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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 11, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> no, it is just nice that somebody recognizes. >> i think your heart is too big. does that make sense? >> he does have a large heart. >> thanks, michael. back to you, greg. >> thank you for that, andy. pab, always a pleasure. bill schulz, sorry. and michael ian black, three names. i am greg gutfeld. before mr. bill o'reilly who is waiting in the rings. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. i did not go as far as i would like to go because my thoughts on the nra and america's gun culture, i believe the nra is the kkk. >> what should be done about hustlers doing skin color to attack opponents. we have a special report. don't be worried about it. i get out the chains, i get
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free, i save my wife, and i kill awall the white people in the movie. how great is that? >> is that a racist statement by actor jamie foxx? is that something we should be upset about. we'll look at that situation as well. 95% of talk radio in our country is right wing. it's divided our country in a way that we haven't been divided probably since the civil war. >> some liberal americans like rfk, jr. think the conservative media is dominating the discourse. bernie goldberg has some thoughts on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the fatherror begins righ facto. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. confronting evil. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we are living in a country that is rapidly changing.
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rules of civility are pretty much finished. america has always embraced robust debate. now there are elements on both the left and the right which are using disgraceful tactics to demean those with whom they disagree. some examples. supreme court is going to hear the gay marriage issue. some of those who support expanding the definition of marriage are accusing those who oppose o it of being human righs violators, bigots, hoa homophob. likewise, if you criticize president obama, there are fanatical left wingers who disagree are doing so because he's black. that kind of tactic should be condemned by all americans. let me give you a very vivid recent situation that is simply unacceptable. this man supports writer jason whitlock who actually works for he injected race into the kansas city chief's murder suicide.
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he said unnamed forces in america want guns in the black communities so that people of color could destroy each other. whitlock went on to call the nra, quote, the new kkk. that, of course, is insane. the only reason anybody ever heard about it is because bob costas mentioned whitlock in his gun commentary on nbc. so we called this whitlock guy and invited him on the factor. here's what he wrote, quote. i was summoned to testify before speaker of the big house, bill o'reilly, the fox news entertainer. i don't have to shuffle off to the big house when summoned. o'reilly is not boehner, pelosi, or obama. he's tv intertainer who spent the weeks after the election crying about the end of white establishment america. the end of the days when an upstanding white man felt entitled to summon whomever he wanted whenever he wanted to the
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big house to dance. i don't dance, unquote. now, that is pure racism. nothing else. whitlock implying that i'm some kind of slave overlord, and he gets away with that kind of garbage. in fact, he gets paid to spout. way beyond disgraceful. that's poison but not unusual. hate speech now happening all the time. there comes a point when all good people must say enough. that point has now been reached in america. the jason whitlocks of the world deserve pity, but they also deserve to be exposed. they're using base emotion to try to injure people. they are liars, and they are abusing freedom of speech. this stuff has gotta stop. the top story tonight. join us from washington. juan, i think this kind of garbage is completely out of hand. am i overreacting? >> no. in fact, i would say that you're
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understating the case. let me tell you something. right now the provocators, and i agree with some of the things whitlock said about gun control, but he got in trouble for comments when he made racial comments about jeremy lin, the new york knicks and now houston rockets basketball player who is asian-american. when he he starts to talk about you in these terms, you know, this is in line with ma marginalizing what you had to say which was a totally legitimate comment about the white establishment going into lower numbers because of the rise in terms of blacks and hispanics. now he wants to make you out to be master of some big house. how ridiculous. let me tell you something. if he's asked to be on your show, the most popular show on cable tv, he should have regarded it as an honor and opportunity to have platform to speak out as a free black man. he's somehow twisted this in an
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attempt to make it racial, to make you into a bad guy, and that is an attack on honest debate in this country. i have written a book about it. they're trying to put a muzzlele on you, bill. they want muzzles on me when i say i'm in favor of school reform. this is madness. >> how do you see it? >> it's hateful and nasty and often the people who claim to be as open minded and tolerant among us as anyone can be the most hateful. this is an attempt to marginalize people who disagree with jason whitlock or people who are right of center. look. i think being invited on someone's show is prett clearly not -- pretty clearly not some sort of order. he cab say he doesn't want to come on the show. he could have had a discussion with you about the very issue he wants to talk about. he has written stuff that i've enjoyed. >> he's a big slave guy. reggie bush is kunta kinte. >> he apologized for the kkk and
