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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 13, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> finally time for your awesomely bad christmas card exercise photos. send in your pictures. first from the zander family. here they are celebrating christmas in los angeles with elvis. >> nice. >> angelina clemens. halfway through the christmas pictures. four yearole bailey gave up on trying to strike a pose . and the worst present ever. and finally coming in from sharon. ugly christmas sweater contact. keep those card and photos come in. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great day. bye. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. this is it thursday december 13th 2012. i upon gretchen carlson. leadership void in washington . look who is stepping in to help settle the debate.
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former governor jeb bush. could it work. >> steve: no police in sight. a mob of protestors tore down a tent with children and elderly people and people with wheelchairs inside. >> two men came in with ski masks and had box cutters. >> steve: that is what happened in michigan a couple of days ago. >> brian: we'll not see commercialism like this anymore? ♪ >> brian: yeah, outlawed because they are just too loud. >> steve: really? >> brian: "fox and friends" starts -- ♪ >> this is the stage manager, ho, ho, ho. happy holidays. you are watching. "fox and friends". >> steve: very nice. >> brian: and joe did not know
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the news that we found out early this morning. that bralanedwars acquired by the new york jets had a ham string. >> steve: joel is america's biggest jet's fan. >> gretchen: that is insider information. >> brian: he had a bounce in the step. >> gretchen: luckily i know who that is. should we kick off the show with headlines. we now know the identity of the shooter in the mall . he had no history of trouble but his ex-girlfriend said he quit his job in the derks li and sold all of his belongings and bought a ticket to hawaii. >> she wishes to express shock and grief the events in the shopping she has no explanation or understanding of her son's behavior. >> ros killed a 54 year old
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nurse and 45 year old father of two, steven forsyth. a 15 year old was seriously injured . robertson took his own life. late last night john fee -- macfee arrived in the united states. >> this morning i was in jail and today here i am. i am not worried at all. if i am in front of a court they will not send me back. they have no evidence . >> gretchen: macfee is wanted in the country of bealize for the murder of his neighbor. we'll hear from secretary of state hillary clinton on the benghazi, libya attack that left ambassador stevens and three others dead . she will testify december 20th to the house foreign acommittee. the administration has been
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under fire for the handling of the benghazi attack and their consulate. today government is making commercials tune it down, really? ♪ ♪ >> gretchen: a new fcc rule said tv commercials can't have volumes louder than the program shown. >> brian: good. >> gretchen: the change was made because of thousands of complaints. this was approved last year. yet, i am in favor of that. when my son is watching football games, it is fun to ask you what viagra is. >> steve: that is another issue. >> brian: that is having it when it can yelled louder than the snap of the ball. >> gretchen: mommy it what is
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that. >> brian: easy to explain drirchinging in a bar. it is always miller time in the karlson house. >> gretchen: it usually is especially now. >> steve: people are drinking because of the fiscal cliff . are we closer? no . boehner and obama are still far apart. there is it a series of offers and counter offers. the president ins they raise taxes on the top two successful people in america who draw a paycheck. fox news request asked you what you thought. >> brian: most of us want spending cuts . pen percent said the country has budget problems and in terms of tax increases only 20 percent say it is a good idea. what is note worthy for the republicans, when asked who is doing a better job
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negotiating, porpercent said president obama. >> gretchen: two points come to mind . fox news polls are not just of fox news viewers. theses of americans in general. that said majority of all americans believe that we have a spending problem. the second point is there is cognitive dissidents. michigan votes over whelming for president obama, and yet now it is it a right to work state. voters wanted that which tends to be a republican ideal. wait a minute, people voted for president obama and they believed his message to tax people more . but asked what is the real problem, they say spending .
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>> the president did win the election and get in the way back machine and take you to the first press congress. he said i got got reelect that moneys i have jack up the taxes. >> when it comes to the deficit i argued to a balanced approach and part of that made sure the wealthiest americans pay more . every voters understood that was an important debate and the majority of the voters agreed with me. more voters agreed with me on this issue than voted for me. >> gretchen: if income taxes go up, should president obama make spending cuts as well? 90 percent said yes. you know why they say yes? that would be fair. if you are going to makelet cuts and increase taxes. people want fair want all
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right. mr. president take a look. farrah play. >> brian: number one john boehner told everyone in the house plan on coming back after christmas. he said we might do a plan b extend the bush tax cuts. except for those making over $250,000 . reopen the debate for the debt ceiling. time seems too short to get this done and written up. >> gretchen: this is not about time. it is it about people standing their ground. negotiations go up to the last finite minute. people can stand at the courthouse. mr. #1: dont like the way it is working. >> gretchen: if they wanted a deal done. >> steve: the president doesn't want a deal. >> gretchen: they go to the last minute. they should fedex, the poll. income tax go up should the
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president agree it spending cuts. 89 percent of the americans whompt has that kind of approval rating in the united states. spending cuts has a higher approval rating than any human being. >> brian: let's talk about the former governor of florida. he said look at michigan, there is something to be learned there. >> steve: when it comes to the fiscal cliff . for example real effective no holds leadership in tough times mr. obama and republican congressional leaders would be wise to look to michigan. the dinosaur underwent an amazing transformation on thanks to governor snider and republicans who were willing to make transformation and fight political battles not only because of the career.
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he said michigan will be attracting a lot more business. >> brian: it was already on the come back trail . they looked in michigan at wisconsin and dine doin. the republican governors took a hit. but when the economy turns around in their state, their approval rating goes up and that's what jeb bush is saying real leadership. >> gretchen: a lot of protestors in michigan and in wisconsin as well . people for the most part don't like change. we feel comfortable in our lives and if you are in a union and doing well and look forward to your pension, why would you want that to change, you don't. that's why people come out and protest. the problem i have is not the freedom of speech, it is it the violent aspect that ends out where there is supposed to be tolerance and it often doesn't work that way.
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look at what happened to people who set up tents and in opposition to those who are protesting to have the union stay intact. >> two men with ski masks on cut the straps that tethered the tent to the ground and started to flip over the tables that had hot coffee on it and it was scary and people felt angry and they felt their personal space was invade their right to have their voice heard was trampled on. >> me and seven other men went in to get the people trapped in the back of the tent out. we made two attempts to get in there and we couldn't get halfway through the tent. it is it a large tent 30 by 60 feet. they were standing on the tent from the outside. you cont get in and push those people off.
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we couldn't make it to the back to get out. i am sure there were women trapped in the far back end of the tent. >> it was put up for americans for prosperity, a conservative group. there is it a headline, liberals, msnbc union assault on tent a set up despite multiple videos to make unions look bad. you can see in the video that there was a set up for food and a caterer actually inside of the tent. clinton tarver who lost his equipment. he is an africa-american and he said a number of racial slurs were thrown his way. they said he deserved what he got. he -- the community raised money to replace his equipment and off set his losses. no charges so far have been filed. >> brian: it is funny, we have video .
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wounder if steven crowder steps up . this is it santy being sensored we report, you decide. >> gretchen: you still believe in the american dream of owning a home. what $125,000 can buy you in different parts of the country. >> brian: biggest difference was frosty. >> steve: we heard that. ♪ ♪ this family used capital one venture miles
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>> gretchen: if you are just waking up 16 minutes past the top of the hour. brand new survey shows the american owning a home is alive and well 72 percent consumers are optmistic about the market and plan to buy in the future. but purchasing a home can be
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costly. how can a first-time buyer get a good deal. michael corbet. i do, i do. >> gretchen: talk about the stats. homeownership part of the personal american dream? >> according to the american dream survey. 92 percent of that survey range plan to buy a home in their lifetime and twen percent have a positive outlook on homeownership . 31 percent that are rening plan to buy. >> gretchen: that is good. because we went through a housing bubble . a lot of people lost their story. let's talk about the good news aspect. >> the good news you can get in a home that is affordable. it is call would a starter home. >> we have three examples. in the beautiful state of oklahoma. this is tulsa.
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>> this is it a three bedroom two bath house and 1500 square feet. it is a starter home and you can get into it that is affordable and affordable is different in all different cities. in tulsa, $124,000 is a great starter home. >> gretchen: looking in the inside. >> it is it a eating kitchen and mortage on this is $659 and very doable. >> gretchen: all of the guys on the crew are going wish i lived in tulsa. that house in new york i would be squared to actual. >> it would be million. >> gretchen: north carolina, $147,000. >> a wonderful home 1800 square feet that has big ceilings and high georgian sort of style and great sky lights and a large master and a great kitchen eat in and
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also the same thing, it would be $659 a month. very practical and great starter home. >> gretchen: sounds like some car payments. talking about columbus, ohio and shout out to my in-laws who are there. i will be there next week. >> this adorable house and great curb appeal. three bedrooms and two baths and completely redone . four fire places and new kitchen with granite countertops and here your mortage would be $672 a month. >> gretchen: i might look at that house i am there. columbus is a great place to live. >> brian: wonderful stee and great prices. >> gretchen: you are very helpful and we like to do good news segments on "fox and friends". >> thanks. >> gretchen: you heard of the 12 days of christmas, but what
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about the 12 days of spending. ♪ turtle friendly lighting. ♪ >> gretchen: what? the most ridiculous ways that the government is wasting your money, coming up next. look at the tv screen. that is 107-2. a case of bad sportsmanship. we report and you decide. maybe it was a knicks game? ♪ ♪ [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil. potato with bacon. we've got a lotta empty cans.
