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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 13, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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about google searches. the top google searchs of 2012? some of these are surprising. number one, whitney houston. beat out hurricane sandy. election 2012. bob's favorite thing to commiserate about. hunger games. and to lin jeremy lin. i still have my jersey. >> bob: who is that? >> eric: basketball player. that's it for us on "the five." thank you for watching. i am greg gutfeld. welcome to "red eye." or as i am known in canada, the ontario open robe. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> way to nail that cold open. our top story, is a white tennis player imitating serena williams racist? why not?
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everything else is. and would we have a budget deal if women were in charge? women say yes, but men say, football, video games. and in the midst of a contract dispute, flight attendants choose to select lively -- selectively with 408d -- withhold services. greg? >> what is wrong with your left sleeve? >> what is that? >> what is wrong with your left sleeve? >> i don't believe anything is wrong with it. >> i believe something is wrong with it. look at it. >> it is not buttoned. >> exactly. what kind of code are you doing? >> my right is not buttoned? >> you want to show up for work -- -- >> i want to show up unbuttoned. it is not the only thing unbuttoned right now, pal. >> are you disgusting. she is so warm that global warming is panicking about
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her. i am here with diane macedo. she is on "don imus" in the morning. and he is should sharp he burps daggers. it is jaime weinstein. he is one of the authors of the e book "the lizard king." and in finishnd la he is considered a q tip. it is bill schulz. and if hilarity was a breathalyzer, cops would make drunks blow him on the side of a road. or -- on the side of a road or a highway or a road highway. what is wrong with me? sitting next to me tom shillou. and his cd came out called "big room" and he tries to impress, but his writing is a mess. our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> ♪ improve your family's standard of living ♪ ♪ with the gift ♪ that keeps on giving ♪ as the holiday bell chimes ♪
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♪ subscribe to the new york times ♪ ♪ have a happy hanukkah and merry solstice and happy kwanza. pinch out. was it over the line to goof on her behind? carolyn woos knee yaqui is uh us coulded of making a racist -- is accused of making a racist comment about her friend, serena williams after stuffing her short and shirt. it was something called roger fedderrer tour and the 22-year-old dane walked on to the court spoofing serena who also participated in the event. i have a hard time reading this because i am watching it. i don't care. while the gag was well received by the crowd -- i
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can't stop looking at this. even fedderrer chuckled, others said it was a major fumble to use a tennis term. tweeted one twitter user on twitter, this is an old racist trope about our hyper sexuality and hyper ab nor mall tee. let's check in with ace and top spin. >> all right. i need to see more of the other footage. diane, welcome to the program. >> hello. >> we never have seen any indication that williams is ashamed of her body. everywhere she goes she is vaw will you please few us with. do you think she cares? >> you are talking about somebody, if i can get the words out, that she does modeling on the side. she is hardly self-conscious about her body. and far from thinking wazniaki
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was doing something racist i think her critics is looking at it in that way. she was trying to imitate her friend and picked two identifiable traits which were a good call because all she did was stuff her shirt and shorts and everybody knew she was imitating serena. these are identifiable traits when it comes to serena. i don't think she is self-conscious about that at all. >> she's proud of it. >> that's the thing. it is possible that back in the day black people were made fun of for having big booties. that's hardly the case anymore. it is now a source of pride. this is something that not just applies to black people. lots of people of all races have big butts. i am one of them. people write songs about that now days. the last person embarrassed by it is serena. >> have i a huge ass -- i have a huge ass. >> i written songs about it. >> i love that piece you did. you can get it on greg's huge
