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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 12, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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plan of his own. obama responded to that saying maybe i will. which boehner replied maybe i will. mr. obama replied stop copying me. to which boehner replied stop copying me. to which obama replied whatever. to which boehner replied whatever times infinity. to which obama replied damn, infinity. you win for now, boehner. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight violence breaks out in michigan over the state giving workers the option not to join unions. we'll show you how the networks covered this intense story. >> are you going to be able to raise taxes, yes or no? >> taxes are going to go up one with acor the other. >> bill: miss walters will be
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here and dennis miller will have some thoughts on the situation. >> we're young -- >> bill: anger growing over new tv program that mocks white people in west virginia. >> whatever happens happens. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching. violence in michigan. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last night i opined that hate speech is a vie lint act because it incites people to harm the target of the speech. now we're seeing speech leading to actual physical violence in michigan. the issue is a new state law that allows michigan work force legally opt out of joining a
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union. president obama and most union leadersship despise the law saying it will hurt the power of workers to bargain for better wages and benefits. yesterday the three television evening news programs on the networks covered the intense situation. >> the anger boiling over. officers turning to pepper spray to control the crowd at least 10,000 deep. >> union members from across michigan and other states voiced their anger at the michigan capitol. >> despite the chill, today thousands of union workers far outnumbered supporters. directing their anger toward republican lawmakers and governor rick snyder. under the watchful gaze of police some in riot gear, protesters swarmed the governor's office building, finding the doors locked. >> after a boieser days. >> bill: there is a difference between being boisterous and violent. here the networks miss add big component of the story. perhaps they missed it
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intentionally. steven crowder, comedian, who involves himself with the issues of the day and sometimes contributes to fox news was at the demonstrations in lansing yesterday conducting some interviews when this happened. >> i'll kill (bleep)! (bleep). >> bill: crowder was lucky emerging with a chipped tooth and minor cuts. he's not filed charges, at least not yet. talk points expects to see more violence like that as the country becomes even more
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divided. there is no question that the reelection of president obama has emboldened the committed left and angered the committed right. both sides are spoiling for a fight, but it is the left driving the division now. in recent weeks we've seen the agenda. a massive redistribution of wealth through taxation. a national move to legalize gay marriage, defining it as a civil rights issue. the first steps towards the legalization of drugs, mandated health insurance coverage of both birth control and abortion inducing drugs. also the confiscation of private property through an ever higher death tax. right now liberal america is more powerful than conservative america, even though there are more self identified conservative, according to the polls. what happened in michigan may be just the beginning. this is not a tranquil country right now. that's a memo. for the top story, reaction, joining us from washington, marjorie, a democratic strategist and here in the studio, democrat and fox news analyst, kirsten powers. so the lansing thing, i don't think this is isolated and the
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networks knew about it because it was on every web site in the world. and they chose not to bring it to their viewers. >> yeah. >> bill: why do you think? >> i can't speak for them, but i certainly can say whenever there was a tea party rally and they found one sign out of 500 people that was racist, then they would use that to show that the entire movement was racist. so it seems odd in this situation that they would ignore a story that makes the ruins not look very good and in the clips you showed, talk being how there is a lot of anger and that seems to be a good example of anger. >> bill: were you ever a reporter? >> huh-uh. >> bill: i was a reporter for many, many years. i'll tell you, video like this, golden. golden. stuff like this, you would have to put it in your package. >> yeah. >> bill: yet all three, marjorie, all three leave it out. can you -- do you have any explanation at all? is there any reason that you think ha would have happened? >> well, it was widely covered.
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if you look at -- >> bill: whoa, whoa, whoa. what does that mean? it was widely covered because it is something that is sensational, that's the word. it's sensational. >> absolutely. and if you look at the past rallies like in wisconsin, when you had the teachers unions rallying, that was widely covered for months and months and months. i don't think that the media necessarily is light on unions. but i would say in this one instance, we have to look at the context of what's happening in the media everywhere. we had not a matter of coverage. it's a matter of they intentionally left this out. intentionally. they had it. they saw it. they didn't put it into their packages at abc, cbs, and nbc. you're a producer. if you're a producer, how can
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you possibly leave that out? it's impossible, unless there is a political agenda, marjorie. >> well, but what you've got to look at is they talked about it as boisterous. >> bill: you had video to back that up, the violent part. >> there was video of -- >> bill: wait, wait. i want to be real clear. are you making excuses? are you saying this is the right and honest way to present journalism? >> i would say violence is never a good solution or positive thing. how the media poxes things, i'm not the producer. i'm not standing in the room. but i will say this is not the -- there is a uniform strategy in terms of how violence is covered. trayvon -- >> bill: no, there is not. it's not a uniform strategy. people cover the -- people are supposed to cover the news. look, this piece of tape comes into my office and i go, you got to put it o. you got to. and any honest producer was going to put it on, period.
