate and the word from the people is that's exactly what is happening. the egyptian president mohamed morsi from the muslim brotherhood is speaking live on egyptian television. should anything of significance come out of it we will bring it to you. the software tycoon wanted in the murder of a neighbor has asked for asylum, but instead he is in jail. it has not stopped him from blogging about his adventures. the latest from john mcafee of
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mcafee software fame next. and the real work to avoid the fiscal cliff is being done behind doors and we can hope. the latest talks from lawmakers seem to show that one side is coming out ahead. not surprisingly it is the side that won the presidential election. we will be right back.
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quarter past the hour. mohamed morsi is still speaking. he says he feels sorry for those killed on both sides in the violence around the palace. this from the live speech which is on going. the hope was certainly of western observers that this man who has made himself a dictator would back down and submit to the will of the people. at least those not of the muslim brotherhood. that has not happened. he said we must trans send our differences. the will of the people cannot be suppressed by angry crowds. the will of the people must not be suppressed by anger.
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he says he prays that god will guide them through it. and he prays that god will safeguard the repercussions of the storm. he says the egyptian people are aware of your value. i stated clearly and openly i cannot tolerate that any person perpetrate any killing or vandalism. so it sounds like he is either not in touch with what is happening or very much in touch with the fact that he set himself up as a dictator. how the egyptian people hillary act is -- will react is another matter. we will bring you any developments as they happen. the eccentric computer titan john mac uh -- mcafee is in a detention center in guatemala after weeks of hiding in central america. they just denied his request for asylum, and now the request is whether he will face deportation to belize where he is a person of interest in the murder of his neighbor. you may know john mcafee created the anti-virus
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software that many of us have on our pc's and laptops. by most accounts he is an odd character. he is into psychedelic drugs and guns and aggressive dogs. last month police in belize found his neighbor shot to death. investigators want to qi mcafee about that, but all of a sudden he up and left. earlier this week he turned up in guatemala and the cops arrested him. john mcafee said his wife is in danger and it had nothing to do with the murder and the police in belize want him dead. all day he has been blogging about his ordeal writing, quote, i ask for a computer and one magically appeared. the coffee is excellent. phil keating in our florida newsroom. why did he go to belize in the first place? >> well, he went down there in 2008 basically probably to live cheaply on his $100 million of which reportedly there is only a few million left. today while in detention in
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guatemala he continues blogging calling the people there nice and sympathetic and even dismissing thoughts of suicide as, quote, absurdly redundant. and mac uh fee's -- mcafee's only -- own behavior lead them to where it was. instead the interior ministry is working with the foreign ministry of belize to hand them over for questioning. the 67-year-old mcafee and his twenty-year-old girl end from have been dodging police in the press for the past three weeks. he has been blogging nonstop and dying his hair several colors several times over and even trying to mislead everyone that he was arrested in mexico. as for his accusations of the belize conspiracy against him, he is either being wrongly pursued or he is just paranoid. joy it has been continuing on and on and on. the latest thing was simply the murder of my neighbor two doors down. very convenient for them. at that point i decided i had to do something. i went undercover and i am now
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here and i am now going to speak out, and i am going to spoke out out -- speak out big. >> mcafee moved to belize with $100 million and said to be a fraction of that now. according to mcafee he said it is still more than he could ever possibly spend. one person who could not stand his a aggresive dogs was his neighbor, gregory fall. one day mcafee said his dogs were poisoned and hours later fall is shot in the head in his house. mcafee denies guilt claiming the timing of both events was purely coincidental. he even suggests that the shooter of foul may have mistook his house inextending mcafee's house to shoot him. >> phil keating in south florida this afternoon. thank you. listening to the political rhetoric about immigration you would think more people than ever were entering the united states. but that's not true. coming up, the new numbers show how many immigrants are coming here and where they are coming from. we are president coulding to
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monitor the words of the -- continuing to follow the words of mohamed morsi as turmoil erupted in egypt. there could be a very important day there and certainly so in syria where chaos rang.