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the braville yen -- the brazilian crowd loved it. >> they are a great crowd. >> the danish player thought it was funny. isn't it the scorge that is america's hypersensitivity, although it was up ped in a british paper. maybe it is the west. >> you hit the nail on the top of the nail. it is ridiculous, and i think we are the grand central station of politically correct nonsense. where is she from? she is polish or eastern european? they are super non-politically correct there. that's what i love about eastern europe. you know what is great? neither of them said anything about this. a day has gone by and neither has responded. that makes me love serena. she does president president what to get lost in the nonsense. >> by the way, do you think she will say it is racist or just that it is funny. >> the fact that she didn't respond makes me think she is
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upset if she didn't defend her friend. i would say ninety% of the banter between me and my friends is making fun of each other. >> it makes fun of your stupid velvet jacket. >> you better believe it. and even cultural things that have come from somebody else. they are friends and she is making fun of her and i'm sure serena made fun of her. to call it racist is sad i think. >> bill, you actually dress the same way when you are escorting elderly men across town. >> their vision is bad, so they assume they are with a shapely female. that's when i take them for all they're worth. i think katherine -- caroline, sorry. maybe there is an old racist stereo type trope to what she was doing. i guarantee you she does not though that is an old racist stereo type. and i bottom line can tell you she doesn't though what trope means. the lead we are burying here is that this katherine
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wozniaki girl is super duper pooper hot. i am outraged i never heard of her before. that is the real outrage. with that padding on, she looks even hotter. i will tell you why i am saying this. bottom line, i like a big rack. i am not afraid to say it. >> andy roddick did the exact same thing a few years ago and no one had boo to say about that. now all of a sudden it is a big controversy. >> controversy, who said what? these are all of the things we are talking about. these are stories driven by some sparked outrage. we don't know who is outraged other than somebody who tweets. how is it now a days when somebody tweets something it is an outrage. >> it doesn't matter anymore if anyone is actually offended by what was said or done. it only matters if somebody thinks somebody else might be offended by it. you go so far down the line it is ridiculous. but i don't think anyone was actually offended by this of the people are walking on egg
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shells. >> they are searching foraysism now. they are -- for racism. there was an article on looking at an add. it was the most innocuous and ineffective ad you had ever seen. it was racist because it was too many white people lined up against the president. >> you know what it is? we talk about this a lot, it is the world of the misconstrued. intent does not have to exist. just guilt. if you say all of my paperwork fell into a black hole because you are describing your office as a mess. and somebody says why does it have to be the black hole? >> that sounds like a sandra bullock comedy. it is misconstrued. by the way, stereo types are made to be broken. a lot of people did not know that was a thing. >> if this is what we are finding that is racist.
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racist that means we have come pretty far. this is the pinnacle of racism in the last week. >> it is terrible to me. misconstrued would be a whacky, screwball comedy. she is a strudel chef. >> and hugh grant thinks she is a high-powered ceo and indeed misconstrued is -- >> and the thing is hugh grant's brother which is played by that tall british actor is in love with sandra bullock. sandra bullock ends up stabbing him. >> so she is misconstrued. >> and spoiler alert, at the end we find out bruce willis is a ghost. from tennis to men nighs. should we scoff at their liftoff. on wednesday, a day of the week for sm. north korea successfully launched a long-range rocket bringing them a step closer to a working toaster and a nuclear weapon. the wacky regime claimed it
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was merely replacing a peaceful satellite into space. ant reall? aren't we all? the white house tblaired and -- tblaired and state media was gleeful. >> i am in love. that was anchor and she is always that enthusiastic. here is how she reported there will be a "magic mike" sequel. >> that's fantastic.
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try to over look the charm of that woman. >> i can't. >> it is impossible. >> do you mind it i do an impression of her misconstrued? >> oured dore is going, get the 10:00 train home. i will be here doing the old thing. should we be terrified by the evil empire? >> we should. but we are laughing at the evil empire. that's the thing. every time there is a north korean story i get a laugh, but i feel guilty. itit is a terrible, terrible country. it makes them seem like club med. did you see the 60 minutes story on the prisoners ? there are people who are born in concentration camps in this country and die in the same camp. >> it is a horrible, horrible place. north korea to me is like the weird guy in school who may -- whose only hope is to shoot up the place.