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nra comment. >> ironically the kkk was pretty pro gun control because it kept guns out of the hands of black men who might have otherwise presidential candidatepresidenp. >> it's not an isolated thing with this guy. he has a history of doing it. he does it all the time. he gets paid to do it. nobody holds him accountable except me and i'm holding him accountable tonight, about you he's a small fish. he's out there in kansas city. he doesn't have a big platform. this is now starting to percolate on the network news level, cable news, that these people feel that they can come in with the most hateful invecive at all. the gay marriage thing bothers me. the supreme court will hear it. we're all interested in seeing what their point of view is. if you now oppose gay marriage for whatever reason, on religious grounds or whatever it may be, then you are a human rights violator, juan. your opinion isn't worth hearing, and you are not even a
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worthy person. this is where it's going. this is where it's going now, and it's tolerated and even encouraged by certain companies, big, big corporations, and that's disturbing. >> well, you know, i just think it's encouraged by people who don't want to have the honest debate. you have special interests in some cases who try to say you can't use that word, you can't say this. if you say this, you know, if you talk about the link between terrorism and islam you're a bigot. >> you bet. sure. >> okay. so this is to me and let me just say, the internet feeds a lot of this, bill, because then you have people thinking oh, i'm just talking to people of like minds and we're going to mock and marginalize and disdane people we don't like. they say the most people things. >> i don't read the stuff any more. those people are disturbed on the internet. you know, you're getting a very
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-- i don't think that reflects america at all. i think these are really the kooks. >> it plays into the larger conversation. it makes it harder to have an honest conversation. >> that's why you don't have them because people are afraid that they're going to be branded so they don't say anything. go ahead, mary kathryn. >> i'm not pro speech because i think you can get down the road a little bit but the issue a lot of times, what makes me more mad than people say because i want people to have their freedom of speech is the fact that one side is held to a standard and the other isn't. if you're right of center and happen to be talking about the something the left doesn't like, you popped your head up and get whacked down pretty quick. on the other side with jason whiwhitlock and other folks, the isn't anything. >> there's no scrutiny on them at all. when whitlock made the anti-chinese comments about jeremy lin, the basketball player, he apologized. i guess he's used to apologizing.
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he has to apologize pretty much for everything he says, but the man still is accepted in the liberal community, and he's accepted, and you know, when costas quoted him, i think he made a mistake. i told him that last week, bringing him into the conversation and it weakened costas' argument. all right, look.ith you. i'm not trying to muzzle anybody. >> no. >> i'm going to call him out. i've had enough. i'm calling out the christmas haters. i'm calling out the racial hustlers. i'm calling them all out. >> you go. >> that's what i'm going to do. as long as this program's on the air, i'm calling all of them out. >> bless you, bill o'reilly. next on the run down, is president obama trying to destroy the republican party by using the budget prize? brit hume on that. bernie goldberg on robert kennedy, jr. saying the right whing c c c c c c
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>> bill: there's a loss of posturing going on between the white house and the republican party over the budget. here's how one journalist put it. >> when you talk about the feeling at the white house, there's a palpable difference now compared to the summer of 2011. they're so much congressyer right now whic at the white houe than they were a year and a half ago. >> miss cooper apparently saying the president is unwilling to compromise because he's feeling his oats, to use a cliche. joining us is brit hume. do you see cockiness as factor in the debate? >> reporter: the president is playing hardball in the negotiations principally with house republicans because he feels like we've got an outcome coming that's bad all the way around but worse for republicans and they can less afford to have it occur than he cap can, and therefore he's got some
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leverage, i think in fact, he does. >> bill: is it just his nature or he feels emboldened by the election? >> actually, i don't think it's the election so much. look. he had the greatest voter mobilization effort probably in history anywhere. >> bill: right. >> it got him to 51%. that's not a landslide. > >> bill: no. three and a half million votes out of 120. >> he won narrowly, barely. an extraordinary achieve many to be sure under the circumstances. i think it's the law. i think a lot of conservatives and republicans don't get this. if nothing happens and the end of this month rolls around, tax rates go up on everybody. the rich and everybody else. in addition to that, there's this fairly draconian set of spending cuts that come into effect, but they fall with particular force on the pentagon. now, if you look at two things the republican party has stood for over the years, bill, one of them is low tax rates, and the other one is strong defense.