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>> jerry brown announcing he is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. doctors caught it early and said the prognosis is
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excellent. the 74 year old still working a full schedule . and santa claus, snuffed out. a canadian author editing out santa's pipe smoking habit in the new pc version of twas the night before christmas and thinks it will stop kids from smoking. >> brian: you know the song days of christmas but vuheard the version. ♪ in my fourth look at spending and governments at ease. ♪ ♪ >> brian: our next guest put his own spin on the classic and highlighting all the ways that government spent your money. he is a senior producer in the news. where duget this idea. >> we covered a lot of government spending and i thought we could put a
3:25 am
different spin on it . bring information on to it. kind of a new twist and luckily i found topicings and grants that fit the topics of the song . asked folks to help me sing it and got response. but luckily they are good sports. they agreed to sing the song with me. >> brian: financially you can keep it to yourself. we cannot go through the days of christmas. fourth day listen and tell me. fourth day of spending. calling out elf al birds. >> it is a study from the department of the interior and cost $160,000 and great for the basin in reno, nevada. they were studying the elf bird and calls and decibel and
3:26 am
response time and when you are spending that kind of money you want a good response. >> brian: fast forward to the ninth day and explain. ♪ in the ninth look at spending, video dancing. >> yeah, that is from the national science foundation over $750,000 and that is going to the dance draw program in the university of the north carolina and basically they put radio frequencies and the cost of dance ares and they dance in the images and coregraphy is roared and they do virtual coregraphy as well. >> brian: that helps our nation how? >> again, it is the 12 ways of spending. i will leave it to the audience to figure out how it helps our nation . >> brian: what does the 11th
3:27 am
day have you singing b. ♪ 11th look at spending the government did for me. celtic pipers piping. >> brian: cementic pipersing for the cost. >> it is an institute $20,000 grant that went to a celtic foundation in washington state who bring celtic pipers over to do instruction and performance. >> brian: you say it is not from tom coburns book. this is a lot from the national endowment of the arts. >> yes, this comes from the endowment of the arts and others from stimulus spending. we list all of the lyrics and people can click on the lyrics. >> brian: i look forward to the day when you have nothing to sing about. >> so do a lot of people. no one wants to hear me sing.
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>> brian: but eric, i will see you next year . very creative. thank you so much. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, the unions say they saved the autoindustry. stewart varny examine the facts. there is the walking shot. did you know the war on christmas is over? that's what newsweek said. we'll see who won. happy birthday to taylor swift. she's 12 -- 20 -- ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99.
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what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. >> this is not good. it looks like pamella anderson is in trouble with the i.r.s. owes over$375,000 in taxings. she was late and it took her forever to run to the mailbox. ♪ [ applause ] >> gretchen: come on, that's the shot everyone wanted to see . come on. >> brian: iconic. >> gretchen: slow mo. it is better when you see it longer period of time. >> steve: they had so many iconic singers singing in the garden last night . that is it a picture of the empire station lit up grine.
3:33 am
>> brian: they got 31 million before started. >> gretchen: did they light it up for mother teres a. >> brian: i would like to see follow up. musicians did part and machine needs to follow up on that. >> steve: robin hood is good on stuff leak that. >> brian: i mean robin men in tights. who was in that. >> gretchen: oh, my god. >> steve: we have had scattered showers in the midatlantic and portions of florida and widely scattered snow showers at this hour. it is chilly and feels like it is winter in maine,ine though it is not officially winter there. 7 there . 30 in new york city . 40s in the dix land and warmer in florida. later 67 in tampa and same in
3:34 am
san antonio along the river walk . and 32 in minneapolis . if you are up in los angeles, city of angels high will be 60 degrees in lax. >> brian: we showed you the violence in michigan, protestors 16,000 strong in response of the passage of the right to work law. >> gretchen: but there is similar laws in the right to work states. 6.9 percent unemployment and nonright to work states 7.6 percent unemployment and don't know if there are other circumstances. here is the communication structure for the afcil . >> the autoworkers who worked with the big three to save the american autoindustry and together working people through the unions and employers can advocate for
3:35 am
good jobs. >> steve: so the union saved the autoindustry . stewart varny said facts show. who was it. >> that statement was nonsense. that was sheer nonsense. the unions did not save detroit, taxpayers put in $60 billion . have their pension and health fund bailed out and the unions had a piece of detroit dirt cheap and bond holders were virtually destroyed and stock holders destroyed and the taxpayer has not got their money back. >> gretchen: and businesses that were privately owned were taken away. the unions got the long end of the stick. >> it is it a absolute myth to suggest that the unions saved detroit. it is the other way around. the taxpayer saved detroit, and still the taxpayer hasn't
3:36 am
got their money back. we are 20 billion in the hold to general motors and 12 billion in what used to be called gmac and now allied financial and billion and half to chrisler and not yet paid back. >> steve: we had a bunch of gm stock. if you had gm stock or chrysler before the bailout your stock value went to zero. 92 and gm was declared bankrupt. stock holder didn't appeared and in the court stock hold ares got a real hair cut. the union won and the bond holders lost. it is it a title myth the idea that unions saved detroit. >> brian: what about the union workers who say those who are not in the union are free rider will benefit from their bargaining power with the car companies, for example. >> look the right to work is
3:37 am
enshrined in michigan and right not to have to pay union duce is ensidelined and that is it a good thing. >> gretchen: to me, it is it the most important state that this has happened in because the autoindustry is such a hunal part of the economy there and the union is so strong there. do you agree with that? >> absolutely it is the home of the autoindustry union and the idea that michigan should revert to being a right to work state, that is it a revolution in the labor market. >> steve: we heard in the run up to the election, while the gm autoworkers wound up keeping their pensions and benefits, it was 20,000 people who worked for delta, the autoparts company. >> nonunion employees lost their pensions. they were destroid.
3:38 am
delphi employees took a huge hair cut. value of the pensions dropped in half. they were shoved out of the door. >> steve: had they been in the union it would be different. >> brian: stewart varny, coming up 9:twint. i hope you are ready. >> born ready. >> brian: fiendish answer. >> can i go? >> steve: yes, you k. >> gretchen: you are saved by my headlines. >> thank you. >> gretchen: an intern for bob men endez busted for being in the country illegally. the 18 year old is a registered sex offender. he is from peru and in the u.s. on an expired visa. the intern clearly tried to deceive the santor. >> brian: this next story is crazy. >> steve: justin beiber the
3:39 am
target of a murder plot. ♪ >> steve: a convicted killer serving time in a practicon in new mexico accused of hatching a plan. martin was angry because of all of his fan mail to beiber went unworried . he recruited two hit men to strangle beiber and his bodyguard in a recent concert in new york city. it is it a terrible story it didn't happen. >> brian: this is not a joke, this is it a scoreboard from a girl's high school basketball game. final score 107-2. his players were not trying to run up. it would be more embarrassing for his players to stop shooting . the losing team's coach was disappointed >> gretchen: victoria secret model may be
3:40 am
well rounded but not the singing skills e. ♪ deck the halls of boughs with -- my god. no, is it falalala. >> we sing . ♪ santa baby. okay, let's get back to work. >> brian: is that work. >> gretchen: a spokesperson for victoria secret shows they are not perfect. they are just like everyone else kind of except their bodies are perfect. >> steve: right, we would say. >> brian: they are normal fun loving people. >> steve: we know the elves. >> gretchen: and you won the trivia when we asked you to name. do you know the name of that model . >> brian: something foreign. i forgot. from brazil. joe, can you help me. >> gretchen: is it ambrosia, is the last name.
3:41 am
>> brian: they're helping me. 92 victoria secret model. >> gretchen: next one we know because she is american. this is erin. that is erin and that one we know because she had a baby with a famous actor. >> brian: miranda kirk . just came to me. >> gretchen: let's talk about the war on christmas. >> steve: it is it over according to the dail i beast. they say some christian soldier said the war on christmas is over because their side won. they do in part, the today boy the american family association. they had a naughty or nice list back in 2005 where a number of businesses stopped using the word christmas and started to use holiday . 80 percent of the businesses snapped out of it and now say christmas once again. >> brian: and a picture of bill in a march down broadway.
3:42 am
>> gretchen: and a tiny picture of me because i have been on the band wagon as well. >> brian: and it will be like world war ii. >> gretchen: so for that part of the story. >> steve: christmas won. >> gretchen: they believe christmas won when it comes to hearing people may merry christmas. even people who don't believe in christmas whether they are athleast or jewish you jewish . they were not offended to hear merry christmas and they went back to it i am not so sure the war on christmas in other places is particularly over. the navy cancelled the nativity over an atheist complaint. what bugs me the most. >> brian: they are off of the coast of barain. >> gretchen: it is usually one person that changes the rest of what 89 or 90 percent of the people who want to
3:43 am
participate in and that's the part of the war on christmas that gets me. 92 inclusion is good and exclusion is not and bad for business. >> brian: i understand the navy and a nativity set outside of a muslim country. >> steve: they said it in-- endangered. >> gretchen: do you agree in >> brian: you have an agreement if it insights the muslim population and in their country and waters, i don't have a problem with it track his wife without them knowing it it is simple and scare yewhy is it -- scary? >> steve: don't miss the fight on o'riley. we have the detailings u. >> brian: who is that guy. ♪ ♪ ♪ deck the halls with boughs
3:44 am
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>> steve: the constitution. brand-new fox news polls show congressional approval ratings near record lows, 17% of americans approve of the job our elected officials are doing in washington. so with dc so divided, nothing is getting done. but our next guest says there could be another way, changing the constitution without congress. john coxwell is the director of campaign constitution and he's campaign constitution and he's here to explain how. good morning to you, john . >> good morning, steve. >> steve: how do you change the constitution without congress. >> two ways to change it article 5 permits the congress
3:48 am
to make proposals and permits the states to ask congress for a convention to make proposals. >> steve: you want two-thirds of the state to say let's have a constitutional convention and figure out what we are going to do. >> congress will never change the constitution because they were too vested in all of the goodies. >> steve: re-election? >> that's what they are interested in reelection and money and power and all of the consequences instead of looking out for the country. >> steve: two-thirds are successful and two-thirds of the state to agree to the convention, what do you do? >> the business plan that we adopted provides for a resolution that couched in terminology relating to the declaration of independence, and these amendments, i have nine proposed amendments with 44 clauses and the plan to
3:49 am
approve them in advance of asking congress of doing anything . we don't want anybody fooling with the first amendment, bill of rights and balance of powers. we are trying to diminish the incentives that exist that allow elected representative to seek money and power. leadership is the problem with america and what we are trying to do is make minor change constitution in order to give incentives to paying leaders who care about their country more than the reelection. >> steve: i know there is a long list of how to do that. give me one way to do that for leaders. >> congress will not exempt itself from laws that it imposes upon other. another thing, they will nolt have their own medicare programs and retirement programs. they will like anybody else. a separate committee will
3:50 am
decide their pay. they will have to do their own thing for retirement. >> steve: these are processed amendments. part of the process. but little things add up to changing the picture in washington. >> if you have minor changes that i am proposing, you will get people running for congress that care about the best interest of the country and willingness to sit down and work with each other and more harmony for the process. >> steve: you may have peaked interest. how do they find out. i know there is a book called fix the system. >> there is it a web site called campaign you can go and vote on them and we need the people to do it. out of the 44 proposals that we have. 31 of them thus far received 90 percent apruchal and 9 of them in the 80 percent and three ins and one in the 60s. >> steve: we know that
3:51 am
washington is busted. real pleasure. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: straight ahead a major recall on the horizon. parks cars in danger of rolling away. could one of yours be about to and okay for our government to spy on the innocent americans . judge naacp tackle that is one as he rolls in live to studio e. good morning. initiated. neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone.