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you know what i mean? that's their missal. >> you know though, the thing is -- we are giggling -- we do have laughs about king gong ill, but you know what is racism is the way we regard all of asia. there is always like, oh those asians are always victims of totalitarianism. imagine if north korea was africa. if there was a north korean government in africa we would bomb them. we would go on a humanitarian mission to remove that government. >>- q. i are you sure? >> i am telling you. >> most of the time we like to ignore africa. >> there would be an outcry for the u.n to get involved if there were black africans being treated the way -- >> i get your point. >> there would be world outcry. >> i get his point. >> i made a really good point. >> you did, but i am trying to
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move on. so they claim they launched the weather satellite that is now barreling out of control and headed toward canada or wherever. should we take them at their word that this is a weather satellite? >> because they never tried to deceive us in the past? it is clear they are trying to work toward a nuke clear weapon here. a nuclear weapon. it is another step closer. if they are sending up the red flag this is something we should be paying attention to, i would rather listen to them than random skeptics that would say it is just a weather satellite. i don't think north korea has given us any reason to trust them. that being said, i will try to do "imus in the morning" news tomorrow. >> it would be incredible. >> it would probably sound something like this. >> how long can this last? what is the end game for north
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korea? can everybody die off in these horrible camps ? do we have to wait until everybody is dead? >> that's a horrible thing to do. >> tom is right. this is the worst regime in the entire world. as much as everybody likes to make fun of them, and i do in my morning e-mail. they do have nuclear weapons which is what makes it difficult. we have a limited ability to do anything there. if we did something they could level seoul, south korea, tokyo. we are in a position where we can't really act because they have a lot of buttons they could push. >> how do they get all of that stuff? >> we gave it to them. we helped them get it at least. >> i should read my books. >> they were going to use it for energy. we gave them the ability to do that. they turned it into a nuclear weapon, and they are clearly trying to make nuclear warheads so they can hit us with them. >> that's just it. the problem is we should do something.
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from all the stuff that tboft is telling us about the interior, they are a paper giant. but they got nothing else. what did everyone learn? we don't do -- oh woo -- we do crap until they get their hands on a nuclear weapon. we did it with iran and then what happened there? that's the message we are giving to our enemies. we will interfere as much as possible, but when you get the nuclear weapon, hands-off. i feel they need to shake up the game. >> that's what happened with north korea. when they get the choice of it is a hands-off approach. there is the ability to hit us with us. >> i think it is a lesson. we don't want them to be in that position where we can't do anything. >> where is china this china is so big. they could crush north korea. >> north korea gets 90% of
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their oil from china. if china cutoff the oil it would be in a different situation. but that's their best ally in the region. >> and china doesn't want north korea to end and the minute these people are going to move they are going to china and they don't want anything to do with themment. >> you will have this population that is so depressed they are moving to south korea and china. >> it will be like east-west germany, but with less scat porn. >> it is mostly my fault because it was in the 90s i dated kim-jong-il and it put him in a strange function. >> cash -- strange funk. >> that is the name of his next album. >> he is the sexiest man alive. >> we are missing the big story. in north korea they must have a large supply of ed schulz shows. >> i feel bad for that woman.
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now that she is international she is going to kim gung u.n's. what are the perks of being pretty? first, if you have invisible camo, i wish we had this in namo.
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are you disgusting. would we have a deal because they are more genteel? as president obama and republicans fuss or the fiscal cliff, some lady says they have put this mess to rest, and they will have the numbers when the new congress was sworn in. there will be 500 female senators. that's correct.
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how did that happen? most of the group sat down for an exclusive interview with diane sawyer and they discussed our current crisis. >> i think if we were in charge of the senate and the administration that we would have a budget deal by now. >> do you believe -- do you all believe that? >> we are less confrontational and more collaborative. i think not only do we want to work in a bipartisan way, we do. >> the women then talked about each other's hair and swapped recipes. who writes this crap? "red eye" got an exclusive interview with this thing. >> he never says anything. what is that?
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>> thig morris. >> no it was president. that it wasn't. would you handle this much better? >> i think anybody would handle this much better anybody who doesn't have to negotiate with president obama would have a better chance at reaching a deal. i don't think he wants one at the moment. anyone who shows up at the bargaining table with increases instead of cuts is not looking to make a compromise. that being said, i don't know what kind of women you are friends with, but for the most part you put a group of girls together and guys together the girls will be arguing sooner than the guys will. >> thank you very much. i watch real housewives. i watch all of the reality shows. >> please don't use real housewives as an example of normal women. >> use reality shows like "big brother." it is women conniving to take over the house, and then they get the guys to do their bidding. reality shows have taught me everything i need.
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isn't it sexist to say women are different from men? >> it is fine to be sexist, but i disagree with you, greg. >> you do? >> i believe women are more skilled at consensus building. they are better at negotiation which is why they are bad politicians. they stink at it. i don't want people going around and holding hands and making up. i want them to fight. that's why i elect a politician to go in and fight for what i want. i don't want consensus. >> what you want is someone who can maneuver their way in a friendly way and still get what you want, but still make the other guy feel like he won something. >> i am with you. i am pro women. why is it we can admit what women are good at, but we can't admit what they are bad at. >> driving. math. sports. not being as strong. >> good, bill. >> cutaway. >> this is a good point.