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so who has the most to lose if the fiscal cliff is breached? i think the answer is self evident. i'm not saying it's a good outcome but the polling all shows that the public would blame the republicans for the outcome, so they end up not stopping an outcome which is most negative for them, and they get the blame for it. >> bill: wonder why that is. wonder why that is. why do you think -- look. it's fairly aapparent that barack obama has put no meaningful cuts, spending cuts on the table. anybody who pays attention knows that. the president does not want a cut. he wants the big government. he wants to spend. in fact, he wants 500 million more to throw into some stimulus that hasn't worked the first two times he tried it. why do the american people say it's the g.o.p.'s fault when the president obviously isn't giving anything at all up?
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>> well, bill you know that and i know that in part because we watch fox news, and fox news reports it that way which is the straight forward way to report it. you can find that out from the other media, but you have to read it carefully because it's not apparent. all the conversation, all the discussion, all the news that's made in this whole discussion since the end of the election has been about what? it's been about tax rates on the rich. >> bill: right. >> that's been the whole story. the fact that the president hasn't come forward with anything meaningful on the spending side, especially on the entitlement side, it's possible to find it but it's not really evident. i'm saying the coverage is biased. >> bill: i don't want to put words in your mouth, but what you're saying because we have bernie goldberg coming up behind you but that the press has maybe worked in concert with the president, maybe not consciously, but they've worked in concert to define the issue in very narrow terms. taxing the rich will som solve e
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budget problems which is bull. it won't. they don't go into the president's stubborn posture of not giving up any cuts because he hasn't. >> that's true. i agree with that. look. there's a lot of things that the press can't accomplish and the press bias doesn't affect very much. this kind of thing, a budget steastale mate with the house of representatives which like all of congress is in low public esteem to begin with is the kind of thing how the press plays the story makes a big difference. i don't think there's any question about that, and i think that the coverage here has been very one-sided. >> bill: right. so that the obama administration knows that, the democratic party knows it's all going their way, all the propaganda, all the stuff that reaches the american people through the myriad of media outlets is all about tax rates for the rich and nothing about getting spendin spending r control. they walk into the room and go blank you guys, we're not giving you anything. we know the real story won't be
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reported. it's frightening. >> it is. the other piece of this, bill, that's very important is the consequence of not tackling the entitlement spending and reforming the programs so they cost less. it's very severe. they're not immediate. the president has what he considers to be some time to either deal with this or perhaps not deal with it and he leaves office and it's for the next person to deal with. now, it would take a lot of courage for him and he would have to break a lot of china in his own party to say we've got a short-term fiscal cliff and we've got a bi bigger one that that. i want to head it all off, and it will take a bargain to do it and i'm ready to do it. he talks about it, but he doesn't do it. >> bill: what are the odds? >> it's pretty remote. here are the results of the poll. do you believe president obama and the republicans will reach a budget deal before automatic tax increases are triggered? only 15% say yes.