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we are another day closer to potential economic crisis. not one bit closer to solution. at least not in public. the top senate democrats said they won't consider proposals to saw void the so-called fiscal cliff. not until the gop agrees that tax rates will go up on the wealthiest of americans. they said it from the beginning. president obama visited a family in virginia to layout his case. the white house says it is one of thousands of middle class families facing higher taxes if congress doesn't reach some sort of deal. house speaker insists the
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republicans will not go along with a higher tax rate for anybody, but an incrowsing number of republicans -- an increasing number of republicans are saying they will have to give in to democrats' demands. you know i read a number of websites that said republicans have waived the white flag on some issues, but not all of them. assuring republicans they don't have to vote for a tax increase. >> and it technically may be correct, but not many are buying this new strategy from the white house since the tax cuts from the middle class and those from the top 2% are both set to expire at the end of the year. the white house says congress really only has to extend one of them. the president continues to put political pressure on lawmakers. he met with a middle class family selected from thousands who responded when the white house asked what it would mown to lose a couple thousand dollars if taxes do go up. >> n a increase of $-- an
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increase of $2,000 or so for her and her husband in this household would mean $4,000 that was lost. and a couple thousand dollars means a couple months rent for this family. >> republicans in cyst not extending the tax cuts will cost jobs. joy how is the white house responding to republican complaints that the democrats are slow walking us off the fiscal cliff? >> officials hearsay there is still time to reach an agreement. they say there has been progress. republicans are now a incrows tn though they still don't want to raise tax rates. the folks here shrug off the fact there hasn't been a meeting of the president in a couple of weeks. and they suggest there won't need to be a meeting until republicans are ready to give in. >> it is our view that simply having conversations c congressional leaders will not
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produce a deal. what will produce a deal is an acknowledgment by republicans, republican leaders that rates on the top two percent, the wealthiest americans have to rise. there is no deal without that acknowledgment. >> the treasury secretary gite neither says the -- tab eitner says they are ready to go over the cliff. if republicans won't let the tax cuts expire, they say it is not a threat. shepherd? >> it is easy to say why they would be making those statements when there was a recent survey that showed 53% of people said if we do go over the cliff they blame the republican congress. less than 30% would blame the president. so it would appear at least from that survey that he has the people on his side. the civil war in syria takes a frightening new turn. it is an awful day in syria. leon panetta warning that there will be consequences if the assad regime uses chemical weapons on their people.
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what are these weapons and what do ty do? how deadly are they? and what might the u.s. response be if they are used? and another government agency in serious financial straits, but this time it is the administration that ensures millions of home mortgages. ahead, a live report on what it could mean for the housing crisis which you are getting out of, right? that's all ahead as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news from "studio b."
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we have been continuing to listen to the words of mohamed morsi as he has addressed 80 million people this afternoon. the hope was he would dial back on some of his decrees and that put himself above the law. three important points. number one, he said he decree applies only to sovereign matters of state, whatever that means. as far as we can tell it doesn't mean much of anything. the second thing, his decree to shield his decisions from any legal action didn't aim to stop judicial work. in other words he wished the judges across the country hadn't walked out. but they did. he tried to make himself a dictator. so he has that problem. and maybe most importantly here is the latest word, he said he will not tolerate anyone working to overthrow a legitimate government. it is all about semantics here. you could certainly say they were working to overthrow the legitimate government. he forgot to mention the government was put in-law git matily has now changed --
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legitimately has now changed. and if that stands there is clearly going to be trouble. egypt is at a turning point as mohamed morsi is speaking. anymore news of note i will bring it to you. the white house vows if -- there will be consequences if syria uses sarin on its people. the sarin gas bombs are loaded, mixed and ready to go. all that stands in their way, an order from the syrian president assad. >> i can tell you that the president was very clear when he said that if the assad regime makes the tragic mistake of using chemical weapons or fails to meet its obligation to secure them there will be consequences. >> president obama has long said the use of chemical weapons would be the crossing of a red line. one that could lead to western nations getting involved, and many analysts it could mean ground forces. already they have deployed patriot missals and hundreds of troops to the border with
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sear you. syria. chief correspondent says they don't have a lot of intelligence on the ground, but are they saying how they can be so sure about these chemical weapons? >> certainly. it is a question worth asking. there isn't any debate among the experts that sear you has these chemical weapons. the question being asked is on whom are we relying given we don't have much intelligence on the ground for their evidence that these chemical weapons are actually being prepared for use. all questions worth asking especially given our experience in the run up to the iraq war in 2003. defense secretary leon panetta was not answering those questions as to where the intelligence was coming from earlier today. listen. >> without commenting on the specific intelligence that we have with regards to these chemical weapons. i think there is no question that we remain very concerned. the intelligence that we have raises serious concerns that this is being considered.