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it's an upgrade to yourself.
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>> gretchen: welcome back. should the government be allowed to look in on your private life in the name of keeping everyone else safe? the law that gives them the freedom to do that is about to expire. so should it be renewed? i think we're talking about the
3:55 am
patriot act. >> brian: a man who has not made up his mind on that, judge andrew napolitano. he's deliberating about it. >> you know better than anybody on the planet i made up my mind. we did battle on this on a wonderful radio show called kilmeade and friends. >> brian: you get up in the morning fighting this thing. >> i do get up in the morning fighting when the government takes freedom and when it does it stealthily. the house of representatives passed this last month without any vote -- excuse me, with a vote, but without debate whatsoever. what is this? this is aven extension of the fisa law, which was amended by the patriot act, which basically says the government does not need a search warrant to listen to the phone call of any foreign person outside the united states when they're talking to somebody in the united states. so if you call a cousin in europe or a business colleague in asia, the federal government can listen to what you say. if you e-mail them, they can
3:56 am
read the e-mail. they don't need record or suspicion. your privacy shot. >> gretchen: what about if all i say is (speaking a foreign language). >> i don't know what that means u about the government will because they have the best translators in this country. it will be like east germany because people will be afraid to be themselves that's why we have the fourth amendment. >> steve: i wonder how many terrorists activities or plots have been stopped by this program. >> you know, a good question. we probably will never know. >> steve: because it's a question -- which is the greater risk? that we listen in on some international phone calls or another 9-11? >> that's a very good question ask judgment that the congress is not permit to do make because the fourth amendment -- >> steve: that is what they're too long. >> ha is what they're doing. when the congress changes the constitution, it is acting unconstitutionally.
3:57 am
only the states. you just talked about amending the constitution. only the states can change the constitution. so the fourth amendment says you want to snoop? get a search warrant. judges available 24/7. >> gretchen: read your column on and i hope i see you on studio b. i'll be hosting for sheppard. >> what a lively day this will be. >> merry christmas. >> steve: make up your mind about this. did you see crowder fight back. if you missed it, we'll show it to you [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
3:58 am
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nespresso. what else?
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[ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >> gretchen: top of the morning, it's thursday, december 13, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. look what's here to help, while leaders in washington play politics with the future of america, former florida governor job bush stepping in with an idea that, well, could it work? >> brian: you saw the union protests punching steve crowder. but did you see this?
4:01 am
>> you're swallowed, these are babies flailing before being put to bed. they are violent. this was not isolated. look around you! this was the event! >> brian: that was andrew sullivan, too. the rest of this heated exchange coming up. >> steve: want to know what really goes on behind the scenes of a morning newscast? ♪ >> steve: funniest video you'll see all day. we'll tell you details. "fox & friends" hour two for thursday starts right now. >> it's time to get up with "fox & friends." it's safe, natural, and effective. >> steve: thank you very much, chris chulo looking at the camera. >> gretchen: i missed it. what was your message?
4:02 am
>> brian: what was it? do it live. >> "fox & friends" -- >> brian: natural and effective. >> gretchen: safe, natural and effective. so we're food and drug administration approved? >> steve: i wouldn't go that far. >> gretchen: wow. let's get to your headlines. we now know the identity of the masked gunman behind the mall shooting in oregon. according to police, 22-year-old jacob roberts had no history of serious trouble, but an ex-girlfriend said he just quit his zoo be a deli, sold his belongings and bought a plane ticket to hawaii. a family friend spoke on behalf of his mother. >> she wishes to express her shock and grief at the events at clackamas town center on tuesday. she has no understanding or explanation for her son's behavior. >> gretchen: roberts killed 54-year-old nurse cindy ann yuille and 45-year-old father of two, steven forsythe. roberts then turned the gun on
4:03 am
himself. did you know that for $50, a jealous husband can download an app to track his wife's location without her ever knowing? it's about to be illegal today. the senate judiciary committee is about to outlaw cyber stalking apps that run in secret on cell phones. i guess this would be if women wanted to follow men, right? >> steve: anybody. >> gretchen: one week from today, we will hear from secretary of state hillary clinton on the benghazi, libya attack that left chris stevens and three other americans dead. she is going to testify now before the house and senate foreign affairs committee. it will be on december 20. the obama administration has been under fire for not giving help to the consulate and denying that it was actually a terrorist attack for several weeks. u.n. ambassador susan rice as you recall went on five morning talk shows shortly after, saying the attack was because it was that video, spontaneous. here is proof that the cameras are always rolling, even in the commercial break.
4:04 am
♪ . >> gretchen: that's what we do during the breaks here. tia ewing of sacramento caught during the commercial break dancing to beyonce's "single ladies." she had no idea the camera was rolling the entire time, but says she's not ashamed of her moves. she shouldn't be. look how good she is. >> steve: she's great! >> gretchen: even if you're bad at dancing, you only live once, so go for it. >> steve: she didn't know anybody was watching. but now people all around the planet are watching tia. >> brian: something about it, people have fun. i will say this, it was trending number one. yesterday i'm thinking, what is happening? i didn't know if it was bad or good. when i clicked on it, i said good. >> gretchen: maybe when john boehner and president obama had that secret meeting on sunday, they were actually dancing and doing stuff that they didn't -- 'cause they didn't tell us what
4:05 am
was happening in that meeting. maybe they were -- >> steve: they were slow walking. >> gretchen: no doubt. are we any further along down the path now that we're to thursday with regard to the fiscal cliff? we'll get to that in a little bit. >> steve: we're not. boehner and obama are still miles apart, even though they had a series of rapid favors and counteroffers. mr. boehner is still upset that the president refuses to budge on his insistence on fax rates fort top -- tax rates fort top people. ben bernanke said yesterday that the fact that we don't know what's going to happen with this fiscal cliff is affecting the economy. he says it's inflicting damage on the economy, consumer confidence is falling and the failure to come up with a deal will really kill the progress we're making. >> gretchen: the whole thing really comes down to whether or not it's a tax problem or a spending problem. so these are the questions that were asked in a recent fox news poll. keep in mind, this is not just to fox viewers. this is to the average american
4:06 am
who happens to pick up the phone. what is the best way to deal with the country's budget problem? mostly spending cuts, 57% say yes. mostly tax increases. only 20% say that is what should be done. both? 18% -- i think this is fascinating, because the message really coming up to the election was all about we need to tax the rich more. we need to pay the fair share, the 1%, the 99%. it really doesn't fall into place with how the election ended up falling out. >> brian: there might be a plan b in the works because it's so frustrating because the president goes $1.4 trillion in tax increases and the speaker boehner only goes as low as 600 billion in spending cuts. then the white house says just tell me where you want to cut in entitlements, get more specific. they say, tell me where you're going to raise taxes, get more specific. here is plan b, according to
4:07 am
politico, extend bush tax rates up until the new year. then wait for us to hit the debt ceiling and when go to negotiate for the debt ceiling, that's when you say, i need some entitlement cuts. that will be in january. >> steve: and you know, the step that gretchen did, about 60% say mostly spending cuts is the best way. just look at the national debt. people looking in washington, they go, well, they're blowing too much cash. so here is another question from the same poll: if income taxes do go up, should the president agree to make major spending cuts? also the big one, important one that brian was talking about. 90% of the country says yes. but then you've got hard liners who say absolutely not. >> gretchen: is a staggering -- >> steve: that's a blowout. >> gretchen: this is the stat of the year so far, from all the stats we show, who gets a 90% approval on anything? people, animals, anyone? nothing gets 90% approval. that's a fascinating stat to me, that people actually believe,
4:08 am
that many people believe that there should be spending cuts and -- what was the exact question? >> steve: the caveat is if the income taxes go up, so in other words, it's a done deal. we're going to get that money from the top 2%. then would it be fair to go ahead and make some major spending cuts? that's a no brainer. >> gretchen: yeah, but that's not what is happening in the negotiations right now, which is fascinating to me. >> steve: no, because the president is trying to inflict pain on the opposition party. >> gretchen: i don't know what the reason is, but the bottom line is so far he's not apparently giving on the spending cuts, even though 90% of the general public believes that should happen. >> brian: right. on top of that, a side note, dividend taxes, they're going up. capital gains and upper tax rate and you'll be surprised how many of you will be affected. if we go off the fiscal cliff, over $3,000. 88% of the country will be affected for about $3,000, your tax also go up on average. it's not just those horrible rich people who make over $250,000. jeb bush so often as governor of
4:09 am
florida made sense. he has gotten upset at democrats in the past and gotten upset at republicans in the past. i think in today's washington times column, he really makes a lot of sense in saying look what the people of michigan voted for and look what that governor who came from the business sector has just done. they have moved forward and that the birth place of the union movement has made it a right to work state and here is why. quote, for an example of real effective no holds barred leadership and tough times, mr. obama and republican congressional leaders for that matter, would be wise to look to michigan. the rust belt dinosaur has undergone an amazing transformation thanks to rick snider and local legislative leaders who have shown a willingness these past two years, in the past two weeks to make difficult decisions and fight brutal battles at significant risk to their own political careers and to their physical safety as we saw, saying look, make it a right to work state. make michigan competitive with indiana, competitive with ohio
4:10 am
and surrounding areas and just give people a choice when it comes to union membership. >> steve: right. he also talks about how michigan is just more thanking from a lost decade. michigan actually went into recession before the balance of the country. he said, one of the reasons is now the leaders in michigan are willing to actually take on organized labor, as we saw in the last week or so in michigan. they did just that and they're exacting some real pain. that's the 4th right to work -- 24th right to work state in the united states. >> gretchen: what might happen is what america is kind of about, which is competition. now the unions will be competing for people to pay the dues against people who don't want to pay the dues potentially and they'll figure out the people will be able to figure out which decision that they want to make. >> steve: i think i read yesterday that 17% of the workers in the great state of michigan are in unions. only 17%. >> brian: a lot of them showed up and -- >> steve: 100% it looked like. >> brian: ten minutes after the hour. steven crowder went out in the middle of that and he got
4:11 am
punched at least four times and the tent he was trying to protect got ripped down and a lot of people underneath the tent got almost seriously injured. you're seeing some of it there. when steven crowder went on television last night and took on andy sullivan, another guy we've had on before and really enjoyed interviewing before, they went head to head. vehemently disagreed on the role of unions in our society and what crowder was doing out there. >> he was attacking a tent with women and children in it and people were pulling him autopsy! >> what were you doing? >> we were trying to prevent people -- you are a liar, sir! these are babies flailing before being put to bed! this is not isolated! look around man! >> you should be so proud, taking pot shots at these people who are terrified about losing their jobs and livelihood.