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you're absolutely wrong. maybe you don't understand the business, i don't know. and i'm not being demeaning. you're absolutely wrong. an honest television producer uses that video unless he or she is ordered not to for a political reason. period. brian williams knows that. diane sawyer knows that. scott pelley knows that. they all know it. and they did -- no, no marjorie. i'm going to speak to this because i have been in this business for 35 years. all of those anchor people know you use that video. all of them did not use it. >> okay, in the same way, you have to look at how in wisconsin when they -- >> bill: no, you don't. you don't have to look at anything. it's breaking news. you use what comes into your desk when it's news worthy. am i wrong here? >> let kirsten weigh in. >> the comparable situation would be the way they covered the tea party stuff, which was they always found this little -- >> bill: they hated the tea party. when you is much more intense than the tea party. >> i'm saying is if you're going
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to pick out one incident at an event that you think shows what happened, if they're going to talk about boisterous and violent, that was the incident. >> bill: boys trust is a far different thing -- look, that guy could have been killed. wait, marjorie. that man could have been killed. he could have been killed. >> of course. >> bill: if that guy hit him with a round house and then another guy screaming he has a gun. you they're? >> the fact that he's associated with fox, i feel part of that -- >> bill: wait, wait. nobody knew that at the time. nobody knew at the time that he was afill -- he's not a major player at fox. he's just some guy who goes out and he contributes once in a while. i don't think it was an anti-fox play. i think it was we don't want to make the unions look bad play. that's what i think it was. >> but talking about the entire thing as violent and boisterous did not show this peaceful rally. this is not favorable to unions. this is a bad thing for unions
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and there was a lot of heat. i would also say the americans for prosperity, the head came out and said at tea party rallies, we unfortunate had violence. i think we need to fairly represent. >> bill: tea party rallies, that's true. there was no violence that we know of and you know why -- >> no, no, there is a lot of cited cases. >> bill: marjorie, i'm a little frustrated with you tonight and you know i like you. please tomorrow, forward me the video of violence at the tea party rallies and i will put it on. >> florida. >> bill: no, no. you, marjorie clifton, you forward that video to us and we will put it on tomorrow. >> can i send you family video, too? >> bill: family footage. next up, a return to karl rove. he has thoughts on hillary clinton running for president four years from now. later, barbara walters and dennis miller on president obama dennis miller on president obama and we are coming right back i've been taking a multivitamin for years. centrum silver.
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>> bill: in the impact segment, there is no question the republican party is regrouping, or something, after getting hammered in the election. new leadership will be required, even the old guard is discouraged by the current status of the gop. >> if their competitor in 16 is going to be hillary clinton, supported by bill clinton and presumably still relatively popular president obama, trying to win will be truly the super bowl and the republican party today is incapable of competing at that level. >> bill: wow. joining us from austin, texas, karl rove. do you agree with speaker gingrich? >> i do with a little bit of it, but not a lot of it. there are four things he said in that sentence. one is that clinton would be formidable backed by her husband. that's right. second, he said that if there
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were a popular president obama, that would be helpful to her. that's really not accurate. if you look at it, truman, lbj and bush 43 were all unpopular and their parties lost the white house at the end of eight years. then eisenhower and clinton were both popular and their parties lost at the end of eight years. we had one president whose standing was neutral in november of 1988, right hand reagan's job approval was 51%. his party kept the white house. >> bill: i think the speaker -- what the speaker is trying to get across is that at this point, republicans are pretty much in disarray and they can't compete with the organized democratic machine. that's why romney lost. the machine won it. got the vote out. romney himself couldn't mobilize, got fewer votes than john mccain did. >> that's not accurate.