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>> and that was as far as the defense secretary would go, just reuh officialing that the intelligence that they say they have raises serious concern, shep. >> feels like a coordinated international response here. >> it is interesting that these words and these warnings are coming from around the globe from president obama obviously, from secretary of state hillary clinton and from the british foreign secretary and indeed from the russians. so that tends to say that this conspiracy theory, that this isn't really happening might not be true. the question is perhaps what kind of game president assad may bow playing here. and some -- may be playing here. and some say it is essentially about a wharf nerves. as the -- a war of nerves. as he moves to the center of damascus he gets more desperate, and signaling he may be about to use the chemical weapons, he may believe he puts himself in a better negotiating position if he takes the decision to try to seek asylum somewhere.
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>> we will see. jonathon, thanks so much. now some perspective on just how devastating sarin gas can be. as we reported, it is one of the deadliest chemicals known around the world. it is five times the strength of cyanide. one drop can kill. the affects on the body are nothing short of horrifying. let's bring in the head of the department of medicine at vanderbilt university medical center in nashville. great to see you again. >> hello, shepherd. >> sarin, tell us about it. what does it do? >> it is nasty and sneaky. it is odorless, tasteless and colorless. it is produced in a liquid form and vaporizes very quickly. you can get exposed by breathing it in. if can come in through your eyes. it can penetrate your skin. if it is on food or water you can ingest it. it obviously causes eye irritation, but most importantly it causes great
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difficulty breathing because it is a neurological toxin. it makes your muscles twitch. you can develop convulsions and lapse into coma and die. it is serious stuff. >> and it is my understanding, doctor, if you are not treated almost immediately like within a minute or so, there is no stoping the affects. >> well, mild exposures just wafting through the air can lead to being temporarily ill and then getting better. if you get a prolonged dose you can get really sick very, very quickly. furthermore it can get on your clothes and then it can vaporize from the clothes and affect the people who are trying to help you. it is nasty stuff. >> significant doses, it could kill everyone in an environment? >> well, if you get a big enough dose it can kill you, no doubt about it.