4:12 am
okay? >> do you know what a pot shot is? >> these people are desperate. they are scared and people, including the leadership, are taking advantage of them and using them. believe me. >> as far as people being afraid, you know what, they should be afraid because unions threaten their own job security. you look at manufacturing jobs, in the united states, single greatest threat to your job security, your company being shut down is if you're in a union that burdens this company with costs that they can't bear! >> steven, you know what? i don't need to be schooled by you. i've been in this business quite a long time. >> you just were. >> steve: well, by the fact that those guys took on steven crowder and the one guy punched him a couple of times, it does not do their side any good. >> brian: and andy sullivan, it's important to know i think cops and firefighters, as well as in wisconsin were excluded.
4:13 am
>> steve: carved out. >> brian: carved out of this right to work movement. that's a little different. but andy was talking about the general manufacturing in the big picture. look, unions aren't illegal. you can check a box and be a member of a union. >> gretchen: that's all about choice. think the message behind "it's a wonderful life" is outdated? proof the christmas spirit is still alive even in black and white coming up. >> steve: the richest man in town. and washington's got a new plan to bail out college kids. automatic withdrawals from their bank accounts. is that a good idea to pay off student debt? the law maker behind the proposal joins us live as we roll on live from new york city. >> brian: he's pro-garnish. >> scientists say that they have found evidence of cheese being made 7,500 years ago. isn't that amazing. 7500 years ago. yeah. the evidence was found in a 7-11 nacho bar. [ laughter ] the capital one cash rewards card
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>> steve: america's students racking up debt at record pace, in fact, according to the federal reserve, bank of new york, student loan debt now topping a trillion dollars and it's just getting bigger every day. so what should we do about it and what happens if our college grads fail to pay off their loans? joining us now is wisconsin congressman tom petary. he has a student loan repayment plan and joinses from our nation's capitol. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: we've got a trillion dollars in debt right now and we've heard some of your colleagues on capitol hill have said, you know, some of these kids are really struggling. we should forgive them after 20 years. there are a number of bailout plans out there, aren't there? >> there are a lot of bailout plans and it sounds like you're being a good guy to bail out the students, but you're bailing it
4:18 am
out with someone else's money and the taxpayer ends up with the bill and it's being added to our national debt and to the problem that we have. we need to have a good program that has integrity and that is self sustaining over time. the point of the whole thing is that an awful lot of people are from familys that do not have the resources to have access to education, but they can benefit from the education, it's an investment if they use it wisely and at the end of the day, they're earning -- their earning power goes up. they got a good job. they're becoming taxpayers and contributing to the community and so we all benefit. >> steve: absolutely. that's the key is you got to have a good program. now, a lot of people may not realize this, congressman, but once you take out a student loan, the government is never gonna stop trying to get that money out of you. i mean, they'll follow you to the grave under the current standards right now. >> right. >> steve: but your new idea, you've actually looked at the united kingdom and australia and
4:19 am
new zealand and they have a deal where if you take out a student loan, eventually once you get a job, they're going to start automatically withdrawing money from your paycheck. that seems like a no brainer. >> it is a no brainer in the sense that right now what happens, of course, kids are moving around, a lot of young people after graduating. it's hard keeping track of it. they often don't get job right away. they go into default. it ruins their credit record and there are all these fees. 11% or so of the student loans are in default right now and that number is going up. in england, it's 2% and the program works a lot better. it's pretty seamless. no withholding for students until their income is 140% of the poverty level, which for a single person is earning $16,000 a year and then pay 15% of their earnings over that until the loan is repaid.
4:20 am
so it's pretty automatic and a lot easier to manage than the current system. we look real closely at what's being done in great britain. it turns out the average student owes $25,000 when they finish their education. it's about the same here in the united states. but the repayment rate is much better and they don't have the default problems that we have here. >> steve: well, it is an interesting concept. i know you'll propose it with the new legislature that convenes in january. tom petry, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: exactly 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, thousands of people about to lose their houses because the government wants to regulate rain. not kidding. then, this guy put his name up for sale on the internet and this morning the winning bid is in. he is here live to reveal his new name. you'll hear it first right here on "fox & friends".
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> steve: quick headlines. news by the numbers. first, 2043. that's the year when white people will no longer make up a majority of americans. that according to the census bureau which says the change is due to increasing birth rates among minorities. next, 800,000. that's how many hondas could roll away without the keys. wow! 2003, 2004 model years odysseys and pilots are being recalled along with a 2003 model years through 2006 acura mdx's. the cause? a defective interlock system. do you think? plus, 88 bucks.
4:25 am
that's how much extra american airlines passengers can pay to avoid separate fees that fee covers everything from baggage to changing flights at the last minute. might be a good deal for you. gretch, to you and brian. >> gretchen: thanks a lot. some call him the human billboard. but really he's a guy who decided the shirt off his back could be valuable advertising space. our next guest started his business, it's brilliant. i wear your shirt by getting companies to pay him to wear t-shirts with logos on them. his latest revenue stream is selling his last name to the highest bidder. >> brian: jason sadler is here. he joined us last month and he's back with us today to reveal his new last name. you put your last name up for bid? >> i sure did. i was the guy who got paid to wear t-shirts for a living and now i'm the guy who sold his last name. >> gretchen: why? i understand your no, ma'am was going to get a divorce and your name didn't mean that much to you. why didn't it mean that much to
4:26 am
you? >> i had a couple different last names and this one just -- i'm separating ways with my father and just as my mother is and it made me realize what do you do when that happens? i know dollar lot of people like me who don't want to be associated with that last name, don't want to carry it forward. so how do you pick a new one? >> brian: you put it up for bid and the people have spoken. correct? the number that you came up with, what's the final number? >> yeah. it was a whole bidding system. it started november 1 and ended last night at midnight and the final number was $45,500. >> brian: your new last name is? >> gretchen: exclusively here. >> my exclusive announcement of my new last name is jason [ laughter ] >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. >> brian: that is your new name. >> gretchen: wait a minute. as of last night it was going to be something else. wait a minute. as of last night -- >> yeah. there was a bidding frenzy. >> gretchen: what was the other one that was second place?
4:27 am
>> yeah. there was and and they went back and forth, had a bidding frenzy down to the minute. i pressed the button, closed it down and won. >> gretchen: do you like it? >> well, i haven't really been saying it much. i told my girlfriend and my dog and that was about it 'cause those are the only people that were around at the time. so i think as the days go forward, i officially change it on january 1 legally with the state of florida. i think everyone will be talk being it. >> gretchen: i have a feeling if you marry that girl, maybe they want o keep their own name? >> well, it is only for a year. so if she can hold out for a year and we can wait, it can be whatever the next someone. >> brian: yauch going to have little running around your house. so you're going to officially change your name january 1. it's going to take place. you also have a mini talk show for people that want to advertise on you. correct? >> i do. yeah. i wear your is my other business. we promote companies via social
4:28 am
media. our big thing now is launching companies, new start-ups, new apps and just using social media to promote these companies. we have an awesome community. it's been fun to do really weird marketing things. >> gretchen: it's brilliant. but i want to mention there is a good cause aspect. you are giving some of this bid money to charity. >> yes. i will be donating $4,500 of the final bid price to cheerful givers, which is an organization that gives gifts to kids who can't get gifts on their birthdays. so i'm excited. i didn't grow up with getting gifts on every birthday in a perfect world and i know there are a lot of kids out there who are the same way. so i'm excited that i can give back and do something to help a lot of kids. >> brian: all right. good luck jason it was great seeing you. just rolls right off the tongue. >> gretchen: okay. my favorite story of the day. great to see you. >> brian: fundamental entrepreneurship. meanwhile, another entrepreneur coming our way. >> gretchen: john stossel struggles to find faith, but he
4:29 am
hasn't stopped trying. coming up, he joins us with his quest to prove that god exists. he's a nonbeliever right now, brian. do you think i can change him? >> brian: you got five minutes. still looking for the perfect christmas present? what about these little guys? how you can help these adorable dogs. >> gretchen: oh you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. time for citi price rewind.