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he now has moved ahead of what mccain got four years ago and president obama got about 94% of what he got four years ago. i accept the point that today the republican party couldn't win the election. but the election is four years off. after the 1964 loss the republicans couldn't win the election. but they did four years later. after the republicans lost in 1996, they were in disarray. they -- >> bill: anything could happen. >> four years is a -- >> bill: right now gingrich is right, that hillary clinton and the democratic machine is stronger than the gop. now, this is what i don't understand and you know i'm a simple man, so you can explain it to me 'cause you're much more complex. i hold in my hand a brand-new fox news poll. question number one, which do you think is the best way to deal with the country's budget problems? 57% mostly cuts in government spending. mostly tax increases, 20%. both 18. even if you add the two, it's 57
8:17 pm
to 38. barak obama is on the wrong side of this. he's on the wrong side of this poll by a lot! yet american voters still put him back. i'm not getting it. >> well look, people are capable of keeping contradictory opinions in their minds at the same time. they can say i'm voting for president obama even though he doesn't necessarily agree with my answer to the fiscal cliff. look, this election was a complex thing. did he a good job of getting out his people and he did an excellent job of eradiating mitt romney in the minds of ordinary americans who were up for grabs, particularly working class voters in battle ground states who said i don't like obama. i'm worried about the deficit and the spending. but i look at romney and he's too rich. he have doesn't care about me. wanted the auto companies to go bell up and he has a wife who is an admitted equestrian. >> bill: you can't have a horseback rider in there. here is another poll question. if income taxes go up, do you think president obama will use
8:18 pm
the tax dollars decrease the deficit or will the money be used to fund more government spending? decrease the deficit, 36%. fund more spending, 53%. i mean -- then why did you vote for the guy? i don't understand. you know, i understand the tactics of the campaign. certainly understand mitt romney didn't close well. but on every issue the american public seems to be lined up against president obama, by a big margin. >> well, yeah. remember, this is only the sixth time in american history that we had a smaller number of people vote in the presidential election than voted in the previous election. and two of the previous five times were in times of war. 1864, fewer people voted than in 1860 'cause half the union left. 1944, fewer people voted than in 1940 because we had four, 5 million americans spread over the ground fighting world war ii. this is an odd election. but look, the president did win.
8:19 pm
he won because of a very smart campaign. the more we hear about it, the more we see the -- did she they knew they could not get reelected on the basis of what they had done or prospective vision. what they had to do was take down mitt romney and they did. and they did so in a superb fashion. >> bill: i don't disagree with it. the governor wasn't able to counter that. i think he could have, but he wasn't able to. thanks very much. >> one last night. >> bill: real quick. >> hillary clinton, tonight said she's not running in 2016. so we'll see who the candidate is going to be. plenty of time between now and 2016 for people to change their minds or new candidates to emerge. >> bill: next up, brand-new segment, brand-new! inside stuff you might not know about powerful people. tonight hillary clinton, david petraeus and his paramore, paula broadwell, all on his own. barbara walters and dennis miller warming up.
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>> bill: personal story segment, a brand-new feature, behind the scenes stuff concerning the most powerful people in america. i love this kind of thing. here are our spies in washington. kyle and james rosen. i asked you yesterday to find out what general petraeus and his paramore are doing after the fact. let's start with general petraeus. >> good evening. general petraeus, according to people i talked to, is gone to ground. he's hanging out at his northern virginia home, chiefly trying to repair his badly damaged marriage, which is set to be rough sledding for him at this point. he's communicating with the outside world through only a handful of people. he's cloysered around himself, interestingly, the people who were close to him during his
8:24 pm
iraq days, which predated the broadwell affair and he has jetsonned most of those close to him in the afghanistan period, which is when the affair happened. he has hired the super lawyer, bob barnett of williamton comely here in washington, known cleavely for negotiating multi million dollar book deals. i spoke with bob barnett yesterday. he told me that general petraeus has no plans to write a book at this time. that suggests petraeus considers that he still has some legal difficulty ahead of him for which he might need top dollar legal counsel. >> bill: what kind of legal difficulties could he have? it was a personal situation. he paid a price certainly in the public forum, but what is legally about it? >> i don't want to get ahead of the story, but suffice to say the f.b.i. investigation into this matter is not fully closed and there is the matter of -- that they're investigating of whether or not paula broadwell had classified information on her computer and access to it that she should not have. >> bill: okay. petraeus could be in trouble.