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you know, the japanese cult used it in japanese subways in tokyo. made over 5,000 people ill and killed 13. it is serious. >> dr. chaffner is live with us. thank you. the egyptian president has finished speaking and now whoa do have some news -- now we do have some news of note. he will not tolerate anybody working to overthrow the government. but this is just in and it came from the end of the speech. the egyptian president mohamed morsi has called for a national dialogue meeting the day after tomorrow. friday is the day of prayers. saturday like the first day of the workweek, that is going to be the day where they call for national dialogue. they are trying to get the two sides together to come to agreements. he says this dialogue will cover the fate of the upper house of parliament. it will cover election law and a political road map. here is the main thing. president morsi says he will
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form a new assembly to write a new constitution if the current draft constitution is rejected. so what do we have here? this is a man from it is muslim brotherhood dually elected in a democratic process. he came into government with branches much like we have here. with checks and balances. he said to the checks and the balances, never you mind. i am going to run things, and i am not subject to your judicial review, and you people over here in the house of the people, you don't get a say either. so he made himself the dictator. he seemed troubled and surprised that people are upset about this. but the judges walked out. the parliament is in disaway and the people are back in the street and -- disarray and the people are back on the streets. now all of a sudden he is talking about bringing in a new parliament and saying he won't accept detractors. it is late at night on the day before the sabath and the
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president as spoken and i can say without any question that he has not said what the people wanted to hear. what they president whatted to hear was i am not going to be a dictator and they didn't hear it. we will monitor it. the head of the government agency overseeing housing matters today told lawmakers he could not guarantee that the federal housing administration would not need a government bailout. that has analysts worried that we could be witnessing the beginning of another fiscal crisis. the fha, as they call it, is the agency that pay back banks if and when people default on mortgages. there have been millions of dough faults over the last few years. now the fha is projecting a fiscal short fall of more than $16 billion. that has lawmakers angry because of the potential avalanche it could cause. >> the inability of fha's leadership to clearly recognize and address its problems is raising doubts
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about their credibility and willingness to properly manage fha's financing. >> as stewards of taxpayer dollars we have since the start of the administration made it a priority to strengthen the fund. we are continuing to take aggressive action to return the fund to fiscal health. . >> lawmakers don't sound too convinced because the agency has tried several measures to shore up. so far it hasn't been enough. gerri willis is with us from the fox business network. what is going on and how will it affect us? >> what the fha is trying to do to make things right is increasing the price on their premium. they are guarantees adding on to their bill for their monthly mortgage and they are trying to sell off their bad mortgage debt. but it is not making a big difference. look at these numbers. the fha is backing 1.1 trillion in mortgage debt. 1.6 loans are delinquent and one in 10 is in dough fault. in two years between 2007 and 2009 the authority ran up some 70 billion in debt.
12:42 pm
$70 billion. >> when will they need a bailout and where will that come from? >> we will not know right away. we will not know until next september when the administration drafts its -- -- its budget. we are not clear on the numbers. we have to wait and see. >> fha, a mess. thank you. the number of immigrants coming into the united states and living here illegally is dropping. and it has been for years. also most new immigrants are not from latin america at all. the new numbers from the census bureau. we have them for you and we will bring them to you next. odds are anytime you log on to the internet they are tracking every search you make. every one. surprised? that's because the companies don't mention they do it.
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john mcafee is at it again. he is the guy wanted in belize
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in connection with the murder of his neighbor. and he is about to go to guatemala. but john mcafee's lawyers confirms that he has been sent to the hospital a half an hour ago. they describe that he had some sort of convulsion and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. there have been reports all over the place about what he has done. abc and routers have been reporting he had a couple of heart attacks. we were told that's not true. we are waiting for more information. for context john mcafee is reported widely to be wildly a liar. that he just tells lies like most people breathe. as a result i don't know exactly what to tell you except we can confirm he has been taken to a hospital. we can confirm that he -- that his neighbor's dogs got poisoned. and we can confirm that his neighbor is dead. and we can confirm that he is on the run or was until they caught him.