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>> gretchen: welcome back p. here is your shot of the morning. as some of you may know, i am one of the celebrity spokespersons for the march of dimes, something i've been doing for more than a decade now. volunteering for them almost my whole life. so we had this event yesterday in new york city where we bring new and great innovations, technology when it comes to making sure babies are born more safe and sound in this nation, across the world, to reporters yesterday. we bring you information. yesterday we were talking about this new kind of leading edge testing. you know how some moms when they're pregnant, they have an amnio send thesis? now there is a new research where actually through a blood test, instead of having an invasive procedure, women will be able to find out whether or not they have a fetus with down syndrome, also the gender of the child which is great strides in research because many moms to be and dads, for that matter, are very concerned about some of
4:34 am
these invasive procedures 'cause there is always a risk. yesterday some compelling research. you had to put on your scientific hat to really understand everything that they were talking about. but basically what they're doing is they're talking about dna in the mom's blood, the fetus' dna is actually in the mom's blood when pregnant. so they're taking this blood out and they're able to figure out then through the blood what -- it's a screening process, but what the state of the fetus might be. >> steve: that's great. >> gretchen: amazing research. very proud to be part of this organization. >> steve: very good. >> brian: wow. right here in manhattan? >> gretchen: yep. did it here in manhattan. >> brian: all right. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. could be the greatest gathering of legendary musicians ever. talk being super storm tribute, the 12-12-12 concert that raised money for people who lost everything in hurricane sandy. ♪ hey, hey, you got me laughing ♪ ♪ hey hey you got me rocking
4:35 am
♪ hey hey you got me rocking ♪ . >> brian: the rolling stones, just one of the emotional performances. wnyw reporter theresa live outside madison square garden. a wild night. >> a wild night indeed. good morning, brian, good morning, everyone. for six precious hours, the victims of hurricane sandy put their troubles aside and they watched rock royalty jam out in a way many of us have never seen before. we are a region that unites in good times and in bad. last night was no different. we came together to help a neighbor in need essentially to say, hey, we have got your back. this show was billed as one of the greatest rock line - ups of all time. it did not disappoint. as you mentioned, we had the stones. we had the who. we had paul mccartney. we had bruce springstein. we had bill gee joel, eric clapton of the we had aeshah keys, the list goes on and on of the they played brand-new songs and they played oldies but
4:36 am
goodies. the songs that just make you feel good and make your heart happy. take a listen. put together some highlights four. ♪ ♪ know what i'm needing ♪ and i don't want to waste more time ♪ ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪ ♪ >> i have to tell you that bon jovi with bruce springstein collaboration has social media abuzz. the celebrities and performers are from new york, new jersey, and connecticut. they know these places that have been hit so hard by sandy because they are their hometowns. that was really wonderful to see them come out and support their communities. we believe that $30 million was
4:37 am
raised in ticket sales and we're still waiting for the final tally for all the donations called in from around the world last night. the money will go to hurricane victims through the robin hood foundation. a mazing effort last night. i only wish i had a ticket to see it in person. that's the latest from madison square garden. i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> steve: it was on 30 different tv channels. my wife watched the whole thing. >> brian: i think the dvd is going to be released. correct? >> steve: and you can buy the itunes songs and the money goes to robin hood. >> gretchen: i hoped you dvd, 'cause i didn't see one second. since the storm is going to cost $60 billion, hopefully a lot of this money will help defray some of those costs. >> brian: per state. >> steve: yeah. meanwhile, we got other stories making headlines on this thursday morning. while you were sleeping, antivirus software founder john mcafee arrived back in the united states to face the music. >> this morning i was in jail. today here i am.
4:38 am
i'm not worried at all. if i'm in front of a court, there is nothing in the world they will do to send me back. they have no evidence. >> steve: he arrived in miami last night after trying to seek asylum in guatemala. he's wanted in belize, a country, for questioning about the murder of his neighbor. >> gretchen: he's been serving up lunch for five years, but it only took minutes for union workers in lansing, michigan, to completely destroy his famous hot dog cart. clinton's cart was inside the americans for prosperity tent and that is the same one that workers violently tore down on the capitol lawn as they protested the right to work law. there is good news here. people are now pitching in to help him out. so far they've raised $14,000 to get his dog stand back up and running. thousands of people about to lose their homes because the government wants to regulate rain? that's right. the epa is trying to regulate water as a pollutant in virginia and tonight a federal judge will hear that case. state attorney general ken
4:39 am
cuccinelli filed a lawsuit, calling the move outrageous. if the epa wins, homeowners could be booted from their homes so the agency can flatten them and plant grass. state says this could cost millions of dollars. it's the message behind "it's a wonderful life". >> my big brother, george, the richest man in town. [ cheers and applause ] >> gretchen: a new study is backing up george bailey's message. it finds more people than ever trust their neighbors 76%. it also found more people are reaching out to help each other, 65% e change favors. all right. let's go out to the dogs. i'm not talking about steve and brian. i'm talking about pooches poocho are up for adoption. >> steve: it is the third day of our paws for a cause campaign and we want to tell you how you can adopt an adorable dog.
4:40 am
>> brian: we're joined by two people who traveled a lot of miles. charles miller, he's the manager of animal care with the southeast area animal control authority. and denise woodson is here, officer and outreach coordinator for that organization. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> brian: i can't wye was it so important four come out and tell the story of these dogs? >> we have a lot of animals in our shelter. they're all looking for homes. and there are shelters nationwide. people tend to go to the pet shops and pay big money for pets and we have these animals in our shelter. >> brian: tell me the story here, officer. tell me the story of the dog you're holding. >> is joy. she was brought to our shelter as a stray animal. she came in with a couple of litter mates who are also available. >> don't be shy. >> steve: why is that guy doing that to me? >> she's already been altered and microchipped, looking for a great home this holiday season. >> steve: you guys feel strongly. you came all the way from los angeles with these dogs to tell
4:41 am
bus this. >> correct. we're here not only for these dogs, but for animals in our nation and we want people to be responsible pet owners and take full responsibility for who they have and there is consider other members of the family. >> brian: joy is not to be outdone by itsy. >> itsy came in as a stray. you can see he's shivering right now. but he was cold. our staff gave him heating blankets, some food, fell in love with him, and our vet staff actually is the one that insisted we bring itsy out here. wanted to give him camera time and hopefully find him a home. >> steve: there is one other dog that didn't make the trip. >> that's mr. triteon. you can see him there. he's a great little dog. he came in injured after being evaluated by our vet staff. he actually received a leg amputation. did a full recovery and was available for adoption. the great news is he got adopted two days ago. >> steve: okay. if people would like to know more information about these particular dog in los angeles.
4:42 am
>> visit that. will give us information. >> steve: or go to our web site later on. >> brian: they need thicker coats next time you come out here. >> steve: you're in los angeles clothes. this is new york. denise and charles, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> steve: all right. >> brian: gretch, what do you have in store for us next? >> gretchen: those are cute, cute, cute puppies. i hope they got some homes. can you know that charity concerts like the one last night could be headed over the fiscal cliff? huh? peter johnson, jr. here to explain. then normally stossel likes to report on things he understands. but this morning he wades into uncomfortable waters. he's going to talk about god with me. oh, oh you may not like his point of view, folks hi, i'm phil mickelson.
4:43 am
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of pepto-bismol to-go. >> steve: quick headlines. california's democratic governor jerry brown announcing he's undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. his prognosis is excellent. cop in plano, texas gave someone something extra with his ticket. one hundred dollars bill. he said he needed it after hearing his excuse for why he had an expired registration. the guy said it was either feed my kids or get my registration done. the cop gave him 100 bucks. merry christmas. brian? >> brian: i had to wait for the animation. for many americans the holiday season is a time for giving to those less fortunate. at the end of the year, large charitable donations may become a thing of the past and fall victim to the fiscal cliff. here to explain is peter johnson, jr. >> let's hope not. >> brian: we're talking about
4:47 am
the charitable deduction, correct? >> the president wants to limit the deductions of charitable deductions. we're talking about on the republican side a basket of deductions and maybe that could be part of it. the knock on the charitable deduction seems to be from the hard left. well, it's helping religious institutions more than anyone else and somehow that's bad. then it's helping the richest people and that's bad, tooment so luds called chalked agent did you -- let's change the charitable deductions. it would be a blow to the economy. there is $50 billion in lost revenues as a result of the charitable deduction. but it throws almost $300 billion in efforts for charities in this country. so for every dollar lost in tax revenue, almost $6 is gained in helping people for sandy, helping people for katrina, helping people for all these efforts across the country, the things that government can and
4:48 am
won't do. >> brian: and the nonprofits. >> and hospitals, colleges, schools. >> brian: they're extremely nervous, from a to z across this country if that deduction goes away, it's going to -- >> it's part of our culture t's part of judeoaw, alms for christian culture, it's part of american culture that we reach out and help other people. but it could go by the boards in a way we're not going to like. >> brian: some republicans are for it -- >> that's why i say, there is a lot of muddy thinking on this and we will pay the price. could that be the last concert that we have, that last relief concert for sandy if the law changes? the likelihood is not, but there is a possibility. >> brian: i know people give because they want to give and that's great. the other thing is people are going to get fed up and say, you want a social program, do it. it will change the attitude. >> brian: incentivizes giving and there are polls that show that it does incentivize giving
4:49 am
and it shows people want to keep charitable deductions whether or not it helps the rich most, it also helps the poorest the most. >> brian: we were efforting his opinion on this -- >> now you got it. >> brian: america has it! >> the most important thing. >> brian: thank you very much. great to see you. coming up straight ahead, 12 minutes before the top of the hour. john stossel is going to do something he hates to do. he's going to talk about god. and you may not like what he has to say. but will god like what he has to say? >> i luke john stossel whatever he says. >> brian: you should talk to him. he's coming in. first on this day in 1967, "day dream believer" by the monkees was the number within song. play us out. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
o inform fox news alert. pictures coming out of the area around atlanta's airport. look at the flames there. this is a vacant elementary school not far from the runways at the airport. we're told the planes have been flying right over the smoke all night. crews on the scene now trying to put this fire out. this is not extraordinarily enough affecting air travel. and there are no reports of any injuries at this time. we'll keep you posted. gretch, over to you and stossel. >> gretchen: okay. looking forward to this. it is a question for the ages, this week john stossel tries to tackle it. can science and religion coexist? >> i'm told there was this tiny point amidst nothingness and then bang. an explosion that gradually became our world. >> you've got to give an explanation for how it all got here. >> for many of you, god is that explanation. others say god's a fairy tale. >> where there is a gap in scientific knowledge, religion says that's what god did.
4:54 am
>> we have an open mind. because we haven't assumed the answer before we ask the question. >> gretchen: joining me to tackle that question is the host of stossel on "fox business" network, john stossel. okay. so confession on stossel's part, you do not believe in religion? >> i want to. i see the peace and purpose it gives most of you who believe and i tried. >> gretchen: why not? >> because i want evidence. i want reason and explanation. i keep saying, well, how do you know god exists? >> gretchen: that's the point of religion. that's all about faith. you're missing the point of religion, though, because there really aren't facts that you hold on to. you hold on to the faith aspect of it. i find your history, though, interesting. you were raised protestant, but then found out that you were actually jewish. >> i did. i made a comment about the jewish people down the street and my brother said what the heck do you think you are?