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several years ago larry summers wasn't of harvard. he basically said men might have have -- might want to go into math more than women. there was a firestorm and a harvard professor had to storm out of the room and almost throw up. >> basically it is what they said here. it is fine, but why is it a double standard? if men said women were not good at negotiating, and -- >> they are. we know what they are better at. we refuse to talk about -- >> no, you don't. >> yes, you do. >> they are good at complaining. >> they are great at so many things. i will admit that across the board. >> then you are in the minority. >> i want to point out bill said 17 things breaking the old record, 14 things from last night of the i agree with
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tom in the sense that women are good at compromise, but i don't want compromise. men and women are different, but you can never stress the male differences, only the female differences. >> women and women are different fnlt to say women in general are better at compromises that is crap. >> this show before it was called "red eye" was supposed to be called generalizations. >> you are telling me you don't don't know any men that would cave at anything? there are people like that on both sides. >> but i will not elect those people. >> any change would be better than what is going on now. >> and women would be great at in, but not mcwas skill. >> and women are as fiesty and resistant to change as men. ask any married guy. >> it is just a toilet seat, lady. you can put it down yourself.
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give us the remote. >> one poker night and i am on the couch, people. you know what i am saying? do you have a comment on the show it is red eye at fox and if you have a video of your animal doing something go to fox eye. the man in new mexico stopped taking pictures. still to come, the half time report with andy levy. >> half time report is brought to you by flowers. it is known for its natural color and beauty. thanks, flowers.
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we are back. for that we go to andy levy. how are you? >> i'm good, greg. good. cuff still unbuttoned. proudly so. >> i figured so. what secret message are you sending? >> it is not a secret message. it is a message of comfort. >> your wrists need to breathe. >> yes, they do. is imitating serena williams racist? you referred to it as a softball exhibition? >> yes. >> i would think the footage you couldn't keep your eyes off would let you know that. >> i didn't look at anything but her. i thought she was playing second base. >> tom you said this is ridiculous, but as a white man isn't it easy for you to say that?
12:32 am
>> a lot of thicks are easy for me to say. god bless america for that. >> and she is danish and not polish. her parents are polish, but she is danish. >> i think they are politically incorrect there too. >> what they aren't is in eastern europe. >> what is weird about them is they are not 100% dane. they are danish. >> jaime, you also didn't think this was racism. as a white man isn't that easy for you to say? >> i will echo what tom said so ditto. >> diane, you said what she did was not racist. as a white man wasn't that easy for you to say? >> yes, absolutely. >> that is insulting. >> i am offended. as a woman i am offended at that remark. you owe me an uh apology. >> when you are offended by the shear racism that was eve
12:33 am
dwent dwent -- that was evident on that wort court i will apologize to you. >> why does it have to shear? >> the stockings. >> i like them. >> you said you have a huge ass and you don't care if everybody sees it. let me tell you, he ain't kidding about the second part. >> he drops a lot of things. >> i like to keep my office door unlocked. oh you didn't know i was changing? come on in and have a martini. i have a happy hour turtle hour. >> what does that mean? >> i walk around with a shirt on. >> diane, you don't think anyone was offended by this? i don't think anybody involved was offended. i completely agree with that. the black voices section did do a reader's poll and the
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responses were that 40% thought it was racist and 38% didn't think it was racist and 21% were not sure. >> after they called their attention to it. don't you think it is racist? most of those people if they were watching the match they would have laughed at it and moved on. but you plant the idea in your head and they start searching foraysism. >> i am guessing that if only 40% of readers thought this was racist, that is less than half i believe. >> i suppose so. >> all of that talk and you talk about the misconstrued sitcom. does anybody remember "misguided" with judy greer? >> oh yes, sure. >> was that a "caroline in the city" knockoff? >> no, she went back to her old high school as the guidance counselor so it was ms. guided. only seven episodes, but it is funny. >> i miss the secondary
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characters from "caroline in the city." >> they were bril ebbet why. >> i don't even remember this for a fact, but she had a gay friend, right? >> no. that was back when they would do the shows where the guy was clearly gay, but he was straight. i remember toward the end of the series they started to have an affair. >> he was artsy, right? >> he was artsy, but behind the scenes he slept with maddie. he would play guys that weren't gay, but there was something a little prent about that. >> that raises a question. why isn't jim jay bullock not a regular on "red eye"? somebody must represent him. >> we will find him. >> who ever is sitting next to him at the med that -- methadone clinic, call us. >> greg, you said the anchor woman was ray c ho n-hi.