8:25 pm
where is miss broadwell? what is she doing? >> less is known about her activities. we did see her visit washington, d.c. after word of the affair broke. she was photographed with a zoo lens through a window at her brother's house in the capitol sipping wine with an unhappy look an her face. but she, too, is believed to have gone to ground while the legal machinations unfold. >> bill: all right. now, you just heard karl rove say that hillary clinton said that she isn't going to run in 2016, cameron. but i don't think many of us take that as etched in stone. what's going on behind the scenes with mrs. clinton who is going to resign her secretary of state position soon? >> sure. she's said over and over again she's not going to run and few people believe her, particularly the folks around her. when she does leave her state department post, she's actual will he going to keep a full time paid staff, a few people will be around with her. for at least a year or so. they say she's going to rest and reflect. maybe write a memoir about being the former secretary of state, probably not a book about her
8:26 pm
loss in 08 to barak obama in which -- which is something she has been considering. insiders say there is no rush in her making up her decision. she could actually join the race late, they argue, in part because she's got big name recognition that the big donors would likely stand on the side lines and freeze the rates for some her rivals as long as she wanted to wait. once she wraps up her time at the state department, do not expect her to hang her hat at her husband, bill clinton's, foundation. insiders say say she has been careful to manage her own emand avoid being overshah doed by her husband. >> bill: is she going to write a book about being secretary of state and jaunting around? i would assume she's going to do that. >> one of the things the joke was she doesn't have to go do things like the council on foreign relation, which is an important group to speak to in new york. she could go to europe and speak to yacht. she could people to the european parliament. >> bill: she'll make a lot of money giving speeches. >> she could and keep herself relevant until late -- by keeping herself out of the campaign rakes she keeps the target minimized.
8:27 pm
she's a very polarizing figure. lots of things for her critics to attack her on. the longer -- >> bill: real quick, do you expect a book from the woman? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. >> bill: okay. now, there is another woman in the c.i.a., and i want to spend a lot of time. about this woman who tracked down bin laden and then got into all kinds of trouble. do we know who this woman is? do you know her? >> yeah. we do believe we know who she is. we're not going to use her name on the program. but it's believed she was an analyst at c.i.a.'s afpac analysis unit, afghanistan and pakistan. she was an early believer that you could use -- you could track the courier system through al-qaeda in and around the cities, not the caves of pakistan, to get to bin laden. she was write about that. she was passed over for an internal position at the agency and sop of the folks liken it to mean girls because they suggest that there was a lot of widespread jealousy and resuspectsment. >> bill: was she actually the
8:28 pm
driving force to find bin laden? is that true? >> she was one of them for sure. she was an early believer in this method. >> bill: cameron, real quick, 15 seconds, they going to get a budget deal? >> tougher and tougher. today eric cantor, the majority leader of the republicans and the house, said we can stay through christmas. we can still 'til new year. that was sign that the republican leadership is backing up boehner who says there is no deal yet and the president is not moving yet. >> bill: okay. we'll bring it back next week. >> thank you. >> bill: i like the pocket hankie. we have a new poll question. do you believe "the factor"'s christmas controversy coverage is accurate or overblown? we'll give you the results on monday on that. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along this evening. barbara walters interviewed president obama yesterday. we'll debrief her on the chat. dennis miller has some things to say about miss walters' most fascinating people list.
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>> bill: second personal story segment. the most fascinating people of 2012, according to barbara walters, her yearly subject airs tonight on abc. here is a list. hillary clinton, ben affleck, seth mcfar land, chris christie, honey boo boo, author e.l. james, gabby douglas, and the pop group, one direction. here now barbara walters. so who gave you the best sound bite? >> i want to comment on something your people were just talking about. hillary clinton's going to run or not. she is one of our ten most fascinating people. let me read what you she said
8:33 pm
from the most. here we go. she says it's all hypothetical because right now i have no intention of running. i just want to make a contribution. will it be political? i don't think so. i think it will be philanthropic. it might be academic. it might be business. so you'll know much more about her tonight. >> bill: my money is on she's running. >> i'm telling you what she said. i like to get the facts. you like to do conjecture. >> i put my money where my mouth is. i'll bet you. >> i don't bet. i come 'cause i love you, not to make money. if i bet you, i'll win. >> bill: you know she's going to run. okay. on these fascinating people things, do you pick them or somebody else pick them? >> no. bill gety and i. >> bill: he's a very troubled person. >> "the view" has made you famous. >> bill: you made me famous? i'm not on his fascinating list. look at christie.