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85% do not believe that deal is going to be reached. we have a brand new bill o' poll question for you. do you believe the factor's christmas controversy coverage is accurate or overblown? are we overdoing it or right on it? this is the new bill o' directly ahead, bernie goldberg on accusations the right wing media controls america. later, adam carolla on a judge ordering a dead beat dad not to have any more children. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: weekdays at bernie's segment tonight. goldberg and i often discuss how the liberal media affect what's going on in the country. we just did that with brit hume. democrat robert kennedy, jr.
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sees it much different low saying conservatives dominate the media landscape. >> the right wing controls the american media particularly starting with fox news. 95% of talk radio in our country is right wing. that's what sections of our country are hearing. i think that has -- it's divided our country in a way that we haven't been divided probably since the civil war. >> bill: joining us from miami is the purveyor, mr. bernie goldberg. so does rfk have a point? >> no. the idea that right wingers control the american media, it's downright funny because if right wingers really do control the american media, they're doing a terrible job. has robert f. kennedy, jr. ever red time or news week or the "new york times" or the l.a. times or watched npr or nbc or
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the other networks? except for fox and talk radio, we live in an overwhelmingly liberal media culture, and brit hume's point just a few minutes ago about how the media is covering this economic crisis is a good example. i mean, they're covering it as if taxes is the big issue where spending is overwhelmingly the big issue. i wonder. does robert kennedy, jr., i mean, does he and other liberals, do they really want all of the media, not just 90 or 95% of the media, do they really want all of the media to reflect their views? >> here's what i think is going on. i think that rfk, jr. and people in his set, all right, they believe that npr, pbs, cnn, msnbc, they're mainstream. >> yes, exactly. >> bill: they're not left. they're just like the "new york
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times". how can you say they're left? that's mainstream paper. that's not left, all right. >> that's absolutely correct. >> bill: therefore, they don't have any baseline to say this is the left wing media because they don't think it's left wing. >> i wrote about this in bias, and this was like 11 years ago. i said that these people see everything to the left of center and middle of the road, as moderate, as reasonable. >> bill: regular folks. >> everything to the right of center as conservative. everything to the left of center is just middle of the road. >> bill: i remember a conversation i had with dan rather one time, and it was off the air, and i said to him you know, i used to work with you, and when i came over from wbcs, the local station here in new york, which wasn't partisan. i mean, it was just run and gun covering the news in new york city. >> right. >> bill: i walked into your culture, and i was just surrounded by left wing guys including you, and he denied it.
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he denied it. he said we don't have a lot of left wing guys here. i'm going is rod serling here? i mean, really? >> bill, you're telling this to me? >> bill: i'm telling it to the audience through you. you're like a medium. >> i think everybody watching us knows that i've had my disagreements with my close personal friend dan rather on this, but you're right. >> bill: i'm right. he doesn't acknowledge it. >> no, he doesn't. well, i don't want to get into it, but the point is he doesn't see the newspapers or the media. >> bill: it would be like father damian going to the leper colony and saying there's no leprosy here. people just have the measles. >> he doesn't see things that are clearly liberal as liberal. this is the fundamental reason that journalists deny that there's bias because they think everything to the left of center is middle of the road.