4:55 am
i had no idea. my parents were raised jewish and came to america right before hitler. and came to the new country. they wanted to assimilate. they joined the congregational church. >> gretchen: how did you raise your children? >> i didn't. my wife, who is jewish, raised the children jewish. >> gretchen: so do you feel that it's important to give children, especially in this generation, a foundation of something to hold on to so that they, during troubled times v -- have something to fall back on? >> i don't know. i see children forced to attend church school and hebrew school and they -- >> gretchen: they love it. >> they hate it and don't fall back on it in tough times. >> gretchen: really? 'cause when i put my children to bed at night and tell them you can be anything you want to be and god is with you tonight. if you wake up and lonely, there is always somebody there. i think that's reassuring. am i convincing you?
4:56 am
>> you're not convincing, but i'm sure it is reassuring, but when they're 15 and start to ask questions, they'll have to come to that conclusion for themselves. >> gretchen: then comes confirmation. this will be fascinating. i know it's going to be a fascinating discussion and thanks for being honest about it. >> thanks. >> gretchen: check it out on the "fox business" network. coming up on "fox & friends," the president had plenty to say about why right to work is a bad idea. but he hasn't said a thing about any of that violence we saw in michigan. michelle malkin has thoughts on that, top of the hour. then activists snuffing out santa's famous pipe. stossel, i didn't even know santa smoked. but anyway, does it send the wrong message? are your kids really going to smoke because santa does? maybe they'll put on weight 'cause he has a little heftiness around his tummy line. i'm not sure.
4:57 am
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, december 13, 2012. i hope it's stale lucky -- still a lucky day, even though it's 13. i'm gretchen carlson. trapped in their tents, conservative activists are attacked by union mob. >> men came in in ski masks. they had box cutters, or knives. >> gretchen: the violence getting worse. so did the white house have a statement on this? michelle malkin here live to weigh in with her thoughts. >> steve: meanwhile, tired of having to turn down the volume on tv commercials like this one? ♪ . >> steve: man, those rodents can dance, can't they? it's not about dancing rodents or the robot with the swively hips. it has to do with the volume. we'll explain straight away. >> brian: i have not seen that commercial. but it's good to know it will be
5:01 am
the same sound as the game. are your kids going to start smoking because santa smokes? that's what some activists think and they're willing to fight about it. as we brought up earlier, frosty also a smoker. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ . >> steve: these guys, they have the number one country radio hit in the country. two weeks running, that is florida georgia line. one guy, tyler s from monroe, georgia, and the other kid, brian kelly, is from the great state of florida. and they are going to it, at the conclusion of this hour, do a number for us. >> brian: who is the woman? >> gretchen: i knew you were going there. >> steve: that's over the line. let's ask him.
5:02 am
>> gretchen: your first question during the interview portion. >> brian: right. it looks like they've been here since what, 3:00 o'clock in the morning, setting up. they're all set to go and they are going to be here entertaining us live. that will be great. at which time i'll -- now i know who to look for, i'm gog look in the green room, see if she's there. >> steve: sometimes they just hire actresses or friends. >> brian: i don't know. it looks like they're close. meanwhile, we have a lot to discuss this hour, including the latest on the fiscal cliff which we seem to be going off of. >> gretchen: put on your skis. in the moment, let's do some headlines because we now know the identity of the masked gunman behind the deadly senseless mall shooting in oregon. according to police, 22-year-old jacob roberts had no history of serious trouble, but an ex-girlfriend says he had just quit his job in a deli, sold his belongings and bought a plane ticket to hawaii. a family friend spoke on behalf of his mother.
5:03 am
>> grief of the events on tuesday. she has no understanding or explanation for her son's behavior. >> gretchen: roberts killed 54-year-old nurse cindy ann yuille and 45-year-old father of two, steven forsythe. roberts then turned the gun on himself. one week from today we will hear from secretary of state hillary clinton on the benghazi, libya attack that left ambassador chris stevens and three other americans dead. she'll testify before the house and senate foreign affairs committees on december 20. the obama administration has been under fire for not getting help to the consulate, as well as the state department and denying that it was actually a terrorist attack. susan rice went on those five morning talk shows saying the attack was simply spontaneous. today your tv will be a whole lot quieter, at least during the commercials because the government is making commercials tune it down.
5:04 am
♪ party rock ♪ . >> gretchen: a new rule in effect says tv commercials cannot have volumes louder than the program being shown. the change was made following thousands of complaints. this is part of the calm act. don't you love the names of legislation? calm act. >> steve: they've been talking about doing it for years. >> gretchen: which was approved last year. i kind of like the name. >> brian: i'll believe it when i hear it, because they've been talking about doing this forever. it's been in broadcasting and cable, industry magazine. and they never do it. so i'm not going to fall prey until i hear the level leveled. >> steve: stand by. >> gretchen: all right. we have more stories to tell you about. santa claus snuffed out. >> the smoke encircled his head like a wreath. >> gretchen: a canadian author editing out santa's pipe smoking
5:05 am
habit in her new pc version of twas the night before christmas. she thinks this will stop kids from lighting up. here is the funny thing, i mean, i'm not going to tell you how old i am, but i'm getting up there. the bottom line is, i don't remember santa smoking. so if i saw santa smoking in all of these books, it obviously did not impact me. >> steve: twas the night before christmas. >> gretchen: he smoked? >> steve: yeah. that passage we just heard and the smoke encircled his head like a wreath. >> brian: he came into his own as michelle malkin joins us, he came into his own in the late 1800s and that's when hub finn was big and huck has a child that smoked the pipe. >> steve: also there is part of the story about coca-cola using advertising, where the popular image comes from. michelle, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> steve: we're not going to talk about santa. let's talk about something dreadful that happened in michigan a couple of days ago. there was actually some violence outside of the capitol after the legislature passed the right to
5:06 am
work law where people now have a choice. you don't have to join a union as a precondition of working someplace. there you can see in the background the americans for prosperity tent being torn down. looks like by a bunch of pro-union guys. there was people on last night who described what was going on of the we didn't know this 'til last night. listen to this. >> two men came in in ski masks. they had box cutters or knives. they started to cut the canvas straps that tent to the ground. they started to flip over the tables that had hot coffee on it. it was scary and i think a lot of people also felt very angry. they felt like their personal space had been invaded and their right to have their voice heard was being trampled on. >> steve: and on top of that, steven crowder got socked in the mouth by a guy four times. there were a number of arrests. what do you make of all this? there is steven. >> it's an object lesson. it's an object lesson in how the
5:07 am
far left and the big labor bosses react when legislation is passed peacefully and activists are exercising their free speech rights to defend increasing the freedom of workers. i noe the american -- i know the americans for prosperity folks in michigan. they are among the best people that i have met, very dedicated to their cause, free market principles, and insuring that these workers are not subjected to coercion of forced dues in this big labor racket that has gone on for decades. it's a complete shake down. and i have to say that so many of these activists were inspired by the spirit of andrew breitbart and it's because of their commitment to citizen journalism that you can watch this video, that they've been exposed. very brave. and how dare theosophicless cowards who were mobbing and
5:08 am
storming this tent do this, particularly when there were so many women in the tent? what is it that tell you about the manhood of these union activists who did such a thing? there is not an apology from a single one of them and we haven't heard a word from president obama. how come he's not calling up these women who were subjected to this? he could call sandra fluke up. he could have beer summits with harvard professors who concoct racism where it doesn't exist but when it comes to defending people who are subjected to such incivility, nothing from this white house. nothing prosecute this administration. >> gretchen: that should come as no surprise because he doesn't agree -- these people in the tent don't agree with what the president had just said in michigan the day before, which was that he was hoping that governor rick snyder would veto that right to work. i'm interested in your thoughts about the movement that we seem to be seeing about more and more right to work states. to me, michigan is emblematic of
5:09 am
all of them because it's the home of the auto industry where the unions have been so powerful and it's interesting to me in the sense that the state went for obama, but that the voters actually wanted what happened here. >> yeah, that's right. and remember, just as context that there was a measure on the ballot that the big labor bosses were pushing that would have enshrined collective bargaining rights into the state constitution. and it was rejected 57% to 42%. i think that there is certainly -- there is divided government and divided opinion in this country and there is a divided of power to conservatives where beltway republicans fail to do their job, at the national level, more and more we're seeing that grassroots, free market principles are winning at the state and local level. that is cause for hope for sure. >> brian: michelle, how would you feel if john boehner cut a deal in which the rates went up
5:10 am
on those horrible people that make over $250,000 in return for cuts? if there was a compromise deal where the rates went up -- >> steve: i'm reading her body language, she doesn't like it. >> yeah. brian, really wants to get my blood pressure up. yeah, yeah. look, i think that the house republicans need to be reminded again that they were put back in the majority for a reason and that reason was not to give in to fold like a deck of cards and to capitulate to the democratic agenda. this president does not, not, not have a blank check to continue spending us into object live onand it's the house republicans and conservatives on capitol hill who have to hold the line. >> steve: and in public, mr. boehner is holding the line. it's interesting, new fox news poll came out yesterday and people were asked, if income taxes do go up on the top 2% or whatever, should the president agree to make major spending cuts as well?
5:11 am
look at that gigantic number. about 90% say yes. only the hard liners, 9%, say no. >> yeah. yeah. that's encouraging and that's more evidence that the president's claim to some sort of broad mandate to hike all taxes, not just income taxes, is not there. and look, look at the medical device tax. now you've got all of these democratic senators who voted into place running from it, screaming bloody murder! they're finally getting the message and i think this really should bolster the tax reform. >> gretchen: it also show that americans realize that just increasing taxes does not fix the problem that america has right now. and what we're passing on to the next generation focusly. real quickly, your thoughts on going green means going broke for some schools. please explain. >> yeah. big energy scam called leed, the designation for energy efficient
5:12 am
buildings across the country. there is a builders council that has fisted this racket on the country for quite a while and there is all sorts of government incentives at every level so architects and designers pursue this designation. and in the nation's schools, this has become somewhat of a boondoggle. usa today did a very good investigative report on how it's based on a lot of junk science 'cause what you'll have a lot of these eco zealots claiming that these energy efficient modifications somehow improve academic performance. no evidence whatsoever. >> steve: it's so crazy because we're opinioning hundreds of millions of dollars on these green buildings that aren't green and, in fact, some of the old buildings are more energy efficient. michelle, have a terrific weekend. thank you very much for joining us on this thursday. >> you bet. take care. >> brian: coming up, hall and oaths in a nasty fight. one in the slammer.