8:34 pm
look how he's looking at you. he doesn't like you! he doesn't like you. >> he didn't like me in part because i asked him about his weight. but also asked him about his praising obama. >> bill: got him elected. >> yeah. he says he -- when you see the piece, that he did more campaigning than anybody else besides mitt romney. you know what happened to mitt romney. and he didn't want to run now, but he talks about 2016. >> bill: is he running? >> he didn't have the fire in his belly now. but i would be willing to bet in 2016. >> bill: no, kristy, i don't think he wants it. would you like to see christie versus hillary? that would be fun. all right. barak obama, he's the president. he doesn't make the fascinating list, though. he's not fascinating? >> we've had both the president and the first lady on. >> bill: let's be honest, when it comes down between barak obama and honey boo boo, you got to go with boo boo. you got to go with her.
8:35 pm
appreciate that. there is honey boo boo. she's the new secretary of state, did you know that? [ laughter ] >> why do i do this show? >> bill: that's what everybody says. >> when one of the people we talked to in ten most fascinating people is e.l. james. she wrote "50 shades of gray" and talks about the fact that it is a love story and that women like to be submissive. do you think women like to be submissive? >> bill: no. i've been on "the view." i don't think that. >> which made awe star. >> bill: yeah. made me a star. okay. >> i only say that 'cause you tell me that if you mention my program, it will be a success. >> bill: it will be. look, you have a nice eclectic crew and i think you get a nice rating. barak obama, the word is he's now really -- i think this may be true -- he's a little cockier than he used to be now that they got reelected. did you see that when you sat down with him? your interview with him will be
8:36 pm
on friday. did you see a change in his demeanor? >> he seemed to me -- >> bill: be honest. >> i'm thinking. he talked about the syrian rebels and he'll recognize them and then we did with him with police obama where he is very relaxed. >> bill: so he was tense just with you and when she came in, he was more relaxed. >> he's comfortable with himself now. >> bill: he didn't seem cockier? >> i don't think he's cocky when he's with her. it's a different barak obama. much more personal. did i find him cocky? no. you i find cocky. >> bill: but i'm not any cockier than i was five years ago. the word in washington is he's a little bit more in your face, i won again. don't mess with me. >> it depends. all these people who know everything, who haven't talked to hillary, everybody is an authority. i did not find him cocky. i found him -- >> bill: you like him though,
8:37 pm
right? >> i do like him. >> bill: you think he's a good president? >> i'm trying to finish my sentence. >> bill: you're damaging my question. >> the women didn't get word in! >> bill: is barak obama a good president? >> in my opinion? >> bill: yes. >> yes, i think he has been a good president. >> bill: i respect that. we respect that. >> thank you. >> bill: you know you'll be paying more to the government. i hope you're setting aside a little of that view money. >> bill: so will you. if it helps this country and if it helps pay for many of the things we need, i don't mind paying more taxes and you shouldn't either. >> bill: i don't mind paying unless it's wasted. >> we don't know. >> bill: solyndra and things like that, that upsets me. >> that's one thing and you keep bringing it up. >> bill: i don't want honey boo boo getting any of my money. fascinating people, abc. i don't know why you come in here. i'm the only one in the world that gives awe hard time.
8:38 pm
>> you know i love you. >> bill: in the whole world. >> happy holidays. >> bill: mere i wouldn't say christmas. -- merry christmas. can't wait, miller is next i've worked hard to build my family. and also to build my career. so i'm not about to always let my frequent bladder urges, or the worry my pipes might leak get in the way of my busy lifestyle. that's why i take care, with vesicare.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us.