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once you accept that, once you understand that, you will understand all of their craziness. >> bill: bernie, before we went on the air, you wished me a merry christmas, two weeks early but i appreciated it. we're pretty much the only ones covering the so-called war on christmas, you know, the rhode island stuff and all the charlie brown getting thrown under the bus in arkansas. you don't see these stories on any of the morning programs, "good morning america", the "today" show. why don't you see them? because you know, they're pretty interesting stories one way or the other. >> yeah. i think that's a good way to put it, one way or the other they're interesting stories. now, let me - it in ten seconds. first let me say i don't observe christmas, but i have no problem with people saying merry christmas. i do think as of a business --m a capitalist, so if a business wants to tell its employees to say happy holidays, that's their business. i don't have a problem with that. while i don't believe that the baby jesus in a public square is going to bring down the
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republic, i think there are legitimate constitutional issues. from a strictly journalistic point of view, it's interesting when the governor of a state in this country calls it a holiday tree which come on, that's just silly, and won't call it a christmas tree. now, 11 months ago the "new york times" did a story on this, but you're right, you don't see this -- you don't see this in the mainstream media on anything resembling a regular basis at this time of year. no matter what side you fall on this issue, it's interesting. it's interesting. >> bill: there's plenty of ads for christmas stuff in these newspapers. i know they know it's christmas time. >> every poll shows that journalists as a group are not a religious people. they don't go to church on a regular basis or synagogue. i think they just don't see it as nearly as important as somebody like you sees it. >> bill: i think they're afraid of the issue. bernie goldberg, everybody. plenty more ahead as the factor
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moves along this evening. >> fa fair farrakhan macks th ml holiday. stay tuned for the reports. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't knowt yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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>> bill: colorado springs doctor working in afghanistan for a humanitarian organization was kidnapped last week by the taliban. over the weekend the navy seals attempted to rescue dr. dilip
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joseph. they succeede succeeded but in e process a seal was killed. joining us from washington is lieutenant colonel ralph peters and colorado david hunt, fox news military analyst. how did the operation go down to rescue the dr., colonel hunt? >> sure. you said five days ago there was three people kidnapped working to help the afghan knee people just north of kabul. two afghans and dr. joseph. they were followed by satellite and also followed by drones, and we had some assets on the ground. there were negotiations between morningstar which is the company for whom they worked, and the taliban. there was a $12,000 ransom paid and the two afghans were let go. there wasn't any ransom being paid, and his life was being threatened, dr. joseph's, and they were considering moving him across the pakistani border. an order was given for afghani special forces and seal team 6
1:35 am
to do a raid on the fly, much more difficult than the bin laden raid because it was done on the fly. a seal from pennsylvania was killed but dr. joseph was rescued. it was a phenomenal operation along with the big win in the war on terror. >> bill: did they kill a lot of taliban in the process? >> in the firefight which was at night, they killed at least six, and our guy got hit in the chest and died a little later. they killed at least six taliban in the fight. >> bill: in the same time period, colonel peters, there was a drone attack on an al-qaeda bigshot inside pakistan. tell us about that. >> well, tha some people believe was being groomed to be the next leader of al-qaeda. more probabliy he was just one of the many contenders, but the key thing is al-qaeda at the top level does not have a very deep bench. we keep killing the top guys, and it's a very good thing not
1:36 am