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nobody knows the relation. >> she was a related -- >> no, she was a descendant. >> she retired earlier this year. she was also known as pea young yang patty. tom, you made a point about how we laugh about north korea and we shouldn't. i guess what you -- i get what you are saying, but it doesn't mean you don't understand what the oppressive regime is. guy i wanted a little serious time. >> you said if north korea were in africa we would be bombing pell. bombing them. >> i believe the world would be outraged if it was anything except in asia. >> we never bombed uganda.
12:37 am
>> there was an outcry. >> but tom, there was an outcry over rwanda. there was an outcry in the sudan. we have a record of tolerating african genocide. >> i don't know if it is a really good record. we do have a record. but i think you would all agree that north korea is a uniquely distopian bleak -- it is unbelievable how much of a -- >> are you right. >> it is like another planet. >> i understand what you are saying. it is like we are allowing this weird world to exist, and why is that? >> as it was brought up, a, they have nukes. and b, because they have china. >> despairs the western -- as far as the western mind is earn cked it is an asian thing. >> oh that's what they do out there.
12:38 am
>> we defended south korea and lost a lot of lives doing that. we didn't just sit around going, oh it is asia. >> i know. >> and we have 40,000 troops stationed in south korea. >> we are talking a lot about this. >> we should move on. women senators say they would have reached a budget deal. greg, there will be 20 female senators and not 500. they talk so much. >> terrible. >> you cannot add admonish him. >> i can't even tell you how upset i am. >> thank you for not pretending that women would not be stabbing each other in the back if they were all in charge. on the other hand you argued against generalizing and stereo typing which we can't stand for. >> i actually said that women like men are all different. >> please don't say anything like that again. >> are you saying a girl can always change her mind this.
12:39 am
>> boy i have heard that one before. and lastly, tom, you believe women are better at consensus building and compromising. >> yes. >> you are trying to apologize to your wife forking for something, right? >> you are in a fight with your wife and this is your way of apologizing. >> all right. doesn't it validate my point. >> i would like to invalidate your point. i don't even know what that means. >> on that high note. >> are you high? >> why do bunnies hot? strange cat. is the government listening to your conversations on the bus? i don't care. i commute on the back ever a man service.
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is the inadvisability cloak no longer a joke? it claims they developed
12:43 am
camouflage that can hide objects from the naked eye. it can revolutionize the battlefield. they say top military officials have seen the special fabric seen here in action. i don't see anything. that's why it works. as guy kramer tells the daily mail, the psychological affect is they don't know when or how they have them surrounded. how can you hit a target you can mott see? how do you defend from the invisible? let's discuss in the. >> lightning roooouuuunnndd. lightning round. >> diane, as a woman are you worried this technology will eventually fall into the wrong hands, ie perverts like bill? >> more concerned about that, yes. i actually don't -- i think this technology sounds really
12:44 am
cool, and i hope it is in the right hands and armies like ours, but it can fall in the hands of countries we don't want to have it. i wish more would go back to the time of swords and bay yawn nets and sling shots so people had to go there and fight and get hurt. it was easier to beat someone up, but you weren't killing anybody this mass numbers. >> i think more people died that way. >> and the leaders had to march in. >> i miss when people had to have their legs sawed off. you are a monster. >> it shouldn't be so easy to kill people. >> you are against drones? >> no, i am not -- listen, i am not against us having any of it. this is the world we live in. anything you proposed is not going to happen. the technology is great and i am glad we have it and nobody else does. that being said if i could take it back, i would. >> interesting concept. thought sure i follow, tom. but then again you say silly
12:45 am
things too. >> they act like the technology is cutting edge, but i have seen it before. froto, sam, middle earth? >> are you talking talking talking about harry potter? >> not harry potter. >> there is an invisible cloak. >> i think he is referencing the hobbit. >> the magic cloak given to froto. >> rut worst person in the history of people. >> are you saying los-lorian. >> that's where they got their gift. >> why did i get the look for that? >> i knew these guys were not avid readers. i thought you were -- the way you were talking about swords and whatnot. >> i am confused by everything. is it worth the military to invest in this? >>- q. i you are right.