8:42 pm
i'm bill o'reilly. miller time segment, i'm going to give him some room to roam and i'm most likely regret that. he joins us from los angeles. you know, miller, we had the show in salt lake city last saturday and miller said something that the crowd went wild. he said that one of the reasons that he was a little, i don't know, annoyed maybe, maybe that's -- about the president. the president really didn't have any private sector experience, didn't really compete in the private marketplace, yet he wants to take all the money from those who are successful, as i just talked to barbara walters and she has no problem with that. i thought that was an interesting observation. >> billy, there is something to be said for organizing communities. there is something to be said for busting your hump just to grunt, make it a business go, swimming upstream against regulations and taxations, not everybody over in that class is a bad person and i think that the main thing i have a beef with this president on why i don't think he's a good
8:43 pm
president is the divisionsive nature of this man. on this christmas season, mr. president, hear me, as one of your people, i'm a residents of this country, too. i think when jimmy hoffa, junior, progeny of the mythical jimmy hoffa senior who might as well be the loch ness monster, weather he says there is going to be a civil war, when a legislate tore stands up and says there will be blood, i need you to step forward and say listen, when i said that gabby giffords speech, i meant it. i'm the president of everybody here now and the reason you saw that explosion in salt lake city, 'cause there is around half this country right now thinking i'm pretty sure this guy doesn't even like me. why on a weekend near christmas when you have a guy like psy and it's fine, that whole dance craze, that -- i guess it's the
8:44 pm
asian macaca rapen noodles or something. when you have that guy in 2002, wrote a song about the american soldier saying die slowly and then go and kill their mothers, fathers, daughters, and brothers. you know, i feel like -- mr. president, where is your sense of propriety? why can't you take one instance and say, maybe i don't shake his hand. maybe i don't shake hugo chavez's hand. we're part of this deal, too, and we feel completely estranged to you. barbara walters is there for life. i'm a guy out here thinking, wow, this is the first time in my 59 years i've got a president who i believe actively dislikes people like me. that's a weird place to be for a country. >> bill: i can't really challenge that because it looks to me, and miss walters didn't see the cockiness and maybe it wasn't on display. but it looks to me like the president, after he won
8:45 pm
reelection, is more entrenched now in his view that the government should really run everything, including private business. and that he knows best. it's like the president knows best, bringing back bud and kitten and princess without robert young, he'll play that part. i know best and you better not challenge me. whether he dislikes achievers like you, miller, i don't think he dislikes you. i just think he wants to you agree with him and if you don't agree with him, then he dislikes you. >> well, isn't that the same concept behind those fat guys who beat that kid up yesterday? by the way, is there a more apt place for overworked union members to come than something called the rotunda. everybody there is rotunda. you know something? you can disagree with somebody and not get your face kicked in. and the president wants to back that gabby giffords thing up, he ought to step up and say, stop it! enough of it! and he'd be a better president.
8:46 pm
>> bill: okay. do you agree with me that things are getting worse? i think this is just the beginning and the civil war comment, i think that's where we are right now. we're a divided nation, no doubt. >> of course we are, billy. listen, i'm in the escape pod with dr. evil or whatever the hell that character was in mike myers' film. we have got the bear cat. we're about to explode off the spaceship. let's talk about one of the signs of the end, though. what about the people on that list that barbara just had, by the way? what the heck was that? honey boo boo? at least i prefer her to sandra fluke who i think of as honey boo hoo, always whining over there. then we got this james woman who has got the new popular book, i guess they're thought of as harry swatter books. that's the new cause celeb there. and michelle obama chiding one person on that list, gabby douglas, who weighs around ten pounds, she is telling her not to eat a burger.
8:47 pm
for goodness sake, chris christie and hillary clinton, why doesn't she come down on them with the whole weight thing. as far as that band one direction, yeah, boys, that direction soon around 14 minutes from now, down. save your money. all right? save your money. okay? 'cause you're going to be time share ago condo in newport with me knew dough pretty -- menudo pretty soon. >> bill: you know, miller, you and i never make these lists. i don't know why, but probably because of what we do here on "the factor" every week. >> because i hit my knees every night and pray to god i don't turn up on one and he's good to me. >> bill: he's good. dennis miller, everybody. if you're looking for a great christmas gift, tickets for the bolder fresher show, february 22, miller and i will be at the comerica theater in phoenix, arizona. march 1, nokia theater in los angeles. march 15, in atlantic city. april 26, dar constitutional hall in d.c june 1, theater in westbury, my hometown. in new york, details on
8:48 pm where you can also get the bolder fresher dvd. on deck, the tv show mocking white people in west virginia. oh, oh oh, oh right back with i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery.
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>> bill: back of the book segment, did you see that and we begin with a new tv show produced by mtv, which mocks rural white folks. >> a place for freedom. forbe me and my friends, that means the freedom to do whatever the (bleep) we want.