only for america but for civilization. now, of course, bill, the inevitable blowback isn't from pakistan. they're not making noise about this one. the blowback is always from the extreme left in the united states. they won't be happy until we give terrorists food stamps. the drone program is working, and the problem we all face with it, though, is that it's not giving you overnight, wonderful, perfect, end state results. we're going to have to keep killing terrorists with drones and other means for generations because the problem is the middle east. >> bill: i understand that president obama has killed more than 2000 terrorists using drones. is that figure accurate, do you think? >> the figure is classified. that's probably in the ballpark, and obama deserves credit for that. >> bill: absolutely. i think so. you know, thi and we can't finde leader. if we could knock him out, that would be a huge victory. >> but he's down in the weeds, and he's not being very
1:37 am
effective because he's hiding. >> bill: right. pakistan remains a problem, colonel hunt. the seals had to go in because the threat was they were going to get this dr. joseph and move him across the border into their sanctuaries, so pakistan remains a problem in this whole afghan war on terror, al-qaeda axis, right? >> it's a duplicitous country. without pakistan, they've got safe havens. they kept bin laden hidden in the west point. their intelligence community is still questionable, although they've lost -- the military has lost thousands of soldiers in the fight, but they have to be watched. they are our allies, but it's an uncomfortable relationship at best. >> bill: shis that getting worse or better, colonel peters, with pakistan? >> it's getting worse although the pakistanis aren't as noisy,
1:38 am
we're paying them tribute money to let our vehicles and weapons pass as much like we paid the barbary pirates 200 years ago. they're looking at the end game. they know we're leaving. they don't want to do anything to make us stay, and they're supporting their taliban and their collide guys. there's -- their clead guys. they are grooming their horses for the race to kabul that's coming up after we leave. >> bill: gentlemen, thanks as always. we appreciate it. when we come right back, adam carolla on the rich paying their fair share. a judge ordering a dead beat dad not to have any more children. then, farrakhan mocking christmas traditions in america. wait until you hearrrrr
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. we've got three hot topics beginning with the rich paying their fair share in taxes. adam joins us from los angeles. you're kind of looking like a slim mr. french with that beard, you know. sebastian cabot. very dignified. >> very timely. very timely reference. i like to think of myself as a fat james brolin, not a thin sebastian cabot. that's me looking at the beard that's half thin. >> bill: with that beard you could go to taco bell and they
1:43 am
might hire you now because of the presence behind the counter. >> thanks for the plug for my book, bill. >> bill: you're welcome. fair share. you're a rich guy now. fair share in taxes. i think your state is up to about 14% state income tax. president obama wants to raise it up to about 40% federal. that's 54%. if he knocks out the deduction for state income taxes which he wants to do, you'd be paying 54. what's fair? >> well, first off, we should stop saying tax the rich and say tax the successful because i'm not rich. i'm successful. rich is easy to tax because that's just a guy who inherited daddy's money, whose dad was the monopoly man and he lives on the hill. i'm successful and you're successful because we worked our tails off. it's harder t to to take money away from people who work the hard. it really should be tax the
1:44 am
successful. >> bill: miller says that, too. miller is mad. he's angry about it. he's saying look. i'm getting targeted, me, dennis miller, because i have achieved something, so it's really taxing the successful, but it's also taxing achievement. >> yes. >> bill: to some extent rewarding non-achievement. >> i get along with dennis great. i saw him just the other day. unfortunately, our beards started fighting so we can't be in the same room. >> bill: absolutely. i can do some quick math for you because the federal budget is 3.8 billion dollars or i should say trillion dollars. i know that the population is about 314 million. >> bill: right. >> people in the united states, so your fair share, i mean, everyone needs to pay $12,076.
1:45 am
i have two kids and a wife at home, so my nut would be $48,304. that would be my fair share. now, i'm willing to round up to $48,5 and then be heralded as a hero in my community, right? >> bill: no. you've got to pay more. >> no? bill, it's really like this. >> bill: here's why you've got to pay more. >> gas is $3 a gallon. the average person pays $3 a gallon for gas. some people get gas for free. i pay $30 a gallon, and i'm a shmuck? how about we take the people that don't pay anything for gas and get them to pay something for gas because we all drive the same roads. >> bill: that's too judge mental. this is a good example of where we are. put this guy's picture up. cory curtis, racine, wisconsin, father of nine, all right. there's corey. father of nine. he's behind in his child support by $100,000.