12:46 am
it is -- >> you are right. it is awesome when we have. it but it can seep down to bad guys and not only state actors, but in this country and that is scary. >> it adapts to your sur roundings. say i was in john gibson's ranch i would look like a big, leather tarp. bill are you technically invisible to the world and no one sees you. >> that makes me sad. also not a question. we talked about this. i think this is a good thing. we will find many uses. it is a surprise it was made in canada. what are the canadians hiding from? a rogue moose? they have nothing to worry about. but congratulations, we will buy it from you. >> maybe fewer people will get killed in war because nobody can see anybody. >> interesting point. i just think technology like this will be used for sexual purposes because it always is. i want to get to this next topic. some airline attendants are threatening to strike by
12:47 am
withholding drinks and smiles over the holidays. they are looking for a 5% raise. says the union rep, quote, passenger cans reach their destinations, except they are pay five star price to get 3 star service. if they stop serving booze will they stop flying? >> the people will stop smiling. who are these flight attendants that smile anyway? they are not on my flight. >> you are right. they will be acting normal. >> we should go back to -- i don't want the smiles. remember post 9/11 when no one was friendly? it was like sit down, shut up. i loved it. it was honest. there was no comfort in flying. it was business. >> and you can tell everybody else to shut up. >> i was just on a flight and they were smiling. this company actually lost money last year, and now they want a 5% raise? there are a lot of people that could use work. they should fire them all and then rehire.
12:48 am
>> only those who participate in this strike. >> bill, you dated a flight attendant for three years. did he ever complain about being forced to smile on-the-job? >> he would always smile when he would get a text from me. i would tell him stop looking at that. you are supposed to be working. we would have this back and forth. my reaction is don't care. nobody paid uh 10 decks to the fly uh 10 -- to the flight uh 10 tends. i want to do every time i go to a plane. sleeping. >> there you go insulting flight attendants. we have to take a break, but more stuff is on the way.
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government officials are installing equipment on buses across the country to eavesdrop on passengers. according to documents obtained by the daily. daily critics critics say it changes the moves on privacy. tom, at what point should we start being worried? >> about all of this big brother nonsense? i am not worried about it. i don't like totalitarianism. yet i -- >> love. -- >> think it is okay. i don't like surveillance.
12:53 am
videotape me, audiotape me. i think it is fine. >> i like it. i like watching you do things. it is arousing to me. just little things like walking around. >> buses, subways. you are being chased. i think it is fine. >> is this great for putting away perps? >> like you i am -- sometimes you have to give up freedom. what are they going stop by having these things on buses? it is not like terrorists are going to plan on buses and they can sneak in and listen to what they are doing. >> you learn a lot on a bus, diane. >> sometimes more than you want to. i don't understand. i am with jaime and i don't understand the point. i am also in favor of surveillance. for me it is an expectation of privacy. is it catching the audio of the guy shouting how you should love jesus? or is it catching the conversation you are having privately with the person next to you.
12:54 am
there is a pig difference. one is intended for the public to hear. >> bill, you live on a bus sometimes. will you look forward to being tipped? >> i don't like being -- i don't like my privacy. no one will care what i have to say. if you have ever taken a greyhound across several states states -- if you have taken a greyhound, you know one thing, bad, bad stuff happens on a bus. way more than any train. way more than any place. i don't know what it is about buses, but it is bad, bad news. if you take the chinatown ones they are even worse. >> you know, i don't take a bus, but i will take this bus. this is my bus. i will be leaving on saturday and then i will be in oklahoma city and dallas. waco, beaumont and a place called bozeier?
12:55 am
>> that is not a real plates. >> go to g gutfeld -- you gotta go. don't leave me alone. we will close things out with a post game wrap up from tv's andy levy.
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i will see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern for something called "the five." a new "red eye" returns tomorrow with harris falkner and sherrod small.
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back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. hi, andy. >> hi. jaime, if people were looking for both humor and insight, where should they go? >> two answers for you. one is to follow me on twitter with jaime underscore weinstein and my morning e-mail for the daily caller which you should sign up for. it will make you smile. >> excellent. >> that was so improved it was amazing. >> diane, do you have a big singing gig coming up? >> i am singing on the mike huckabee show to air december 22nd. i think it is a christmas special. >> excellent. >> tune in. >> i saw you sing. it was quite nice. >> thank you very much. >> she has quite a voice on that thing. >> on the what? >> the neck area. >> i was going say pair of lungs, but it was not going to happen. >> wow.


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