8:52 pm
>> our motto is whatever happens, happens. >> bill: all right. "jersey shore" west. here now, miss juliet huddy. >> hello. >> bill: the senator from west virginia, he was upset. >> he wrote mtv and said, what are you doing? basically he's upset because the show, he feels, makes west virginia look like a bunch of backwards you know what folks. and this is -- the fact is mtv had a huge success with "jersey shore." do people around the country and world think that all people in new jersey are like the people on "jersey shore"? no. >> bill: yes. >> no, they don't. >> bill: yes, they do. >> they do not. >> bill: you say new jersey, that's got a different label. >> listen, i'm from new jersey inasmuch there you go, my best example. >> wow. >> bill: you say you're from new jersey. then the jokes start. >> it's a joke. >> bill: maybe it is. but it's still tagged the state and now west virginia is coming in for, okay, here we have --
8:53 pm
what was the old burt reynolds movie? smoky and the bandit. now we're going to make fun of those out there. and if he doesn't care, he likes the publicity. >> they make a lot of money from these. the fact is, if it rates duplicates. >> bill: that's right. that's going to happen. >> yeah, i made that up. >> bill: legalized pot in colorado, unintended consequences, all day long of the we told you. one of it is couple of students at university of colorado, boulder, spiked some brownies with pot. roll the tape. >> it's a much different learning experience for 21-year-old thomas cunningham and 19-year-old mary elizabeth essa as they enter a boulder county jail courtroom for bond hearing. the two students are accused of lacing brownies with thc and bringing them to class and happening them out as part of bring food day without telling classmates or the professor what was inside. >> i was shaking a lot and really dizzy. i lay down and didn't get
8:54 pm
better. that's when i started freaking out. >> eight people, including sarah myer, became sick. >> feel violated, like i didn't choose for it to happen. i didn't choose to have medical bills and i have to retake two tests that i had on friday. so kind of just like messed with my head a little bit. >> bill: how stupid are these students? >> hopefully they were high with they did this. >> bill: hopefully? >> stupidest -- >> bill: they're going to do jail time for this. >> they may do jail time. they four felony counts against them. they face up to 18 years in prison. >> bill: they'll plea it down to a misdemeanor. they got to serve time. you could have killed somebody doing that. >> you could have. there were people hospitalized. the professor actually took a bite of this brownie, only had one bite and started going in and out of consciousness. three people were hospitalized. i mean, five people became sick. >> bill: it's a joke to the students because marijuana now is okay. it's a joke. you know. it's legal. we can do what we want. >> seems to me that there is a college that has a bring food to
8:55 pm
class day. it's -- >> bill: boulder, colorado. university of colorado is a good school. but it's out there. juliet huddy, there she is. >> pleasure to see you. >> bill: factor factor tip of the day what, could be the best christmas album ever. the tip, 60 seconds away. this holiday, share everything.
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>> bill: in new jersey, the most offensive thing fox did was calling barak obama his president. i think he's everybody's president. i wonder when president bush was mr. fox's president as well. that will be interesting to ask. maybe he'll come on this program sometime. be taking bets, no. in michigan, jamie fox is not of the right to say hateful things, even if it was in your opinion, satirical. first of all, does he have the right to say what he wants. this is america. secretarily, "saturday night live" is a sat dirical forum.
8:58 pm
if fox said that stuff on the factor, be totally different. jesse, in new york, hey, i want to see all the germans die. how jewish is that? why don't you start making excuses, you are establishing benchmarks. those excuses were made by me. i refer you to the producers by mel brooks where he mocks gays and nazis. context in these issues is everything. context. in california, since the birth of christ, there has been a war on christians. the pastors i know are not afraid or weak. they lead by example. pete bruno, colorado. many pastors are wimps. i changed my parish when my priest did not speak out against the obama mandate.
8:59 pm
even in australia, see. my kid in canada. you give stossel a pass for not believing in god burks beat up the atheist david silverman. hypocrisy. all right, mike. silverman's attack religion. stossel actually said he is said he doesn't believe. you need to wise up. and you need to listen a little bit more closely. i'm look out for you, mike. you know that. finally, the factor tip of the day, i know i'm going to get hammered for this. i know, but it's okay. here it is. perhaps the best christmas album ever, the carpenters. that's right! the carpenters. the late karen carpenter's voice, perfect singing the christmas classics. period. you don't like the tip, buy the chipmunks. i'm going with karen. that's it for us tonight.


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