1:46 am
he has got six mothers on the nine children, and a judge in racine, wisconsin has ordered mr. curtis not to have any more children. now, i know the aclu is going to go come up and go whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait. who is supporting these nine children that the guy won't support? adam and o'reilly and miller. that's who is supporting them, right here. it's about responsibility. we have every color, every religion doing this kind of stuff, but in this country the corey curtises of the world and i'm so happy this judge boyle held him accountable. it's basically like they skate through life. i'll have nine kids by six different women and i won't pay for them. hey, see you later. i'm going to the saloon or aim going to the game. who is going to? hey, here we are. >> not only are we going to pay today, we're going to pay tomorrow and the next day when these kids get into trouble and get into the system because they didn't have a father figure to
1:47 am
discipline them. it's not just how much -- it's not the lunch we're paying for today. it's prison and rehab and unemployment that we can look forward to in the future because that's statistically where these kids are heading. >> bill: we've got to stop with this sympathy and crying. there are some people who do need help. those children certainly do. i'm more than happy to help those children, but that guy? he should be in jail some place. >> his junk should be put in a wood chipper, and bill, can i just say this? >> bill: yeah. >> we don't judge enough as a society. we look down more upon smokers than we do dead beat dads. that's not a good thing. >> bill: all right, adam carolla, and by the way, we're in washington where i'll be talking with charles krauthammer about what he thinks is fair taxation. reality check on deck. lewis farrakhan mocking christmas and the republicans
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>> bill: back in the book segment. reality check where we bring you items you may have missed. check one. our pal farrakhan, not a big fan of christmas. >> a lie has the negative effect on anyone that is made to believe what is false. there's no such thing as santa claus. why don't you tell your children, daddy and mom bought these because what you are doing, you are literally educating your children to look to white people for what mommy couldn't give them, so they end up loving santa more than they love you. now you've got a big tree.
1:52 am
how does the tree figure in the life of jesus? well, i don't know, but i'm going to buy a tree. go look and see how the scripture says that the -- the wicked cuts a tree down out of the forest and deck it with silver and gold. >> bill: i'm sorry. the bible says christmas trees are evil. unbelievable. check two. perhaps minister farrakhan was doing a bit of satire there. do you think? no. here's some real satire courtesy of "saturday night live". >> i found my way into the congressional ca cafeteria this week, what do i see? john boehner sitting by himself, all alone. not a single member of his party
1:53 am
willing to share with him. he didn't even have any milk to drink because well, tell them why, john. >> you've taken my milk and thrown it in the garbage. >> they took it and threw it in the garbage. these are supposed to be his friends. his colleagues. but even at the hint that the taxes might be raised on his leadership watch, they turned on him. tell them what you found in your office desk. >> no. i don't want to. >> go on. go ahead. hey. tell them what your so-called friends put in your office desk. >> it was a rubber snake. >> a rubber snake. and did it scare you? >> it did. >> i mean, this is the united states congressman. you know republicans you win, okay, you get what you want, but you leave this man alone. you leave this poor orange man alone. >> check three. remaining on the republican
1:54 am
front, newt gingrich looking ahead to the challenges the g.o.p. might face in 2016. >> if their competitor in 16 is going to be hillary clinton, supported by bill clinton and presumably a still relatively popular president barack obama, trying to win that will be truly the super bowl and the republican party today is incapable of competing at that level. >> lots can happen in three years. lots. check four. last week we made fun of the korean guy psy who has the all-time most popular net video going on. [ music ] >> bill: all right. well, now we find out that psy said some antiamerican things a
1:55 am
few years back during the iraq war. no big deal to us because we don't believe psy drives world opinion. he has apologized. finally, check five. a high five to all of those who saw miller and i in las vegas and salt lake city over the weekend. we had a great team. the dvd a big seller on great stocking stuffer and next year we'll see you in los angeles, phoenix, arizona, washington, dc and westbury, long island along other places. details on those shows on tickets make great christmas gift. factor tip of the day. a tip you'll always remember. it's 60 seconds away.
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>> an expensive but creative christmas idea in a moment, but first ideas on the patriots and residents mad.
1:57 am
it's light, sends a great message, it's inexpensive. buy it or anything else over $20, you get a great bumper sticker free. self-reliant americans on board. all right! great deal. now the mail. john sullivan, pearl river, new york. mr. o'reilly, i've been a new york city firefighter for more than 20 years. i saved people on 9-1-1. how dare you equate me with people on welfare. your letter makes me sad, john. my commentary stated that taxpayers like you and me must pay for an explosion of government workers along with all the entitlements. you took offense at fact and perceived implication where there was none. minneapolis, bill o, a multimillionaire like you bashing the boar. pathetic. you want an entitlement state? you got one. get ready for the consequences. crestton city, california.
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mr. o, why
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