5:13 am
say it ain't so. more to this story than you think. >> gretchen: she's a rich girl. ♪ apparently something went too far. >> steve: then is it ever a good idea to skip the real estate agent and sell your house by yourself? bob massi going to answer that question and more coming up [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. >> steve: some of the biggest financial decisions you're ever going to make involve your house and far too many consumers end up in a complicated and confusing situation queue to the housing choices they have made. thankfully, our buddy, bob massi, fox news legal analyst, gets up early in vegas about once a week to answer your questions. >> good morning. >> steve: good to have you. listen, tony from florida wrote us this e-mail and it says, we
5:17 am
are considering listing our home and my husband did the math. he feels he could handle the sale himself and not pay a commission, which as you know, can be 6%. realtors are not willing to lower the commission. what do you think? should tony's family do it themselves? >> no, absolutely not. in today's marketplace, you absolutely get a qualified realtor. let them make their commission because in this particular situation in our country, realtors today that are competent, and that's the key, get a competent realtor that understands exactly what you're looking for, understands short sales, understands the markets if you're a seller, use a realtor. if you're a buyer and you're buying what we call reo property because of a foreclosure, they understand. get a realtor to handle that. don't be afraid to pay. it's worth it in this marketplace. let the realtors do their job and make a living. >> steve: right. the standard fee is like 6%. but on the internet, you can see some deals. 1%, 2%. is that a good idea? >> i mean, i think you have to
5:18 am
research and see what their credibility is. they have a high volume business, steve. so that's why they usually charge those 1 or 2%. generally speaking, i think you get what you pay for. i really believe that. >> steve: all right. christina and rick from illinois wrote, bob, you discussed the fha guidelines. you said three years after foreclosure. please clarify when the three years begins to run. that's talking about rebuilding your credit. >> we were talking -- three years from the date of the actual auction of your home when title comes out of your name and goes into the one of whoever bought it or the lender's name. that's when the three-year period begins to run after foreclosure short sale where you could then potential zooty a new loan. this week, steve, you may have covered this already, fha announced that they're going to need focusly -- this is amazing -- $150 billion, tax dollars to bail them out as a result of what they've had to pay. they are $16 billion negative
5:19 am
right now because of what's happened in this country. the taxpayers always will end up paying for this situation. >> steve: it's always another bailout. all right. final from wayne in louisiana. bob, you're very compassionate toward the homeowners. why don't you look at the other side and realize people signed a contract and must live up to the contract. many homeowners are crooks. they hurt the lenders and themselves. there are two sides to the story here, bob. >> i don't know why you perceive them as crooks. here is the way i see it. homeowners in america, everyone that i meet, seminars we do for "fox & friends," they're sick about missing their payments. they were raised correctly. they wanted to make their payment. their house is under water. they went through their savings. they went through their retirement. and they see -- when you see lenders out there who had to be sanctioned $25 billion because they illegally took people's homes, when you see $150 billion that we have to pay as taxpayers to fha because of the fact that they couldn't solve this problem, these lenders in this
5:20 am
country are so far removed from mothers and fathers and husbands and wives that have lost their homes, i have no regard for them whatsoever in general. i say i'm for the homeowner. that's where i'm at. >> steve: all right. hope wayne, that answers your question in louisiana. always a pleasure, bob. if you got questions for bob massi, e-mail them to us. you can go log on to our web site as well. we'll see you next week right here. >> yes, sir. >> steve: straight ahead, a majority of people believe taxing the rich is going to fix all our troubles. but is that true? a closer look coming up. then, messing up never looked so good. the story behind this video coming up. ♪ deck the halls with bows of dolly -- folly ♪ ♪ my god ♪ is it fa, la, la ♪ . >> we don't sing this down under. we sing. ♪ santa baby ♪ um...
5:21 am
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>> brian: intern for newly reelected senator bob menendez busted for being in the country illegally. the 18-year-old from peru is a registered sex offender. spokesperson says the intern, quote, clearly tried to deceive the senator. and a washington farmer turns his field into a wedding proposal, only problem? he spelled his girlfriend's name wrong. it's supposed to say jody will you marry me? he misspelled the j. he have put the j backwards. despite the typo, she said yes. congratulations. yody. gretch? >> gretchen: better thanoda. all right. thanks, brian. with less than three weeks until the u.s. economy falls off the so-called fiscal cliff, house speaker john boehner says he and the president are still not close to reaching any kind of a deal. >> the president's plan to avert the fiscal cliff still does not
5:25 am
meet the two standards that i laid out today after the election. his plan does not fulfill his promise to bring a balanced approach to solving this problem. it's mainly tax hikes. and his plan does not begin o solve our debt crisis. it actually increases spending. the longer the white house slow walks this discussion, the closer our economy gets to the fiscal cliff and the more american jobs are placed in jeopardy. >> gretchen: so with both sides still hung up over tax hikes and spending cuts, can they come it a consensus in time to avert going off the cliff? let's ask texas congressman jeb hensarling who joins me live this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> gretchen: doing just fine, thank you so much. it's interesting because it appears from john boehner that the president isn't budging on the spending cuts. yet i want to point you in the direction of a new fox news poll that came out this morning that said that if there are tax
5:26 am
increases, should the president also budge on spending cuts? you want to know how many people said yes? 89%. your thoughts. >> well, i'm gratified by that because the truth is america is facing a debt crisis. under president obama, we've accumulated more debt in four years than in the previous 200. we're borrowing roughly 40 cents on the dollar, much of it from the chinese. sending the bill to our children and grandchildren. the president is out there saying, if all we will do is tax, quote, unquote, rich people a little more, we'll solve the problem. well, here are the two problems with his logic. number one, half of this income that he wants to tax is small business income. in the economic studies show 700,000 of our fellow citizens will go from having paychecks to unemployment checks under his plan and as the economy
5:27 am
contracts, every american left with a paycheck will see 2% less in it. so that's my first point. the second point is you give the president every single job crushing increase that he wants, gretchen, it runs the government for eight, maybe nine days. you can't solve it there. he's had government grow 20% under his watch. so our revenues have been about level for the last five or six years, but spending has skyrocketed. we're on the verge of being the first generation in america's history to leave the next generation with fewer jobs and fewer opportunities and a lower standard of living. >> gretchen: so congressman, if you had a crystal ball right now, what do you expect to happen and should the republicans hold the debt ceiling discussion as their bargaining chip? >> well, my crystal ball is a little fuzzy, but i fear i may be hanging my stocking on the chimney with care next to my colleagues, perhaps i may be ringing in the new year with them. i don't know. i hope -- >> gretchen: i hope you have
5:28 am
some eggnog. >> exactly. with respect to the debt ceiling, the president has come out -- i don't know whether to laugh or cry -- with this brazen demand that we essentially give him cart blanch on the debt ceiling. you know what, gretchen? greece has been very good at ignoring their debt ceiling and now they have 25% unemployment, 50% youth unemployment. you have young people having to leave the cities to go to the country to engage in subsistence agriculture. so that's what happens when you ignore your debt ceiling. >> gretchen: okay. congressman, i got to wrap it up there. if you actually is to hang your stocking there, i might have to send you some champagne, too. sorry about that. >> please do. >> gretchen: congressman, have a great rest of the day and merry christmas to you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, news week declares that the war on christmas is over. so is that true? we report. you can decide. then thousands of people about to lose their homes because the government wants to regulate rain. yep. bulldoze the houses and plant a
5:29 am
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5:33 am
that's less than the week before and less than expected. i mean, three weeks ago it was 400. >> steve: that's right. that's good news. we're going in the right direction. it's interesting, yesterday ben bernanke said they're going to keep interest rates low for perhaps three years at least until unemployment gets down into the 6's. >> brian: 6.5. >> gretchen: let's hope for continued success with that. now here are the rest of your headlines. justin bieber, the target of a murder plot? ♪ . >> gretchen: a convicted killer serving time in a prison in new mexico accused of hatching the plan. dana martin, the man on your left, apparently angry because all of his fan mail to bieber went unanswered. police say he recruited two hit men to strangle bieber and his body guard at a recent concert in new york city. luckily the plan failed. >> steve: why is he writing to bieber? >> brian: wonder why they were in jail. >> steve: thousands of people
5:34 am
about to lose their houses because the government wants to regulate, wait for it -- rain. that's right. the epa is trying to regulate water as a pollutant in the great state of virginia. tomorrow a federal judge is going to hear the case. state attorney general ken cuccinelli in virginia filed a lawsuit calling the move outrageous. he's right. the epa wins, if they do, homeowners could be booted from their houses so the agency can flatten them and plant grass. the state says this could cost millions of dollars. we will keep you posted. >> brian: talk about light imitating art. ♪ oh, oh, here she comes ♪ watch out boy ♪ she'll chew you up ♪ oh, here she comes ♪ she's a man eater ♪ . >> brian: that was bad. cops in ohio responded to a fight between hall and oats. okay. not the hall and oats the band, a man named scott hall and neighbor roger oats.
5:35 am
>> steve: good headline. >> brian: got into a bull. one even bit the other one. the man eater was arrested. >> gretchen: here i thought one of my favorite bands of all time and my favorite song growing up, they're still together is this. >> brian: yeah. during the break you switch to do simon and garfunkel. >> gretchen: no, because when i played it on my parents' lp, remember records? there was a naughty word in that song. >> brian: really? >> gretchen: okay. let's go to this one. the victoria secret models may be well-rounded, but not when it comes to their singing skills. ♪ deck the halls with bows of dolly -- folly. ♪ deck the halls of bows with -- my god. ♪ fa, la, la ♪ no, we don't sing this down under. we sing. ♪ santa baby ♪ okay. let's get back to work. >> gretchen: a spokesperson for victoria secret says it just shows the girls are not perfect. they're just like everyone else. i get it, though. >> brian: they're human!