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we are seeing a clear drop in illegal immigration in the united states. this is not new. and it is according to a new census data. it shows that last year roughly 11.1 million people in the u.s. were listed as illegal immigrants. that's about 28% of the foreign born population. and it is down from the peak of 12 million illegal immigrants in 2007. we have also learned that for the first time in more than a century more people came to the united states from asia last year than latin america. how do they explain the drop in immigration? what is it? >> well, you know, we always heard it was enforcement, shep, it was enforcement and the economy. now it is a three-part answer. enforcement is big because when the state started cracking down they pulled in the welcome mat and they stopped giving services to make it more uncomfortable for them to be here. the economy of course is huge because this trend of fewer illegals coming in coincides exactly with the bust in the housing market and the overall
12:48 pm
economy. in fact, in 2007 and 2008 not only did they come in the country less, but they left the country a lot more. and finally surprisingly experts say a part of this is the mexican population overall is getting older and making it less likely that they would leave their lives behind in latin america to come to the united states to start over. >> even if illegal immigration does decline as it is declining, it could carry some big political implications. >> yes because you have hispanic and you have asian groups that are the fastest growing populations in this country. since 2000 each of them has increased by 40%. and even if none of the 11 million illegals in this country gain citizenship, hispanic voters over the next 18 years will double. as you can see there from 10 to 20%. asian voters will also greatly increase. listen. >> it is a population that is structured for growth with very large numbers of young
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adults. we are likely to see rapid growth of latino populations for the next couple decades still. >> and in november, 73% of asian voters voted for president obama . 71% of hispanics voted for president obama. and right now this study is very good news for democrats. >> trace gallagher thanks. >> they are tracking everything we do. they are in the skies. they are everywhere. and now a digital advertising company is agreeing to end a practice called history sniffing. after the feds told him to knock it off. the company is called epic market place. and what it reportedly did was install tracking software secretly on your computer. that software then gathered data about the websites you visited. and it sent that data back to the company.
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epic market place used it to target advertisements without consent of any kind. if you went on-line to look at websites on bankruptcy for instance, the company in theory knew that's what you were doing and knew about your possible money problems and not necessarily illegal, but it does raise privacy concerns that they will not tolerate. so they found one way that they watch everything we do. sud -- suddenly they don't want it to hoop. don't want it to happen. >> i applaud them to find this one small way they are tracked on-line. we have to realize that everything whoa do on-line and every minute of every day is always being tracked by like a dozen companies. >> what are they doing with this information? why do they care i am at fox jay -- >> almost all of it is being used for advertising purposes. yes that is to be expected. >> so if i search cotton
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shirts they may give me an ad for a cotton shirt? >> precisely. >> or pooing nothing graw fee -- or for pour nothing gru fee they masoned me that. >> and there is a tick next to your name that says he searched for pornography that one time or 10 times or whatever the case. yes they are doing it for advertising purposes. i personally don't think they should be. i think they have an expectation of a semblance of provide vaw see like you have an expectation of privacy in your life. i don't think these companyies are expecting that. there are countless other ways and perhaps it is time to take an aggressive stance that clearly violate consumer expectation. >> there is still the drone following you around though. >> reporter: that's okay. he is protecting me. >> we will see. if you do anything the government doesn't like you may get shot. >> fingers crosses. >> maybe that will help. we will be right back.
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continuing courage of the unrest in egypt and the pronouncements by the president there mohamed morsi that ended a few short minutes ago. he said sorry i did the dictator thing. it will not stand. people, i listened to you. but that's not what happened. this is looking familiar. >> it is looking very familiar. i am completely struck by the similarities here between what president morsi has just done and what president mubarak, his predecessor did february 10th, 2011 shortly before he was forced out of office. live pictures as we look at the presidential palace. president mubarak went on national tv. the palm who were in the streets then just as they are now expected concessions they didn't really get any. look what history did to president mubarak. i wonder if president morsi is
12:56 pm
making the same miscalculation. >> you wonder if he is not in touch with what is happening out there or if he made a calculation with his brotherhood party. we will take privileges and privacies away and that's it. >> the question here as it was with mubarak is what does the egyptian army do? well president morsi has made this power grab and the army remains a very powerful institution within egypt if they decide there is too much chaos on the streets. and they go to president morsi, that could make a difference. whoa will see. >> i wonder about the judges saying no more judicial review on the country has had. >> it is going to be about this this -- it is what he says will be a productive national dialogue beginning on saturday. and whether he is willing to back off of that and say i will give the judiciary riew view of my -- review of my decisions. >> four minutes until 11:00
12:57 pm
p.m. on the day before the holy day. they do not seem pleased outside the presidential palace in cairo. continuing breaking news coverage from there in just a moment.
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