5:36 am
what a relief! >> gretchen: some of the words in "deck the halls" is a little old fashion. like gay apparel. what is that? >> brian: i don't know. it depends. >> steve: part of the lyrics. >> brian: like flintstones, gay old time. what is that? gay apparel is happy clothes. like smiley faces on them. >> steve: now you know. let's go to the happy forecast and it would be happy for you if we could figure out what that is. well, i'm going to tell you. if you want to look up to the sky tonight, there is going to be a spectacular show. the annual meteor shower is set to happen tonight, this is from 2009 in california. the shower could bring 100 shooting stars per hour. that's not all. experts say it could spawn a second meteor shower. the best time to watch is after midnight. good, we can see it on the way in to work. let's take a look. it's a happy day where it's not
5:37 am
raining. it is raining mid atlantic, southern california and a little snow across portion of the great lake states. are you heckling the entire weather cast? >> brian: i think i am. that was chris chulo. >> steve: now the crew is turning ounce. current temperatures, as you can see, it's chilly in the northern plains. 19 in rapid city. they got 10 in caribou, maine. about 40 in raleigh and it is below freeze not guilty memphis currently. but things will warm up in the central plains. mid 50s, mid 60s across much of texas. 60s along the gulf coast down through portion of florida. 45 will be the big daytime high here for the brian kilmeade radio launch across the street later today. 55 the double nickel out in san francisco, california. >> gretchen: that's where steve and i decide the most expensive item on the menu and he's footing the bill. >> brian: peanut but ther and jelly. let me tell you what's happening in football. roger goodell speaking out about the decision to punish the
5:38 am
players involved in the saints bounty scandal. he decided not to. listen. >> i fundamentally disagree that this is something that lies with coaches and management. >> brian: he said he believed everyone there is responsible about the feedback on the field. michael jordan back on the court being the owner of the charlotte bob cats doesn't stop him from work out with the team. he dropped into practice this week, giving the players some tips like hey, win some games, guys. while they were going through drills, as for his moves, the players say he still has it. and no, this isn't a joke. this is an actual school board from a girl's high school basketball game in indiana. the final score, 107-2. the winning team's coach says his players were not trying to run up the score. they're just really, really good and the other team is really, really bad. the other team said they just had one word it say. they were -- the word is disappointed. >> gretchen: yeah. is the war on christmas over? according to "newsweek" magazine, the answer is yeah.
5:39 am
here is what they're basing it on. remember five years ago when you were going to the stores during christmas time, people would say happy holidays to you by mandate instead of merry christmas. lot of people got teed off and said why can't you just say merry christmas? and stores changed. so now they're saying about 80% of the public feels like they successfully accomplished that mission, so the magazine feels like the whole war is over. >> steve: right. bill donahue, the catholic league says, quote, there are far fewer reports of christmas discrimination this year, which is great for all of us. we wanted to know from you what you thought about this, if as news week and daily beast says, the war is over because they won. faith in indiana says in qatar, the minute you walk into the mall you are blasted with christmas decorations. they even had santa claus. a man in a traditional robe and head dress walked by us and said merry christmas. funny how that was said to us in public in a muslim country. >> brian: go qatar.
5:40 am
>> gretchen: i'm calling my kids' school about a christmas tree craft that has been denied during their holiday party. so she's saying taking -- there is a example of maybe shopping malls are better. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, the president had plenty to say about why right to work is a bad idea. he hasn't said a thing about the union violence. should he? that's next. >> steve: yep. and for 50 bucks, a spouse can track down their spouse without their knowledge. it's simple and it's scary. but that's why we're wondering whether or not it's legal and that debate comes up next. >> spice girls musical debuted in london. [ cheering ] so it turns out the mayans were off by just a few weeks. [ laughter ] ♪
5:41 am
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you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today. >> steve: quick headlines. for $50, a jealous spouse can download an app to track his or her significant other's location without them knowing. that's about to be illegal. the senate judiciary committee expected to approve legislation to outlaw those cyber stalking apps. probably good thing. new study finds people who walk and text are four times more likely to walk into trouble. just ask this woman. remember her? she fell into a fountain while she was texting. she won't do that again. all right. brian? >> brian: all right. violence erupts as pro union protesters revolt against right to work legislation passed by michigan lawmakers. fox news contributor was beat up. it wasn't just the unions who
5:45 am
were lashing out. democrats in michigan say they won't let the decision go unpunished. listen. >> going to pass something that will undo 100 years of labor relations. and there will be blood. >> brian: so are michigan republicans worried about a backlash? let's ask michigan state house speaker who joins us live from lansing. are you concerned, mr. speaker, about a backlash? >> good morning, brian. that rhetoric is wholey unfortunate, it's inappropriate with those actions were. i don't believe that representative, either of the good people in michigan, as you saw those protests, we know that many protesters were literally trucked in from out of state. so we don't know whether that violence and those actions were even michigan people doing that. what we did see and what bothered me most were union leaders and democrat leaders referring to michigan's hard workers as free loaders. that's what i think is most inappropriate. michigan workers get up every day to literally build, grow and make michigan a fantastic state.
5:46 am
they deserve much better respect than that. >> brian: there was a referendum on the ballot to make michigan a permanent union state. how did that go? >> it was overwhelmingly rejected by the voters of our state. it was an overreach and i think the voters spoke very clearly against putting that in our state constitution. >> brian: how do you defuse the anger, if the majority of people are in your camp on this, how do you defuse the anger before the 10 to 15 at least that are upset and the thousands of school teachers that didn't go to work on tuesday in protest? >> as we saw, again, much of those protesters were brought if from out of state. what i think we need to do is focus on michigan's workers. i think we need to focus now, the unions will remain free to make their case. but now michigan workers will become free to make their choice. and ultimately i think this is about opportunity. this is about new jobs and better careers for michigan workers. michigan's brightest days are in front of us and i'm confident of that. i think that's the solution. >> brian: i know unemployment in right to work states is less
5:47 am
than it is in union states. you plan on going down, i'm sure you hope that. michigan is already turning around. what makes you think additional manufacturing will come your way now? >> we saw through site selection, saw as people were looking at michigan, we were repeatedly rejected because we were not a right to work state. we saw the last decade and saw auto manufacturing and other manufacturing go to right to work states. a lot of people make an issue out of china, but we lost a lot of jobs to southern states in the united states. so we're absolutely going to market -- michigan, there is no better work force in the country than michigan. i'd argue no better work force in the world than michigan. we'll welcome business with open arms, bring those opportunities to our state. we have a beautiful state, fantastic people. >> brian: mr. speaker, thank you for joining us. best of luck for everyone to calm down in michigan and look ahead. thanks so much. >> great to be with you. thanks. >> brian: the number one country song for the last two weeks running. ♪ baby you a song ♪ you make me want to roll my windows down ♪
5:48 am
♪ and croon. >> brian: they've been here since 2:00 o'clock in the morning. they'll be here live. let's check in with bill hemmer who also got here at 2:00 o'clock in the morning and is in a rock'n'roll band. >> i'm looking for the peanut but ther and jelly later today. didn't we have that last year? >> brian: yes, you d. bring your own jiffy. >> will do. thank you. breaking news on the economy. what the fed has in mind that will tell us an awful lot about where we are as a country. it's a michigan union battle over? you heard have the view. not so fast, many democrats, we'll talk to them today. guess who is reportedly in place in north korea for the launch of that rocket? new polling numbers show once again the american people are not nearly as dumb as their political leaders believe they are today. see new ten minutes on "america's newsroom" [ malennouncer ] it's tt time of year again.
5:49 am
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♪ . >> brian: it's the song that makes you want to roll your windows down. for the second week in a row, this country hit cruise is the number one country song on the radio which, by the way, you listen to a lot. now the duo, florida georgia line, released their first full length album. here is to the good times. we're joined by the people that made that album possible, along with their lovely band, who have a lot of good red bull because you'ven up since 3:00 o'clock in the morning. right here, brian kelly, tyler, thank you for coming in. how did you meet? >> we met at belmont university in nashville utep ten through mutual friend. kind of introduced it. and hit it off immediately musically and creatively and moved in together and said we were going to do music together. >> brian: gave yourself a couple of years to break out. guess what? you broke out. >> i guess. >> brian: i say stick together, let's hear your song. what will we hear? >> we'll sing "cruise".
5:53 am
♪ maybe awe song you made me want to roll my window down ♪ ♪ cruise ♪ popping right out of the fast go the waters ♪ ♪ ♪ i walked up and said ♪ baby you a song ♪ you make me want to roll my window down ♪ ♪ and cruise ♪ down back roads going south ♪ with you ♪ in this brand-new chevy ♪ look at the headlights ♪ baby awe song you make me want to roll my window down ♪ ♪ and cruise
5:54 am
♪ ♪ she said fire it up ♪ baby awe song ♪ you make me want to roll my windows down ♪ ♪ and cruise ♪ down the back road going south down through the middle ♪ ♪ brand-new chevy with a big kiss ♪ ♪ look a lot better with you in it. ♪ baby you a song ♪ ♪ you make me want to roll my windows down and cruise ♪ ♪ ♪ i look at her and she looked
5:55 am
at me ♪ ♪ i turned on those lights ♪ it feels so right ♪ it feels so right ♪ put it in park and grabbed my guitar ♪ ♪ strung a couple chords and sang from the heart ♪ ♪ girl you sure got the big chest pumping ♪ ♪ hell i can't get you out of my head ♪ ♪ baby you a song you make me want to roll my windows down and cruise ♪ ♪ down the back roads don't stop flying through the middle every little farm town with you ♪ ♪ baby you a song ♪ you make me want to roll my windows down and cruise ♪ ♪ down a back road going south down through the middle of every little farm town with you ♪ ♪ brand-new chevy ♪ look a hell of a lot better with you up in it ♪ ♪ baby you a song ♪ you make me want to roll my
5:56 am
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